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AMI 044CD STARVING WEIRDOS: Land Lines CD (AMI 044CD) 14.00
“Amish is pleased to officially announce a new release from Humboldt County’s finest contemporary experimental unit, Starving Weirdos. A couple of years in the making, Land Lines documents a vital step in the evolution and refinement of Starving Weirdos’ freeform improvisational practices, as well as its infamous and highly disciplined studio practices. Land Lines chronicles Starving Weirdos’ most focused and structured release to date, with pieces that import a distinctly European flavor into the sound of what, until now, has been a uniquely Northern Californian form of sonic experimentation.”
AMI 044LP STARVING WEIRDOS: Land Lines LP (AMI 044LP) 19.00
LP version with download code.
AUS 1136EP JONES, LEE: The Moose Mingles EP 12″ (AUS 1136EP) 12.00
Whether on his own or with Nick Höppner as My My, Lee Jones has been DJing and making music for more than a decade. Next up from him is a futuristic 4-tracker including two remixes. On “Moment,” Jones offers up a bass-driven house number that hints at his jazz roots while pushing forward into garage territory. For the remix, George FitzGerald delivers his most straight-up, heads-down house production to date. Next up is the quirky “Duvel,” which Midland twists into a moody, multi-genre convergence.
BASMATI 007EP ANANDA, GABRIEL: Live Series Part III 12″ (BASMATI 007EP) 12.50
“Hey Blop” from Live Series Part II was the hymn that burned down dancefloors all over the world. Gabriel Ananda continues his Live Series and delivers two more sophisticated techno-tracks with diabolic methods.
BEC 5161078 MICKEY MOONLIGHT: Close To Everything (feat. George Lewis Jnr) 12″ (BEC 5161078) 12.50
Mickey Moonlight’s first single (Interplanetary Music) was described by The Guardian (UK) as “the thinking fan’s pop moment of 2008.” The second (Love Pattern) was described by Les Inrockuptibles as “tropical chic… on this strange Cockney accent, Caribbean rhythms, disco beats and melodies tan on white sand.” Featuring Fimber Bravo and George Lewis Jnr with remixes by The Martin Brothers and Playgroup.
BNR 070EP HOUSEMEISTER (FEAT. P.O.S): Weird Friends 12″ (BNR 070EP) 12.50
Housemeister is back with his big single Weird Friends. With U.S. indie-rapper P.O.S spittin’ the truth on the mic and Housi’s signature heavy beats, this one is a no-brainer. There are also remixes from TWR72 who deliver solid tech-dub, Obi Blanche who adds a funky live bass a la Cypress Hill meets Smith N Hack and Mixhell who delivers a tropical disco-rave mix of “Hirschkeule” with epic drum fills by Igor Cavalera.
Dave Harrington and Nicolas Jaar are Darkside. This EP begins innocently enough, but as it progresses, it feels like searching for pleasure where you know you shouldn’t. The beat in this clandestine affair has just enough restraint, and you know the catharsis is worth the sin. “…from dreamy electronic music inflected with impressionist piano, gently digitized French singing, lobby-jazz, and cave sounds to the terse, rugged dub-funk of Darkside, all while still sounding totally Jaar: nocturnal, cerebral, sensuous, paradoxical, and intuitive.” –Pitchfork (8.0)
COLOUR 005EP RIZZA, RICCARDO: I’m Liebe 12″ (COLOUR 005EP) 12.00
Riccardo Rizza presents a 12″ for Swedish imprint Colourful Recordings. Backed by remixes from Tiger Stripes, Boghosian & Torquato and label honcho Orange Muse, the release radiates a healthy dose of funk-infused grooves. The original mix carries Riccardo’s signature sound of deep, thick bass, rolling pianos and haunting vocal snippets. Tiger Stripes brings a darker, more upfront energy, Boghosian & Torquato take the track into after-hours territory and the Orange Muse remix guns for peak-time plays. All-in-all, a really diverse package.
MMDR 002EP MORPHOSIS: Too Far 12″ (MMDR 002EP) 12.50
Ostgut Ton-frontman Marcel Dettmann offers two remixes of “Too Far” from Morphosis’ full-length What Have We Learned (MMD 001CD/LP). Also includes the original version.
DES 106EP ECHONOMIST: Real Love (feat. Mz Sunday Luv) 12″ (DES 106EP) 12.50
Greek producer Echonomist presents an infectious blend of deep house fused with techy modern production on his debut for Dessous, featuring vocals by Mz. Sunday Luv. “Real Love” comes in various forms, the original being a vintage-styled classic house jam. Echonomist’s solid beats, Chicago bass line and dramatic snare rolls make this a real show-stopper. The track is then revisited in a more East Coast slow-jam style. San Soda reworks it into a real late-night burner, perfect for the floor and heavier moments.
DPROM 089LP CUT HANDS: Afro Noise 1 LP (DPROM 089LP) 25.50
Limited vinyl edition with bonus tracks. A bludgeoning mix of machine and vaudou/Central African percussion plus other acoustic instruments combine to create one of the most physically intense musical experiences ever. Since 2007’s Whitehouse album Racket, and after his original Afro Noise mix became one of the most downloaded experimental mixes ever made, William Bennett’s remarkable Cut Hands album has seen four long years of meticulously obsessive studio work in the making, notably deploying his special collection of Congolese and Ghanaian percussion instruments. All songs written and produced by William Bennett; mastering and remastering by Denis Blackham.
DPROM 090LP CUT HANDS: Afro Noise 2 LP (DPROM 090LP) 25.50
Volume 2. Limited vinyl edition with bonus tracks. Startling Afro noise that will blow your fucking mind from Whitehouse’s William Bennett.
RZ 3002LP VA: Inventionen I LP (RZ 3002LP) 23.50
Last copies of this 1985 release. Featured works: Boguslaw Schaeffer’s Berlin 80 II (composed in 1980 for piano, synthesizer and 4-track tape); Ricardo Mandolini’s Fabulas II (composed in 1980); Sukhi Kang’s “Inventio” (composed in 1984 for piano and tape).
RZ 3003LP VA: Inventionen II LP (RZ 3003LP) 23.50
Last copies of this 1985 release. Featured works: Takehito Shimazu’s Zytoplasma (composed 1980 for tape); Boguslaw Schaeffer’s Maa’ts (composed 1981 for vocals and electronics); Rolf Enström’s Fractal (composed 1984 at EMS Stockholm for tape and 10 slide projectors).
RZ 9006/7LP CAGE/TERRY FOX, JOHN: HighFidelity 2LP (RZ 9006/7LP) 81.00
2008 release put out in conjunction with the Marzona Collection exhibition in Berlin. Housed in a gatefold sleeve with a 36-page catalogue. The first LP is John Cage Speaks MUREAU by John Cage, its title assembled from the first syllable of the word “music” and the author’s name “Thoreau.” Malte Hubrig writes “The performance of Mureau — its letters, syllables and words read by John Cage in a uniform intonation of the voice — frees language of its meaning and opens it to sound.” The second LP is Terry Fox’s Culvert, a performance that took place at the University of Montana in 1977. “The performance lasted 24 hours and was divided into two unequal parts: in the first 3 hours Fox, accompanied by two students, took the rowboat to the middle of the 100-foot long, 6-foot high culvert, where they improvised on the instruments. In the remaining 21 hours, Fox stayed alone in the rowboat running a wooden baton around the rim of a saucepan lid to the point of exhaustion… The mutual dependencies of sound and surroundings — the space itself is a resonant body — constitute for Fox the fundamental esthetic concept of the musical sculpture. The sculptural treatment of sound — which, in its immediacy, dialectically carries the concrete spatial situation over into the dimension of time — opens a continuous progression in which the acoustic sculpture as a process unfurls.”
