I want to thank everybody for the encouraging emails and ideas about keeping our little piece of the independent music world alive and kicking.  I’m sorry if anybody thought that my update was a bit personal– I suppose I shouldn’t complain about my own challenges when it comes to making a living.  We all go through those times.  I just wanted you, my good friends and long time customers, to know how it may effect A Different Drum going forward.

So, just to sum up how things stand right now:  A Different Drum is of course, STILL OPEN.  I’m happy to sell you some great synthpop CD’s!  I’m still stocking a lot of music, still ordering new releases, and the store is going forward.  If I get another job to pay the bills, it will simply mean that ADD will be more “part time” for me.  That may result in slower shipping times, though I’ll do my best.  I’ll adjust as I see ho w things go on this end.     So yeah, we’re not closing down!   Feel free to order and I look forward to bringing lots of new stuff to you soon!

As for the label side of A Different Drum, I agree with the comments made by a couple of friends and long-time followers– one of the things that always made A Different Drum great was the ability to bring new music from new artists to the fans.   I’ve had to slow that down with the financial situation the way it is.   But I’ve been talking about an idea with some people, and it seems like it could be a wonderful solution to keep the label not only alive, but also it would help to bring a lot of the cool, underground bands to a legit CD release (for those folks not into downloading MP3’s).   I’ll run that idea by everybody in a separate email soon.  If it gets a lot of support, then I’m excited for the future!

OK, now on to a couple new releases which cam e in this week:


Cause and Effect “Artificial Construct Part One” (CDEP) $7 — This is hopefully a big teaser for things to come, because this new EP is awesome!   It not only has some of the dreamy, dancey sounds of the band’s newer material, but the vocal vibe and feel of their classic material from the 90’s.   This is a really good 4-tracker.  It makes you want more, and hopefully there will be more soon from this top-notch act!   Order the CD here :


Hyperbubble “Better Set Your Phasers to Stun” (MCD) $8 — This cool imported single features three remixes of the title track and two bonus tracks for your listening pleasure.  Hyperbubble is the ultimate in bouncy, bubbly, silly synthpop fun.  With melodic female vocals and giggly, fun-loving lyrics, it is the epitome of  “happy synthpop”.     Pick up the single here :

COMING SOON:   In case you didn’t know, there is a new IRIS album coming out the first week in September!   We expect to have it available for pre-order soon.   So, keep an eye open for that 😉

Thanks again for your support!  And watch for the next email which should outline a possible way to keep the physical, CD format alive for synthpop collectors and fans, including music from established bands and newcomers.   If there is enough interest, we’ll run with it!


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