Gooiland Elektro presents Tobias Bernstrup and Schwefelgelb 12”s


Expected late June are two new 12 inches on Gooiland Elektro…


Tobias Bernstrup is among the top of the new wave of italo disco… if there

is such a thing like that… for years he has been perfecting his sound…

he mixes italo disco elements with classic synth-pop/electro-pop

touches… this new EP is filled with dancefloor hits for the

neo-romantics among us… italo disco turned into future pop smashers…


Here you can listen to a Tobias Bernstrup track:


Schwefelgelb is a techno duo from Berlin… but they play techno in their

own way… this is Großstadtmusik… like an updated version of DAF…

Techno Body Music if you want it or not… raw proto EBM but done with the

aesthetics and technology of today… and even moving into bleepy techno

like later-day LFO… but more important… this is non-stop decadent party



Here you can listen to a Schwefelgelb track:




Release date: June 2013

Format: vinyl

File under: electro / techno / EBM / synthpop

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