Out on HANDS 21st October:
WINTERKÄLTE       Maschinenfest Tracks 1999 – 2014                    2lp+cd
HANDS B041             limited 500 copies – high quality foldout cover         39 Euro
(HANDS V068 +V069, HANDS D200)
Heavy 180g black vinyl  – first 200 copies heavy 180 g blue transparent vinyl
MASCHINENFEST TRACKS 1999 – 2014” is a lavish retrospective, based on the astonishing fact that WINTERKÄLTE performed at the MASCHINENFEST for the 10th time in 2014. This limited to 500 copies hand numbered edition collects all contributions to the legendary Maschinenfest compilation CDs in remastered sound quality, cut over two 12” records and thus maintaining the tradition of making available all Winterkälte tracks on vinyl.
According to the concept this is not a “Best Of”, but a collection of concisely physical tracks with the club firmly in focus. Eight studio tracks, five of which have never been available in this or any other version on a Winterkälte release, enframed by two live cuts, the total ten tracks covering no less than 15 years of Winterkälte’s trademark, genre-defining drum’n’noise sound. The two heavy-weight LPs come in a special high quality foldout cover including the CD version of the album (HANDS D200) as well as 4 art prints and a sticker. The 2 LPs come in heavy weight black vinyl – the first 200 copies in 180g heavy blue transparent vinyl.
Telling a rhythm’n’noise fan about the Winterkälte sound is like carrying sand to the beach, but it’s also notable that they have scored quite some crossover credibility as well – the intricate sound design and energetic groove work well for followers of all kind of electronic genres.
Founded in 1991, their highly dynamic live shows with electronics by Udo Wiessmann and electronic drumming by Eric de Vries have become the other cornerstone, next to the studio work. The fascination of Winterkälte live performances has proven during many shows in Europe, North America and Asia. Among those, Maschinenfest shows have always been a special highlight, and in 2014 it will be their tenth MF appearance.
This compilation reveals an astonishing continuity, from the first track “Warm Up”, very early Winterkälte which was recorded live from mixing desk in 1997 on the “pre-Maschinenfest” event “Musik in Elektrisch” to the live cut “Deep Sea Defenders” from 2012, a quality microphone recording complete with the sounds of the stirred crowd. The other contributions are quite manifold: Half of the tracks here can’t be found on any other release in any version, those being “TBT”, “Stop Exxon”, “Stop Plutonium”, “Structure 10” and “Fracking Siberia”. Furthermore, you will find a very early, primal version of “Greenwar Theme One”, the alternative “Cetraro” version of “Toxic Ships” and the original rough mix of the band’s considerable dance floor hit “Ban Depleted Uranium Weapons”.
Enjoy the propelling time travel through Winterkälte’s drum’n’noise from past to present!
1. Warm Up (live at Musik in Elektrisch 1997)
2. Greenwar Theme One (s.v.)
3. TBT
4. Stop Exxon
5. Ban Depleted Uranium Weapons
6. Stop Plutonium
7. Structure 10
8. Toxic Ships (Cetraro Version)
9. Fracking Siberia
10. Deep Sea Defenders (live at Maschinenfest 2012)
Out on HANDS 21st October:
incite/                                    Light Spin                                                    cd
HANDS D213                        Hands Paper Pack                                       13 euro
Following a string of festival appearances and some impressive awards for both their music and visual art, incite/ present their third album for HANDS. Eleven out of the 12 tracks are taken from their recent and their upcoming live sets, with the included large 16 pages art booklet – based on their video works – giving you an impression of their awarded skill. Nevertheless, “light spin” convinces as a musical work on its own, with its arsenal of abrasive sounds and glitches composed into surprisingly catchy tunes in the grey area between IDM, electro and industrial. Hard to pigeonhole, easy to enjoy for the electronic connoisseur.
Since the release of “dare to dance” in 2011, incite/ have performed on 41 international festivals all over the world, from Moscow to Madrid and from Sao Paulo to Casablanca, including the 2013 WGT in Leipzig. The duo has also won three considerable awards: The Qwartz Award, Paris (Dancefloor category) 2012 for the track “glass” on the album „dare to dance“; the Visual Music Award, Frankfurt (Visual Music Live Contest) 2012 for  music and video of „fire“ and the Visual Music Award, Frankfurt (Visual Music Live Contest) 2014 for „up & down“ (music and video again).
While incite/’s debut “mindpiercing” (2009) was rather abstract and strict, “dare to dance” introduced a stronger physical aspect; the musical agenda of “light spin” now is incite/’s very own approach to the tune. Of course you can draw comparisons, to glitch pop, chiptune, IDM or the academic noise sound of Raster-Noton, but incite/ make it something very much of their own. And while the inexperienced listener might find this inaccessibly abstract, the seasoned electronic aficionado while catch himself headnodding or humming along to tracks like “footprints” or “duality”. And while there’s of course a range of moods and sounds, from the quiet and subtle (“illusion of safety”) over the noisy and unsettling (“time skating”) to the arcane (“harbour of mystery”), “light spin” appears convincingly coherent.
