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MONOLITH            Domination                    cd

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13TH MONKEY    Live at FORMS OF HANDS 15            digital album

PHASENMENSCH    Heteronomie [Optimierte Gegenwart: The Remixes]

digital album

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WINTERKÄLTE . 25 Years – Structures of Destruction . male/female t-shirt

MONOLITH . Domination . male / female t-shirt

GREYHOUND . Inner Noise Level . male / female t-shirt

HANDS . Gym bag


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V.A.                          FORMS OF HANDS 16          cd

GREYHOUND             Inner Noise Level                cd

HYSTERESIS             Hegemonia Cultural             cd

WIELORYB                Semantik                            cd

TRACKOLOGISTS       No Surrender, No Retreat     cd

LE MODERNISTE        Desistere Mortem Timere     cd

MORBUS M.               Fight or Die                        cd

VA                            25 Years of Hands               4cd



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Out on HANDS 6th June

MONOLITH        Domination                    cd

HANDS D236         Hands Paper Pack                13 euro

Two years after his HANDS debut “Crashed”, Belgian veteran Eric van Wonterghem pushes for “Domination” – his 9th album in total: With all the expertise of over three decades in underground music, the rhythm unit that is Monolith is bound to conquer the industrial techno dance floors of the present age, with a hypnotic and abrasive sound that is as timeless as it has a championship pedigree. Notably rougher than its predecessor, “Domination” is about no-nonsense, sub-130 bpm techno pulses and stumbling beats, with a healthy dose of darkness and some experimental ethnic soundscapes thrown in for the good measure of the full length album. Tested positive to exercise domination on the FORMS OF HANDS 16 audience, this is a good hour of physically palpable electronics at their best.

Kicking off with the title track „Domination“, Monolith comes dashing with the tracks „Angel of Death“, „Bridges“, „Oppression“ and „Nerve Net“ – perfect bangers for a dark techno set, 2016 Berlin style! Enjoy the rush of prime dance floor material with bulging kicks and the unsettling omnipresence of background noise, before the beatless interlude “Countdown” pushes for more experimental territory: “Reconstructed” is heavy with distortion, “Dust of India” and “Baigari” are gritty ethnic fantasies and “Religion of Peace” is the noisy peak of this album. Nevertheless, more fine club tunes are scattered over the rest of the album – submit to the maddening hook of “The Bell Witch” or the sleek electro sounds of the Dmitry Distant remix.

Truly this album feels absolutely flawless, with the brisk and the calmer moments in perfect balance – the time of domination has come!


1 Domination
2 Angel of Death                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     3 Bridges
4 Oppression
5 Never Net
6 Countdown
7 Reconstructed
8 Dust of India
9 Black Fire
10 Baigari
11 The Bell Witch
12 Bitter Years
13 Religion of Peace
14 Together as One
15 Bridges (Dmitry Distant Remix)


Still fresh on HANDS!

V.A.                 Forms Of Hands 16                cd

HANDS D234            Hands Paper Pack, lim Edit. 1000        13 euro

In April 2016 the success story of FORMS OF HANDS is continued, a new chapter added. The family enjoys this globally unique label festival – and its accompanying compilation CD spreads the gospel beyond the confines of the Bönen shaft tower. 

Filled to the brim with 14 artists, 14 tracks, all exclusive, all HANDS:

WIELORYB (crackling industrial rhythms), LE MODERNISTE (noisy and black) and MORBUS M. (dystopian downbeats) present the sound of their simultaneously released full length albums, as well as the newcomer project TRACKOLOGISTS with an electro style remix and breakcore veteran END.USER. Also featured is a vibrant technoid tune by PHASENMENSCH, the tender ambient of TALVEKOIDIK, the industrial dub tech of MONOLITH, the darkstep of 16PAD NOISE TERRORIST and rhythm’n’noise mayhem by CACOPHONEUSES, MS GENTUR and MONO NO AWARE. PROYECTO MIRAGE contribute a surprising odd track out, fuzzy and atmospheric with the beats tuned down, and NULLVEKTOR really takes the biscuit with his analogue electro industrial track and a stunning vocal performance.

