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ACKER 026EP RAUSCH, CARSTEN: Ballin 12″ (ACKER 026EP) 12.00
On “I Can See It” Carsten Rausch upholsters an elegantly-designed, minimal house groove with light melodic entries and vocals from Dan Morro (Funkwerkstatt), exuding a natural casualness as well as an understated erotic feeling. “What Are You Doing” comes with a lot of housey warmth. Adding an extra pinch of rhythmic spice, this title soars up to sweaty dancefloor thrust. On the remix, Mollono.Bass combines the casual club atmosphere of “I Can See It” with bubbling dub techno.
INERTIA 003EP VA: Inertia #3 12″ (INERTIA 003EP) 12.50
The third in the Inertia series with four brand-new and exclusive techno cuts, taken straight from the Inertia compilation. Things open with the dark, skipping beats of Stroboscopic Artefacts boss Lucy, before veteran Berlin producer and label boss Milton Bradley layers plenty of filter and reverb over a kicking beat for his textured effort, “Sequence 1.” Mike Dehnert contributes some ravey techno loops before the EP is brought to a close with some gray-scale bleakness from Belgium’s Ozka.
INERTIA 004EP VA: Inertia #4 12″ (INERTIA 004EP) 12.50
The final of four in the Inertia series with four new exclusive techno tracks. Skudge are as economical yet efficient as you’d expect with their booming “Pollution,” before Conforce designs yet more lush sounds with his deep technoid cut. Cosmin TRG confounds expectations again with his rusty, rolling cut before Fachwerk co-founder Sascha Rydell gets a little spaced-out on his kinetic and melancholic effort, “Rainy Days.”
ARAS 001EP GALLUZZI & DANA RUH, ANDRE: Trambolla/Thelema 12″ (ARAS 001EP) 12.50
Taking its cues from their label nights at Berlin’s Panorama Bar, André Galluzzi and Dana Ruh have solidified ARAS into an imprint based around expanding upon the creative energy that they both share. With “Trambolla,” the EP begins with tribal beats and infectious arrangements that seamlessly build upon each other. The percussion especially stands out amongst the Latin-tinged bongos, hi-hats, and hand claps. “Thelema” demonstrates Galluzzi and Ruh’s equal comfort in creating darker and heavily pounding tracks.
AU 5001LP FANTASY: Paint A Picture LP (AU 5001LP) 22.00
This sophisticated collection of Mellotron-fuelled progressive rock originally appeared in the UK only in December of 1973. It sank without a trace, and is now considered one of the rarest albums of the era. It’s finally available again here on 180 gram vinyl, making it a must for fans of classic British prog. Gatefold sleeve.
BANG 057LP DRONES, THE: A Thousand Mistakes 2LP (BANG 057LP) 30.50
Australia’s The Drones are back. After five albums, 10 years touring and a deserved break for a rest and personal projects, The Drones come back on tour, presenting a new album of old songs re-recorded as they are seen by their authors these days, or as they were expected to be back in the day. This revision of rarely-played tracks is a new introduction to the darkest side of the music built by this band which has meant the change, evolution and new kind of sound from Down Under. This record comes housed in a double gatefold deluxe vinyl sleeve.
BEC 5181086 MR. OIZO: Stade 2 LP+CD (BEC 5181086) 25.00
French electronic musician and film director Quentin Dupieux, best known by his pseudonym Mr. Oizo (pronounced “wah-zoh”) releases Stade 2. Marking his fourth album, Oizo takes his eccentricity to a new level with one of the most intriguing upcoming releases to date. Performed, recorded and mixed at the Edgecliff-Gym Studio while in L.A., it combines an eclectic mix of sounds from the digital flute on the track “Ska” to the erratic electro-beats on “Douche Beat,” creating a fantastical blend of the unexpected. Previous credits also include the single “Flat Beat,” made wildly popular in Europe when used in a series of Levi’s commercials, and selling over 3 million copies of the EP. Listen to the song “France7″ off the new album and check out the Levi’s video, as well as the album art and tracklist. Housed in a 12” sleeve + spot varnish + 60×60 cm poster + CD album.
