It has been a couple of weeks since the last big update I sent out for A Different Drum’s store.   It is time to touch base again, but this week I only have a couple of CD arrivals to tell you about.   There are others coming soon.   First of all, to get an idea of what people are buying and enjoying these days, take a look at last week’s top 20 best sellers:

#1     Various Artists “Blank and Jones Presents So80s / So Eighties / Volume 2” (3CD)     $30.00
#2     Mind In a Box “8 Bits” (MCD)     $11.00
#3     Vision Talk “Elevation” (2CD)     $18.00
#4     Mind in a Box “RETRO” (CD)     $15.00
#5     Technology “Brave New World / Featuring Elegant Machinery” (MCD)     $11.00
#6     Vision Talk “Dirty Italo Disco” (CD)     $14.00
#7     Lowe “Kino International” (CD)     $18.00
#8     Dekad “Confidential Tears” (CD)     $20.00
#9     Mind In a Box “Crossroads” (CD)     $15.00
#10     Various Artists “ADD X Chapter 1 – A Different Drum’s 10th Anniversary” (2CD)     $3.00
#11     Mind In a Box “Dreamweb” (CD)     $15.00
#12     Mind In a Box “Lost Alone” (CD)     $15.00
#13     Cosmicity “Resynthesized” (2CD)     $3.00
#14     The Girl and the Robot “The Beauty of Decay” (CD)     $20.00
#15     Pulcher Femina “Darkness Prevails” (CD)     $20.00
#16     Wave In Head “The Voice In Me” (CD)     $12.00
#17     Elevated Sins “Myth” (MCD)     $8.00
#18     Pet Shop Boys “Pandemonium / Live in London with DVD” (2CD)     $22.00
#19     De/Vision “Popgefahr” (CD)     $15.00
#20     A-Ha “Foot of the Mountain / Deluxe Edition with bonus PAL DVD” (2CD)

As you can see, it is kind of interesting that certain titles jump back into the top 20, even if they are older.  For example, the new release obviously has people thinking about the older releases as well.  Or you’ll see inexpensive $3 CD’s jump into the top 20 simply because people are discovering a good deal.    The top 20 list only counts the CD’s that are ordered through A Different Drum’s homepage, so it is only reflective of what people are ordering through the website, and that can vary a great deal from week to week.

There is another thing I want to clarify about the way A Different Drum’s online catalog works.   I want to explain this simply because it may help you decide how and when to order items that you enjoy.    Since this is a small online store, and I don’t have endless funds to stock every synthpop release out there (and limited space as well), I focus mainly on the lesser known artists, the imports, and items you can’t easily pick up in the larger stores.   I don’t bother stocking every new release that has synthpop interest– for example, you didn’t see me stock the band OWL CITY, even though they play synthpop and became a huge sensation (thanks Radio Disney).  Why?  Well, you can pick up Owl City at your local Walmart or at for less than $10 so there is no reason to order it from A Different Drum when I can’t even buy it wholesale for that price.   Heck, I bought my own copy from Amazon for less than $9 when it was on sale.

Also, I like to keep the online catalog small and manageable.  There are other mail-order stores that list EVERY CD that they have ever carried, and even some items that they don’t regularly stock or have never had on their shelves.   They often don’t have inventory for many of the items that are listed.   That can be useful when searching for release information, etc. but I believe it can also be quite frustrating for shoppers who then want to order a CD and end up waiting weeks or months for it to actually show up.   That is why I ONLY list items that I actually have in stock, or that are momentarily out while my new shipments are in transit.   If an item sells out and I don’t intend to restock it regularly anymore, then I remove it from the catalog.  That’s it!  It is then gone!   Maybe I’ll get it again some day if the band puts out something new and there is once again a demand.  For example, Pulcher Femina put out a very cool new album.   Some folks are barely discovering this band now, so I’m reordering the previous album which has not been in the catalog for more than a year.  You’ll be able to get it again because there is once again a demand.  Once the demand goes away and people don’t order it anymore, then I won’t stock it, so it disappears from the catalog.

Why does this matter?  Well, only because it is easier for me to manage, and hopefully it is easier for you to know the CD titles  that you’ll be able to get your hands on quickly.  You’ll also have an idea of what is popular at the moment, simply because it is still on the list.  That also means that if you really want a new release, you may want to buy it sooner rather than later, because later it may not be readily available.

Of course, if there is an older title you really want, and you can’t find it elsewhere, you can always email me at to make a special request and I’ll do my best to get it for you.  Keep in mind, I can’t get out-of-print, extreme rarities any easier than you can, so keep the requests to release that we know exist 🙂

Whew!  OK.  Now on to a couple new items that came into the store this week:

Beata Beatrix “In the Garden of Ecstasy” $16 — This new Brazilian import presents a cool new band with dynamic female lead vocals and a cool blend of synthpop with a semi-gothic tone as well as some club appeal.   I’ve only listened to the first few tracks so far, but what I’ve heard sounds solid!  You can check out audio samples and order the CD here if you like what you hear :

Absurd Minds “Serve or Suffer” $15 — This CD is now released in Canada / USA so it is in stock for a lower price than the import.   It is a cool band that blends edgy futurepop with dark synthpop.   I added audio samples to the online listing so you can check it out.  Listen to those samples and order the CD here .

I also added a song by each of these artists on the radio player, along with tracks from several other new releases so you can always explore the every-changing “sampler” and discover new music.   Just open a browser to this address and enjoy :

OK, enjoy the rest of your weekend, and I thank you again for your support!


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