Again, this is an encyclopaedic account of what HANDS is currently up to, and as such a mirror of the post-industrial genre in general.


1.PHASENMENSCH – Zeit und Ewigkeit

2.MORBUS M. – Read the Meter

3.TRACKOLOGISTS – Suicide with Plastic Gun

(Sixteen Shots)

4.WIELORYB – Veneto


6.NULLVEKTOR – Always Alone

7.MONOLITH – The Grim Reaper


9.LE MODERNISTE – The Advent of Asag

(In Aliquem Mortuum Infundere Spiritum)

10.16PAD NOISE TERRORIST – Gefährlich

11.TALVEKOIDIK – Jerusalem

12.MS GENTUR – More Human

13.END.USER – When Faith wasn’t Enough

14.MONO NO AWARE – Handstep



Still fresh on HANDS!

GREYHOUND        Inner Noise Level                cd

HANDS D235            Hands Paper Pack                13 euro

With their sixth album for HANDS, Greyhound manage to stay true to their purebred rhythm’n’noise approach, and yet take a surprisingly serene turn: The noise level is not only a set reality, it is perceived on the inside, instigated by 16 tracks that are stripped down to their essentials, stubbornly repetitive, and deadly efficient. Tapping deep into the consciousness of the genre, this album is adequately described as sounding old school, albeit in a contemporary, crushing production. Tune in and recalibrate your inner noise level!

After 15 years on the scene, having shared the festival stages with all the big names of the rhythm’n’noise circuit, it’s fair enough to count Greyhound among them. Also it’s perfectly legitimate for Greyhound to stray from the trademark, unmistakeable wall-of-noise sound in its pure form and allow for some reminiscence: On “Inner Noise Level”, you may well discover suggestions of the galvanizing looped sound and analogue grit of Esplendor Geométrico (Inner Noise Level, Crash, Pulse State, Candle) or the exacerbated high frequencies of the early Rephlex Records style (Cold Floor). You may also indulge in gritty bass riffs (Pure Menace), klinik-al electro sounds (Free), and pure moshpit agitation (Moving Machines, Right Here).

Although appearing decidedly more minimal than the noise-heavy predecessor “Prototype”, Greyhound’s new offering remains truly Greyhound, so there is no dabbling with artsy breaks or melodies as such: “Inner Noise Level” is nearly 80 minutes of pure, unadulterated, driving and energetic rhythm’n’noise, with all the experience and passion!


1. Loss

2. Moving Machines

3. Lead the Way

4. Inner Noise Level

5. Insect

6. Pulse State

7. Pure Menace

8. Cold Floor

9. Candle

10. Crash

11. Illusion of Freedom

12. Rising Anger

13. Free

14. Flesh

15. Come to Rest

16. Right Here


Still fresh on HANDS!

HYSTERESIS        Hegemonia Cultural                cd

HANDS D228            Hands Paper Pack                13 euro

Back with their third album for HANDS and fifth total, Hysteresis have gathered all their eclectic endeavors of the past, whooped it up to the max and produced their most upfront – some may say outrageous – album yet. Encounter pumping techno tracks, braindance and breakbeats, ethnic samples and subversively misleading melodies. Political and critical, extreme and entertaining, accessible on the surface and yet demanding, “Hegemonia Cultural” is a perfect mirror of this capricious age.