EMEGO 136CD VAN HOEN, MARK: The Revenant Diary CD (EMEGO 136CD) 15.50
“Don’t look back,” repeats one of several voices within Mark Van Hoen’s The Revenant Diary, his fifth solo album and first release on Editions Mego. Surrounded by weighted beats, analog synthesizer drones and granular dirt, the unidentified, siren-like female voice’s advice is as much seduction as warning. Tellingly so, for as well as being both Van Hoen’s most ambitious and his most accessible work, The Revenant Diary is an eloquent meditation on the allures and dangers of memory, regret and nostalgia. The album’s foundation was shaped by a memory and a chance encounter. While remastering some of his early ’90s releases and Peel Session tracks, Van Hoen — a founding member of Seefeel, who also worked as Locust and in Seefeel offshoot Scala and has collaborated with Slowdive, Robert Fripp, Edison Woods and Esben And The Witch, amongst others — happened upon a track he had recorded in 1982. Attracted by its simplicity, he was inspired to record the basis of The Revenant Diary on 4-track tape, using a minimal set-up, reminiscent of his first early ’80s musical adventures as a young teenager. The recollection of one of these — a 13 year-old Van Hoen’s experiment in reel-to-reel tape recording of an ineffectual pop song playing on the radio, which spuriously transformed it into a spooky amalgam of backwards church organ and unintelligible voices — provided an evocative inspiration. The Revenant Diary pivots on this combination of complex reflection and simplified technology. A determinedly analog affair, it brims over with Van Hoen’s signature sounds: immersively-decayed drones, almost broken ambient surfaces and lulling rhythms, with granular crackle providing spectral grit. Fragments of female vocals pepper the album, and notably dominate the 10-minute epic “Holy Me,” one of Van Hoen’s most complex compositions, in which non-verbal sounds rub delicately against each other in an otherworldly choral composition. Less song-based than his last solo work, the well-received Where Is The Truth (CCO 046CD/LP), its palette and structure are more descendants of the 1995 album Truth Is Born Of Arguments, which utilized a similar combination of decayed atmosphere against a granular/glitch rhythmic structure. Tracks like “Laughing Stars At Night” and “Unknown Host” exude a powerful emotional undertow, as alluringly woozy as they are intensely contemplative. But this is no exercise in Instagram-style disposable nostalgia. Van Hoen’s adroit juxtapositions of gauzy textures evoke the blurred luminescence of 16mm film and the rich, color-saturated hues of rediscovered Polaroid photos, as the cover artwork, designed by Stephen O’Malley, acknowledges. The Revenant Diary expertly renders displaced memory daze in lushly melodic, gently delirious electronic sound. All titles composed by Mark Van Hoen. Recorded in Brooklyn & Woodstock, NY, 2011. All instruments & processing by Mark Van Hoen with additional vocals by Georgia Belmont.
More voraciously bestial soundwork coming from Daniel Menche — this time, his chosen theme is the piano, in which he attacks, investigates and dissects with the precision of an autopsy surgeon, adding a whole new meaning to the concept of prepared piano, or should we say, unprepared piano, for an all-out assault. Guts lays out quite possibly some of the finest slabs of Menchian sonic mayhem to date. Slightly different track sequence over CD and vinyl formats due to time constraints. Mastered in the analog domain at Stereophonic Mastering, Portland Oregon. X-rays from a Chihuahua dog named Arrow.
Tujiko Noriko returns to Editions Mego after a period of relative silence, this time in collaboration with Tyme. (aka Tatsuya Yamada, member of MAS). This album was developed from songs that the duo made once a year at the end and beginning of the new year, for a period of six years. These were sent to friends and people who asked. After six years, there were six tracks and they added five more tracks based on the illustrations of Kimura Toshiko to complete the album. A gaudy take on J-pop, perhaps? These songs are bustling with a weird sense of optimism that’s not only fun but a little odd as well. The end and the start of a year, made by thinking of the future, giving it a shiny sheen with just a dash of darkness. GYU is an onomatopoeia of holding something tight, grabbing something. You know you like it, really.
Gatefold double LP version. Tujiko Noriko returns to Editions Mego after a period of relative silence, this time in collaboration with Tyme. (aka Tatsuya Yamada, member of MAS). This album was developed from songs that the duo made once a year at the end and beginning of the new year, for a period of six years. These were sent to friends and people who asked. After six years, there were six tracks and they added five more tracks based on the illustrations of Kimura Toshiko to complete the album. A gaudy take on J-pop, perhaps? These songs are bustling with a weird sense of optimism that’s not only fun but a little odd as well. The end and the start of a year, made by thinking of the future, giving it a shiny sheen with just a dash of darkness. GYU is an onomatopoeia of holding something tight, grabbing something. You know you like it, really.
FVCD 126CD CROMBIE & HIS FRIENDS, TONY: Whole Lotta Tony CD (FVCD 126CD) 10.00
Founded in 1952, the Flamingo on Wardour Street played host to both the cream of visiting U.S. jazz musicians and also the emerging British talent. It is the latter on which the Ember Jazz Originals series focuses primarily. During the ’50s, Flamingo founder Jeffrey Kruger built up his interests in music publishing and also facilitated recordings of some of his favorite artists, initially placing them with established outlets. Then in 1960, the first British jazz releases appeared on his own Ember label, both reissues of material previously placed elsewhere, and releases of entirely new repertoire. Whole Lotta Tony was recorded and released in 1961 on Ember, and credited to Tony Crombie & His Friends. Drummer Crombie’s CV to date had included performing with big bands, some “rock & roll” recordings as Tony Crombie & His Rockets, leading the London Jazz Quartet (which included Tubby Hayes, Alan Branscome and Jack Fallon), and working on soundtracks, including the TV series Man From Interpol. For Whole Lotta Tony, Crombie’s friends are Tommy Whittle (tenor clarinet, bass clarinet), Harold McNair (alto saxophone, flute), Gordon Beck (piano, harpsichord), and bassists Malcolm Cecil and Bobby Wellins. The album is now making its debut on CD, mastered from tape, and housed in the original Ember sleeve. The booklet reproduces the original sleeve notes and labels.
