This is Todd at A Different Drum, and I have a quick little update for you.   There are four new releases here this week which I want to mention.   Here you go…


AnaRobik “Operator’s Manual” $12 — This new release features analogue-style, retro-flavored synth sounds and a mostly processed female vocal lead for a fun, bouncy flavor.   The CD comes in a cool cardboard fold-out package.   You can listen to audio samples and order this CD here :

Phenotract “Shifting” $12 — The last album I had in stock from Phenotract had an edgy dance sound.  This time around, the band takes a more dreamy, atmospheric approach.   The synths and vocals are layered with plenty of reverb and there is a backup fem ale vocalist on most songs as well.    Listen to the audio samples and order the CD here :

Dual Density “Soul Ecstasy” $20 — This new European release features very bouncy, Euro-dance flavored synthpop with female lead vocals.  It is almost in the “space synth” or “italo disco” flavor on some tracks, but always with melodic vocals.    This is happy, dancey pop music.  You can listen to audio samples and order the CD here :

Various Artists “Electropop 4” $20 — This is the next in the popular, limited edition series which features many exclusive remixes from today’s new sy nthpop artists.    I don’t know many of the bands on this latest volume– Carved Souls, Destination, Hollow Me, Rubika, etc.   It is a fun one for exploring some new acts in the scene.   Order this latest volume here :

I’ve also added new tracks from the new releases to the radio player so you can enjoy a selection from the latest arrivals in A Different Drum’s store.    Please check out the radio player here:

Also, for fans of Neuropa, please see that they have a new album available for digital download only!  You can buy the downloads in major stores like or iTunes, but also internationally from CDBaby. com here :

Have a wonderful day!

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