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3DB 014CD MOSTER, KJETIL: Blow Job CD (3DB 014CD) 17.00
Blow Job is an album stripped of glamour, fancy artistry or advanced studio techniques. This is one man, one saxophone and the musical intentions of a modern musician. Kjetil Møster’s musical career is one of many contradictions. After studying accordion as a kid, his stage debut was as a thrash/hardcore bass player on the scenes of Bergen, Norway in 1990. His saxophone-playing made him discover John Coltrane a few years later, a revelation that brought him to jazz studies at the conservatory in Trondheim, focusing on modal and free jazz, and later free-improvised music. After having redefined tenor-playing on the Norwegian scene, mainly in bands like Ultralyd, Zanussi Five and The Core, Møster was awarded the “World’s Jazz Talent of the Year 2006” by international jazz organizations IAJE and IJFO. However, Møster was seen escaping the jazz scene in the following years, spending more and more time with electro-rock band Datarock and the occasional detour with small underground units and the N Ensemble. Møster chose to focus on Datarock full-time in 2007. Blow Job is his big step back into the world of improvised music. Kjetil Møster has performed extensively in Europe, Asia, the U.S. and South America. He has been a key person in establishing the All Ears festival in Oslo as one of the most important events for improvised music. He has participated in a large number of ad hoc projects with such musicians as Jon Christensen, Paal Nilssen-Love, Hild Sofie Tafjord, Michael Duch, Maja Ratkje, Andrew D’Angelo, Jim Black and so on. Blow Job is the second album in +3DB’s series Music For One, featuring different shades of solo improvised music.
100% SILK
SILK 021EP STRATEGY: Boxy Music 12″ (SILK 021EP) 14.00
“Prince of Portland Paul Dickow turns his no-nonsense Nudge-sludge awesomeness into revved-up, avant tech-house arousal as Strategy. The moniker has found Dickow checking out hooks in his Community Library and niche-in’-out nooks on Kranky. With SILK he separates: ‘Skanking Stabs’ stomps with reverb canned-can drums, bouncing in a dancehall vault. ‘Feel The Earth’ is not your daddy’s acid jazz, with its bouncing house arresting piano bar tipped jar. ‘Starry Day’ soft serves up a swirl of ’80s vamp funk, contempo computer chocolate chips, and haywire Cyberdyne scheming sequences. The dueling ‘Bolly Valve’ tracks mix Arabic woodwind skill scales with whisper sizzle clatter data. Limited edition, with hot pink pop art Neu-bout-town jackets designed by the artist. Strategic move for winning your love.”
ANPQ V2#6 ANPQUARTERLY: Volume 2/Number 6 MAG (ANPQ V2#6) 0.01
ANPQuarterly is a free publication and you may add a copy to your order at no cost while supplies last. 84 pages. Features include: Chinatown pirate radio station KCHUNG; Forrest Martin on Death: A Magazine For The Enthusiast and Non-Enthusiast Alike; the Quiet Music Festival; CineMarfa film festival; Crass’ Penny Rimbaud; Steve Ignorant; Gee Vaucher; Gaspar Noé; K8 Hardy; Dune magazine; Willo Perron; Katherine Bernhardt; Oval’s Markus Popp and more.
ARABESQUE 1001 RAHBANI, ELIAS: Mosaic Of The Orient LP (ARABESQUE 1001) 29.00
“The Rahbani Brothers are acclaimed composers, producers and arrangers, and also responsible for bringing western sounds into Lebanon (at that time the music and artistic capital of the Arab world) and the whole Middle East. Elias, the youngest brother, who at this time was recording music for films, is regarded as the godfather of modern Lebanese music, as he wrote music for virtually all Lebanese bands/artists singing in English or French in the 1960s. As the original liner notes for Mosaic of the Orient read, ‘Elias has brought together instruments of East and West to give an exotic eastern flavor against a background of westernized rhythm.’ Mosaic of the Orient was originally released in the mid ’70s in two volumes (first one in 1974); here we bring you the best of both albums in one single release. The music is a mix of eastern sounds and western rhythms, with haunting melodies, nice drum breaks and using instruments like the nai (a type of Arabic flute), bouzouki, flute, guitar, double flute, kanoun, tabla, drums, tambourine, electric organ and an oriental rhythm section. Limited to 500 copies.”
ATFA 001LP NA HAWA DOUMBIA: La Grande Cantatrice Malienne Vol. 3 LP (ATFA 001LP) 16.00
LP version, repressed. “First release for new label Awesome Tapes From Africa, a blog and DJ project known worldwide for shedding light on obscure and wonderful musical treasures from the African continent. This early recording–made in Abidjan, Ivory Coast in 1982–captures the dualities inherent in Doumbia’s music early on: from a stripped-down, raw backdrop arise warm sonics; expressions of feminism and social issues imparted through spare refrains. Doumbia’s urgent, distinctive vocals and hypnotic didadi rhythm from her native Bougouni have made her a respected voice in Mali for more than three decades.”
BD 193CD DEBELLE, SPEECH: Freedom Of Speech CD (BD 193CD) 15.50
“Speech Debelle is special. Soulful and raw, she blew up seemingly out of nowhere and delivered one of the most critically-acclaimed debut albums of the last few years, the Mercury Music Prize-winning Speech Therapy. Two years on, having ridden a rollercoaster through life since, she’s back, and she’s delivered a follow up that packs a powerful punch. If we see her first album as a confessional diary of trials and tribulations, then new album Freedom of Speech is outward-looking, high energy, powerful and engaged.”
BD 193LP DEBELLE, SPEECH: Freedom Of Speech 2LP (BD 193LP) 20.50
2LP version with download code.
BLACKBOX 021EP DJ MADD: Deeply (feat. Lady Maroo)/Riginal 12″ (BLACKBOX 021EP) 11.00
“Deeply” sees DJ Madd team up with Baltimore resident Heidi Thomas aka Lady Maroo to create his best vocal track to date — low-slung humming bass and sparkling arpeggios framing the lush vox. “Riginal” on the flip is classic Madd ruffness; offbeat bongoes, haunting pads and hard-smacking halfstep drums swallowed by the pitch-black bass chasm.
BOXCL 011EP KILLAWATT/KILLAWATT & IPMAN: Mantra/Schizophonia 10″ (BOXCL 011EP) 11.00
The next step in Killawatt’s musical uprising comes courtesy of DJ Thinking’s specialist imprint, Box Clever. On both sides, whether solo or working with occasional collaborator Ipman, Killawatt has channeled the vibes of FWD>> circa 2004, when Hatcha ruled the PP soundsystem with his brand of tribal funk. “Mantra” opens to the sound of chanting from some lost Gondwanaland clan, joined by skipping drums, subtly-blended percussion and insistent electro bleeps. Ipman joins on “Schizophonia” with a darker, more low-slung vibe.
BPC 242EP DILLON: Tip Tapping/Abrupt Clarity Rmx 12″ (BPC 242EP) 12.00
“For those who know” remixes by a versatile range of artists — from Tel Aviv we have the house maestro Chaim, hot’n’coming dubstep producers Kodiak, as well as the disco-house duo Call Super from London and the hit sensation Catz ‘N Dogz.
BNS 029EP VA: Breaking New Soil 04 12″ (BNS 029EP) 12.00
Break New Soil kickstarts into 2012 with chapter 4 in their Breaking New Soil series. Macromism keep the pace high on their debut for BNS, while label veteran Daniele Papini graces BNS with his unmistakable production and some subtle, arpeggiated beauty. Last but not least is a track by label-owner Gregor Tresher together with DJ Karotte that has been a secret weapon in both of their sets for a long time and finally sees the light of day.
LP version on 180 gram vinyl. Bureau B reissues this collaboration between Dieter Moebius and Karl Renziehausen, initially released on the Pinpoint label in 1990. Liner notes by Asmus Tietchens. “1990 sees Dieter Moebius enter new musical territory, cautiously reconnoitering the digital world. His companion on this excursion is Karl Renziehausen, a visual artist and constructor of sound sculptures. The two of them distance themselves sonically and musically from existing Moebius collaborations with Conny Plank and Gerd Beerbohm (almost all of which have been reissued on Bureau B); similarly, only sporadic echoes can be heard of Cluster and Harmonia, two projects whose style Moebius influenced significantly over a number of years. There is an exactness to the music of Moebius and Renziehausen, who allow nothing to stray from their chosen path. They stage seven little musical comedies with different plots, much as if they were writing for the theater. Common to each of the pieces is a prevailing mood of surrealism: Moebius appears to have an unlimited menagerie of imaginary sonic creatures at his disposal, introduced to the audience in a clearly discernible framework of dramaturgy. Their actions are utterly unpredictable, the ‘plot’ develops in the listener’s head. Renziehausen constructs the space: moving scenery to accommodate wonderful transparency and depth, as warm, bright light affords a clear view of each and every delectable detail. Ersatz is music at its most pictorial, far removed from cheap, programmed music. Although Moebius and Renziehausen frequently cross the boundaries of tonality, they still remain firmly grounded. The connection to the real world is never completely severed. Which is what makes this music so puzzling to anyone willing to engage with it: the occasional fleeting sense of something familiar, yet no sooner than something appears which one might have heard before, it disappears again, replaced by something new and unrecognizable. Listeners can look forward to nine meticulously crafted soundscapes of uncharted, fantastic regions. Soundscapes, perhaps, of some imitation paradise? Rather than measure this album by a musical yardstick then, one ought to evaluate it as one of the great discoveries in its own right.” –Asmus Tietchens
CADENZA 071EP VIUDEZ & RUDOLF: Running For Hawks 12″ (CADENZA 071EP) 14.00
Welcoming two fresh comrades into the ever-growing Cadenza army, the imprint announce Viudez & Rudolf’s Running For Hawks EP. The percussion-dominated two-piece kicks off with “Unamuno” — its concoction of raw drum beats layered with electronic texture and tone. Building the momentum of a stampeding herd, “Unamuno” gathers speed with every hissing hi-hat, cascading tambourine crash and bellowing tom drum. Continuing the percussive flow, “Inumano” contains sharp claps that bite and glitchy sparks that splinter over the deep and plodding b-line.
CT 125CD BLOUSE: Blouse CD (CT 125CD) 13.00
“Blouse is based out of a warehouse in Portland, Oregon. This self-titled debut LP will show Blouse in a new light and to a larger audience. The album is more of an unveiling as each song rolls out the map of new territory that Blouse is claiming, this new wavy sound that is all their own. Hiltons’ powerfully alluring voice guides this experience in a dream-like manner. Blouse has hit their stride with this release and will have listeners beckoning for more.”