Hysteresis kick off their new album kind of where their last one, “Manifest” ended, with bass music and ethnic samples on “Coercion and Consent”, but the harsh guitar riffs are a new flavor, set nicely into contrast with the alluring melody line. “Gramsci in the Caribbean” not only reveals a knack for intellectual wit, but also pushes into crossbreed hardcore territory. From there all hell breaks loose with the industrial beats of “L’ouvrier méprisé et suspecté”, followed by a rush of diversity: Squarewave techno tracks like “A Slut Utopia”, “Ordine Nuovo”, “The Theory” or “Operation Northwoods” are interspersed with excursions into drumstep (“Der Fabrikrat”), sheer hard IDM weirdness (“Raven”, “Disparse”), Laibachian pompousness (“Dies Irae”) and the atheist advertising anthem “La Impiedad”. The icing is put on the cake with the percussive Ah Cama-Sotz remix of the album opener. Time to catch your breath now… Listening to “Hegemonia Cultural” surely demands an inclination to the extremes, but we promise it will pay! 


1. Coercion & Consent

2. Gramsci in the Caribbean

3. L’ouvrier Méprisé et Suspecté

4. Ordine Nuovo

5. A Slut Utopia

6. Der Fabrikrat

7. Raven

8. La Impiedad

9. Dies Irae

10. The Theory

11. Operation Northwoods

12. Disparse!

13. Coercion & Consent (Remix by Ah Cama-Sotz)


Still fresh on HANDS!

WIELORYB            Semantik                    cd

HANDS D232            Hands Paper Pack                13 euro

With their fourth album in only five years Wieloryb is surely a quite productive artist. And like before, “Semantik” stays true to the act’s core quality (i.e. hard rhythmic crunch), yet providing a very unique sound with a new album. In this case it’s a considerably slower, hypnotic industrial groove, leaving room for a tense atmosphere. Skillfully combining listening and physical appeal, Wieloryb’s new album works semantically correct at home and in the club alike!

“Semantic” makes perfect sense in the sequence of Wieloryb’s albums, taking up the evolution of its 2014 predecessor “Root” towards a more atmospheric and diverse interpretation of the rhythm noise genre. This time around they shun the industrial hardcore sound altogether and operate around and below the 130 bpm mark, while adding a tribal, sensual grit to their tracks.

Flawless and homogenous, the 14 tracks, 74 minutes of “Semantik” remain tempting from start to end, pleasing the old school industrial ear (especially with the more experimental cuts like “Umbro” or “Symantik”) as well as the classic rhythm noise punters (“Syntetik”) or those who appreciate the new school of dub tech bassline (“Behi Jessir”, “Seretik”).

The semantics of this album are easily deciphered – enjoy!


1. Semantik

2. Statistik

3.Solar Sides

4.Crash Report (Dance Mix)

5.Behi Jessir (44 Second Long Remix)





10.Mona Liza 3.0




14.Newo (Wieloryb vs. Selektronik)


Still fresh on HANDS!

TRACKOLOGISTS         No Surrender, No Retreat           cd

HANDS D231        Hands Paper Pack, Booklet        13 euro

HANDS presents the debut album of Trackologists, the collaboration project by the_empath and Heimstatt Yipotash. Expect ambitious sound design and a galactic view with focus on detail. Musically, „No Surrender, No Retreat“ refuses to be pigeon-holed with its eclectic range of influences – space sound rooted in IDM, electronica and EBM with a distinct use of synthetic and human vocals. Trackologists draw their inspiration from science, cybernetics, artificial intelligence, human deficiency and our assigned cosmic position. Immerse yourself into an exceptionally entertaining 75 minutes trip with a fascinating tension between the sensual and the scientific. Comes with beautiful 8-page booklet.

Highly anticipated (after just one compilation track, a couple of remixes and two live performances), Trackologists have put an enormous effort into the production of this album, and it clearly shows.

Kicking off with the space soundscape “Sonic Barrier”, they take us right into the theory of “Modified Newtonian Dynamics” (antithetic to the more commonly known presumption of dark matter) while the title track is simply programmatic for the pugnacious dedication put into this album. Trackologists don’t shy away from abstract topics, like mathematics (“T=2P”), cybernetics (“Self Replication”), history of science and humanities (“Bayt Al-Hikma”) and epistemology (“Boötes Void”).

For good measure, there are also some less headstrong concepts, like the most club-compatible “Suicide with plastic gun” or the denouncement of “Larmoyanz”, German for maudlin.

