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100% SILK
SILK 013EP MINERVA, MARIA: Sacred & Profane Love 12″ (SILK 013EP) 14.00
The best 100% Silk release of the year: a mini-album/EP housed in a gold-foil stamped LP jacket. “Producer and chanteuse (and fashion icon and social satirist and heartbreaker) Maria Minerva is the groove-gift that keeps on shimmy-givin.’ Her forth effort this year — after the wildly weird, how-low-fi-can-you-cry Tallinn At Dawn, the boy-you-turn-me upside down disco EP Noble Savage, AND the salty sweet gauze-ahh strip tease Cabaret Cixous — comes just in time for Santa, baby. Sacred and Profane Love wraps it up with a bow: drugged-out drag choruses, saucy pans, lines of echo-coke, head-trippy candy flips, layered bangs, crooked hooks, top forty flirting, pop weaseling, sand dune sparkle, dream reels. With a wily wink Minerva serves allusions to the other gay nineties, reminding one of a Post-era Bjork or a ‘Sampladelic’ Lady Miss Kier or a ‘Deeper and Deeper’ Madonna. Sensual in every sense of the word. Maria Minerva just turned it up, so you better bring your M game.”
200 018EP NHAR: Motionless/Betrayer 12″ (200 018EP) 12.00
Nhar’s second release on 200 Records Motionless/Betrayer is poison. If you listen to it you will die — immediately.
4M 120LP SILL, JUDEE: Judee Sill LP (4M 120LP) 19.00
2011 repress. “Judee Sill’s debut album (as well as the debut of the Asylum label) heralded a major new talent in the airy, contemporary folk world of the early ’70s. The album employed the production skills of Sill’s ex-husband Bob Harris, as well as ex-Turtle, ex-Leaves Jim Pons, and Graham Nash (on the album’s sole single, ‘Jesus Was s Crossmaker’). Judee Sill featured all original compositions, many of which relied on Sill’s own brand of cosmological Christian imagery to make their point. By turns spare and lavishly orchestrated, there is still a cohesive feel to all of the album; her lyrics are exceptionally poetic and her voice is smooth enough to give every song a shimmery feel. The essence of the music is folk, the execution pop: the songs feel like a comfort blanket, a statement of hope from a troubled soul.” The first release on David Geffen’s Asylum label in 1971. Listed on Jim O’Rourke’s Desert Island all-time top ten!
4M 525LP POP, IGGY: Lust For Life LP (4M 525LP) 19.00
2011 repress. “Released less than a year after The Idiot, Lust For Life is a return to the sloppy, sleazy, blues-y, swagger of the Stooges. Though the record is again produced by David Bowie, he takes much more of a backseat musically, allowing for Iggy Pop to take center stage in his return to form. His best solo album and an absolute classic from this legend.” 180 gram vinyl.
4M 529LP SAINTS, THE: Eternally Yours LP (4M 529LP) 19.00
“Eternally Yours is the second album from legendary Brisbane punk band, The Saints. Originally released in 1978 on Sire Records, it features a more fleshed out sound than the snotty, amped up, Stones inspired swagger of their debut, including horn parts and a more R&B inspired vibe. But don’t let this scare you, Eternally Yours, is still snotty, hyperactive punk rock of the highest order, and The Saints last great album.” On 180 gram vinyl.
AUK 103LP DEAD SKELETONS, THE: Dead Magick 2LP (AUK 103LP) 44.00
Deluxe gatefold 2LP version with full color inner sleeves. “What is a ‘dead skeleton’? Can such an entity exist? Sonic wizards [alt: warlocks] Jon Saemundur, Henrik Bjornsson and Ryan Carlson Van Kriedt probe such questions of depth and intensity on their first full-length release Dead Magick. This album illuminates the fact that magick – as well as music – is far from ‘dead.’ In fact, Dead Magick is a vibrant collection of mystical meanderings through space, time, and all that is. Dead Magick formulates and communicates dynamic concepts, as well as illustrates them via the oldest form of human expression: music.”
AREAL 061EP SCHLEPPSTIGG: Up In The Weeds 12″ (AREAL 061EP) 12.50
The skies are lowering some more. Existence is twitching here and there. Rain reflects Berlin’s icy glow: a frisky spirit on the tip of your nose. We dance with him for quite some time. No missing a beat for a heart that goes on. Flamboyant whispers strike a chord back home. You come to me, I’m not alone, in the sound of a song we know no wrong. Remixes by Benjamin Brunn & Move D and Kalabrese.
AOV 004EP BRIKHA, ARIL: Palma 12″ (AOV 004EP) 12.50
Art of Vengeance makes it clap with three from Aril Brikha. Melodies and claps, deep chords and claps and bass and claps.
BANG 054LP BLOODLOSS: Lost My Head for Drink LP (BANG 054LP) 21.00
Bloodloss was the band formed by members of Mudhoney and Lubricated Goat (Mark Arm, Guy Maddison, Martin Bland and Renestair EJ). They played scuzzed-out, spastic, jazz-influenced, grunge punk-blues with one foot in the garage and both legs in the swamp. This record is their lost last album, recorded in Seattle in 1996 and not released until now, and it sounds like a cross between The Flesh Eaters’ A Minute To Pray A Second To Die and The Scientists’ The Human Jukebox. The band is not active any more, but this record, released by Bang! Records on deluxe gatefold edition, is a must for those who follow Captain Beefheart, Scientists, Mudhoney and Beasts Of Bourbon. Deluxe gatefold vinyl edition.
BPC 245EP CHLOE: Watch Out 12″ (BPC 245EP) 12.00
Parisian DJ Chloé returns to BPitch Control after a successful guest performance with Sasche Funke in 2006. The three tracks on Watch Out ignite a true display of sound and beat fireworks. Chloé deliberately chose not to use tonal elements, and there are also no signs of melodies. Only “The Shift” is a little more relaxed, while the electro epics “Chatterbox” and “Watch Out” are both masterfully shaped by powerful beats and thrilling sound fragments.
BF 026LP TEEBS: Collections 01 LP (BF 026LP) 17.50
“Ardour was the debut album by long time running My Hollow Drum, Dublab, and recent Brainfeeder artist, Teebs. Ardour was two years in the making and has been described by Flying Lotus as, ‘like an island vacation…the way Avatar looks.’ Now from Ardour we have Collections 01, a selection of remixes, bonus tracks, and other exclusive material surrounding Teebs’ critically acclaimed debut album.” Free download included.
CT 111LP SERVANTS, THE: Youth Club Disco LP (CT 111LP) 16.00
“The Servants was an indie band formed in 1985 in Hayes, Middlesex, England by singer and songwriter David Westlake. Their brand of the mid-’80s jangly guitar-pop was intellectual, refined and classy as opposed to the shambolic and noisy lo-fi scene heralded by the C-86 compilation they would appear on and be connected with during their active career. After lots of lineup changes (including past/future members of The Auteurs and The Housemartins) and a string of great singles and one great LP (Disinterest) the band called it a day in 1991. Around this time, huge fan and Belle & Sebastian frontmn Stuart Murdoch was trying to locate David Westlake in the hopes of forming a band with him, before launching Belle in his school class instead. In 2006, the great Cherry Red label finally pulled together the unreleased tracks and singles into the CD Reserved from which this vinyl-only compilation is pulled. Combined with a copy of Disinterest (if you can find one) this collection is the essential vinyl document of a great band from a great era of music that can easily be thought of as what would be their debut LP.” Includes mp3 download card.
CT 126LP NICELY, NICK: Elegant Daze: 1979-1986 LP (CT 126LP) 16.00
“The enigma of nick nicely has long been causing frustrations for his fans, since the release of DCT Dreams/Treeline out on his own imprint Voxette in 1980. He stands out as a highly influential figure in psychedelic ’80s music, despite his relatively small number of releases. Captured Tracks is out to help these fans by reissuing a collection of his songs dubbed Elegant Daze.”
CT 127LP SHOULD: A Folding Sieve LP (CT 127LP) 16.00
LP version. “As the first contribution to Captured Tracks’ Shoegaze Archives series, Should offers A Folding Sieve. This classic take on the genre lends waves of euphoric dream pop sounds, similar to My Bloody Valentine. This album was originally released in 1995 under the name shiFt by the Austin-based record label N D. The LP release of A Folding Sieve includes the original release’s tracks as well as ‘Faded’ and ‘O wn Two Feet’, all songs on vinyl for the first time.”
CT 128LP DEARDARKHEAD: Oceanside: 1991- 1993 LP (CT 128LP) 16.00
LP version. “As the second contribution to Captured Tracks’ Shoegaze Archives series, deardarkhead offers their brilliant take on the genre with Oceanside: 1991- 1993. The New Jersey-based band was formed in 1988 with their name is taken from an anonymously written Irish poem of the 18th century ‘Cean Dubh Dilis’, about a beautiful girl with black hair. Their sound perfectly blends post-punk guitar experimentalism with a heavy atmospheric dreampop aura, similar to Pale Saints and Ride. This release is completely remastered. Some tracks previously unreleased as well as all tracks never before on vinyl.”
CODIS 005EP JOASH: Mission/Bleed Remixes 12″ (CODIS 005EP) 12.00
Three brand-new club mixes taken from Joash’s debut album Don’t Fear It, Fight It (COMP 371CD) from Chocolate Garage Productions, Sportloto and Woolfy. This is rolling funky, sexy and beautiful sundown music. Oldschool rap in a sultrily modern boogie way, with Joash’s strings heavenly disco-fied by Cologne based soul, boogie and garage house connoisseur Chocolate Garage Productions. Sportloto rebuilds his hometown Izhevsk into a Balearic city with beaches and palm trees and Woolfy crafts a slick groove with wadding pads.
COS 003LP VA: World’s Funkiest Covers LP (COS 003LP) 21.00
LP version. “Carefully selected by Deano Sounds, World’s Funkiest Covers features some of the funkiest covers from around the world and throughout time. The album includes a wide range of styles including deep funk, Latin soul, hard salsa, soul, afro beat, and cumbia. From the Ebony Rhythm Band’s deep funk cover of ‘Light My Fire’ to the soulful version of ‘Purple Haze’ by Johnny Jones and the King Casuals, the unforgettable tracks keep on coming. There’s also plenty of hard pounding salsa with Ray Barretto’s cover of ‘Pastime Paradise,’ Mongo Santamaria’s cover of ‘Cloud Nine’ and Williamsburg Salsa Orchestra’s cover of Spoon’s ‘I Turn My Camera On.’ More recent artists include Mighty Mo and the Winchester 7 and Nostalgia 77 covering ‘The Message’ and ‘Seven Nation Army’, respectively. This Cultures of Soul collection features unique versions of classics songs not easily found in the marketplace today. Each infectious song will leave listeners helplessly grooving to the beats, letting go on the dance floor and ultimately begging for more.”
DAIS 026LP KING DUDE: Love LP (DAIS 026LP) 21.00
“Long awaited proper full length album by Seattle’s King Dude. Dark pagan-fueled folk wrapped tight with outsider Americana, steeped in themes of love, death and redemption. King Dude was initially projected forth using his Actual Pain vehicle for his metaphysical leaning and occultist tendencies. Reverent as it is prophetic and stark, King Dude has previously swooned audiences with releases on Avant!, Bathetic and Clan Destine, now his masterpiece album on Dais pulls together the biblical sound and isolation of the northwest… drawing sound influence akin to Death In June and Sol Invictus but sewing together a hybrid of true folk tradition alongside Woody Guthrie and Johnny Cash. Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies. Records come in thick die-cut cardstock sleeves revealing beautiful inner sleeve printed artwork beneath.”
