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4M 211LP

CAPTAIN BEEFHEART & HIS MAGIC BAND: Doc At The Radar Station LP (4M 211LP) 19.00
“Captain Beefheart’s 1980 release Doc At The Radar Station is considered by many fans to be one of his best albums and a strong comeback after Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller). Featuring the sizzling hot new Magic Band providing superb backing for the Captain’s songs and poetic flights of the imagination this goes way beyond the ‘new wave’ so dominant at the time it was made. Who else could make a record that is influenced as much by the blues, rock, free jazz and poetry with a singular, it could only be one person in the world vision? With songs such as ‘Ashtray Heart’, ‘A Carrot Is As Close As A Rabbit Gets To A Diamond’ and ‘Making Love To A Vampire With A Monkey On My Knee’ there is little doubt as to who made this record.” On 180 gram vinyl.

4M 212LP

CAPTAIN BEEFHEART & HIS MAGIC BAND: Ice Cream For Crow LP (4M 212LP) 19.00
“Captain Beefheart’s 1982 release Ice Cream For Crow was his final recording before retiring from the music business forever to devote himself to painting full time. A more somber affair than the previous record Doc At The Radar Station, it is still a strong final musical statement from him. A more streamlined new Magic Band is back for this recording and masterfully help send the Captain off in style. Featuring hit songs (in an alternate universe!) such as ‘The Host The Ghost The Most Holy-O’, ‘Hey Garland I Dig Your Tweed Coat’ and ’81 Poop Hatch’.” On 180 gram vinyl.

4M 812LP

DAVIS, MILES: Dark Magus 2LP (4M 812LP) 27.00
“Dark Magus was recorded at Carnegie Hall in 1974 but went unreleased until 1977, when it was put out in Japan only. As a result, these stunning live recordings have been incredibly hard to find on vinyl, until now. These are some of the heaviest, and headiest, tracks Davis ever cut, and his band is in top form. Absolutely classic and essential electric jazz fusion from the dude that invented the genre.” Gatefold sleeve; on 180 gram vinyl.


BREW, THE: A Very Strange Brew LP (ABCS 672HLP) 14.00
Exact repro, 180 gram reissue. Originally released in 1969. Obscure California garage/psych with Latin roots.


MICRONAUT, THE: Friedfisch Remixes 12″ (ACKER 027EP) 12.00
The Micronaut presents a lot of surprises on their Friedfisch EP. For instance, when a guitar chord suddenly gets tangled up in a loop and introduces an unexpected change in the direction of broken, electronic beats. Or when the emotional world music elements of “Schleie” mix up with exciting halfstep rhythms. Sophisticated arrangements, unusual instrumentations and intense emotions — these are the main attributes of Friedfisch. Also includes two sensitive remixes by Mollono.Bass, exclusively released on vinyl and a remix by The Glitz.


YOUNG, LARRY: Larry Young’s Fuel LP (ARISTA 4051LP) 11.50
Exact repro reissue, originally released in 1975. Fucking heavy pre-Bitches electronic jazz fusion.

BR 041LP

RIBA, PAU: Jo, La Donya I El Gripau LP (BR 041LP) 32.00
“Pau Riba’s 1971 masterpiece Jo, La Donya i el Gripau” is finally reissued on vinyl. One of the highlights of Catalan 70s music, this psych-folk record was recorded open air in the Formentera Island, using a Nagra magnetophone. That was the hippiest of Pau’s times. The music is highly influenced by Catalan popular songbook, and also by the Incredible String Band. This limited reissue (500 copies only) comes with the original artwork, and has inserts with lyrics, extensive interview with Pau (sorry guys, in Catalan only), some unseen photos and a new illustration by artist Miquel Barcelo.”


HEADHUNTER: Clone/Projector 12″ (BLACKBOX 020EP) 11.00
Black Box presents the first solo 12″ of proper Headhunter material in some time. “Clone” features mechanized rhythms, rushing white noise and relentless bass drops, while “Projector” scatters fidgeting arpeggios across a purely synthetic soundscape. Both tunes have received exclusive weekly plays on Youngsta’s show on Rinse FM, with recent support from Kryptic Minds and Icicle.


ALLIEN, ELLEN: Remix Collection CD (BPC 080CD) 14.50
The original BPitch Control edition of this 2004 collection of Ellen Allien’s remixes. Previously licensed to Asphodel for the U.S., now only available on BPC worldwide. This is a selective and very nice collection of remixes by the one and only Ellen Allien. Here in a comprehensive collection are all the small remix pieces from 1995-2003 that comprise her vinyl releases served to you in one dish. There is even a little extra: Ellen Allien’s Gold Chains remix has been released along with it. This remix collection is simply a testament to Allien’s own life filled with all the gigs, travels, releases, etc., which also includes remixing. It’s also perhaps an exercise in memory, as it seems, since Ellen Allien combines many personal things with what she does. It’s well-known that Ellen Allien has a relentless appetite for new sounds and genres and it is remarkable that, however how many ingredients she juggles, she always maintains her own signature style. Apparently, Ellen Allien has her ears everywhere while still standing on solid ground, nonetheless. Artists include Sascha Funke, Gold Chains, Vicknoise, Apparat, OMR, Barbara Morgenstern, Covenant, Gut-Humpe and Goldenboy With Miss Kittin.

BL 754144LP

YOUNG-HOLT UNLIMITED: Soulful Strut LP (BL 754144LP) 11.50
Exact repro reissue, originally released in 1968. The title track was the biggest hit for the pair, who had previously served as the rhythm section for Ramsey Lewis.


DOCTOR P & FLUX PAVILION: Circus #1 2CD (CIRCLP 001CD) 25.00
This exciting release is in association with the innovative YouTube dubstep label, UKF records and is distributed by AEI Media (the people behind the highly-rated “This Is Dubstep” and “Drum & Bass Arena” brands). This collection showcases past, present and six hot exclusive future releases from this groundbreaking label. Featuring a CD mixed by Doctor P and Flux Pavilion and an unmixed CD featuring artists: Flux Pavilion, Cookie Monsta, Slum Dogz, FuntCase, Doctor P, Roksonix, Foreign Beggars, Rsk and Unitz.

CST 9012LP

HEATH, JIMMY: The Gap Sealer LP (CST 9012LP) 11.50
Exact repro reissue. Recorded in 1972. Features Kenny Baron on piano and electric piano, Bob Cranshaw on bass, Al “Tootie” Heath on drums and Mtume on congas, etc.

CST 9013LP

STITT, SONNY: Tune-Up! LP (CST 9013LP) 11.50
Exact repro reissue from 1972 featuring Sonny on alto and tenor saxophones, Barry Harris on piano, Sam Jones on bass, and Alan Dawson on drums. “This is conclusive proof, if anybody still needs it, that when the spirit moves him, and the company is right, Sonny Stitt is one of the greatest soloists in jazz.”


