Hey, this is Todd at A Different Drum.  I’ve been really busy with life the last few days, yet I have this big pile of new CD’s that arrived.  I haven’t had time to write a proper update, but here I am, letting you know there is new stuff in the store.

I’ll get a proper update written so you early this coming week.  But if you want to search out the new stuff, you’re welcome to browse the new releases here :


There are not any audio samples on the newest releases yet, but I’ll get to those in the next couple days too.

Here is a quick list of what I have here:

Sinessence “Thrillseeker” $20
Welle Erdball “Operation Zeitsturm” (CD + 2DVD movie and soundtrack) $36
Welle Erdball “Operation Zeitsturm” (CD + DVD movie and soundtrack) $26
Mt. Sims “Happily Ever After…Again” $20
Various Artists “Electronic Body Music” $20
TourdeForce “Colours In Life” $20
Massiv in Mensch “Hands On Massiv” $16
John Foxx “Metatronic” (2CD + DVD) $26
Various Artists “Transmission – 30 Years Without Ian Curtis – Tribute to Joy Division” $20
Nitzer Ebb “Industrial Complex” (limited picture-disc vinyl – 500 Worldwide) $26  (I only have 3 of this)

Plus, I have these two older releases, back in stock for a moment:

Pulcher Femina “Shadows of the Lovers” $20
Perfidious Words “Feel Like Me” (CD+DVD) $26

Anyway, I’ll try to get a more informative update written soon…



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