DWR 007LP EVANS, PETER: Beyond Civilized And Primitive LP (DWR 007LP) 26.00
“The new solo album by American maverick trumpeter Peter Evans, titled Beyond Civilized and Primitive after a thought provoking essay by philosopher Ran Prieur, is a heavyweight pressing and comes housed in hand-screenprinted wrap-around sleeves featuring the forceful brushwork of 15-year-old artist Owen Gould. Recorded during two sessions at Eastcote Studios, London, this album sees Evans push into uncharted territory by utilizing the recording facilities as compositional tools. Overdubbing and looping are the two significant techniques employed here to expand on Evans’ already boundary-pushing musical exploits. The opening track, entitled ‘complexity, change, invention, stability, giving, freedom, and both the past and the future’ starts the album off in a quiet and concentrated, even demanding way exploring space and minute sounds. ‘History is Broken,’ a 12 minute circular breathing piece performed at breakneck speed, picks up the tempo and puts both Evans’ and the listener’s stamina to the test. In these first two tracks alone, Evans pushes his instrument and his lungs to its opposite extremes.” Hand-numbered limited edition of 500 copies with insert.
DESTIJL 097LP OLAUSSON, JAKOB: Morning & Sunrise LP (DESTIJL 097LP) 17.00
LP version. “At some point all great explorers, from Amundsen to Kishan Singh Rawat, come to an opening up and cast their minds across a big space. A clearing, a promontory, a look out from a place no one’s been before. Jakob Olausson ventured deep on Moonlight Farm, his debut for De Stijl in the winter of 2005. His singular expression returns on Morning and Sunrise, an explorer’s codex, a gaze through to what’s more important and less seen. The path yet traveled and the sun arcing over it. Morning and Sunrise is a different record from Moonlight Farm. Neither ‘progression’ nor the preferred ‘natural progression’ describe how. There is more electric guitar and it really whisks at your earbones, the playing is beautiful. Jakob’s singing glows more. It gives light and shows love as it reassures, makes no false promises, says: You can be understood. Honest as the elements, whether you count four or 118. Words like ‘loner’ will be hung on Morning and Sunrise, and that’s okay, we associate clarity this potent with solitude. And this could be the most lucid psychedelic record ever, morning is just so clear, and anyway, it’s not really loner, because you are there all along. Don’t we all just want to know how the next person gets along? Come out into the morning and see.”
DBR 002CD VA: Ten CD (DBR 002CD) 14.00
“Rounding out Deepblak’s ten year anniversary is this compilation of sentimental favorites of label Chief Alchemist AYBEE representing pivotal moments in Deepblak’s first decade.” Artists: AYBEE, Prof. Delacroix, Afrikan Sciences, Dozie, Orion 70, Blaktroniks and Xaphryn Follicle.
DSR 090LP CONFORCE: Escapism 2LP (DSR 090LP) 23.00
2LP version. Holland’s deep electronic specialist Conforce releases his second full-length. Still riding high on the praise from his last EP, Dystopian Elements, Boris Bunnik has crafted another album of deep digital and authentic analog bliss. As well as on Delsin, it’s appropriately classy labels like Clone and Rush Hour which have released Conforce’s work in the past — the results of which have helped mark out the man behind them as one of the day’s most considered sonic craftsmen. All but one of the album tracks is new and exclusive, with “Lonely Run” the only one heard thus far, given its inclusion on the aforementioned EP. It was a track which perfectly surmised the man’s musical mission — to combine elements of futurism with real hardware, decent software and to simply go wherever it takes him, be that a landscape doused in dub, formed from a firmer techno template or built on a house groove. As such, the aptly-entitled album is a wholly immersive listen from start to finish. Operating in its own deep and subliminal world of rhythm, it goes from lateral and dubby to more upright and kicking, touching on ambient moments and the odd classist moment along the way. Rather than ten shades of the same color, Escapism investigates a number of different moods and tempos. Opener “Revolt DX,” for example, suggests a lively pace, despite being drenched in echo and reverb. “Elude,” meanwhile, is a more roughshod roller torn apart by blistering synths, crisp percussion and prying claps. “Shadows Of The Invisible” is a mysterious journey into the tense, unknown world of deep space, while “Aquinas Control” floats in a murky, churning and dark underwater abyss… like the album overall, it’s hugely evocative stuff that bares little resemblance to the populist motifs of Chicago-this or Detroit-that. From start to finish, Escapism grabs your attention without being rushed, hurried or over-complicated. It’s the sort of album which works on both headphones up-close, but also on a dancefloor at a distance, thanks to its devilish detail but palpable presence. Unsurprisingly, one of today’s most reliable producers has turned in one of the year’s finest albums.
DDR 001LP VICE VERSA: 1979-1980 LP (DDR 001LP) 24.00
“Vice Versa was formed by Stephen Singleton and Mark White in 1978. They asked Martin Fry to join them after Martin had interviewed them for his fanzine Modern Drugs. They founded their own independent label called Neutron Records and produced their first release (Vice Versa — Music 4 EP). This is probably one of the greatest minimal-synth releases ever without any doubts. Neutron Records’ most important contribution to the scene was the 1980 EP The First 15 Minutes, which featured four unsigned bands of Sheffield: Clock DVA, I’m So Hollow, the Stuntkites and of course, Vice Versa. The band released another 7″ (Stilyagi/Eyes Of Christ) and the cassette 8 Aspects of Love. As Vice Versa they played a numerous amount of concerts. Their first gig was together with the Human League at Now Society at the Sheffield University and it was called ‘What no Drummers.’ When they went over to Holland on tour, they were invited to jam in a studio in Rotterdam. Martin started to improvise on vocals and everybody was surprised by the quality of his voice. They decided to make him the lead singer instead of Mark White and spent about a year writing new songs, thinking of a new name and concept. The result was ABC, one of the most famous UK pop bands of the ’80s.”
DDR 002LP IKO: ’83 LP (DDR 002LP) 24.00
“Iko was a minimal/synth/wave outfit from Canada. The most notable release by the band is their LP simply titled ’83, which was released on a small Canadian disco label called Manhattan-Formula. Not much is known about the group due to little information in their record sleeves and little to no traces of information about the label they released on. Anyway, this is one of the most unknown yet amazing creations in the entire history of minimal wave and electronic music. Lots of simplistic lyrics, abstract and experimental sounds, and at the time, extremely groundbreaking techniques on the synthesizer. Iko is what today’s electro artists replicate – Adult being the best example. Their sound is hardly new or unique some 20 years later. A true ‘cult’ of this genre. Try this album for a trip down electro lane!”
DKR 069EP RUSSELL, DEVON: Rat And Bat/Race Track Riot Version 7″ (DKR 069EP) 5.50
“Killer roots 7″s from producer Alphonso Bailey, one of the great unsung producers of the 1970s. ‘Rat and Bat’ is on Yabby You’s ‘Conquering Lion’ riddim, and features a funny spoken intro between Devon & Bailey.”
DKR 070EP RUSSELL, DEVON: Famine Time 7″ (DKR 070EP) 5.50
“Though not quite a reggae household name, Alphonso Bailey was fully in the mix on the Kingston scene in the ’70s, as a producer, record store owner, and for a time, also working as a plater at Dynamic Sounds. Devon Russell’s ‘Famine Time’ is one of his best tunes and on the Upsetters’ immortal ‘Fever’ rhythm.”
DKR 071EP HENRY, MILTON: Follow Fashion 7″ (DKR 071EP) 5.50
“Alphonso Bailey’s output over his few labels (Globe International, World Champ, Afrajam, Free Slaves) was relatively small but choice, often utilizing killer riddims hand picked from some of his cohorts of the day. ‘Follow Fashion’ was also on the Upsetters’ immortal ‘Fever’ rhythm and has its own unique dub.”
DKR 072EP ELLIS/DESCANT, BOBBY: Tension/Relax 7″ (DKR 072EP) 5.50
“Bobby Ellis & Descant’s 45 is a killer militant horns instrumental in the classic Channel 1/Revolutionaries mold, with a dubbed out version on the B-side.”
DKR 073EP FORCES: That’s Not Right 7″ (DKR 073EP) 5.50
“Forces’ tune is a classic one-away, awesome heavy roots vibes from the turn of the ’70s into the ’80s.”
Over the past year-and-a-half, the duo of Dexter Brightman and Jair Espinoza have explored abstract electronics in increasingly new and interesting ways. Over the course of numerous tapes on labels such as Avant Archive, Neon Blossom, and others, the duo has combined the ideas of repetition and sound art and continually mutated them into something that is becoming increasingly difficult to pin down. With the recent Tek No Muzik 12″ on Crazy Iris, mechanized acid was introduced in the mix. It is not techno music in any sense of the term, but is subversive electronic music aimed at overloading your aural receptors. On this self-titled debut full-length, KPLR has been stripped down to a one-man operation. Dexter Brightman took inspiration from his daily environment surrounded by continuous machine noises that, after hours of constant repetition, began to morph into machine music. Repeated phrases, beats, and even harmonies began to find their way through the mire. This KPLR record takes those ideas and elevates them to something impossible to define. These zonked-out digital malfunctions fit together like a puzzle, each piece of debris manifesting itself as part of a larger whole. It’s music that is simultaneously cold and abrasive yet draws you in, almost mechanically, so that you can’t pull yourself away. KPLR is inquisitive and intuitive as it bounces rhythmically through the grid. It’s hard to call this dance music as it’s too discombobulated and fried, built on a web of endless, screeching circuits. Dexter Brightman is on his way to becoming part of the machine. Mastered by Brad Rose and cut to vinyl at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin. Limited to 500 copies only.
“Kontakte (1959-60), Stockhausen’s first piece to use both electronics and traditional instruments together, marks a turning point in his career, when his music was beginning to show the influences of American avant-garde jazz and composers like John Cage. In Kontakte live musicians play alongside a tape recording of percussion sounds that have been altered by different electronic devices (i.e. a ring modulator or a reverberator). Stockhausen wanted the musicians to improvise over the prepared tape, but the musicians were at such a loss that Stockhausen eventually had to score the instrumental parts as well.” Performed by Christoph Caskel, David Tudor, Gottfried Michael Koenig and Stockhausen in Köln, 1960.
DOZ 415LP STOCKHAUSEN, KARLHEINZ: Studie I & II/Gesang Der Jünglinge LP (DOZ 415LP) 23.00
Studie I (1953), Studie II (1954), Gesang Der Jünglinge (1956) and Zyklus für zwei Schlagzeugern (1960). Performed by David Tudor, Christoph Caskel, Gottfried Michael Koenig and Stockhausen. “A collection of Stockhausen’ s most important works from the 1950s, particularly Gesang der Junglinge (‘Song of the Youths’) 1955-56, probably the most iconic piece of electronic music ever written. Only because of Stockhausen’s complete understanding of electronic equipment, along with his creative genius, was he able to produce this masterwork, the first piece of music to unify vocals and electronics.”
DOZ 416LP STOCKHAUSEN, KARLHEINZ: Beton-Studie/Zeitmass Für Fünf Holzbläser/Klavierstuck XI LP (DOZ 416LP) 23.00
“A collection of some of Karlheinz Stockhausen’s earliest work, including his earliest piece of musique concrete Beton-Studie (aka ‘Etude’) written by Stockhausen in 1952-53 at Pierre Schaeffer’s studio at the RTF in Paris. Until 1992 this piece was believed to have been lost. The LP also includes the celebrated Zeitmass (1955), and Klavierstück XI, parts I-IV (1956), both of which helped to cement Stockhausen’s role as one of the leading German composers of the 20th century.” Zeitmass performed by Arthur Gleghorn, Donald Muggeridge, Donald Leake, Donald Christlieb and William Ulyate in Los Angeles, 1958. Klavierstück XI performed by David Tudor in Köln, 1958.
