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3000GRAD 005CD

WELZ, GREGOR: Waterkant Souvenirs – Flatfish 01 CD (3000GRAD 005CD) 17.00
The DJ Gregor Welz presents his definition of house music at the coast-side with a pinch of humor. As the founder of Waterkant Souvenirs, he begins a new set of mix CDs. Besides the songs of Markus Meinhardt, Timid Boy, Julien Bracht and Dürerstuben; the Flatfish mix is mainly formed by music from the north. Flatfish mix artists also include Andre Kronert, H.O.S.H. & Uner, Kollektiv Ost, Pawas & Matthias Keul, Daniel Nitsch, Kotelett & Zadak, Brauns & Wagner and Soukie & Windish. Waterkant Souvenirs is supported by the Kommtzusammen Festival.

542 504616

CASSIUS: I Love Techno 2011 CD (542 504616) 17.00
I Love Techno 2011 is held at the Flanders Expo in Ghent and as ever is expected to attract some 35,000 people across five rooms, making it Europe’s leading indoor dance event. Cassius is one of the headliners this year, next to other hot acts such as Laurent Garnier, Boys Noize, Crookers, Paul Kalkbrenner, The Subs and many, many more. Cassius is the French duo behind the super-hit “I [HEART] U SO,” but everybody, of course, also still remembers their late ’90s hits such as “1999,” “La Mouche” and “Feeling For You.” Cassius was one of the originators of the gigantic French touch movement, but they’re still on top of the game, now on one of the hippest labels of the moment, Ed Banger. After Steve Aoki’s monstrous mix in 2010, here is Cassius’ debut (!) mix CD: I Love Techno 2011. Artists include: DJ Mehdi, Torb, Joe Cocherell, Steve Rachmad, Sneaker, Public Energy, Marcel Dettmann, Loosefingers, Roots Panorama, Deetron, Steffi, Virginia, Function, Gerd & Elbee Bad, Arttu, Zinc, Head High, Sigg Gonzales, Studio X, Mike Dehnert, J.T.C., Reese & Santonio, Boys Noize & Erol Alkan (feat. Jarvis Cocker), EQD, Mickey Moonlight (feat. George Lewis Jr.), The Martin Brothers, Mondo and Rootstrax.


MUM: Gleoileg Jol 7″ (ANOST 033EP) 7.00
Iceland’s Múm send seasonal greetings with this 7″, containing two interpretations of conventional Icelandic Christmas songs: “Nú er Gunna á nýju skónum” (“Now Gunna is wearing her new shoes”) and “Babbi segir” (“Daddy Says”), both of which are traditionally sung around the tree at Christmas dances. They are arranged for guitar, autoharp, kazoos and voices and are sung in (charming) terrible-beautiful style. Slightly festive stuff yet melancholic, floating somewhere between pure naiveté and lucid kitsch. With the addition of artwork by lead singer Örvar Þóreyjarson Smárason and a coupon for a free download (with a a digital bonus track), this is the best Icelandic Christmas 7″ put out all year.


PEE PEE DYNAMITE: A Groovy Christmas and New Year/The Soul of Christmas 7″ (ASS 002EP) 8.50
“Looking for a stocking stuffer for that special funky someone on your list? Well look no further, Academy LPs is proud to announce our second release in the Academy Special Singles Series (again, in conjunction with Voodoo FunkIFrank Gossner), Pee Pee Dynamite. This 45 alone will greatly improve anyone’s collection of Christmas tunes with two soulful offerings from the heyday of the Ghanian music scene of the ’70s. Originally released as an extremely rare 7″, this deeply funky Christmas 45 is an early production by the legendary Kwadwo Donkoh, known to many as the driving force behind the Agoro Records label and producer of such groups as the Uhuru Dance Band.”

BFD 5022LP

VA: Pebbles Volume 5 LP (BFD 5022LP) 15.50
“17 original ’60s punk rock classics.” Artists: The Tree, The Plague, The Magi, The Gentlemen, The 5 Canadians, The Dirty Wurds, The Merry Dragons, The Fe-Fi-Four Plus 2, The Escapades, Danny & the Escorts, The Satyrs, Little Phil & the Night Shadows, The State of Mind, Yesterdays’ Children, The Time Stoppers, Thursday’s Children, The 12 A.M.


“This release features three tracks recorded in various locations in the Phoenix area in the mid 1980s. Two of these tracks have never been released.” Limited, hand-numbered edition of 300 copies.

ARS 38105CD

ROTA, NINO: Cello Concertos No. 1 & 2 CD/SACD (ARS 38105CD) 24.00
“Due to his inspired soundtracks for film classics by Fellini, Visconti and Coppola, the remainder of the substantial classical output of Nino Rota (1911-1979) has unfortunately been pushed out of the limelight. For a start, ten operas, several ballets, three symphonies and almost a dozen instrumental concertos are awaiting rediscovery. The composer as a convinced and convincing eclectic was able to express himself confidently and inventively not only in the Neo-Romantic style but also in the Neo-Classical tonal language which is slightly reminiscent of Stravinsky. His two cello concertos composed in quick succession during the 1970s which are included on this recording represent post-modern works par excellence, but also provide an effective and rewarding showcase for the virtuosity of exceptional cellists such as Friedrich Kleinhapl.” Stereo/multichannel hybrid SACD that can be played on any CD player.

BEC 5161058

MR. OIZO: Stade 2 CD (BEC 5161058) 15.50
This is the highly-anticipated fourth album by French film director and musician Quentin Dupieux aka Mr. Oizo. Includes the copiously blogged-about track “Douche Beat,” which you won’t be able to escape in the clubs for the foreseeable future. Squelchy, squirrely, bright and LOUD dance tracks for the MOST hyper children. Chock-full of absurdist samples and relentless, bouncing beats. Performed, recorded and mixed at Edgecliff-Gym Studio in L.A., aside from the digital flute on “Ska,” which was performed by the artist Tetanos.

BEC 5161060

SURKIN: USA CD (BEC 5161060) 15.50
This is the debut full-length by Surkin, called USA. Originally designed to be out on Institubes, they immediately thought of Marble (in conjunction with Because Music) as the perfect platform to release it after the demise of their former label. It features 16 tracks, with guest vocals by Detroit’s Ann Saunderson and Chicago’s Kevin Irving (the voice of house blueprint “Move Your Body” by Marshall Jefferson), and two collaborations with long-time friend and label mate Bobmo, with whom Surkin works as High Powered Boys. It’s a joyous, juvenile, body-moving record, based on the idea of a radio station called Fireworks FM, set up in Silver Springs. The whole vibe exhales a fantasized ’80s soundscape, infused with dance subgenres from that era but dramatically edited by Surkin’s own imaginary memories. Club tracks galore, but also expect more melodic, emotional mid-tempo cuts, but definitely not in a filler way. Mastery all over the place, yet infused with a tremendous feeling of exuberance and freedom. Needless to say, it’s an instant classic.

BIS 1453CD

TAKANO, MARI: LigAlien CD (BIS 1453CD) 19.00
“Born in 1960, the Japanese composer Mari Takano studied in Japan and then Germany, where Gyorgy Ligeti became a mentor to her, providing liberating impulses. Ligeti is also a near-constant presence throughout this program of works composed between 2003 and 2009. The four duos and trios that share the title LigAlien are all in various ways the results of an idea which occurred to Takano in 2002 — what would it be like to implant ‘alien’ DNA (i.e. her own) into one of Ligeti’s works? Explaining the process in her own liner notes, Takano started in LigAlien I with elements from the second movement of Ligeti’s Horn Trio, ‘letting them evolve in all kinds of directions. In the course of the work, the interruptions become bolder and more prominent, until nothing is left of Ligeti’s idea. Instead an alien being has come into life, a being which seems to like jazz quite a lot.’ Interspersing the four ‘LigaAliens’ are two solo pieces, Jungibility for piano and Full Moon for violin and electronics, which also embrace a wealth of ideas both musical and otherwise ? when discussing the works, Takano herself refers to Duke Ellington, Omar Sosa and Stockhausen (Jungibility) and Bjork, Pina Bausch and Miles David (Full Moon). Dedicated to the memory of Ligeti, the closing Flute Concerto is the largest work on the disc, both in terms of duration and the forces involved.”


JOYNES, C: Congo CD (WEAVIL 046CD) 15.50
Continuing further into the territories of domesticated English voudou sketched out by 2009’s Revenants, Prodigies & The Restless Dead (WEAVIL 039CD), UK guitarist C Joynes’ Congo is dominated by notions of landscape, imagination and personal ritual. However, while elements of introspection and intensity do appear, the mood is one of simple, uplifting joy. Warm, woody sounds and themes for a variety of donated, rescued and homemade instruments contrast with occasional stark arrangements, bursts of blossoming electricity, and passages of dense improvisation. Contributions from friends and colleagues generate momentum and interplay at key points, enabling these recordings to site the loner aesthetic within the traditions of social music for dancing and communion.


FUNKE, SASCHA: Brave (The Album Formerly Known As Bravo) CD (BPC 075X-CD) 14.50
Originally released in 2003. Sascha Funke presents his debut album Brave: The Album Formerly Known As Bravo (same as before in terms of audio content, but with a new variant title spelling that only Germans will understand). It’s true that the first signs of Sascha Funke’s interpretation of techno lifestyles are keywords like continuity, independence, and translation. This Berliner is living a contradiction for all the spaces left in between: a simultaneous demand for pragmatic rationality and emotional pontification. Funke has a sharp nose for pop, even letting coincidence be the basis of the production process. A new belt is pulling techno tight, managing to create further free spheres and independence in the grey zone of creativity and the collective, which can be heard on this album. The fact that he remains himself and juggles his own inadequacies makes his music not only more pleasurable, but also the person behind it all the more transparent. What he calls “rowing with technology” is overshadowed elsewhere by the immediate and pure, aseptic production. On Brave he engages his path safely: that what is usually determined to be the paradigm in techno, namely, a rapid rise on a bolting industry train, he counters not only as a producer, but even as a DJ who works for patience and one’s own confidence in personal skill. What’s always decisive for him in unsure situations is the dancefloor itself. Short, momentary reactions and the belief that “techno is always that what you make of it” leaves Bravo without competition in the set selection of his record bag.


WAREIKA: Floors 12″ (CCS 061EP) 12.00
Trio Florian Schirmacher, Henrik Raabe and Jakob Seidensticker as Wareika fall graciously into Circus Company’s reputation for forward-thinking artists and musical innovators. The Floors EP begins its ascent with “1st Floor.” Complex and unique in their take on electronica, the trio’s undercurrent of jazz-infused percussion plays the ideal host for soulfully sung vocals and a morphing soundscape. “2nd Floor” is equally mesmerizing with its eight minutes of building roll and infectious groove. Sharp, funky and intelligent.


SWOD: Drei CD (CCO 049CD) 15.50
Swod are Oliver Doerell and Stephan Wöhrmann, two musicians who met in Berlin in 1991. Ever since, they have been collaborating on various projects. Oliver plays guitar, bass and takes care of electronics, Stephan plays drums and — most importantly — the piano, the instrument which sets Swod’s trademark sound and reputation. Oliver Doerell is also a member of Dictaphone, the band with which he has released two albums and an EP on City Centre Offices so far. With Raz Ohara, he has recorded two albums so far under the Raz Ohara And The Odd Orchestra moniker. While not working on Swod, both musicians are busy working on theater productions. After 2004’s Gehen and 2007’s Sekunden, this is Swod’s third album. There is no other instrument which experienced such a glorious renaissance over the last couple of years like the piano. Heavily tempered with or as pure as possible, the piano has re-established itself as a driving force in innovative music. Ever since the release of their first album in 2004, Swod have been among the most respected acts in this genre which many falsely label “neo classical.” With Drei, Swod take their unique sound to a new level. “Sans Peau” for instance, a piece of gold for every DJ with an open mind, perfectly sets the stage for the new album. With heavy 808 toms, the right amount of noise and distortion and one of the most catchy hooklines of all times, the track is a perfect example of how the two Berlin-based musicians have fine-tuned, taken apart and reassembled both their style of composing and cutting-edge production. Fear not, though, Drei is a carefully-crafted evolution of the well-established Swod sound. It’s all there, and more. The melancholy of the piano, found sounds, delicate bass and guitar, the always-present samples of a woman we all love and worship. For the first time, however, Drei showcases inspirations and influences more prominently which had been present in the band’s earlier work, but which had been somewhat carefully buried. A deep love for the minimalists, which gives tracks like “Hellerau” or “I Am Here” an almost mechanical, sequenced feel, opens up Swod’s body of work to a whole new audience.


EMPTYSET: Avichi 12″ (CLR 054EP) 12.50
CLR presents another one of those clearly unusual tracks by Bristol-based experimental techno duo Emptyset. “Avichi” is stripped down to the absolute basics, consisting of little more than huge bass and an irresistible, characteristically diversified groove and some sensibly placed noises. Monoloc’s remix is comparatively straightforward, with a compelling accentuation on the lower bass frequencies. All around solid workmanship with a vanguard edge.