POPOF: Blue Dream 12″ (COR 092EP) 12.50
Paris-based DJ, composer, party-promoter and label-head Alexandre Paounov aka Popof is an indispensable institution of France’s techno and house scene. His debut on Cocoon is an uncompromising dancefloor attack, proving that Popof has a sound grasp of contemporary developments. On “Blue Dream,” a penetrating alarm clock provides magic moments within all the flickering rhythms while “Dancing Moon” makes the bass membrane vibrate and finally, “Hockner” transforms his sparingly accentuated Chicago acid into collective ecstasy. This is how electronic energy sounds in 2012.


VA: John Barleycorn Reborn: Rebirth 2CD (CSR 150CD) 19.50
The compilers of the first John Barleycorn Reborn compilation, released in 2007, faced an embarrassment of riches — a testament both to English folk heritage and the health of the contemporary folk music scene. So here we have the second crop from that original sowing. Originally released for download only, now finally available as a stunning double CD, with every track completely remastered to the highest quality. 33 tracks from the cream of current dark British folk music. Artists: Magpiety, The Story, Telling The Bees, David A Jaycock, Yealand Redmayne, Charlotte Greig And Johan Asherton, Steve Tyler, The Wendigo, The Owl Service, RAF, Far Black Furlong, Xenis Emputae Travelling Band, Sedayne, The Straw Bear Band, Novemthree, Paul Newman, James Reid, JefvTaon, Wooden Spoon, The Big Eyes Family Players, Sungod, Clive Powell, Mac Henderson Of Grand Union Morris, Cunnan, Orchis, Twelve Thousand Days, Mary Jane, Daughters Of Elvin, Misericordia, Venereum Arvum, The Anvil and Sunshine Coding.


VA: Desolat X-Sampler 2×12″ (DESOLAT 020EP) 20.00
Desolat presents the third edition of their yearly Christmas sampler. Label co-owner Martin Buttrich teams up with David Squillace while Hector & Alexkid offer a slice of bittersweet house. Anthea’s soul-drenched vocal shards appear on a house tune by Guti. Reboot steps up with a sprawling analog jam. Filsonik comes correct on a shimmying jam with shades of Chicago house while Funk E plays with hip house and electro. Danny Ocean returns with an elegant take on ’90s techno.


VINCENZO: Wherever I Lay My Head Remixes 12″ (DES 107EP) 12.50
Following Vincenzo’s astonishing album Wherever I Lay My Head (DES 016CD/LP), Dessous continues the story with three new remixes. Tom Middleton, the legendary producer behind The Jedi Knights, Global Communication and Cosmos, hands in a modern deep techno remix of “Sometimes Saturday” that shimmers with melody and dubbed-out echoes. Genius Of Time rework “106 Downtown,” adding sensitive, detailed downtempo beats with some wonderful, warm, swirling vibes. Finally, Mic Newman presents his very own dub remix.

DS 010EP

DOUBLE HILL & JEROME C: I Need Love EP 12″ (DS 010EP) 12.00
Double Hill returns to the vinyl-only imprint Double Standard, this time with co-producer Jerome C. The title track sets the pace with soulful hip-hop and a passionate vocal throughout. “Blue Sky Holiday” features female vocals sweeping across warm pads to the gentle flow of beats, wood blocks and claps. “A Little More” is restrained cosmic funk, reminiscent of a forgotten vintage classic. “This Pain” is a deep house gem that rolls over warm sonic waves and melodic bass line beats.

RZ 1009CD

1992 release. Italian improvisation group formed in 1964. The group featured Mario Bertoncini (percussion, piano), Walter Branchi (double-bass), Franco Evangelisti (piano), Hohn Heineman (trombone, cello), Roland Kayn (Hammond organ, vibraphone, marimba), Egisto Macchi (percussion, celesta) and (most famously) Ennio Morricone (trumpet). Frederic Rzewski (piano) also appears. Historic stuff, ala AMM or MEV.

RZ 1010CD

FELDMAN, MORTON: Morton Feldman CD (RZ 1010CD) 20.00
1994 release. A beautiful collection primarily made up of Morton Feldman’s earliest, shorter piano works from the early ’50s, going through the late ’70s. A much needed compendium to all the essential documentation of his later, intensely long works. Performances here by Feldman himself, David Tudor, Cornelius Cardew, John Tilbury and others. “In his compositions for piano, which make up a central part of his oeuvre and in which all of his experience is accumulated, it is the play of Feldman’s hand whose touch is intended precisely for the ‘untouchableness’ of sound. The clear character of the ‘attack’ thus displays the paradox of such playing: it is just as much about concealing the idiosyncrasy of the piano sound, the precise point of attack while, at the same time, the structure and tension of those sounds are formed by the hand.” –Stefan Schadler. Includes the following works: “Piano Three Hands” (1957, performed by Feldman & Tilbury); “Intermission 5” (1952, performed by Feldman); “Vertical Thoughts 2” (1963, performed by Janos Negyesy: violin & Cardew: piano), “Extensions 3” (1952, performed by Feldman); “Four Instruments, 1975” (1979); “Intermission 5” (1952, performed by Tudor), “Piano Piece 1956 A” (1956, performed by Tudor); “Piano Piece 1956 B” (1959, performed by Tudor); “Intersection 3” (1953, performed by Tudor); “Instruments 1, 1974” (1975, 24 minute piece performed by Eberhard Blum: flute, Nora Post: oboe, Garrett List: Posaune, Joseph Kubera: celesta, Jan Williams: drums).

RZ 1013CD

CRISTOU, JANI: Kompositionen 1965-69 CD (RZ 1013CD) 20.00
1992 release. All works by Jani Cristou, the late, legendary “freely-atonal” Greek composer. Features: “Enantiodromia” (1965-68, for orchestra); “Praxis” (1966-69, for string orchestra and piano), “Epicycle” (1968, for instruments, actors and voices); “Anaparastasis III” (1968-69, for soloist, ensemble and continuum [tapes]); “Mysterion” (1965-66, for narrator, actors, 3 choirs, orchestra and tapes).

