Various Artists “Transmission – 30 Years Without Ian Curtis – Tribute to Joy Division” $20 — This new imported tribute to Joy Division (later New Order) features cover tracks from darkwave bands like Clair Obscur, Collection D’Arnell-Andrea, Femme Fatale, Opera Multi Steel, and more.   It is not particularly “synthpop”, but more chilled, with a somewhat gothic tinge, fitting to the material, which includes classics like “Love Will Tear Us Apart”, “Ceremony”, “She’s Lost Control”, etc.   You can see the track list and order the CD here :

John Foxx “Metatronic” (2CD+DVD) $26 — John Foxx is a new wave icon from the 80’s and a pioneer of the synthpop sound.  This new release features some great classics, plus a previously unreleased live album, plus a DVD packed with clips from his long history.   See the complete track list and order this set here :

Massiv in Mensch “Hands On Massiv” $16 — This is a collection of pounding remixes of tracks from the futurepop / industrial dance act Massiv in Mensch.  The first couple of mixes are from the band themselves, bringing in a very trancey, club-friendly sound.  Other remixes come courtesy of acts like Individual Totem, Epsilon Minus, Headscan, Implant, etc.   Listen to audio samples and order the CD here :

TourdeForce “Colours In Life” $20 — Here is the debut full-length album from Europe that features bouncy, melodic synthpop tunes from a band that is winning attention in the scene.    The songs alternate from female to male lead vocals for a nice variety in sound.    You can listen to audio samples and order the CD here :

Mt Sims “Happily Ever After…Again” $20 — This is an interesting import from Punch Records , Italy.   It sounds like a lost album from the 80’s new wave, post punk era, fitting in with The Cure or Joy Division.  You hear a blend of synths and guitars and the whiny, melancholy vocals that create a raw buy effective mood.   But you know, it actually IS a re-release, thus the “again” in the album title.  But I don’t know when it was originally released.  Maybe it was the 80’s?   Listen to audio samples and order the CD here :

Sinessence “Thrillseeker” $20 — This is a new release from Caylx Records, Germany featuring new, gritty electronic tunes from an ex-member of the band Terminal Choice.   The vocals are edgy with plenty of angst, and the music is thick and intense.   This one should appeal to fans of th e industrial-synthpop crossover stuff similar to what we often hear from Metropolis Records.  Check out the audio samples and order the CD here :

Welle Erdball “Operation Zeitsturm” (CD+DVD) $26 — Definitely one of the most bizarre electronic pop bands from Germany, these guys are always coming up with something new and different.   Well, this time it is a new movie, with a soundtrack CD.   You can watch the movie trailer and order the soundtrack and DVD combo from here :

Welle Erdball “Opera tion Zeitsturm” (CD+2DVD) $36 — Or, if you’d like the deluxe edition with the bonus DVD, you can order it here :

Various Artists “Electronic Body Music” $20 — This new compilation features some highlights from the EBM underground that is recently springing back to life.   The compilation features tracks from some of the pioneers of this sub-genre like Front 242 and Cabaret Voltaire, along with newcomers like Spetsnaz, Dupont, and Container 90.   You can see the track list and order the CD here : buy/OUT408/Various-Artists-Electronic-Body-Music

Well, that’s all so far.  I should have some more new releases in stock soon, in which case, I’ll probably tweet about them first on Twitter, and then send out an update 🙂

Have a great day!


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