VATH, SVEN: In The Mix: The Sound Of The Twelfth Season 2CD (CORMIX 037LTD) 23.00
Sven Väth is co-founder of the Cocoon label, and this is The Sound Of The Twelfth Season. With the Cocoon Heroes, Sven Väth’s techno tribe entered a new stage in its never-ending metamorphosis. Fuelled by the communicative energies of the social networks of the internet, the Cocoon is opening up, declaring ravers and performing artists, dancers and helpers part of the Cocoon as well. With the Cocoon club, Väth and his companions created a new type of club which fused sound and space into one immersive experience. Having realized that the daily life in the big cities compromises partying without limits, they set up a second home each summer at Club Amnesia on the Mediterranean island of Ibiza. The “Sounds Of The Season” series is an aural photo album and a compressed culmination at the same time. The love for electronic music is the driving force of all Cocoon’s endeavors. The Sound Of The 12th Season is an orgiastic techno feast of the biggest names, including: Efdemin, DJ Koze, Dense & Pika, Levon Vincent, Boys Noize, Justin Vandervolgen, Todd Terje, Mark E, Château Flight, Aufgang, Clark, Gary Beck, Benoit & Sergio, Acquiescence, Roman Flügel, Move D, Omar S, Steffi, Virginia, Gerd, Osunlade, Âme, Allì Borèm, Maceo Plex, Anthony Collins, Philip Bader, Matt John and Re. You.


HAYWARD, CHARLES: One Big Atom CD (TINU 002CD) 19.00
“Charles Hayward (This Heat, Camberwell Now, Quiet Sun etc.) continues his unique and extraordinary journey through music with the release of One Big Atom on the artist-led label Continuity…From the 1970s to the present day, Charles has developed and built some of the most radical music of the European underground. Following on with a series of solo projects that have each made bold proposals for possible futures, his new recording One Big Atom is yet another departure for Charles, taking his song writing further into the personal and political, shifting focus towards a “dread bass” sensibility. It was devised, performed and engineered by him in his South London studio, affording an even more integrated and radical approach to his sound. One Big Atom stands outside of genre and any easily identified signifiers, jump-cutting between song, collage, sound field, noise, signal, melody.”

CTI 6020LP

AIRTO: Free LP (CTI 6020LP) 11.50
Latin jazz percussionist Airto Moreira’s third solo album, originally released in 1972. Featuring Chick Corea, Keith Jarrett, Stanley Clarke, Ron Carter, Nelson Ayres and others. Airto has played with the likes of Miles Davis, Donald Byrd and, most recently, on Arthur Verocai’s Timeless project.


THEE SPIVS: Black And White Memories CD (DAMGOOD 383CD) 17.50
“Thee Spivs are back with their second album, following their debut from 2010 the critically acclaimed Taped Up. Black And White Memories was recorded in East London at Gizzard studios with Ed Deegan at the controls over the summer, it features fourteen new tracks.”


THEE SPIVS: Black And White Memories LP (DAMGOOD 383LP) 18.50
LP version.


OLAUSSON, JAKOB: Morning & Sunrise CD (DESTIJL 097CD) 12.00
“At some point all great explorers, from Amundsen to Kishan Singh Rawat, come to an opening up and cast their minds across a big space. A clearing, a promontory, a look out from a place no one’s been before. Jakob Olausson ventured deep on Moonlight Farm, his debut for De Stijl in the winter of 2005. His singular expression returns on Morning and Sunrise, an explorer’s codex, a gaze through to what’s more important and less seen. The path yet traveled and the sun arcing over it. Morning and Sunrise is a different record from Moonlight Farm. Neither ‘progression’ nor the preferred ‘natural progression’ describe how. There is more electric guitar and it really whisks at your earbones, the playing is beautiful. Jakob’s singing glows more. It gives light and shows love as it reassures, makes no false promises, says: You can be understood. Honest as the elements, whether you count four or 118. Words like ‘loner’ will be hung on Morning and Sunrise, and that’s okay, we associate clarity this potent with solitude. And this could be the most lucid psychedelic record ever, morning is just so clear, and anyway, it’s not really loner, because you are there all along. Don’t we all just want to know how the next person gets along? Come out into the morning and see.”


CONFORCE: Escapism CD (DSR 090CD) 17.00
Holland’s deep electronic specialist Conforce releases his second full-length. Still riding high on the praise from his last EP, Dystopian Elements, Boris Bunnik has crafted another album of deep digital and authentic analog bliss. As well as on Delsin, it’s appropriately classy labels like Clone and Rush Hour which have released Conforce’s work in the past — the results of which have helped mark out the man behind them as one of the day’s most considered sonic craftsmen. All but one of the album tracks is new and exclusive, with “Lonely Run” the only one heard thus far, given its inclusion on the aforementioned EP. It was a track which perfectly surmised the man’s musical mission — to combine elements of futurism with real hardware, decent software and to simply go wherever it takes him, be that a landscape doused in dub, formed from a firmer techno template or built on a house groove. As such, the aptly-entitled album is a wholly immersive listen from start to finish. Operating in its own deep and subliminal world of rhythm, it goes from lateral and dubby to more upright and kicking, touching on ambient moments and the odd classist moment along the way. Rather than ten shades of the same color, Escapism investigates a number of different moods and tempos. Opener “Revolt DX,” for example, suggests a lively pace, despite being drenched in echo and reverb. “Elude,” meanwhile, is a more roughshod roller torn apart by blistering synths, crisp percussion and prying claps. “Shadows Of The Invisible” is a mysterious journey into the tense, unknown world of deep space, while “Aquinas Control” floats in a murky, churning and dark underwater abyss… like the album overall, it’s hugely evocative stuff that bares little resemblance to the populist motifs of Chicago-this or Detroit-that. From start to finish, Escapism grabs your attention without being rushed, hurried or over-complicated. It’s the sort of album which works on both headphones up-close, but also on a dancefloor at a distance, thanks to its devilish detail but palpable presence. Unsurprisingly, one of today’s most reliable producers has turned in one of the year’s finest albums.


PRESLEY, ELVIS: Elvis’ Christmas Album LP (DOY 648LP) 21.00
We got this too fucking late for Christmas in 2010 and absolutely nobody bought in January 2011 — nothing more fickle & full of disdain than holiday Elvis buyers, evidently. Here’s another chance to get it — is it in poor taste to even ask? “The initial reaction to the release of this album was unbelievably one of controversy. Irving Berlin was actually horrified that his ‘White Christmas’ was being sullied by the ‘vulgar kid with the gyrating pelvis,’ and many others agreed. The year was 1957 and Elvis was still young (just 22) and dangerous, Jailhouse Rock had just hit the box offices and his ‘Hound Dog / Don’t Be Cruel’ single was still at the top of the charts. But despite his status as the ultimate rebel, Elvis actually managed to deliver pretty convincing versions of these Christmas classics, so much so that although Irving Berlin may still be rolling over in his grave, the album itself has taken its place as one of the best known and loved Christmas albums of all time (and definitely a lot cooler than Bing Crosby). Featuring 9 bonus tracks, all recorded in 1957.” High quality heavyweight red vinyl.


PRIMAL SCREAM & MC5: Black To Comm 2CD/DVD (EAR 042CD) 32.00
Recorded at the 2008 Meltdown Festival at The Royal Festival Hall, London. “The special package includes a 2xCD set of the complete show, plus a substantial booklet featuring photos from the concert and extensive liner notes by Primal Scream confidante Kris Needs including interviews with Bobby Gillespie and Mike Davis. Goused in a deluxe package of 3 gatefold card sleeves with the booklet inside a specially designed box.” Includes the complete Black To Comm concert film on DVD. NTSC region free format.


PRIMAL SCREAM & MC5: Black To Comm DVD (EAR 042DVD) 24.50
Recorded at the 2008 Meltdown Festival at The Royal Festival Hall, London. “Over two and a half hours of none stop premiere rock n roll. The complete performances by two of the world’s best and most renowned rock n roll bands captured on film and surround sound performing in front of one audience. The set list is pulsating with classic rock tracks such as ‘Ramblin’ Rose’, ‘ Kick out the Jams’, ‘Looking at You’, ‘Movin on up’, ‘Accelerator’, ‘Rocks’ ‘Sister Anne’, ‘Shoot Speed Kill Light ‘ and the encore sees BOTH bands on stage together for half an hour with guest and former MC5 manager John Sinclair. Handling lead vocals for the MC5 on this night was William Duvall (Alice in Chains).” NTSC region free format.

BEC 5161036

MICKEY MOONLIGHT: And The Time Axis Manipulation Corporation CD (BEC 5161036) 15.50
This is the debut album from UK producer/remixer Mickey Moonlight. Full of discrete and subtle details, this LP is definitely aimed for home-listening and not for the club (even though “Close To Everything” has already received massive DJ support). Although MM has assembled a large and stellar cast of musicians, the album still remains his singular and unique vision. He describes it as “Science-Fiction Exotica.” There are tales of biotech companies, artificial lovers, voluntary euthanasia, cosmic ambivalence, Discordian folk songs, time-travel field recordings and psychedelic pattern-music. The full cast of characters on this album includes: George Lewis Jr. (Twin Shadow), Marina Gasloina (ex-Bonde De Role), Susumu Mukai (Zongamin), Tim Sparke, Suzy Silver, Sandro Perri, Bishi, Lou Hayter (The New Sins & New Young Pony Club), Tahita Bulmer (New Young Pony Club), Anita Blay (TheCocknBullKid), Deborah Howell, Fimber Bravo (20th Century Steel Band), The Fullfat Horns (Jake Painter, Carl Sterling and Robin Harris), Sonny Akpan (The Funkies). All scenes directed by Mickey Moonlight. Both thirty years in the future and thirty years in the past.

RZ 10005CD

SUZUKI, AKIO: Na-Gi 1997 CD (RZ 10005CD) 20.00
1997 release. A CD of minimalist environmental sounds by this Japanese sound-artist, previously known for his fabulous Soundsphere CD on the Dutch Het Apollohuis label. “This music was recorded in Takano, Tango-cho, the northern-most coast of Kyoto, where I live. The bay surrounded by volcanic rock caves is the place where the mighty sounds of waves of the open sea have their muffled echo. Seawater flows into the hollows in the rock again and again like breathing in and breathing out. Spring water constantly drips in the cave, and now and then the wind from the meadow above the chasm brings the sounds of the crickets…the sound spaces of the coast of Takano. A site of a new encounter with the rhythm of the sounds of the sea.”

RZ 10009/10CD

VA: Inventionen ’98: 50 Jahre Musique Concréte 2CD (RZ 10009/10CD) 38.50
1999 release. A documentary of pieces performed at the Inventionen Festival in Berlin, 1998. Works by Unsuk Chin, Patrick Kosk, Werner Cee, INA-GRM stalwart Francois Donato, Robin Minard, Wolfgang Mitterer, Francis Dhomont, Swedish EMS agent Erik Mikael Karlsson and northern-UK composer/programmer Trevor Wishart. The perfect mix of analogue tape and computer-medium concerns, very strong efforts from all involved. Booklet includes notes in English and German.

RZ 10015CD

DI SCIPIO, AGOSTINO: Horbare Okosysteme CD (RZ 10015CD) 20.00
2007 release. Subtitled: Live Elektronische Kompositionen 1993-2005. Performers: Ensemble Mosaik, Prometeo String Quartet, Natalia Pschenitschnikova. Agostino Di Scipio teaches his sounds to listen to themselves. The digital sound processing algorithms associated with the pieces listen to their own results, and then modify themselves accordingly, during the course of the piece. Through complicated cybernetic procedures inside the black box the software adjusts to the heard in order to create the unheard.

RZ 10016CD

VA: Inventionen VI CD (RZ 10016CD) 20.00
Electroacoustical music from the Inventionen Festivals, 2005 and 2006. Composers/tracklist: Edgar Barroso – “ODD'”; Mario Verandi – “Comme un jeu des images”; Paul Wilson – “Through the Rain”; Ricardo Climent – “Wallwoodpeckers”; Vladimir Djambazov – “The Secret Life of a Snare Drum”; Ludger Brümmer – “Glasharfe.”


MAAS, TIMO: Balance 017 2CD (BAL 001CD) 23.00
Timo Maas is a master of reinvention. Emerging during the excess of trance’s heyday in the late ’90s with his fusion of techno, progressive house and funk in a rivetingly futuristic manner, he quickly became the remixer du jour for both the club underground and the commercial big leagues. This is Maas’ first official compilation in 9 years. As the artists says himself, “For me ‘the trip’ is quite important to create, with a mix of brand new, even exclusive material, but also tracks that rock my world at the moment and most essentially have rocked my world for many years (the so called ‘classics’).” Maas draws us into his musical world with two sumptuous cuts of ambient electronica from his studio, before boldly grabbing our attention with Nicolas Jaar’s already-classic, woozy early-morning anthem “Time For Us.” CD1 is all about displaying his melodic, charismatic, emotive side — the turgid electro-pop of Vector Lovers, the lush disco licks of Toby Tobias and the tripped-out eccentricity of DJ Koze keeping you hooked. Jazzy pianos are drawn in, Maas reminding us that this electronic lark is not the be-all-end-all of music as the opposing tech house backbone becomes more prominent. Mathias Schaffhäuser’s “The 1st Thing” signals that Timo’s tech vein is starting to throb, with animal noises permeating the sexy wiggle of the track. A slice of classic Tenaglia ups the ante, and it looks like we’re set for a thumping finale before the majestic, blissed-out melody of Carl Craig’s “At Les” pulses in, setting us up for a classy and experimental closer which sees Maas and Santos collide with Elgar and William Orbit. The second act makes no attempt to disguise its intent, laden with thudding kicks, plenty of rolling percussion and the intricate attention to detail that peppers his sets and productions. It’s largely comprised of works from him and his colleagues from his quirky new label Rockets & Ponies, with numerous exclusives across both discs. Elements that don’t always reveal themselves at first listen are stacked all around this mix — intricate layers, trickery in the stereo field, unearthly effects and chiefly, hefty groove throughout. At first tracks come thick and fast — more sexy Maas magic, into some wonderfully deep Kenny Larkin, before the mix begins to unwind. Things start taking a turn for the weird — his remix of We Fell To Earth’s “Lights Out” showing tinges of the ’70s psych rock that he and Santos while away hours in the studio to, and eerie sci-fi sounds crawling all over the place. Eventually, the psychedelic feel subsides, giving way to the blissful melody of Alex Dolby’s re-rub of the Rockets & Ponies anthem “Chinese Massage,” and the mix then dips down once again into deeper territory before unleashing a torrent of acid filth. Timo’s Lost Veteranos project appears with the gnarly, industrial intensity of “It’s Wronger,” before a classic 303 double-header from Emmanuel Top and Hardfloor bangs you into submission, taking you back to a wonderfully simpler time. A sprinkling of magic dust rounds off this heady compilation in the form of his own epic, unreleased version of Placebo’s yearning “Ashtray Heart” — a fittingly powerful finale. Other artists include: Dana Bergquist & Peder G, Sasse, Solvent, Random House Project, Phattivan, Deetron, Mathias Kaden, Henrik Schwarz & Kuniyuki, Giorgio Roma, Alex Flitsch, Patrick Chardronnet, Santè & Adam Port, The Crystal Ark, Florian Hollerith, Marc Romboy & Stephan Bodzin, Alex Niggemann, Matthias Tanzmann and The Mole.