FVCD 127CD ROSS QUINTET, RONNIE: Stompin’ With The Ronnie Ross Quintet CD (FVCD 127CD) 10.00
Founded in 1952, the Flamingo on Wardour Street played host to both the cream of visiting U.S. jazz musicians and also the emerging British talent. It is the latter on which the Ember Jazz Originals series focuses primarily. During the ’50s, Flamingo founder Jeffrey Kruger built up his interests in music publishing and also facilitated recordings of some of his favorite artists, initially placing them with established outlets. Then in 1960, the first British jazz releases appeared on his own Ember label, both reissues of material previously placed elsewhere, and releases of entirely new repertoire. Baritone saxophonist Ronnie Ross is well known to fans of pop and rock music for his session work with the likes of Donovan in the ’60s, and for tutoring the young David Bowie, who subsequently invited him to solo on Lou Reed’s “Walk On The Wild Side.” In the ’50s, Ross played in the bands of Tony Kinsey, Ted Heath and Don Rendell, before performing and recording in his own right, and in collaboration with drummer Allan Ganley as the Jazz Makers. The Ronnie Ross Quintet album was recorded in May 1958 and first released on Parlophone. In 1961 it was reissued on Ember. As well as Ross, the Quintet comprises Bert Courtley (trumpet), Eddie Harvey (piano), Peter Blannin (bass) and Andy White (drums). The ten tracks include band originals, the standard “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes,” and compositions by Tubby Hayes, Don Rendell and Harry South. This reissue, mastered from tape, is housed in the original Ember sleeve, and the booklet reproduces the original sleeve notes, plus the sleeve to the earlier Parlophone release.
FUZZA 1010LP VA: Sideburn Sounds LP (FUZZA 1010LP) 25.00
Subtitled: 16 Freakbeat, Mod-Soul And Psych Dancers, 1966-1972. “Just what the title says: this ace ‘all killers — no fillers’ compilation is destined to burn the dancefloor, offering a perfect selection of the kind of sounds that are currently spinned at Euro mod ’60s clubs. An eclectic mix of mod-soul dancers, groovy psych, fuzzy freakbeat and garage-beat, lovingly selected and sequenced. Featuring bands from USA, Canada, Spain, Italy, Brazil and Japan, including top rarities like the ultra hard to find French freakbeat single by Gilbert Safrani and the hideously rare ye-ye mod 45 by Spanish singer Mochi. Perfect remastered sound, full-colour groovy psychedelic sleeve, liner notes and pictures.”
GR 2123LP ESPLENDOR GEOMETRICO: Desarrollos Geométricos LP (GR 2123LP) 19.50
Limited LP version. Desarrollos Geométricos (Geometric Developments) is the new album by influential Spanish cult legends Esplendor Geométrico. Recorded during 2010 and 2011, a few of the tracks on this release premiered at the band’s performances in Europe. Esplendor Geométrico has developed a unique and personal style that has influenced many groups and is increasingly moving away from the clichés of Industrial Music. Arturo Lanz, who heads the group, thinks that they can no longer be labeled as “industrial.” “Our music is deep, powerful, primitive and hypnotic, using electronic instruments and new technologies,” he says. Desarrollos Geométricos follows in the steps of their previous album, 2009’s impressive Pulsión, which was remixed on a 10″ release by renowned musicians such as Frank Bretschneider and Atom TM. Repetitive and mechanic electronic rhythms are intermingled with recordings of voices, shouts, samples from traditional oriental music and percussions. Some tracks induce a kind of trance, and you won’t be able to stop listening to them over and over again. Features 6 tracks, including 3 vinyl-only exclusives not on the CD.
GR 2124LP CIDRON, JUAN MANUEL: Patagon LP (GR 2124LP) 19.50
Juan Manuel Cidrón, from Almeria (Andalusia), is a prominent Spanish synth-player who began playing in 1985. A veteran of analog electronic sounds, his early influences were the Berlin School of the ’70s (Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, etc.) and American minimal music. Cidrón has released nine albums on his own label (Extraradio) with a very limited distribution. As a child, Cidrón fell in love with a radio that had flashing lights, as well as with the music that was broadcast through it. With the little money he had in his youth, he would spend it all on records and analog machines. His music is a celebration of life — the immensity of his electronic keyboards offers listeners the immensity of the desert, snow, wind… records like Tau or Sonido Para Acciones belong to the imaginarium of Spanish electronic music and also to the imaginarium of lovers of sonic poetry and soaring music. This vinyl edition is special — it is a return to analog, to which Cidrón is devout, and to which he will continue to be loyal. In this way, it is a classic, as is his continuous pledge to the quality that is the resounding conjunction between natural and artificial pulsation. The result is uniquely his: a material body that approaches the dream-world. Limited edition of 500 copies with printed inner sleeve.
HIGH 106EP BADER, PHILIP: Good For Nothing 12″ (HIGH 106EP) 12.50
Philip Bader’s second solo EP for Highgrade flatters the aural canals from the outset with an almost mystical sound, before suddenly popping out of the speakers, squeaking and peeping with urgent sound clips leading towards another musical realm. On the next track, Bader extends the conventional genre pigeonholes and crosses boundaries with audible pleasure. For whoever needs more on this theme: these two tracks are excerpts from a whole album, which will appear soon.
HIP 012LP SLEEP OVER: Forever LP (HIP 012LP) 16.00
“While listening to Sleep Over, the brain in humans and other mammals experience periodic intervals of dreaming, hallucinations, and other murky forms of brain activity. Forever, the debut LP from Austin-based Stefanie Franciotti, is a record of pastoral psychedelia, swirling texture, and unforgettable vocal strains, combining both synth landscapes and pop architecture to create an unfolding sense of yearning. Her voice weaves in and out of brethren synth and guitar timbres, unfolding over time outlined by minimal drum machine pulse, creating tape-saturated pop gems and ominous moments of synth shimmer that recall both dream pop and industrial urgency. Her synth work tends towards the warbly atmospheres – they bend and fuse like crusts of dried REM tears – and the songs have a dusty arc, with stark melodies that recall the spacious melancholia of Julee Cruise. Forever possesses an earthy, melting quality, reflecting Stefanie’s Texan roots in HD — hi-fi meets lo-fi, night meets day — dreams documented in brilliant long player fashion.”
SOMA 005LP SUNN O))) MEETS NURSE WITH WOUND: The Iron Soul Of Nothing 2LP (SOMA 005LP) 29.00
Repressed. Finally, available now as double vinyl set, this is a must for fans of both of these legendary sonic travelers: Steven Stapleton and Colin Potter twist SUNN O)))’s 2000 album ØØVOID inside-out on Nurse With Wound’s dissection table. “In 2007 we commissioned Nurse With Wound to re-work the masters of SUNN O)))’s second album ØØVOID to be included as a bonus CD on the Japanese reissue of said album released a year later on Daymare Recordings. We dug up the original 2″ reels from the 2000 session, had Mell Dettmer bake the tapes, made the multi-track transfers and sent the drive over to IC studios. The initial brief was to hopefully come up with something in the vein of Nurse’s legendary Soliloquy For Lilith set (my favorite release of the collective). What was returned was way beyond our expectations, completely transformed and rediscovered material, including highlighting formerly obscured vocals of the legendary Pete Stahl (Scream, Wool, Goatsnake). A vast, creepy sonic journey some part drone/depth of SUNN O))), other part concrete weirdness of Nurse, third part just downright out there in surreality and obscure referencing.” –Stephen O’Malley; Alchemical dialysis at IC Studio November and December 2007. Procedures executed by Steven Stapleton & Colin Potter. Produced by SUNN O))) & Scott Reeder. Ideologic Organ curation and art direction by Stephen O’Malley.
