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27th-28th April 2012
Förderturm Bönen – Schachtanlage Königsborn III/IV
Bönen – Ruhr area - Germany
www.formsofhands.deMONO NO AWARE

NEEDLE SHARING (extended performance)

S.K.E.T. (extended performance)









Out on HANDS May:

V.A.	  			Forms of Hands 12			cd
HANDS D174			Hands Paper Pack lim. Edition	13 euro		

2012 sees the 12th edition of the Forms Of Hands label showcase, now moving to its fourth location over the years, and it is traditionally accompanied by the compilation CD featuring all 12 performing artists in their festival running order.
Same procedure as every year: All tracks are exclusive, thus this compilation may serve as an introductory peek into the HANDS universe as well as it is a must-have for the label aficionados. So what’s in this year’s edition of the HANDS encyclopaedia?

The CD starts with two festival newcomers: SATURMZLIDE, who sets the mood with an uptempo rhythm track with a nice technoid vibe, and <1979> with a classically repetitive Rhythm’N’Noise track (which is the original version of the tune you find remixed by Daniel Myer on their current album). SYNTECH present their own brand of percussive tribal noise. 13th MONKEY speed it up further with a fiercely banging piece of Industrial Acid Techno, and S.K.E.T. call to “Reform Europe” via ostentatious sounds and stumbling beats. MONO NO AWARE does his noise turmoil over teutonic beats and brings day one to an end.
The second half of the album starts with two more festival newcomer: First up SYLVGHEIST MAËLSTRÖM delivering a nice encore to their captivating debut full of unsettling electronica and catchy beats, and DIRTY K, who really have the knack of self-explanatory titles and give us a “Stomping Maschine”. NULLGRAD offers a basic channel influenced  techno track and 16PAD NOISE TERRORIST contribute a fierce piece of dark Techstep. MS GENTUR lets you have a painfully noisy “Contraction”, and NEEDLE SHARING prove again they’re back for good with the “Rave Monger” – if you can keep your limbs still to this you’re positively dead (or deaf)!

So, another year, another selection shedding light on the activities of roughly ¼ of the HANDS label roster, a dozen artists affiliated by attitude, yet discrete in style, and isn’t that exactly the special value of a compilation album?

1. Saturmzlide - Psysurfer
2. <1979> - Go Back
3. Syntech - Black Rain
4. 13th Monkey - Dualcore
5. S.K.E.T. - Reform Europe!
6. Mono No Aware - Doosa Hoshoo 
7. Sylvgheist Maëlström - Vatna
8. Dirty K - Stomping Maschine
9. Nullgrad - Fenster In Eine Andere Welt 
10. 16Pad Noise Terrorist - 2012
11. Ms Gentur - Contraction
12. Needle Sharing - Rave Monger 

Out on HANDS May:

Greyhound	  	Prototype					cd	
HANDS D178		Hands Paper Pack				13euro	

Greyhound present their 5th album in eight years, and they have surely achieved to become a household name in the Rhythm’n’Noise scene. They stand for almost orthodox, as-hard-as-rocks tracks which they produce with remarkable consistency, and for their remorseless sound they are celebrated regulars at festivals like Forms of Hands or Maschinenfest.

“Prototype” is of course a self-reflective album title, as Greyhound are very specific about their concepts. It is an album about interpersonal communication and mental pressure up to the individual limits, thus it is the reflection of personal experiences, memories and emotions collected over of a year’s time. This information is enciphered in 15 intensely powerful, aggressive Rhythm’n’Noise tracks with commanding beats. Greyhound leave it to the listener to unscramble the emotional message that lies hidden among the noise.

A full listening session of a Greyhound album may be as demanding as an intercity ride on a Greyhound bus, as they never tire, never falter from beginning to end, from the opener “Can you feel it?” with its catchy beats up to the claustrophobic last track “Fade Away”. Inbetween Greyhound denote “If Noise Would Be My Language” – which it obviously is… And be aware of the “Brain Stalker”, a track that will be haunting you forever with its sonorous undertones. The quiet things happening in the background (and there are lots of them) are what makes “Prototype” more than a collection of functional tracks but also an album suited for home listening.

