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New releases out now from WRAITHS and BLACK MOUNTAIN TRANSMITTER, read more about these excellent albums below.
The HAXAN CLOAK will release a tape on AB on Halloween. Consisting of two new non-album tracks the tape will only be available on Halloween, for 24 hours, and is limited to just 31 copies.
Halloween will also see the release of a BURIAL HEX tape. Clocking in at album length, the tape has two unreleased tracks from after the ‘Initiations’ recordings. Check the site on Halloween for more details.

WRAITHS return to Aurora Borealis with ‘Dust in our mouths’, the final part of the trilogy that began with ‘Oriflamme’. This is an organic and darkly ritual recording, captured and crafted from a performance deep in the dank cellars of Edinburgh. Washes of sound create an uneasy shroud-like texture as the tolling of bells brings to mind a processional, devotional element. There’s a strange, deeply moribund beauty to the proceedings.
Presented as a beautiful CD digipack with decaying iconographic artwork. AVAILABLE NOW.

A haunting and Lovecraftian meditation on the darkness at the heart of the woods, ‘Black Goat of the Woods’ takes in dark ambient, 70’s Italian horror soundtracks, modern classical and more in a chilling, psychedelic journey. Exquisite composition shows the mastery of James Moore, as witnessed on his other releases on Cdr and cassette. A stunning work of the highest quality.
Macabre psychedelic digipack with original photography by Alex Binder.

HORSE LATITUDES are an excellent new band from Finland playing unique occult metal. Comprising of two basses and a singing drummer, its clear this band is out of the ordinary, and the debut album is full of unexpected material. Somehow combining elements of sludge, leftfield bands like URFAUST and RIDE FOR REVENGE, and with hints of the Bradford Doom sound of yesteryear, this is a potent sonic brew.
The album will see release late October with a vinyl version to follow. Delayed by the pressing plant sadly, and all due to some artwork controversy. Will be available as soon as possible!

YRSEL return in late October with ‘Sacrifice’, a four track LP on the concept and significance of the notion of sacrifice. This sees YRSEL expand with additional members joining the core of C-J Larsgarden (Ondo) and Julien Louvet (THE AUSTRASIAN GOAT), adding further depth and even warmth to the procceedings.
This will be a vinyl only release and is limited to just 350 copies with a vellum-style sleeve featuring the artwork of James McCray (ONE LIFELESS EYE, SMALL SACRIFICE). Still hoping to have this stunning LP ready to ship by the end of the month.

Truly one of the most audially extreme releases we have ever made available here at Aurora Borealis, Smolken has billed this as the final Dead Raven Choir album. Ultra harsh, ultra raw, songs are mangled with abandon, this time with the additional vocal talents of two young Polish women. As obscure and bizarre as you’d expect. We still have a few of the limited edition T shirts left too.

The Montreal duo MENACE RUINE recently released their eagerly awaited fourth opus on Aurora Borealis. Entitled ‘Union of Irreconcilables’ the album builds on their previous Great Work, the alchemical collision of Black Metal, walls of noise, mysticism, martial rhythms, and a Medieval affinity for melody. Reviewed with 8/10 in Terrorizer.
The band will be playing in Europe with the mighty ALUK TODOLO early 2011. The vinyl edition of ‘Union of Irreconcilables’ is still in the works.

HORSEBACK, the brainchild of Jenks Miller, has released two full-length albums since forming in 2007. The band’s second full-length, ‘The Invisible Mountain’, is released as a highly limited vinyl LP on Aurora Borealis and will be re-released on CD through Relapse later this Summer. Available as an edition of just 300 on transparent wax with a fold over velum-style sleeve featuring artwork by Russian occult artist Denis Kostromitin, this is a beautiful edition of an incredible record.

The follow up album for Aurora Borealis entitled ‘Forbidden Planet’, which maintains the repetitive qualities of his previous works and yet evolves into a more processed sound that brings to mind artists such as Fenessz. ‘Forbidden Planet’ will be released later in 2010.

300 copies on clear vinyl are sold out. 300 copies on white vinyl – selling fast.

CONAN “Horseback Battle Hammer”, the debut album from this Merseyside trio, available now. Massive, crushing waves of caveman battle doom, smashing all in its wake. Essential for fans of BURNING WITCH, YOB, MOSS, ELECTRIC WIZARD, GATES OF SLUMBER…

“One of the most savagely compelling things happening in all of metal right now. – DROWNED IN SOUND

“Enough to peel the paint right off your walls and down-tuned enough to make you psychically ill.” – DOOMANTIA

“Guitars that hang heavy in the air like huge damp octopi and thud into the floorboards in a sickening wave of oscillating brutality.” – NINEHERTZ

The CONAN war wagon lumbers on, the kvlt spreads like the plague.

Coming soon:

AUN ‘VII’ LP – Montreal’s AUN team up with Away of VOIVOD for a drone and beats masterwork. LTD vinyl edition with artwork by Justin Bartlett.

GRUMBLING FUR combines the talents of Alexander Tucker with members of CIRCLE, GUAPO, & MIASMA, creating an unearthly psychedelic hymn. LP/download, digipack CD.

Also in the works:
THE HAXAN CLOAK – CD/LP of the debut album, truly incredible. Already acclaimed by the likes of THE WIRE, the album is now mastered courtesy of Kris lapke (PRURIENT et al). Expect an early 2011.



K11 ‘Another temple to the Great Beast’ CD


HORSEBACK ‘The Forbidden Planet’ CD/LP


BURIAL HEX ‘Book of Delusions’ LP
and much more…
Other AB releases:

K11 CD – a follow up CD due later this year.

Rye Wolves CD – total doom/math stormer!

Blood of the Black Owl 2LP – amazing second album. Check his new one out too.

Burial Hex CD & 2LP – more coming later in 2010 from Burial Hex.
Check the site for more great AB releases.

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