CHK 001LP HARVEY MILK: The Pleaser 2LP (CHK 001LP) 26.00
“This classic rock album along with its companion piece Live Pleaser nestled in a double album gatefold with all photos in full color and a full color insert complete with lyrics! The artwork is as jaw-dropping as the albums! And yes, the exclamation points are entirely warranted!!!!!”
CHK 004LP HARVEY MILK: My Love Is Higher Than Your Assessment 2LP (CHK 004LP) 26.00
…Of What My Love Could Be “This is ground zero for one of the ’90s last true cult bands; now legendary for churning ghostly wailings, unearthly bellows and gentle whispers together into one soaring, crawling, ugly and beautiful blend of brilliance. Essential listening for all fans of hard and heavy post-rock. Comes with 12×12 insert.”
CCS 063EP SEUIL: Fluctuat Nec Mergitur 12″ (CCS 063EP) 12.00
Seuil stands proud as an artist ever-evolving in minimalist dancefloor music through to the esoteric expression and ambience of jazz, channeling that same swinging spirit that has characterized much of the work on Circus Company. The beats stay tight and steady throughout the three tracks that make up Fluctuat Nec Mergitur, driving a foggy brew of strings, synths and drones into a commanding groove. Such drama and passion captures the essence of Seuil in one heady brew of dancefloor excellence.
CLRX 001EP MOTOR (FEAT. MARTIN L. GORE): Man Made Machine 12″ (CLRX 001EP) 12.50
Bryan Black and Oly Grasset, who together form the pioneering techno act Motor, have shifted gears and recorded a song-based vocal album by the name of Man Made Machine. The first single features none other than Depeche Mode’s Martin L. Gore on vocal duties. Apart from the extended version, the EP contains three additional remixes by Black Asteroid, Radio Slave and Chris Liebing. The reactions from Depeche Mode and Motor fans are absolutely ecstatic.
CSR 143CD SUTCLIFFE JUGEND: With Extreme Prejudice CD (CSR 143CD) 16.50
Harsh extreme electronic pioneers Sutcliffe Jugend return with an album of all new material. Three years in the making, and with numerous reworkings, With Extreme Prejudice finds Sutcliffe Jugend at the top of their game. Forcing the listener to question their own prejudices and taboos, as modern man struggles to confront and control his inner demons. Musically and lyrically this is SJ’s most varied album to date, ranging from harsh electronic onslaughts to a new kind of musical oblivion. Production and sound values are closer to industrial music than ever before, creating a very different feel to their previous filthwork Pigdaddy. Enter if you dare, the very twisted and real world of Sutcliffe Jugend as they execute With Extreme Prejudice. Includes an eight-page booklet and slipcase.
CREP 002LP KINK GONG: Xinjiang LP (CREP 002LP) 22.00
“Special limited vinyl pressing of Kink Gong’s Xinjiang soundscape. Sublime Frequencies contributor, Laurent Jeanneau, concocts a melting pot of ethnic weirdness packed with mind blowing virtuoso recordings. For fans of Angus McLise, Tony Conrad or William Burroughs’ sound collages. Limited to 300 copies only! All tracks were recorded on location in the ILI prefecture, Xinjiang province, China by Laurent Jeanneau.”
DISS 008EP TINI: Shmooh’s Raisin Theory 12″ (DISS 008EP) 12.00
“Shmooh’s Raisin Theory,” tINI’s debut for Dissonant, is a fresh, funk-driven number, and her youth as a drummer and the early influences of Moodymann can all be heard in the warm rhythms of the original. Label boss Marc Antona takes the original on a trip with his “Outback” mix, creating an ethereal atmosphere with his deep, pulsing drums and bringing the vocal to the fore. Re-UP keeps the funk and drive while adding an array of crisp, clean percussion.
DOZ 418LP SHANKAR AND ALI AKBAR KHAN, RAVI: The Master Musicians Of India LP (DOZ 418LP) 23.00
“Seminal recording by the two men most responsible for opening the West to Indian music. Master of the sitar, Ravi Shankar is, of course, famous for his legendary influence on the Beatles, but this recording was made for the American jazz label Prestige prior to their meeting. Perhaps lesser intertwined with the pop music world, Ali Akbar-Khan is nonetheless one of India’s greatest musicians, and the world’s best sarod player. Shankar and Khan play together on both ragas, backed by a tabla player and a tamboura player. The tamboura player is Nodu C. Mullick on side A, a highly respected instrument maker who made Shankar’s sitar).”
DOZ 419LP GOULD, GLENN: Bach: The Goldberg Variations LP (DOZ 419LP) 23.00
“Born in Toronto in 1932, Glenn Gould was one of the most celebrated pianists of the 20th century. Particularly known for his interpretations of Bach, his version of The Goldberg Variations is considered to be the finest ever recorded. In fact, many fans consider it to be the very pinnacle of Gould’s recorded work. However, Gould was nothing, if not an eccentric and it was well known that he had the habit of humming softly to himself while playing, including on this recording. Some have harshly criticized Gould for this, claiming that it ‘ruins’ the piece, while many others, particularly his fans (who are legion) simply accept this as a side-effect of great genius. Originally published in 1741, this piece was one of the few to have been published in J.S. Bach’s own lifetime. Although it is believed that John Gottlieb Goldberg may have indeed been its first performer, it is now considered to be pure fantasy the old story that tells how Bach wrote the Variations as a sleep inducer for an insomniac Count.”
DTD 021CD FAHEY, JOHN: Your Past Comes Back To Haunt You 5CD BOX/BOOK (DTD 021CD) 81.00
Subtitled: The Fonotone Years 1958-1965. 2012 repress now available! More than 10 years in the making, this box set features the earliest recordings and the first book ever written about one of the most influential guitarists from the 1960s and ’70s, John Fahey. The five CDs feature 115 tracks, most of which are available on CD for the first time. The audio was remastered from Joe Bussard’s reel-to-reel tapes to achieve pristine sound quality. As for the accompanying book, the list of scholars who contributed essays includes Eddie Dean, Claudio Guerrierri, Glenn Jones, Malcolm Kirton, Mike Stewart and John’s childhood friend R. Anthony Lee. Byron Coley contributed a poem about John, and Douglas Blazek’s 1967 interview with Fahey is published for the first time. Released 10 years after John Fahey’s death, this set puts one of the final puzzle pieces of Fahey’s career in place. Everyone can now hear where this guitar legend got his start — a smoky basement in Frederick, Maryland. Co-produced by Dean Blackwood of Revenant, Glenn Jones, and Lance Ledbetter of Dust-to-Digital, this set is released with the support of Joe Bussard and the John Fahey Estate. The set is dedicated to John’s mother, Jane C. Hayes and the late musician Jack Rose. Includes a 88-page hardcover book with 5 CDs in a separate gatefold portfolio — all housed in a deluxe slipcase. Book measurements: 12 x 12 x 1.25 inches.
TAIN 008EP POP & EYE: Toil For Olive Oyl EP 12″ (TAIN 008EP) 12.00
Talkin’ bout pop music. Pop & Eye return with overdubbed overtures from all four corners of the dance music world with recognition value, virtue and elegance: space R&B, Atlantis disco, Caribbean new wave, minimal boogie and a declaration of love. Four tracks like gentle uppercuts.
Over the course of a year, Keith Fullerton Whitman performed a piece of live electronic music a few dozen times entitled “Generator.” The debut was given in San Francisco at Root Strata’s On Land festival at Cafe Du Nord on September 19th, 2009 — over the months that followed, stagings took place in venues ranging from flooded basements to festival stages in Baltimore, Boston, Brooklyn, Chicago, Easthampton, Iowa City, Jamaica Plain, Northampton, Raleigh, Saint Louis, San Francisco, Somerville and Washington D.C. This LP covers the final two performances of the piece over two consecutive evenings; the opening solo set from the final night of the High Zero festival in Baltimore at the Theater Project, September 26th, 2010, then the performance during the “For Eliane” night of the Propensity Of Sound festival dedicated to Eliane Radigue’s work at Issue Project Room, Brooklyn, September 27th, 2010. These recordings show the piece in two different iterations, taking two different trajectories entirely. They’re considered the definitive versions of the piece. Composed for, and realized with a scalable selection of digital and analog modular synthesis equipment, “Generator” was an attempt to wrest a viable performance-based music out of what had until then been a solitary set of sound-design tools. The piece grew out of a frustration with the limitlessness of computer-based real-time synthesis and algorithmic/generative systems vs. their utter failure as performance solutions. It hinges heavily on the ideology of the “Playthroughs” system (in that the subtle tuning inconsistencies of a physical instrument — the electric guitar — could be amplified and multiplied) through the use of multiple layerings of different topologies of oscillator, yielding an unstable array of modal canons that drift in and out of “tune,” causing all manner of inter-voice beating and assorted psycho-acoustic effects. Artwork by Graham Lambkin.
EM 1096LP SKANDRANI, MUSTAPHA: Istikhbars and Improvisations LP (EM 1096LP) 33.00
LP version, housed in a silkscreened printed handmade sleeve. Mustapha Skandrani: besides having an excellent name, this man, a luminary of Algerian music, possessed a unique musical sense, able to transcend the borders of musical cultures to create a distinctive fusion of Arabo-Andalusian and European styles. Istikhbars And Improvisations, recorded in 1965 in Paris, is a solo piano album presenting a trans-Mediterranean crossover based on traditional Algerian vocal pieces known as istikhbars. Playing these istikhbars (which have roots in the Islamic Arabo-Andalusian culture which flourished in Spain) on the piano, that quintessentially European instrument, Skandrani was greeted with derision by some purists. Skandrani’s powerful musical vision, however, perceives the European element involved in Arabo-Andalusian musical culture, a world of exchange and co-existence, and his decision to play this music on the piano reminds us of this European influence. Skandrani’s modus operandi on this release is to present each istikhbar, modal in nature, then to play an improvisation based on the istikhbar and its attendant mode. This A/B alternation continues throughout. The pellucid clarity of Skandrani’s playing on this album may remind the listener of a modal Goldberg Variations, Bach and Glenn Gould transplanted to Andalucia. Other ears will hear the Arabic/Maghreb elements more strongly. Skandrani’s precise touch and clear, symmetrical rhythmic sense links both worlds, assuring us that the Mediterranean is not a barrier, but a unifier, and that the differences between the cultures are not vast. This is an admirable achievement, resulting in beautiful music of a rare charm. Mustapha Skandrani was born in Algiers in 1920, and died there in 2005. He mastered a number of instruments at an early age, and his musical prowess led him to work with the great singers and ensembles of his day, in live performances, recordings, and radio broadcasts. Later in his life, he devoted much energy to education. Istikhbars And Improvisations comes with an insert with liner notes in English and Japanese. Limited edition of 200 pressed on vinyl.