RZ 1014CD

SCELSI, GIACINTO: Giacinto Scelsi CD (RZ 1014CD) 20.00
2002 release. Features 6 works, dating from 1961-1990. “Pranam I En souvenir de la perte tragique de Jani et Sia Christou” (für Stimme, 12 Instrumentalisten und Tonband, 1972); “Anagamin Celui qui choisit de revenir ou pas” (für 12 Streicher, 1965); “Quattro pezzi su una nota sola” (für Kammerorchester, 1959); “Quartetto n. 4”, 1964); “Okanagon doit être considéré comme un rite et, si l’on veut, comme le battement de c?ur de la Terre für Harfe” (Tam Tam und Kontrabaß, 1968); “Quartetto n. 2” (1961). “For Giacinto Scelsi, music was above all a manifestation of the energy of sound in the making. Since the early 1950’s, at the latest, the idea of sound as a cosmic force, rooted in the Indian notion of music, had become fundamental to his thinking — from then on, tones and sounds were for him phenomena whose ‘depth’ had yet to be experienced. Rooted in these assumptions as well is Scelsi’s belief that he as subject must completely withdraw, surrendering himself to that which endeavors to free itself through him.”


MENCHE, DANIEL: Guts 2LP (EMEGO 138LP) 27.50
2LP version. More voraciously bestial soundwork coming from Daniel Menche — this time, his chosen theme is the piano, in which he attacks, investigates and dissects with the precision of an autopsy surgeon, adding a whole new meaning to the concept of prepared piano, or should we say, unprepared piano, for an all-out assault. Guts lays out quite possibly some of the finest slabs of Menchian sonic mayhem to date. Slightly different track sequence over CD and vinyl formats due to time constraints. Mastered in the analog domain at Stereophonic Mastering, Portland Oregon. X-rays from a Chihuahua dog named Arrow.

EM 1075LP

STEEL AN’ SKIN: Steel An’ Skin LP (EM 1075LP) 22.00
First time-ever vinyl LP release of this steel pan + disco + dub material from the 1970s. This LP version consists of Steel An’ Skin’s 1979 debut 12″ single Reggae Is Here Once Again, featuring “Afro Punk Reggae (Dub),” a fine disco-dub workout (now a worldwide dancefloor favorite), plus tracks from their 1984 album Acid Rain. Three of those tunes, 1980s modern-soul/boogie-influenced “Lady (Vocal),” “Lady (Instrumental)” and also a typical Steel An’ Skin performance “Burning World” appear only on this LP version (not on previous CD version). Steel An’ Skin was a unit composed of young nightclub musicians born in Ghana, Nigeria, St. Kitts, Trinidad and the UK, who once performed with Ginger Johnson’s Afrikan Drummers — a highlife band under the tutelage of the late Ginger Johnson — and played at Johnson’s Iroko Country Club in Hampstead, London. Steel An’ Skin began giving concerts and workshops in London schools, expanding nationwide to prisons, psychiatric hospitals and summer festivals, including the world-famous Notting Hill Carnival. The group combined an admirably brave, open and unironic mix of musical forms with a non-cynical approach to community outreach. Ultra-positive consciousness from Afro-Caribbean London, circa 1979. Features ex-members of the legendary 20th Century Steel Band (one of Grand Master Flash’s favorites) sailing Trinidad-wise over gratifyingly intricate African ritual rhythms. Strong vocals compliment reggae, funk, disco and soul influences to form a relentless groove machine. Includes an insert in English and Japanese.


ARNALDS, OLAFUR: Living Room Songs CD (ERATP 037CD) 15.50
Icelandic contemporary composer Ólafur Arnalds created and released a new song, one per day for one whole week during the month of October 2011. The songs were recorded and filmed live in the living room of his Reykjavik apartment and released instantly for free as streamed videos and mp3 downloads. Following in the spirit of his critically acclaimed Found Songs (ERATP 018CD, 2009) where he wrote, recorded and released a free song every day for a week, Living Room Songs takes the idea further. Arnalds invites the audience into the comfort of his living room, where the songs were recorded live with the whole process filmed. In his own words: “One night I was just playing my piano here in this apartment and I was writing a new song and I didn’t have my phone on me which I usually use to record ideas. So I actually took out my MacBook and I didn’t want to open like a proper recording program, so I just opened Photo Booth and recorded a video of myself playing the song so that I would remember the song. And I really liked the atmosphere of that video and that’s when I thought I should do a series of songs in my living room…”


VA: Brazilian Nuggets Volume 2: Back From The Jungle LP (GROO 033LP) 29.00
“Delving deep in the underground and peripheries of Brazilian rock, Groovie Records continues to dig up all shapes and sizes of nuggets at various stages of cutting. The result extends the Brazilian Nuggets series, now reaching its second volume. Therefore, the Brazilian Nuggets Volume 2 continues along the trail paved by its predecessor. One more time a great artwork by Darren Merinuk, amazing work keeping all the spirit of the Brazilian way of living the rock’n’roll. Again the second volume came full of weird’n’garage psych monster themes. Obscure tracks by Os Espioes, Avanço 5, Diana, Giovanne, Sonny Delane, Modern Sound Six, among others. We tried to keep the spirit of the ’60s punk, full of fuzz and garage punk, rhythm and a bunch of never seen photos and record covers.”


GRUP ESTEL: Nadal 12″ (GUESS 091EP) 23.50
Guerssen Records presents a major discovery with this special reissue of four astounding tracks by Catalonian psych band Grup Estel. It’s hard to believe this was part of a Catalan Christmas album back in 1973: Psychedelic acid-folk and folk-rock with stunning fuzz-wah guitar, moog and incredible vocal harmonies, revisiting classic old Christmas songs from Catalonia. The band’s psychedelic delirium is here remastered from the original mastertapes, pressed in 180 gram vinyl. Featuring new exclusive artwork printed in 350 gram carton covers. Including liner notes in Catalan, Spanish and English, plus unseen photos from the personal archives of some members. Limited to 500 copies.

H/E 049LP

“For their half of The Aetheric Lamp, Stone Breath cut an anomalous path through the field of experimental folk, joined by new band members Don Belch & Brooke Elizabeth, while creating enduring acoustic music – this time with a distinctly Middle Eastern influence; half composed, half improvised, intricate & driving. Mike Seed 7 Language of Light bring a collection of songs drifting from the downright dark & haunting to the decidedly wyrd-folk. Seed creates lyrics imbued with a profound sense of introspection & occult mystery in melodies reminiscent of English folk ballad or early liturgical hymns. Language of Light, with what can only be described as avant-drone and folk strangeness, lend an ethereal backdrop to this LP.”


IT’S JAZZ: Jim’s Edits #1 12″ (ITSJAZZ 001EP) 14.00
Awesome, bold fresh (house-influenced) jazz from It’s Jazz. Strictly limited to 300 copies only.