Of course Greyhound’s proclaimed creed of undiluted Industrial is an invented tradition, which is clearly proven by the crisp sound production, but one you will gladly embrace.
“Prototype” works on two levels: On the surface it is a two-fisted rhythmic attack, underneath a multi-facetted introspection, a balancing act which seems impossible enough - but is accomplished with ease! 

1. Can You Feel It? 
2. ... And This Is My World! 
3. Prototype III 
4. Kontaktsperre 
5. Emotional Chaos 
6. If Noise Would Be My Language 
7. Into The Void 
8. From Near And Far 
9. Another Viewing Example 
10. Brainstalker 
11. Oversized 
12. Motion-Dependent Noise Reduction 
13. Intervention 
14. Even Deeper 
15. Fade Away 

Out on HANDS May:

16Pad Noise Terrorist	Evilution					cd	
HANDS D177			Hands Paper Pack				13euro		

Two years after „Utopia“, Candy Schlüer of S.K.E.T. has finished the 2nd chapter of his book with “Postnuclear Brutalism Funk Stories”.
“Evilution” is a statement in  his very own way indeed, mastered again by DJ Hidden, whom he credits as a major influence, which is true in the sense that 16Pad Noise Terrorist presents Drum’n’Bass with a strong industrial, dark and experimental edge.
Candy is concerned with contradictions, the underlying question is how we develop, if we just keep on going as usual – well, you guessed it, evolution turns foul, and the result is “Evilution”.

The album also establishes strong ties to the debut, whose album title now appears as a track title – as well as it’s antithesis, the dystopia. Dystopian visions actually seem the 16Pad Noise Terrorist’s preoccupation, but if “Utopia” was an Orwellian boot stamping in your face, “Evilution” depicts a more refined “Brave New World” with all its stupefying soma effects - even though the stench of books set on fire at “Fahrenheit 451” is omnipresent.

Generally, the tempo is somehow curbed, and even melodies find their way into the tracks. But don’t worry – there’s enough tough Darkstep to be found, and the body fluids already start to warm with “Wasp”, and are kept boiling throughout the album with “Le Petit Consommateur”, “We Are All Junkies” and so on.

On the way you will also meet a variety of out-of-the-way pieces:
A conceptual track is “Humback Symphobia”, which strangely misses a “p”, but nevertheless features the famous chants of the magnificent animals who are subject to whaling. “Abyss” is not only the most experimental track of the lot, but also features spoken word phrasing by Boris May of Klangstabil in a nightmarish slasher atmosphere.
“Metamorphosis” has the voice of evil giving some incomprehensible commands, and it shapeshifts in speed and atmosphere constantly, while “Planned Obsolescense” is probably the most clearcut club track among the lot. “Dystopia” works at Trip Hop/Dubstep speed, and here the evil keeps ranting atop a stomach-churning distorted wobble bass. The album closes with “Darkest Utopia”, generating a dehumanized, hostile atmosphere with metallic sounds and shredded speech bits.

“Evilution” is not easily digested for sure, but it’s well worth exploring, it provides food for thought, but also a vibe for moving. Candy Schlüer proves he has defined a distinct style of Drum’n’Bass for 16Pad Noise Terrorist and will earn tons of due respect for his project with his sophomore album!

3.Humback Symphopia 
4.Le Petit Consommateur
7.We Are All Junkies
8.Planned Obsolescence
11.Darkest Utopia

Out on HANDS May:

<1979>	  	Fm Interface				cd	
HANDS D179		Hands Paper Pack				13euro		

<1979> started in the late 90s as the experimental playground for Frequen-C from Leipzig. He quickly made himself a name as a DIY bedroom producer, releasing numerous cassettes, CD-Rs and download tracks over the years in the best old-fashioned tape scene tradition. Throughout the 2000s he continually appeared live in smaller venues, but the gigs took on a more serious nature and reached larger audiences after playing the Schlagstrom! Festival in 2007.
In 2009 <1979> was joined by DrMOllE and since operates as a duo. So now the time has come to step out of the underground and present the debut release for HANDS!