1. Illusion of Safety
2. Up&Down
3. Inside
4. Footprints
5. Possibilities
6. Harbour of Mystery
7. Moon Level
8. Time Skating
9. Homeless Hotel
10. Light Spin
11. Space-Time Fold
12. Duality
Out on HANDS 21st October:
CERVELLO ELETTRONICO       Dance Meccanica                                     cd-ep
HANDS D214                                    Hands Paper Pack, limited 300 copies         9 euro
A year after the well-received debut album for HANDS, the electronic brain gives us a five-track-remix encore in a limited and hand numbered edition of 300 pieces, third in the CD-EP series which is exclusively only available over the mailorder or at merchandise booth of HANDS or the artist itself. Whereas “Anima Meccanica” succeeded in the balancing act between dance floor and home listening appeal, this time around it’s all about physical response, and five tracks of the album have been given the according treatment. 31 minutes of music that dares to exceed the boundaries of nodding heads!
Let’s see what has happened: “Last Words” is featured in significantly extended and tidied-up dub version, “Instant Trauma” has been allowed to keep the industrial artefacts but has been taught the groove, “Vertebrae” – with its epic bass riff – has been infused with massively kicking beats, “Down the Line” has also been considerably extended and its appearance has been changed from noisy fuzz to grating minimal techno, and finally “Bad Ground” has also been infused with rhythmic impact. “Dance Meccanica” – mission accomplished!
1. Last Words (Hesitation)
2. Instant Trauma (Human Nature)
3. Vertebrae (Nervoso Version)
4. Up the Line
5. Bad Ground (Native Hex)
Out on HANDS 21st October:
TOTAKEKE                         Me.Tem.Psy.Cho.Sis                                cd
HANDS D217                        Hands Paper Pack                                       13 euro
New York-based Frank Mokros has already had a number of releases on HANDS, as four well-received albums under his electro industrial guise SYNTH-ETIK, also with his technoid project ATIV, now he (re-)joins for his sixth TOTAKEKE album. Under this moniker he has made himself a name for diligent sound design and deep electronica. Instead of sonic dabbling, he produces tight and poignant tracks. With “Me.Tem.Psy.Cho.Sis” he has created a very topical electronica album, with plenty of atmospheric moments, also successfully integrating the rhythmic impact of his past projects, the result being quite upfront – IDM with balls.
Totakeke is an acquired taste, but one that’s easy on your buds – if you’re a seasoned electronic music listener. Me.Tem.Psy.Cho.Sis follows in the tradition of blending ambient atmospheres as in “R.Ai.Th”, “In.An.I.Mate” or the title track with piercing rhythms and a plethora of influences: “Por.Tent” is raw experimentalism, “In.Vo.Ca.Tion” or “Sysrq-“ have a very cinematic sound, and tracks like “Re.Ten.Tion” or “Trig.Ger” hint at how EBM might sound if it had dared to progress. The entirety of Me.Tem.Psy.Cho.Sis has a strong arc of suspense, from the dark intro over the rhythmic alternating with more freeform parts to the apex of “Com.Pos Men.Tis”, an irresistible rhythmic dance floor weapon.
The general sound of Me.Tem.Psy.Cho.Sis is very progressive and unique, blending all elements into a coherent flow with the album’s storyline – highly enjoyable 70 minutes for the electronic gourmet.
2. trans.mi.gra.tion
3. me.tem.psy.cho.sis
4. in.an.i.mate
6. abra.sion
7. por.tent
8. re.ten.tion
9. in.vo.ca.tion
10. in.the.woods
11. sysrq-
12. trig.ger
13. div.i.na.tion
14. com.pos men.tis
Out on HANDS 21st October:
SYNTECH                           Only Ruins Remain                                              cd
HANDS D215                        Hands Paper Pack                                       13 euro
With its fourth album, SYNTECH (now working as a duo) follow the tradition of never sounding the same twice, yet always retaining the core element of the Syntech sound, the tribal rhythm. “Only Ruins Remain” is by comparison the most gentle and introvert release yet, offering atmospheric downbeat tracks next to the club-compatible ones that are of course still to be found. Musically refined and with a warm and organic sound, “Only Ruins Remain” echoes the rhythm of the ritual and adds another attractive progression to the Syntech discography.
While “Rising From the Ashes” had been a rhythmic monolith, “P’som Sett” had fathomed the noisier extremes and “Trans-Neptunian Objects” had invited the listener on a space voyage, „Only Ruins Remain“ takes a more personal stance, leaving room for thought and contemplation before picking up the pace. Long-time live collaborator Björn Boysen has now also joined the studio production of Steffen Lehmann.
