Artoffact – Ascii.Disko and Vigilante spring releases!


Ascii.Disko and Vigilante announce CD releases on Artoffact Records this Spring!

April 5th will see the release of Ascii.Disko’s newest masterpiece, Black Orchid: From Airlines to Lifelines. The multi-talented artist has completely blown us away with an electronic opus for the ages. If you thought you knew Ascii.Disko, think again!! Vigilante returns with a new album full of remixes, guest appearances, and heavy industrial-metal! The South American act known for their hardcore shows has tapped the likes of Atari Teenage Riot, Strapping Young Lad, Clawfinger, Public Enemy, Leaether Strip, Funker Vogt, and many others to tank up for The New Resistance. The CD version contains a whooping 17 tracks and includes access to the Deluxe bonus tracks! Digital version comes with an insane 22 tracks!

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Surprisingly emotional and introspective, Black Orchid: From Airline to Lifelines is the fourth full-length album released under the Ascii.Disko name, and the second on Canadian label Artoffact Records. Mastermind Daniel Gerhard Holc is one of the most innovative producers of electro-clash, techno, and synthpop music in the European scene today, and recognized for his artistic achievements worldwide. Over the last few years, his music has been showcased in art galleries in Japan and Mexico, as well as in Oslo, Bogota, Seoul, Madrid, and Milan just to name a few. The new album explores new territory; think Matthew Dear meets Joy Division . With such a diverse output (who else DJs to late-night rave crowds and produces minimal drone for gallery openings?), Ascii.Disko is one of the artists to watch in 2011.


Ivan Munoz, aka VIGILANTE, is a powerhouse industrial-metal hyrid hailing from Chile who never stops short when it comes to collaborations with the industry’s top names. Witness the new album, THE NEW RESISTANCE, which features true down-and-dirty studio collaborations with various members of Atari Teenage Riot, Strapping Young Lad, Clawfinger, Public Enemy, Feindflug, Die Krupps, Funker Vogt, and many more! On top of that, the album features four exclusive remixes, including remixes by Feindflug, Plastic Noise Experience, and FGFC820 which make it an instant hit, and add a perfect club-friendly touch to Vigilante’s signature metal edge. Having toured Europe four times and his native country Chile countless times, Vigilante is a real warrior and THE NEW RESISTANCE is in a class of its own. Expect big things.


AOF085 – Haggard – Awaking the Centuries – CD
AOF086 – Haggard – Eppur Si Muove – CD
AOF087 – Omega Lithium – Dreams In Formaline – CD
AOF088 – Dead When I Found Her – Harm’s Way – CD
AOF089 – Various – Kinetik Festival Volume 3 – 3CD
AOF090 – Ascii.Disko – Stay Gold Forever Gold – CD
AOF091 – Absurd Minds – Serve Or Suffer – CD
AOF092 – Memmaker – How To Enlist In A Robot Uprising: Deluxe Edition – 2CD
AOF093 – Memmaker – How To Remix A Robot Uprising – DD
AOF094 – Mona Mur & En Esch – 120 Tage – CD
AOF095 – Jesus on Extasy – Holy Beauty + Bonus – CD
AOF096 – Jesus on Extasy – Beloved Enemy + Bonus – CD
AOF097 – Psyche – Re-membering Dwayne – CD
AOF098 – The Sorrow – Blessings From A Blackened Sky – CD
AOF099 – The Sorrow – Origin of the Storm – CD
AOF100 – Jesus on Extasy – No Gods – CD
AOF101 – Various – Triton Festival Volume 1 – CD
AOF102 – Massiv in Mensch – Niemand weiss, was die Zukunft bringt – CD
AOF103 – The Sorrow – The Sorrow – CD
AOF104 – Alice in Videoland – A Million Thoughts and They’re All About You – DD

AOF104 – Alice in Videoland – A Million Thoughts and They’re All About You – CD
AOF105 – Prospero – Turning Point – CD
AOF106 – Motorjesus – Wheels of Purgatory – CD
AOF107 – Massiv in Mensch – Hands on Massiv 2 – DD
AOF108 – Ascii.Disko – Black Orchid: From Airlines to Lifelines – CD
AOF109 – Vigilante – The New Resistance – CD
AOF110 – Vigilante – Army of Time – DD
AOF111 – Blank – Dreamscape – DD
AOF112 – Decree – Fateless – CD
AOF113 – Various – Kinetik Festival Volume 4 – DCD

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