DEETRON: Balance 020 2CD (BAL 004CD) 23.00
Swiss melodic techno bastion Deetron has chosen to embrace both the past and present of mixing disciplines on Balance 20. CD1 was mixed digitally, with additional production and editing in Cubase and Wavelab, and CD2 was recorded with three turntables and an Allen & Heath mixer — and some very special dubplates. Deetron’s mix takes in seminal classics, exclusives, rare cuts, lesser-known gems, and a healthy blend of big names and underground heroes. CD1 sees the blissful tones of “Nine” from Autechre and a tease of Model 500’s twinkling “Infoworld.” Detroit-style beauty comes from Unabombers’ take on Shit Robot’s “Losing My Patience,” arpeggiated proto-trance lushness from Todd Terje’s “Bonysh” and hypnotic magic from DJ Koze’s “The Geklöppel Continues.” Move D is drafted in for some jazzy piano action on “Your Personal Healer,” leading into Carl Craig’s re-rub of System 7. There’s a collaboration between Radiohead’s Thom Yorke, Four Tet and Burial, and a little funk colors the mix via Maceo Plex. Caribou’s remix of Virgo Four’s “It’s A Crime” ups the ante, Mr. Beatnick’s “Synthetes” takes us in a different direction, and Cavalier’s “Kaimanawa” brings deep house flavor to the table. Ratcliffe’s take on Throbbing Gristle’s “Hot On The Heels Of Love” lays its emotion-drenched chords under loops of Nicolas Jaar’s detached voice, before LV, Message To Bears and Zaki Ibrahim’s “Explode.” A dubbed-out closing section gives way to an eccentric finale, in the form of Savage Progress’ bugged-out and vampy “Heart Begin To Beat.” CD2 is focused on straight-up house and techno grooves, keeping the momentum and energy high. Ripperton’s “Swept Illusions” leads up to Âme’s stunning reworking of Osunlade’s “Envision” and the effervescent charm of Deetron’s “Croque.” Super Flu, Sneaker and Wbeeza enter in old skool jack mode while Reggie Dokes’ piano beauty “Haiti” flies effortlessly over the top of a mysterious, snappy old skool tech house white label (Shed) — and then Romanthony joins the party. Simon Garcia’s “Tears In Vain” takes the mix to a higher plane, sublime Dutch techno leads into another Four Tet gem, and Deetron’s edit of Radio Slave’s “Let It Rain” ups the tension. Lone leads into actual retro techno from Derrick May, then an epic slice of Carl Craig magic — and what better way to finish than with an exclusive dubplate from our faithful curator? Other artists include: Reno Wurzbacher, Julischkaa, Julio Bashmore, BNJM, Wishmountain, System 7, Resonance, Lawrence, Dave Aju, Avus, Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto, Andy Stott, I:Cube, Roots Panorama, Mampo Village, Mathew Jonson, Mike Dehnert, Redshape, Johanna Knutsson, Minilogue, Surgeon, Cosmin TRG, Rhythm Is Rhythm, Ronny & Renzo and C2 Cinema.


BUNWINKIES: Map Of Our New Constellations LP (FTR 062LP) 16.50
Beautiful first LP by these Western Massachusetts maestros of the mystery-volk gesture. Named after some well-bred rabbits of Martha Burr Banks’ invention, related by birth to Jow Jow The Death Knell Rung, many of the questions here are posed by Beverly Ketch’s plaintive vocals, all of them edged with a wide-eyed wonder one would suspect was a ruse if one didn’t know her. There is a bit of the campfire to the material’s construction, but there’s none of the cutsey-pie crap that might seem to infer. Some of the bits ring like a full-fledged folk-rock oyster. Indeed, the vibe is not dissimilar to the work of Barbara & Teri Manning, and the organ backing that pops up here and there is very much in line with the SF sound developed by the Amarillo Records bands and their ilk. Very goddamn elegant, this.


MARS: Live At Artists Space LP (FTR 068LP) 16.50
In May of 1978, there was a five-night music festival at Artists Space on Hudson Street in Tribeca. Although almost no one cared at the time, the event has since entered the halls of legend, as one of the signal events in the history of the no wave era — one that managed to include both the Lower East Side bands and those fronted by their Western contemporaries. On the final night of the festival, the two bands playing were Mars and Teenage Jesus And The Jerks. What we are presenting to you today are both sets by Mars — the most mysterious, and bizarrely-styled NY band of their day. One set takes up each side, and while they are similar in song selection, it’s wild to hear how different they are in terms of attack, sonics and approach. The quartet — Nancy Arlen, China Burg, Sumner Crane, Mark Cuningham — was never captured at its mutational best in the studio, but this live slab is revelatory. Tunings, structures and rhythms from a place Capt. Beefheart once called “the other side of the fence,” this is Mars at their most glorious.


COSMIC HALLWAYS: Cosmic Hallways LP (FTR 078LP) 27.50
Cosmic Hallways is the North by Northeast fire music crew assembled by leader Gene Moore (Prana-Bindu/Hat City Intuitive/Thurston’s big brother) for this double sax, guitar axe, bass and drums — fire music field trip to the Schoolhouse (a former one-room 16th/17th century schoolhouse turned recording studio) in the pleasant Connecticut River Valley farm town of Hadley, Massachusetts. Here, 21st century hot and sauce techniques meet the “how the fuck did people live out here — and in this house” — vibe from the late 1600s behind a 15 foot high fence surrounding the one street town from the natives who wanted to fry their children to send the message that’s sometimes whispered softly and gently as “get…out…” Anyway, using drums, upright bass, alto & tenor saxes, electric guitar, bells & yelling, the 5 folks on this record invite you to join them for 40 minutes on their sweat-soaked & bone-toked free-fire odyssey to mindframes previously unbeknownst to the assembled. Members include: Gene Moore (guitar, bells); Paul Flaherty (Flaherty & Corsano, alto & tenor sax); Gene Janas (Owl Xounds, upright bass); Jeffrey Hayden Shurdut (alto sax); John William Moloney (Sunburned Hand Of The Man, drums). Recorded at the Schoolhouse by Jim Matus, November 22, 2010. Hand-numbered limited edition of 200 copies.


TEICHMANN: They Made Us Do It CD (FEST 042CD) 17.00
This is the second full-length album from brother duo Andi and Hannes Teichmann. They Made Us Do It contains pure analog, dirty and sophisticated dance music, with a wide range of influences: from Chicago house to German psychedelic Krautrock, from skweee to minimal techno, from ambient to bass, from the first collaboration with their free-jazz daddy on saxophone up to collaborations with modern classical musicians. As live musicians and DJs, Andi and Hannes Teichmann have travelled around the globe, also becoming curators of the project BLNRB, where they brought together and worked with artists from Nairobi and Berlin. They produced a highly original mix of different styles and sounds on their compilation Kraut Und Rüben and were assigned by The Goethe Institute to represent the German electronic scene in numerous countries — a journey which took them to Algeria, through China, South Africa, Kenya, India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh to Afghanistan. In all these countries, they were not only giving live and DJ performances, they also held workshops and actively sought out local art and music contacts and built networks. Since their first album, The Number Of The Beat (DB 149CD/LP) in 2007, the Teichmann Brothers have been exploring new and unknown, as well as already-penetrated musical territories. The result of these experiments has resulted in this hybrid album, composed of many citations. Johnny Dangerous aka Foremost Poets raises his voice on a Teichmann remix of “My Nenita/Not Asleep” (originally by Fran Bareth). DJ Tijana T from Belgrade turns more knobs and sings on “Hangover With Me.” A duet from the Philippines duo Rubber Inc. turns “The Faketory” into a cosmic disco-rave Western to which Uli Teichmann donates an energetic sax-solo — it is worth mentioning that this is the first-ever collaboration of father and sons on one record. Composer Leopold Hurt plays arpeggio on “Different Brains,” accompanied by The Happy End master of chords, Benni King, with his infamous Circle of Death effects. Cellist Mathis Mayr from Ensemble Mosaik and baritone Alois Späth divert “Auf Dem Wasser” into a crossover between Ennio Morricone and Aphex Twin. Over all of this, Teichmann pour out a magnificent torrent of sci-fi, space-techno and disco.


ROCKET FROM THE TOMBS: The Day The Earth Met The Rocket From The Tombs CD (FIRE 196CD) 17.50
Live from Punk Ground Zero, Cleveland 1975. “Here we have Ohio legends Rocket From The Tombs album The Day the Earth Met the Rocket From the Tombs. This album is more than just an artifact of a specific time and place. It offers a tantalizing glimpse at one of the greatest albums never recorded. This collection of demo and live recordings is the closest we can get.”

GET 54042LP

WATERS, MUDDY: After The Rain LP (GET 54042LP) 21.00
“The second of two electric-blues albums released on Chess Records and Cadet Concept imprint in the late ’60s, Muddy Waters’ After the Rain has achieved cult-like status amongst blues fans in the years since his death in 1983. After taking a backlash from critics with first attempt at adopting psychedelic influences on Electric Mud, Muddy made adjustments for the follow-up, despite keeping a majority of the same session players. This time, he toned down the psychedelic elements and put them in balance with his classic Chicago blues sound, and the results yield some vintage tracks that glow with fuzzy guitars and bass: ‘I Am the Blues,’ ‘Ramblin’ Mind,’ ‘Bottom of the Sea,’ and ‘Blues Trouble.’ After being out of print for years, Get On Down is proud to present this rare classic from Muddy Waters pulled from the original masters and presented on LP with Japanese-style OBI and double-sided poster.”

GET 54045LP

IMPOSSIBLES, THE: Hot Pepper LP (GET 54045LP) 20.00
“Get On Down is proud to present The Impossibles’ 1975 album Hot Pepper featuring audio completely remastered from the original audio tapes. The rise to fame of the talented Impossibles is one which will never be described as such. Historically regarded as a legendary and iconic ’70s era string-pop band in their native land of Thailand, the Impossibles became well known internationally for their covers of Western rock songs. In 1975, the Impossibles became the first band in the history of Thailand to sign a recording contract with an international firm (Phonogram). Hot Pepper — an all English language recording, was also the first such album recorded overseas by a Thai pop group. In addition to rock and pop, the band’s sound frequently crossed over into funk, R&B, country and folk. Two covers of Kool and the Gang tracks (‘Give It Up’ and Love The Life You Live’) appear on their heralded 1975 album Hot Pepper.”


DJ T. (FEAT. KHAN): Leavin’ Me 12″ (GPM 163EP) 12.00
DJ T. gives up the controls to top producers for some high-grade remixes of tracks off his The Pleasure Principle album. This time, Daniel Bortz, Clockwork and DJ T. himself take on “Leavin’ Me” (feat. Khan). The Clockwork remix is a sweet blend of house-party ambience and true peak club sensation. Daniel Bortz’s remix features a full beat that builds up to entrancing chord play. T.’s “Left With Attitude Mix” finds us in the deepest of nights, where flashing lights illuminate our ecstatic faces.


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GR 730LP

DAKOTA SUITE/QUENTIN SIRJACQ: The Side Of Her Inexhaustible Heart 2LP (GR 730LP) 34.50
Gatefold 2LP version on 180 gram vinyl. “Life is only in a personality and every personality is based on dark ground, but this ground must be knowledge.” –J.W.F Shelling”All my records are about my life with Johanna, my recognition that I am so very lost without her, the knowledge that she sustains and nurtures me. I have made each song for her from the start. I set out to write songs to celebrate who she is — more than I have ever done before, I wanted to recognize that she makes me whole, that even though I have often pushed her away and caused her almost unbearable emotional pain due to my inability to see a way through this life, the trial and struggles of not feeling like I belong in it, feeling the world touches me too hard — and through all this, she will not let me go. Meeting Quentin in November 2009 was like meeting someone cut from the same tree. When I talked to Quentin about the way the world is, he seemed to have examples of his own that matched mine, the way he played piano showed me he stood up to his ankles in the same muddy water as myself. I sent Quentin sketches on guitar and piano of these pieces and over many months he worked to arrange the pieces as you hear them now. These pieces took hundreds of hours of fine tuning and listening to unbelievably small sections and examining them for truth. The idea was not to play if we didn’t have to. I have always been inspired by two musical icons, Arvo Pärt and Bill Evans, and if they have taught me anything, it’s that you MUST not play anything if it isn’t required. This music is all about the truth, the truth of who she is, the truth about what sustains me. The quiet places, the moments and minutes that make up who she is.” –Chris Hooson


ESPERANZA: Esperanza CD (GOMMA 160CD) 15.50
The Esperanza boys combine huge musical talent, fantasy and knowledge of music history with a great technical ability and skills. All three guys have been learning classical instruments but have also been experimenting with electronics. Esperanza’s Carlo Dall’Amico, also known as CECILE, has already released on Gomma (his remix for Vampire Weekend stirred quite a buzz in the UK). On their debut album, the guys create their very own different sound. Atmospheres range from late-San Francisco psychedelic to tropical or Icelandic vibes, Düsseldorf electronics, mid-’90s Detroit techno mixed with a pure “Anima Latina” — the universe of Italian melodics and harmonics. Or think about Brian Eno having a friendly jam session with Global Communication, Turzi and Air in an open-air amphitheater. The album features recording artist Banjo Or Freakout on vocals, and future remixes come from Luke Abbott, Broke One and Walls.


