The Inanna Naked Netcompilation is a project that consists of a continuous online compilation of bands into emotional and melancholic music from any country and any kind of music. It has a first track but not a last one, it will always be alive and dynamic, adding tracks, when the compilation starts to have more bands and tracks each visitor/listener will be able to listen only to the bands he or she is interested in and select a personalized compilation.

The first track is a courtesy from the Lithuanian musician Vidas Miniotas (VIDASM): “1000 Miles Away” (Electronica/IDM/Ambient).

INANNA NAKED is constantly looking for new tracks. Any good band doing melancholic music is invited to contact Inanna Naked to include an exclusive track in the Netcompilation.

All the tracks of the Inanna Naked NetCompilation will be freely available at


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