ESK 504985 KRIS MENACE PRESENTS STARS ON 33: Let The Music Guide You 12″ (ESK 504985) 12.00
Stars On 33 is a project by Kris Menace and his friends Lawrence Tompson & Radical Peterson. Their track “Something You Can Feel” got chosen by Aeroplane to feature on his compilation In Flight Entertainment, and now Eskimo is releasing a whole EP of tracks. Fans of Aeroplane should definitely check this out.
Faitiche presents four new recordings from the Gesellschaft Zur Emanzipation Des Samples (G.E.S.). On More Circulations, G.E.S. instigate the following recording situations: audio playback devices are placed in public spaces in order to play the desired sample material. The resulting recordings document collages from public spaces: a hotel lobby in Lanzerote, a registry office in Berlin, Copenhagen’s Tivoli garden, a beach on the Portuguese coast, the old town of Geneva as well a Mercedes Benz on the way to Eindhoven.
FIAKUN 005EP EL_TXEF_A: In 10″ (FIAKUN 005EP) 12.00
“In” is love in its purest form. “In” is a cult of beauty. “In” is the red carpet that leads to what will be the debut album Slow Dancing In A Burning Room from Basque artist El_Txef_A aka Aitor Etxebarria for Fiakun Records. The single is presented as a special 10″ vinyl and is a perfect prelude to launch Etxebarria’s LP. Four minutes of slow-burning sensation that only the Northern Spanish artist can deliver.
HIGH 107EP SCHNEIDER, GUIDO: Solaris EP 12″ (HIGH 107EP) 12.50
Guido Schneider has produced another EP for Highgrade which presents the typical Schneider qualities right before our eyes, or even better: before our ears. The two tracks navigate precisely from the first bar, the minimal sound universe relying on elaborate percussion, flowing into fantastically harmonic vocals that lend the thumping beats an elegant softness. Simply stated, typically Schneider.
HIGH 109EP DACHSHUND: Extensive Forms EP 12″ (HIGH 109EP) 12.50
The name Dachshund is one immediately associated with experimentation, an innate feeling for rhythm and a good dose of tongue-in-cheek. “Extensive Talk” with its reduced beginning sounds like musical theater, almost. “Asymmetric Love,” with its sprinkle of original sound ideas, is a groovy track. “Octogone” goes even further and weaves original loops and straight-edged percussion into a compelling carpet of sound.
HOEHE 019EP VA: Musica Maldita 12″ (HOEHE 019EP) 12.00
Here is the next Höhenregler various artists EP from Aldo Cadiz, Andre Butano, Demian Muller and Veitengruber. Big support by: Federico Mollinari, Felipe Venegas, Nick Curly, Mendo, Basti Grub and more.
“Recorded at Brooklyn’s Issue Project Room, this live burble features Flower on Japan Banjo, Corsano on tubs and Heyner (or Bobby McGee or Count ‘fucking’ Chocula or whatever he’s calling himself here) doubling on bass (three tracks) and tubs (one track). Corsano’s in his ferocious carpet bomb mode, laying down a thick lumpy rug of imaginary bubble wrap for the others to prance upon, and prance they do. Flower’s doing a kind of China Pig upward spiraling wail on his axe, and Heyner (I mean Popeye or is it Count Floyd?) is bowing the shit out of his bass like some kinda arco dervish from the center of the earth. But it’s not all outward splange, here. No sir. There are other passages in the improv set that would make Matt Valentine put down his mug of butter beer, looks you right in the eye and say, ‘Dude, that is smokin’.’ What Matt would probably mean is that it sounds at times like these guys have been smoking cheeb and playing the kind of beautiful notes that reportedly fill the heads of those who indulge. And frankly, I’m not sure if these three are users or not, but if they are, you’ll want some of what they’re using. ‘Cause it sounds fucking tasty. Is it possible Corsano has been wearing a baldie-cap all these years and that he’s actually a secret hippie? Not sure, but Flower has never been shy about his locks, nor has Heyner (or Emett Otter or whoever). So maybe Corsano’s been packing ‘inner hair’ all this time. Well, bully for him, I say. If this is what hippies sounds like, I declare peace with their whole tribe.” –Byron Coley
HUBRO 3512LP DAHLEN, ERLAND: Rolling Bomber LP (HUBRO 3512LP) 22.00
LP version. Rolling Bomber is the solo debut of drummer Erland Dahlen. He has played on over 130 records since the mid-1990s, and has toured with an impressive list of top-ranking Norwegian artists in a variety of genres: Kiruna, Mike Patton/Kaada, Ingrid Olava, Eivind Aarset Sonic Codex Orchestra, Mathias Eick, Serena Maneesh, Arve Henriksen, Hanne Hukkelberg and Marit Larsen, to name just a few. He is probably best known as the drummer in the successful band Madrugada for the last years of the band’s life, and as the drummer in Nils Petter Molvær’s explosive new trio. The idea of doing a solo project had to mature for ten years before Erland finally went into the studio for three days in February and April 2011. The album is named after the special drum set Erland plays on the album, a Slingerland Rolling Bomber kit from World War II, which he bought from free-jazz drummer and collector Roger Turner. The mechanical parts of this set are made of rosewood, as the arms industry appropriated all available metal during the war. “When a drum has so much wood in it, it gets a very warm sound, which appeals to me a lot,” says Erland. In addition, he uses an instrumentarium consisting of a variety of percussion instruments, electronic instruments and specially-constructed instruments. Erland has played the saw for many years, and the saw is an important melodic instrument on Rolling Bomber. The album has a playful, richly visual mood, but is also quite dark and menacing in places. Elements of Krautrock, drone music, ambient music and contemporary music are woven together with rock-inspired energy. Erland produced the record himself along with Jens Petter Nilsen and Hallvard W. Hagen, who form the electronica duo Xploding Plastix. Erland has worked with them for nine years. The dark second cut on the album, “Funeral,” is a remix by Hallvard W. Hagen. The album was recorded in an abandoned coffee factory that Erland rents in central Oslo. It was mixed by Jens Petter Nilsen at tinfoilaudio and mastered by Helge Sten at Audio Virus Lab.
HUBRO 3513LP SCENT OF SOIL: Scent Of Soil LP (HUBRO 3513LP) 22.00
LP version. The band Scent Of Soil is fronted by vocalist Kirsti Huke and saxophonist Tore Brunborg. On this, their first album, they make use of material from a critically-acclaimed commissioned work they wrote together for the Vossa Jazz Festival in 2010. The nine powerful and visually rich songs they present here are all related to nature, each in its own way. Most of the lyrics were written by Huke, while the texts for two of the songs come from two of America’s most prominent poets: Robert Frost wrote “Breeze” and Emily Dickinson was the author of “Necklaces.” Kirsti Huke has worked in both rock and jazz genres, and has released two highly-praised albums under her own name. Her voice has been described as both “a honey jar” and “a powerhouse,” which indicates the breadth of her approach to jazz standards, pop and rock. Tore Brunborg is undoubtedly one of the most important Norwegian saxophonists in the generation that followed Jan Garbarek. He had his breakthrough in the 1980s with the group Masqualero, which also featured Nils Petter Molvær, Arild Andersen and Jon Christensen. During the past few years, he has worked with Mathias Eick, Manu Katché, the Tord Gustavsen Ensemble and Ketil Bjørnstad. He also plays a key role on two of Mats Eilertsen’s records on the HUBRO label: Radio Yonder and Sky Dive. Scent Of Soil’s music ranges from energetic rock to tender ballads in which the group’s jazz roots emerge more distinctly. Huke and Brunborg have put together an exciting band with musicians who have all worked extensively with boundary-defying music, and their references to the alternative rock scene are very much in evidence. Guitarist Petter Vågan is also known as a member of Marvel Machine, Eyewaterlilies, Vertex and Petter O Hanna. Bassist Rune Nergaard and drummer Gard Nilssen have performed together in several different bands, but are perhaps best known from the free rock band Bushman’s Revenge. Nilssen also plays with Susanne Sundfør, Puma and Mathias Eick. Scent Of Soil’s debut album is both exciting and accessible — a record abounding in musical high points.
HSH 105CD BRODERICK, PETER: It Starts Hear CD (HSH 105CD) 14.50
Actual title is: “The third Peter Broderick vocal album is a personal exploration and tour de force in sound. is the result of nearly three years of studio work, and is the first album created without any self-made restrictions. Whereas on albums past Peter worked strictly with certain sets of instruments, this one includes anything and everything he could get my hands on.”
HH666 154LP PYRAMIDS: Pyramids LP (HH666 154LP) 23.50
“Now, several years since its initial release, Pyramids first collection of songs resounds like a communique from a far off galaxy. The resultant impressions sound like cut up feverdream tape loops containing snippets of Xasthur, Tangerine Dream and Mazzy Star layered over, under and through each other. The aural pictures are at once terrifying and soothing, familiar and wholly alien. What seems like it shouldn’t does in fact work: black metal blasting stitched together with patches of gauzy melody and angelic warbling. It’s one of the most enveloping and simultaneously disorienting documents to have emerged from the hazy outer territories of the heavy music underground in years.”
IMPREC 269CD MI AND L’AU: If Beauty Is A Crime CD (IMPREC 269CD) 13.50
“While making the album, both musicians noticed the spectre of familiar melodies and rhythms haunting their work; the inspiration wasn’t from a specific song or melodic line, but from a mood or an idea buried somewhere in their past. As they investigated this anomalous influence, they uncovered a shared memory of films enjoyed during their childhood, specifically those scored by French composer François de Roubaix. Responsible for the music in well over 30 films, de Roubaix was known, among other things, for his use of synthesizers and drum machines, and for his use of folk elements in several projects. The connection between his work and their current endeavor was obvious. Subsequently, Mi and L’au immersed themselves in his music, even as they continued to produce their own. Whether by fate or by coincidence, his music found its way into their lives just as they were beginning to explore what electronic sounds could do for them. So, in the end, they dedicated If Beauty is a Crime to Francois. Through their newly discovered electronic voice something older and more familiar sounded out, and the result is a stunning fusion of ideas and feelings that completely redefines Mi and L’au’s sound.”
