I got a few European imports in this week.  So, let’s take a look at what arrived in the store…


Ashbury Heights “Take Cair Paramour” (limited 2CD) $22 — This is one of the top albums of the year, in my opinion.   It is as slick as any major production on the market, with a great blend of modern synthpop and edgy, new wave rock elements.   The male and female vocals blend perfectly, just like the synths and guitars and energetic beats.   It is a true classic!  You can listen to audio samples and order this 2CD edition here :

Ashbury Heights “Origins” (2CD) $22 — In case you missed their last album, which is now out-of-print in it’s original form, you can pick up this double-disc w hich compiles together the tracks from that album with their “Morningstar in a Black Car” EP and a couple exclusive bonuses.   Order this 2CD here :

Neutral Lies “A Deceptive Calm” $20 — This is a very smooth, cool synthpop album with something of a 90’s flavor (think of those old bands from Sweden’s October label, like Vision System, Kiethevez, Sombre View, etc.).    It is put out by the cool label Boredom Product (Celluloide, Foretaste, Dekad, etc.).   Check out the audio samples and order the CD here :

Bionic “Close to Nature” $20 — This band has an edgy synthpop sound that borders on EBM, with grindin g, dark vocals and slamming beats.   You can listen to the audio samples and order the CD here :

Distance “At the End of All Things” $20 — This is a very chilled synthpop act, with mellow, melancholy moods to their songs.   It reminds me a bit of Gentle Touch.   You can listen to audio samples and order the CD here :

NamNamBulu “Distances / Black Edition” $20 — This is a re-release of the one and only album from NamNamBulu, which garnered quite a following in the synthpop and futurepop scenes.   This time it comes out with a black cover and a couple of bonus tracks for the hardcore collectors.&nb sp;   You can order the CD here :

In other news…

A Different Drum’s new VIP Subscriber program filled up by Monday.   There are currently no openings, but if you are interested in becoming a VIP subscriber to receive one new label release per month, feel free to let me know.  I can put you in the waiting list.  Then if somebody unsubscribes, you’ll be there to take the available spot.

For those of you who ARE now VIP Subscribers, thanks for your support!   The program is pushing full-speed ahead, though I’m still setting up the personal logins on our homepage so you can pick up additional content and get the latest news.   It will take a while to get all of you entered into the system.

The first release that you will receive is currently at the factory and should be ready to ship in early September:

This is an excellent album from the singer that you know from Information Society’s “Synthesizer” album!  Christopher teamed up with producer Nick Tutone to put together one of the best synthpop albums of the year, and until the VIP Program, it was only planned for digital download release.  Now each subscriber will be getting one of only 300 physical CD’s in the world.  You’ll love it!

More cool surprises to come for the VIP Subscribers 🙂

Oh, and I have updated the Radio Player so you can check out new music from this week’s arrivals:


Thanks for your support!


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