CHASING KURT: Money 12″ (GRM 001EP) 12.50
The Neovinyl label crew unleashes the debut EP on brand-new label Good Ratio Music. The first release starts with Money from Chasing Kurt, a newborn deep house project from Gießen, Germany. This is a collaboration between Pascal Blanché, Wojtek Kutschke and Lukas Poloczek. Both tracks are introspective, with solid, stabilized grooves. Includes a remix by Tom Ellis that contrasts between a great rhythm and melodic vocals.


VON HAZE: Von Haze 12″ (HIP 001EP) 8.50
“Conceived in Brooklyn, Von Haze is the realization of creative duo Travis Caine and Katherine Kin. The two met one hot night in Virginia while at university almost ten years ago. They played music in many forms together mostly for themselves before deciding to start Von Haze and share their twisted love ballads. The pair creates music that is defined by a belief that raw energy and sincere emotion – between the notes – are the real measure of power in music. Sounds fluctuate from gentle, plaintive melodies and melancholic narratives to southern psychedelic pop replete with hypnotic beats and searing guitar feedback, always sounding more 1974 than 1984.” Six track EP housed in a gatefold sleeve with full-color printed innersleeve.


WHITE CAR: No Better 12″ (HIP 002EP) 8.50
2010 release. “In the rough and humble south side of Chicago, 22 year-old Elon Katz and his counterpart Orion Martin manufacture an industrial space funk sound that taps Ballard and Dionysus on the shoulder to remind them their time hasn’t run dry. The music struts a particular brand of artifice with a panache swagger that always finds new potential in its birth city’s past revelations–think the Wax Trax lexicon with touches of classic Chicago house. Katz serenades the tracks of No Better with 16-bit crushed vocals and the listener is accosted into a paranoid tale of contemporary reality: the mind’s capacity in relationship to the abundance of databanks, hunting as hobby, sexuality as commodity and the ever entangling web of online identity.”


HALO, LAUREL: Hour Logic 12″ (HIP 009EP) 11.00
“Laurel Halo returns with Hour Logic, a new 12″ EP on Hippos in Tanks. Hour Logic marks a stylistic evolution in Halo, a result of her sharpened production skills and alchemical acumen; drawing inspiration from pacific IDM, ambient and the techno of her native Michigan, the pop structures of King Felix have morphed into fleeting, mutant grooves, in which her warm vocals, interlocking arrangements and hyper real ambience continue to shine. LFO tides, self-mutilated vocal samples and fresh synth pursuits are the foundation of Halo’s heavy live shows — add to this her solid remix work, mixes and upcoming synth collaborations, and you’ll discover in her an emerging, innovative producer. Like a refraction of light in the ocular abyss, Hour Logic is an ode to time leaping, designed to aid in moments of brain traffic and physical transit.”


D’EON/GRIMES: Darkbloom 12″ (HIP 011EP) 11.00
9 track EP split release with Arbutus Records — listening to this is the closest you’ll ever get to hanging out with the cool people on the cover. “Like any good flower the album is fragrant, and like any good spring old ways are melted away and brought back in rich fashion. Grimes swirls and sighs glowing pop through a midnight mind; her catchy melodies swoon overtop clear and complex rhythms. D’eon is serious and free, his fancy footwork borrowed from late ’90s house music (Chicago, Detroit), and hip-hop MPC style snare rolls. The music on both sides is certainly dark and bass heavy as the title would suggest, but a beautiful and crisp high end unifies the production. Grimes and D’eon have developed as musicians, wiser and more focused. It is true blooming and a mindful accomplishment for both up-coming acts.”


CARETAKER, THE: An Empty Bliss Beyond This World LP (HAFTW 008LP) 18.00
Small repressing, now on clear vinyl. LP version. This is the second album from James Leyland Kirby’s alias The Caretaker, following up 2008’s Persistent Repetition Of Phrases (HAFTW 003CD). Leading medical research explains how Alzheimer’s patients who endure increasing memory loss can still recall songs from their distant past. The prefrontal cortex is among the last brain regions to atrophy. With this in mind, The Caretaker once again recalls fifteen occasions where memories were locked in a timeless and haunting loop. The Caretaker is the work of James Leyland Kirby, also sometimes known as Leyland Kirby, The Stranger and V/VM. Mastered and cut at Berlin’s Dubplates & Mastering. Artwork features another specially commissioned painting by Ivan Seal.


1982: Pintura CD (HUBRO 2510CD) 17.00
This is the second album by Norwegian trio 1982. On Pintura, they lift their interaction and experimentation to a new level. 1982 must be designated as a super-group within the genre of modern, improvised chamber music. The group’s instrumentation is unusual. As far as anyone can tell, there is no other ensemble playing improvised music using the combination of harmonium, drums and Hardanger fiddle. This gives 1982 a distinctive sound, but in a purely musical sense, too, the group follows their own path. Fiddler Nils Økland has a background as a folk musician, and is renowned internationally for his innovative playing style. His solo albums on the ECM and Rune Grammofon labels have received glowing reviews. Økland was a member of the Christian Wallumrød Ensemble for several years. Sigbjørn Apeland plays church organ and harmonium, and holds Norway’s only doctorate in ethnomusicology. He is known for operating at the point where folk music, church music and improvisational music intersect. While studying organ, he became involved in learning from and playing free jazz with the legendary British drummer John Stevens. Sigbjørn Apeland and Nils Økland have also collaborated as a duo for decades, releasing a critically-acclaimed record on ECM inspired by Norwegian violinist Ole Bull and his home at Lysøen. Drummer Øyvind Skarbø has studied with Terje Isungset. He plays with BMX, Kresten Osgood, Per Jørgensen and the Icelandic guitarist Hilmar Jensson, in addition to working with a solo project under the name of DIE, Allroundhandwerker!. Skarbø found the inspiration for the name of the album when he visited the Joan Miró museum in Barcelona. “When you see the picture with the same name, the first thing that grabs your attention is a rough, monochromatic figure, which must have been painted with a broad brush. Then, when you get closer, you notice that the background, in contrast, is very detailed and nuanced. I don’t know if this can function as a description of our music, but I did think it was significant.” The album was recorded at Grieg Hall studio in Bergen with technician Davide Bertolini.


COOLY G: Landscapes (feat. Simbad)/It’s Serious (feat. Karizma) 12″ (HDB 056EP) 11.00
“Producer and singer Cooly G returns after a lengthy release hiatus with a new single for Hyperdub that’s a taste of her seriously good forthcoming debut album Playing Me, due early 2012. These two tracks are especially chosen for their dancefloor power and suitability, but showcase how her singular style has developed into something truly special.”


THROBBING GRISTLE: Throbbing Gristle’s Greatest Hits 2CD (IRL 005CD) 21.00
It’s impossible to deny Throbbing Gristle’s working methods and innovation are so deeply ingrained in the collective consciousness of… everything. TG’s subversive dismantling of the apparatus of social control casts such a long shadow, and as impossible as it may seem, this collection actually provides an exceptional summation of their best work. The first real industrial group, the founders of Industrial Records and one of the most important electronic music innovators of all time, TG redefined music and laid a large part of the groundwork for all electronic music that followed. The CD version includes a bonus CD of live recordings, plus two previously unreleased mixes from the 1980s: “The Old Man Smiled (Alternative Mix)” and “AB/7A (Alt Mix).” The 8-page full-color book includes visual ephemera and previously-unpublished photographs. Cover artwork has been painstakingly restored from the original source material. Restored and remastered by Chris Carter from 24bit “baked tape” digital transfers of the original first generation analogue master tapes.


THROBBING GRISTLE: Throbbing Gristle’s Greatest Hits LP (IRL 005LP) 23.00
LP version. The newly cut 180-gram vinyl editions include painstakingly restored cover artworks, using original source material from the Industrial Records visual archive. In addition, each of the vinyl releases includes an exclusive large format 8-page color booklet featuring an abundance of Throbbing Gristle archival material, including some previously-unpublished photos of the band. Each vinyl release is limited to 2,000 copies.


SONIDO & ANGELICA FRAVI, SASCHA: Tanzania/Koh Samui 12″ (INSIST 002EP) 12.50
Insist Music’s second release is a fancy triple: Side A presents Sascha Sonido’s track “Tanzania,” remixed by Patrick Kunkel and Dirk Redmer, which straddles the borderlines of house, garage and techno, paired with a smacking house groove, playful chords and spooky/soulful vocal effects. On side B is a pair of brilliant house tracks: “Tanzania” and “Koh Samui.” On both tracks soulful voice matches beats and synths perfectly, taking the dancefloors to a higher level.

IF 024EP

YOUANDME: Something 12″ (IF 024EP) 12.00
DJ and producer super-duo youANDme present their debut on International Freakshow. “Something” is a raw & pure monster of a track, like being morphed into a party of ghosts and dungeons. An ultra-phat hypnotic techno-tune from Berlin, full of peak-time pleasure for sweaty walls. The very special remix version is by techno music veteran Literon, responsible for numerous club-hits as a solo artist (Gerd) as well as being one-half of joint ventures like the Collabs 200 project with Speedy J.

KD 038EP

OHARA, RAZ: See It Coming 12″ (KD 038EP) 12.00
On the See It Coming EP, Raz Ohara holds true to his style of layering ghostly vocals with haunting melodies coupled with ambient percussive elements. The title track is a colorful blend of melancholic tones on a chilled canvas of percussion. Raz brings out the bass on “Deeper,” as dissonant vocal chops harmonize over a heavy kick. NU remixes “See It Coming” on the B-side and there’s also the track “All’s Been Said (Tool Mix)” — a tense mix of pressure and eerie vocals.

KIS 4021CD

AKIDO: Akido CD (KIS 4021CD) 17.00
Produced by Faces’ Ronnie Lane and taped in London’s Marquee Studios, this lost Afro-funk classic was originally released in North America only in August 1972, and makes its CD debut here. Consisting of Ghanaian percussionist Speedy Acquaye (who also worked with The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Rod Stewart and many others), Nigerian bassist Biddy Wright (a member of the legendary Blo), Jamaican conga drummer Jeff Whittaker and London-based guitarist Peter Andrews, the quartet delivers a hard-hitting, irresistibly funky blend of rock and funk that’s sure to appeal to beat-diggers everywhere.

KIS 4022CD

KALI BAHLU: Takes The Forest Children On A Journey Of Cosmic Remembrance CD (KIS 4022CD) 17.00
Widely regarded as one of the furthest-out albums of the 1960s, this quintessential hippie artifact finds the enigmatic Miss Bahlu addressing herself to “leprechauns, dwarves, witches, warlocks, gremlins, gnomes and trolls” to the accompaniment of sitar, tabla, flute, electronics and more. Its four long tracks add up to what the original sleeve describes as “true revelations of cosmic consciousness,” and it makes its CD debut here.

KIS 4023CD

OKKO: Sitar & Electronics CD (KIS 4023CD) 17.00
Dutch sitar wizard Okko Bekker first appeared on the Hamburg scene in the late 1960s. Having studied music, he released this classic debut in 1971. Here, he tackles two Beatles classics, as well as six original compositions, with backing from synthesizers, electric guitar, flute, tabla and his own masterful sitar playing. The heady result is rightly regarded as a classic of the genre, and makes its long-awaited return to CD here.

KIS 4024CD

MCKAY, RABBIT: Bug Cloth CD (KIS 4024CD) 17.00
This unconventional singer-songwriter came from Somis, California. His first album takes in blues, garage-rock and gentle psychedelic folk, with backing from guitar, keyboards, flute, drums and more. Originally released in June 1968, it’s a neglected gem that makes its long-overdue CD debut here. Vintage press release included.

KL 075CD

VA: Life On Remix 3 CD (KL 075CD) 17.00
Klik Records proudly presents the third installment of the Life On Remix compilation series. The full CD features nine remixes produced by Klik Records artists and guests such as Hiroshi Watanabe, Scsi-9, Siopis, Vince Watson, Nhar, Alex Dimou, Lee Burton, Nikos Diamantopoulos and Sunset Blvd. The remixers worked on past, present and future classic Klik Records tracks — nine remixes moving in a soundscape that extends from absolute minimality to cutting beats — deep techno and melancholic synth pads and strings, creating a densely-woven emotional web. Deep tech with groovy bass lines, trippy synth pads and special, lazy voices that won’t go unnoticed. These nine grooves contain sentimental charges and dreamy moods — transformations, echoes, filters, bass lines and beats create a spectacular result, making sure no demand is left unsatisfied — no matter how discerning. Other artists include: Cayetano, Serafim Tsotsonis, Mikael Delta, Ion and Chris Nemmo.


