After a year of already ten successful releases we are now expecting for
early December the last two releases of this year on Gooiland Elektro…
Saralunden and the Club Funny Horse compilation…

The (delayed) second Gooiland Elektro compilation is the sound of Belgian
80’s nightclubs re-energized for the current scene… from dancefloor to
darkroom… it is all here… dark, dirty, raw and sweaty… for bodies to
move on and minds to loose… in the strobelights… and beyond… no more
words… just beats and…

Here you can listen to a track by Cute Heels from the compilation:

Among many other things Saralunden proves to be a dismal disco star… on
this EP she sounds like a stripped down and darker counterpart of Sally
Shapiro…  presenting moody and sexy music which is in some ways similar
to the italo influenced stuff Chromatics is doing…  and with the same
twisted erotic vibe of Pulp…  this is dirty disco and we like to dance
to it… and make out on it…

Here you can listen to a full track from the record:

Infos and sound previews of all records are here:

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