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— ANNA LOGUE RECORDS –Three new releases —

2010 was another successful year for Anna Logue Records, but also a very very busy one, so that we could not even manage to send out a newsletter when ANNA 032 was released early September …, sorry for that! Anyway, we had planned to offer three more releases in 2010, but time was against us, so this newsletter can only give you a short preview of what is to come early 2011:

ANNA 028/MNQ 010 CHROMAGAIN Any Colour We Liked (1982-1985) LP+7”/CD

The first one is the highly anticipated release in co-operation with the wonderful Mannequin label from Rome, Italy. Top-notch Minimal Electro Wave from CHROMAGAIN, hailing from Torino, Italy. Includes their ultra rare and sought-after MLP “Any Colour You Like” from 1985, the song “Ethnicbox” from the “Tracce” LP compilation plus four additional unreleased earlier tracks on the LP+7” vinyl version, and a total of nine additional tracks on the CD version!!! And all those tracks are nothing but amazing, with a more raw edge (wonderful Roland TR-808 drum machine action!) and also showing their (post-)electro-punk roots on their earliest tracks! Surely a true classic and not be missed!


ANNA 029/MNQ011 INTELLIGENCE DEPT. Sleeping City (1984/85) CD

The second release is another co-operation with the Mannequin label from Rome, Italy. Again, top-notch Minimal Electro Wave from INTELLIGENCE DEPT., hailing from Ferrara, Italy. Includes both their complete and impossible-to-get demo cassettes “Sleeping City” (1984) and “The Big Trouble” (1985), thus also including their well-known beautiful tracks “Sleeping City”, “Anger Inside”, “Too Late To Love” which were also featured on the 1984 LP compilation “A White Chance”, and “Loneliness” from Mannequin’s “Danza Meccanica – Italian Synth Wave 1982-1987” LP/CD compilation, as well as a cover version of “Sister Europe”, originally by The Psychedelic Furs. Additionally, the CD includes four live tracks, “Sleeping City” and “Too Late To Love”, as well as the two previously totally unknown tracks “Nice Faces” and “Black Wi dow”, recorded live at the Arena Nuovo in Ferrara in 1985, so a total of 13 amazing tracks, beautifully presented in a six-panel digipak.


ANNA 030 PAUL CHAMBERS Stations/Absorptions (1978-1983) LP+CD set

The third release will be a comprehensive LP+CD set by PAUL CHAMBERS hailing from the UK and being known for his contribution of the two stunning tracks “Steering Solo” and “Take A Ticket” to the “The Apprentices Dance” LP compilation from 1981. PAUL CHAMBERS was quite a pioneer of dark minimal electronic music, starting to record already in 1978! He used a Boss DR-55, Roland SH-1, Korg MS-20 and EDP Wasp, just to name a few and nothing but pure analogue synthesizer bliss! The LP “Stations” comprises 12 tracks including the majority of his rare vocal tracks (thus also including “Steering Solo” and “Take A Ticket”), recorded between 1979 and 1983, which mark milestones of the Minimal Electro Wave genre. The CD “Absorptions” comprises instrumental tracks recorded between 1978 and 1981, which can easily be lined up with the recordings by Chris Carter/Throbbing Gristle from around that time! Fi nding Paul and unleashing his archives was truly a revelation, so that a total of 27 raw minimal electronic wave tracks from the very early days are now finally seeing the light of day after 30 years time!



The year 2010 has been nothing but crazy, so many releases by oh-so-productive labels! Anna has tried to follow up and has been adding many many items to her Shop section since the last newsletter, among them: AERIAL FX, AVIADOR DRO, DAYBED, ESPLENDOR GEOMETRICO, EXPERIMENTAL PRODUCTS, FRANK (JUST FRANK), HEUTE, IRON CURTAIN, LOS INICIADOS, LOWFISH, MARK LANE, MARTIN LLOYD, METRO DECAY, OPERA MULTI STEEL, SCIENCE PATROL, SIGLO XX, THE METRONOMES, THE SHORT WAVE MYSTERY, TOTAL CONTROL, WE., WERMUT, etc. etc.

As always worth to throw a glance at:

for further details and prices.

— TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN (and shouldn’t it be every human being?!) —

Some of you may already know that my partner and I have been getting involved with the protection of animals since many years and that all the (little) money that has been, is and will be earned from my work with Anna Logue Records is used for paying veterinary bills and dog food. I would like to take the opportunity to underline the strong bond between Anna Logue Records and the Hundegnadenhof Zemitz e.V. (Pet Sanctuary for Senior Dogs) which was officially founded in July 2009. There we take care of a total of 15 dogs (which are either stray dogs, old, unwanted or disabled) and four small rabbits at present time. Please take a look and read at:

(You may find an English language button there, but be warned that the translation is sometimes rather funny than correct, yet transporting the message, I hope.)

The work is very time-consuming and cost-intensive, of course. Please forgive me to take this opportunity to here and now ask you for your support. Some may not be interested in this, but others may be and we are sure that there are people out there who want to support animal protection projects but cannot take care of a poor dog or other pets themselves due to life or work situations, so surely some people may support associations who can in one way or another. We, the Hundegnadenhof Zemitz e.V. and many others are in need of your support, may it be physical donations (dog food, leashes, collars, bowls, kennels, veterinary medicine, blankets, mattresses, etc.), or monetary donations, of course. If you feel like wanting to support us, please direct a payment to:

Hundegnadenhof Zemitz e.V.Account number: 1306006
Bank code: 15061638
Bank: Volksbank Raiffeisenbank eG

IBAN: DE56150616380001306006

or via PayPal to:

Please direct your physical shipment to:

Hundegnadenhof Zemitz e.V.
Pinnowreihe 10
17440 Zemitz

Thank you for reading this and considering supporting us and all those abused, mistreated, exploited, tortured fellow creatures.


As always, we are already working energetically on many more releases, amongst them new releases by contemporary acts DELAYSCAPE, EPIC DREAMS, SLEEP MUSEUM and THE SILICON SCIENTIST, and, of course, a lot of amazing original stuff from the early 80’s. As a small hint, after such difficult findings like Poeme Electronique and especially Transparent Illusion, the Anna Logue Records team did crack not only one of the last very-hard-to-crack nuts! In other words, 2011 will be so amazing!

Last but not least, and as always, I wouldn’t want to let the year pass by without expressing my sincere gratitude to everyone who has supported Anna Logue Records in 2010! There is a load of loyal customers (you know who you are) and always some new fellas joining Anna’s world. A huge thank you is due to all participating bands and artists, and the people working on the releases. Again, there was so much enthusiasm, understanding and patience, thus, as always a pleasure knowing you and working with you!

Hope you’ll enjoy some lovely days around the Christmas holidays with the people, music and pets you love.

Best wishes,



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