TAJ MAHAL TRAVELLERS: July 15, 1972 LP (MJJ 327LP) 21.00
“Now available on Klimt on 140 gram black vinyl with original Japanese printed sleeve. After returning from a year-long tour of Europe and Asia, the group returned home to Tokyo for this concert. Originally released on CBS Japan in 1972, the concert remained out of print for decades and has never before been reissued on vinyl! The line up features Takehisa Kosugi on electronic violin, vocals and radio oscillators, Ryo Koike on electronic contrabass, suntool, sheet iron, and harmonica, Yukio Tsuchiya on vibraphone, Michihiro Kimura on electronic guitar & percussion, Seiji Nagai on electronic trumpet, harmonica, castanets, and Tokio Hasegawa on vocals.”


LOUVIN BROTHERS, THE: Handpicked Songs 1955-1962 LP (LITA 074LP) 21.00
“A star studded curatorial compilation, Handpicked Songs 1955-1962 is a shot of Louvin Brothers magic. This LP features four tracks performed by the Louvin Brothers during their golden era, each personally selected by the likes of Beck, Emmylou Harris, Will Oldham, Kris Kristofferson, Jim James, and Dolly Parton, all housed in a deluxe Stoughton gatefold sleeve plus a full color insert with period archival photos, and extensive liner notes along with meticulously re-mastered audio from the original tapes. Morning, noon or night, let the Louvin Brothers take you to a simpler time, when good old country music ruled the airwaves.”


REIHSE, ANDREAS: Romantic Comedy CD (MINIMAL 008CD) 17.00
Andreas Reihse has been well known since 1994 in his role as a musician with Kreidler. Sometimes he releases club music using his alias April or with Detlef Weinrich (Kreidler, Tolouse Lowtrax) as Binford on labels like Italic, Onitor or Smoothrooms. He has also composed soundtracks for films and installations (Rosemarie Trockel, Maximilian Zentz Zlomowitz, Thea Djordjadze, Andreas Gursky, Frances Scholz/Mark von Schlegell, among others). Romantic Comedy is music for dark clubs, for places without much light and oxygen — it’s driving, percussive dance music. A comedy in six acts: from L.A. to Düsseldorf and back. Of course it’s a romantic comedy, a bittersweet romance full of memories and a bit of sorrow. The title “Der Lange Weg Nach Düsseldorf” reminds of Mittagspauses Der Lange Weg Nach Derendorf, the district of Düsseldorf where Reihse and Stefan Betke/Pole in the late ’80s shared a rehearsal room. “Langeweg” also was the address of Klaus Dinger’s studio in Zeeland. The titles of the other pieces refer to dubious characters that show that the trip on the West Coast makes stops in Manchester, Milano, Brussels and London, without forgetting Charlottenburg and Williamsburg — places that hold up against oblivion and reinvent themselves. Your club needs you.


ELEKTRO GUZZI: Parquet CD (MACROM 027CD) 17.00
Elektro Guzzi deliver one of the most thrilling live performance models for techno and an innovative leap in the art of band performance at the very same time. It’s almost the antithesis to what a band is supposed to be. While they use guitar, bass and drums only, they take the most unusual playing techniques and put them together into a rigid mechanical form where it all makes instant, evident sense. Yet, if they had not performed live extensively, becoming audience favorites from Mutek to Sónar or Berghain to Fabric, it would be hard to believe this is really how the music is created. Parquet, their second studio album, sees them in an unprecedented monomaniacal techno mode. Throughout the nine tracks, the distinctions between instruments and roles are totally vaporized. While their instrumental approach is at the core of their aesthetics, it really doesn’t matter anymore if one sound comes from a guitar or bass or drum — it has all been merged into one sonic unit and all there is, is the music as a unified entity. While all the qualities of live performance are at hand — real-time interaction, visual plausibility, instant miniscule adaptations — it is a radical break with what group performances have been about so far. Parquet is as much a straight-up club music record as it is rich with nuances and details. Astonishingly, while being their most rigid and dance-centered work to date, it also holds outbursts of beauty with tonal lines, ringing overtones and warm resonances. The rhythms are stripped down to the core and structured for affecting longer stretches of perception. Every track comes with a distinctive, almost “branding” feature — like the hypnotic meter-shifting line of “Affumicato,” the gated chords of “Pentagonia” or the abridged rhythm of “Absorber.” Actually, it all was recorded directly to analog tape. No edits, no overdubs. It’s the man-machine in real time and a hint at the love Elektro Guzzi put in the process.


DEWALTA: Keep On 12″ (MEANDER 008EP) 12.00
Label co-owner DeWalta returns back to Meander. These three tracks were carefully mastered and cut by Stefan Betke aka Pole at ~scape Mastering. “Keep On” comes with vocals by jazz-singer Judith Ahrends. Then the extended “Keep On (Dub Mix)” concentrates on pure grooves and will work its magic on a good soundsystem. “Sauvignon” wanders to higher emotional states with a warm and tricky house rhythm that makes you swing and shake. Pure atmosphere and presence.


KNOPF, MARCEL: Your Wish Is My Command 12″ (MFP 058EP) 12.00
After growing up in a record store, developing the sound of Mo’s Ferry Prod. and launching his own label Clap Your Hands, Marcel Knopf is big in business, now. So it was time to spent some hours in the studio again in between all his touring through Germany. Club-smasher “Command” blows some ears away and “Ain’t Love” is typical Knopf oldschool frickel-house.


CZUBALA, MARCIN: Just Away 12″ (MOBILEE 087EP) 14.00
Marcin Czubala is back with a very strong EP for Mobilee. This EP features four tracks, each of which are expertly produced with much more bass, rawness and energy than his previous releases. While the title-track warms the floor with drawn-out synths and an expectant bass line, “Memory Lane” is an obvious peak-time killer. Meanwhile, “Not Like This” and “Pleasure Control” carry a calmer, deep house vibe, with still enough of a kick to keep the floor moving.


G.H.: Ground 12″ (LOVE 071EP) 15.50
G.H. is Gary Howell, long-time associate of Modern Love as one half of Pendle Coven and sometime contributor to the HATE project. The Ground EP features Howell’s first material produced outside of Pendle Coven and takes on a much darker, more stripped-down aesthetic — making use of location recordings amassed over the last decade. The title track extends over 7 minutes from a solitary bass pulse into a slow, three-dimensional industrial reduction heaving with uncomfortable bass weight and a sense of nervous expectation. Please note: all copies we received have bumped/damaged covers, relatively minor and doesn’t affect play. But sold as is, so accept it or don’t order; no replacement sleeves are available. This record is sold out worldwide, otherwise.


LATECOMER: Cosmic Cart 12″ (MCDE 1208EP) 12.50
Latecomer’s debut single on MCDE is featured on Motor City Drum Ensemble’s excellent DJ-Kicks compilation. Banging soundscapes linked with modern rhythms. Philpot Records boss SoulPhiction adds a dash of acid and classic house sounds with his remix.


MUSLIMGAUZE: From the Edge 2CD (TMPS 010CD) 27.00
“The Muslimgauze Preservation Society is proud to offer you a fragment of previously unreleased musical history, vintage Muslimgauze from 1990. It was around this time when a young John Goff wrote a fan letter to Bryn Jones, along with his wishes to release a Muslimgauze track. Jones promptly responded with a cassette master of not only a track, but a whole album. At the time, Muslimgauze was signed to Extreme who were wary of fans who wanted to release music by their marquee artist. On the other hand, Jones was stymied by Extreme’s one-release-a-year schedule, but that did not stop him from making more music. At Jones urging, however, Extreme relented and Goff released the exquisitely hand carved single track 7-inch Red Crescent Part 3 (The Way Out, 1993), but the rest of the tape remained unreleased. Not long after Jones’ passing on January, 1999, Goff organized a tribute remix album based on fragments from the masters. Many responded, more than the album could accommodate. The results were From the Edge (Chlorophyll, 2003 on vinyl and Azra, 2004 on CD). The unreleased remixes joined the unreleased masters in the vaults, until now in a wonderful two disc set! Disc one has two tracks at twenty minutes each. Track one is ‘Muslimgauze live at the Manchunian Turkish Baths’ and track two is ‘Muslimgauze Unreleased Tracks’. The music was composed not long after Uzi (Parade Amoureuse, 1989) and is a cousin to Intifaxa (Extreme, 1990), only livelier. Tracks are comprised entirely of percussive textures; from machine, to acoustic, and ethno-drums along with cymbals, bells, high-hats, chimes, and gongs among others. The sole treatments are reverb, delay, and echo. Despite the narrow palette, this is still a lush and full recording, rhythms energetic and deeply kinetic. Not quite industrial, not quite IDM, From the Edge straddles the nether-regions between genres; classic Muslimgauze. The cassette master was brought to John Delf for post production and restoration. Together, Delf and TMPS made an aesthetic decision, to focus on the music and not remove the tape hiss for fear of compromising the sound. Hence, there are source limitations, but we feel the beauty of the music more than makes up for this. Cassette culture was a fact of the ’80s and we urge fans to approach this recording the way one would a recording of an old blues 78 from the ’30s, a psych-rock 45 from the ’60s, or an Industrial tape from the ’80s. As for the remix disc, some songs will be familiar to those who have earlier editions of From the Edge, but others will be new, including a few from a band Jones loved called Faust. As always, the discs will be packaged in a super-jewel case, with papyrus covers hand printed in Egypt, a fold-open poster with liner notes, and a bonus sticker. This is lovingly restored piece of history and a missing link in the musical development of Muslimgauze. Limited to an edition of 500.”

NEOS 1114/7CD

VA: Donaueschinger Musiktage 2010 4CD/SACD (NEOS 1114/7CD) 63.00
Works by Ondrej Adamek, Aaron Cassidy, James Dillon, Brian Ferneyhough, Vinko Globokar, Georg Friedrich Haas, Philippe Manouri, Alberto Posadas, Simon Steen-Andersen, Marco Stroppa, Ivan Wyschnegradsky. Stereo/multichannel hybrid SACDs that can be played on any CD player.


LOKA: Passing Place CD (ZEN 175CD) 15.50
“Loka, Ninja Tune’s cult psychedelicists, purveyors of cinematic music that disturbs and troubles and intrigues rather than comforts, return with a new album, Passing Place, an album which adventures through the outer reaches of psychedelia, jazz, and classical music.”


VA: Boddie Recording Company: Cleveland, Ohio 3CD BOX (NUMERO 035CD) 40.00
“From 1958 to 1993, Thomas and Louise Boddie’s industrious Boddie Recording Company issued nearly 300 albums and 45s, recorded 10,000 hours of tape, and remained in operation longer than any other studio, pressing plant, or label group in the history of Cleveland. Long forgotten even by the standards of the chronically overlooked northeastern Ohio music scene, Boddie was a fusion of its owner’s engineering genius and his limited economic means; its DIY recording studio housed in a humble barn, churned night and day to capture the sounds emanating from Cleveland’s east side neighborhoods. The 57 tracks on these three CDs represent the best of the Boddies’ in-house Soul Kitchen, Luau, and Bounty labels, which released an unspoiled treasure trove of kitchen-sink eccentric soul, fuzzbox funk, shoestring doo-wop, and haunted, eerily hook-laden spirituals. Enclosed inside is a mountain of office-styled ephemera: two massive booklets brimming with detail on the Boddies and their artists; extensive notes and scores of unpublished photos; a complete detailed discography folio; reproduced fliers; and a Boddie greeting card–all rendered with the handcrafted charm that was the Boddie hallmark. Call it a self-contained record industry crammed into one box.”


VA: Boddie Recording Company: Cleveland, Ohio 5LP BOX (NUMERO 035LP) 60.00
Deluxe 5LP box version, featuring 65 tracks, two booklets with extensive notes and photos, discography folio, reproduced fliers, and a Boddie greeting card.


VA: Eccentric Soul: The Nickel & Penny Labels CD (NUMERO 039CD) 18.00
“Nickel and Penny are twin sides of the same eccentric coin, and that coin was Chicago’s #1 Dusties DJ Richard Pegue. He was the writer, arranger and producer of some of the most beautiful Chicago soul records in the ’60s and ’70s; too bad they all went out of print weeks after being released. On order here are rare sides by Jerry Townes, the Voices, the Norvells, Little Ben and & the Cheers, South Shore Commission, Joyce Williams, the Halleluiah Chorus, Brothers & Sisters and more. These twenty-four tracks tell Pegue’s epic tale, from dedicated music producer, to DJ making corny radio jingles that usurped the tens of thousands of air-time hours the song included here so richly deserved.”


VA: Eccentric Soul: The Nickel & Penny Labels 2LP (NUMERO 039LP) 20.00
Gatefold double LP version.

ONU 1019CD

LITTLE AXE: If You Want Loyalty Buy A Dog CD (ONU 1019CD) 17.50
“If You Want Loyalty Buy A Dog is the culmination of a 25 year long musical partnership between producer Adrian Sherwood and musician Skip ‘Little Axe’ McDonald. Skip’s roots lie in the blues, Adrian is considered one of the world’s most versatile and prolific dub producers and a sonic visionary. The new album features the legendary drummer Style Scott. From start to finish this is a dynamic and uncompromising meeting of both forms of roots music; reggae and blues. Immaculately played and defined as never before.”

ONU 1020CD

PERRY, LEE ‘SCRATCH’: On-U Sound Presents Lee Scratch Perry Nu Sound & Version CD (ONU 1020CD) 17.50
Remixes by Digital Mystikz, Kode9, Horsepower Productions, Bullion, Adrian Sherwood, Pempi, Dialect & Kosine, Congo Natty and Moody Boyz. “On-U Sound Presents Lee Scratch Perry Nu Sound & Version contains reworked, remixed and reinterpreted versions of eleven Adrian Sherwood-produced Lee Perry classics.”