BXS 1008CD MOTIAN, PAUL: The Complete Remastered Recordings 6CD BOX (BXS 1008CD) 36.00
“Jazz drummer, percussionist and composer Paul Motian first came to prominence in the late ’50s with the pioneering trio of pianist Bill Evans. Motian has since worked in an array of contexts, and has led a number of groups. He is one of the most influential modern drummers, having played an important role in freeing the drummer from strict time-keeping duties. This set features six of Motian’s classic albums at a special low price.” Albums: The Story Of Maryam, Jack Of Clubs, Misterioso, Notes, One Time Out, Flux And Change.
BXS 1009CD DIXON, BILL: The Complete Remastered Recordings 9CD BOX (BXS 1009CD) 40.00
“Bill Dixon organized and produced the October Revolution in Jazz in New York City and founded the Jazz Composers Guild. He was relatively little recorded during this period, though he co-led some releases with Archie Shepp and appeared on Cecil Taylor’s Blue Note record Conquistador! in 1966. He played the trumpet, flugelhorn and piano, often using electronic delay and reverberation as part of his trumpet playing. This set features nine of Dixon’s classic albums at a special low price.” Albums: Bill Dixon In Italy – Volume One, Bill Dixon In Italy – Volume Two, November 1981, Thoughts, Son Of Sisyphus, Vade Mecum, Vade Mecum II, Papyrus – Volume I, Papyrus – Volume II.
BXS 1010CD MURRAY, DAVID: The Complete Remastered Recordings 5CD BOX (BXS 1010CD) 36.00
“David Murray plays mainly tenor saxophone and sometimes bass clarinet. He has recorded prolifically for many record labels since the mid-1970s. Murray was initially influenced by free jazz musicians such as Albert Ayler and Archie Shepp. He gradually evolved a more diverse style in his playing and compositions. Murray’s use of the circular breathing technique has enabled him to play astonishingly long phrases. This set features five of Murray’s albums at a special low price.” Albums: Ming, Home, Murray’s Steps, New Life, Hope Scope.
BH 003LP ENDLESS BOOGIE: Twenty-Minute Jam: Getting Out of the City LP (BH 003LP) 30.00
“‘Bootleg’ LP – some rehearsal jams from the last few years and silk screened covers. This is an edition of 400.” Silkscreened cover.
BH 006EP HAMBURGER, NEIL: Live At Taylor Brigode’s Bachelor Party 7″ (BH 006EP) 11.00
“Live At Taylor Brigode’s Bachelor Party was recorded at Zelo Pizzeria, Arcadia, California, Friday, May 13th, 2011.” On pink vinyl.
BOO EW WOOD, ED: Ed Wood’s Sleaze Paperbacks Book (BOO EW) 42.00
“The fully-illustrated catalog for Boo-Hooray’s exhibit of Wood’s sleaze paperbacks contains extensive commentary by exhibit curators Michael Daley and Johan Kugelberg on the publications and their history, as well as extensive quotations from the books themselves and a poetic homage to Wood by Ricky Luanda of the legendary band Chain Gang.” Edition of 750 copies; 100 pages; perfect bound; full color; fully annotated.
Limited 2nd pressing. “Mostly unheard live recordings of Angus MacLise, Tony Conrad, and Jack Smith from the MacLise tape archive. In a silkscreened sleeve. Available only on LP! Edition of 500.” Limited to one per customer.A1: Les Evening Gowns Damnées (December 20 1964) (16:48)B1: S.O.S. (Ca. 1968) (13:28)
Limited 2nd pressing. “A second LP of previously unheard recordings of Angus MacLise and Tony Conrad from the MacLise tape archives. Remastered from the original tapes.” Edition of 500 copies. Limited to one per customer.Tracklist: A1. Untitled (recorded October 18, 1968 at Tony Conrad’s NYC loft) (15:27)B1. Short Drum and Viola parts 1 & 2 (circa 1969) (4:49)B2. Druid’s Leafy Nest (undated) (7:26)B3. Early Jams (undated) (6:46)
“Boo-Hooray is pleased to announce the release of a new LP of Angus MacLise recordings: Dreamweapon II. Previously available an extremely limited run as a giveaway CD-R available exclusively at the opening of the Dreamweapon exhibit in May, this new LP release features previously-unreleased material from the Angus MacLise audio archive. This LP release features extended and remastered versions of four of the tracks from the giveaway CD-R. The LP, issued in a limited run of 500 unnumbered copies, comes in a screen-printed sleeve and includes a risograph-printed insert featuring a miniature facsimile of year, a broadside poster by Angus MacLise originally issued in 1965.” Limited to one per customer.
