It is time for another quick update from A Different Drum!  There is a nice little pile of CD’s that came into the store this week, so let us have a look!


Absent One “Blowback” $20 — This new import from Russia is a fun, edgy synthpop album that has a lot of energy.   There are several Youtube clips you can watch of live performances in Russia (see the songs “Night” and “Important”, etc.).  Listen to audio samples and order the CD here :

Jens Bader “Climax” $16 — Jens has put out frequent new albums the last few years, but without sacrificing any quality. His song writing is always interesting and very personal, and the sound is becoming more and more like Pet Shop Boys, in my opinion.  This new album continues a nice streak.  You can listen to audio samples and order the CD here :

Purple Fog Side “Music for Indigo Kids” $20 — We had the previous album by this Russian band in stock before,  and though it took a while, I got a few of this newer release.  This one features edgy music with a combination of growling, male vocals, and dreamy, floating female leads.   It has more appeal to the fans of darker electro and industrial dance, with a semi-gothic tone.  You can order the CD here :

IAMX “Dogmatic Infidel Comedown OK (Remixes)” $15 — IAMX has become a popular icon in both the synthpop market as well as the new generation of new wavers and indie pop kids.  With a flashy style and dramatic flare, it is easy to become a fan.  This new remix collections features previously unreleased versions that collectors and DJ’s will enjoy.  See the track list and order the CD here :

Suicidal Romance “Shattered Heart Reflections” $15 — This is a very cool new act that combines a melodic female lead vocalist with some raspy male background vocals and energetic synthpop / semi-futurepop music.   They made quite a splash in Europe and have thus been licensed to Metropolis Records for the USA.    You can order the CD here :

Edge of Dawn “Anything That Gets You Through the Night” $15 — This side-project of Seabound has become a steady seller to the industrial dance audience.    You can order the CD here :

A Kiss Could Be Deadly “Farewell” (CDEP) $8 — This new EP features some new songs and remixes from a band that clearly draws on the old new wave sound that blends fun rock and synth sounds with a cool female lead vocalist.   They sound to me like somebody who could have had top charting hits in the 80’s with a modern new edge.  You can check out some of their stuff on Youtube.     Order the CD here :

ANYTHING BOX in Minneapolis:

Anything Box has never played a show in Minneapolis, but it is coming soon!

On September 11th, 2010
Tickets go on sale July 10th at

Opening bands are Thought Thieves and Duck Duck Punch.  Special guest DJ is Paul Robb from Information Society!

That’s all for this week.  Thanks for your support!

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