2015 closed with a release I’m very proud of in late November; the reissue of DsorDNE’s very moody experimental, electronica and partly ambient 1992 Cassette only album “Carceri” ;
Remastered by Marco Milanesio himself at O.F.F., Torino with full artwork to print out for the digital version and also available as stamped Klappstuhl CDR [SP 009] .
Nearly simultaneously his current Project 9CENTO9 published an experimental EP produced in collaboration with Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo ( r ) via our friends at Thisco ;
(and while you are there don’t forget to check out their other current releases).
In February he started to reissue older 9CENTO9 works which are no longer available with the 2007 ‘Letor’ EP @ bandcamp. The very first track from
“The Constant Rise Of Expections” Compilation can be found here in its original version too.
Since late February SP 010 is in the works, and will be published as soon as the remastering
process is finished.
Our in-house specialist Frank E. had to re-schedule it due to another important mastering
process for Uwe from Munich, a classical guitarist whose second name I instantly forgot but
not his musical craftsmanship, even if it’s not my pair of shoes.
The CDR/DL issue of “XVII”, an completely unreleased album by the legendary Mr. Concept
from Leicester, UK – Cassette Pioneer and once a recording artist for the Deep Freeze Mice’s /
Alan Jenkins Label Cordelia.
This will mark his return after his last full Cassette Album from 1987 and one sole, now long
deleted, digital EP in 2007 with a collection of recordings made on his famous Portastudio at
Concept City during the late 80’s and early 90’s. And once again it will be challenging to sort
it. Is this Pop, Lounge, Freestyle or just Twang ?
Get some current impressions on his https://soundcloud.com/concept-city page if you’re
feeling curiousity rising….
Next forward jumped our favorite 90’s Retro Duo (???) from Kidderminster, UK CyborCosis
who expanded our musical portfolio with their diy leftfield trance already last year with “Trans
Lives” [SP 006]. They opened the sunny side of their portfolio with the Numbers EP – a digital
only, Pay What You Want Release [SP 011] out just now @
If you want more go to https://soundcloud.com/cyborcosis or wait what the future might
………..as for Press reactions I’d like to include some excerpts of the feedback MAGIC
MOMENTS AT TWILIGHT TIME’s Flashback Ω Ultimate [SP 008] received:
Aural Innovations
“MMATT’s music exists at the crossroads of the Space Rock, electronica, lo-fi homemade music, Punk
and good ‘ol Rock ‘n’ Roll realms, though there is nearly always some kind of sci-fi element plus
healthy doses of humor. The music often sounds like a Hawkwind meets John Carpenter soundtrack
with a New Wave dance groove in the place of the Blanga. Razor sharp riffage is embellished by
space electronics that flitter and dance about like troops of gurgling aliens. The synths often bring to
mind droning drifting Prog sci-fi soundtracks and at times sound like tinkling video game melodies, and
not uncommon are spaced out Punk-Industrial effects that recall the looped and phased freakouts that
characterized the early Chrome albums.”
Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz http://aural-innovations.com/blog/
Bliss Aquamarine
“…Whether their songs are about aliens, sex or witchcraft, MMATT sound like they’re having tons of
fun, making the album just as much fun to listen to.”
Skylight Webzine
“This is an M.M.A.T.T. compilation that gathers digitally remastered versions of the most popular
tracks of the cassette underground years that were recorded between 1987 and 1992. For those that
feel strangers to the band’s strange catalogue, I have to warn you of the experimentation and the
exploration that takes place in the music field. The band is exploring the early days of New Wave and
the post punk guitars of the 1980s era with an extra femininity due to the female vocals of the band’s
singers. This is a futuristic concept where each member of the band plays a special role and filters
their dreams through an analogue electronic atmosphere that reminds me a bit of the Hawkwind
And on DsorDNE’s “Carceri” [SP 009] Vital Weekly wrote:
“In 1992 DsorDNE released their cassette album Carceri (‘prisons’), which echoes much of the sound
of their great and sole vinyl LP E Un Sole (Hax 1990). The German label Klappstuhl can be heralded
for re-releasing DsorDNE’s this now quite rare cassette on CDR. Recorded between 1989 and
1991 the seven tracks on Carceri are de facto solo recordings by Milanesio, who in the liner notes
displays his fascination for Franz Kafka. The great German author, who is well quoted but not that well
read, is certainly all over the introduction of the album; a doomy, post-apocalypse soundscape with
electronic sounding like insects thrown in.
It proves to be a fine introduction to No Time, which surprises (me) with its sequenced post-punk
drums and funky bass line, which continue in Giorni E Luoghi – adding ambient synthesizer lines.
Starting with out the rather in-your-face and the ‘of its time’ sounding drum patterns of the previous
tracks Scimmie gains some well-deserved space in return. Adding spaced vocals and ambience the
drums kick in during the second half of the song, giving it a post-punk feel. A lovely piano melody (a bit
like Wim Mertens)
introduces Solo (E) In Movimento, which strongly contrasts with the previous tracks. Liquidi Silenzio,
on the other hand, proves a return to the drum beat-driven sound of Carceri, which would do well at an
ambient dance party. Closing track Carceri leads us back to the atmosphere of the opening track: all
doom and gloom with a nice trumpet thrown in.”
By Freek Kinkelaar, http://www.vitalweekly.net/1013.html
Also loads of Kudus to Mr. EBU for playing most of DsorDNE Carceri on air (FFM’s RADIO
X), and a selection of tracks from Klappstuhl releases by Walt Thisney, Closed Circuit and
Magic Moments At Twilight Time.
http://www.radiox.de/sendungen/escobar/playlists-herr-ebu.html check the livestream for
further transmission at http://www.radiox.de/livestream.html
As for now – enjoy and stay in touch,
carsten s.
For any questions, anecdotes and more ……….. feel free to mail via


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