“More than seventy years since his death in 1937, Ustad Abdul Karim Khan retains his reputation as one of the greatest singers India ever produced. Possessed of an elastic, honed voice that poured out like mercury, he influenced generations of singers including Mohammed Rafi, Pandit Bhimsen Joshi, and Pandit Pran Nath. Born at the end of the 19th century to a family of musicians that extended back in time for centuries, his art was formed in the culture of the courts of the maharajas under British colonialism but was changed by his genius and imagination and a life marked by sacrifices for love, unsatisfied ambition, abandonment and heartbreak. These performances were culled from sessions made during his peak final years 1934-1935, newly transferred and restored and with extensive notes by Ian Nagoski.”
IF 1015LP SOLER & GASPAR CLAUS, PEDRO: Barlande LP (IF 1015LP) 23.50
Pedro Soler and Gaspar Claus’ Barlande sees a limited vinyl release. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl including a download code. 300 copies for the world. Who would have thought that InFiné would release a “flamenco” record? Pedro Soler and Gaspar Claus (father & son) are respectively guitarist and cellist on this unique album Barlande. Pedro Soler is one of the most celebrated flamenco guitarists in the world today. Gaspar has already collaborated with the likes of Yoshihide Otomo, Nosfell, Joakim and Rone, just to name a few. Barlande was recorded in Brooklyn, NY and produced by Bryce Dessner (guitarist of The National) and features Sufjan Stevens on harmonium (“Encuentro En Brooklyn”). Over the course of its 8 chapters, Barlande blurs the frontiers between traditional and contemporary music.
IF 1017LP CUBENX: On Your Own Again 2LP (IF 1017LP) 23.50
180 gram double LP version, with an exclusive vinyl-only track. This is the debut album from César Urbina aka Cubenx. “Cubenx’s music … made an intoxicated first impression on me some months before when his demo tracks arrived at my doorstep. A couple of those tracks later appeared on his debut for my Static Discos imprint in 2008, The Cold Swells, a collection of music that was previously released on the Synergy Networks, Cyan and I Need It net-labels. One of the tracks was ‘Glandula,’ a passionate and epic techno track that caught the attention of Alexandre Cazac and Agoria during the pre-planning stages of InFiné, who immediately requested a full album. Cubenx’s debut would have to wait, as only a couple of EPs (Glándula EP in 2007 and Can’t Throw A StoneEP in 2008) on InFiné were the stop gaps before On Your Own Again could be completed some years later. But there was also a new factor that slowed down his recording process, as Cubenx was moving further away from producing dance music and wanting to focus on songwriting with real instruments and voices — a task that has resulted in a fertile tapestry of electronic-based songs that may have more to do with English post-punk and shoegaze than with the British minimal techno he is most known for. While songs like ‘Adrift At Sea,’ ‘Sierra Madre’ and ‘Lovebirds’ retain Cubenx’s lush sound design and carefully planned dynamics, they are spread out in a broader palette of songcrafting. Only ‘Wait And See’ sees Cubenx going back to his clubbing ways, a melodic and colorful banger that stands out when placed beside any classic Kompakt outing. The songs on On Your Own Again also retain a psychedelic taint that Cubenx links to his Mexicanity, especially on the acoustic fullness of ‘Sueña Con Venados’ and ‘Mist Over The Lake,’ where he wanted to evoke the ritualistic ambiance of a virtual Mexican desert. Or as the piano-based ‘Grass’ narrates, a psychoactive out-of-body experience under the effects of salvia divinorum — a search for the inner non-spirituality much in tune with Latin American psychomagicians like Jodorowsky. This strong sentiment is explored further on ‘Noir,’ an atonal instrumental ambient piece filled with cosmic musings and psychedelia. On Your Own Again also marks Cubenx’s first collaboration with Chicago musician and singer Alfredo Nogueira, a close associate of Telefon Tel Aviv, L’Altra and Apparat, on the song ‘These Days.’ Francisco Rosas of Flight Attendants, the downtempo duo he shares with Cubenx, co-wrote ‘Sierra Madre’ and laid some guitar licks on ‘Sueña Con Venados.’ On Your Own Again is Cubenx’s coming-of-age album, where his creative impulses reach for his own true voice.” –Ejival, Director of Static Discos
INTAC 038EP NUZZO & MAX D-LOVED, PASCAL: Mahon 12″ (INTAC 038EP) 12.00
Intacto Records welcomes musical duo Pascal Nuzzo & Max D-Loved. Nuzzo (aka p8) is a DJ, producer and label owner who had some big success in 2011 after his bootleg remix of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” after which he decided to focus on underground techno productions using his real name. Max D-Loved has been charted by the likes of Pete Tong and Ministry of Sound Radio. “Mahon” is a white-knuckle techno wave, while “Tenesi” features club-tested, just-squeezed beats.
GIGOLO 285EP SKWERL: You Need To Dance EP 12″ (GIGOLO 285EP) 12.00
Michael Beim aka Skwerl releases his third 12″ for Gigolo. The A-side is an exclusive extended 12″ version of “You Need To Dance” — which is constructed around the a cappella from “By The Way You Dance” by Bunny Siegler — an ultra-modern polished house groove with an almost sinister quality. On the B-side is a playful Skwerl instrumental, again showing his ability to pull from a variety of sound sources.
IFEEL 018EP FLIGHTS OF FANCY: Volume One 12″ (IFEEL 018EP) 12.00
Flights Of Fancy Vol. 1 is the start of a new series showcasing what Balearic sounds like. Yeah, yeah, the whole (supposed) point of Balearic music is that it can be anything as long as it’s good, but like most things, that means something different to every person, so in simple terms, this is what Balearic sounds like to the folks at International Feel. Throw in a small portion of cheese, some “cannibals ’bout to eat you” percussion/mad chanting, and you’re there.
IB 004LP INGENTING KOLLEKTIVA: Fragments Of Night LP (IB 004LP) 18.00
“Ingenting Kollektiva is comprised of Diane Granahan, Kirston Lightowler, Tarrl Lightowler, and Matthew Swiezynski, and is an homage to the films of Ingmar Bergman and Sven Nykvist. The Kollektiva recordings are meditations on the quality of light, sound, and atmosphere, as well as realizations of the various forms of ‘nothingness’ captured by these two masters. Christmas of 2009, the Kollektiva found themselves surrounded with many recordings from the year 1969, including: Miles Davis & Teo Macero’s In A Silent Way and Bitches Brew, John Surman’s Way Back When and How Many Clouds Can You See?, and Extrapolation (with John McLauglin), Bert Jansch’s Birthday Blues, Vashti Bunyan’s Just Another Diamond Day (recorded December 1969), Fairport Convention’s Unhalfbricking, Jan Garbarek & Terje Rypdal’s Esoteric Circle, King Crimson’s In The Court Of The Crimson King, Scott Walker’s Scott Walker 4, Holger Czukay’s Canaxis, plus many more. With this in mind, they recorded some songs in the Lightowlers’ barn during a rainstorm, and later added recordings from Northern California and Los Angeles. The editing process then became something similar to Macero’s work for Miles Davis. The recording has been issued as a long-play record with a gatefold sleeve and photographs by Tarrl Lightowler.”
Hand-painted limited edition of 300 copies. “No Neck Blues Band are the last of their kind, children of a New York City that no longer exists. They’ve operated in the shadows of Gothams music scene for almost twenty years as likely to perform in art galleries as loft spaces. No Neck Blues Band are revolutionaries, carrying on the search for freedom through improvisation that began after Coltrane liberated jazz. But No Neck Blues Band doesn’t play jazz per se, or any other known idiom for that matter. Their sound has its precedents most notably the genre-blurring, early-70s work of England’s Third Ear Band and German groups Exmagma and recent co-conspirators Embryo. No Neck Blues Band further those explorers investigations of non-Western sounds by infusing them with psychedelic-rock dynamics, the tenets of minimalism and Fluxus-inspired performance.?Each No Neck Blues Band record is a spontaneously composed ritual containing a variety of hard-to-pronounce acoustic instruments, unmoored percussion, guitars, keyboards and various electronics, at once familiar and exotic. No Neck Blues Band activity has been sparse in recent years since their celebrated rehearsal/performance space in Harlem, The Hint House, fell victim to gentrification.?Recorded in 2009 at Faust Studios in Germany, YTIU is the avant-gangs latest offering and finds them in one of their more accessible moods. Only during the second half of Side A’s ‘Platinum Willows’ does the band indulge its tendency for atonality. YTIU’s second side fittingly dedicated to departed Pink Floyd member Richard Wright is a keyboard-dominated stunner that is more Saucerful of Secrets than The Wall.” — Jeff Conklin
MJJ 329LP CREATION: Creation LP (MJJ 329LP) 21.00
“Originally released in 1975, this album was the culmination of Japanese ax-hero Kazuo ‘Flash’ Takeda’s post-London musical efforts. Takeda spent the early 1960s soaking in the sounds of American blues, psych and British invasion rock bands, eventually forming his own band–the aptly named Blues Creation–in 1969. The band released three albums, including their now legendary Demon & Eleven Children; before Takeda took off for London in 1972. During this time he played on a number of sessions and made friends with many musicians, particularly the American hard rockers Mountain. When he finally returned to Japan the following year, he was ready to start a new band with himself on lead guitar and vocals. Now simply called Creation, the band released its self-titled LP in 1975, produced by the Flower Travellin’ Band producer Yuya Utchida and featuring a cover photo of a group of naked boys peeing. Creation’s next album would be recorded in the US with Felix Pappalardi. Takeda went on to release over 20 albums and now lives in L.A. as a session guitarist.”
KYE 016LP MELCHIOR, DAN: Excerpts (& Half-Speeds) LP (KYE 016LP) 17.00
“Dan Melchior is known by many as a long-standing footsoldier of garage rock. Throughout his fifteen years of service Dan has gained a reputation as being one of the few in his field willing to test the flexibility of an otherwise stagnant genre. Last year’s brilliant Assemblage Blues LP (Siltbreeze) showed Dan scratching at the bars of his cage, restricted by the very domain he dominates. Excerpts (& Half-Speeds) is Dan Melchior’s hammer in the mirror. A courageous act of self-vandalism, reducing his own sonic signature to a series of fractured sketches, riffs, and run-throughs, glued together to create something akin to Another Green World for the fuck off generation. Excerpts (& Half-Speeds) arrives in a full color high gloss Melchior-designed sleeve, with insert, in an edition of 450 copies.”
