We have seen and heard various inaccurate, erroneous, even sometimes libelous speculations about why we felt compelled to drop out of the current Throbbing Gristle tour. As a result we intend to address these matters in full as soon as possible. We hope that what we state now, and later, will be clear, will not fan the flames of destructive gossip, will not seem negative and will reduce an somewhat dramatic situation into a simpler story. We want to make it clear right now that we did NOT have no wish to ever quit TG.

Obviously there is more involved than just that simple statement. Personally, at this point of my life, my position is that the inner workings and dynamics of any band, but especially of TG, are as intimate, unique and most of all complex as they are within any family. Unfortunately, even at the level TG occupy in popular culture, band business becomes potentially everyone’s business. We all know the internet has amplified the speed of distribution of “information” almost as fast as it has accelerated the decline of accuracy worldwide. We have no interest in pointing fingers at various people or sites and adding to any confusion. Bickering is never attractive, not one on one, nor within the realms of an ever expanding media fueled by smart phone technologies and laptops. we believe led to my feeling unable to remain part of THIS short tour by the re-grouped TG that feels acceptable we will post it here.

We can clarify that it was due to logistical and managerial conflicts and issues specific to the recent tour that led me to feel we had no option but to come home and miss the last two sold out gigs. We feel terrible about the current situation and send our most heartfelt apologies to all the fans of TG for any disappointment that has resulted and, of course, to the other members of TG. Hopefully this situation will resolve itself and there will be no further interruptions of live performances, recording and other media projects.

We admire, love and respect the other members of TG and always will. We have every intention of always being a solid co-founder and co-owner of TG and intend to continue to be fully involved in all its activities. We reiterate that this recent circumstance has nothing to do with any band conflict, friction or creative differences between myself and  Chris, Cosey or Sleazy (as rumored). We hope fans, the bloggers and websites will give us space and time to resolve all pending issues as quickly as possible to ensure and TG releases, and future tentative ongoing plans will not be interrupted and we look forward to any new and exciting ideas and projects with Throbbing Gristle.  We personally will fully support TG releases via press, PR, and other media and will continue to be 100% involved in any TG projects and recordings that the four members mutually agree on doing.

                 – Genesis Breyer P-Orridge   New York, October 2010.


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