Hey,  it is time for another music update from A Different Drum.  Plus, as I was up late last night working on taxes, I realized that it is time for the annual TAX SALE!   Well, to be honest, I don’t know what I owe in taxes yet because I have a lot of work yet to do.   But alas, I have so many other bills to pay, plus my computer went into self-destruct mode today (I’m typing this from my old laptop at my evening job),  so maybe a sale can help stimulate the synthpop “bailout”.  Yep…it has been “one of the days”.

While I’m thinking about it, if you are still waiting for your pre-ordered CD by The Echoing Green to be shipped, or you placed an order in the last couple of days, it may take a little longer than I hoped to get it shipped.   At the moment I can’t access the orders on my dead computer until I get the data pulled out and get my machine running again.  So, please be patient.  If you place a new sale order right now, it may take me a couple days longer to process your order as well.  Please don’t let that discourage you– heck, I need the orders more than ever!  Just be patient 🙂

Stupid computers…I love them, but I hate them.

TAX SALE!  APRIL 15th is FAST approaching, and that’s “tax day” in the USA.  So, it’s time for the 2-week tax sale!  Up until April 15th, you’ll get 10% off  your order, or 20% off any releases from A Different Drum’s label…all applied during “checkout” through the shopping cart.  See the details here :

The discount excludes new releases that have come into the store in the last 3 months, or on pre-orders.

Now it is time to look at the NEW ARRIVALS:

And One “Tanzomat” $15 — These guys have long been one of my favorites in the synthpop world because of their quirky, edgy sound.  It’s hard to say that anybody else sounds exactly like And One.   Of course, there are some albums and songs that I like more than others, but I’m excited to see what they’ve come up with this time.   You guessed it…I couldn’t listen to it for this update because of computer troubles.  I guess I could have popped it in the “old school” CD player.   Order the new album by And One here :

And One “Zerstorer” (MCD) $8 — This new single is packed with extra tracks, including a couple versions of a song from their last album, “Military Fashion Show”.    Order the new CD single here :

Again, if you want a collection of And One tracks from their years on the Virgin Records label in Germany, then you can pre-order this CD which will arrive here at any moment:

Cruel Black Dove “Full Powers” (CD) $8 — This CD is actually older than the CD EP “The Myth and the Sum” which has been in the store for a few months now.  That one sold out quickly, and it has taken a while to get more (if you’ve been waiting– they just got here).   Along with that newer release, we’ve now got this previous CD release in stock.  If you like a semi-gothic, dark-wave feel then check it out.  You can watch a video and order the CD here :

AnaRobik “Operator’s Manual Addendum – The Remixes” (CD) $10 — Now as an addition to the collection of cool, robotic pop songs on the latest AnaRobik album, here is a CD loaded with extra, dancey remixes.   Plus, the CD features some “a cappella” tracks so you can make your own AnaRobik mixes as well!   Also, the packaging is as unique and cool as the album was, making this just as collectible and fun.  This is an act that puts some time and thought into the presentation of each release.    Listen to the video samples and order the CD here :

AnaRobik “Operator’s Manual Addendum – Limited Edition Vinyl” (vinyl + CD) $16 — If you’re a true collector and want the CD along with a cool limited edition vinyl record release, you can pick up this edition.   Order the limited edition vinyl with CD here :

Wish me luck as I dive into the depths of computer repair, and likely Windows re-installation and everything that goes along with that tomorrow.  I’m not looking forward to it.   As you know, even when you have the data backed up, it can take hours and hours to get all the software re-installed and all the pieces back in place to make it work again.   Weeeee!  So much fun….[sigh]

Good night!


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