BPC 239EP NEGROT, AEREA: It’s Lover, Love Remixes 12″ (BPC 239EP) 12.00
First official single taken from the full length Arabxilla (BPC 240CD/LP). The album track “It’s Lover, Love” gets a remix by Philip Bader and Kiki. Plus, there’s also Ricardo Villalobos’ house mix of the track “Miss You” (original version appears on the Right Body, Wrong Time EP, BPC 237EP).
BPC 243EP SKINNERBOX: Mary Of Exeter 12″ (BPC 243EP) 12.00
This is Skinnerbox’s second BPC release. On this EP, the two Berliners Olaf Hilgenfeld and Iftah Gabbai celebrate their vision of modern dancefloor music in four epic tracks. Their sound ranges from Skinnerbox’s trademark — live avant-jazz fragments — to extensively atmospheric melodies to opulent electro compositions. The surprisingly catchy tracks are effortlessly held together with an aggressive house beat, which even turns the jazzy, crazy homage to Coltrane entitled “Jupiter Variations” into a floor-filler.
BPC 244LP DILLON: This Silence Kills LP+CD (BPC 244LP) 18.00
Limited LP version, including a free CD of the album. Debut album for the singer and pianist Dominique Dillon de Byington aka Dillon, who has made a winding journey from Brazil to Berlin via Cologne. Dillon is inspired by Billie Holiday, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Jeff Buckley, and highly recommended by DJ Koze. Everyone knows that DJ Koze has prophetic qualities, and not just since he began dropping tracks under his guru pseudonym Swhaimi. You see, many years before, he also waxed oracular about the singer Dominique Dillon de Byington, aka Dillon: “She sings comfortably imperfect and true. She has character. I like her. She has a bright future ahead of her.” And that future once prophesied by the wise Hamburg resident about the young artist from Berlin is now, as Dillon has sat down at her piano many times during the past few years and written captivating, quiet songs that definitely should be heard extremely loud. This Silence Kills was co-produced by Tamer Özgönenc and Thies Mynther in Hamburg during Winter 2011.
CT 121EP MINKS: Araby 7″ (CT 121EP) 6.00
“Previously released on cassette tape, the Minks’ single ‘Araby’ is seeing it’s proper release on vinyl 7″ along with the glistening B-side ‘Little Fawn.”
CT 122EP HEAVENLY BEAT: Suday/Desire 7″ (CT 122EP) 6.00
“New project of Beach Fossils bassist John Pena, Heavenly Beat Suday is upbeat pop perfection.”
CT 123EP DIVE: Sometime/Corvalis 7″ (CT 123EP) 6.00
“Zachary Cole Smith of Beach Fossils launched his new project Dive by becoming the hardest working live band in Brooklyn. Check out his debut 7″ ‘Sometime’/’Corvalis.'”
CT 124CD SOFT MOON, THE: Total Decay CD (CT 124CD) 10.00
“Coming up on a year since their debut self-titled LP release, The Soft Moon presents Total Decay. Luis Vasquez continues to conjure a sound fueled tempest that intoxicates with its own post-apocalyptic dust in this new EP, which will he released on Halloween, fittingly. What began as a side-project has quickly gathered a cult following that has culled a spotlight in its own right, no longer in a cloaked corner. After two stirring 7 inches and a full album, it was apparent that Vasquez is digging his own niche, an intimate well-spoken whisper, carrying a heavy load of synths that creep and drums that command an uncontrollable pull from within. This intimate peak into another world, Vasquez’s mind, has garnered a number of comparisons to some of the most iconic and influential hands of the post-punk and kraut rock movement.”
CT 124EP SOFT MOON, THE: Total Decay 12″ (CT 124EP) 12.00
12″ version.
CT 125LP BLOUSE: Blouse LP (CT 125LP) 16.00
LP version with download code. “Blouse is based out of a warehouse in Portland, Oregon. This self-titled debut LP will show Blouse in a new light and to a larger audience. The album is more of an unveiling as each song rolls out the map of new territory that Blouse is claiming, this new wavy sound that is all their own. Hiltons’ powerfully alluring voice guides this experience in a dream-like manner. Blouse has hit their stride with this release and will have listeners beckoning’ for more.”