“FM Interface” oscillates between old school and new school, between rawness and simplicity and a more modern sound design.
The album somehow falls into two parts: The first half seems to present the sonic weaponry of <1979> through simple, sketch-type tracks. The opener “Breakbit” is not broken, but a hypnotic noise loop, “3 Miles Island” abuses the sampled reports of a nuclear catastrophe over a raw electro beat, “Lost In Rhythm” could also be the manifesto of “FM Interface”, and “Some Chords” is just that – and besides the only beatless track on the entire album.
The second half of “FM Interface” discloses a decidedly different approach, starting with “Can you feel the daylight”, a complex midtempo clubtrack with all the variation, breaks and shifts that you need to get the crowds going. And <1979> now put to use their full arsenal of noises and rhythmic structures: “All Notes Off” is directly aimed at dancefloors, “After Then Before” is a fine piece of noise mayhem, and “Go Back Freak” even has the machines getting into the groove, due to the remixing efforts of fellow Leipzig musician Daniel Myer aka Architect aka Haujobb!
“Metall und Technik” finally is a vigorous Industrial Hardcore track that will rock the moshpits. The short “Angst Rhythmus” and the closing title “Multiply Exibit” (with one of the longest breaks ever) then close the album in the more simplified, loop-based style.

“FM Interface” is definitely a rare occurrence, after such a long period of maturation and growth, quite unusual for today’s Electro Industrial scene – but the result, with its entertaining ideas, its timeless sound and the peculiar concept really proves the waiting worthwhile. The overall sound of “FM Interface” is strangely warm and pleasant to the ears of anyone who brings along a knowledge of - and love for - the Rhythm’n’Noise style.

1. Breakbit  
2. 3 Miles Island  
3. Lost In Rhythem  
4. Some Chords  
5. Digital Trash  
6. 140 2.0  
7. Alkaline  
8. Can You Feel The Daylight  
9. All Notes Off  
10. After Then Before  
11. Go Back Freak  
12. Metall Und Technik 
13. Angst Rhythmus  
14. Multiply Exibit     

Out on HANDS in May:

Sylvgheist Maëlström     		Skaftafell			cd	
HANDS D175				Hands Paper Pack		13euro		

Sylvgheist Maëlström is a french producer who has a couple of albums under his belt already and joins the HANDS label roster in 2012 with an album that will leave a permanent impression: Glossy Electronica, elaborate beat programming and mind-blowing melodies, an actually minimal album (soundwise) which seems massive by its strong emotional impact.

Sylvgheist Maëlström is preoccupied with natural events and special places, and "Skaftafell" is the evocation of a huge and massive glacier movement like a moraine or a surge. The concept is to describe as a sound the deep and uncontrollable movement of nature, as the glacier becomes an independent entity, an animal really, untamed by civilization. 
Nevertheless, after human influence, nature starts to destroy itself. 

The “Intro” showcases the deep melodies, pulses and peculiar beats, downbeat and distorted, yet with a strong organic feel to them, which we shall encounter throughout the album.
“Banda Aceh” is an area in Indonesia which was horribly harmed by the 2004 tsunami, and the track features tribal beats and repetitive sounds that echo the threat. The Mexican town “Tlahuitoltepec”, casualty of a mudslide, is the eponym for a grinding and scraping beat structure. A less dismal fate is that of the “Narssarssuaq Desert” in Greenland, which inspired Sylvgheist Maëlström to a moody, hypnotic tune with minimal techno beats, while “Kuthia” appears even more groove infected among its heavy atmosphere (and would you have known there was a glacier in Pakistan?). Back to Greenland, its capital “Nuuk” – and a shorter, straighter track for “Skaftatell”, followed by “Surge”, a hypnotic, vibrant piece.
Of course Iceland has its glaciers, and “Jakobshavn Isbræ Melt” is not only an exceptionally large specimen, but also a track that will resound in your mind forever with its effective and simple melodic hook and repetitive beats. On a darker note is the sonic painting of the floods of “Nartuby” (France); and “Dendrite Crystal” is surely the most anorganic sounding part of “Skaftatell”, a nice bite of tasty Electronica.
“Skaftafell Jökull” is a place in Iceland subject to a constant culmination of natural forces, and the track is also the most upfront, inciting one on the album. The closing title “Puyehue” then releases some of that tension, and maybe it is imaginable that a brave Techno DJ will have a crowd dancing to a Chilean volcano?