“Spindrift” and “No Sunlight” open the album on an intimate note, soft tones and slow grooves with a darker, spiritual note, before the acceleration of “Drive Hunt” evokes a gut-level response. “Electric Hellfire” then surprises with distorted digital detritus and stumbling beats, before “Salvager” leads back onto the path of cleanliness with the most technoid moment of “Only Ruins Remain”. Now the tribal dance may commence, with “For how Long”, “Ignorance”, “Mutations”, “Panic”, the drumstep-savvy “Mirrors” and the industrial-tinged “Harvest Season”. “Prospector” finally winds up „Only Ruins Remain“ with piano lines and solemn comedown atmosphere.
Having long emancipated Syntech from the Greyhound sound, this is a bold step into a territory of its own, music in the grey area between genres and styles, yet irresistibly emotive and appealing, music to find comfort in when only ruins remain.
1. Spindrift
2. Only Ruins Remain
3. No Sunlight
4. Deceptive Silence
5. Drive Hunt
6. Electric Hellfire
7. Salvager
8. For How Long
9. Ignorance
10. Mutations
11. Panic
12. Mirrors
13. Harvest Season
14. Prospector
Out on HANDS 21st October:
SYNTECH                           Only Ruins Remain + Decade                2cd
HANDS B042                         Hands Paper Pack, limited 500 copies         19 euro
(HANDS D215 + HANDS D216)
To celebrate the tenth anniversary of SYNTECH’s creation, HANDS releases a limited edition lavish oversize package containing the „Only Ruins Remain“ album plus the album “Decade” with 14 remixes by associates and friends. From well-known acts such as TOTAKEKE, DIRK GEIGER and PHILIPP MUENCH over favored newcomers like MORTAJA, DIRTY K and ECSTASPHERE to more obscure acts, this covers a wide range of styles from rough rhythm’n’noise over IDM, EBM and ritual ambient. A great tribute to diversity and friendship!
Let’s take a look at what the fellow musicians have done with the intensely rhythmic, tribal-flavored tracks that are trademark Syntech:
First up, new label mate TOTAKEKE has added a digital-sounding surface of glitches, while PHILIPP MUENCH turns his track into psychedelic, hypnotic industrial fantasy; MORTAL VOID surprise us with a classic dark electro tune, and RES-Q provide a bouncing bassline;
DIRTY K are easily recognized through their filthy rhythmic noise beats, while DIRK GEIGER adds glossy electronica sounds; INDIVIDUALDISTANZ are a long-runnig dark electro project who have contributed not only a remix, but also close the album with a hot and smoking collaboration track with vocals; Ophelia aka ECSTASPHERE showcases her dark and brooding industrial sound, and MORTAJA and =MP45= let the listener plunge into percussive, ritual ambience; SIMON SCHALL stands for repetitive, abrasive old school rhythms, while Leipzig-based SANS FIN creates a lush rhythmic piece with a trumpet melody on top, and the wonderful TO TRAVEL WITHOUT ANY CERTAIN DESTINATION are about deepness and digital debris.
A manifold display of talent, a dazzling array of electronic sounds and an appropriate birthday present to SYNTECH!
CD1 Only Ruins Remain
1. Spindrift
2. Only Ruins Remain
3. No Sunlight
4. Deceptive Silence
5. Drive Hunt
6. Electric Hellfire
7. Salvager
8. For How Long
9. Ignorance
10. Mutations
11. Panic
12. Mirrors
13. Harvest Season
14. Prospector
CD 2 Decade
1. Whiteout (Zer0 Visibility Mix By Totakeke)
2. Phi Ton Mai (Philipp Muench rmx)
3. Coated With Dust [Mortal Void Remix]
4. Labyrinth (Roughmix by Res-Q)
5. Voltage Boost (Dirty K Rmx)
6. Phraa Jaan Naak (Dirk Geiger Remix)
7. Coated With Dust [Individualdistanz Remix]
8. Orcus [Immersion Rmx by ECSTASPHERE]
9. Blackest Night Sirens (Mortaja Remix)
10. Don’t Be Shy (Syncronic Remix by Simon Schall)
11. Labyrinth (Brotherrmx by Mp45)
12. Shy (Sans-fin Remix)
13. Dying Forest (To Travel Without Any Certain Destination Rmx)
14. Pain Lose Ground (Syntech feat Individualdistanz)
Out on HANDS 21st October:
16Pad Noise Terrorist            Zeit                                                 cd
HANDS D210                        Hands Paper Pack                            13 euro
Time passes in moments – and Candy dedicates his 3rd album to the lapse of time, significantly boosting the harder aspects of the 16PAD NOISE TERRORIST sound, oscillating between harder drum’n’bass, drumstep and hard-hitting crossbreed style. Again mastered by DJ Hidden, featuring a remix for veteran performer Cristian Vogel and a collaboration track with Lynn aka Enduser, “Zeit” features the input of prolific guests. Presented in a remarkable 3D-print cover designed by Nicola Bork it musically stands out as cutting-edge modern, suited for inducing twitches in the dance floor crowd as well as splitting the listener’s brains proper in due time. The limited first edition includes a 3-D glass with hands-stamped 16pad logo.