VA: Jukebox Jam!: Blues And Rhythm Revue CD (JMAN 045CD) 17.00
Jazzman presents a whole load of raucous, rollicking and rambunctious ’50s/’60s RnB bangers, blues boppers, jukebox faves and rompin’, stompin’ RnB dancers. The Jukebox Jam club night began in Summer 2007 as a monthly celebration of the authentic U.S. rhythm & blues of yesteryear. Two years later, the club’s founder Liam Large linked up with Jazzman to release high-quality, short-run 7″ singles of the often obscure R&B music which the club continues to thrive on. Jazzman had already carved a niche for itself with the label’s many soul, funk n’ jazz 45s, but here was the opportunity to work a new furrow in vintage Black American music, turning an already clued-up and tuned-in client base of hipsters, diggers and full-on record nerds onto the seemingly endless charms of rockin’ blues, greasy RnB, jump blues and popcorn. Just as the Jukebox Jam club itself saw a fair few copycat enterprises spring forward in its wake, the label itself has been similarly influential in shaping the tastes of those who were yet to be introduced to the vast RnB reservoir, as well as sharpening and widening the palettes of the more journeyed enthusiast. This is due largely to the careful selection and programming of releases. Not merely picking the records with the most obvious crowd potential, the Jukebox Jam releases have often traded liberally in the unexpected and the unique. This album is the first full-length volume in the series. Founder and DJ Liam Large pulls together some selections from the 45 series and adds a further 8 songs. It’s a set which manages to be both diverse and yet totally coherent in spectrum. There are a few somber, downbeat moments here, but even these come with a seductive groove and finger-snapping back beat and overall, this is a selection very much geared, like the club itself, to get your pulse rising and feet jumping. Includes extensive original liner notes and never-before-seen pictures, photos and images in a 24-page booklet.


VA: Jukebox Jam!: Blues And Rhythm Revue 2LP (JMAN 045LP) 23.50
2LP version. Includes a fold-out booklet inside and a free color Jukebox Jam poster.


PARR & THE BLACK TWIG PICKERS, CHARLIE: Glory In The Meeting House LP (KLANG 009LP) 20.00
“At the end of May in 2010, Charlie Parr and the Black Twig Pickers holed themselves up in a shed in rural Ironto, Virginia and recorded the album that would become Glory in the Meeting House. Part country, part gospel and completely old-time, this session sounds ancient and new simultaneously. Parr’s haunting and gritty vocals combines with the fiddling, strumming and plucking of the Black Twig Pickers to bring the listener right into the shed with them. Glory in the Meeting House pulls together popular country gospel numbers like ‘Jesus on the Mainline’ and ‘What a Friend We Have’ to rarer numbers like ‘They Whupped Him Up the Hill’ and Parr’s new composition ‘Where You Gonna Be (When the Good Lord Calls You Home)?’ Charlie Parr plays original and traditional folk and Piedmont-style blues, accompanying himself on National resonator guitars, 12-string guitar and sometimes a banjo. Based in Duluth, Minnesota, Charlie has played all over the USA and Europe and Australia and released six acclaimed albums. The Black Twig Pickers got their start in a dark alley between the campers at the 1999 Galax Old Fiddlers Convention, choosing their name from an archaic apple variety in founding fiddler Ralph Berrier Jr.’s family orchard. Since then, the Black Twig Pickers’ fiddle-banjo-guitar-washboard sound has been heard in dives, barns, streets and dances from Amsterdam to Atlanta, yet remains solidly rooted in a corner of Southwest Virginia where four other states are closer than the Virginia capital. Our own Klang Industries heavy-duty vinyl version of Charlie Parr & the Black Twig Pickers bluesy gospel opus, with Patrick Best-designed packaging (scans here don’t do it justice) and photos by Scot Reso madman Dave Arcari from a Parr/Twig gig in Loch Lomond. Content is the same as the House of Mercy CD edition that David Morris described as ‘floods the fallow land, irrigates my soul. A full-length nearly-all-one-evening collection from Duluth blues shouter/singer-songsmith/resonator killer Charlie Parr and Virginia-West Virginia old-timey thugs Black Twig Pickers plus Amy Shea. Sanctified set includes group shout-alongs, solo resonator and solo fiddle musings, and all manner of string/washboard/harmonica/tambourine/whatsis combinations.” Pressed on 180 gram vinyl by RTI – edition of 500 copies.


PERSEUS TRAXX: Coded Emotion 12″ (MOS 015EP) 12.50
UK deep house producer Perseus Traxx serves up six tracks for 4/4 connoisseurs. Imbued with all the lessons learned from Chicago and Detroit’s output over the years, opener “Trying To Cut Free” is a mid tempo groove thick with a vintage fog. “Strength In The Security Of Love” is reminiscent of Redshape’s future facing house melancholia. “What’s Your Side” introduces a great vocal talent in the form of Lucy Barker. Deeply immersive stuff.


MADLIB AND FREDDIE GIBBS: Thuggin 12″ (MMS 014EP) 13.00
“This project gives the Gary, Indiana-bred, LA-based rapper a chance to stretch out over the Beat Konducta’s lush musical tapestry. If the first release is any indication, this collaboration will find Gibbs’ rough-hewn raps landing atop smoldering soul and jagged psychedelia.”


ULTRAKURT: Bled Runner EP 12″ (MINI 025EP) 12.50
Ultrakurt (aka Cabanne & Gluck) are out of the woods again, and this time, they’re here to feast on your young. Their latest mischief, the Bled Runner EP, is all about gooey shreds, wet sparks and slurry bits, all assembled with love to carefully irritate your eardrums and provide you with a decent nosebleed for a reasonable price. Get it now from your favorite local zombie exterminator.


BRAXTON & BEN OPIE, ANTHONY: Duets (Pittsburgh) 2008 2CD (OMP 006CD) 17.00
“While Braxton was in Pittsburgh doing performances, he stopped in the Carnegie Mellon University recording studio to record two CD-length duet pieces with Pittsburgh avant-garde saxophonist Ben Opie (who organized Braxton’s stay). Ben Opie (formerly of Water Shed 5tet) released the double CD himself on Opie Music Productions. 250 copies limited.”


LAWRENCE: Kurama 12″ (PAMPA 009EP) 12.50
Dial owner Lawrence shows up on his beloved Pampa imprint for the first time. This EP presents two deep, enchanting anthems, a timeless vision of love. This release is dedicated to two of the most famous experiences in Japan: The Kurama Mountain in Kyoto, one of the most amazing places on earth, and Oolong High, one of the most amazing drinks on earth — cold oolong tea on the rocks with a zip of Japanese Shochu liquor.


TENSNAKE: Need Your Lovin (Tiger & Woods Remix) 12″ (PERMVAC 086EP) 12.50
The B-side on Tensnake’s Coma Cat EP — the biggest 12″ single of 2010 — was “Need Your Lovin (Dub),” also a DJ fave. Here it comes again, in its glorious original mix (never released on vinyl before) and a brand new killer remix produced by the mysterious Italo duo Tiger & Woods. Comes housed in a silver foil outer sleeve.


