Expected late August are two new 12 inches on Gooiland Elektro… and an art
object by Dutch visual artist/musician Hans de Wolf.

Hailing from Holland Ekman has been haunting the dancefloors for sometime
now with his deformed acid influenced dark and nasty slow electro and
techno tunes… his music is fitting in perfect in between drugged out
techno and new beat / early techno stuff…  and even some classic electro
touches can be found… simply excellent for not your average dance
party… but who likes average anyway…

Here you can listen to a Ekman track:

Popsimonova is the new upcoming queen of cold electro (wave)… her tracks
are cold but with lots of energy… intelligent constructed tracks to make
you move but also to make you take a step back and let the music work on
you in different ways… this is what they call electro beyond the former
Iron Curtain… and this is what we move to on any good electro party…

Here you can listen to a Popsimonova track:

Related to the new showcase on the Enfant Terrible web gallery is an art
object by Hans de Wolf. The object is a six track tape with weird folk /
ritual music / lo-fi ambient music and comes with a drawing made on birch
bark. Limited to 40 numbered copies. See and listen here for more on the
work of Hans de Wolf: http://www.enfant-terrible.nl/gallery.html


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