House of Analogue presents
Aidan Casserly & Pawel Lopatka
“That Man from Berlin”

01 That Man from Berlin 02 Just this Once 03 Aura

Lyrics: Pawel Lopatka
Music: Aidan Casserly

Track 1 Dedicated to Barbara Górska, Dawid Hady, Elżbieta Schoenfeld and Neil Tennant

P+C 2012 House of Analogue
Out now on House of Analogue is “That Man from Berlin”, a 3 track single by Aidan Casserly & Pawel Lopatka.
“That Man from Berlin” is a very unique blend of blues, slow jazz, ambient and piano ballad driven musical landscape.
Featuring original lyrics by Pawel Lopatka and showing the intimate, musical skill of Aidan Casserly on the music and vocal side.
It’s a passionate and sensitive collaboration, by two people with a clear love of music, respect for each others creative passions and a strong bond of true artistic friendship.
You really can’t help but be moved by the glorious melodies, the singing, the wonderful lyrics within these songs, which have been lovingly created by both Aidan & Pawel.
It’s the third release by House of Analogue and it’s surely proof, that this young label (launched January 2012) is continuing to deliver the goods with each new release.
Here’s two promotional videos of two of the track on this release –
Aidan Casserly –
Aidan Casserly is the acclaimed vocalist, electro-pop producer & songwriter. Member of the ‘cult’ Irish synthpop band Empire State Human, (the disbanded) The Garland Cult and now as The Wazp (his new dark synth solo project).
ESH have numberous releases since “Pop Robot” in 2002. Their 2009 album “Audio Gothic” featured Kraftwerk legend Wolfgang Flur. The latest one “The Art” was released March 2012 on House of Analogue. ESH have had a #1 in the US iTunes dance charts, composed music for film and adverts. Made their US live debut @ the legendary Albion Batcave in New York, in 2003. Aidan has also released a book of poetry and song lyrics called “Chasing Vapours” (with U Books, Germany. Now deleted).
Discography – “White Soul” (album 2009), “The naming of Blue” (album 2010), “Castles” ft Martin Watkins (single 2011) & “That Man from Berlin” (June 2012).
Pawel Lopatka –
Pawel Lopatka is a Polish-born translator and songwriter. He’s a highly regarded translator, who has written the Polish translations of books by Mary Shelley, Paul Theroux, Nick Hornby, David Mitchell, John Boyne, and Armistead Maupin, as well as other distinguished British and American authors.
His creative collaboration with his idol Aidan Casserly, was triggered by the love for all things beautiful, and the musical fascinations the pair have turned out to share.


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