GMT 006LP DALEK: Untitled LP (GMT 006LP) 17.00
LP version, limited edition of 1000 copies. “A departure from previous Dälek releases, their Latitudes session is a gorgeous, multicultural melting pot of sound & space. It’s a serious shot to the head; an opening of the eye, if you will.”
LITA 081CD VA: Listen, Whitey! The Sounds of Black Power 1967-1974 CD (LITA 081CD) 15.00
“Over a five year period in Oakland, CA — archivist Pat Thomas befriended key leaders of the seminal Black Power Movement, dug through Huey Newton’s archives at Stanford University, spent countless hours and thousands of dollars on eBay, and talked to rank and file Black Panther Party members, uncovering dozens of obscure albums, singles, and stray tapes. Along the way, he began to piece together a time period (1967-1974) when revolutionaries were seen as pop culture icons: Bobby Seale, Eldridge Cleaver, Angela Davis, Stokely Carmichael — and musicians were seen as revolutionaries; Gil Scott-Heron, The Last Poets, Bob Dylan, John Lennon and others. As a result, Thomas wrote a 70,000-word hardcover book entitled Listen, Whitey! The Sounds of Black Power — to be published by Fantagraphics in early 2012 — which also includes some 200 full color images of obscure recordings that encompass rock, soul, jazz, comedy, poetry, and even religious sermons blended with Black Nationalism. Light In The Attic Records presents the companion ‘soundtrack’ to the book. For the time first ever, Black and White artists share space on a definitive anthology of the Black Power era. Listen, Whitey! is cross-cultural overview that sees Bob Dylan’s out of print 1971 single ‘George Jackson’ reissued for the first time along with several selections from Motown’s long forgotten ‘Black Forum’ label — Motown’s early ’70s Black Power militant imprint that has never been documented until now with provocative recordings from SNCC spokesman Stokely Carmichael, outspoken African-American poet Amiri Baraka, and Black Panther Party singer/songwriter Elaine Brown.” CD housed in digipak with a 36-page booklet.
MEX 105EP LIGHT ASYLUM: Shallow Tears 12″ (MEX 105EP) 11.00
“Light Asylum storms the dark castle with the Shallow Tears 12″. A co-production with Chris Coady (Beach House, Gang Gang Dance, Grizzly Bear), Shallow Tears is an early morning, arm-in-arm dancefloor psalm that hints at what’s to come from the band’s debut album. The B-side, ‘Genesis’ is mostly instrumental melancholic techno-pop in line with Chris & Cosey’s output, accented by ambient delay tactics and ghostly vocal choruses. Pressing of 300.” Includes download card. Pressed on high-quality virgin vinyl.
MEX 107EP ZIG ZAGS: Scavenger 7″ (MEX 107EP) 5.50
“Los Angeles-based Zig Zags debut 7″ single for Mexican Summer. ‘Scavenger’ unloads like Budgie’s ‘Breadfan’ played in a high school heavy metal bedroom while the band screams threats to all freeloaders and marauders who show up to parties empty-handed. ‘Wastin’ My Time’ — a more straightforward punker, keeps up the tempo but locks into a repetitive Krautrock groove that worms its way into your ear holes like those brain eating maggots in Beastmaster. Cover dude (drawn by Chad Kawamura of the Outdoorsmen) getting eating by a vulture is one of the aforementioned freeloaders we have to deal with out here while our dead friend Randy watches the carnage drunk on Olympia beer like a zombie Clint Eastwood. Zig Zags have shared personnel with West Coast nose-garage royalty the Intelligence and Unnatural Helpers. Pressing of 300.”
Gultskra Artikler is the throat-tangling moniker of one Alexey Devyanin, and Abtu/Anet has been excavated from the dusty Miasmah archives for a long-overdue reissue. Not that it ever had a proper release; the astute followers among you might have managed to track down the very rare Abtu, which appeared back in 2007 on limited 3″ CD-R, but its companion EP Anet never reached the shelves and seemed destined to permanent unavailability. Devyanin’s complex, surreal world was explored to wide acclaim on the ’07 album Kasha Iz Topora, and thematically, Abtu/Anet feels like a continuation of that record. Devyanin’s deeply original fusion of Radiophonicera electronics, musique concrète, early European folk music and 1920s film scores is highlighted far further here, and somehow the record sounds more relevant now than ever. In an era where nostalgia is musical currency, Devyanin’s Vaseline-smudged visions are refreshingly free of kitsch and YouTube-era restlessness. He retains a deeply Eastern European, near-theatrical focus in his work that is as intricate as it is unnerving, and he manages to keep the nostalgia to a specific (and unfamiliar) area of the world. For most of us, the album feels like a lonely journey in the light of a half-moon, with crumbling, curled branches glancing off our ragged clothes. Frightening and unrepentant yet deeply compelling, Abtu/Anet should remind you that stories can be told without a single word of dialogue. Limited to 300 copies. Includes a free MP3 download coupon of the album + poster.
MR 036LP JAY, ABNER: True Story Of Abner Jay LP (MR 036LP) 14.00
Repressed, originally released in 2009. “Compilation culled from Abners’ self released LPs & 7″s featuring hits such as ‘I’m So Depressed,’ ‘Cocaine’, ‘Vietnam,’ & ‘The Reason Young People Do Drugs.’ Abner Jay was a one-man band singer/songwriter deserving of a wider listening audience than he received in his day. This is the first vinyl release of his material since the 1970s. Great soulful folk & R&B music. LPs include a press photo of Abner, transcriptions of his spoken word pieces, a reproduction of an informative pamphlet about Abner & a press statement penned by Abner himself. Tip on jacket.”
MR 068LP JAY, ABNER: Folk Song Stylist LP (MR 068LP) 14.00
Repressed, originally released in 2010. “Long awaited follow up to the True Story of Abner Jay LP. Abner Jay was a man who had a grand sweeping vision of what folk music was. In his lifetime his expression of what folk music could be encompassed some serious stylistic variations. Sometimes he was a one man band traveling troubadour playing an electric banjo, harmonica, & drums who tried to hoodwink audiences into believing that he was 150 years old & the standard bearer for authentic Americana. Sometimes he played in electric straight up R&B bands such as ‘Koko Joe & the Jobhunters’. Sometimes he claimed to be the ‘black Bob Dylan’ strumming an acoustic guitar & singing socially conscious urban folk. On this LP we find Abner in all of these modes & more. (He also does a pop song about a submarine disaster & a beautiful gospel song). Culled from a mix of Abners’ 45’s & LPs spanning the period 1964-1973, including Abner’s first long lost LP, which we reproduced the cover image for this LP from. We hope that this release will help to further the current wave of understanding that Abner Jay is an important artist who deserves a wider audience than he ever received during his lifetime. Comes with a self promotional pamphlet penned by Abner & a color photo of Abner. Housed in an old school tip on sleeve. We are very proud to get this incredibly hard to find material out into the world.”
MONKEY 022LP MOUSE ON MARS: Parastrophics 2LP (MONKEY 022LP) 25.00
Gatefold double LP version. Over the course of ten albums — not to mention an avalanche of side projects, remixes and collaborations — Jan St. Werner and Andi Toma of Mouse On Mars established themselves as two of the most inventive and unpredictable artists in electronic music. But since they delivered the bracing, angular salvo that was Varcharz back in 2006 and their Von Südenfed collaboration with Mark E. Smith (The Fall) in 2007, there has been an uncharacteristic period of silence. In 2012, that silence is broken. Mouse On Mars’ triumphant return comes in the shape of Parastrophics, a life-affirming and constantly surprising album which is crammed with ideas, exuberance and sheer kinetic energy. It’s like listening to the entire history of pop music — distilled, refined and crystallized into a string of compulsive new shapes, full of glitter, intrigue and addictive detail. Atomized fragments from two lifetimes of listening flare and fade, tiny scraps of memory shrapnel hover, tantalizing and insubstantial, before being whisked away by the next impatient idea. But despite all that restless curiosity, Parastrophics also demonstrates a peerless command of pace. Whereas some previous Mouse On Mars releases have bordered on the frenetic, their latest displays a subtle but persuasive sense of control. Even when tempos climb, 303s squirm and kick/snare patterns snap to brisk attention, there’s an elegance to the way that each element slips in and out of the mix which speaks of maturity. Parastrophics is as a playful as ever, but it’s never throwaway. The closing track “Seaqz” is a gorgeous slice of space-age mood music, measured in tone despite all its microscopic activity, and it brings into focus the beguiling sense of confidence that suffuses the whole record. All of which is a roundabout way of saying that, after six years away, Mouse On Mars have come back with their best record yet.
ZEN 12312EP BONOBO: Kiara 12″ (ZEN 12312EP) 10.00
“To accompany the release of Bonobo’s Black Sands Remixed album, February 2012 will see the release of the Kiara 12″. Not only featuring the beautiful original version of the song taken from 2010’s critically acclaimed album Black Sands, this 12″ also includes remixes of ‘Kiara’ by Cosmin TRG, who re-imagines the track as delicate heartbeat-house, as well as a remix by London based house producer FunkinEven. Machinedrum rounds off the package by turning album favorite ‘Eyesdown’ into hyperactive percussion and echoed loops of sound.” On orange-vinyl.
ZEN 178CD BONOBO: Black Sands Remixed CD (ZEN 178CD) 15.50
Remixes by Banks, Cosmin TRG, Floating Points, ARP 101, Andreya Triana & DELS, FaltyDL, Mark Pritchard, Machinedrum, Mike Slott, Blue Daisy, Duke Dumont and Lapalux. “Black Sands came out in 2010 to almost universal critical acclaim and worldwide commercial success. Si Green aka Bonobo moved from being an underground producer of impeccable credentials to a poster boy for a new take on electronic music — contemporary and edgy but also soulful, song-based, sometimes lush but always emotional. Black Sands Remixed gathers together a group of like-minded musicians and producers to interpret this classic album. Most of the material here has never been heard before.”
ZEN 178LP BONOBO: Black Sands Remixed 3LP (ZEN 178LP) 24.50
3LP version with download code.
PNY 4501LP VA: Rumble In The Jungle LP+CD (PNY 4501LP) 25.00
“Exotica, novelty rock ‘n’ roll, R&B, doo wop, rockabilly, calypso and jive from the fifties and early sixties. Rare cuts that all have one thing in common: apes in the jungle! Artists like crazy Nervous Norvus (whose 1956 novelty hit ‘Transfusion’ was followed up by ‘Ape Call’), Cleveland soul sisters the Ebonettes and their ‘Wild Man Walk’, Bert Convey (of one-hit wonders The Cheers, and later a well-known gameshow host) and his ‘The Gorilla’, and everyone’s favorite Italian American gigolo, the King of Swing, Louis Prima with his ‘Civilization (Bongo Bongo Bongo)’. Prima would go on to become the well-known voice of the orangutan ‘King Louie’ in Disney’s The Jungle Book.”