VA: It’s Zimmerman’s World…We Just Live In It CD (PET 009CD) 9.00
“A far-out collection of rare mid-’60s garage and folk 45 cuts by groups that did their darndest to emulate their hero, the Beatnik Bard himself, Bob Dylan. If you dig Mouse and the Traps’ ‘Public Execution,” the Trashmen’s ‘Same Lines’ or David Blue’s records then you’ll flip for the sounds you’re gonna hear here! It’s Zimmerman’s World features all kinds of obscure tracks by Terry and the Trip-Outs, the Toads, Billy Easley and the Gorillamen, the Changin’ Times, the Love Society, and many more. Eighteen songs altogether.”

PG 1154LP

DELFONICS, THE: Tell Me This Is A Dream LP (PG 1154LP) 11.50
Exact repro reissue, originally released in 1972. The group’s fourth LP includes singles “Hey Love” and “Walk Right Up to the Sun.”


LOW: I Could Live In Hope 2LP (PLAIN 175LP) 25.00
“Originally released (only on CD) by Vernon Yard Recordings in 1994, I Could Live In Hope is the debut release from Minnesota’s slo-core pioneers. Produced by the legendary Kramer, Low’s first recordings show a band emerging fully formed with a sound that they carry on to this day. On vinyl for the very first time.” On 180 gram vinyl.

PD 1095LP

BROWN, JAMES: It’s A New Day-Let A Man Come In LP (PD 1095LP) 11.50
Exact repro reissue, originally released in 1970. Features a seven-minute version of “Let A Man Come In And Do The Popcorn,” plus “Georgia In My Mind,” “If I Ruled The World,” “Give It Up Or Turn It A Loose” and more.

PD 1118LP

BYRD, BOBBY: I Need Help LP (PD 1118LP) 11.50
Exact repro reissue. Byrd met James Brown in a youth detention center and later became MC of the James Brown show. This 1970 album, supposedly recorded live, was Byrd’s only full-length release.

POTOMAK 957051

EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN: Silence Is Sexy 2LP (POTOMAK 957051) 29.00
Gatefold vinyl reissue of Einstürzende Neubauten’s Silence Is Sexy, originally released in 2000 from singer Blixa Bargeld and his band partners (N.U. Unruh, Alexander Hacke, Jochen Arbeit and Rudolf Moser). This vinyl double album contains the track “Pelikanol,” first available as a bonus track with the 2000 release of the album and now for the first time available on vinyl. A concept of “conceptlessness” was created at that time from a spontaneous idea (many thought it was an April Fool’s joke when Einstürzende Neubauten first stood on the stage at Berlin’s “Moon” on April 1, 1980; now over 30 years ago), from which the “brilliant dilettantes” developed their own strategy against social and musical architecture using metal pipes, feathers and machines. Blixa Bargeld constructed metaphor-laden poetry around which unique worlds of sound were built up from objects of the most varied origins. The band discovered sounds beyond the pain barrier, the beauty of dissonance and the aesthetics of the scrapyard. They are regarded as the most important engines in the development of new musical strategies. Hardly another German band has characterized the musical landscape as lastingly as Einstürzende Neubauten. Their influence on the music world was and is as great as their timeless character. Silence Is Sexy finally receives a long-awaited reissue on the band’s own label Potomak. The element of surprise was and continues to be routine for Einstürzende Neubauten. On Silence Is Sexy they masterfully celebrate the unexpected in the exploration of silence. It is a wonderful album in the classical Neubauten sense; lyrical and melancholy. It’s a musical coming-of-age from metal-defying scrap iron sound to constructed melodiousness, with a familiar rhythmic undertow — playful, arrogant, poetic, subversive, dandified and mature. From its first release in 2000 (marking the 20-year existence of the band) to date, it has doubtlessly remained the group’s most complex work and the most fascinating in its evolution. It shows the Neubauten universe from both a known, emotionally moving side, as well as one that is deliberately constructive. It clearly breathes the inimitably rough Neubauten handwriting, while Blixa’s voice cuts through intellectual and cryptic texts. It is carried by metal sounds, from which individual instruments can almost no longer be extracted — and by silence. Ultimately, nearly inaudible tones or laughter in the right place can seem more destructive than the most enduring rage. This is an album that won’t be ignored; a unique appearance in the history of German rock music. 180 gram audiophile pressing.

RT 1007CD

VA: Mary Jane: Original Soundtrack CD (RT 1007CD) 17.00
Released in January 1968, this cult exploito movie concerns the efforts of an art teacher to discover who has framed him for pot possession, with plenty of warnings about the dangers of drug abuse along the way. Its soundtrack is a quintessential ’60s period piece, with fuzz guitar, bongos, flute, vibes, and more, and makes its long-overdue CD debut here, complete with background notes.

R 25272LP

BOBO, WILLIE: Let’s Go Bobo! LP (R 25272LP) 11.50
Exact repro reissue. Legendary Latin jazz percussionist’s third album from 1963. Includes the title track, “Twist The Monkey’s Tail” and “The Hip Monkey.” “He is that rare bird who has managed to bridge the gap of Latin-American music, jazz and pop music.”

SPS 5117LP

B.T. EXPRESS: Do It (‘Til You’re Satisfied) LP (SPS 5117LP) 11.50
Exact repro reissue. 1974 debut album from this funk/soul group includes the popular title track, also an early disco hit.


LES GOTHS: Rêve De Silence CD (SHAD 134CD) 17.00
This is an unreleased album recorded for EMI France from Les Goths. They had released only two rare singles for EMI: I Remember/Turn Over and Le Jour Était Gris/Out Of The Sun in 1968. The band containing members Gino Frascone (guitar & vocals), Bruno Frascone (drums & vocals) and Bernard Faucher (bass & vocals) also recorded a complete 10 track album, which Shadoks is proud to release on CD. Les Goths’ two singles reached cult status in France. Their musical influence was Cream and Jimi Hendrix and the guitar parts are reminiscent of Randy Holden. This French psychedelic band from Normandy recorded perhaps one of the best albums from that period in France — every track is just right. Incredible, heavy psych with French and English lyrics.


CHURCHILL DOWNS, THE: The Churchill Downs CD (SHAD 137CD) 17.00
1968, Hollywood, USA: The Churchill Downs recorded 16 great tracks at the studio with famous producer Gary S. Paxton. The band was very young at the time but the musical output was on the highest level you can imagine, with a damn good production. How a band like this did not become famous is a mystery. Fantastic compositions, great multi-vocal singing, strong guitars, organ, drums, bass, effects — everything you desire in catchy underground music with tons of great ideas in it to make those songs unique. It is also everything you love about the productions of Phil Spector and Andrew Loog Oldham. The Churchill Downs produced one of the best unknown U.S. albums, along with Beauregard Ajax and Public Nuisance. Features Don Adey on guitar and vocals, Gary Dalton Stovall on guitar and vocals, Dirk Acree on bass and vocals, Mick Newton on keyboards and vocals and Al Stigler and Fred Darling on drums. If Shadoks could go back in time, let’s say 40+ years, and actually release this album in 1968, they would have been rich. Why this album was never pressed is still a mystery. So — for the first time ever — these great songs are finally available on CD.