“Skaftatell” impresses through strong production values and a range of wonderful ideas. It is an urgent recommendation for anyone who will fall for Electronica that is far from easily accessible, yet captivating and very deeply emotional!

2.Banda Aceh
4.Narssarssuaq Sessert
8.Jakobshavn Isbrae Melt
10.Dendrite Crystal
11.Skaftafell Jökull

Out on HANDS:

Talvekoidik   		Negotiate The Distance               	cd
HANDS D176			Hands Paper Pack				13 euro 

1. Definitions
negotiate — vb 1. to work or talk (with others) to achieve (a transaction, an agreement, etc) 2. ( tr ) to succeed in passing through, around, or over: to negotiate a mountain pass 

distance — n 1. the intervening space between two points or things 2. the length of this gap 3. the state of being apart in space; remoteness 4.  a separation or remoteness in relationship; disparity 5. keep one's distance to maintain a proper or discreet reserve in respect of another person 13. the distant parts of a picture, such as a landscape 6. to hold or place at a distance 7. to separate (oneself) mentally or emotionally from something or someone 

2. Formal Aspects
The fact that Talvekoidik is no one other than Kai Hahnewald of S.K.E.T. is only of interest as to indicate that this album has been composed by a musician with a pedigree and experience – of which the rich sonic tapestries and the glistening production quality would have convinced you anyway. “Negotiate The Distance” is the second Talvekoidik album, and it’s the work of a man who indulges in thoughts, doubts and visions, a very personal, intimate work.
It employs drone-based atmospheres and samples of voices and common items like telephones, but the dominant features are piano and string sounds, making for a very cinematic, emotional quality. Rhythm appears mainly as structure.
“Take A Deep Breath” – and slide into the world of Talvekoidik with the calm and soothing opener. “Call Into Nowhere” and “Unreal Yearning” appear almost neo-classical, catchy even, before “ Heart In Stasis With A Hiccup” with its slight ritual touch leads you into the darker heart of the album, where more experimental structures are predominant, like in the cavernal sounding “The Tree Knows A Secret”. Keep on walking, until a bit of brightness returns and indicates  you’re approaching the end and the closing title “Awaiting You To Return” (which is a wish you will gladly fulfil).
“Negotiate The Distance” might have an intellectual inclination, but it’s far from headstrong, it’s a musically very attractive piece of work with an overall sense of positivity, of hope and love of life.

3. Topical Outline
“Negotiate The Distance” is a reflection about distance as a paradigm of relationships between people and the paradox of peoples’ behaviour when it comes to negotiation of distance in a emotional and/or spatial matter, about people forced to live close together in limited space, like in large cities or high rise residential buildings, who are very remote on the emotional level and same time feel close to someone far away or feel lonely among others. It’s also a reflection about longings, demands and fears distance may cause and the higher value moments spent together have when distance is a strong point of one’s relation to someone else.

1.Take A Deep Breath 	 		
2.The Tree Knows A Secret
3.Curtis Went Away, As Nobody Listened  	
4.Call Into Nowhere		
5.Heart In Stasis With A Hiccup  		
6.Sometimes I Wish To Evaporate
7.Love Is  					
8.Unreal Yearning  
9.Awaiting You To Return

Out on HANDS:

Dirty K				Torrent of Fury			cd
HANDS D173				Hands Paper Pack			13 euro				

Dirty K are a thoroughbred Rhythm’n’Noise act based in Leicester (UK) and is one of the latest signing on HANDS. “Torrent of Fury” is surely an eponymous title, because that’s just what this album is: An unsettling intro, followed by 11 tracks of sheer, unadulterated distorted rhythm power. The band want to explicate a personal take on a post apocalyptic theme based on a vivid dream, incorporating dark and dirty landscapes and buildings. 
The album is meant to portray a sense of confusion and what it would be like in our to wake up scared and see that is all that is left.