DOZ 417LP VARESE, EDGAR: Early Works LP (DOZ 417LP) 23.00
“The French-born Edgar Varese (1883-1965), believed music to be both an art and a science. His pioneering use of electronic instruments like the theremin, along with his theory of ‘organized sound’ has earned him the impressive title of ‘Father of Electronic Music’. Varese spent the early twenties as a starving composer in NYC, writing works like the percussionless Octandre and Integrales, his first piece to use the term ‘spatial music’. Upon returning to Paris in 1928, he composed the celebrated Ionisation, the first piece ever written for an entirely percussion ensemble (thirteen percussionists and forty instruments). His 1936 piece, Density 21.5, written for solo flute for the premiere of George Barrere’s new platinum flute, is one of the great masterpieces for unaccompanied flute. It is also one of the only compositions written by Varese during this decade. His next major work, Deserts, was in fact not written until 1950. It was the first piece ever written for magnetic tape and orchestra and was meant to be the soundtrack to a film which would juxtapose images of actual deserts with images from past wars (the great ‘deserts’ of civilization).” Featured works: Integrales, Octandre (performed by New York Wind Ensemble, Juilliard Percussion Orchestra); Ionisation (Juilliard Percussion Orchestra); Density 21.5 (Rene Le Roy); Interpolation I, II, III (Varese).
DC 458LP FREE AGENTS: £3.33 LP (DC 458LP) 17.00
“A little bit of history is a dangerous thing. How then would a present-day acolyte of punk rock’s strict regimen explain how Pete Shelley launched an avant-garde DIY label while riding high on the British charts and touring internationally back in 1979 and ’80? Today, Buzzcocks’ sound is recognized as a template for the punk-pop sound, but the atmosphere in which they and their contemporaries gestated was markedly different than today’s pop-punkers might expect: a cultural free-zone where anything went, not just the fast and loud. Early-wave British punks were looking for something different: outsider prog sounds, electronic ‘music,’ primal screaming, free-jazz–anything, as long as it was interesting and set apart from the blandness of mainstream product. Loving the art of records and their wayward appeal, it was only natural for Shelley and Francis Cookson to conceive Groovy Records as a way to make some truly freaky (and decidedly un-punk rock) records, and do as much of the work of making the records themselves as they could. Free Agents was the first of the lot, with an album named after its price, £3.33. Cookson took live performance tapes from a Tiller Boys show (a conceptual band featuring himself, Eric Random, and, when available, Shelley) and added some additional recordings using tape loops, feedback and anything else he could get on there. It ranged around from post-‘Revolution 9’ collage to wack beats that one might associate with the emergent krautrock to stark industrial moments, flowing into each other with an organic, freely improvised quality. Packaged in 12″ sleeves with photocopies of Cookson scribbles pasted on the front and back, Free Agents was DIY all the way.”
DC 459LP SHELLEY, PETE: Sky Yen LP (DC 459LP) 15.00
“These Groovy releases represent some of the farthest-out sessions on the wild-to-begin-with late-70s Manchester scene. The second of the lot was actually the first to be recorded, back in 1974. Sky Yen dated back to Pete Shelley’s college days, where he chaired an Electronic Music Society, playing records over the intercom during lunch hour. After he’d made the recordings that became Sky Yen six years later, he added them to his playlist — and his schoolmates’ consternation. The material wasn’t exactly easy listening/ambient style — it was raw waves of oscillator tones, wildly leaping up and down and stretching out into a pair of twenty-minute pieces., Thirty years of electronics-saturated music culture lends perspective to the appeal of Sky Yen — the album’s edges are still jagged and sharp.”
“Surrealism raised its willfully mutated head on the third Groovy release, Hangahar, credited to Sally Smmit and Her Musicians, Special Guest Lindsay Lee. Claiming to be the soundtrack of the film Hangahar, the album was inspired by a casual demonstration of a made-up sung language. A full-blown recording session captured this previously unheard quantity, the better to wake the world to its allure. The Groovy gang broke out the oscillator and any other synth devices they had on hand (along with a kitchen cabinet full of impromptu percussives) to back up the operatic overtones of the mysterious eponymous chantueses via drones, riffs, chanting and, with reverb pots fully open, loads of ominous atmosphere throughout. Despite the deep feeling of synchronous accord throughout this recording, it has proved to be something of a path not followed for the once and future Ms. Timms — Sally, that is, of eventual Mekons fame.That three of these four albums were released in the space of one big year, 1980 the one real year of Groovy’s existence, is further testament to the swirl of passions in swiftly morphing times.”
DC 461LP STRANGE MEN IN SHEDS WITH SPANNERS: Strange Men In Sheds With Spanners LP (DC 461LP) 15.00
“This was the last the world heard of Groovy–until now. Their house of ideas wasn’t spent by any means–as of 1981, another session was planned under the general description ‘a man sprays a Ford Fiesta brown’ but that never came to pass. A sea-change was signaled with the Buzzcocks’ break-up, Pete Shelley’s subsequent solo career and energy going to other projects. However, even as these events were unfolding, recordings were made on a porta-studio at Pete’s place that further realized the Groovy direction. After the pubs closed, Pete brought back a motley crew of usual suspects and special guests, broke out the synths, drums and what-have-yer attitude, resulting in a wealth of additional material that provided private listening pleasure for the Groovy alumni over the years. Culled from Francis Cookson tapes, these pieces make a fourth Groovy installment entitled Strange Men in Sheds With Spanners that features a bent towards more disciplined rhythm pieces scored with a very purposeful array of synthetic sounds — truly the lost next new wave of Groovy, finally crashing on our ready shores in 2011.”
DC 501CD HOWLING HEX, THE: Wilson Semiconductors CD (DC 501CD) 13.50
“The Howling Hex, Wilson Semiconductors: one guitar, four songs, a multitrack recording unit. Out of the desert and into the mountains, the Howling Hex are at large once again, upping the ante by lowering the body count this time around. They wager that you’re the gambling type. If you’re still reading this, you’re curious at least. Very curious.”
DC 501LP HOWLING HEX, THE: Wilson Semiconductors LP (DC 501LP) 15.00
LP version.
EAT 028EP BACONHEAD: Astro Sludge EP 12″ (EAT 028EP) 12.50
After their very well received Soap EP (getting support from Slugabed, Si Begg and Kid 606), UK-based duo Baconhead teamed up with eclectic Dutch label Eat Concrete for a series of releases showcasing their sonic agenda. Inspired heavily by psychedelia, videogames and experimental hip-hop, Baconhead have crafted an EP that offers a wealth of ideas and styles, using funk, sludge-rock and dubstep as main ingredients. Featuring a guest appearance from Mindbender and packaged in ultra-sexy artwork.
RZ 2005CD ULLMANN, JAKOB: Voice, Books And FIRE 3 CD (RZ 2005CD) 20.00
2008 release. Composed by experimental German composer Jakob Ullmann. Phillip Thimm (cello); Ensemble: Ensemble Für Experimentelle Musik 2006; Isabelle Fontius (flute); Leif Bergerhoff (saxophone); Tobias Keck (viola); Susanne Friedrich, Judith Geier-Leisch, Daniela Hornung, Ida Maria Kastner, Anja Kienborn, Annegret Kornmann, Christina Reis, Corinna Schmid (voice). The composer states: “Voice, Books And FIRE is the result of my reflections about the relationships between music and language: language as sound and language as text, the numerous relationships between texts of different cultural and religious traditions, between the work of the human spirit in the present and in the past, and the questions arising from the problem of understanding these different traditions, languages and texts and representing them in a present, which has lost knowledge about substantial parts, even of its own tradition and history.” Hisses, hushed whispers and open air drone produce a lonely, compelling tension.
RZ 4002CD RADULESCU, HORATIU: String Quartet No 4, opus 33 CD (RZ 4002CD) 20.00
2001 release. Among contemporary composers, Horatiu Radulescu is one who has something essential to express about the enigma of time: multi-layered lines of events, their structuring, perception and potential for poetic-religious message are — together with the development of spectral composition — among his central artistic concerns. “String quartet op. 33” fully demonstrates Radulescu’s formal invention and his powerful expressiveness. During the 49 minutes of the work, two macro-forms — two time-worlds overlap and intersect: that of the central string quartet and that of the eight surrounding quartets. In these surrounding eight quartets, the composer deliberately creates a lively, seemingly unordered series of moments of meditative quietness, of sudden improvised actions and of collective eruptions of primal force. Performed by the Arditti String Quartet.
RZ 4003CD LANG, KLAUS: Trauermusiken CD (RZ 4003CD) 18.00
2002 release. Features 2 pieces: “Der Wind und das Meer, Trauermusik für Bratsche solo” (performed by Barbara Konrad, viola); “The Sea of Despair, Trauermusik für Streichquartett” (performed by Amrasquartett). “The ordering isn’t rationalist or essential, just simple ordering, such as continuity, one thing behind another.” — Donald Judd). “The work could be immediately grasped in its entirety. All there was to see in objects was their actual presence. Anybody could understand them at first sight.” — Zabalbeascoa and Marcos in Minimal Art.
RZ 4006CD NONO, LUIGI: 20 Jahre Inventionen V CD (RZ 4006CD) 20.00
2007 release. The live electronics that Luigi Nono worked with for the first time in the early 1980s at the Freiburg Experimental Studio also serves the musical displacement: the music moves away from clear spatial and timbral assignations. Due to electronic processing, the sonic characteristics of both instruments, bass flute and cello, can hardly be recognized. Tones and gestures are lengthened into seeming infinity and move in space. Features the 1960 piece for electronics and tape, Omaggio A Emiolio Vedova, plus Canciones a Guimar (1962-63, for soprano, choir, ensemble; performed by Nova Ensemble) and Quando Stanno Morendo (1982, for Frauenstimmen, flute, cello and live electronics).
DOME 12345LP DOME: 1-4+5 5LP BOX (DOME 12345LP) 158.00
Editions Mego are proud to release the complete recorded works of Dome in a deluxe vinyl box set that also includes newly-designed artwork by David Coppenhall, reproductions of the original Atelier Koninck posters that accompanied Dome 1 and Dome 2, an insert with sleeve notes by Howard Jacques and Neil Martinson as well as unseen photos from the period. If that wasn’t enough, it also contains a matchbox to put matches in to shake along to your favorite Dome tune! With the demise of the group Wire in 1980, founding members Bruce Gilbert and Graham Lewis joined forces to create Dome. With the assistance of engineer Eric Radcliffe and his Blackwing Studio, Dome took the ethic of “using the studio as a compositional tool” and recorded and released three Dome albums on their own label in the space of 12 months: Dome (July 1980), Dome 2 (October 1980) and Dome 3 (October 1981). A final fourth album, Will You Speak This Word: Dome IV was released on the Norwegian Uniton label in May 1983. These albums represent some of the most beautifully stark and above all timeless exercises in studio experimentation from the early 1980s alternative music scene. With the re-activation of Wire in 1985, it was thought that all Dome activity had ceased. While no new recordings appeared, Dome utilized any spare time to secretly record new pieces. In 1989 dancer/choreographer Michael Clark commissioned them to record a piece for his new ballet “Because We Must.” In the same year, they also performed live in Rotterdam and Amsterdam. In 1999, WMO commissioned Dome to record new pieces to accompany the recordings from 1989. This compilation, entitled Yclept, would be the final recordings, to date, that Dome have made. Dome 1-4 appear on vinyl for the first time in over 30 years, whereas the recordings making up Yclept (Dome 5) appear for the first time ever on vinyl. Each LP is housed in a new cover based on the originals. Also includes a matchbox, a postcard, 2 posters and an 8-page 3-fold insert with some essays. Floating-point re-master by Russell Haswell, August 2011. Cut at Dubplates & Mastering by Rashad Becker, August 2011.