CARNAN, EUGENE: Eugene Carnan CD (SHAD 139CD) 17.00
Shadoks presents on CD an unknown UK album that had great potential from Eugene Carnan — a three-piece band from the Rhondda Valley in South Wales. Musically, it is very powerful, guitar-dominated underground rock in the vein of Black Sabbath, Blue Cheer, Dark or Grannie, but the rarity factor is way above all those other rare UK albums, which stayed in low pressings of 99 copies and 15-20, as was the case with Dark. This extraordinarily rare album was originally only published as a private acetate in an edition of four copies. In September 1971, Eugene Carnan entered a UK-wide competition for “Best New Band,” run by the famous Melody Maker magazine. They recorded the album in 1972 and took it to London to Eden Studios for a demo pressing and cut four acetates. Guitar and vocals, bass and drums — all their own compositions. A killer album from beginning to end, now on CD.


MARIO & VIDIS: Changed Album Sampler 12″ (SILENCE 009EP) 12.50
Ahead of their full-length album, Mario & Vidis present the Changed Album Sampler, featuring a dub version of Future Classic anthem “Changed” and three additional choice cuts. This album sampler captures a glimpse of the epic soundscapes, hypnotic pop melodies and ghostly soul. Changed was co-written by Ernesto after the duo admired his earlier inspiring releases. Here, you can experience the title-track stripped bare of vocals while “When Nobody Listens” explores a deep jazz sensibility. Also features Giedre.


LEGO FEET: Lego Feet CD (SKA 001CD) 14.50
Skam reissues recordings by the mythical Lego Feet, otherwise known as legendary electronic duo Autechre. This four track CD contains over 70 minutes of classic, mind-bending, futuristic electronic-acid-industrial-cut-up fuckery that, at the time of its release in 1991, was virtually uncategorizable. Legendary electronic duo Autechre went on to advance the most seismic paradigm shifts in the sound of the late 20th century, and their seminal early release is presented here with two tracks of material that have never been heard before. All tracks have been re-recorded from the original master tapes. 1991 was an eventful year in human history — the Dow Jones topped 3,000 for the first time; Boris Yeltsin got elected; Freddie Mercury died — but among mankind’s greatest accomplishments was the creation of the Skam label. At the time, hardly any record store bought the label’s first 12″. It wasn’t until much later, after Autechre had established themselves as a pioneering experimental electronic group and some genius coined the term “IDM” to classify this baffling type of music, that the original Lego Feet release would become one of the true Holy Grail records.


MUNGOLIAN JETSET: Schlungs 2LP (STS 209LP) 17.00
2LP version. “Mungolian Jetset presents their first album of totally original compositions. Rather than delivering another take on the epic entertainments that have become the staple of their reputation, they have now taken more scoops of melody, poptastic whimsy and lighter shades of oddness, to hybridize with their already mutated sound. The result is full of drunken synths, obscure samples of the psychedelic past, bleeping & squeaking, contemporary choirs alongside funky guitars, ethereal landscapes & chipmunked vocals, as well as guest vocals from Dominique Leone & Cartsen Loly. Tunes you can chew your bubblegum to.”


PIGEONS: They Sweetheartstammers LP (SAB 053LP) 17.00
“Pigeons have shifted into more dense, heady modes for their new record, They Sweetheartstammers. Heavy doses of melody and dissonance dip into Broadcast & Meddle-era Pink Floyd territory, as well as more straightforward nods to Opal’s Happy Nightmare Baby, Galaxie 500 and Brigitte Fontaine. Pigeons are also now a four piece featuring Jason Meagher (No Neck Blues Band) on bass and Nathan Bowles (Black Twig Pickers, Pelt) on drums.”


REGNAULT, CHANTAL: Voguing And The House Ballroom Scene Of New York City Book (SJR 249BK) 38.00
…1989-92. “This deluxe 200 page 24x30cm flexibound book features hundreds of stunning photographs from the hidden world of New York’s house ballroom drag scene out of which came voguing, the dance made famous by Madonna. Introductory text is by Tim Lawrence, author of two seminal music books: Love Saves the Day: A History of American dance music culture, 1970-79 and Hold on to your Dreams: Arthur Russell and the Downtown Music Scene, 1973-92. To coincide with the book, Soul Jazz Records will be releasing an album in January 2012, entitled Voguing and the House Ballroom Scene of New York City 1989 -92 featuring Masters at Work, MFSB, Junior Vasquez, Diana Ross, Armand Van Helden, Loose Joints, First Choice and many more. These wild years of voguing and the house ballroom scene are vividly captured at its height in hundreds of amazing, previously unpublished photographs. A visual riot of fashion, gender, polysexuality and subversive style, Voguing and the House Ballroom Scene of New York 1989-92 is also a fascinating document on sexuality and race.”


VA: Colombia! The Golden Age of Discos Fuentes 2LP (SNDW 008LP) 23.50
…The Powerhouse of Colombian Music 1960-76. 2011 repress on vinyl! Double LP version, in deluxe gatefold jacket. Soundway Records presents the tropical sound of Colombia. From the salsas and descargas of Cali, Medellin and Bogota to the Afro sounds and raw cumbias of Cartagena and Barranquilla, this is the sound of Colombian dancehalls and clubs in the ’60s and ’70s, when the legendary Discos Fuentes record label led the way. The sounds emanating from the barrios and beaches of Colombia are a unique mixture of Latin sounds and Afro rhythms, drawing influences from the New York and Puerto Rican Latin scenes, the highlife and rumba of West Africa and the calypso of the Caribbean, as well as the tropical rhythms of the Colombian cumbia, gaita, fandango and porro. Driving percussion, swinging horns, hot pianos and jumping bass lines — this music was made for dancing.


VA: Cartagena! CD (SNDW 026CD) 15.50
Repressed. Subtitled: Curro Fuentes & The Big Band Cumbia and Descarga Sound of Colombia 1962-72. Soundway set sail for the Colombian coastal town of Cartagena for their first selection of 2011. Sourced from a period when musicians effortlessly combined the swing of cumbia with the driving bass of salsa, Cartagena unwraps a period of musical history seldom heard beyond the tropical coast of South America. Compiled by Roberto Gyemant with the help of Colombian resident Will “Quantic” Holland and Miles Cleret, Cartagena! focuses on the extraordinary life and career of Curro Fuentes, the youngest brother of the family responsible for the Discos Fuentes label. Cartagena! explores a changing era for Colombian music, when new styles like porro, fandango and cumbia mixed with descargas and salsa, cementing Colombia’s reputation as a formidable dance music hotspot in Latin America. Features 19 tracks of which none have been released on CD outside of South America. Includes a 28-page full-color booklet with detailed, explorative liner notes.