PAR 4001CD

VA: Simla Beat 70 CD (PAR 4001CD) 17.00
Particles is delighted to present the first of two legendary compilation albums, originally released to commemorate the All-India Beat Contest, instituted in 1968 by Simla (“the oldest cigarette company with a young heart”). Featuring acts from Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Madras and Bangalore, the music bears clear Western influences, but with a distinctive Eastern twist, and is presented here complete with original artwork, remastered sound and informative liner notes. Artists include: Confusions, Dinosaurs, X’Lents, Innerlite, Genuine Spares and Great Bear.

PAR 4002CD

VA: Simla Beat 71 CD (PAR 4002CD) 17.00
Particles is delighted to present the second of two legendary compilation albums, originally released to commemorate the All-India Beat Contest, instituted in 1968 by Simla (“the oldest cigarette company with a young heart”). Featuring acts from Shillong, Poona, Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Cuttack and Panjim, the music bears clear Western influences, but with a distinctive Eastern twist, and is presented here complete with original artwork, remastered sound and informative liner notes. Artists include: The Fentones, Nomads, Hipnotic Eye, Mini Beats, Velvette Fogg, Black Beats, Eruptions and Brood Of Vipers.


VA: Selected Label Works 3 2CD (PERMVAC 090CD) 20.00
This is the third part of the Permanent Vacation label round-up Selected Label Works. The essence of Permanent Vacation’s latest body of work can be found on this exuberant double CD compilation. On this cruise Tom Bioly and Benjamin Fröhlich are at your command. There is, for example, the tall Viking Todd Terje (Chuck Norris), who was found guilty of hitchhiking our teenage love “All That She Wants” to the Caribbean islands to give her the Sly & Robbie treatment. Or Azari & III, who warp us back to 1993. Esp. under the supervision of Tensnake, who helps to reanimate Snap and C+C Music Factory. Also, Austrian darling Wolfram feels very comfortable in the ’90s, which he proves not only by collaborating with Euro dance hero Haddaway (featured here in the excellent Legowelt remix), but also with Hercules & Love Affair. Nine-piece cruiser band Midnight Magic is happy to entertain you during dinner and for a jolly disko boogie dance afterwards. Bostro Pesopeo and Pional manage to astonish every time by an unexpected twist and fresh tricks. Another loud foghorn is in possession of Black Van who bring along “Moments Of Excellence.” The Parallel Dance Ensemble brings their nautical experience similar to sea dog Argy, who puts trip-hop back on the map with his remix for his own project Zodiac Free Arts Club. Candyblasta immediately found their place on the boat and we can expect a lot more in the very near future. DMX Krew shares the same production views in using analog gear as first engineer Tevo Howard, who joined the boat via the hometown of house music, Chicago. The crew is completed by Mirror People and the mighty James Curd. Other artists include: Johan Agebjörn, Aeroplane, Sally Shapiro, Axel Boman, High Voltage Humans, Steffi and Contra Communem Opinionem.


AGORE, ALEX: Get Away EP 12″ (QUINTESSE 026EP) 12.50
The man with the sexy bass lines. The man with the cool hooks. The man with the fat drums. The man who sleeps in his studio. The man who sounds like KC or alike. The man who breathes house music. The man who IS house music: Alex Agore.

R-N 136CD

VLADISLAV DELAY: Vantaa CD (R-N 136CD) 17.00
With Vantaa, Raster-Noton releases for the first time an album by Vladislav Delay aka Sasu Ripatti. Ripatti is one of the pioneers of electronic music of the last decade(s). Vantaa will be the beginning of a long-lasting collaboration which will extend and deepen the spectrum of the label, whereas it falls in line with releases of, for example, William Basinski, Robert Lippok, or Mitchell Akiyama. Even though complex electronic manipulations are used, Vantaa wants to sound like a piece of nature, resulting in a mixture of techno/dub and organic textures. The tracks oscillate between a decadent, grey-ish, post-industrial sound cloud and the intimate atmosphere of a vast and desolate Finnish landscape. Ripatti plays with tiny rhythmic bricks that drift and collapse, but nevertheless create spaces that radiate calmness and tranquility. Being an experienced producer, he uses his know-how to layer compact sound fabrics in unusual ways. In this case, these elements arouse associations with gushing water, crackling wood, or growing grass. The tracks on Vantaa merge into each other and their density escalates with “Lauma” into an energetic climax, which is all at once the ecstatic, shamanic and truly moving peak of the album. Vantaa’s style is sensitive and intelligent, but nevertheless subtly stirring and rich in detail. While listening to it, it is possible to completely dive into its matter and detect something new in nearly every bar, or simply let it have an effect as a particular but unobtrusive sideline. With this typical Vladislav Delay aesthetic, Ripatti has acquired a unique and distinctive style that Vantaa, his 10th Vladislav Delay album, deservingly celebrates.


MONOLITH, DAVE: Welcome CD (REPH 216CD) 15.50
Rephlex presents a stellar, forward-thinking debut album from Dave Monolith. Since the launch of their exclusive, independent online music store, Monolith has been the most discussed, downloaded artist of the whole roster and yet he is totally new on the scene and relatively unknown. Judging from public reaction, the label thinks it’s about time that quality instrumental electronic music had a loud shout in the public domain and this is the perfect candidate; monolithic in name and nature. Monolith aka David Paul Barnard lives in the Wiltshire countryside and contexualizes his music as such: “My musical interest developed, which was my first attempt at music production. This record is essentially a compilation album. I only make individual tracks in different styles, so ultimately, the record had to be compiled into a coherent selection of music. I think this has been done successfully by Rephlex. My ambition is to make my next best track, to keep doing what I want to do, to travel to different places, and to be able to draw a crowd every now and then. I hope I can inspire people as I have been inspired by others myself, to bring other individuals as much enjoyment as my music brings me. The strongest elements of my tracks often have a disjointed pop sensibility — this is something I aim for.” Notable influences for this album include: Aphex Twin, Aleksi Perälä, Bruce Haack, David Vorhaus, Delia Derbyshire, Dopplereffekt, Drexciya, Enya, Jean Michel Jarre, Luke Vibert, The Other People Place, The Tuss and Warp 9.


DELANEY & BONNIE & FRIENDS: On Tour With Eric Clapton LP (ATCOR1 33326HLP) 16.50
2009 reissue on 180 gram vinyl. Originally released in 1970 on Atco Records, the third album from Delaney and Bonnie Bramlett features Leon Russell, George Harrison, Dave Mason and Bob Dylan’s feet hanging out of a car window.

R1 2685HLP

ALICE COOPER: Billion Dollar Babies LP (R1 2685HLP) 20.00
2009 release. 180 gram vinyl reissue of Alice Cooper’s 1973 album. Exact reproduction of the original packaging, featuring the embossed baby’s head on the cover. “It remains one of rock’s all-time, quintessential classics.” –All Music Guide

R1 517011HLP

BEE GEES: Odessa 2LP (R1 517011HLP) 34.00
2009 release. Deluxe gatefold 180 gram reissue of the 1969 album. “Faithfully presented from original analog masters with original deluxe artwork.” Surrender to a music more powerful than reason.

RCD 2117CD

ALBATROSH: Yonkers CD (RCD 2117CD) 17.00
Eyolf Dale and André Roligheten aka Yonkers are already three albums into their career and showing a maturity in writing and playing that is betraying their age considerably. The album was recorded during what the duo describe as a magic late night session in the Oktaven Audio studio in Yonkers just outside New York City. The music is contemporary jazz with threads to both American and European traditions, structured compositions paired with improvisation; playful and melodic, modern and accessible. Eyolf and André met at school in the small town of Skien and have played together since the age of 17. The duo formally started in 2006, followed by rehearsals and concerts. They won the annual JazzIntro prize at Molde Int. Jazz Festival in 2008 and the “Best Band” category at the European Jazz Competition at the North Sea Jazz in 2009, with jury leader Maria Schneider deeming their performance “most original, great interplay and amazing improvisation, effective and colorful compositions.” The same year also saw the release of their debut album Seagull Island followed by Mystery Orchestra With Grenager & Tafjord (2010), both receiving great reviews, the latter named “Best Norwegian Jazz Record Of The Year” in national paper, Dagsavisen.

RB 030EP

REDSHAPE: On Da Floor 12″ (RB 030EP) 12.50
The man with the mask shouldn’t need an introduction: Redshape’s ability to maneuver between true school techno, malicious house, breakbeat bombs and Motor City romanticism is ornamented with his very own mark. For Running Back, he delivers something like a summation of his work. “On Da Floor” is subterranean haunted house with a broken heart, while “Goom” features a take-your-shirt-off Reese-bass-line. If you like it dry, the “Bonus Beatz” of “Goom” will satisfy your needs. Bass drum jungle music.

RH 036EP

B.D.I.: Decoded Messages Of Life & Love 12″ (RH 036EP) 12.50
B.D.I. brings two far out techno tracks to Rush Hour. “Decoded Messages Of Life & Love” clocks in at over nine minutes with the ability to confuse, distort, reward and signal. Reversing the 12″ we encounter “New Robotics #17,” with warm ruby red accents cutting their way through the track. “New Robotics” is a series of music to be made over the next millennium. Each track will daisy chain onto the next, resulting in a mixtape created over eons. Whatever.


TRAGO, TOM: Iris In Dub 12″ (RH 114DUB-EP) 12.50
Four dancefloor-oriented dubs from Tom Trago’s genre-defying album Iris (RH 114CD/LP). Trago translates four atmospheric interludes into steamy dancefloor power. Most of these versions were created from his live shows. And yes, one of the songs is called “Dubtopia” — but you’ll love it.


MUNGO’S HI-FI: Sound System Champions 2LP (SCOB 001LP) 20.00
2LP version, with four extra tracks not included on the CD. Scotland’s number one reggae dancehall sound system and bona-fide institution, Mungo’s Hi-Fi have been releasing hits since 2001 when their killer tracks “Wickedness” and “Ing” featuring Brother Culture first took the world by storm, getting heavy plays by Jah Shaka, the late great John Peel and Mr. Scruff, who went on to include “Ing” on his Solid Steel mix released on Ninja Tunes. At this point in their life, the trio have truly earned the title of Veteran Selectors and are one of the most in-demand sound systems in Europe. Drawing faithfully on foundation reggae, dub and dancehall music from the last 50 years, their genuinely fresh sound spans a broad selection of musical stylings from ska and rocksteady, through roots and steppers, to rub-a-dub, digital roots and dancehall. As with their live sound, powered by their own enormous, homebuilt PA, their inspirational forward-thinking productions continually push reggae boundaries into new groundbreaking frontiers. Sound System Champions features an onslaught of world class reggae MCs and singers, including Top Cat, Tippa Irie, Ranking Joe, Soom T, Kenny Knots, Mikey Murka, Ras Charmer, Aya Faith, Suncycle, MC Ishu and Marina P, and is as huge as Mungo’s infamous speaker stacks.


VOLTA CAB: House Of The Rising Fire 12″ (SRNDS 004EP) 12.50
Volta Cab has made quite an impact on the nu disco/deep house scene. Approaching music in an open way, he does not restrict himself to a certain genre, catching the Zeitgeist. On Serenades, Volta Cab takes us back to 1992 with a 4-tracker called House Of The Rising Fire. All of the tracks are heavily influenced by rave and house soundscapes of the early ’90s. Think of early Prodigy, Altern8, Rachel Wallace and Baby D, combined with a modern nu disco twist.


VA: London Cuts Vol. 2 12″ (SER 014EP) 12.00
The second installment in Serialism’s London Cuts series offers a slew of talented label veterans to guide us through the many corridors of house music. Cesar Merveille’s “Kevs” is a deep tech-house tune. Safari Electronique’s main man Arnaud Le Texier drops “Then You’ll Love,” a hypnotic groover punctuated by percussive stabs and atmospheric keys. Queen Atom and partner Onirik drop some acid in the mix and Canary Fontaine finishes with disco-infused minimal house.

NN 001CD

NOTIC NASTIC: Fullscreen CD (NN 001CD) 15.50
Notic Nastic is an intriguing, anonymous group of New York/Berlin-based musicians fronted by their strikingly beautiful, chameleon-like band-mate who acts as the face of the band. Together, they deliver their unique sound and energy with a fierce yet almost alien sensuality. After receiving much critical acclaim throughout Europe with their debut album and energetic live shows, Notic Nastic’s clear voice and message inspires people to be aware, to take action and to go Fullscreen. This fierce follow-up to their debut release, It’s Dark But It’s Okay (STRIKE 110CD) draws influence from the two vibrant cities they represent. Fullscreen is playful but contains a potent and positive message. That message is for people to wake up to the forces that manipulate our choices in this world, to no longer be sedate and inactive but to make informed decisions about who and what they support. Their distinctive sound combines hard-hitting, finely-crafted beats, combined with soft yet profoundly passionate lyrics and vocals. The opening track “Cyanide” is a revelation — fearless and honest. The fast-paced, twisted industrial sounds are matched with the storytelling of an awakening, of breaking free of constraints. Notic Nastic will tour again, bringing the energetic live shows they are both recognized and celebrated for. Notic Nastic want you to know that this is the age of information and the truth will set you free.


SHRUBBN!!: Echos (Remixed By The Orb) 12″ (STRIKE 130EP) 12.00
Marco Haas (T.Raumschmiere) and Ulli Bomans (Schieres) aka Shrubbn!! turns out an exceptionally engrossing aural novel with Echos, a sonic adventure saturated in bass, cheeps and whispers, in chords, gleams and wisps, covering a darker sound. Shrubbn!! also up the ante with an extended outtake. Enjoy a cool 13 minutes of LX Paterson and Thomas Fehlmann ffwd-ing through Shrubbn!!’s entire album, twisting it into a cracker of an Orb remix. Artwork by Transforma.