BLAZE 45188EP GUIDED BY VOICES: Doughnut For A Snowman 7″ (BLAZE 45188EP) 8.00
“‘Doughnut For A Snowman’ is, in Robert Pollard’s own words, ‘the twinkliest song’ he’s ever written. This 7″ single features four exclusive B-sides from the ‘classic’ line up of Robert Pollard, Mitch Mitchell, Kevin Fennell, Tobin Sprout, Greg Demos and Jimmy Pollard at their improv best.”
FF 143LP ADVERTS, THE: Crossing The Red Sea With The Adverts 2LP (FF 143LP) 50.00
“What you have here is not only a reissue of one of the greatest punk debuts of all time, but everything the Adverts ever recorded before setting off to work on their second album. Along with all 13 tracks recorded for 1978’s Crossing the Red Sea (including a version of ‘Gary Gilmore’s Eyes’ originally intended for their US release and ‘New Day Dawning’, which was held back for a single), this deluxe double LP also includes the band’s first three singles, along with six tracks taken from a never-before-heard recording of a gig the Adverts played at the Roundhouse in London in early 1978 (headlining over Sham 69), with brand new drummer, John Towe (from Generation X). A tape of this recording was just recently discovered sitting in a box in John’s house, so this is the first time it has ever been heard by the public! Also featuring printed inners with lyric sheet and comments by T.V. Smith and author Dave Thompson!”
FF 179LP GIANT SAND: Chore Of Enchantment 2LP (FF 179LP) 48.00
“Realized through tragic circumstances, the passing of Rainer Ptacek and the birth of Calexico, it all came together at the end for Giant Sand. Arguably Giant Sand’s finest album, the fruits of an astounding story and the mesmerizing high point of the 25th anniversary reissue series. 1999’s Chore Of Enchantment features a collection of bonus tracks and includes a download card for all other bonus material.””What does the title mean? Well, it’s just the effort that it takes hanging on to the things that tend to enthrall. The exhausting act of keeping happy”– Howe Gelb.
FF 197LP ROCKET FROM THE TOMBS: Barfly LP (FF 197LP) 31.00
“The received wisdom (at least in America) goes that punk rock was invented in New York by the Ramones, who reconfigured Midwestern hard groove rock and ’60s garage singles, into a formula that defined punk: short, fast, catchy, and unstoppable. But in some weird parallel universe, punk might have traced its roots to Rocket from the Tombs, a Cleveland band that lasted less than eight months (1974-75), and never made a studio recording. In those eight months they wrote songs that would become punk anthems: ‘Ain’t It Fun,’ ‘Sonic Reducer,’ ‘Final Solution,’ ’30 Seconds Over Tokyo,’ ‘Amphetamine, and they played them like there was no tomorrow. These men are ugly, old, and have not mellowed in any conceivable way. They’ve devoted their lives to raging against the boundaries, and they have been willing to pay the price.” Includes mp3 download card.
FDW 7711CD MCLUHAN, MARSHALL: The Medium Is The Massage CD (FDW 7711CD) 19.00
“When Marshall McLuhan proposed his idea to create an audio companion piece to his landmark 1967 book The Medium is the Massage, no one quite knew what to expect. The book itself brilliantly captured McLuhan’s theories on media and technology, arguing that the medium by which information is transferred to people was more important than the actual content being relayed. McLuhan hoped that an audio recording would help give greater depth to his theories, and in the late 1960s, he and producer John Simon went to work on a record of the same name. Using audio clips of McLuhan speaking, often interrupted by discordant sounds and other voices interjecting, they created a thought-provoking, sometimes whimsical patchwork of sounds and ideas that illustrated the complex relationship between people, media and technology. Over 40 years since its release, The Medium is the Massage continues to challenge listeners to think about media and communications in new ways. Five Day Weekend is proud to present the definitive compact disc edition of this rare and important album. Included in the gatefold paste-on package is a 40 page book featuring original essays by DJ Spooky and Michael Vasquez, a reproduction of a print by Winston Smith and a collection of previously unpublished photos from the original records sessions.”
FOUND 025EP SOMEONE ELSE: Heartless EP 12″ (FOUND 025EP) 12.00
Foundsound co-founder Someone Else returns once again with his groovin’, trademark sampladelic dancefloor brilliance. Plus, you get outstanding remixes from Ronan Portela and Tleilaxu. On “Barbay” you get a tech-house gem with an alluringly rolling bass line, wittily cut-up vocals, crafty samples, calculated percussion, and a floating groove. Portela reworks the original into a funky tech-house bomb with an irresistible bass line, gripping breakdowns, and a bouncing groove. Tleilaxu remixes “Heartless” into a dark and dubby minimal head-trip.
GED 007EP SKY HI: Junkyard Dog/Voltron’s Dance Party 7″ (GED 007EP) 7.00
“Just like it’s title, ‘Junkyard Dog’ is a mean hard funk number featuring Dee rocking the mic and Sky Hi’s renowned four man horn section doing what they do best: laying down a blistering trail of killer horn licks. On the B-side, Dee gives the band a chance to showcase some blazing solos on this straight-up nasty funk instrumental!”
GSR 001LP RALFE BAND: Bunny and the Bull LP (GSR 001LP) 18.50
Gatefold LP version. “With their acclaimed original soundtrack to British feature film Bunny And The Bull (Warp Films), Ralfe Band create a magical, inventive and atmospheric journey, with enchanting melodies and beautiful instrumentation featuring piano, guitars, electronic pieces and classical themes, alongside folk and gypsy influences with mandolin, accordion, viola and brass. Based around the talents of British songwriter Oliver Ralfe, Ralfe Band were discovered in 2004 by John Peel who said ‘It’s difficult to tell who they’ve been listening to’.” Hand-numbered edition of 300 copies.
GFPDP 001CD PICCHIO DAL POZZO: Picchio Dal Pozzo CD (GFPDP 001CD) 31.00
“One of the most original, impressive and highly respected of all the experimental groups to have come out of Italy in the 1970s.” — Chris Cutler.”Picchio dal Pozzo can be considered as the definitive ‘Canterbury’ inspired band, coming from Italy’s 1970s progressive rock scene. Their 1976 debut album shows an incredibly rich sound texture, made out of some peculiar musical ingredients. Oblique tunes and liquid harmonies, airy flutes, crispy horns, loads of electric piano, fuzz bass, drops of jazz, pop romanticism, waves of minimalism, and pataphysical vocals and lyrics. The whole album develops through a sequence of finely composed material and wide open sound choices. A deep journey through a multi layered soundscape with echoes of Hatfield and the North, Soft Machine, Robert Wyatt, Zappa. PDP’s first work was originally released on Grog Records and subsequently reissued only in Japan. (Grog Records: an independent label, known for releasing the work of Italian underground pop groups of the 70s, such as Corte Dei Miracoli, Latte E Miele, and Celeste).”
GFPDP 001LP PICCHIO DAL POZZO: Picchio Dal Pozzo LP (GFPDP 001LP) 34.00
LP version on 180 gram vinyl.
GUESS 037DL-LP CAROL OF HARVEST: Carol Of Harvest LP (GUESS 037DL-LP) 29.00
Long-deleted Guerssen title now repressed in a limited deluxe version, with a thick carton cover and pressed on 180 gram vinyl. Germany, 1978. Absolutely early ’70s-sounding progressive and psychedelic folk-rock masterpiece of the first order. Entirely sung in English by an incredibly young female vocalist, Beate Krause, only 16 years-old! Long tracks with excellent, killer acid guitar solos, and Moog. If you like groups like Mellow Candle or Pentangle, there’s no doubt you need to purchase this one fast. Often praised as “the best prog-folk record ever,” this is an absolute classic of the genre. Besides that, the original label pressed only 200 copies of the LP, so imagine how hard it is to find this now. So here you have a new vinyl reissue of this wonderful record, licensed by the band, with killer, remastered sound and an insert with photos and liner notes in a limited edition of 700 copies.
HOS 300CS VA: White Eye Of Winter Watching 2xCassette (HOS 300CS) 24.00
“Hospital Productions was officially founded on October 31st, 1997 in Madison, Wisconsin. This was also the date of the first prurient live performance. Some fourteen years later we celebrate its 300th release with White Eye of Winter Watching. This idea was birthed during the fall-out blizzards of 2010, while relentless storms shut down air traffic and I was stranded in the bunker sick in bed with the flu. During this time I rediscovered many of my favorite old cassette compilations from the ’90s that brought many disparate groups together under one banner. Original Soundtrack, released on Italy’s Less Than Zero, was of particular interest, with its sonically and geographically diverse lineup. Also at this time a friend had given me a book on 20th Century Russian history, emphasizing strife in Russia and the overwhelming destructive forces of nature and man’s place within it. Not only were troops engaged in the largest man-made conflict in history, but were, at the same, battling nature. Without coats, winter ended soldiers’ lives before bullets could find them. It was then that I decided to combine the themes of the book with the idea of a dynamic compilation that brought together many of the genres that the la bel has explored.” Artists include: Genocide Organ, Deathpile, Consumer Electronics, Sutcliffe Jugend/Prurient, Controlled Bleeding, Non, Militia, The Grey Wolves, Sleepchamber, Incapacitants, Yellow Tears, The Haters, Emil Beaulieau, Con-Dom and more.
HOS 326EP SARGEIST: Lair Of Necromancy 7″ (HOS 326EP) 8.50
“Ritual Finnish black metal that should need no introduction.” Includes an insert with lyrics and gross pictures.
HDH 229LP PYRAMIDS/HORSEBACK: A Throne Without A King LP + 7″ (HDH 229LP) 26.50
“A sprawling beast of unique nature – at once beguiling, terrifying and completely immersive. A more successful pairing of experimental-metal-drone-ambient-krautish-noise-rock collaborators you are unlikely to find, in our reality or any of its parallel relatives. Exclusive individual tracks from both participants, combined with their 45 minute collaborative sonic mass in four parts.”
HDB 057EP DVA: Polyphonic Dreams 12″ (HDB 057EP) 11.00
“Scratcha DVA , producer, DJ and host of Rinse FM’s flagship Breakfast Show, readies his third 12″ for Hyperdub; two incredible songs that showcase some of the breadth of his talent from his Hyperdub debut album Pretty Ugly.”
IMPREC 254CD ANARCHIST REPUBLIC OF BZZZ: Anarchist Republic Of Bzzz CD (IMPREC 254CD) 14.00
“Founded in early 2000s, the A.R.of Bzzz brings together Arto Lindsay, Mike Ladd, Marc Ribot, Sensational and its leader Seb El Zin, also known for being composer-singer in Ithak. Claiming the influence of the kabbalist Abdul Vector Von Hassid, this sonic nation distills on its first record a raging mix of sharp noisy post-no-wave guitars and urgent rap. Some electro color also emanates from crazy architect Seb el Zin’s mix. Kiki Picasso’s cover places the recording in a geopolitical context where William Burroughs drops acid with Bin Laden.”
IMPREC 342LP MASTER MUSICIANS OF BUKKAKE: Twilight Of The Kali Yuga Tours: Live Totems 2009-2011 LP (IMPREC 342LP) 18.00
“Master Musicians of Bukkake present a collage of performances from recordings made throughout the Totem tours. Improvisations and live renditions featuring extended versions of music from Totem One, Two and Three. All on glorious vinyl! Limited edition of 1000 copies pressed. Selected, mixed and mastered by Randall Dunn.”
“Station Direct is the second album from the Thirteenth Assembly, an ensemble featuring four distinguished musician/composers working together as equals to create distinctively eclectic, yet cohesive music. Drawing on years of collaboration, as well as its members’ diverse backgrounds in genres including classical, folk, rock, jazz and the avant-garde, this collective ensemble has performed across the United States and Europe since 2007, and released its debut recording (un)sentimental (also on Important Records) in 2009. ‘Cornetist Taylor Ho Bynum, guitarist Mary Halvorson, violist Jessica Pavone and drummer Tomas Fujiwara are among the most exciting new jazz musicians to emerge on the New York scene,’ declares the Wall Street Journal’s Martin Johnson, ‘and it is hard to talk about any one of these players without mentioning the others. Each of these musicians is a masterly soloist, and they all are creating music that is delicate, complex and eclectic.'”