INTSPE 006EP COSMIC METAL MOTHER: Italian Cowboy 12″ (INTSPE 006EP) 12.50
Paolo Di Nola takes time out from running his Panacustica label to present you a lovely, melancholy, downbeat piece of cowboy disco. On the A-side you’ll get an additional version by Prins Thomas, giving you what you never knew you wanted — a potent mix of bluegrass and acid. On the B-side, The Stallions aka gunslingers extraordinaire Lovefingers and Lee Dougles fight off the bad guys and get the girl in the end.
JRCD 001CD DIDDLEY, BO: Is A…Sessionman – Studio Work 1955-1957 CD (JRCD 001CD) 16.50
Jerome Records presents this first ever compilation showcasing all of Bo Diddley’s pre-debut studio recordings. The riveting recordings he launched in the mid-’50s, with their unmistakably powerful phrasing, mesmerizing riffs and wild beat, changed the course of popular music and gave way to one of the most personal — and most frequently imitated — sounds in rock and roll. And yet, Bo Diddley’s unique artistic personality goes beyond his work as a singer, guitar player and performer: this collection showcases his skills as a first-rate composer, talent-scout, session musician and producer of R&B stars such as Little Walter, Billy Boy Arnold, Billy Stewart, the The Schoolboys and the The Marquees (featuring a youthful Marvin Gaye in their line-up). Deluxe packaging with artist pics, label shots and extensive liner notes by George R. White, author of Living Legend, Bo Diddley’s biography. Remastered sound.
KIS 4012CD COTTONWOOD: Camaraderie CD (KIS 4012CD) 17.00
This short-lived Californian quintet featured Gary Rowles (best-known for playing guitar with Arthur Lee’s legendary Love), as well as Dave Weyer (who’d designed equipment for Jimi Hendrix, Neil Young and many others). Their sole LP was released in the summer of 1971, but its prospects were crushed by the singer succumbing to an overdose on its day of release. A lost classic, it makes its long-overdue CD debut here.
KIS 4013CD GIANT CRAB: Cool It…Helios CD (KIS 4013CD) 17.00
Originally formed in Santa Barbara as a British Invasion-influenced act named Ernie & The Emperors, this quintet’s debut appeared in November 1968. Cool It… Helios is their second and final effort, and first appeared in August 1969, when it sank without trace. Combining psychedelic rock, soulful pop and bubblegum to impressive effect, it has become a sought-after collectible, and makes its long-overdue return to CD here, complete with informative liner notes.
KIS 4014CD GIANT CRAB: A Giant Crab Comes Forth CD (KIS 4014CD) 17.00
Originally formed in Santa Barbara as a British Invasion-influenced act named Ernie & The Emperors, this quintet’s debut album first appeared in November 1968, when it sank without trace. Combining psychedelic rock, soulful pop and bubblegum to impressive effect, it has become a sought-after collectible, and makes its long-overdue return to CD here, complete with informative liner notes.
KL 076CD SIOPIS: Ausländer CD (KL 076CD) 17.00
“We Are All Children Of The Earth And Immigrants — Ausländer” — this was one of the concepts Siopis had in mind at the beginning of his new project Ausländer, a mix compilation for Klik Records. Officially an immigrant himself, he is the person behind the Silversurfer alliance that conquered the dancefloors with his raw and dark tunes. Leaving Greece and settling into the electronic music metropolis (Berlin, of course), Siopis showed his great skills from the very first moment. Being the producer behind the anthem “Welcome To Berlin,” besides stating a real situation that actually happened (becoming an immigrant, that is) also showed him the path to success. Artist and label co-operations with Kiki, BPitch Control and Playhouse followed. International club icons from the likes of The End, Souvenir, The Firm, and many more established Siopis as one of the most wanted underground DJs, live acts and producers worldwide. His “childish” dream of evaporating borders and uniting the world through music started looking possible each time he conquered the dancefloors. Siopis is signed and successfully releasing music on Get Physical Records. His new sound and image make-over keeps him at the decks, busy with remix requests from Jessie Rose to Chris Duckenfield. His Greek touch on the German-oriented electronic music tracks creates a unique and warm atmosphere, making everyone feel right at home. Thirteen hand-picked tracks, including the exclusive, unreleased tracks by David Kassi, Alex Dimou (Siopis Remix) and Siopis’ “You Are So Kool.” A guaranteed hourly trip around the globe with no borders. Other artists include: Atavism, Creg Paulus, Pillowtalk, Crazy P, Life And Death, Delete, Fur Coat, Derek Martin, Tanner Ross & Soul Clap, Deniz Kurtel, Kid Bliss, Iz & Diz, Justin Martin and Toby Tobias.
MUSIK 007EP WIGBERT: Feeling EP 12″ (MUSIK 007EP) 12.00
Wigbert Franze from Offenbach, Germany, is not exactly a new face on the scene. He has already released several productions under his Jon May pseudonym. With his new moniker Wigbert, he’s back stronger then ever. “Feeling” is an epic journey with a big two-minute break, nice pianos, rave signals and Wigbert’s own modulated voice. “Unreachable” is a dark, stompin’ “knarz” techno track. Last but not least, Basti Grub remixes “Feeling” in his typical groovy style. Pressed on clear blue vinyl.
Standard jewel case version, which replaces the now sold-out collectors/digipak version which was initially released. Berlin duo Modeselektor returns full-force with a new album whose immense energy and club-boiling beats will inject the global dance community with inspiration that reverberates across the entire musical spectrum. Flowing freely between styles and tempos, Monkeytown experiments with the edges and extremes, exploring fresh sonic territory from a solid base of beats located deep within the groove. With massive drums, minced vocals and a mastery of mounting tension, Modeselektor creates a new animal out of dance music, a mutating chimera with body parts of left-field hip-hop, soulful R&B, punk, rap and playful surprises. Contributing to the album is an exciting palette of guest vocalists and musicians, including Thom Yorke (Radiohead), Busdriver, PVT, Anti-Pop Consortium, Miss Platnum, Sascha Ring (aka Apparat), Pillow Talk, Gordon Boerger, Siriusmo and Otto von Schirach. Monkeytown immediately sets the stage on a higher level with intro track “Blue Clouds,” which loosens limbs from the start with a deep and sparkling hook. “Pretentious Friends” is a full-throttle experience whose beats bump like elephants between Busdriver’s scratched-up, screwed-down vocals. Thom Yorke collaborates on two tracks, contributing his production finesse and haunting falsetto to the dark tension of “Shipwreck” and to the psychedelic caverns of “This,” where pixelated vocals echo from the shadows with ominous overtones. Trashy dancefloor rocker “Evil Twin” is drenched in metal and concrete, and Modeselektor pulls out hidden drawers of bass in the funky “German Clap,” a steaming monster that grabs with gasping urgency. Miss Platnum rides low and slow into “Berlin,” smoothly spreading vocals over the chunk-ridden rhythm, a luscious R&B offering to lap up like cream. The album breaks open entirely and monkeys run wild on “Grillwalker,” a slamming club behemoth fashioned from mutilated 8-bits and a delirious bassline. PVT shines on “Green Light Go,” a poignant, off-kilter track that shuffles forward between loose drums before lifting off into the ether. Beneath Monkeytown’s exquisite orchestration and eclectic sound, pure energy is at the core of the release, vibrating with an emotional vivacity that dares to escape its sonic cage and fling itself upon the world. Joining the heavy ranks of Hello Mom! (BPC 115CD/LP) and Happy Birthday! (BPC 159CD/LP), Monkeytown will light up the club and the cerebrum with Modeselektor’s incredible abilities to move the body, melt the mind and gather disparate genres and their listeners together in one monkey-filled, musical metropolis.
