EGIDA AUREA – Derive – cd digipack – HR!SPQR XXV

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Out on 11/February

After the well received „La mia piccola guerra“ of last year, „Derive“(Drift) is the long waited second album of Egida Aurea.  The drift of life are witnessed here by the lack of direction of our time and society. The band traces a journey through past glories and memories to re discovering lost values and new feelings, paying obvious tribute to their city: Genova. The melancholy folk rock of the band deliver us a remarkable comeback for one of the most appreciated band in Italy and in Europe.

Featuring: Diego Banchero and Carolina Cecchinato

EGIDA AUREA – Boxed – ltd 37 copies

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Out on 25/January

Grab your copy now ! the Box includes:

Egida Aurea – Storia di una rondine – mcd –ltd 100 , Egida Aurea – La mia piccola guerra, Egida Aurea – Derive, Recondita Stirpe – Nessuna Letargia, 1 x poster A5, 1 x sticker, 1 logo banner of the band, 1 x flyer of the Paris concert.

This box was handmade in Germany, all copies are handnumbered !


EGIDA AUREA – Storia di una rondine – mcd ltd 100

Pre- order 7 €

Out on 11/February

„Storia di una rondine“ is the legendary debut on Wolf Age and Misty Circles of Egida Aurea. We want celebrate the release of their second album, repressing their debut with the original artwork and correct linear notes in a ltd edition of 100 copies.

Last but not least: ladies and gentleman, our dearest enemies, we all invite you to join us in Paris on the 11 of Febbruary for one of the concert of the year !

O’Paradis, Egida Aurea, Varuunna

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