INMR 002EP VA: We Are Not Alone 12″ (INMR 002EP) 11.00
“Second blast from Mr Anderson’s Inimeg label is again four joints heady house explorations, with 3 by Joey, & a lead-off from Jus-Ed.”
JMAN 044CD GOLD: Gold CD (JMAN 044CD) 17.00
The label had intended simply to license the masters for the obscure ’77 Cali funk-soul single “What About The Child,” credited to otherwise unknown outfit Gold, for a direct 45 rpm reissue. And so began the search for the men behind this lavish, expansive soulful spin, the men who were Gold. Writer and producer Avelino Pitts was taken aback on first contact, but duly set about the not-so-simple task of locating and delivering these 35 year-old tapes. “I dug around, I started going all over and asking, and nobody knew where this was,” Pitts remembers. “And, no one — the studios, my brother — nobody had a copy of a tape. But my father had a shed in the back. Now this is in Las Vegas — not air conditioned — and this is a shed. And [after] all of these years of 100+ degree weather, he said, ‘why don’t you take a look in the shed?’ So I’m digging through boxes, covered in dust, spiders, and I come across this box of tapes!” And from those very tapes comes this long-awaited album. Unheard by human ears since 1974, this is the super sound of psychedelic soul, dancefloor funk and soulful ballads astonishing for their power and beauty. It’s incredible to find out that for one reason or another, this album was never released at the time, and in Jazzman’s interviews and liner notes (as well as never-before-seen pictures, photos and images), they reveal the fascinating story behind the band and why such good music has been kept in the dark for so long.
JMAN 044LP GOLD: Gold LP (JMAN 044LP) 25.50
LP version.
KI 007EP BIODUB: Reisegefaehrte Remixes (I) 12″ (KI 007EP) 12.50
Following Biodub’s debut album, a few of Ki Records’ favorite artists remix some tracks of their choice. First up is Japanese producer Stereociti, giving the title track “Reisegefaehrte” his very own deep touch. Second up is Glitterbug, who seems to create his very own genre with his interpretation of “Barracuda.” Stundman goes straight to the dancefloor on “Reminder.” And P.Laoss turns “Subsistence” into a Fata Morgana trip back to the time when dub was really DUB.
KOM 246EP TERRANOVA: So Strong 12″ (KOM 246EP) 12.00
Terranova’s latest incarnation includes Berlin’s house staple &ME. For this single, the duo called in Khan for some underground awesomeness. So Strong commands its army of listeners to the floor. Both the title-track and “Boogie For The Dollar” make for a double headliner that takes you on a beguiling trip to the dark side of the club. No only do Terranova’s sequencing and beat programming deliver, the package also sports some of the best vocals Khan has churned out to date.
KRANK 161LP HECKER, TIM: Dropped Pianos LP (KRANK 161LP) 11.00
LP version. “This Tim Hecker release is composed of sketch pieces recorded in 2010 in preparation for what would become the Ravedeath, 1972 album. All of the compositions are piano driven and minimal in nature. This is not a new Tim Hecker album, but rather a peek behind the curtains into the working process. That these pieces stand on their own as compelling soundworks is a testament to the fact that Tim Hecker is at the absolute top of his game at the moment, and has been for years.”
KYE 015LP LAMBKIN, GRAHAM: Amateur Doubles LP (KYE 015LP) 21.00
“Amateur Doubles is the brand new solo LP by Graham Lambkin — two-part improvisation recorded in a Honda Civic. Dangerous, tedious, pointless and timeless, Amateur Doubles is a perfect snapshot of life on the open road. Expertly mastered by Jason Lescalleet, Amateur Doubles arrives in a high gloss full color gatefold, on clear vinyl, in an edition of 500.”
LPM 032LP VA: Tucson Songs: Exciting New Sounds From Southern Arizona 2LP (LPM 032LP) 17.00
2LP version. Tucson Songs: Exciting New Sounds From Southern Arizona is a stunning portrait of a musically sizzling city. In between mambo, country & western and Americana, a new desert sound is blossoming in Arizona. Tucson Songs contains 18 songs, 90% are previously-unreleased. Including two exclusive tracks by Giant Sand and Calexico. Ask most music fans which cities come to mind and most will state the obvious — Detroit, Nashville, Seattle, Austin, Philadelphia, Portland. But, tucked into the southwest desert is one that deserves a place on that list — Tucson. This “smallest big city in the USA” has always been home to a steady music scene, but in recent years, has become a vibrant Mecca for musicians. With the ever-shining sun and cheap rent for generous spaces, Tucson is the perfect place for musicians to stretch their legs and delve into their craft. For the past decade or so, bands like Giant Sand and Calexico have been delivering up quintessential sounds of the desert. But any connoisseur of the late ’80s will remember bands that paved the way for that sound, bands such as Green On Red, Chris Cacavas and Al Perry and The Cattle. However, a closely-guarded secret that is about to be cracked wide open is the latest generation of highly-talented musicians that are launching their own flagships of sounds from Arizona. A combination of Tucson’s extremely relaxed atmosphere with the prickly landscape dominated by unforgiving cacti makes for new good sounds, rhythms and songs. Along the way, this new crop of bands has had a helping hand from their pioneering forefathers — Calexico is to Sergio Mendoza Y La Orkesta as Giant Sand’s Howe Gelb is to Brian Lopez. However, none of this hot-bed of talent would have come to our attention had it not been for Tucson’s French-born chanteuse Marianne Dissard. She wisely plucked up many of these budding musicians to bring along with her on her European tours. And now, they appear on this compilation with their own offerings, including Andrew Collberg, Brian Lopez, Gabriel Sullivan and Sergio Mendoza. Her ex-husband, Naim Amor and fellow musicians like Amy Rude, Silver Thread Trio and Courtney Marie Andrews are also all at the core of a familiar scene that inspires the good kind of sounds. Researching the rich local music scene ended up in Le Pop putting together a sampler-concept compilation album entitled Tucson Songs… and on the treasure hunt, Le Pop got a lot of help navigating the scene from Joey Burns (Calexico) and über-knowledgeable local radio host Dr. Dan Twelker. Tucson Songs… is a portrait of a musical city like no other — a melting pot and creative oasis in the desert. Other artists include: Taraf de Tucson, Françoiz Breut, Otherly Love, Boffomet, Golden Boots and Bread And Circus. Includes a free download code.
LITA 073LP LOUVIN BROTHERS, THE: Satan Is Real LP (LITA 073LP) 21.00
“Bolstered by one of the most celebrated and startlingly unique record covers ever, 1959’s Satan Is Real delves into a strange netherworld of country that no longer exists. Touching on the Louvin’s fire and brimstone southern Baptist upbringing, the title track’s spoken recitation proclaims the existence of the devil himself. Featuring the iconic ‘There’s A Higher Power’ and ‘The Christian Life’ (covered by The Byrds on Sweetheart Of The Rodeo), Satan Is Real is thought by many to be the pinnacle of the Louvin Brothers’ recording career. It’s certainly an album you’ll never forget, finally presented once again on vinyl with the respect it deserves: original packaging, new liner notes, period photos, and immaculate audio re-master from the original tapes.” Deluxe 180gm LP housed in old school tip-on gatefold jacket. Includes full color insert with period archival photos and extensive liner notes.
MOSDEEP 009EP POETIC PAINTER M, THE: Marie’s Transcendence 12″ (MOSDEEP 009EP) 12.50
Melvin Oliphant III returns with this stunning solo-project under his The Poetic Painter M pseudonym. “Marie’s Transcendence” is backed by two reworks from Sean Hernandez aka Chicago Skyway. “Marie’s Transcendence” is a frenetic house track that echoes memories of downpitched newbeat material. Chicago Skyway takes the track to another hypnotizing realm. Aroy Dee edits a second rework of “Marie’s”, creating a highly effective and bouncing track.
TROPIC 007LP GRUPO 2000: El Destape LP (TROPIC 007LP) 19.00
“The early-to mid-1970s surge in cumbia peruana led many coastal groups to follow in the footsteps of the legendary Los Destellos, releasing one-off LPs and handfuls of singles. At the very same time, there was a similar boom in a different region of the country, ‘la selva’ (the jungle), which had an explosion of bands up and down the banks of the Amazon, with bands like Ranil Y Su Conjunto, Los Wemblers De Iquitos, Los Rangers De Moyobomba, Juaneco Y Su Combo, Los Royals De Pucallpa, etc., etc. In 1974, a guitarist from Tarapoto by the name of Tulio Trigoso decided to make his mark with his very first effort, El Destape, with his Grupo 2000. It was released on the El Virrey label subsidiary Doremi in October of that year. A highly-coveted gem by collectors from Peru, this LP is virtually unknown outside of Peru. Taken directly from the master tapes, Masstropicas proudly presents the first ever reissue of this 12-song masterpiece. Kick back, drop the needle onto the grooves, and allow Tulio’s top-notch songwriting to cast its spell over you.” Housed in old-school “tip-on” jacket with a 11″x22″ full-color, double-sided insert.
MM 102LP BATSUMI: Batsumi LP (MM 102LP) 52.00
“Matsuli Music continues its reissue program of rare indigenous Afro-jazz sounds from South Africa with the release of Sowetan group Batsumi’s self-titled debut from 1974. The reissue has been lovingly re-mastered from the original tapes. Batsumi is a masterpiece of spiritualized Afro-jazz, and a prodigious singularity in the South African jazz canon. There is nothing else on record from the period that has the deep, resonant urgency of the Batsumi sound, a reverb-drenched, formidably focused pulse, underpinned by the tight-locked interplay of traditional and trap drums, and pushed on by the throb of Zulu Bidis mesmeric bass figures. The warm notes of Johnny Mothopengs guitar complete a soundscape that is at once closely packed with sonic texture and simultaneously vibrating with open space, and in whose shimmer and haze Themba Koyana and Tom Masemola soar. A sonorous echo emanating from an ancient well, reverberant with jazz ghosts and warmed by the heat of soul and pop, Batsumi is nothing short of revelatory.” Hand-numbered limited edition of 500 copies; includes insert.
MAYOLOVE 004EP COLUMBUS: Schwarzes Gold 12″ (MAYOLOVE 004EP) 12.00
Munich-based producer duo Columbus introduce their new single with remixes by Alkalino and Sacco Vanzetti Duo. “Schwarzes Gold” was inspired by the 2010 BP oil spill — the greatest oil spill disaster in history. The result is a dark, suspenseful comment in the shape of a dance track. The Sacco Vanzetti Duo delivers a straight and pumping club track. The remix by Alkalino features the fragmentation of the original. The B-side “Passion” features smooth chords and some heavy mechanical rhythm.