And finally, the_empath and Heimstatt Yipotash provide a “solo” remix each, presenting “No Surrender, No Retreat” and “Sonic Barrier” respectively in a more accessible fashion. The uncompromising nature of this album will not fail to leave its impression – No Surrender, No Retreat!


1. Sonic Barrier

2. Modified Newtonian Dynamics

3. No surrender, No retreat

4. τ=2π

5. Suicide With Plastic Gun

6. Larmoyanz

7. Self-Replication

8. Bayt Al-Hikma

9. Boötes Void

10. No Surrender, No Retreat (the_empath Utopia Remix)

11. Sonic Barrier (Heimstatt Yipotash Shockfront Remix)


Still fresh on HANDS!

LE MODERNISTE             Desistere Mortem Timere               cd

HANDS D229            Hands Paper Pack            13 euro

“Stop fearing death” – Belgium producer Laurent Delogne will surprise many listeners with his radical reinvention of Le Moderniste’s style on the mysteriously titled “Desistere Mortem Timere”: The tough industrial rhythms are reduced to putrefied debris, instead this is almost classical death industrial, a marriage of pitch black ambience with the aggression of power electronics – albeit in a contemporary production, thus providing an intense listening experience, and real hellride through the evils that men do.

Following the rhythmic impact of his 2013 HANDS release “Too Rough Is Never Enough“, Le Moderniste dives deep into the darkness with this follow-up. Starting with crackle and hiss, “Desistere Mortem Timere” fathoms the realms of death industrial, with throbbing bass structures, desolate ambience and walls of distortion. Some tracks feature a

power electronics style vocal delivery (“Ritual I – Carnis”), samples are scarce and on-spot, and sometimes the album plunges into sheer noise (“Ritual II – Viscus”). If you’re looking for rhythm, you will strike it rich with tracks like “Filth Cleans The Blind” or “Liber Diaboli”.

Nevertheless, it’s primarily the blackness of the bottomless pit impregnating the entire 74 minutes of “Desistere Mortem Timere”, an expression of tortured souls, and one of the most uncompromisingly sinister releases on HANDS for a while.


1. That May Occur

2. Tout N’Est Que Néant

3. Miséricorde

4. Ritual I – Carnis

5. La Beauté Naît Dans La Mort

6. De Meo Interitu

7. Ritual II – Viscus

8. Sombre Dessein

9. Filth Cleans The Blind

10. Ritual III – Parabola

11. Liber Diaboli

12. Pestis

13. Ritual IV – Animus


Still fresh on HANDS!

MORBUS M.          Fight or Die                           cd

HANDS D233        Hands Paper Pack            13 euro

Six years after „Forget The Past“, this is the second step into the future for Morbus M., the dystopian downbeat division of  René Klimaczewski (aka Klima, aka Exocet). Included in the 13 tracks of the sophomore album is a remix by the_empath, one half of HANDS label mates Trackologists,

“Fight or Die” is a definite sequel to Morbus M.’s debut musically, with led-heavy beats set against intensely dark atmospheres, sounds of obscure origin and spoken word samples. Topically, it takes the agenda of Morbus M. even further: The pessimistic political statements and the emotionally aggravating implications take the listener on a ride along the fathomless abyss

Morbus M. presents a very homogenous album with enticing features: The cinematic gravity of “Inside Out” or “Sad About”, the industrial grit of “NBK” or “Fight Or Die” (which is also a sincere recommendation for the more adventurous clubs), the trip hop shuffle of “5000” or “Sad About”, or the warm electro lines of the remix by the_empath, all bound to keep the tension high! Morbus M. invokes a world where there’s only one choice left: Fight, or die!


1. Burning mind

2. Nbk

3. 5000

4. Calling Down

5. Fight or Die

6. What You See

7. Inside Out

8. Deep Line

9. System of Silence

10. Sad About

11. Deep Line (Deeper Rmx by The_Empath)

12. Took a Picture



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