Hello everybody!  This is Todd at A Different Drum– I’m back from a very fun family vacation last week.   Yippee!  If you placed an order while I was gone, then I thank you for your patience while I try to catch up and get everything shipped.

Just for a quick update on the new Minerve “Please” CD…many of you have it on back-order after we sold out of the initial supply.  There are 2 shipments in transit from the band, somewhere drifting between Germany and the USA.  I don’t know why they are taking so long to arrive, but hopefully I’ll be able to ship those back-orders soon.


OMD “History of Modern” $15 — While I was gone, the regular US edition of the new OMD album arrived!  If you would like to hear the latest offering from one of the classic synthpop acts, then pick one up!  It’s actually quite good!   You can order the US edition here :

Angelzoom “Nothing is Infinite” $24 — This is the new album from Angelzoom, featuring the popular vocalist who originally gained attention with the German dance band, X-Perience.   This is a nice combination of synthpop, melancholy pop, and a new wave flavor.  The album features the single “The Things You Said”, a cover of the Depeche Mode classic.   Order the CD here :

Angelzoom “The Things You Said” (MCD) $11 — This is a cover version of the Depeche Mode song which many fans believe “should have been” a single back in the old days.   The single features three versions of the title track, plus a bonus track.  Watch the video for the Angelzoom version and order the single here :

Hurts “Happiness” $20 — Here is one of the highlight albums of the year, and it is from a new act!  These guys have a sound that perfectly fits into the classic synthpop / new wave sound.   They are very polished and smooth.   After listening to a couple of songs, you’ll likely find yourself hooked.   You can watch one of their music videos here, and order the import CD :

Cruel Black Dove “The Myth and the Sum” (CDEP) $6 — This is a cool, new EP from an act with a nice blend of synthpop and gothic / darkwave moods.   The sound reminds me a bit of Claire Voyant.    Check out the audio samples, watch a video, and order the 5-song CD here :

Nekrodamus “Brainwashers” $16 — This is a band that has been quietly moving up the ladder in the underground synthpop / industrial dance scene.    Ever album sounds better and this latest has a lot to offer for fans of uptempo, edgy synthpop.   I personally prefer some of the songs where the vocalist takes a melodic approach, and there seem to be plenty of those here.   Check out the audio samples and order the CD here :

Parallels “Visionaries” $16 — Here is another new act to add to your collection if you enjoy the retro-flavored, female-vocal synthpop acts like Parralox, Marsheaux, and Thermostatic.    This is a well-produced album that will turn some heads with the instantly catchy tunes.    Watch a music video, listen to the audio samples, and order the CD here :

Again, I invite you to listen to new tunes from recent releases here:


Thanks for your support, and have a wonderful week!

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