MEDICAL 010LP DALEK I LOVE YOU: Compass Kum’pas LP (MEDICAL 010LP) 21.00
“Originally released in 1980, Compass Kum’pas was the debut album by the Liverpool duo consisting of Alan Gill and Dave Hughes. Also known as Dalek I Love You, their name was a fusion of the Daleks (famous Doctor Who villains) and the name Darling, I Love You which was an early idea for the band’s name by Alan Gill. The early incarnations of the band featured David Balfe (later in the Teardrop Explodes) and Andy McCluskey (later to form Ochestral Manoeuvres in the Dark). Alan Gill also was a member of the Teardrop Explodes at one point down the line. The LP was critically acclaimed but unfortunately flew under the radar in terms of revenue generation. Medical Records in collaboration with Dave and Alan are proud to present this seminal work on vinyl for the first time in over thirty years. The album can best be described as a pastiche of passionate synth-pop and highly restrained post-punk. At times very danceable pop is sharply contrasted with moody synth and vocal passages shrouded in a thick cloud of melancholy. The track ‘Destiny (Dalek I Love You)’ is a highly catchy synth hit and was a 7″ single at the time. ‘8 Track’ tells the peculiar tale of the love affair with a piece of recording equipment. ‘Freedom Fighters’ grabs you with sharp synth hooks and drags you to the dance floor. The cover version of ‘You Really Got Me’ is a very stripped down and restrained interpretation with angular chopped guitar. The LP is a synergistic cross between the stylings of early OMD synthpop, minimalist post-punk guitar, and a likeness to the piecemeal song structure of Van Dyke Parks. LP includes a bonus insert with early photos and a special written piece on the band by Kurt B. Reighley. As an extra to the LP, a bonus flexi-disc is included that includes the B-sides ‘Happy’ and ‘This Is My Uniform.’ Presented with much love on high-quality 180gram hot pink vinyl in a limited edition of 1000 hand-numbered copies. For fans of early OMD and analog synthpop.”
MINUS 115CD GAISER PRESENTS VOID: No Sudden Movements CD (MINUS 115CD) 15.50
Perhaps better known for the explosive techno of his recent M_nus releases, Jon Gaiser turns his attention to exploring inner dimensions through his new Void guise. Stepping away from the dancefloor to present the debut Void album No Sudden Movements, the new project finds Gaiser in a mode unfamiliar to those who have come to know him as the manufacturer of incendiary EPs such as Some Slip (MINUS 112EP) and Unstable Witness. Conversely, No Sudden Movements seeks warmth as the cold European winter approaches Gaiser’s adopted hometown of Berlin, traversing ambient soundscapes and downtempo rhythms to create a sparser, gentler sound. Remaining true to his attention to production detail that has characterized him as one of the most accomplished and distinctive electronic music producers working today, Gaiser said the ideas and feeling behind this project came from the urge to create something that is easy to listen to, while at the same time possessing a hidden complexity: “A lot of the material was recorded during the dark, colder months in Berlin, when it was most inspiring to create something that was bleak by nature and sparse by composition, but using warm sounds to off-balance and provide an escape. There will be some moments of atmosphere, some moments of melody, and some moments where it all comes together.”
“The latest in our series featuring music from the Alan Lomax archives. The Georgia Sea Island Singers were a vocal group of unparalleled depth. Some beautiful sorrowful accapella songs, some raucous stompin’ & shoutin’ sessions & even a couple tracks accompanied by a drum & fife band along with a banjo player. Altogether a nice mix of material recorded in the homes & churches of this small community by Alan Lomax between 1959 & 1962. This LP features three never before released tracks, an insert with liner notes by Nathan Salsburg & photographs & it’s all housed in an old school ‘tip on’ sleeve.”
LOVE 070CD STOTT, ANDY: Passed Me By/We Stay Together 2CD (LOVE 070CD) 22.00
Two acclaimed albums from Andy Stott available for the first time on CD format, including four bonus tracks. Produced slowly and meticulously, these two EPs were originally released on vinyl during 2011 and have become the most widely-admired productions yet from Manchester-based Andy Stott. Taking influence from an array of seemingly incoherent noises, from the indefinable and unforgettable mind-tricks of Arthur Russell to the slow house of Kassem Mosse, from the alternate VHS realities of James Ferraro and Jamal Moss to the Linn Drum classics of the vintage Prince-era — these tracks create their own pace and agenda, largely shying away from the dancefloor in favor of something more complex and hard to define. 2CD edition packaged in a deluxe oversized gatefold digifile. Mastered at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin.
MR 7240EP DUSTAPHONICS: The Jinx 7″ (MR 7240EP) 8.50
A vintage now sound of soul, surf and rock & roll led by Heather Selecta, a top member of London’s live and club scene in his roles as musician, producer, DJ and promoter. London’s The Dustaphonics are backed by the “king of British beat” Bruce Brand (Milkshakes, Billy Childish, Ronnie Dawson), bass player Michael J. Bluesmith and the velvety voice of Kay Elizabeth. Delta blues, R&B, Memphis soul, instrumental surf and ’70s punk rock create a rock & roll sound that grooves.
MR 7241EP ESKORBUTO: Eskorbuto Al Parlamento 7″ (MR 7241EP) 8.50
Two tracks from 1986 by Eskorbuto, one of the most influential punk bands in the Spanish and Latin American scenes. The original single came out as part of the band’s campaign to enter the Spanish general elections as a political party. They didn’t achieve it, but these two songs told more truths that any political speech.
MGF 019EP COSMIC COWBOYS: Notre Jour Viendra 12″ (MGF 019EP) 12.50
Cosmic Cowboys are back on MGF with their third release for the label, delivering a dancefloor monster that keeps all of their quintessential romantic touch but reshaping it in a different way. Fully-oriented to the dancefloor, “Notre Jour Viendra” also comes with an amazing remix by youANDme whose perfect reinterpretation will leave listeners speechless.
MONDIALE 001LP SUPER DJATA BAND: En Super Forme Vol. 1 LP (MONDIALE 001LP) 16.00
“Fan club reissue of the Super Djata Band’s third LP. Holy Grail for many Afro LP collectors, En Super Forme Vol. 1 released in 1982 is testament to the riveting power of the Super Djata Band’s music as one of Mali’s or for that matter Africa’s true musical treasures. This is a deep and spiritual album, that has hypnotized all that have heard it. Formed in the late 1960s by Daouda ‘Flani’ Sangare, Alou Fane and Zani Diabate from their time in the Ballet National du Mali, the band went through many incarnations; Ganoua Band, then Orchestre National C, and finally as Super Djata . The Super Djata Band drew upon traditional Malian culture for inspiration: most of their songs are based on traditional from the Sikasso region. Rhythms and dances of Bambara hunters and Bozo fishermen, together with the melodies of the Peul and Malinka, spiced with Zani’s psychedelic guitar riffs exploding like a cosmic thunderstorm. Limited edition one-time pressing.”
NO19 020EP PLEX, MACEO: Under The Sheets 12″ (NO19 020EP) 12.00
No 19 Music presents a one-sided slab of vinyl featuring one of its biggest tunes to date, “Under The Sheets” by Maceo Plex. One listen and you can understand why, for this is a perfectly constructed and deliriously infectious track. The hypnotic loops, rich, funk-laden bass and old school drums fuse together perfectly to create a mesmerizing late-night groove that is then jacked up to anthemic status by the uplifting strings, soaring, melodic hooks and enticing vocals.
NOONE 001EP VA: Noone Number One 12″ (NOONE 001EP) 12.00
Limited edition 12″ with three übercool undercover mission remixes. A secret alignment of musical minds, Noone Number One brings you a well-equipped cover of “Stop! Dance! on the A1 side by Ming Vase. A2 is a dirty disco-tech edit from Silent Treatment of one of Chaka Khan’s most memorable tunes, like you’ve never heard it. Lastly, July 2, 1977 meets Detroit techno by That Guy.
NOSMOKE 011LP LA DE DA’S, THE: The La De Da’s LP (NOSMOKE 011LP) 29.00
“The La De Da’s were a leading New Zealand rock band of the 1960s and early 1970s. Formed in New Zealand in 1963 (as The Mergers), they enjoyed considerable success in both New Zealand and Australia until their split in 1975. Here’s their first LP, a long time awaited reissue, this is maybe one of the best R&b/garage records out of New Zealand and Australia during the ’60s. Tunes like ‘How Is The Air Up There’ or ‘On Top Of The World’ are among the best in the genre. It’s a masterpiece from 1966, for every rock, garage or mod fan around the globe. Has two bonus tracks!”
NOSMOKE 012LP LA DE DA’S, THE: Find Us A Way LP (NOSMOKE 012LP) 29.00
“The release of Find Us A Way in May 1967 coincided with the La De Da’s’ first exploratory trip to Australia. This one is even better than the first LP, with more original compositions and a more mature soulful rock approach, including the snarling singles ‘Find Us a Way’ and ‘All Purpose Low.’ It’s a more mod and beat psychedelic related release, tracks like ‘Goodbye Sister’ or ‘Thank You For The Flowers’ are a good example of that. Impressive record never reissued individually in vinyl format. Limited edition. Has two bonus tracks!”
NNF 241EP SAPPHIRE SLOWS: True Breath 12″ (NNF 241EP) 14.00
“Stunning five-song debut EP by this young Tokyo producer. Ghost-in-the-drum-machine rhythms layered with her exquisite Cocteau Twins vocal haze, but impeccably crafted into nuanced multi-movement compositions. Will be doing a full-length later in 2012 as well. Our fave new female artist.”
NA 5089CD NEW WORLD GENERATION: New World Generation 2CD (NA 5089CD) 18.00
“We’re well aware of soul’s transitional period of the mid to late ’70s; we’ve studied the era during which funk ensembles transformed into disco bands or, worse yet, disbanded when disco DJs supplanted them in the nightclubs that paid for their daily bread. That said, we generally shy away from the soul music — now referred to as ‘boogie’ but, in the past, referred to as ‘modern soul’ — that became popular in the wake of this change. Unless, that is, the music is superb and makes us pause. That’s how we ended up with New World Generation. Phil Morrison, bassist for avant-garde, Boston-based jazzers Stark Reality, sent us a copy of New World Generation’s solitary recorded document: a five song EP that the band, under Morrison’s guidance, privately released in 1982. We heard echoes of the Roy Ayers produced RAMP sessions and the precise yet sensual vibes of the foundation known as Earth, Wind and Fire. We were intrigued. So we put in a call to New World Generation’s bandleader, Lekan Parsons and found that he had recorded more music in the years leading up to the New World Generation EP. But he’d recorded with different ensembles. He promised to dig out his masters and send them to us for our consideration. It took years for him to collate the various components of the first phase of his recording career, which stretched from New York to Boston over the course of a decade. When he did send the music, we were thrilled. The songs he’d recorded with the Universal Rhythms and Orison ensembles were harbingers of the sophisticated soul he’d proffer with New World Generation. They were winsome, hopeful songs — and their existence offered us the chance to present an album. This album’s title – also New World Generation – references the faith that carried Parsons through the difficult and demoralizing times accomplished musicians like he and his friends experienced in a post-disco world, as big bands like his were left on the side of the trail to desiccate and die. Presented now, for the first, time, as a double CD with bonus tracks, we’re thankful that Lekan held on, so that we can present his vision for a New World now. 28-page booklet with rare photos, ephemera and extensive liner notes.”
OW 041EP DEPULSE, MARC: Lessons In Dub Part 1 12″ (OW 041EP) 12.00
Marc DePulse is back on Ostwind with Lessons In Dub Part 1. Sophisticated right down to the last detail, this record will convince immediately with splendidly-produced tracks that are a real aural pleasure. Marc knows how to put special moments into his tracks, motivating his listeners to let themselves go and just feel the sound — without getting sentimental. Whether as a warm-up for the prime time or in the early morning hours, “Lessons In Dub” perfectly fits in every DJ case.
PART 4003CD VA: Piccadilly Sunshine Part Six CD (PART 4003CD) 17.00
Subtitled: British Pop Psych And Other Flavours 1967-1970. Twenty lost pop nuggets from the British psychedelic scene. This exciting series continues to illuminate and celebrate the mistakenly overlooked and truly obscured artifacts of illustrious noise that emerged from the British psychedelic era and beyond. The celebrated Piccadilly Sunshine series introduces many listeners to a brave new world of audible delights, offering a precious glimpse into the floral heavens of great British psychedelic pop. Many gems that have eluded the grasp of compilers before will grace deserved ears and should serve to establish Piccadilly Sunshine as the stalwart series in the inflated contemporary maze of re-issues. Includes a full-color booklet with detailed sleeve notes. Artists include: Still Life, Ross Hannaman, Disciple, Simon Dupree & The Big Sound, Mike Sedgewick, Happy Confusion, Philamore Lincoln, Katch 22, The Merseys, The High, The Mariane, Selwyn & John, Little Brother Grant & Zapatta Schmidt, Chuckles, Zion De Gallier, Tate Gallery, Malcolm Rabbitt, Kaplan, The Epics and Hayden Wood.