PNY 4502LP VA: Monster Mash LP+CD (PNY 4502LP) 25.00
“Penny Records pays homage to the classic horror movie icons of the fifties and sixties with mummies, Frankenstein, werewolves and Dracula galore! Grab your baby and crank up the hi-fi while these boys keep things rockin’ at the monster ball! Don’t miss Tony & The Monstrosties’ totally mental ‘Igor’s Party’, The Duponts’ cool ‘Screamin’ Ball’, The Moontrekkers’ freaky ‘Night Of The Vampire’ (produced by audio pioneer Joe Meek), the great Screamin’ Jay Hawkins’ ‘I Hear Voices’, and Lord Luther’s 1958 ‘(I Was A) Teenage Creature.'”
PNY 4503LP VA: She Bop LP+CD (PNY 4503LP) 25.00
“Sixteen tracks of stone-cold female rock, soul and R&B from deep in the vaults. These chicks were busy keepin’ it real…not keepin’ house! Everyone from Big Mama Thornton and her superlative version of ‘Hound Dog’, to Toni Fisher and her 1959 hit ‘The Big Hurt’ (apparently the first song ever to use flanging), Cool Connie Francis’ 1955 ‘Fallin”, Shirley Gunter’s doo wop classic ‘Ipsie Opsie Ooh’ and the ‘Female Elvis’ Janis Martin’s ‘Cracker Jack’!”
PERL 089EP TANAKA, FUMIYA: 337/I Can Tell You Of Course I Know It Was 12″ (PERL 089EP) 14.00
After contributing to last year’s Superlongevity Five compilation, Perlon was more than happy to receive tracks from Fumiya Tanaka, who currently resides in between Tokyo and Berlin.
And lo, at the cusp of the portalInfinity eclipses the sensesSeret!Sartan!The golden calf was gilded here”PLANAM presents you the new Pat Murano solo project of abrasive atmospheric aggressions. Founding member of No Neck Blues Band, Pat Murano also established the K Salvatore highly enigmatic duo in the mid 1990s together with Jason Meagher (also of NNCK fame and more recently head of the Black Dirt Studios) as well as the black Malkuth beast. Decimus has existed as an entity for some years, privately kept secret in the abyss of New York darkest creation. Available now in very limited quantities, Decimus 4 is the sixth chapter of the Decimus sodality, half way through the complete endurance.”
PD 9004LP BROWN, JAMES: Sex Machine LP (PD 9004LP) 21.00
Gatefold double LP “recorded live at home in Augusta, Georgia with his bad self.” Tracks include “Bewildered,” “There Was A Time,” “If I Ruled The World,” “Spinning Wheel,” “It’s A Man’s Man’s World” and only two tracks that include the world “popcorn” in the title.
VHSX 004LP SLANT AZYMUTH: Slant Azymuth LP (VHSX 004LP) 20.00
Slant Azymuth expand on the concepts shared on 2011’s virtually unobtainable series of releases on Andy Votel and Demdike Stare’s Pre-Cert Home Entertainment label. Slant Azymuth is more than likely a joint venture between label heads Demdike and Votel, once again exploring fake-loric nonlanguage/electric codes and forbidden information to create an archive of sonic and poetic commentary (evidence) concerning corruption in pre-war local industry, perverted belief systems and scientific invention. Part music concrète, part folklore, part-pulp-fictitious, part Neorealism — this indulgent patchwork of mechanical folk/pop and non-music combines essential influences of electric Smithsonian releases, sound poetry, Zden?k Liska, Ilhan Mimaroglu, basic Carnatic music, Lettrism, Pierre Henry, Oramics in Ardwick, Massiera, Lloyd M. Williams, Stella Crenshaw, Bruno Nicolai, Suzanne Ciani, Eastern European fiction, AgitProp, L.S. Lowry, J.G. Frazer, Gurdjieff, Kommune pop groups and futen theater. Limited to 700 copies. Cut at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin.
RLP 2125LP BUSHMAN’S REVENGE: Never Mind The Botox LP (RLP 2125LP) 22.00
This is the companion to the Bonanza album, recorded and mixed during the same sessions in Athletic Sound in summer 2011. Here they cover some of their personal favorites, fully showing the diversity of artists that is so typical for the listening habits of young Norwegian musicians not subscribing to specific genres. Meaning, you will find Black Sabbath and Pixies side-by-side with Ornette Coleman and Sun Ra. And with “Bushman Rock,” they also cover themselves. This song was left off the Jitterbug (RCD 2097CD/ RLP 3097LP) album, but they recorded a vastly improved version for this album. And their take on Sabbath’s “War Pigs” is absolutely blazing. This is a vinyl-only release and comes with a free mp3 download of the whole album.
RLP 3122LP EL DOOM & THE BORN ELECTRIC: El Doom & The Born Electric 2LP (RLP 3122LP) 26.50
2LP gatefold vinyl version. Debut album from “young veterans” of the Norwegian heavy and progressive scenes, fronted by singer, guitarist, writer and producer Ole Petter Andreassen. This is classic, heavy, guitar-driven and melodic progressive rock, the playing and production being top notch with a natural mix of solid riffs, intricate instrumental passages and great hooks. The core of the band, apart from Andreassen, is Hedvig Mollestad on guitar and Hammond organ and brothers Brynjar and Haavard Takle Ohr from El Cuero on lead guitar and drums, respectively. Guests include Nikolai Hængsle Eilertsen from Elephant9 on bass, Ståle Storløkken from Elephant9 and Supersilent on Hammond, Mikael Lindquist on Hammond and Mellotron and veteran Jon Eberson on guitar. Jazz guitarist Eberson, now 60 and more vital than ever, arrived at the studio, insisted on not hearing any music, plugged in, burned his way through “It’s Electric” and “The Hook” and was home in time for an early dinner. Eilertsen and Storløkken are widely recognized to be two of Norway’s top instrumentalists in any category and Håvard Takle Ohr is probably the best rock drummer in the country at the moment. All the material is written by Andreassen, with some help on four of the tracks. He has been involved in around 20 albums and most notably been a member of Thulsa Doom and The Cumshots, but this is the first album where he is in total control. He is also owner of Caliban Studio, home to many great-sounding Norwegian albums. He has been nominated for four Norwegian Grammys and won two. Includes voucher for free MP3 download of the whole album.
RLP 3123LP BUSHMAN’S REVENGE: A Little Bit Of Big Bonanza LP (RLP 3123LP) 22.00
Gatefold LP version. This is the fourth album from Bushman’s Revenge, and their third on Rune Grammofon. It’s no secret that the label has a soft spot for this fabulous group and would wish nothing less than world domination for them. What they do seems to be an almost lost art when it comes to making records. Basically, meaning great musicians playing together in a proper recording studio, interacting and playing off each other. The tracks are mostly first or second takes, there is no editing and just a couple of overdubs on the whole album. And while guitarist Even Helte Hermansen is the natural focal point, there are no big egos at work here — this is a solid unit where all members are equally important for the end result. Just listen to the “loose but tight” interplay on the opening track, an energetic and joyful interpretation of Sonny Sharrock’s “As We Used To Sing.” Bushman’s Revenge was founded by Even and Gard back in 2003 in their hometown of Skien, a couple of hours south of Oslo, while Rune joined from the northern town of Bodø. Even was a member of Shining and grew up listening to Kiss, Pantera, Sepultura, Faith No More, Frank Zappa and John Coltrane, while Gard and Rune met at the Jazz Academy in Trondheim, breeding ground for renowned musicians such as Arve Henriksen, Ståle Storløkken, Nils Petter Molvær and many more. Gard also plays with pop sensation Susanne Sundfør and in Puma with Øystein Moen (Jaga Jazzist) and guitar experimentalist Stian Westerhus. It was recorded and mixed in Athletic Studio in Halden, Norway in summer 2011. Includes voucher for free MP3 download of the whole album.
RLP 3124LP MOTORPSYCHO AND STALE STORLOKKEN: The Death Defying Unicorn 2LP (RLP 3124LP) 26.50
Gatefold double LP version. On this epic, double concept album, easily their most ambitious yet, Motorpsycho has assembled the cream of classical and jazz musicians from world class ensembles established in Trondheim, their hometown. The Death Defying Unicorn was first commissioned by Molde International Jazzfestival for their 50th anniversary in 2010 where it was performed on the main outdoor stage. This, however, has been partly re-arranged, refined and recorded from scratch at Propeller Studios in Oslo with Kåre Chr. Vestrheim once again co-producing as he did with Heavy Metal Fruit. Ståle Storløkken (Supersilent, Elephant9, Humcrush, Terje Rypdal) is considered one of Norway’s top keyboardists, but here he comes into his full as a writer and not at least arranger of the two ensembles. His contributions to this album cannot be stressed enough. Among the players in Trondheim Jazz Orchestra are well-known names such as Kjetil Møster (Ultralyd), André Roligheten (Albatrosh) and Mathias Eick, not to forget star violinist Ola Kvernberg. Most bands will reach a creative peak at a certain point in their career, after which they simply continue in a less interesting fashion before eventually calling it a day. Not so with Motorpsycho. After more than 20 years, they continue to develop and to challenge themselves artistically. Motorpsycho was founded in Trondheim by mainstays Bent Sæther and Hans Magnus Ryan. Drummer Håkon Gebhard joined them after their first album and stayed until 2005. Kenneth Kapstad took over the stool for Little Lucid Moments in 2008. Kim Hiorthøy is, as always, responsible for the artwork, this time joined by artist Thore Hansen for the fantastic inside illustration.
RB 031EP HELIUM ROBOTS: Jarza EP 12″ (RB 031EP) 12.50
Helium Robots is Ewan Wilmott. The Helium Robots make imaginative Factory Records, electro-Balearic, disco, and, err… robot music. Two tracks of that caliber are placed on the A-side. The flip has Theo Parrish laying his gifted hands on “Jarza” with two different outcomes. “Translation 1” is an up-to-date Parrish space-cadet trip, while the second take emphasizes the dark and typical Theo magic in his roots house period. Limited beautiful robot sleeve covers.