Berlin-based label Müller Records has a long and proud tradition of high-quality releases. It also has a strong track record in sniffing out up-and-coming talent — acts like Berliner Falk Romstedt, alias Hawkinson. His EPs and remixes had already shown that he was equally at home creating techno with a driving groove as he was knocking out strong and detailed synth melodies. Now his first LP is being released on Müller Records. KLAF, put succinctly, is an album that picks up the style of Hawkinson’s previous singles and runs with it. It’s a story written by the dancefloor, for the dancefloor. Hawkinson processes the experiences and emotions he’s had over the past few years both as consumer and DJ and really shows us where his roots lie — in techno. The influence of Detroit is all over this record and can be heard straight away, with strings, melodies and soulful surfaces drawing you in immediately. Added to that are the big, fat, pumping grooves, deep bass lines, chords and distinctly clattering hi-hats and percussions that are at the heart of Hawkinson’s sound. He doesn’t try to transcend other genre pigeonholes and is happy instead to showcase his own highly personal spectrum of sounds. Listeners to these 11 tracks can expect to take a trip into a wonderful sound universe, full of power and, more importantly, soul, which is transported directly to the dancefloor.
MR 7242EP PARAISO: Makoki 7″ (MR 7242EP) 8.50
Reissue of this 1983 single with four new wave gems by Paraíso, led by Fernando Márquez “El Zurdo” (ex-Kaka de Luxe and future La Mode). The sound of twisted pop in early ’80s Spain.
MR 7243EP LA BANDA SIN FUTURO: Nos Van A Desinfectar 7″ (MR 7243EP) 8.50
Never issued at the time (1983), these were the only recordings by La Banda Sin Futuro, the other band of members of the legendary Derribos Arias. Punk, post-punk and a fractured pop spirit in some of the most essential music from that era.
MR 7244EP GLUTAMATO YE-YE: Corazón Loco 7″ (MR 7244EP) 8.50
Reissue of Glutamato Ye-Yé’s 7″ debut from 1982. Oddball pop and punk go hand-in-hand when it comes to one of the most irreverent bands of the Spanish Movida movement.
NAT 011LP VA: Nation Presents: The Modern Electronic Element Serie 2 2LP +7″ (NAT 011LP) 29.00
Chicago-based label Nation returns to the forefront with The Modern Electronic Element Serie 2, the second release in a series designed to showcase the different elements of the Jakbeat sound through the conceptual artistry of Traxx and the whole Nation movement. Featuring a line-up not for the faint of heart, the collaboration represents a return to the simple synth and prototypical rhythm from the early age of electronic dance. “Dance Planet” is the work of Quid Pro Quo, a project consisting of members Traxx, Mick Wills and Isabella Venis. Traxx’s futuristic remix of “Energia” rediscovers the Tevo Howard track’s ability to capture and hold a level of intensity but never quite explode. Stripped of all pretentiousness, Steve Summers’ first contribution to Nation, “Make Your Move,” is a testament of undying love to the days when house music was more than just a generic 4/4 beat layered with tons of different synth-lines on top. “Eurasia – 200,” Istanbul-native Baris Karademir’s debut on Nation, carries a lot of weight for social change in Turkey, but at the same time captures an inherit beauty in its composition. I.B.M. is back on solid turf, continuing to make seminal electronic recordings of raw power with “The Secret Power Of The Mind.” An additional 7″ features works from SSPS, the brainchild of Jon “Porkchop” Nicholson (who is also a member of the electronic band Excepter) and Beau Wanzer (Mutant Beat Dance, Streetwalker).
NEOS 50905DVD VA: Salzburg Biennale: Festival For New Music 2009 2DVD (NEOS 50905DVD) 68.00
“These two DVDs reflect the visually most interesting performances during Salzburg Biennale 2009. They do not overlap the compositions presented on NEOS’ Salzburg Biennale audio box. The discs do not only show the music: additionally, you can watch informative interviews with the composers Beat Furrer, Toshio Hosokawa, and Klaus Huber. Artists and works include: Mauricio Sotelo (1961): Cripta. Musica para Luigi Nono (2004?2005/2008), Flamenco; Two pieces from Puro y hondo; Steve Reich (1936): City Life for amplified ensemble and tape (1995), Music for 18 Musicians Gamelan Music from Bali; Toshio Hosokawa (1955): Silent Flowers for string quartet (1998), In Ajimano from Somon-Ka for voice, koto, violoncello and ensemble (2001); Anton Webern (1883?1945): Sechs Bagatellen fur Streichquartett op. 9 (1911/1913), Funf Satze fur Streichquartett op. 5 (1909); Helmut Lachenmann (1935): temA for flute, voice and violoncello (1968), Traditional Japanese Music for Koto; Yatsuhashi Kengyo (1614?1685): Rokudan (Danmoto) Traditional Japanese Music for Shakuhachi: Koku, Tsuru no sugomori ; Klaus Huber (1924): Die Erde dreht sich auf den Honern eines Stieres, Ecce Homines for string quintet (1998).” Total playing time: DVD1: 127 minutes; DVD2: 136 minutes. Picture format: 16:9. Dolby Digital & Stereo 2.0 sound. PAL & NTSC format.
NOSMOKE 011CD LA DE DA’S, THE: The La De Da’s CD (NOSMOKE 011CD) 23.00
Reissued with two bonus tracks (“Don’t Stand On My Way” and “Hey Girl”). “The La De Da’s were a leading New Zealand rock band of the 1960s and early 1970s. Formed in New Zealand in 1963 (as The Mergers), they enjoyed considerable success in both New Zealand and Australia until their split in 1975. Here is their first LP, a long time awaited reissue, this is maybe one of the best R&B/garage records out of New Zealand and Australia during the ’60s. Tunes like ‘How Is The Air Up There’ or ‘On Top Of The World’ are among the best in the genre. It’s a masterpiece from 1966, for every rock, garage or mod fans around the globe, this is the best you can get.”
NOSMOKE 012CD LA DE DA’S, THE: Find Us A Way CD (NOSMOKE 012CD) 23.00
Reissued with two bonus tracks (“Stupidity” and “Respect”). “The release of Find Us A Way in May 1967 coincided with The La De Das’ first exploratory trip to Australia. This one is even better than the first LP, with more original compositions and a more mature soulful rock approach, including the snarling singles ‘Find Us a Way’ and ‘All Purpose Low.’ It’s a more mod and beat psychedelic related release, tracks like ‘Goodbye Sister’ or ‘Thank You For The Flowers’ are a good example of that.”
