Well, it has been a while since I’ve sent out a regular update from A Different Drum.  I announced some very cool pre-orders, and those are moving along great.  I received word that the CD’s from Alphaville, OMD, Blancmange, The Human League, and Pet Shop Boys are on the way now.  Those who pre-ordered will get theirs first.

With the pre-orders for The Echoing Green…

The new CD will be shipped toward the end of March, but all who have or who will yet pre-order the album are also receiving a download code so that they can listen to the album digitally while they are waiting.  Isn’t that fun?  I think so!

You can still pre-order The Echoing Green’s new CD here :



Mirko Hirsch “Obsession” $15 — This is a new release from Space Sound Records which features very retro-flavored synthpop along the vein of classic, vocal Italo disco.   If you enjoy nice synth melodies with a simple, satisfying song that sounds like could have popped out of the 80’s scene, then you should check this out.  You can listen to a couple tracks and order the CD here :

Sandor Gavin “Resonance” $8 — This is the new album by an emerging artist in the synthpop world.  Sandor Gavin sounds like a cross of Cosmicity and trancy club music.   You can listen to a couple songs by watching the music videos embedded on our website, and order the CD here :

Pop Electronique “Retro” $15 — Here is some new catchy, bouncy synthpop from Sweden.  We have stocked the debut EP from Pop Electronique and now you can order their debut album.  This trio proudly goes back to synthpop roots with their music.    Order the CD here :

To listen to a few songs from Pop Electronique, visit their Facebook page here :

My Woshin Mashin “We Came In Peace” (CDR) $10 — This is a very limited edition four-track EP to introduce folks to the bouncy, fun-loving, quirky synthpop tunes by My Woshin Mashin.  They come in fun, well-made packaging and are numbered– there are only 99 in the world.  Watch a music video for their song “Godzilla” and order the limited CD here :

Now…I also have a couple copies of the new “Wave Klassix Vol. 5” compilation from Brazil for anybody who wants to try it out.  Just email me directly if you want one.  It features post-punk, minimal, new wave obscurities from the underground for those who love to explore.   Again, email me if you’d like one– first come, first serve.

In case you haven’t noticed, my software (or actually the computer that had the old software) which makes my sample snippets died.  So, I haven’t got a quick way to put up the samples on most releases like I used to, so I’m trying to provide links to pages where you can listen, or in most cases, music videos embedded right in the product page so you can listen to the artists and get an idea of how they sound.  I hope that helps.  Maybe that is even better than the lo-fi 40-second snippets anyway?

Thanks for your ongoing support!   I apologize if I’m not available as often as I used to be when replying to email and especially phone calls.  I have another job and take care of A Different Drum orders and communications in the mornings, so sometimes it is hard to get through everything and be as quick as I used to be.  But please know that I still care, and I still strive to provide the best service in the music mail-order world…at least for a one-man show 🙂  I’ll never be like Amazon, but I like to provide a personal touch as much as possible.



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