All video of the “La Trilogia Delle Stelle” (Trilogy Of Stars) by Katya Sanna are on Vimeo

TRILOGIA DELLE STELLE (“Trilogy of the Stars”)

LA VIA DELLE STELLE (The Way of Stars)
Dedicated to the Milky Way as celestial orientation and observator of life on earth. Connected to this album is the installation art with the same title that synthesize the Milky Way projected -landed on the Earth
STORIE DI UOMINI DI DONNE E DI SOGNI (Stories of men women and dreams)
Dedicated to the migrants. Imagine the Earth seen from a spaceship that through rapid zooming protocols migrations of peoples
To Storia di uomini di donne e di sogni is connected the painting “Lontano dal Sole”(Far away from the Sun), of the diptych “Il pianeta prigioniero” (Prisoner planet)

LE DANZE ELICOIDALI (The Helicoidal Dances)
“The Helicoidal Dances” is musical and visual representation of the light interpreted as the essence that crosses the space and in its path creates volumes and suggestions

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