After the first two 16PNT albums dealt with the subject matter of utopia/dystopia, “Zeit” is inspired by the occupation with transience. Coherently, the sound appears more direct, grounded, and very much in the here and now.
Starting with the drumstep beats of “Fright Night Overdrive”, then launching into the slasher intro of “Angst”, before the beats kick in hard and the stabs force physical motion. Only the slo-motion wobble of the 16PAD remix for Cristian Vogel’s “Deepwater” grants some relief, before “Boomchuck” and “Delynch” bang it up with thumping hardcore beats.
From there, the album forges into more experimental territory, with metallic sounds and rhythmic overdrive (“Musik”) coupled with canyon-deep breaks and extended speech samples (“Zeit”, “I am a machine”), sick build-ups (“Moment”) – and the closing title “Endwerk”, featuring the trademark high pitches and anarchic structure of Enduser, along with an almost cinematic, melodic backdrop.
It may be man’s destiny to perish, but every now and then it’s the pleasant surprises, the special moments that make it all worthwhile. With “Zeit”, Candy has created an authentic tribute to the lapse of time, an appeal to make the best of it – and a highly entertaining album of broken beats along with that.
1. Fright Night Overdrive
2. Angst
3. Winter – Z
4. Christian Vogel – Deepwater (16PAD Remix)
5. Boomchuck
6. Delynch
7. Zeit (interlude)
8. Before After
9. Musik
10.Time Slot
11. I Am a Machine
12. Moments
13. Endwerk (with Enduser)
Out on HANDS 21st October:
PHASENMENSCH Entschleunigungsprozesse [Vernunft und Leidenschaft] cd
HANDS D212                        Hands Paper Pack                                       13 euro
Does the idea of passionate thinking leave you startled? PHASENMENSCH picks up the concept of his earlier work “Begegnungen” (=encounters) on his sophomore release for HANDS, a result of difficult, eventful changes in the social environment, yielding excitingly controversial situations. Musically, “Entschleunigungsprozesse” is an impressively mature, antithetic work: Full of emotional atmospheres, yet strict in composition, decidedly rhythmic, yet avoiding any harshness, highly melancholic, yet fuelled by positivity – a gentle and thoughtful piece of electronic music.
On “Entschleunigungsprozesse”, Wolfram Bange aka Phasenmensch takes his clues from a philosophical concept (again): The central question is how to retain your originality and not deny your nature under society’s crushing pressure of conformance? How can you find time to actually think during the hastening of modern life? Important people come and go, alliances are formed and broken up, tears are shed and mistakes are made. Understand this as your chance to improve, and the potential is endless – just leave enough space to explore your true feelings, and the outlook is bright!
“Entschleunigungsprozesse” may well be seen as a vehicle to escape the agitation of the outside world. For starters, “Vernunft und Leidenschaft” will set the mood with its gloomy intro, breaking into uplifting minimal rhythms. Everything appears integrally connected, from the quiet sophistication of “Alles verschwindet”, “Sommerregen” or “Vom Nein zum Ja” over the technoid leanings of the collaborative tracks with with Constructor and ICD-10 to the more industrial beats of “Heilige Momente” or “Funkenflug”.
No less than three tracks feature Wolfram’s good friend Ophelia the Suffering, adding guitar and sounds to the brooding “Rost und Knochen”, as well as adding some rhythmic distortion to “Optimierte Gegenwart” as Ecstasphere and remixing “Vernunft und Leidenschaft” as Aphexia, adding aggrieved string sounds. The last word goes to HANDS label mate Hezzel, using gently distorted bass drones for his remix.
The 73 minutes of “Entschleunigungsprozesse” are a meaningful timeout as well as a much recommended electronic music album – reason and passion in an unknown alliance!
1. Vernunft und Leidenschaft
2. Alles Verschwindet
3. Sommerregen
4. Versöhnung mit der Wirklichkeit [feat. Constructor]
5. Immunisierung [feat. ICD-10]
6. Vom “Nein” zum “Ja”
7. Rost und Knochen [feat. Ophelia the Suffering]
8. Heilige Momente
9. Funkenflug
10. Das Dreieck [Mondscheinsonate]
11. Optimierte Gegenwart [feat. Ecstasphere]
12. Vernunft und Leidenschaft [Aphexia Rmx]
13. Optimierte Gegenwart [Hezzel Rmx]


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