WARREN SUICIDE: World Warren III CD (STRIKE 132CD) 15.50
This is the third album from band/collective Warren Suicide, formed by Cherie and Nackt from Berlin. And this album is phantasmagorical, literally — a declaration of peace, a gentle giant. Because after Hello/Warren Suicide and Requiem For A Missing Link, World Warren III abandons the disruption of genres and binary code, in favor of a third principle: Warren Peace. Duality does not mean conflict, but serves as a source for a new feeling: being able to pick one of the energies permanently alternating between “war and peace.” Such is the sound of their music, confidently turning away from the past. WWIII is instead a story of science fiction and lust, an analog vision full of optimism. Songs like “In Love With The Enemy,” “Animal Party” or “Moving Close” (with T.Raumschmiere as guest vocalist) whoosh, chirp and rumble with their very own, unheard-of groove. The spirit of a sound is conjured, as plug-in-ready as a book, as a Technicolor film, like a cinematic journey, captivating as anything. This music has carte blanche and chooses freedom: in love and in anarchy. Wanting more — that’s the principle Warren Suicide have been building on right from the start. With World Warren III, the two have carried their “cosmos” ideology to the extremes. Thus reads the list of the Warren cosmonauts: Earl Harvin (Air, Tindersticks), Andrew Unruh (Einstürzende Neubauten) and Ben Lauber (Transporterraum) as drummer, the Berlin/Göteborg String Theory orchestra, Warren tour companions Arne Augustin (Nena), Giovanni Nicoletta (Apparat) on keyboards, T.Raumschmiere as musician/vocalist and many more — over 50 people. This splendid plethora has been co-organized by Moses Schneider (Tocotronic, Beatsteaks, Dendemann), who also co-produced the album.


WARREN SUICIDE: World Warren III LP (STRIKE 132LP) 17.00
LP version.


LP version, repressed; with the best ASCII backcover art of the year.


DALESSANDRO, BILLY: Cracktime 2LP (SONIC 001LP) 21.00
2LP version. Soniculture, the Lisbon-based label, proudly presents Billy Dalessandro’s fifth album. This project forges a new generation of production style and sound design for Billy as he cocks the shotgun of his latest experiment in electronic debauchery. Cracktime sonically defines those innocent and naughty moments that each of us exhibit, in our own way, that helps to fulfill our lives with all those insane memories we carry with us back to the grave. Thirteen tracks round out this ring match in a dub-infused, 303-injected, Chicago-style bassed-out fight that lasts just about an hour. So sit back (or jack back) and remember — that if religion is the opium of the masses, music definitely gives us our daily crack.


VA: Bossa Jazz Vol. 1 2LP (SJR 245A-LP) 24.00
Gatefold 2LP version, volume 1. Artists: Sambalanco Trio, Tamba 4, Airto Moreira, Sergio Mendes, Dom Um Romao, Walter Wanderley, Zimbo Trio, Som Imaginario, Meirelles E Os Copa 5, Milton Banana, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Quarteto Novo and Edu Lobo.


VA: Bossa Jazz Vol. 2 2LP (SJR 245B-LP) 24.00
Gatefold 2LP version. Artists: Tamba 4, Luis Carlos Vinhas, Eumir Deodato, Paulo Moura, Quinteto Villa Lobos, Meirelles, Zimbo Trio, Quarteto Novo, Joao Donato, Tamba 4, Tenorio Jr., Salinas, Balanco Trio, Baden Powell.


VA: Bossa Jazz 2CD (SJR 245CD) 21.00
Subtitled: The Birth Of Hard Bossa, Samba Jazz And The Evolution Of Brazilian Fusion 1962-1973. “This new double CD-pack compilation on Soul Jazz Records explores the Brazilian jazz groups and artists at the centre of the bossa nova explosion of the early 1960s, known as ‘samba jazz’ or ‘hard bossa’: Groups such as the Sergio Mendes Trio, Tamba Trio, Quarteto Novo, Bossa Tres, Zimbo Trio feature alongside the greatest instrumentalists of the era in Brazil — Dom Um Romao, Raul de Souza, Baden Powell, Edson Machado, Joao Donato and more. At the end of the 1960s many Brazilian artists left Brazil for the United States leading to an explosion in fusion where Brazilian music met jazz and this album also includes the work of the most succesfull of these artists such as Airto Moreira (who played in Miles Davis’s group) and Deodato. The album comes with extensive sleevenotes contextualizing the music in its political and social context within both Brazil and the United States. Double-CD comes with slipcase and booklet.”


VA: The Original Sound Of Cumbia 2CD (SNDW 032CD) 23.00
Subtitled: The History of Colombian Cumbia & Porro As Told By The Phonograph 1948-79. Soundway set sail for Colombia once again, delving deeper into the South American country’s rich musical past. Fifty-five tracks spread over two CDs, The Original Sound Of Cumbia is Soundway’s definitive guide to the origins of Colombian cumbia and porro and the result of five years’ painstaking research by Will “Quantic” Holland. Disc 1 tells the story of some of the earliest Colombian cumbia recorded, a genre that captured a nation, spreading from its birthplace on the Caribbean coast inland to central Colombia and the capital Bogata. Disc 2 sees the evolution of cumbia. Greats of Colombian music like Alberto Pacheco, Toño Fernandez and Anibal Velasquez brought the genre forward, bringing new influences and instruments to the genre. What had once been considered the music of the underclasses had risen up as the new sound of a nation. After five years of becoming slowly submerged in Colombian musical culture, learning the accordion, setting up a band and a studio, and scouring the country in search of its recorded legacy, Will “Quantic” Holland (Quantic Soul Orchestra & Quantic Y Su Combo Barbaro) has compiled the fruits of his labor into this unique compilation that tells the story of cumbia in the years of the phonograph record’s supremacy. Along with good friend and head of Soundway Records, Miles Cleret, Will Holland has condensed hundreds of 78s, 45s and LPs into just over two and a half hours of the finest Colombian cumbia. Includes a 40-page booklet with detailed liner notes and original artist pictures and sleeves.


Soundway return once more to the Caribbean and are proud to present Ifetayo by Black Truth Rhythm Band, originally released in 1976. Led by the charismatic Oluko Imo, Ifetayo was the only release from the Afro-centric Trinidadian band and is re-issued here for the first time on CD and vinyl. Whereas most of their peers were taking inspiration from U.S. funk and soul artists such as James Brown, Black Truth Rhythm Band looked to Africa, fusing rhythms from Africa and the West Indies with elements of jazz, funk, calypso and soul. In 1975, band leader Imo took his musicians into the studio to record the album Ifetayo. Imo played bass, kalimba, conga, flute and percussion as well as lead vocals. The album was released the following year in 1976 and despite being released in the U.S., remained an underground, albeit unique and forward-thinking record that has remained out-of-print for years now. Ifetayo was to be the only release from Black Truth Rhythm Band, but Imo continued his music and love of African rhythms, going onto record with Fela Kuti in 1988 and later on perform with members of Fela’s Egypt 80 band. Re-issued here for the first time, the CD edition comes with an exclusive bonus track.


SPECIAL CASE: Case Of Bass 12″ (SOUVENIR 041EP) 12.00
Arram Mantana, Tripmastaz and Roustam are three producers of different ilk, who have formed Special Case for their debut EP on Souvenir Records. The A-side retains a melodic, minimal house sensibility that is then thrown into hyperdrive by a looping ragga sample. “Bollyhood” is the kind of confused tech-house whose faint vocal whisperings is always the most effective earworms the day after. The shimmering keys of “Psy-Baba” play off against an oscillating beat until the familiar vocal sample drifts in.

AS 311EP

ALPHA STEPPA MEETS RSD: Empress EP 12″ (AS 311EP) 11.00
Alpha Steppa, the son and nephew of UK dub heavyweights Alpha & Omega, meets the legendary dubstep producer RSD on this mighty soundclash plate. This new and crucial four-track EP features two heavyweight Alpha Steppa dubs accompanied by RSD remixes ready to rattle even the toughest of chestplates. With source sounds hailing from Korea, the release maintains an authentic exotic vibe fused with the sounds of the producer’s dub heritage, filtered through an exploration of the newer vibes of dubstep.


JOHNSON, CHUCK: A Struggle Not A Thought LP (SAAH 070LP) 19.00
LP version. “Chuck Johnson is a composer and musician currently residing in Oakland, CA, whose musical acumen and resume is as diverse as it is impressive. He was a member of Spatula, Idyll Swords, & Shark Quest – influential bands in the Chapel Hill scene in the ’90s & early 2000s. However, an album comprised strictly of his solo acoustic guitar music has eluded him, until now. Johnson’s full length debut is an album brimming with sparkling finger style compositions that are just as forward thinking & jaw dropping as any revered documents by the steel string compositional masters, both past & present.” Includes mp3 download of the entire album.

SF 069EP

GROUP INERANE: Guitars From Agadez Vol. 4 (Music Of Niger) 7″ (SF 069EP) 8.00
This is Sublime Frequencies’ first-ever 7″ release to coincide with Group Inerane’s first-ever European tour. Three blazing and incendiary tracks recorded in Niger by Hisham Mayet. Extremely limited tour-only edition available for a short time for the discerning public.


TOFU PRODUCTIONS: Trabalhador 12″ (SND 003EP) 12.00
Sundance presents a new project called Tofu Productions, operated by Thomas Melchior and Fumiya Tanaka. “Trabalhador” is a loopy percussive track with vocal samples combined with a fat bass to establish a strong atmosphere. “E Quake” has a sweet, melodic guitar sound with a drunken voice while “Amega Furu” is a strict rhythm and bass track with vocals in Japanese. “The Scream” has a horror atmosphere, with the simple combination of sounds getting darker and deeper.

SP 1020LP

VA: Traveling Through The Jungle LP (SP 1020LP) 18.00
Subtitled: Negro Fife and Drum Band Music From The Deep South.”This ultra-rare Testament release is one of the first and finest presentations of the hill country fife and drum sound — one of the oldest musical practices of the Union. On this record, legendary musicologist David Evans presents the greatest musicians of North Mississippi, recorded in the 40s, 50s and 60s, by the likes of Alan Lomax. Artists include: Otha Turner, Napoleon Strickland, R L Boyce, and Sid Hemphill among others.” On 180 gram vinyl.


AUTHOR: Author 2LP (TEC 053LP) 20.00
2LP version. Author is the brainchild of Leeds-based dubstep producers Jack Sparrow and Ruckspin. It may be a new name on the scene, but the production duo that constitutes Author are certainly no newbies in their own right. Both Ruckspin and Jack Sparrow have established themselves as highly gifted and hardworking producers, dedicated to engineering optimum quality sounds. Following their first collaboration, “Dread,” which was included on GetDarker Presents: This Is Dubstep 2011 (GD 005CD), they formed Author as a shared project. Removed from the pressure of the dancefloor, Author takes the baton from Kruder & Dorfmeister’s K&D Sessions, The Cinematic Orchestra, and those timeless early Mo’ Wax recordings in exploring more spacious arrangements and sounds. It represents the opportunity to experiment within the context of dubstep, collaborating with live musicians and celebrating a wide source of musical influences. Features guests Ben Glass and Ed Thomas.


BURIAL & FOUR TET & THOM YORKE: Ego/Mirror 12″ (TEXT 010EP) 12.00
Limited repress! “A two track collaborative twelve inch from Burial + Four Tet + Thom Yorke. A-side is titled ‘Ego’, AA-side titled ‘Mirror’. Plain black house bag and black label. Radiohead’s Thom Yorke, Four Tet, and dubstep enigma Burial have teamed up for a 12? on Four Tet’s Text record label. Between them Thom Yorke, Burial and Four Tet are responsible for some of the most inventive, spell binding and emotionally involving music Britain has produced over the past decade. Now the three of them have confirmed details of a potentially fantastic 12 inch. It is not yet known to what extent each will be involved, although the cast list alone makes this big news. Of course, Four Tet and Burial have worked together before. The pair released a split 12 inch on Text, which has gone on to become a collector’s item. Kept to a limited edition, the two producers cut a pair of tracks which veered between dubstep, garage and IDM. Thom Yorke is the odd one out, having been remixed by both producers yet never working directly with them.”

TO 042EP

WATSON, CHRIS: El Tren Fantasma – The Signal Man 12″ (TO 042EP) 11.00
Chris Watson presents two special mixes for vinyl from his El Tren Fantasma (TO 042CD) release. A radio program was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on Saturday, Oct. 30, 2010, produced by Sarah Blunt, and described as “a thrilling acoustic journey across the heart of Mexico from Pacific to Atlantic coast using archive recordings to recreate a rail passenger service which no longer exists.” It’s now more than a decade since FNM operated its last continuous passenger service across country. Chris Watson spent a month on board the train with some of the last passengers to travel this route. As sound recordist, he was part of the film crew working on a program in the BBC TV series Great Railways Journeys. Now, the journey of the “ghost train” is recreated, evoking memories of a recent past, capturing the atmosphere, rhythms and sounds of human life, wildlife and the journey itself along the tracks of one of Mexico’s greatest engineering projects.