PART 4001LP VA: Simla Beat 70 LP (PART 4001LP) 22.00
Particles is delighted to present the first of two legendary compilation albums released to commemorate the All-India Beat Contest, instituted in 1968 by Simla (“the oldest cigarette company with a young heart”). Featuring acts from Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Madras and Bangalore, the music bears clear Western influences, but with a distinctive Eastern twist, and is presented here complete with original artwork and remastered sound. This legendary Indian garage, beat and psych record comes pressed on 180 gram vinyl. Artists: Confusions, Dinosaurs, X’Lents, Innerlite, Genuine Spares and Great Bear.
PART 4002LP VA: Simla Beat 71 LP (PART 4002LP) 22.00
Particles is delighted to present the second of two legendary compilation albums released to commemorate the All-India Beat Contest, instituted in 1968 by Simla (“the oldest cigarette company with a young heart”). Featuring acts from Shillong, Poona, Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Cuttack and Panjim, the music bears clear Western influences, but with a distinctive Eastern twist, and is presented here complete with original artwork and remastered sound. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl. Artists: The Fentones, Nomads, Hypnotic Eye, Mini Beats, Velvette Fogg, The Black Beats, The Eruptions and Brood Of Vipers.
PART 4004CD VA: Piccadilly Sunshine Part Seven CD (PART 4004CD) 17.00
Subtitled: British Pop Psych And Other Flavours 1966-1970. Part Seven of this exciting series continues to illuminate and celebrate the mistakenly overlooked and truly obscured artifacts of illustrious noise that emerged from the British psychedelic era and beyond. The celebrated Piccadilly Sunshine series introduces many listeners to a brave new world of audible delights, offering a precious glimpse into the floral heavens of Great British psychedelic pop. Many gems that have eluded the grasp of compilers before will grace deserved ears and should serve to establish Piccadilly Sunshine as the stalwart series in the inflated contemporary maze of re-issues. Artists include: Loose Ends, Peter Fenton, Paul Young, Bobcats, Chris Kerry, Situation, Magic Lanterns, Mud, Peeps, Pinkerton’s Assort’ Colours, The Act, The Koobas, Deuce Of Hearts, Harbour Lites, Monopoly, Dead Sea Fruit, Barry Fantoni, Rising Sons and Barley Bree.
PART 4009CD VA: Michigan Mixture Volumes 1 & 2 2CD (PART 4009CD) 23.00
Originally issued in a tiny vinyl run over 20 years ago, these two legendary compilations are gathered here on CD for the first time and digitally remastered, together with rare pictures and background notes. Many of the featured bands shared stages with the legends of the time, but failed to make it big, meaning that their 45s now change hands for vast sums. If you ever assumed that the late ’60s Michigan scene was all about The Stooges, MC5 and The Amboy Dukes, one listen to these snarling, fuzzy classics will blow your mind for good. Artists include: The Up, Sweet Cherry, Pitche Blende, The Glass Sun, Dick Rabbit, Popcorn Blizzard, The She-Devils, Renaissance Fair, The Orange Wedge, Clinging Hysteria, 9th Street Market, Ruby, Cambridge, B.C. & The Cavemen, The Chevron’s V, The Herd, The Soul Benders, Bottle Company, The Rainy Days and Geyda.
PET 009LP VA: It’s Zimmerman’s World…We Just Live in It LP (PET 009LP) 15.00
LP version. “A far-out collection of rare mid-’60s garage and folk 45 cuts by groups that did their darndest to emulate their hero, the Beatnik Bard himself, Bob Dylan. If you dig Mouse and the Traps’ ‘Public Execution,” the Trashmen’s ‘Same Lines’ or David Blue’s records then you’ll flip for the sounds you’re gonna hear here! It’s Zimmerman’s World features all kinds of obscure tracks by Terry and the Trip-Outs, the Toads, Billy Easley and the Gorillamen, the Changin’ Times, the Love Society, and many more.” Sixteen songs on the LP version.
NYC’s Adultnapper is well-known for his freaky beat science and unique production skills. Taking a more pop approach to club culture, he continues on his mission with the inspired “Idiot Fair.” Stretching out over 9 minutes, “Idiot Fair” is a playful, dubby house joint characterized by rolling bass, jazzy piano and an addictive vocal line from Black Light Smoke. H.O.S.H. reworks “Idiot Fair” into a more techy outing, with spongy bass pongs and kinetic percussion leading a perfectly lazy, low-slung bass line track.
RER VHC3 HENRY COW: In Praise Of Learning LP (RER VHC3) 31.00
“A landmark in the history of European experimental rock, the third ‘Cow’ work, originally released on Virgin in 1975, represents the second act of joined forces between Henry Cow and Slapp Happy, and the first fully integrated appearance of Dagmar Krause. In Praise Of Learning is a unique piece of art, showing perfect unity of political content, with rock complexity, extended song form and free noise explorations. An impressive array of new compositions, including Tim Hodgkinson’s masterwork ‘Living In The Heart of the Beast’ and Fred Frith’s ‘Beautiful As The Moon-Terrible As An Army With Banners’. An extraordinary set of music, performed by an amazingly rich line up: Dagmar Krause, Lindsay Cooper, Fred Frith, Tim Hodgkinson, John Greaves, Chris Cutler, Peter Blegvad, Anthony Moore, and guests: the great Mongezi Feza, Geoff Leigh and Phil Becque. A timeless classic!” On 180 gram vinyl; limited edition of 1000 copies.
RT 1004LP VA: Candy Original Soundtrack LP (RT 1004LP) 22.00
LP version. Starring Ringo Starr, Marlon Brando, Richard Burton, Walter Matthau, James Coburn, John Huston and others, Candy was one of the more grandiose follies of the late 1960s. Its soundtrack, however, is a lost classic. Featuring superb contributions from The Byrds and Steppenwolf, as well as atmospheric instrumentals by composer Dave Grusin that incorporate fuzz, sitar, electronica and other period flourishes, it’s nothing short of a psychedelic gem, and comes complete with liner notes.
RT 1008CD VA: Hells Angels On Wheels: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack CD (RT 1008CD) 17.00
This 1967 cult classic starred Jack Nicholson as a gas station attendant with attitude who falls in with a violent gang and falls foul of its leader, and is widely considered to be the best biker movie of the decade. Its soundtrack is also one of the very best in the genre, with plentiful fuzz guitar, sitar, vibes and more, and makes its long-overdue CD debut here, complete with explanatory background notes.