PING 031EP SCHOOL OF ZUVERSICHT: Neubaugebiet – Remixe From Idiot Town 7″ (PING 031EP) 16.50
Pingipung presents two selected killer tracks on limited 7″ vinyl of remixes for “Randnotizen From Idiot Town” (2009) by School Of Zuversicht. School Of Zuversicht is a band collective around front-lady DJ Patex. A download code offers eight more remixes by Station17, Wols, Misses Next Match and others.
PLAIN 119LP MAZZY STAR: Among My Swan LP (PLAIN 119LP) 19.00
Repressed. “Mazzy Star’s third and final album, originally released in 1996, is a perfect finale to the band’s career, another fine work of hushed folk-rock and gentle psychedelia. The atmospheric guitar of David Roback and the hauntingly gorgeous vocals of Hope Sandoval are complimented here with help from William Reed of The Jesus & Mary Chain among others.” 180 gram vinyl housed in a full-color printed inner sleeve.
PL 011EP POLE: Waldgeschichten 2 12″ (PL 011EP) 12.00
Pole presents another spacey and heavy bass 12″. Two melancholic, quiet tracks full of crackles and endless space, made for the winter. In contrast to Waldgeschichten, with its use of full chords, this new production is marked by its use of spaces, which seems to expand until they collapse and enfold the listener. This is the second 12″ by Pole, one in a new series of releases which will end in a CD release in 2012.
PD 2383132HLP PINK FAIRIES: What A Bunch Of Sweeties LP (PD 2383132HLP) 16.50
Gatefold 180 gram reissue of Pink Fairies’ second album, originally released in 1972. “Sweeties is a mystifying jumble of tracks as exuberant as they are shambolic, though resonating for most of the time with a simple clarity of feeling and passion. …for all its inconsistencies, Sweeties just might be a more punk statement than one may have initially guessed… And at top volume it’s damn near undeniable.” — The Seth Man
PROTEZ 021EP VA: The Knights Of The Sad Pattern 2×12″ (PROTEZ 021EP) 21.00
John Tejada, Souki, SCSI-9, Polar Lights and other international heroes from the Pro-Tez crew such as Doyeq, Technique & Yaroslove, Babaka and Alex Danilov unite as The Knights Of The Sad Pattern and invite you to a deep journey through 8 swirling house grooves. Spiced with vocal parts by Dasha Pushkina, Stylish Murphn, Uhanoff and Timothy Leary, they bewitch you with a touchy and soulful probe of groovy yet still deep house sound.
REL 018LP MULLEN, GEOFF: Accidental Guitars LP (REL 018LP) 18.00
“Geoff Mullen presents a new side of his ever-changing and open language, dealing here with his rawest material to date, and in many ways finding himself in a homecoming to the guitar. On Accidental Guitars, Geoff expands his instrumental language with his unique variety of invented, accident-prone technique. Re-contextualized live performances are filtered through an intuitive sense of form and pretexts, leaving us with an intense, jarring, pointed, and textural compositional language. With little more than an electric guitar, he conjures abstract formations and clattering percussive tones that are starkly contrasted with tape hiss and sudden echoplex’d delay. Sustains calm the mood throughout and create a beautiful and oddly soothing atmosphere that seems to move in all directions at once. The music on Accidental Guitars has an ability of creating form out of being lost, and achieves lucidity through this sense. This record is a unique document, finding Geoff between forms and excepted styles, and seeing him off, once again, in another new and exciting direction in his music. Accidental Guitars is pressed on heavy 180 gram vinyl, housed in a matte black inner sleeve, produced in a deluxe edition with multi screened designs on archival heavy stock with a insert and notes by the composer.” Limited edition of 350 copies.
R1 1001HLP MITCHELL, JONI: Court And Spark LP (R1 1001HLP) 20.00
2009 reissue of Joni Mitchell’s sixth studio album, originally released in 1974. Includes “Help Me,” “Raised On Robbery” and “Free Man In Paris.” 180 gram vinyl; gatefold sleeve.
R1 1051HLP MITCHELL, JONI: The Hissing Of Summer Lawns LP (R1 1051HLP) 16.50
2009 reissue of this 1975 album, declared worst album of the year by Rolling Stone magazine. As difficult and “arty” as anything by Joni Mitchell is going to get. 180 gram vinyl; gatefold sleeve.
R1 1259HLP CHARLES, RAY: The Great Ray Charles LP (R1 1259HLP) 16.50
2010 reissue. “Brother Ray’s 1957 late-night jazz classic featuring arrangements by Quincy Jones.” 180 gram vinyl.
R1 1312HLP CHARLES, RAY: The Genius Of Ray Charles LP (R1 1312HLP) 16.50
2009 reissue of Ray Charles’ 1959 album for Atlantic. “Blowing brass and sweet strings back Brother Ray’s flawless voice in this 50th anniversary reissue of a soul classic.” On 180 gram vinyl.
R1 25289HLP NEW ORDER: Low-Life LP (R1 25289HLP) 21.50
2009 reissue on 180 gram vinyl. New Order’s third full-length, originally released on Factory in 1985. Featuring the songs “The Perfect Kiss” and “Love Vigilantes.”
R1 25308HLP NEW ORDER: Power, Corruption & Lies LP (R1 25308HLP) 21.50
2009 reissue on 180 gram vinyl. New Order’s 1983 sophomore album, featuring “Your Silent Face” and “Age Of Consent.”
R1 25511HLP NEW ORDER: Brotherhood LP (R1 25511HLP) 21.50
2009 reissue on 180 gram vinyl. Originally released in 1986, New Order’s fourth full-length. Featuring “Bizarre Love Triangle.”
R1 25845HLP NEW ORDER: Technique LP (R1 25845HLP) 21.50
2009 reissue on 180 gram vinyl. Originally released on Factory in 1989, featuring “Fine Time” and “Round & Round.”
R1 45089HLP NEW ORDER: Movement LP (R1 45089HLP) 21.50
2009 reissue on 180 gram vinyl. New Order’s first album, originally released on Factory in 1981. Featuring “Truth” and “Dreams Never End.”
R1 519560HLP DOORS, THE: The Soft Parade LP (R1 519560HLP) 20.00
2009 reissue of the 1969 album. Includes “Touch Me,” “Shaman’s Blues” and “Wild Child.” Gatefold; on 180 gram vinyl.
R1 6376HLP MITCHELL, JONI: Ladies Of The Canyon LP (R1 6376HLP) 15.00
2009 reissue of Joni Mitchell’s third album, originally released in 1970. Includes “Woodstock,” “The Circle Game” and “Big Yellow Taxi.” 180 gram vinyl; gatefold sleeve.
R1 9002HLP DOORS, THE: Absolutely Live 2LP (R1 9002HLP) 27.00
“This ‘organic documentary’ of the Doors’ 1970 tour was painstakingly assembled by producer Paul Rothchild to create the ultimate Doors concert experience from a series of explosive live performances. Some fans witnessed these performances firsthand, others vicariously through the headlines that seemed to follow every incendiary show. For all, Absolutely Live! emerged as the document of a band pushing the limits of what was possible on stage… and in rock ‘n’ roll itself.” Remastered 180 gram vinyl reissue, housed in a gatefold sleeve.
SD 1382HLP COLTRANE, JOHN: Coltrane Plays The Blues LP (SD 1382HLP) 17.00
2010 reissue, originally released in 1962 on Atlantic. “Trane uses the blues to explore the boundaries of jazz with McCoy Tyner and Elvin Jones.” On 180 gram vinyl.
“Carbohydrates Hydrocarbons is not only a great collection of punk-induced psychedelia, as heavy as anything can be without sludging to death; it was also the best thing Yonkers had done since Microminiature Love, and a high point of the Blind Shake. A few years later Yonkers and the Shake got together for a brief split/collaborative album on Learning Curve Records. Good stuff but not quite as powerful as the two aforementioned monsters. Now comes Period, Michael Yonkers and the Blind Shake’s first full album together since Carbohydrates Hydrocarbons and their best yet. Like Yonkers and the Shake’s previous work, Period is tuneful and heavy and punk and psychedelic, but there is also something more. The album has an energy which is dark but not sinister. Yonkers’ lyrics are intense, even painful, but his voice is strong. The swirl of sound created by his homemade guitar is other worldly, and when woven into the guitar/baritone guitar/drum throb and punch created by the Blind Shake, Period is nothing less than great. Seriously, after six straight months of listening to Period, I rank it up there with such classics of heavy weirdness as Von Lmo’s Future Language, High Rise II, and Monoshock’s Walk to the Fire. Period is even worthy of a listen next to Blue Cheer’s Vincebus Eruptum. Period by Michael Yonkers with the Blind Shake will stand as a classic. The CD version is in a digipak.”
SH 070LP BORIS: New Album 2LP (SH 070LP) 25.50
Gatefold 2LP version with insert. “Boris has long been celebrated for their rare ability to reinterpret a multitude of esoteric musical genres into a sound uniquely their own. New Album finds the intrepid Japanese trio etching their own post-noise, extreme pop niche with their most accessible and melodic effort to date. New Album is the culmination of the band’s ongoing experimentation that catapults its ferocious sound headlong into pop territory.”
SCH 079CD PHOENECIA: Demissions CD (SCH 079CD) 15.00
“Schematic label owners return after 10 years on the sidelines, with an ageless electronic album which traverses the gaps between techno, electronica, ambient, industrial & noise with fluidity, that plays like a contiguous, mood-driven soundtrack.”
SHAD 145LP SMACK: Smack LP (SHAD 145LP) 42.00
“Smack was recorded in late July and early August 1968 in Lawrence, Kansas USA. The four Smack members were all summer scholarship music and arts students attending Kansas University in Lawrence, Kansas. All music tracks were cut live, only over-dubed lead vocals and background vocals. That year there were some 2800 summer students attending a 6 week summer arts scholarship session – 1800 females and 900 males. Smack was born and played a gig several weeks later and the next thing you know they were all ‘stars’ of the campus. Someone from the university arranged for them to go in and record an album. An original Smack LP is rare as gold dust. We have only seen 2 copies for sale the past 15 years for massive money. The music is great covers played with extra heavy fuzz guitar, vocals, bass & drums. Those versions of Cream and Hendrix songs are killer. The whole album (very well produced) has a one of a kind psychedelic feel. There are not many cover albums which gives you another perspective on those known songs. This album does for sure.” Hand-numbered limited edition of 500; heavy sleeve; 180 gram pressing, double-sided insert.
SHAD 146LP CEREBRUM: Eagle Death LP (SHAD 146LP) 42.00
“The unknown album which became famous in the collectors scene because of two recorded singles, which is the best underground progressive music you can hear from Spain: Cerebrum. They recorded more songs which are completely unknown. So, tah-dah, for the first time ever the complete album of legendary Spanish underground band, including a long version of the title track ‘Eagle Death.’ This album is for us the best we can do when it comes to massive detective work and patience, heart and soul and enthusiasm to explore and release an amazing unheard album such as this one. We just love it and you will love it too!” Hand-numbered limited edition of 500; heavy sleeve; 180 gram pressing; four page insert.