FENNESZ SAKAMOTO: Flumina 2CD (TONE 046CD) 18.00
Flumina is the third collaboration between legendary composers Ryuichi Sakamoto and Christian Fennesz. The 24 pieces of Flumina are based on piano compositions/improvisations which Ryuichi Sakamoto had recorded whilst touring in Japan. On that tour Ryuichi played a piano piece in a different key at the begin of every show, always having a Fennesz Sakomoto project in mind. After 24 shows he had 24 tracks in 24 different keys, covering all 24 tonal steps of the western tonal system. Sakamoto sent the tracks over to Christian Fennesz, who worked on them using electronics, guitars and synths. They met in New York then and mixed the album together with Fernando Aponte at KAB Studios. Quiet, restful ambient piano and effected guitar drone. Minimal and masterful. Guitar, computer [laptop] by Christian Fennesz; piano, computer [laptop] by Ryuichi Sakamoto. Artwork & photography by Jon Wozencroft. Mastered by Denis Blackham. Recorded at Amann Studios, Vienna and at KAB Studios, NY and Japan.

TRD 2035EP

ROZZO: Meta Tracks Vol. Three 12″ (TRD 2035EP) 12.00
First Rozzo release in a while, now supported all over the universe: Pigs In Space, Silversurfer, The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, Han Solo, Captain Kirk and Flash Gordon. Planet Earth? Let’s skip that garbage dump on a self-destruction binge.


MARLEY & THE WAILERS, BOB: African Herbsman LP (TRLS 062LP) 12.00
Exact repro of this 1973 compilation of the Wailers songs, produced by Lee Perry and Bob Marley. Songs include “Lively Up Yourself,” “Duppy Conqueror,” “Don’t Rock My Boat,” “Sun Is Shining” and “Riding High.”


CAMERON, JOHN: Psychomania OST CD (JBH 002CD) 15.50
2011 repress of this cult biker soundtrack, originally released in 2003. Psychomania is a cult biker movie and there’s probably no other British movie quite like it. It’s a tale of Frog-worshipping bikers who discover the secret of eternal life. They commit suicide and return as The Living Dead, bikers who wreak havoc upon local supermarkets and motorways. Released in 1972, this film has slowly gathered a cult following, not only because it’s so ridiculous, but more importantly because of the music, which had never been released properly. The recording also includes some excerpts from the movie, including some hilarious lines from Beryl Reid and Nicky Henson. All in all, this is an intense listening experience. It’s rocky, progressive and quite wild, with a bit of blaxploitalion thrown in for good measure. The evil kids will love it. Includes liner notes from soundtrack composer John Cameron, Jonny Trunk and Jogoku.


JONES, RICK: Fingerbobs: Original Television Music CD (JBH 042CD) 15.50
To many people who grew up near a British television in the 1970s and 1980s, Fingerbobs was a curious, formative and hugely inspiring series. At last, the classic music from the popular British television series is now available on the Trunk label. While only thirteen episodes were ever made, the series was widely rebroadcasted for many years. It starred the audacious Fingermouse, his friends Scampi, Gulliver, and Flash, and was fronted by American folk musician, actor and former Play School presenter Rick Jones as ‘Yoffy.’ Much of the show’s popularity was due in part to its unforgettable sing-a-long tunes, which have never been released until now. Each episode involved simple craft, music and a story based on that week’s theme, such as sound, wood, shapes and shadows. The whole series was conceived, created and modeled in a brilliant homemade style by the legendary husband and wife team Joanne and Michael Cole, the minds behind much of Play School, the books and TV series Bod, and Ragtime. The Fingerbobs album was quite a challenge to put together as there are no masters and very little paper based archive to speak of, which means no set stills and no paper puppets. All that remains are a few scraps of paper in the Cole’s very small archive and the Fingerbobs annual, which contains nothing but some peculiar drawings, none of which relate to the show. But, just as the album was going to print an exceptionally rare promotional flyer for the series from 1973 turned up, which was used to make the fabulous artwork. In order to produce a musical album worthy of release, Jonny Trunk entrusted the ears and musical abilities of Jon Brooks (the Advisory Circle/Ghost Box) to pull together a musical collage of the whole series. The album is complete with all the catchy themes, the instrumentals and a scattering of stories too. The music is a touch folky, a little whimsical, classically nostalgic, humble, hip, witty and occasionally camp. Fingerbobs was possibly the last remaining unreleased score from TVs golden era and finally, thanks to this first ever release, listeners can now enjoy it whenever or wherever they want, such as in the car with their kids. The fantastic sleevenotes to the album are by Ali Cole, daughter of Michael and Jo Cole. By the way, the popular urban myth that Rick Jones drowned Fingermouse in his cup of coffee on the last day of filming is completely true. Includes an 8-page booklet with detailed liner notes. Playing time: approximately 26 minutes.


JONES, RICK: Fingerbobs: Original Television Music LP (JBH 042LP) 16.50
LP version.


ZZT (ZOMBIE NATION & TIGA): Partys Over Earth CD (TURBO 033CD) 17.00
Tiga and Zombie Nation have joined forces to create the most potent dance record of the year. Apocalyptic tension. Panic-fueled fundowns. 2012 is approaching. Having both rocked remarkably long and prolific careers, the members of ZZT possess uncanny staying power in an industry where hype ends faster than it begins. Zombie Nation’s production credentials are impeccable, and his reputation as a live performer has made him a permanent fixture on Europe’s main stages. Meanwhile, Tiga’s vocal hooks, sampling know-how, DJ sets and impressive work as a label boss have all kept him perched atop the electro-pyramid. These are two major players in the indie-dance world, but together, they are something else entirely. ZZT first established themselves as paradigm wreckas back in 2007 with Lower State Of Consciousness, upping the ante on how “crazy” a crazy club record needs to be. Dazed & Confused named it their “Electronica Single of the Year,” while Rough Trade likened it to “hearing Da Funk for the first time… getting Justice to turn it inside out is a master stroke. Tune of the Year.” Partys Over Earth is relentless, uncompromising combat funk. If the new ZZT were a drug, it would be DZZMT. Not the stuff some loser shaman huffs behind the village gas station, but a new-school cut of freebase free-bass that tears out your central nervous system and forces it to dance with the hottest elf you’ve ever seen.


SWANSON, PETE: Man With Potential LP+CD (TYPE 101LP) 21.00
Limited vinyl edition — comes with a bonus 50-minute album on CD called Man With Garbage. Much has been made of the re-emergence of beats in experimental music, but if you listened carefully enough to Pete Swanson’s output to this point, you’ll realize those rhythms have been present for a long time. The New York-based artist might still be best known for being a member of now-defunct noise duo Yellow Swans, but he’s made plenty of solo music since then, even if it has been quite difficult to obtain. Straddling a line between free guitar noise (“I Don’t Rock At All”) and singed electronics (“Challenger”), Man With Potential shows that Swanson is unafraid to dive headfirst into the dank, pulsing soundscapes that helped birth his old band. Where Yellow Swans used pulses to underpin their cascading white noise, Swanson here puts the chattering 140 bpm percussion at center stage, not least on the album’s opening track, charmingly titled “Misery Beat.” Setting the stage for the music to follow, we are thrown headfirst into chattering, synthesized squeals and dense kick drums before being smacked around the head with the kind of slippery noise lead we’ve not heard since Going Places. This is Birmingham techno filtered through the mists of the Pacific Northwest, and it’s all the better for it. Elsewhere, “Remote View” explores a more downtempo sound; coming across like post-apocalyptic house music as heard from a club bathroom. With Man With Potential, Pete Swanson has crafted his most defining statement to date; a blistering collection of contemporary club music with a deafening noise twist. It might not be easy listening, but who said life had to be easy? Cut by Rashad at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin.

UY 053EP

VA: A Selection Of The Diary No. 2 12″ (UY 053EP) 12.00
On the second part in the Diary compilation series you can find UY clan members and artists. On A1. is a collaboration between Douglas Green and Delhia De France, who lost gallons of love on “Sense.” Mark Henning has also created a passionate tech-house-mover with his track “Stacked.” The B- side features an opener Onno, who got together with Marcus Gehring to produce “Elephant In The Room.” Marcus Meinhardt’s contribution to this product is an example of his quintessential driving tech-house-sound.


VA: Rangarang: Pre-Revolutionary Iranian Pop 2CD (VAMPI 138CD) 22.00
It may seem hard to believe now, with the Islamic Republic of Iran swathed in controversial breaches of human rights and nonsensical nuclear issues, but a little over 30 years ago it was all glitz and glamour, rock and roll. The shah of Iran promoted modernization to the detriment of Persian culture and most Iranians loathed the stoic king by the end of his reign. Centuries of monarchist rule gave way to a staunch Islamist regime during the populist Iranian Revolution of 1979. The new Iranian government sought to eradicate any remnants of the imperialist monarchy and “having fun” was banned entirely. Music’s controversial status within Islam meant that the Persian pop industry was incongruous with Iran’s new and heavy-handed rulers. All of Iran’s record labels were forcibly shut down, the entire broadcasting industry was Islamicized, and a fearful population burned their records, buried their books and complied, at least on the surface, with the Islamic regime’s new (and very boring) rules and regulations. Rangarang is a compilation of forgotten jewels from pre-revolutionary Iran. These songs tell the stories of an artisan community that flourished during the 1960s and 1970s before vanishing into oblivion. The pop stars who stayed in Iran were summonsed to the revolutionary court and forced to sign a declaration promising to abandon their careers and never perform again. By the time an exilic music industry had been established in Los Angeles, where many musicians settled after fleeing the chaotic disarray of post-revolutionary war-torn Iran, the beats and melodies of the monarchist era had given way to the synthesizers of the 1980s and Iranian pop music would never be the same again. The range of the tracks included on Rangarang is astonishing, from funky workouts and soulful pop to jazzy grooves and yearning ballads, all wonderfully and imaginatively produced and arranged, giving shape to truly popular music.


MORGAN, LEE: Here’s Lee Morgan LP (VEEJAY 3007LP) 11.50
Exact repro, originally released in 1960. “The music is good solid hard bop that finds Lee Morgan (already a veteran at age 21) coming out of the Clifford Brown tradition to display his own rapidly developing style. Matched with Clifford Jordan on tenor, pianist Wynton Kelly, bassist Paul Chambers and drummer Art Blakey, Morgan’s album could pass for a Jazz Messengers set.” –All Music Guide


LFO: Frequencies CD (WARP 003CD) 15.50
“LFO is one of the most influential dance acts to come out of the UK. Signed to Warp over two decades ago on the strength of a few scrappy demos, their sound is still as fresh today as it was in warehouse parties of the early nineties. Frequencies has influenced multiple producers, DJs and bands throughout the years, and the original album charted worldwide and gained Top 40 placement in the UK. It includes the cult dance floor filler ‘LFO,’ which achieved a number twelve chart position in the UK. LFO originally released Frequencies in 1991, an album that not only plays a crucial part in Warp’s history – but also represents a pivotal moment for the British rave movement.”


LFO: Frequencies 2LP (WARP 003LP) 25.50
2LP version. “To celebrate twenty years since its original release we have re-cut the record with Dubplates and Mastering in Berlin and it will now be released as a loudcut double vinyl for the first time, including ‘Groovy Distortion’ and ‘Track 14,’ which were previously unavailable on the vinyl version of the album.”


ENO, BRIAN: Small Craft On A Milk Sea 2LP (WARP 207LP) 29.50
“Last year (2010), Brian Eno released his debut album for iconic indie label Warp Records, titled Small Craft on a Milk Sea. Pitchfork said the album ‘sits surprisingly comfortably alongside the records from Eno’s ambient and experimental golden era.” Small Craft on a Milk Sea was previously only available on vinyl as part of a limited edition box set, which sold out immediately worldwide. Now, Warp is proud to present the album as a stand-alone vinyl release – a double LP on heavy weight vinyl. This edition features printed inner sleeves and a download card to obtain the album digitally.”


SWEET EXORCIST: Retroactivity 2CD (WARP 218CD) 19.50
“In 1991 Sweet Exorcist (aka Richard H. Kirk of Cabaret Voltaire and Richard Barrett of Dark Matter, Vanity for BBC Orchestra) released CCEP/CCCD, marking Warp Records’ first artist album release, one that would influence two decades of dance music. The new compilation, RetroActivity, is a double CD including Testone, Clonk and the aforementioned CCEP/CCCD. The 23 track compilation also includes five additional bonus tracks which are previously unreleased mixes and early versions.”


TINY RUINS: Some Were Meant For Sea CD (WOOME 009CD) 15.50
Tiny Ruins is the musical namesake of Hollie Fullbrook. After being raised in Bristol and then attending University in Wellington, NZ, Some Were Meant For Sea is Hollie’s debut release. Both vocally and instrumentally, Some Were Meant For Sea exists in dappled warmness: Fullbrook’s striking vocal timbre conjuring a natural imagery born from earth and sea. Recorded in a diminutive hall, once the local school of South Gippsland (Victoria), Fullbrook worked with producer J Walker (Holly Throsby, Machine Translations) and between the pair, some cello, violin, piano and accordion were added to the otherwise bare-boned songs, which were all recorded entirely live. So striking are Fullbrook’s own live performances, that she was asked to be a special guest to Joanna Newsom, Beach House, Ólöf Arnalds and The Middle East across Australia and New Zealand.

WR 019CD

FRANKLIN: Artificial Light CD (WR 019CD) 17.00
Franklin is the side project of Franck Rabbeyrolles, who’s also the guy behind Double U, a French minimal electronic pop project. After an acclaimed EP featuring an ’80s retro futuristic remix from Com Truise, recently signed on Ghostly International, Franklin returns with a second album, Artificial Light. His mutant synth pop is a typical combination of vintage analog sounds, drums machine, floating interludes and texturized guitar waves. Previous Franklin album Every Now And Then (WR 008CD) took you on a cinematic road-movie trip; Artificial Light invites you to a pictural game of reflecting lights for a unique rhythmical experience. Call it dream-pop, lo-fi, experimental, bedroom production, whatever — Franklin has followed his sonic explorations and developed his own individual voice.

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