ROMEO 7286CD ROCKMORE, CLARA: Music In And On The Air CD (ROMEO 7286CD) 17.00
“A major gap in Clara Rockmore’s recorded legacy will be closed with the release of Music In and On the Air, a CD derived from a live 1979 WQXR broadcast. To celebrate the 9th anniversary of a series called The Listening Room, Clara brought her theremin to The New York Times building, and before a full house in the auditorium there, played solos and chamber pieces with her renowned pianist-sister Nadia Reisenberg, the superb violinist Erick Friedman, and eight members of the Violincello Society. In addition to St. Saens’ The Swan and Cassado’s Requiebros, Clara and Erick played Rachmaninoff’s Song of Georgia in the Fritz Kreisler transcription with violin obbligato, and then, with Nadia continuing to eputize for the orchestra, they shared the solos in the slow movement of Bach’s D Minor Double Violin Concerto. Taking further advantage of Erick and Nadia, who later that year would be appearing in recital at Carnegie Hall and the Caramoor Festival, we prevailed upon them to play two movements of the Franck A Major Sonata. When the members of the Violincello Society arrived, they warmed up with Beethoven, then accompanied Clara in the celebrated Air on the G String and the radiant ‘Aria’ from Villa-Lobos’ Bachianas Brasileiras #5. Interviews with the artists are included, and the album notes are brightened by a number of never-before- published photos of Clara and Lev Termen himself.”
RACD 107CD JONO EL GRANDE: The Choko King CD (RACD 107CD) 17.00
The Choko King by Jono El Grande features recordings from the period between 1995 and 2008, some of which pre-dates his first album by four years. This album offers an open door into Jono’s surrealistic musical universe and is a rare gift to his increasing number of fans and anyone interested in the workings of a truly eccentric and artistic mind. The album has been meticulously assembled from home recordings, demos, rehearsal tapes, live and studio recordings and made into a completely new work by Jono himself. Jono El Grande is a self-taught composer, musician, conductor and prankster and remains an outsider on the far margin of the Norwegian experimental music scene. He released his debut mini-album Utopian Dances in 1999, a collection of absurdist instrumentals recorded at home using not much more than a workstation synth. 2003 saw the release of Fevergreens (RCD 2031CD), an album that drew upon classic progressive rock, film music, easy listening and a variety of pop idioms and featured a nine-piece orchestra. The Wire noted that “the vitality of his writing keeps just the right uplifting balance between sweetness and acidity” and called it “a pleasant surprise.” Next up was Neo Dada (RCD 2084CD/RLP 3084LP) in 2009, an album brimming with musical adventure, odd turns, weird combinations of sounds and instruments, complex signatures and a good portion of pure joy, all mysteriously sugared with infectious melodic hooks. Neo Dada represented something of an artistic breakthrough and received great reviews everywhere. This was followed by Phantom Stimulance (RCD 2106CD/RLP 3106LP) in late 2010. The sleeve paintings on The Choko King are by acknowledged Norwegian artist Christer Karlstad and show The Choko King, intentionally misspelled to point to the megalomaniac’s hubris: to choke on what you desire the most. The CD edition includes a 14-minute bonus track.
RCD 2116CD ALOG: Unemployed CD (RCD 2116CD) 17.00
Alog’s fifth album was recorded in a wide range of spaces and places — from recordings of Dag-Are Haugan and Espen Sommer Eide as street musicians in San Francisco while touring, to scavenging old collections of 78 rpm records in the mining town of Bjørnevatn in the far northeastern part of Norway. From on-the-spot recordings of Sigbjørn Apeland’s legendary collection of vintage harmoniums in the St. Jakobs Church in Bergen, to high-end capture of the unique sounds of Alog’s many custom-built instruments in the studios of Notam in Oslo and BEK in Bergen. For a period of three years, Alog collected material from all kinds of sources, times and situations and made new songs that constantly push their creative freedom in unexpected directions. Alog was formed in Tromsø in the late ’90s. While touring and composing over the past years, the duo has met a lot of unique musicians, and for Unemployed, they were invited to extend Alog into new constellations, whether it meant the soothing harmonium drones of Sigbjørn Apeland, the minimalist fiddle improvisations of the Sheriffs Of Nothingness (Ole Henrik Moe and Kari Rønnekleiv), the resonating everyday objects of the talented young sound artist Signe Lidén or the magical voices of fellow Rune Grammofon artist Jenny Hval and the legendary Dutch sound poet extraordinaire, Jaap Blonk. All join in to explore new musical territory, either together or by being invited to create their own pieces for the album. The result is an open-ended collection of voices and expressions, genres, sounds and non-sounds that define a new extended version of Alog. “On previous albums we have worked slowly, controlling every minute detail of our pieces. With Unemployed, we wanted to explore and exhibit the compositional process, the experiments, the rough sketches and the stream of ideas that goes into it, and not just a series of perfected tracks. Our goal was to free ourselves from standard song-structures and album-formats widespread today.” –Alog, 2011
SHIN Q04 SHINDIG: Shindig! Quarterly No. 4 MAG (SHIN Q04) 11.00
“Mott the Hoople: Joining a fan club: in the shadow of the last great ’70s rockers by Kris Needs; The Twilights: Australia’s legendary ’60s pop pioneers come clean; The Alan Bown Set: From mod club routes to psychedelia and funky rock; Noel Harrison: The darkness behind the windmills of his mind; Paul Brett’s Sage: Journeyman guitarist’s acoustic prog project revisited; The Committee: Existential Swinging London film noir madness; New York Dolls; The Critters; Xl Records; The Association and so much more!”
LC 2017EP ROLLING STONES, THE: Too Much Blood 12″ (LC 2017EP) 15.00
“It was the early 1980’s, and like many aging rock icons, the Rolling Stones were spending their time in the vast domain of excess that was NYC nightlife, ignoring the declared ‘death of disco’ with the rest of the metropolitan world. Leaving their past splendor in the dust and embracing their new aesthetic surroundings with the cocky wit they always wielded, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards took a leap in 1983 with Undercover, which received lukeworm reviews as the rock world couldn’t quite discern what exactly the old men were going for. ‘A little too much cocaine I see.’ Club children, of course, instantly connected and identified with the brilliant ‘Too Much Blood,’ a post-disco bloodbath of Sly & Robbie echo chambers, hi-life guitar riffs and ingenious lyrical meanderings summarizing splendidly the growing hostility of crime-ridden inner city existence. The true genius of this session wasn’t fully unveiled until recently, when a doubly-long extended studio version was leaked by some committed enthusiasts. This definitive version opens a window into the still burning genius of old men traversing the endless bounds of spaced-out, intelligent and inspired underground club music, applying their time-tested musicality to a totally new canvas. Decades past its heyday, ‘Too Much Blood’ still stands the test of time as their finest song never (properly) released, a perversion of rock’s parameters born of culture’s reformation and redistribution along the new paths blazed by electronic and dance. A favorite at the Paradise Garage, this special 12″ pressing from slow to speak is a well-deserved look back testifying to the determination always to look forward.”
SOME 018EP STL: When The Time Has Come 12″ (SOME 018EP) 14.00
The Something vinyl series continues with another STL record in his DIY style, including three house tracks as well as an astroscience interlude and loop introductions. The ascetic elements on this EP are the result of an isolated one-man musical universe, where the love and passion for sound research is perhaps the strongest driving force behind the machine’s output. A bit of squelchy microwave-acid, some sunny analog sequences and B-movie sounds, where humanoids move onto the dancefloor. Limited quantities of 500 copies.