SFT 007EP GIFFONI, CARLOS: Evidence 12″ (SFT 007EP) 11.00
“Carlos Giffoni is a Venezuelan electronic musician residing in the New York City area for the past ten plus years. It’s here where Giffoni established himself not only as a jammer but as a curator of contemporary out music as label head and festival director for No Fun Productions. Giffoni uses modular synthesizers, custom-built instruments, and various modes of analog and digital synthesis to compose electronic music pieces for physical formats. He is also well-versed and respected in the international improvisational circuit. Giffoni’s recent work focuses on live analog synthesizer pieces in line with early cosmic electronic and techno music, while maintaining the harsher edge of his previous noise works. A perpetual believer in ‘no rules’ jam creation in the face of stringent genrefication, Giffoni’s No Fun Acid project puts this belief into practice on Evidence, a two track 12″ for Software Recording Company. Evidence stylistically reintegrates lessons learned with a newfound and brazen songcraft that few would expect from the tenured noise artist. The synergy of Giffoni’s monotone vocals with acid leads and pulsescapes suggests something strangely erotic that was hinted at on the Adult Life and Severance records. The killer surprise on Evidence is Laurel Halo’s manually mechanized piano and synth riffage on the title track. A refreshing look at experimental synth craft that is closer in nature to the explorations of EBM and industrial without relying on typical cold/masculine tropes, and couldn’t be farther away from the overly placating and demonstrative kosmische tendencies of late. Times change, disintegration is imminent, and here is the Evidence.” Limited edition + high quality virgin vinyl + download code.
SFT 008EP SLAVA: Soft Control 12″ (SFT 008EP) 15.00
“Slava (b. Slava Balsanov) is a recording and visual artist currently residing in Brooklyn, NY. Born in Moscow, he spent his formative years in Chicago where he co-founded Moment Sound Recordings. His music has been released on labels such as Mathematics Recordings, Future Times, !K7 and Coral Records Internazionale. Software Recording Co. is proud to present the Soft Control EP, which finds Slava in an exploratory mode whose common thread is techno energy adroitly concealed within a stark matrix of interloping, chrome-dipped footwork themes. Slava’s mutated future take on glossy Todd Edwards/Akufen-style uptown club motifs hits home with us. A pointedly darker left turn with more cruise and ooze, Soft Control meditates on the phrases [I Had] and [I’ve Got Feelings Too], in a style that we lovingly refer to at Software HQ as ‘club anthema.’ Not to mention the curveball track ‘Swan’ that morphs layered, perforated harp into weird contemplation tunnels. Self-hypnotize.” Limited edition. High-quality virgin vinyl. Includes download code.
SOMM 001LP STONEFIELD TRAMP: Dreaming Again… LP (SOMM 001LP) 25.50
Extremely rare 1974 British album, first time ever reissued on vinyl. Lovely amateurish folk and folk-rock, including the 9-minute psych-folk track “Bitter World” as well as some other stand-out songs like the trippy “Oh Mothers Tell Your Children.” 180 gram vinyl with unbeatable remastered sound. Includes a big insert with lyrics and photos. 500 copies only pressing.
SOMM 002LP DANDO SHAFT: An Evening With Dando Shaft LP (SOMM 002LP) 25.50
1970 debut album by legendary British group Dando Shaft. An essential, all acoustic folk-rock disc that stands up there with the top classics of the genre. 500 copies only, pressed on 180 gram vinyl including an insert with liners by Andy Morten.
SOMM 003LP DANDO SHAFT: Dando Shaft LP (SOMM 003LP) 25.50
Second longplayer by UK folk-rock outfit Dando Shaft, from 1971. With the addition of female singer Polly Bolton, there’s a few traditional folk tunes and also some great Pentangle-like songs. A stunning album now reissued in 500 copies only. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl including an insert with liners by Andy Morten. Housed in a gatefold sleeve.
SOMM 004LP DANDO SHAFT: Lantaloon LP (SOMM 004LP) 25.50
Third and last album by UK folk-rock outfit Dando Shaft, from 1972. Another brilliant set of acoustic folk-rock and traditional folk. 500 copies only, pressed on 180 gram vinyl. Includes a reproduction of the original big poster and an insert with liners by Andy Morten.
SOMM 005LP KILLING FLOOR: Out Of Uranus LP (SOMM 005LP) 25.50
The second and best of the albums released by this British group, originally on Larry Page’s Penny Farthing label in 1970. The impressive opening track “Out Of Uranus” kicks off this great album, filled with acid-rock and blues-rock with an aggressive production and in-your-face guitar riffs all over. Also features a couple tracks more into psych-pop, all pretty well-executed. Fully licensed, 180 gram vinyl with mastertape sound quality. Housed in the original gatefold cover artwork. Limited edition of 500 copies.
SOMM 006LP ELIAS HULK: Unchained LP (SOMM 006LP) 25.50
A classic in the collecting circuit since ages, the sole release by UK group Elias Hulk was out in 1970 on the Youngblood label. Raw hard-rock, adding some Eastern and blues-rock elements as well. First-ever licensed vinyl reissue, pressed on 180 gram vinyl in a one-off 500 copies pressing. Insert with photos and extensive liners by Andy Morten.
SFV 014EP CLEMENTI, ROBERTO: Stage 1 12″ (SFV 014EP) 12.00
Roberto Clementi hails from a small town in Italy. His tunes range from deep and lush to uplifting and party-pumping — often fueled by minimal subby basslines, retro-ish melodic elements, elegantly cut-up vocals, and an overall warm, analog feel. His debut EP for Steadfast features three techno tracks ranging in mood and atmosphere but all sharing a perfect dancefloor sensibility and top-notch production. Brendon Moeller’s reshape ain’t half bad either.
SAAH 071LP YONA, YAIR: World Behind Curtains LP (SAAH 071LP) 19.00
LP version with download coupon. “Anchored by chiming steel string guitar, World Behind Curtains marks the ascendance of Yair Yona from solo steel string acolyte into master arranger, pulling the post-Takoma school of playing along with him into beautifully festooned cathedrals of sound. His exuberant attack on the acoustic guitar can be aggressive & ripe with punk rock muscle, only to return with graceful fingerstyle caresses. Each of the eight compositions sparkles with multi-instrumental color, alternating between full string arrangements, piano, horns, chimes and splashes of electric guitars.”
K7 300CD VA: DJ-Kicks: The Exclusives CD (K7 300CD) 13.50
“Not for nothing was DJ Kicks once named ‘the most important DJ mix series ever’ by dance music bible Mixmag. In the 17 years since it started in 1995 with CJ Bolland’s scene-defining techno set, via landmark releases by Kruder & Dorfmeister, Smith & Mighty and Kemistry & Storm, it’s established a reputation for quality, forward-thinking mixes by dance music’s big names. That’s a statement that holds just as true for the last five years, which has seen UK synth poppers Hot Chip, New York retro-futurists The Juan MacLean and London dubstep icon Kode 9, amongst many others, add their weight to the franchise. A big part of DJ Kicks idea is the exclusive track on each album: every artist doing DJ Kicks has to write and include a piece of music that’s not available anywhere else. The second Exclusives album, follow-up to the first collection released in 2006, collates all fourteen of those DJ Kicks-only moments from the last five years.” Artists include: Four Tet, Henrik Schwarz, Hot Chip – My Piano, Chromeo, The Juan MacLean, Holden, Kode9, Apparat, Soul Clap, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Scuba, Gold Panda and Photek and Kuru.
SA 012LP SUN ARAW: Ancient Romans 2LP (SA 012LP) 19.00
Repressed. Gatefold 2LP version on white vinyl with an accompanying 16-page art book.
SBR 5028CD FRY, MARK: Dreaming With Alice CD (SBR 5028CD) 15.50
2012 repress. One of the most enigmatic albums of all time and the very epitome of “acid folk,” Dreaming With Alice is firmly established as one of the world’s most sought-after records. Recorded when Mark Fry was still a teenager, and only released in Italy in 1972, Dreaming With Alice is a beguilingly strange and melodic song cycle echo, with fuzzed wah wah guitar and backwards tapes that has been much bootlegged but never officially reissued… until now. Complete with two bonus tracks, rare photographs and liner notes by Fry himself, this is an essential purchase for all fans of psychedelic singer/songwriting.
SBR 5029CD C.O.B.: Moyshe McStiff and the Tartan Lancers of the Sacred Heart CD (SBR 5029CD) 15.50
2012 repress. Featuring Incredible String Band founder Clive Palmer, COB (an acronym for “Clive’s Original Band”) made some of the most imaginative and moving music of their time, and this 1972 masterpiece is considered by many to be the finest folk record ever to emerge from the British Isles. Along with members Mick Bennett and John Bidwell, Moyshe McStiff and the Tartan Lancers of the Sacred Heart is an overwhelmingly beautiful and compelling collection of songs set to Eastern-tinged arrangements and Celtic acid folk. It’s presented here with seven rare bonus tracks, comprehensive historical sleevenotes and rare photographs, making it the most comprehensive edition of the album ever assembled.
SBR 5040CD CZAR: Czar CD (SBR 5040CD) 15.50
2012 repress. Originally released in 1970, Czar is firmly established as one of the most sought-after progressive rock albums ever released in the UK. An intense brew of Hammond organ, mellotron and scorching psychedelic guitar, it’s certain to appeal to fans of King Crimson, Atomic Rooster, The Nice and Led Zeppelin. Presented here complete with eight bonus tracks and a full-color booklet (incorporating rare photographs and comprehensive sleevenotes), this definitive reissue is a simply essential purchase for all lovers of heavy progressive psychedelia.
SWDDL 724LP EDEN’S CHILDREN: Sure Looks Real LP (SWDDL 724LP) 29.00
“Follow up to their seminal 1968 debut, this brings you another example of what the Eden’s Children are known for, and why they are openly (even back then) acclaimed as the best Boston band. Led by Richard ‘Sham’ Schamach’s fine guitar playing and backed by the tight rhythm section of bassist Larry Kiley and drummer Jimmy Sturman, the children unload in this album another twelve songs of fuzzy psychedelic sounds. Some people argue this to be even better than their first, but we’ll let the listener judge.” Original gatefold cover artwork, remastered sound and limited to 500 copies.
