This is Todd at A Different Drum, and I promised another update this week, so here is another quick list of items that just came into the store.   And beware, there are a couple SUPER HOT releases here.  I’d say that some of the best music of the year is all coming out right now!


Tenek “On the Wire” $18 — This British duo is stellar with great, catchy melodies, an energetic voice, and top-notch music production.  If you know the band that was called THE NINE in the 90’s, with a later dance production called ALIEN#SIX13, then you’ve heard a taste. This is probably the best of all incarnations!  You can listen to the audio samples for this wonderful new album and order the CD here :

Minerve “Please” $18 — Wow, I am excited about this new album!  If you ever felt like there was a dire need in the world for more high-energy, danceable releases from CAMOUFLAGE, well, just close your eyes, pop in this CD, and you’ve got what you wanted!  I mean, if you’re old school and into Camouflage or Depeche Mode, or if you’re a more recent synthpop junkie who gets your kicks from every new De/Vision release, then you won’t want to miss this one, which I might add is probably better than the latest efforts by any of the other bands mentioned in this review.  Listen to audio samples and order this CD here :

If you missed the two previous Minerve albums, both of which have been out-of-print for yeras….good news!  They’re back, and with bonus tracks!   You can order them now 🙂

Here are three CD singles from the last few years which features some retro-flavored Italo Disco:

James Manoro “On My Mind” (MCD) $10 — This guy sings some old-school Italo style synthpop with the bouncy, dance club sound.  Check out the audio samples and order the CD here :

AmbrA “Sulphur Salt and Mercury” (MCD) $10 — This old-school Italo style synthpop single features a female lead vocalist and retro-flavored synths.   You can listen to audio samples and order the CD here :

AmbrA “Dream the Summer Back” (MCD) $10 — And this little import single dates back to 2005 and also features the female lead Italo-style synthpop.   You can order the CD single here :

Thanks for your support!  Another update will follow shortly with more new, exciting releases!

Oh, and tune-in to the radio player to hear songs from the latest releases:



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