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Out 4th October:
Needle Sharing – Gang Bangs! (cd)
Heimstatt Yipotash – H.Y.BREED (2cd)
Syntech – P’som Sett (cd)

Well, only a few days left until Maschinenfest 2011 – see you there!
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Out on HANDS 4th October:

Needle  Sharing         Gang Bangs!                             cd
HANDS D169              Hands Paper Pack w/ clear tray          13 euro

Needle Sharing is back!
Following a creative pause, where Roland Danielzig made his project go on hiatus to pursue other creative interests, Needle Sharing returns to center stage in 2011. Marking the 20th anniversary of the project, German underground heavy weight HANDS Productions releases Needle Sharing’s third full length album „GANG BANGS!“.
Along the relaunch of the project, Needle Sharing has seen the addition of long time friend and partner in other projects, Sascha Turtur as a full and permanent member. Bringing his own creative energy and intricate production knowledge to the mixing desk, the sum of Roland and Sascha’s energy adds up to more than just their parts combined.
„GANG BANGS!“ is a true monster of an album, taking you on a tour de force covering the entire twenty years of creative influences and inspiration. Needle Sharing’s trademark Rave Energy is boosted by current production technology, incorporating influences by artists such as Noisia, Spor, Chase and Status, End.User and Bong-Ra.
The album kicks off with “All Links Are Dead”, an uptempo stepper with a sampled raga vocal deep in the mix and a seductive melody. Equally irresistible is the Dubstep-infused “MEDIZIN”, revealing a new facet of Needle Sharing. A potential crossover hit is the almost-rave “Knocked Out”, featuring vocals by none other than Industrial veteran (and now Breakcore wizard) Patrick Stevens aka Hypnoskull!
Tracks like “Corporate Whore” or “Fukushima Disco” bear more aggression and a kind of digital darkness that is a rather new feature for Needle Sharing. Such prepared, one plunges into the rest of the album with the tracks increasingly oscillating between catchy and abrasive – but somehow the mixture seems strangely, perfectly right.
In the process of delivering a top notch production value listening experience, Needle Sharing proves that Breakcore can be and, in this instance is, most definitely dance floor compatible, including heavy basslines and the mighty wobble…
Stroke your chins to this, nerds!
1. All Links Are Dead                   2. Corporate Whore
3. Knocked Out (Feat. Hypnoskull)       4. Fukushima Disco
5. Medizin                              6. Violent Times A Go-Go
7. Torn Inside                          8. Rapid Bipolar Mood Changes
9. Pathologic States
Out on HANDS 4th October:

Heimstatt Yipotash      H.Y.Breed                               2cd
HANDS B038              Hands Paper Pack w/ clear trays         19 euro

In 2011, Heimstatt Yipotash celebrate their 10th birthday – and the duo from Dresden have invited not less than 21 acts who they have met throughout their career, have a strong personal relationship to or they feel influenced by. As good hosts, they let the guests have most of the fun this time and make available tracks covering their entire lifespan to remix – while keeping only two tracks for themselves.

Why two, you might ask? Well, two tracks for two entitities, as the birth of HY in 2001 was actually a fusion of Heimstatt and Yipotash who had started their creative endeavours separately, both doing live performances and self-releasing limited CD-Rs, which they still even continued after their first joint efforts. Since then, this true H.Y.Breed band has spawned 3 albums, performed a number of concerts and festival gigs and been active in side projects such as the 8-bit-retro “No Go!” or “S?X Only”.

Back to the party and the musical H.Y.Breeds  that provide it’s soundtrack – CD H. starts the evening with P.A.L. setting the mood with deep drones and dishy beats, that structure is taken up by DISPLACER in a very cinematic piece. SONIC AREA contribute quirky, distorted anti-pop, and SHORAI make the original tune one of their own glossy electro tracks. 16PAD NOISE TERRORIST speed it up, gritty almost-rave with a range of effects, before HY drop a headfuck party tune with distinct vocal samples. Next up is THE_EMPATH, he unwraps a playful workout with metallic beats, while TAKHTAHK do it even more distorted and devilish. With GREYHOUND we finally have something strongly on the Industrial side with the original’s Asian sound wall well in the mix – this version has sure shot hit potential! Now let’s descend into the basement party area for the last three tracks of disc 1: ARX KAELI, the special friend from Russia, leans towards dementia with distorted beats, TARDIVE DYSKINESIA bring along unsettling Dark Industrial and DAZZLING MALICIOUS close this disc on a strongly experimental trip with psychoactive sound explorations.

