Hello friends!  This is Todd at A Different Drum.  Heading into the new year, I find myself in a financially strapped position with recent quarterly taxes and other obligations, so I just made a big migration of many older CD titles in the synthpop catalog to the “discount bin”.    Rather than do an “email only” sale like I’ve done in the past, I’m going to handle all these through the online shopping cart.

These are still clearance prices on items that will be deleted from the catalog for the moment, so first-come-first-serve.  Since the catalog does not update automatically when items are placed in shopping carts, it is possible that a CD may sell out before your order is placed, but still show up in your shopping cart.  I’ll update as fast as possible, but if an item is sold-out before your order, I’ll simply issue a refund for that item.  Let’s see if this works easy enough.

So, go ahead and order what you want, and realize that I’ll refund any item that sells out before your order.  I’ll remove sold-out items as fast as possible from the catalog, but since I’m not here to watch constantly, there may be some lag-time 🙂

You can see all the items in the “discount bin” here :

But for your convenience and quick review, I will paste that entire list in this update.

First…for the big fans of RENAME who did not get the very limited edition, promo-only CDR of “The Hack”, I have 3 copies here.  If you want one, just email me directly.  They are pricey at $25 each, but are the last 3 copies available (I was lucky to get them from Marcus in Germany).  I just thought I’d mention that for any hard-core collector who wanted the promo.

Here are the items now in the “discount bin” while supplies last:

Absent One “Blowback” (CD)     $10.00
Akanoid “Usual Freak” (MCD)     $6.00
Alan Lauris “Different Frequency” (CD)     $12.00
Alan Replica “Clockworks Juliet” (CD)     $3.00
Alan Replica “Simulacra” (CD)     $3.00
Alien Six13 “Establishing Alpha” (CD)     $3.00
Altera Forma “Asta La Vista” (CD)     $6.00
AmbrA “Dream the Summer Back” (MCD)     $5.00
Anosphere “Field of Mutants” (CD)     $10.00
Anosphere “Nation of Love” (CD)     $10.00
Arvid “Andetag” (CD)     $12.00
Astromill “Astromill” (CD)     $3.00
Autodafeh “Re-Lectro” (CDEP)     $8.00
B! Machine “The Evening Bell” (CD)     $8.00
Beata Beatrix “In the Garden of Ecstasy” (CD)     $10.00
A Blue Ocean Dream “Father to Son” (CDR)     $8.00
A Blue Ocean Dream “On the Road to Wisdom” (CD)     $3.00
Bodies Without Organs / BWO “Halcyon Nights / The Remixes” (CD)     $10.00
Capsize “A Perfect Wreck” (CD)     $3.00
Capsize “Dissatisfaction Guaranteed” (MCD)     $3.00
Cause and Effect “Innermost Station” (CD)     $8.00
Channel East “Between Humans” (CD)     $10.00
Color Theory “Life’s Fairytale” (CD)     $3.00
Color Theory “Perfect Tears” (CD)     $3.00
Color Theory “Sketches In Grey” (CD)     $3.00
Color Theory “Something Beautiful” (CD)     $3.00
Conetik “Carbon Elektriq V2” (CD)     $10.00
Conetik “Kube Musik” (CD)     $12.00
Conscience “Gravity Has Gone” (CD)     $10.00
Cosmic Ally “Twin Sun” (CD)     $3.00
Cosmic Intent “Collective Illusions” (CD)     $10.00
Cosmicity “Escape Pod for Two” (CD)     $8.00
Cosmicity “Isabella” (CD)     $3.00
Cosmicity “Resynthesized” (2CD)     $3.00
Cosmicity “The Pure Sessions 1: Defeat” (MCD)     $3.00
Count to Infinity “Exploding Plastic Inevitable” (CD)     $3.00
Count to Infinity “Once is Not Enough” (CD)     $3.00
Cyber Space “Future on Mars” (CD)     $12.00
De/Vision “Devolution Tour + I Regret 2003” (2CD)     $6.00
Debod “Burn Book” (CD)     $12.00
Declaration “Expectation” (CD)     $8.00
Division Kent “Gravity / Special Edition with Remixes” (2CD)     $12.00
Droom “128 1/2 Days” (CD)     $6.00
Droom “While We Can” (MCD)     $3.00
The Echoing Green “Music From the Ocean Picture / Special Edition” (CD)     $3.00
The Echoing Green “Songs of Innocence and Experience – Hope and Science” (2CD)     $6.00
Electroluvs “Bubblewrapped” (CD)     $3.00
Empire State Human “Audio Gothic” (CD)     $6.00
Erasure “Phantom Bride EP” (CDEP)     $10.00
Essence of Mind “Try and Fail” (CD)     $12.00
Essence of Mind “Try and Fail / Limited Edition 2CD Box” (2CD)     $16.00
Estrange “On the Wane” (CD)     $12.00
Faith Assembly “White Band Name t-shirt XL” (XL)     $6.00
Faith Assembly “Windmills / CD+DVD” (2CD)     $8.00
Fakel “1985” (CD)     $6.00
Fantazja “Sing This Song” (MCD)     $3.00
Florence Foster Fan Club “Everyday Theatre” (CD)     $10.00
The Garland Cult “Protect Yourself from Hollywood” (2CD)     $3.00
Glow “The Years” (CD)     $8.00
Glow “Winter” (CD)     $8.00
Heaven 17 “Before After” (CD)     $6.00
Hidden Place “Punto Luce” (CD)     $10.00
I Satellite “Automatic” (CD)     $8.00
I Synthesist “Art of Survival” (CD)     $10.00
I Synthesist “Avalanche” (CD)     $8.00
In Strict Confidence “La Parade Monstrueuse” (CD)     $10.00
In Strict Confidence “My Despair” (MCD)     $8.00
In Strict Confidence “Silver Bullets” (MCD)     $8.00
Isis Signum “Electro Sensual / limited” (2CD)     $10.00
James Manoro “On My Mind” (MCD)     $6.00
Jan Schipper “Spiral Galaxy” (CD)     $12.00
Junk Circuit “Universal Republic” (CD)     $3.00
Leemario “Synth Pop Journey” (MCD)     $3.00
Magikbrite “Clinical Heroes” (CD)     $6.00
Marlow (Robert Marlow) “Inside Outside” (CD)     $10.00
Matinee Club “The Modern LP” (CD)     $3.00
Michigan “Red Dawn” (MCD)     $3.00
The Mobile Homes “Today Is Your Lucky Day” (CD)     $10.00
Monica Schroeder “Move Me” (CD)     $3.00
Monica Schroeder “Poison” (MCD)     $3.00
Monolithic “Dividing Asunder” (CD)     $3.00
Nasa “Remembering the Future” (CD)     $3.00
Obscenity Trial “Here and Now” (CD)     $10.00
Opium “Puzzle” (EP)     $3.00
Opium “Too Many Miles Between Us” (CD)     $3.00
Pandique “In Sturm Und Leben” (CD)     $10.00
The Peoples “The Peoples” (CD)     $3.00
Pieter Nooten “Collected” (CD)     $10.00
Plastic Operator “Folder” (MCD)     $3.00
Pleasant Fiction “A Smile In the Crowd” (CD)     $10.00
Pop Electronique “Hit the Dancefloor” (EP)     $5.00
Prototypes “Prototypes” (CD)     $6.00
Provision “Could’ve Had it All” (MCD)     $3.00
Purveyor “Disaffection” (CD)     $3.00
Raindancer “Come With Me” (MCD)     $3.00
Rename “The Hack / 7-inch Vinyl” (vinyl)     $2.00
Requiem 4 FM “Novocaine” (CD)     $10.00
Requiem in Black “Revolution Nation” (CD)     $6.00
Rupesh Cartel “Contract” (MCD)     $3.00
Rupesh Cartel “Death With Soft Names” (MCD)     $3.00
Sara Noxx “Superior Love / The Dark Side” (MCD)     $6.00
Seize “Constant Fight” (CD)     $14.00
Sharon Next “Embrace in Holyhead” (CDR)     $6.00
Silica Gel “Genesis” (CD)     $3.00
Silica Gel “La Mitad” (MCD)     $3.00
Silica Gel “Nada Es Eterno” (MCD)     $3.00
Smile DK “Party Around the World” (CD)     $6.00
Somegirl “Feel Free” (MCD)     $3.00
Soviet “Spies in the House of Love” (CD)     $8.00
Space March “Without This You Can Never Change” (CD)     $3.00
Space Project “The Return of Space Raiders” (MCD)     $6.00
Synthesis “Space Travels” (CD)     $12.00
Syrian “Space Overdrive” (MCD)     $3.00
Three Cold Men “Photogramm” (CD)     $10.00
TOY “White Lights” (CD)     $3.00
Ultraviolet “A New Day” (CD)     $3.00
Ultraviolet “Dos” (CD)     $6.00
Various Artists “ADD X Chapter 1 – A Different Drum’s 10th Anniversary” (2CD)     $3.00
Various Artists “Dynamo 2” (CD)     $10.00
Various Artists “Electropop 3” (CD)     $10.00
Various Artists “Listen to the Future” (CD)     $3.00
Various Artists “Messages / Modern Synthpop Artists Cover OMD” (CD)     $3.00
Various Artists “Re-Covered / A Tribute to Depeche Mode” (2CD)     $12.00
Various Artists “SLC 2K4 / Official Bootleg” (2CD)     $3.00
Various Artists “Space Age Electro Pop 2” (CD)     $3.00
Various Artists “Synthesizer Dance Volume 9” (CD)     $12.00
Various Artists “Synthpop for a Darkened Room 3” (CD)     $3.00
Various Artists “Visual Infaction Volume 1 / European PAL DVD” (DVD)     $14.00
Various Artists “WXJL The Best of Future Wave Radio Volume 3” (CD)     $3.00
Veljanov / Deine Lakaien “Porta Macedonia” (CD)     $14.00
Voice Industrie “Power” (CD)     $3.00
Voice Industrie “Voice Historie” (2CD)     $6.00
Wave In Head “I Hate to Be In Love” (MCD)     $3.00
Zeigeist “The Jade Motel” (CD)     $14.00


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