VA: Cartagena! 2LP (SNDW 026LP) 23.50
Repressed. Gatefold double LP version includes a full-color spread and detailed liner notes. Also includes a bonus track not available on the CD version.


VA: The Original Sound Of Cumbia Vol. 1 3LP (SNDW 032A-LP) 31.00
Subtitled: The History of Colombian Cumbia & Porro As Told By The Phonograph 1948-79. Limited 180 gram triple vinyl version, part 1 (Original Colombian 78s). Includes vinyl-only bonus track (Angel Martinez con Los Sabaneros’ “Cumbia Alegre”). Soundway set sail for Colombia once again, delving deeper into the South American country’s rich musical past. The Original Sound Of Cumbia is Soundway’s definitive guide to the origins of Colombian cumbia and porro and the result of five years’ painstaking research by Will “Quantic” Holland. Greats of Colombian music like Alberto Pacheco, Toño Fernandez and Anibal Velasquez brought the genre forward, bringing new influences and instruments to the genre. What had once been considered the music of the underclasses had risen up as the new sound of a nation. After five years of becoming slowly submerged in Colombian musical culture, learning the accordion, setting up a band and a studio, and scouring the country in search of its recorded legacy, Will “Quantic” Holland (Quantic Soul Orchestra & Quantic Y Su Combo Barbaro) has compiled the fruits of his labor into this unique compilation that tells the story of cumbia in the years of the phonograph record’s supremacy. A large-format 8-page booklet features detailed liner notes and original artist pictures and sleeves. Includes mp3 download code.


VA: The Original Sound Of Cumbia Vol. 2 3LP (SNDW 032B-LP) 31.00
Limited 180 gram triple vinyl version, part 2 (Original 45s and LP Cuts).Includes vinyl-only bonus track (Heber Macias’s “Cumbia Linda”), large-format booklet and mp3 download code.


Berlin producer Ruede Hagelstein, known for his productions that straddle the boundary between house and techno, releases the first single from his debut album Soft Pack (SOUVENIR 004CD). “A Priori” is the first track on the indie-electronic LP, and cannot claim itself free from jazz influences. With piano, a horn section, and brushed snares, the track swings with the best of them. Remixes from Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts, Noir and Tiefschwarz.

SP 011LP

NO UFO’S: Soft Coast LP (SP 011LP) 20.00
Here at Spectrum Spools, one of the many missions is to make sure great, under-documented, and limited offerings get a chance to see a wider release. No UFO’s debut cassette, Soft Coast (2010, Nice Up Int’l), is surely no exception. It was said about the Swell Maps’ A Trip to Marineville that the album had been obviously crafted by true music lovers who were record collectors. It seems that Konrad Jandavs’ debut as No UFO’s was calculated and carefully pieced together to spawn a whole new universe from the omniverse of collective music, a feat which many attempt but few succeed. Lazy comparisons to Neu! and other such kraut-oriented material have bubbled up here and there, but Jandavs’ vision, as with any great recording artist, is all his own; a new perspective from looking at music past and present.


“Performance of Anthony Braxton piece by twelve Pittsburgh musicians, conducted by Braxton himself when he spent a weekend in Pittsburgh in 2008. Also includes an inserted CDR of another Braxton piece (also conducted by him) performed by the CAPA High School New Music ensemble, Antithesis. 300 copies limited.”


STORIG, BJORN: Humming Top 12″ (SVT 070EP) 12.50
Björn Störig delivers the goods on his first solo EP, Humming Top. The title track doesn’t waste much time: crisp percussive elements are laid over a beefy bass-line, while a progressive piano melody mingles with a distinctly vintage synth. “Jazz Thang” literally oozes jazz sounds. The bare bones of “Frizzante” are similarly techy, yet decisively sexed-up by funky bass slaps and pressing vocal samples. “Connected Ways” shifts the mood from peak-time to more relaxed territory, finishing off the proceedings beautifully.

T 322LP

GAYE, MARVIN: Trouble Man OST LP (T 322LP) 11.50
Exact repro reissue of Gaye’s soundtrack for the classic 1972 blaxploitation film. Coming after the release of What’s Going On?, the soundtrack was instrumental but a vocal version of the title track later became a hit.


SKREAM: Skreamizm Vol. 6 3×12″ (TEMPA 061LP) 23.00
Skream has always reserved his deadliest club material for the Skreamizm series of EPs. Volume six, the first addition to the series since 2009, proves no exception. His attention might have been divided between exploring a range of styles on 2010’s Outside The Box (TEMPA 016CD) album, but all seven tracks here stay locked, hard, to the demands of the dancefloor. Broader in its sonic range than any other Skreamizm so far, the range of sounds within this sixth volume in the series reflects dubstep’s growing status over the last couple of years. It encompasses the sort of crushing, big-room club tracks his sets have become increasingly known for. “Xmas Day Swagger” is metallic and bristly, and the shuddering “Indistinct”‘s intensity is cleverly offset by tiny melodic flourishes and fragments of female vocal. Both “Abstruse” and “Snarled” match their titles perfectly, the latter in particular casting robotic half-step in sleek, predatory shapes. The most startling moments, though, are those that depart from straight-up club form: a characteristically acerbic vocal from Trim on “Tweedle Dee Tweedle DUMB!”; and “FNKONOMIKA,” where Skream continues to explore the sort of stripped-back, twilight drum ‘n’ bass pioneered by friend and collaborator dBridge. Dubstep at the moment finds itself in something of a scattered state — blame it on Skrillex. Skream’s music, though, remains closely linked both to his own history and to the genre’s roots. It’s refreshing to hear a producer making tracks for larger dancefloors that retain something of the subtlety and nuance of the past.


J:KENZO: Ruffhouse/Therapy 12″ (TEMPA 062EP) 11.00
J:Kenzo’s tracks fall firmly within the Loefah school of dubstep minimalism — the view that less, if wielded properly, can certainly be more — an approach which has seen his tracks become staples in scene figurehead Youngsta’s DJ sets and Rinse FM shows. “Ruffhouse” features a detached vocal from Rod Azlan, coiled and primed for attack. “Therapy” is marked by traces of dub-techno and sonar echo trails that bound around the mix.


FOUR TET & BURIAL: Moth/Wolf Cub 12″ (TEXT 006EP) 12.00
Repressed, at least a little bit…”A collaboration between Burial and Four Tet.”