SHAD 149LP NGOZI, PAUL: The Ghetto LP (SHAD 149LP) 42.00
“Paul Ngozi (Nogozi means danger) with his band gave a popular voice to what later was called ‘Zamrock,’ a cool fusion of older African rhythms and ’70s rockish underground modes — never too polished, but with a tightness that might have made Anglo groups up in London sit up and take notice. The guitars are razor-sharp here which sounds great next to the harder rhythms at the bottom, and the album’s mix of English and Zambian lyrics. Paul Ngozi recorded at least ten albums, another one which is famous among collectors is Chrissy Zebby Tembo & Ngozi Family. You will love this one if you liked the Witch and Amanaz. Great album, great artwork, a masterpiece from Zambia.” Hand-numbered edition of 500; heavy sleeve; 180 gram pressing.
MAD 001LP MAD RIVER: Jersey Sloo LP + BOOK (MAD 001LP) 40.00
“The legendary late ’60s West Coast band, Mad River. The release includes a soft-cover book and 12″ five-track EP pressed on 180 gram vinyl, featuring previously-unissued music by the band, in a limited edition run of 500 copies. Mad River formed at Antioch College, Yellow Springs, Ohio in 1965 and inspired what was happening in San Francisco moved to Berkeley in early 1967 just in time for the Summer of Love. During their brief time together they released a now highly-sought-after 7″ EP and two albums for Capitol Records. The Shagrat release is a substantial addition to their catalogue. Housed in the same sleeve as the vinyl 12″, the 12″ x 12″ 36 page, full color, mini-coffee table book features a 26,000 word history of the band written by Ugly Things journalist David Biasotti, revealing many unknown stories and details about this legendary, Berkeley-based quintet. The book is profusely illustrated with many photos and other memorabilia which have never been seen before, and tells the band’s remarkable history, how they were involved in the emergent long hair counter culture and the movement against the Vietnam War (then at its height), their relationship with the Diggers and the Hells Angels, the Beat Poets and most interesting of all their friendship and collaboration with the late writer Richard Brautigan. Acting as a kind of soundtrack to the book, the 12″ record contains five cuts that have never been officially released before, including the four numbers the band cut in Dayton Ohio in early 1967 as a demo before they re-located to California. These show that whilst the band was influenced by the likes of the Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Country Joe & the Fish (whom drummer Greg Dewey eventually joined and played Woodstock with) and their friends the Youngbloods, they were also pretty fully formed before they set off for the West Coast, as the embryonic ‘Windchimes’ included here testifies. It was former Youngblood Jerry Corbitt who produced the other long-lost gem from ’69, ‘Jersey Sloo’in this set — showing that away from the long flowing psychedelic numbers, the band could also write concise, accessible, two-minute rockers (even if the lyrics were completely whacked out!).”
SHAM 001LP SOULEYMAN, OMAR: Leh Jani 2LP (SHAM 001LP) 24.00
First release on Sham Palace, a new label from key Sublime Frequencies conspirator Mark Gergis. “Leh Jani” — the legendary Omar Souleyman track — was originally released in Syria as a sprawling 30-minute epic groove, alongside two additional tracks. The entire 60-minute cassette album was recorded live to tape in 1998 at the home studio of producer Zuhir Maksi in the village of Ras Al Ain in northeastern Syria. Many of Omar’s early tapes were recorded in this fashion to replicate the feeling of his live wedding party performances while minimizing the inherent recording chaos and distractions of those parties. The full track — featured here, reveals plenty more twists and turns from synth and saz during its hypnotic course. “Leh Jani” appeared in slightly edited form on the original Syrian-issued tape, which was distributed throughout the country for a short period of time. The song was further truncated for Omar’s debut Western compilation, Highway To Hassake (SF 031CD) and a concurrently assembled internet video clip of the track helped earn Omar his first attention in the West. The album begins with a lively introduction followed by a majestic mawal, before showcasing the incredible uptempo and previously-unreleased “Salamat Galbi Bidek.” All tracks are embellished with the virtuosic folk stylings of longtime collaborators Rizan Sa’id on keyboards and Hamid Souleyman on electric bozouk. This complete version of the original Leh Jani cassette album features an hour of music, and ensures an all-night Syrian dabke party no matter where on Earth you rest the needle. First release on Sham Palace, a new label from key Sublime Frequencies conspirator Mark Gergis.
SMALL 027EP SMALLPEOPLE: Black Ice 12″ (SMALL 027EP) 12.00
Dionne and Julius Steinhoff had an enormous success with their Meadows EP together with Christopher Rau on Smallville. That Smallpeople issue has been celebrated by all the deep house buddies such as Fred P, Jus Ed, DJ Koze and Lawrence, MCDE, XDB, RNDM, etc., and it was also included on some great compilations. Running the Smallville label and shop in Hamburg, inviting the who’s-who of house music to the clubs, Smallpeople present three heavenly tunes to warm hearts and dancefloors.
SG 1150EP DASHA RUSH: Relativismi 12″ (SG 1150EP) 12.50
Sonic Groove artist Dasha Rush presents a three-track 12″ called Relativismi. “Side Ways” is a percussive, industrial, tribalesque groover that grinds its way through the airiness of droning soundscapes. “Relative Perspective” is a beautifully-crafted, deep, hypnotic journey which will surely conjure up thoughts about space and time. Lastly, “Dark Light Blend” is an eerily brooding, acidic mind-warper that leaves the listener wanting more and more.
SPC 106EP ELLIOTT, RYAN: Kicking Up 12″ (SPC 106EP) 12.00
Ryan Elliott charges out of the gates with his first Spectral production, Kicking Up. Deep bass and snares hurtle ever forward, assisted by occasional, faint sonic flourishes and a bevy of throwback vocal loops, but is otherwise devoid of sustained melody. The “STABLO No. Remix” dials back the tech and pushes its house to the fore. Shakers, claps, echo and a whole lot of lateral motion imbues Elliott’s take-no-prisoners original with a surprising conviviality.
AKTSIE 027EP VA: Pudel Produkte 15 12″ (AKTSIE 027EP) 12.00
Pudel Products number 15: electronica, ambient and psychedelic-jazz-trip-tunes from Zwanie Jonson, Sab Janoh, Rocko Schamoni and Gustav with brand-new mixes by DJ Koze, Robag Wruhme, Atom Heart and Daedelus.
AKTSIE 028EP MAREK & BOOTY CARRELL, VIKTOR: Check The Horse (Pudel Produkte 13) 7″ (AKTSIE 028EP) 10.00
Pudel Product 13 presents the new Pudel-anthem called “Check The Horse” by Viktor Marek & Booty Carrell. “Golden Pudel in Hamburg is a strange venue. Hamburg is like the Detroit of Germany. They’re hard, hard people there.” –John Maus
SP 1011LP MCTELL, BLIND WILLIE: Trying To Get Home LP (SP 1011LP) 18.00
“The delta guitar legend’s 1949 recordings originally on Regal, re-released on Biograph in the 1970s. This is mid-period McTell, finding the bluesman at his best with a pronounced guitar playing that conveys a sense of masterful urgency. Features a classic Biograph cover. Liner Notes by Down Beat’s Chris Albertson and produced by Arnold Caplin.” 180 gram vinyl.
TD 001LP LOS ZANTOS VS. LOS STRWCK: Mexican Fuzz Masters LP (TD 001LP) 25.00
“Welcome to a wild down-the-border episode of the Battle of the Bands! Two crazy late sixties bands with incendiary sounds ready to knock you out! Los Zantos from Tijuana with some of the heaviest organ/fuzz pedal sounds you’ve heard from Mexico. Next come Los Strwck from Guadalajara with some Latin rock sounds, plenty of heavy fuzz guitar assaults to the mix, crazy lovely sounds like nothing else! Limited to 500 copies with remastered sound.”
UNO 006EP AL QADIRI, FATIMA: Genre-Specific Xperience 12″ (UNO 006EP) 15.00
“The follow-up to her Ayshay project with Tri Angle Records (Billboard’s #1 Indie 2011), which was constructed entirely out of her own vocals to reconfigure the concept of ‘sacred’ music, and the critically acclaimed Muslim trance mixes, which combine sunni and shi’ite acapella prayers. GSX fuses her modern, pseudo-classical composition with genres like hip hop, juke and dubstep, reinterpreting and engaging the barriers of sound specificity. This conceptual record defies sound specificity, breaking out of the identity in a select genre of music and reinterpreting them. ‘Hip Hop Spa’ was conceived as the soundtrack to a luxury spa for rappers (where they get a chance to hang up their bling). ‘How Can I Resist U’ is her epic love letter to dubstep. Each piece takes you seamlessly between microcosms of world dance music, while inhabiting a fantasy realm of cinematic harmony.”
VL 901233LP 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS: Rockius Of Levitatum LP (VL 901233LP) 24.00
“To fully understand and appreciate a band like the 13th Floor Elevators, one had to see them play live, preferably more than once–the reason being that no two Elevators shows were ever alike, ranging from brilliantly euphoric to unbelievably catastrophic. Of course, the unevenness of their performances was due to one small but powerful thing called LSD, which the band took in copious amounts prior to each show (often charitably passing it out to members of the audience as well). For the Elevators this was a way of life, for which they (particularly lead singer and guitarist Roky Erickson) would notoriously soon pay. This collection of live tracks gives those of us who weren’t there during those halcyon days of psychedelia, a taste of just what lofty heights (and hellish depths) the Elevators were capable of reaching. The performances are taken from three sources: ‘Roller Coaster,’ ‘You’re Gonna Miss Me’ and ‘Tried to Hide’ from a rockin’ appearance on a local Dallas/Ft. Worth television show in the spring of 1966, ‘Don’t Fall Down’, ‘Kingdom Of Heaven,’ ‘She Lives In A Time of Her Own’ and ‘I’ve Got Levitation’ from a notoriously shambolic gig in Houston in 1967, and the remaining eight tracks from a series of stellar performances at San Francisco’s Avalon Ballroom in autumn of 1966.” On 180 gram vinyl.
VL 901264LP CIPOLLINA, JOHN: Raven 2LP (VL 901264LP) 37.00
“By 1969 (with the release of their landmark Happy Trails LP) John Cipollina’s Quicksilver Messenger Service was one of the most popular acid rock bands in the nation and Cipollina himself had risen to ‘guitar-god’ status thanks in part to his towering one-of-a-kind amp stack and dual pick-up guitars (now on display at the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame). In fact, in 2003 he was ranked #32 on Rolling Stone Magazine’s list of greatest guitar players of all time. By 1976, Cipollina was heading up a new band called Raven featuring a 10-player all-star line-up that included the likes of Greg Douglass (Steve Miller Band), Jim McPherson (Copperhead), Dave Walker (Fleetwood Mac), and Nicky Hopkins (The Rolling Stones). The songs were a mix of originals and well-selected covers and just as they were on the verge of becoming the next big thing the band broke up (but thankfully not before heading into a studio to record an album’s worth of material). Some of these recordings eventually surfaced on a German label in 1980, but for the most part remained a little-known chapter in Cipollina’s discography. Vinyl Lovers now is proud to bring you an entirely re-mastered and expanded version with 7 new tracks (sides C and D) not found on the original vinyl!”
WEIRD 056LP DEAD REPTILE SHRINE: The Sun Of Circles And Wood 2LP (WEIRD 056LP) 26.00
“Finally, the legendary Finnish black metal project returns with the first full-length album in years! With a unique and encompassing sound, Dead Reptile Shrine has always been uncomfortably slotted in the black metal genre but DRS fits right into the Weird Forest catalog. The Sun of Circles and Wood encapsulates all aspects of the Dead Reptile Shrine sound: primitive riffs, ambient synth pieces, droning backdrops, snarled vocals, plaintive cries, Satanic chants, the works. But this album isn’t a celebration of darkness — it’s a portrait of a soul being torn apart by dark and light elements. The poor listener is dropped down a well and left to wallow in the stench of her own soul’s filthy excrement, the pain alleviated only by scant glimpses of light at the top of the well that seems so far, far away. The Sun of Circles and Wood was mastered by Pete Swanson and comes in a beautiful full-color deluxe gatefold vinyl edition limited to 500 copies.”
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