I would like to introduce you my new work now in free streaming:
titled “Storie di uomini di donne e di sogni” (Stories of men women and dreams)
“Stories of men and women of dreams” is dedicated to the migrants. Imagine the Earth seen from a spaceship that
through rapid zooming protocols migrations of peoples

– Free streaming

– Lyrics

Kind regards
Katya Sanna

KATYA SANNA http://www.katyasanna.it/
Songwriter and singer endowed with a range of four octave, she composes very personal melodies and harmonies which a singing style characterized by an ancient flavour with arrangements which sum up electronic, ethnic, romantic, ethereal atmospheres. The lyrics of Katya’s songs are often inspired by literary themes, for instance her long reserch on myths and legend from all the world. Apart from her works as a vocalists, she likes very much to collaborate with other artists who belong to different musical culture in order to get in touch with a lot of genres: Soundtracks, Jazz, Ancient Music, Heavy Metal, Multimedial music and poetry project. She is also the author of the fantasy trilogy “Le Chant De L’Ange” hosted by “Il baco del millennio” di Radio Rai1 National Italian Broadcaster. She manages ablog dedicated to art and culture. As multimedia artist she have received the European award ART GOLDEN CARD. Some art expò aspainter: Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Roma, RossoCinabro, Roma (Italy)Atelier Gustave di Montparnasse Parigi (France), Ambassade of Republic of Egypt, Roma (Italy), Galleria Geraldes Da Silva di Porto (Portugal), Agrigento International Expò of modern and conteporary art: “Agrigento Arte-Segnali del Tempo”, Aura Art Gallery in occasion of Venice Biennale 2009 “Making (our) World” Venice (Italy), Galleria Poliedro, Trieste (Italy), Galleria Monteoliveto, Naples-Nice (Italy-France), Red Gate Gallery, London (UK), Vinyl Art Show at Hoodlums Records, Tempe (Arizona-US), “OpenARTmarket 2014” at Fonderia delle Arti. Roma (Italy), “Mettiamoci Una Pezza – città ai ferri corti: Urban Knitting 6 Aprile 2014” Urban Knitting In occasion of the fifth anniversary of the earthquake in Abruzzo, L’Aquila (Italy). She graduated from the Art Institute in Rome, attended courses of embroidery: Crochet de Luneville and Haute Couture with the teacher Elisabeth at Roulleau, and Silk Ribbon Embroidery at the School of HighFashion of Katerina Kouzmina, course of tapestry at the School of Ornamental Arts of Rome. In 2009 she published “Grand Tour” cd with her version of songs of: The Beatles, Fabrizio De Andrè, Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush, Tori Amos, David Sylvian, Joan Baez-Ennio Morricone, Faust’O, and her homage to Cathy Berberian. In 2010 partecipates at the “Rom’Art Independent Festival” with her live performance “L’Approdo” (The Landing) winning the “Alda Merini Award” for the emotive and evocative content, for the expressive power and the pure capacity to join distant sounds from the of the habitual present. December 2013 new album “La Via delle Stelle”. February 2014 Katya Sanna is the winner of website Flowers in a gun’ contest “Band of the week”. March 2014 the album “La Via Delle Stelle” is the CD of the month for the Italian music magazine “Rockerilla”. Participates to open call of the project “Open Museum Open City” set to “MAXXI – National Museum of the 21st Century Arts” in Rome from October to November 2014. Now at work on mini album “Le Danze Elicoidali”


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