Most tracks have a similar structure with an irritating, brooding intro building into rhythmic frenzy in no time. Thankfully, Dirty K never forget to put in the occasional break, short interlude or vocal sample to keep the listener’s attention and give the whole album a very dynamic pace.

Of course, lots of DJ food is to be found here, depending on what specific style you’re after: If you want hypnotic midtempo Rhythm’n’Noise, you can’t go wrong with the irresistable dancefloor weapon “Smog Blanket” for example.

If you’re after more defined bassdrum sounds in an Industrial Hardcore style, opt for the title track or maybe “Frequent Thoughts Of Violence”, and if your desire might be pure noise turmoil, a track like “Cataclysm” should make your day.

On first listen, “Torrent Of Fury” appears as a monolith of fierce sounds and beats, on second listen you find lots of variation and detail. May you enjoy this rich and remarkable debut from the UK – and may God save the queen from Dirty K’s apocalyptic visions!

01. Alone				
02. Maschine Music 	
03. Broken Storm [End]		
04. Cataclysm	
05. Disturbing Thoughts		
06. Nightmares Of A Tormented Mind
07. Something Dark			
08. Smog Blanket (Torrent Version)
09. Scattered Elements		
10. Torrent Of Fury
11. Frequent Thoughts Of Violence	
12. Gutterpump

Out on HANDS:

SaturmZlide			Bevor					cd
HANDS D172			Hands Paper Pack			13 euro			

“BeVor” is German for “before” - but just what does that mean in respect to this album? In some ways, this CD is rather an “after” - Hamburg’s Alexander Marco finally releases a  full SaturmZlide album, after nearly two decades of musical activities in various bands, genres and styles, and after a well-received CD-R on Fich-Art in 2009.

Anyways, Alex is an atypical musician, following a late vocation to the call of Industrial and Rhythm’n’Noise, who brings along the experience of his past musical endeavours - and lets them shine through in his compositions.
“Bevor” is a somewhat enigmatic crossbreed of musical currents that make for a strong blend. The overall essence is the rhythm, no doubt about that, punchy and groove-infected, making this album a tight-knit unit despite the many different ideas which have been put into practice.

So, let’s roll with it: “Rainlands” is a moody intro with tribal downbeats and a steady build-up. Then starts the Rhythm Noise section of the album with the club recommendation “El Door Rado Rmx” – a relentless noise groove and a commanding vocal sample do the job proper! “Power Plant” and “Interceptor” combine distorted rhythms with strong atmospheric breaks, while inbetween those “Bionic Ocean I” surprises with it’s beatless, experimental atmosphere.

“Girl Under Glas” then adopts a different line:  Hard beats with a broken edge  and full-on modern electronica sounds, an update of the style you shouldn’t call IDM. “World Time Crash” and “Half Of the Planet” appear in similar shape with the beats more on the straight side though.

The album then closes with a magnum opus, a nearly 25 minute suite in seven movements entitled “The Sky” that revisits all the styles and elements from the album and melts them with new ideas even more out of bounds, with a psychedelic atmosphere being the foundation stone upon which this monumental composition is erected. It starts with a straight rhythm track, plunges into atmospheric sounds; and then come in some guests: The 3rd part (“Drifting”) features the guitar playing of some Andreas Hellriegel, giving it a prog rock flavour, while the 4th part (“Timerider”) is a bouncing rhythm track, featuring Industrial veteran Philipp Münch. The following parts slow down considerably, preparing the listener to bid farewell to this musical trip.

So, “BeVor”, before what? You get the strong impression, and you may well hope, this “before” is the first step before a lot more to come – quality always comes out on top, and this debut (if you may call it that) is surely a top pick!


1.1.Merkabame Phase 1  	
2.El Door Rado RMX    	
4.Bionic Ocean I (Blue Engines)    
6.Girl Under Glas    
7.World Time Crash   		
8.Half Of The Planet (Spiritual Mix)   
9.The Sky   			
9.2.Merkabame Phase 2	
9.5.Merkabame  Phase 3
9.7.Merkabame Phase 4
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