HIDDEN PLACE Retrospettiva: Vol.2

Catalogue number: PM9
Format: CD + Download
Edition: 200

Now available for pre-order! Release date: November 30th

Following on from, ‘Retrospettiva: 2004 -2014’, Italian act Hidden Place re-imagine and rework 9 tracks from their previous four albums, and includes an unreleased track from 2008 and a brand new recording entitled, ‘Alla Mostra Dei Costruttivisti’, highlighting a change in direction, one that encompasses a more angular post-punk sound, whilst still retaining their trademark icy synth refrains.

Hidden Place remain steadfastly anti-genre, refusing to give in to trends, which makes them stand-out in a crowd of an oft diluted ‘scene’. Although their influences can be heard, ranging from early O.M.D. to clan of xymox, through to other Italian darkwave acts such as Die Form and The Frozen Autumn.

Released on CD in an edition of 200. Artwork by Oleg Galay


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