CD Y. starts with a trinity of very catchy and attractive versions: KEEF BAKER provides a playful and deep tune with a classic melody – adult entertainment; TONAL Y NAGUAL work around an irresistible pop melody that melts a hypnotic vocal before THE RORSCHACH GARDEN introduce to us a far-out kind of beat-driven pop music with Philipp Münch’s distinct vocals. Next up an Industrial couplet – CONTAMINANT work in the upper bpm range and PROYECTO MIRAGE infuse HY with high-octane beats.
AHNST ANDERS treat you to a short period of relaxation before HY themselves take some Electro beats into screaming overdrive. GREYHOUND have another gift, a reversion of their track from disc 1 relying solely on the distorted madness without the beats. THE_EMPATH appear again as well, with a very cinematic, atmospheric tune this time. MEZIRE represent a singular style on this collection with an unsettling, dark Power Electronics style track. SPHERICAL DISRUPTED take the party to space, and ATROX operates in zero gravity with just a few tiny bits of sound. MAO closes a colourful night with the most experimental and unsettling, the weirdest and most freeform piece of them all.
On your way home, you will feel a sense of elation, for you have witnessed a special party, a congregation of creative spirits and their combined efforts that you know will leave a big impression on you for along time.

1.Well Oil Crescent – Full Moon Remix by P.A.L
2.Seismic Shift – Displacer Remix
3.Urban Night Motifs – Sonic Area Remix
4.Spieltrieb – Shorai Remix
5.Sharing Solar Resources – 16Pad Noise Terrorist Remix
6.Brick Bots – Shared Sky Remix
7.Mühsal Der Kosmonautenkrankheit – Moonbase Massacre by The_Empath
8.Lituya Bay – Impulse Remix by Takhtahk
9.Taepodong – 2 – Greyhound Remix
10.Statement – Arx Kaeli Remix
11.Metro (-polis cave-) dwellers – Tardive Dyskinesia Remix
12.Noforh – Dazzling Malicious Remix

1.Mirror X32 – Keef Baker Remix
2.Awtkan – Adenosin Remix by Tonal Y Nagual
3.Brain Amplifier – The Rorschach Garden Remix
4.Pol Pot – Buttmann Mix By Contaminant
5.Brick Boxed – Proyecto Mirage R-Mix
6.Gray Invaders – Ahnst Anders Remix
7.Tsunami – Landfall Remix
8.Taepodong – 2 – disAcoustic Remix by Greyhound
9.Lituya Bay – Fragile Remix by The_Empath
10.Peak of Absence – Abuse Of Power Remix by Mezire
11.Trapped in Endless Lines of Days – Magnetospheric Imaging Experiment by Spherical Disrupted
12.Soy – Radio Remix by Atrox
13.Get Lost – A Capella by Mao

Out on HANDS 4th October:

Syntech                 P’som Sett                              cd
HANDS D168              Hands Paper Pack w/ clear tray          13 euro

Two years after their well-received debut „Rising From The Ashes“ Syntech release their sophomore album.  The cover already displays the dichotomy that is the core issue of “P’som Sett”, the struggle of nature against the forces of industry – which is most dangerously manifest in the global destruction of rainforests (and the species living within) for the sake of profit.
Musically this is reflected in an impulsive clash of tribal beats vs. machine rhythms, imbedded into dark atmospheres. The album starts with the gloomy perspective of the downbeat “Blackest Night Sirens”. “Labyrinth” contains all the features of “P’som Sett” in a nutshell: A wild tempest of beats and percussions, relentlessly pushing the tune forward, while a claustrophobic atmosphere permeates the mind – cinematic and threatening! “Shy” has an almost Trip Hop-like vibe, while the title track is a more straightforward option for the Industrial dance floor, as well as the electro-infused “Voltage Boost”. Throughout the album you will find a lot of diversion through change of rhythmic pace, ethno-flavoured percussive stretches and melodic fragments deep in the mix. “Whiteout” seems to lead the album towards a more quiet ending, before the closing title “Is Not My Problem” assaults the listener with a dehumanized clutter of noise that devours all structure.
Whereas “Rising From The Ashes” had been a rhythmic monolith that clearly disclosed the association with Industrial outfit Greyhound through the dominance of looped, pounding beats, Syntech now move further into a territory of their own with “P’som Sett”.
This album manages to take the listener on a 78 minute journey that never gets tiring and offers some surprises en route. And – repeated listening is recommended in order to discover all the little details to be found within!

1. Blackest Night Sirens        2. Labyrinth            3. Shy
4. Phraa Jaan Naak              5. Phi Ton Mai  6. Coated With Dust
7. Voltage Boost                8. Congenial Spirit     9. Kumphakan
10. Dying Of Forest             11. Wacah Chan  12. Whiteout
13. Is Not My Problem


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