SWDDL 725LP AGGREGATION, THE: Mind Odyssey LP (SWDDL 725LP) 29.00
“Finally we are proud to offer a reissue of this cult US psych album which is faithful to the original release. Known and desired by collectors for decades, it is today considered as one of the key albums to understand the genre. This concept album makes use of a visit to a theme park as a metaphor for a Psychedelic Journey. Interestingly, The Aggregation where one of the few rock bands playing in Disneyland (!!!) at the time. The music is psychedelic, dreamy, sophisticated and controlled, there’s flute and saxophone as well as the use of psychedelic effects, and the double-sided lyrics cleverly draw the line between their clear psychedelic intentions and the young audience of Disneyland.” Reissued for the first time with its original gatefold cover and remastered sound.
SWDDL 726LP GALLIARD: New Dawn LP (SWDDL 726LP) 29.00
“Formed in the English Midlands as a six-piece band in 1969, Galliard released their second LP New Dawn in 1970. The album has a strong progressive flavor, with an interesting brass section and great, strong melodies. It also features the great sitar breakout ‘Ask for Nothing,’ certainly one of the highlights here, a trippy nine minute long sitar raga. Although their first album Strange Pleasure is widely known, New Dawn has remained somewhat unknown to collectors and is reissued on vinyl here for the first time.” Original artwork and remastered sound. Limited to 500 copies.
TEC 054EP DISTANCE: Reboot/Bazurk 12″ (TEC 054EP) 11.00
Tectonic is very happy to welcome Distance back. Restrained but ruff-neck, “Reboot” has been tearing up clubs over the latter part of 2011. Chiming in with a riff that sounds like a demented modem being fed through a hungry distortion pedal, the track features a charging rhythm with a deadly purpose. Big support from Youngsta, Mala, Pinch and many more. “Bazurk” swings into action with a chattering, wonky hi-hat line, ripping the clothing from its chest and letting out a deafening metallic roar.
WIRE 337 WIRE, THE: #337 March 2012 MAG (WIRE 337) 8.50
“On the cover: Earth (Joseph Stannard finds out why the Seattle slow-rockers are away with the fairy folk and investigating the Old, Weird Albion); :zoviet*france (Phil England hears audio fog on the Tyne emanating from the veteran post-industrial duo’s danceworks); Emptyset (The Bristol based Multiverse duo make shattered techno out of ruined buildings); Global Ear: Ethiopia (Terrie Ex & Andy Moor chronicle The Ex’s pathfinding tours of the Horn of Africa, building relationships with local musicians and audiences); Cross Platform: Haroon Mirza (The UK based artist’s latest installations are random acoustic sculptures forming resonant environments); Invisible Jukebox: Ghost Box (Belbury Poly’s Jim Jupp and The Focus Group’s Julian House are spooked by The Wire’s uncanny record selection); Julia Holter (The Californian lo-fi goddess moulds Cageian aesthetics and classical mythology into her DIY sound forge); The Primer: King Tubby (A guide to Osbourne Ruddock’s studio mutations and earth-shaking roots riddims, which transformed Jamaican music and beyond).”
TRESOR 244EP WATSON, VINCE: Interference EP 12″ (TRESOR 244EP) 11.00
This is the second 12″ from Vince Watson on Tresor. The Interference EP is a double A-side, presenting two different facets to the producer. On one side, the alarmingly huge monster that “Interference” is and on the other, the more lyrical techno works deftly displaying Watson’s keys and groove-led approach to production. The EP stands as a superlative testament to the dense and melodically charged chord compositions that characterize his discography, making for a sparkling serotonin package.
TURBO 033LP ZZT (ZOMBIE NATION & TIGA): Partys Over Earth 3×10″ BOX (TURBO 033LP) 38.50
3×10″ box version. Tiga and Zombie Nation have joined forces to create the most potent dance record of the year. Apocalyptic tension. Panic-fueled fundowns. 2012 is approaching. Having both rocked remarkably long and prolific careers, the members of ZZT possess uncanny staying power in an industry where hype ends faster than it begins. Zombie Nation’s production credentials are impeccable, and his reputation as a live performer has made him a permanent fixture on Europe’s main stages. Meanwhile, Tiga’s vocal hooks, sampling know-how, DJ sets and impressive work as a label boss have all kept him perched atop the electro-pyramid. These are two major players in the indie-dance world, but together, they are something else entirely. ZZT first established themselves as paradigm wreckas back in 2007 with Lower State Of Consciousness, upping the ante on how “crazy” a crazy club record needs to be. Dazed & Confused named it their “Electronica Single of the Year,” while Rough Trade likened it to “hearing Da Funk for the first time… getting Justice to turn it inside out is a master stroke. Tune of the Year.” Partys Over Earth is relentless, uncompromising combat funk. If the new ZZT were a drug, it would be DZZMT. Not the stuff some loser shaman huffs behind the village gas station, but a new-school cut of freebase free-bass that tears out your central nervous system and forces it to dance with the hottest elf you’ve ever seen.
TURBO 111EP RENAISSANCE MAN: What Do You Do When You Do What You Do 12″ (TURBO 111EP) 12.00
For Renaissance Man’s first single off their Turbo debut LP (TURBO 032CD), they have assembled a team of remixers who live up to the playful intelligence of the original. The result is a MENSA-level dissection of contemporary dance music. Legendary producer Herbert offers up a subtle, atmospheric take, adding his own vocals and introducing an esoteric pop sensibility. Scottish producer Sei A checks in with a hypnotic techno groove bomb. UK vet Paul Woolford strikes a balance between wobble acid and melodic piano hooks.
TURBO 113EP SEI A: Frozen Flower 12″ (TURBO 113EP) 12.00
Sei A’s latest release finds the Scottish producer fully immersed in the forward-thinking UK electronic scene, splitting the difference between the worlds of underground techno and legit songwriting. The title-track balances emotive synths and sculpted vocal samples that flow languidly over a skittish beat. “Starjar” starts in a similarly tranquil vein before expanding into an ominous cosmic synthstorm. Midland toughens up the beats and pushes the track squarely toward the dance floor, while Youandewan creates a vertiginous downbeat ambience.
TURBO 114EP MILANO: The Fall (Untold Remix) 12″ (TURBO 114EP) 12.00
Milano’s “The Fall” is a killer dose of deep acid, in the tradition of some of the label’s finest releases (Jesper Dahlback, Jori Hulkonnen, Mike Mind). The track is dark, huge and claustrophobic, like plummeting endlessly through a starry void in an uncomfortably form-fitting spacesuit. Untold remixes and we have no idea how to categorize his version, other than to stress that it’s dope. There’s also a “Synthapella” version, which is the perfect tool for imagining a World Without Percussion.
TURBO 115EP SEI A: Flux (Martyn Mix) 12″ (TURBO 115EP) 12.00
This EP from Sei A snaps things back onto a futuristic grid of bass-driven club madness. “Break The Pattern” is a techno zap-fest featuring a killer hook, precision, laser-cut drums and a rough, rolling groove. “Flux” blends retro video game sounds with vocal samples, laid out against a psychedelic cha-cha rhythm. This one received early support from Martyn who weighs in with a strong remix, driving the 8-bit riff into a frenzy, backed by iron-clad beats bouncing atop a megaton sub. Guaranteed crowd-pleaser.
TURBO 116EP ZZT (ZOMBIE NATION & TIGA): Work Pt. I (Nautiluss Remix) 12″ (TURBO 116EP) 12.00
The latest single off of ZZT’s Partys Over Earth album (TURBO 033CD/LP) romances the grindstone with 5 ½ minutes of hard labor in the analog mines. Also features a remix by Nautiluss, the new techno alias of Thunderheist’s Graham Zilla.
TURBO 117EP AZARI & III: Reckless (Tiga & Proxy Remixes) 12″ (TURBO 117EP) 12.00
Turbo weighs in with heavyweight remix support from label boss/master Tiga and Russian rave-czar Proxy.
VARS VA5-EP VA: Learn Faster/Air 10″ (VARS VA5-EP) 11.00
Bass-wise electronic soul carved in the Various studio. “Learn Faster” steps to a flexible, minimalist riddim flecked with deft electro stabs and flush with warm pads, and of course, Asher’s honeyed croon, all arranged with the razor-sharp pop instinct they’re loved for. “Air” is darker, skating on iced-out synth surfaces between darting hi-hat triplets and sparse but dirty bass hits — Asher Dust pitched slightly higher for a tense, slow/fast dip with shades of S-X’s “Wooo!” riddim.
WAP 328EP BATTLES: Dross Glop 2 12″ (WAP 328EP) 13.50
“Battles proudly present the second in a series of highly anticipated remixes from their 2011 album Gloss Drop. Each release in the series comes exclusively on 12″ vinyl (not initially available on digital) and contains stunning, exclusive re-works of the original album art. This second release in the remix series sees Shabazz Palaces, Kode 9 and Alchemist recreate Battles’ kinetic tracks.”
WARP 224CD MY BEST FIEND: In Ghostlike Fading CD (WARP 224CD) 14.50
“While the five members of My Best Fiend live in Brooklyn, the music they create resides somewhere else entirely: in a spacious, dreamlike world all its own. On their Warp Records debut, In Ghostlike Fading, their songs feel like reveries, mixing gorgeously atmospheric keyboards with grittier guitars and plaintive lead vocals. Almost hushed, folk-like verses build to ringing rock choruses, bolstered by layers of floaty vocal harmonies from various friends and guest stars, all of it treated to a generous turn of the reverb knob. Hallucinatory opening track, ‘Higher Palms,’ achieves a kind of modern, Phil Spector-like spirit, a somewhat woozier Wall of Sound. Lead singer Frederick Coldwell’s lyrics teeter between decadence and penitence, compulsion and confession, offering portraits of characters that have sweated through a long dark night of the soul or two and–for the most of them.”
WARP 224LP MY BEST FIEND: In Ghostlike Fading 2LP (WARP 224LP) 22.50
Gatefold 2LP version with download code.
WP 050 WAX POETICS: #50 10th Anniversary/Winter 2012 MAG (WP 050) 11.99
Wax Poetics celebrates its 10th anniversary with a stylish redesign. “In December of 2001, Wax Poetics debuted its first issue to a small following of record collectors and ‘beat diggers.’ Ten years later, Wax Poetics has carved out a niche for itself in the world of music journalism and expanded its audience to a worldwide congregation of music lovers. Issue 50 marks our ten-year anniversary and does so with one of the most iconic musicians in the history of African American music, the one and only Prince.” On the back cover: Frank Ocean. Also in this issue: Larry Graham, Morris Day, Toro y Moi, DJ Quick Record Rundown, Blood Orange, Questlove on Prince, Jesse Johnson, Madhouse, The Family, Grand Central, and 94 East Re:Discovered.
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