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Hello, this is Todd at A Different Drum.  I hope you had a wonderful weekend.   I thought I should send out a quick update before I get too buried in this week’s work load.

As a quick update, I’m still shipping Iris CD’s.  Most pre-orders are on the way, but I just can’t seem to get enough in stock.  They’ve been coming in doses.   The last few are headed out ASAP.     I’m also shipping the first VIP CD release from A Different Drum to subscribers this week.  So, it’s a double-whammy, but it’s good to be busy.

Here are some new arrivals in the store from last week…


Parralox “Supermagic” (MCD) $12 — This is the next in the totally loaded series of CD singles from Parralox.  As usual, they play very catchy synthpop adn the remixes keep it uptempo and run.   You can watch the video for the original version, as well as order the new CD here :

Paradoxx “Decade – The Best of 2000-2010” (CDR) $12 — This is another synthpop act from Australia, but these guys were cranking out cool music a decade ago, and this new release features some highlights from past releases, plus a couple new songs.   The new track “Rocketship” features vocals from Any Labb of SYRIAN.    Pick up this limited release here :

Brand New Day “Remixes and Rarities Volume 1” $12 — This new CD features a collection of favorite remixes from singles plus some previously unreleased tracks from Brand New Day.   On all recent releases, Brand New Day has featured guest vocalists from several different projects, but this release marks the end of that approach as future music from the band will feature Steven Daniels from the band Elevated Sins as the full-time partner.   Pick up this CD here :

Various Artists “Italo Euro Disco Volume 1” $15 — This new compilation features new songs from artists who follow the trends of some 80’s and 90’s Euro-dance and Italo-disco style.   For those not familiar with the terms, this was the kind of music that was primarily synthpop, but with a commercial disco appeal in the 80’s.   Think of bands like Fancy, Modern Talking, or even The Twins.   It’s melodic, bouncy, and fun.   Pick up this new compilation here :

There are several other new releases coming in this week, so I’ll hopefully get another update out to you before the weekend.   Thanks for your support!  I’m excited for what appears to be a strong ending to 2010 if you’re a synthpop junky like me 🙂



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