Introducing the new VIP Subscription Program for A Different Drum!

This new plan is currently being explored as a way to keep the new music flowing in physical, CD format from A Different Drum’s label. It does not affect the online store which sells fun imports and independent releases– everything will continue as normal in the store.

This new program is presented as a way to keep the avid CD collectors happy, with new synthpop / electronic pop music from established artists as well as new artists! The way this program works is very unique, so please read carefully to see if you would be interested in subscribing! At this point, I only need to know if you are interested– simply reply to this email and let me know how many subscriptions you would likely desire. ( email to: ) If there are enough serious CD collectors who want a steady stream of new music, then this program will be launched. If not…then A Different Drum’s label functions will remain minimal.


As a VIP subscriber, you would pay $10 per month ($12 for overseas) for one CD release per month (automatically billed at the end of the month). You would be helping to fund a steady stream of new releases through your subscription, and in return, you would be one of 200 – 300 people in the entire world to receive the CD release! Yes, ONLY the VIP’s and the band would receive the physical CD, and it would be instantly out-of-print!

Your one new release per month would include new music from established artists– music which would otherwise only be released as digital downloads. Plus the releases would include some completely new artists who are being introduced to the market for the first time. Plus we hope to include some special rarities.

Let the download fans buy their iTunes, but if you are a CD collector, this program guarantees that you’ll have a very limited, and very fun, tangible product, every month! Nobody else in the world would have it!

That’s right, we would manufacture 300 CD’s TOTAL. 100 of those CD’s would be delivered to the band so they can use them however they see fit (sold at shows or whatever). The other 200 CD’s would be instantly shipped to the VIP’s only! Then it’s over. Sold-out. Done. Every release is a limited release, and only the people who are funding this new music through their subscription will have the physical product. Basically, if you are a VIP, then you’re helping to keep the physical CD format alive in the music scene that you love, so you should be the one who takes the prize!


–> New music every month in a collectible, CD format for a low $10 price!
–> Subscribe as many times as you want, if you desire multiple copies for future use.
–> VIP CD’s will not be physically sold in other major stores, even (only listed to make other shoppers envious).
–> VIP CD’s will not be sold on A Different Drum’s website after VIP delivery.
–> VIP’s will be given access to subscriber-only content such as remix files and bonus tracks.
–> VIP’s can recommend future releases because they are funding the product.


Only $10 per month per VIP subscription for USA / Canada / Mexico. $12 per month for other countries because of higher postage costs. Payment will be set up for automatic monthly billing through Paypal (uses credit card, bank account, or Paypal balance).


The VIP CD’s will be packaged in nice cardboard sleeves with full design. This way they will look great, but also remain inexpensive for shipping, since the delivery is included in the subscription price. The design will clearly display that the release is limited to 300 units worldwide and that it is a VIP release.


Honestly, I hope the demand grows. However, subscriptions are limited to 200 for now. Only when there is a large enough demand will we consider increasing the quantity. This is a small, special club of supporters. I hope enough of you like the idea to get it started! Please reply to this email if you are interested. If enough of you want the goods, then I’ll set up a subscription form for you.



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