After almost 20 records in about 2 years time it is time to change the
concept and the looks of Gooiland Elektro a bit. Three new releases show
the new direction of this Enfant Terrible label for more dance orientated
sounds. First of all the records by FOQL, Monocorpse and FFFC are released
in a small edition of 150 copies only. As original intended when the label
was conceived. Next to that the records come in sleeves which are hand
printed by label boss M. himself.

What stays the same is the focus on new and unknown artists and projects
and sounds which are not released by other labels. Also the sounds and the
looks will stay recognizable as being typical Gooiland Elektro and Enfant

FOQL, Monocorpse and FFFC all deliver an EP filled with techno related
sounds but all three are different in their ways to treat this music
tradition. FOQL brings in some (spi)ritual sounds and structures and
touches of Coil, The Future Sound Of London and even maybe Kobosil.
Monocorpse on the other hand delivers some pounding raw, primitive and
occult dark techno which will appeal to fans of Ancient Methods. FFFC will
make you trip away on synth tapestries placed on top of techno and EBM

Previews of sounds and artwork are available here:

Full track previews are available here:

Expected at the end of June.


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