WIRE 335

WIRE, THE: #335 January 2012 MAG (WIRE 335) 8.50
“On the cover: Rewind 2011. Our massive annual survey of the last 12 months of underground/outsider music activity, including the 50 records of the year, 50 archive releases of the year and specialist genre charts covering all bases from Avant Rock to Outer Limits. Plus our crack team of critics and contributors, as well as some of 2011’s most active and high-flying musicians, give us their takes on the highs and lows of the cultural year. Features: Kouhei Matsunaga (Clive Bell meets the German born conceptual composer who treats scores as standalone artworks); Collateral Damage: Claudia Molitor (Philip Clark meets the German born conceptual composer who treats scores as standalone artworks); Gonjasufi (Dan Barrow enjoys a sun salutation and enters the wormhole with Warp’s conscious beatmaker); Invisible Jukebox: Michael Chapman (The veteran folk guitarist and improviser becomes a fully qualified survivor of The Wire’s mystery record selection); Spencer Clark/James Ferraro (The ex-Skaters talk about their separate Fourth World and Far Side Virtual second lives). Global Ear: Brisbane (Daniel Spencer gatecrashes the house hows, pub gigs and bedroom blowouts of Queensland’s capital city); Epiphanies (Adam Harper on the transformative potential of Cornelius Cardew’s Treatise graphic score).”


BLUES CREATION: Demon & Eleven Children LP (THR 003LP) 29.00
“Ultra heavy, psychedelic and bluesy hard-rock from Japan 1971. This is the second album by this wild sounding quartet, an album that stands as one of the best from Japan and is a heavy psychedelic worldwide classic. This reissue comes with the original mega-rare first pressing artwork, meaning gatefold cover and insert.”

TSQ 2646LP

KEYS, CALVIN: Shawn-Neeq LP (TSQ 2646LP) 23.00
“Originally released on the influential label Black Jazz in 1971, guitarist Calvin Keys’ debut is a stone classic waiting to be re-discovered. The funky, deep grooves and Calvin’s singular guitar stylings, coupled with the heady collaborative feel that inhabits so many early ’70s jazz recordings, are all on beautiful display. Calvin’s musical roots originate in his hometown of Omaha, NE, playing with legends like Eddie ‘Cleanhead’ Vinson. Shortly after the release of his debut LP Shawn-Neeq, Calvin was hired to tour and record with Ray Charles. By the mid-70s, Calvin was working steadily with legendary pianist Ahmad Jamal on the road and in the studio. Since settling in the Bay Area in the mid-70s, Calvin has recorded numerous solo albums and played with many greats, including Taj Mahal, Bobby Hutcherson, Big John Patton and Dr. Lonnie Smith.” On 180 gram vinyl.

TS 011EP

BIOSPHERE: Mysterier 7″ (TS 011EP) 7.00
7″ vinyl was the quintessential format for popular music. Today, it is an undervalued and mostly promotional medium, used as a fetishistic signpost for a time of musical authenticity and a “healthy” popular culture. Two tracks from Biosphere originally recorded for Hågogaland Teater, Tromsø, Norway in 2006 and remastered in 2011. Part of the Touch Sevens series, cut by Jason at Transition. Artwork & photography by Jon Wozencroft.

TS 013EP

HARDING, MIKE: Repaired/Replaced 7″ (TS 013EP) 7.00
Touch presents a 7″ from Mike Harding as part of the Touch Sevens series. Recorded in West Wittering in Balham using DPA 4060s onto a Nagra Ares P-ll digital recorder. Cut by Jason at Transition. Artwork & photography by Jon Wozencroft.

UY 054EP

STOJAN, NICO: Callejera 12″ (UY 054EP) 12.00
Former hip-hop producer Nico Stojan, took to the streets of Spain and brought back an endotherm tech-house breeze to blow-dry Upon You’s backstock catalog. Those who want to spend the winter in steaming dancehalls will be gratified by the remix from Hector, who turns “Quiet Now” in the direction of the main stage and lets the bass drop.


BLACKWELL, SCRAPPER: The Virtuoso Guitar Of Scrapper Blackwell LP (YAZ 1019HLP) 17.00
180 gram vinyl. Music recorded between 1929-1934. Includes “Penal Farm Blues” and “Good Woman Blues”, a duet with Leroy Carr. “No musician ever surpassed Indianapolis’ Francis (Scrapper) Blackwell for the gifted guitar playing that makes for so much of the blues’ charm and durability.”


MCTELL, BLIND WILLIE: 1927-1935 LP (YAZ 1037HLP) 17.00
180 gram vinyl. Reissue of this 1974 collection of recordings from the prolific 12-string blues guitarist.


HOKUM BOYS, THE: You Can’t Get Enough Of That Stuff LP (YAZ 1051HLP) 17.00
180 gram vinyl. Features cover art by Robert Crumb. A collection of recordings from a number of “Hokum” groups, mostly from the 1920s. “…the Hokum Boys were less an actual group and more of a term that race labels could use to market ensemble recordings of material with salacious lyrics that were filled with sexual double entendre and references to vice.” –Record-Fiend


ORAM, DAPHNE: The Daphne Oram Tapes: Volume One 4LP (YOUNGAM 003LP) 47.50
Daphne Oram, founder of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, died in 2003 leaving a colossal archive of reel-to-reel tapes and documents behind. This important collection of material eventually made its way to Goldsmiths College, London, who have been administering it on behalf of the Daphne Oram Trust for the last few years. The collection holds over 400 tapes made by Oram during her lifetime, and 211 of those have been archived and catalogued by the college so far. The Daphne Oram Tapes: Volume One is the result of almost two years spent trawling through the archive in an attempt to piece together a coherent document of one of the most pioneering and genuinely experimental characters in electronic music history. Although some of Oram’s recordings have surfaced on the Oramics compilation (YOUNGAM 001LP), this compilation reveals a complex, dark and sometimes disturbing body of work which has, until now, been partially obscured by the more recognizable Radiophonic bleeps and whirrs the Workshop is best known for. This first volume focuses on Oram’s love of experimental forms, of musique concrète, of the science and mystery of sound and composition. It comes at a time when her work is only just starting to gain wider acknowledgment in scholarly as well as popular circles. The “Oramics” machine (the first electronic musical instrument in history to be designed and built by a woman) has gone on display at the Science Museum in London, an important step in what will no doubt be a sustained effort to assert Oram’s rightful position as one of the most important figures in modern music. Working through the archive has been a life-changing experience, revealing a wealth of musical treasures that include recordings and sound effects made for Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey and Jack Clayton’s The Innocents, all the way through to field recordings made in Africa. This first volume, put together with the help of Goldsmiths and Daphne’s family, is the first in a planned series that will, for the first time, make Oram’s most important and personal recordings available for public consumption. Deluxe quadruple vinyl housed in a gatefold sleeve.

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