STUDIOS 006EP PROPER, SAN: Groundfloor Afterlife 12″ (STUDIOS 006EP) 12.50
Two new house tracks from San Proper on the Studio Soulrock label. After capturing the hearts, minds and ears of audiences worldwide with his celebrated Hupsers & Kletsers For Life EP, San is back to rock your world with a Studio Soulrock solo. Taking his field recorder on a journey through sound to capture those ever-elusive imperfect harmonies, he has crafted a thrilling, spherical release.
SR 330CD ART ZOYD: Symphonie Pour Le Jour Où Brûleront Les Cités CD (SR 330CD) 15.50
Sub Rosa presents this cult album that has not been available in years. Re-released with new artwork, the CD version includes 7 bonus tracks. Sub Rosa presents this cult album that has not been available in years. Re-released with new artwork, this is the 1980 version of Symphonie Pour Le Jour Où Brûleront Les Cités (the original version was released in 1976 and was later re-recorded). Pioneering Rock In Opposition filled with clashing percussion, frenetic orchestral motifs and apocalyptic brass. Not for the squeamish. It features the line-up of Thierry Zaboïtzeff (cello), Alain Eckert (guitar), Gilles Renard (saxophones), Jean-Pierre Soarez (trumpet), Frank Cardon (violin) and Gérard Hourbette (alto violin).
THEOM 015EP AN-2: Dare 12″ (THEOM 015EP) 12.00
After two years, An-2 presents the Dare EP, demonstrating a fully-refreshed sonic palette. Built over a quirky synth bass line, “Beside Me” is filled with all the right melodic elements, sounding baroque yet minimalistic at the same time. “Chronos,” named after the Greek god of time, rolls on like the second hand on a clock face — surely fit for an early-night dancefloor. Finally, “Dare” combines a funky bass guitar, dreamy arpeggios and ethereal pads, set to please any discerning crowd.
THOS 002LP SEWER ELECTION: Vittra Sonder LP (THOS 002LP) 19.00
“Tape manipulation and metal abuse at its absolute finest. A few minutes of primitive organ melody mark the A-side of this LP, while the flipside features some percussive stabs so sparsely placed that they could nearly be counted on one hand. Although these musical passages are brief, they are worth mentioning as they significantly compliment the overall mood & pacing of the album. Deep within the dark grooves of Vittra Sonder the musique truly meets the concrete. Recorded at Utmarken Gothenburg, Sweden 2010 – 2011. Mastered for vinyl by Viktor Ottosson. Edition of 300 in pro-printed jackets.”
TURBO 078EP HEY TODAY!: Talk To Me 12″ (TURBO 078EP) 12.00
2010 release of Hey Today!’s totally mental single that brings the worlds of Detroit and Rotterdam together. Busy P does the remix. On yellow wax.
TURBO 082EP SEI A: Lazers 12″ (TURBO 082EP) 12.00
2010 release from Sei A. “Lazers” is a dark, mounting stormer, whatever that means. Jori Hulkkonen offers an excellent remix of “Rebel Without A Cause.”
TURBO 106EP GESAFFELSTEIN: Conspiracy Pt. II 12″ (TURBO 106EP) 12.00
Gesaffelstein represents a double-breasted jacket of nostalgia for everything from the power of industrial and ’80s new wave to the Gigolo-glam of early Kittin & the Hacker, Steril, Vitalic, Fixmer, and yes, Tiga.
UP 2011_004LP VA: Soul Safari Presents Township Jive & Kwela Jazz (1940-1960) LP (UP 2011_004LP) 20.00
LP version. Ubuntu Publishing celebrates the third year of the Soul Safari blog with this great compilation of South African jive/Kwela 78s. All titles on this compilation have been hand-picked from the ILAM Archives (the International Library of African Music), in Grahamstown, South Africa. The tracklisting represents a wide variety of styles from the golden era of jive and Kwela, originally released on 78 shellac discs from small independent record companies. This compilation also features rarities by the big names obviously, but presents mostly obscure material from a long-lost past, music that was popular in the ’60s. Recorded from the original 78 rpms and professionally restored/mastered with artwork to match.
VAMPI 128LP VA: Subway Salsa: The Montuno Records Story 3LP (VAMPI 128LP) 34.50
Triple LP version. Record Mart, an unassuming music store down in the sprawling complex of the Times Square subway station in Manhattan, should be considered one of Latin New York’s most important historic musical landmarks. In its heyday, it was not only a place where occult knowledge and cultural legacies were exchanged and passed on from one person to another, but the shop also served as the home base for Montuno Records, a small but important independent label started by proprietor Jesse Moskowitz in the 1970s. The shop and label are inextricably intertwined and constitute a New York Latin institution of sorts. Thankfully, the two entities and its proprietor are alive and well today, keeping the spirit of Subway Salsa alive for old fans and future generations alike. This compilation is an homage, paying tribute to a label that stands out as a plucky cultural beacon from a time when Fania reigned supreme. In Jesse’s cramped store one could soak up the sights of Latin album cover art, the tropical sounds blasting over the speakers, and eavesdrop on conversations among the diminutive shop’s knowledgeable staff and customers. Just as the New York metropolitan transit system is a crossroads and a means of exchange and travel, so too is its sole surviving cultural tenant Record Mart, an underground urban grotto oasis that despite a period of closure and a dwindling market, seems to hold on as tenaciously as many veteran salsa musicians from the ’70s still do to this day in the city. This collection samples the recordings from Montuno’s catalog that exemplify danceable Afro-Antillean music, from Nuyorican salsa to Haitian compas, Latin jazz to traditional Cuban genres (including the all-percussion rumba, the flute and violin-flavored charanga, and guitar/trumpet-dominated son), as well as several interesting hybrids incorporating funk, doo-wop and Brazilian sounds. Includes comprehensive liner notes by Pablo Yglesias aka DJ Bongohead, including an in-depth interview with Jesse Moskowitz, plus original LP artwork and many unseen pictures.
WRL 008EP COBBLESTONE JAZZ: Lunar Lander 12″ (WRL 008EP) 12.00
Cobblestone Jazz are back with their second installment in their Wagon Repair series. “Lunar Lander” is a spaced-out zero-gravity jam — its sparse and jittery beats complimented by some sweet key stabs and a thick and burly analog bass line. “Your Life (You’re Life)” is an uptempo slugfest of crunchy beats and a driving bass line. Both tunes were recorded live in the studio and have been culled and edited for your mixing pleasure (A-side by Tyger Dhula and B-side by Danuel Tate).
Limited 2012 repress. “The precursor to The Minutemen. Side one documents a 10-song practice tape recorded in 1979, plus a ‘bonus side’ of mostly knuckleheaded San Pedro people doing their renditions of the same ten songs. 12-inch vinyl-only release brought to you by Water Under The Bridge and 45 rpm Records. Practice tape recorded in San Pedro, CA at the shed in back of George’s house on 17th Street, across the street from San Pedro High School, January 1979. Bonus side features ten Reactionaries songs from Side A covered by 38 members of different San Pedro-affiliated bands, both past and present. Cover art by Joe Baiza. The Reactionaries: Martin Tamburovich – singing, D. Boon – guitar, Mike Watt – bass and back-up, George Hurley – drums.” Second pressing on colored vinyl with insert.
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