The waiting is growing. And we’re growing with it. The enthusiastic response to the line up has changed our plans: Friday 21 May, too, at Palazzo dei Congressi, will go on ’til dawn, like Saturday. Richie Hawtin has asked us to seal his presence with an epic audio/video set by the name of Plastikman and, knowing him, also a dense DJ set, accompanied by the faithful squires Troy Pierce e Barem, m_nus quality 100%. That’s how we’ll get to 5 in the morning.

But not only the ‘Salone della Cultura’ space. The popular request for the trio Neon Indian, Rub-N-Tug and Tim Sweeney convinced us to have them open the doors at the foyer of Palazzo dei Congressi. Everybody altogether. Everything at Palazzo dei Congressi. No need to migrate, on Friday, to different locations with different tickets, but rather a long night in which the devestating perfection of the label m_nus alternates, for a moment to catch your breath, or for less techno souls, with red-hot raids of Disco, 80’s, House, Funk and whatever else.


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