CAR 7529BOX MISFITS: The Misfits Box Set 4CD BOX (CAR 7529BOX) 56.50
1996 coffin-shape boxset featuring the Misfits albums Collection I, Collection II, Legacy Of Brutality, Evilive, Earth A.D., Static Age and Sessions. Also: a 28-page full-color booklet and the “special enamel Fiends Club” badge.
CCS 060EP DAVE AJU: All Together Now 12″ (CCS 060EP) 12.00
This EP introduces Dave Aju’s forthcoming album project exploring vintage, inherited recordings as sound sources. “All Together Now” bridges gaps of various kinds, from lo-fi and hi-fi to under water and outer space, with classic-flavored dynamic percussive elements, spiraling futuristic leads and melodic synth work sprinkled with Aju’s distinctive voice. Amsterdam’s San Proper’s remix is a rugged take on the track, complete with cool guitar licks, modular effects, and contrasting additional vocal stylings.
CIV 028EP KUHN: Slime Beach EP 12″ (CIV 028EP) 15.00
“Slime Beach is a slinky angry rasta crunk explosion. Ranging from futurist hip-hop a la Low End Theory through Chi-Town juke to post-dubstep, Kuhn’s sound is raw, energetic and individual. Following a youthful decade of producing beats between New York and Boston, 22 -year-old Bennett Kuhn has honed in on a sound that spans a wide range of contemporary electronic music.”
CIV 030EP DARLING FARAH: Division 12″ (CIV 030EP) 15.00
“Four tracks of deep soulful house/techno, slightly harder and more jacking than previous outings. Darling Farah returns with his second EP of 2011. Entitled Division, the Detroit-born producer offers four tracks that journey further into deep house, techno and machine-soul. The EP grabs you from the offset, while dream-like qualities wash over the listener they contrast perfectly with an offbeat, energetic 4/4 backbone.”
CS 007EP JAAR, NICOLAS: Don’t Break My Love 10″ (CS 007EP) 12.50
The rhythms on Nicolas Jaar’s Don’t Break My Love EP unravel slowly. As the songs progress, they fill up with rapid-fire hi-hats and mechanical percussion. The faster strikes meet slower beats and the songs seem to stretch — pulled in both directions almost ad infinitum. Nico has been singing more and sampling less lately, and the EP foreshadows an evolving sound within Clown & Sunset.
COMP 380CD PITCHBEN: Pitchslap CD (COMP 380CD) 15.50
This is the debut full-length album from Pitchben on Compost Records. The story of Pitchben is one about consistency. It’s the ’80s. A young boy is growing up to the soundtrack of electro funk, drawing influence from the likes of Jackson, The Whispers and D-Train, developing a genuine passion for music. This root of funk has been a constant since his childhood. Exploring new territories in the ’90s, Pitchben, known as M-Tech at the time, started to DJ and produce at the young age of 13. Working the turntables like an instrument, he became one of the key figures in the world of scratching and turntablism. In 2002, he won the German DMC finals with a scratched interpretation of Break Machine’s “Street Dance.” Since this rather intense excursion, Pitchben has been focusing on production, sound-design and audio engineering, crafting his own music and also co-producing the works of other artists such as six-time DJ World Champion, Rafik. Unsatisfied with the home-studio path that has been taken by most contemporary musicians, it is has become his mission to not only bring back that authentic ’80s sound, but to join the authentic production style of that era with a modern touch. This means: real scores for authentic string and brass sections were recorded by top-notch musicians while the featured vocalists present skill levels easily comparable to those of ’80s singers. This teams up with huge synths and drums, creating the fresh, big sound that can only be produced in a modern studio environment. In 2010, Compost Records signed Pitchben for a full-length album immediately after receiving only a two-track demo. Pitchben is currently preparing for live appearances consisting of a DJ set and a full stage show featuring a live guitarist, electric bass player and vocalists.
CODIS 004EP GAZOO, JOHN: Midnight Runner 12″ (CODIS 004EP) 12.00
John Gazoo’s second 12” ascends into the gracious Compost Disco cosmos. His new disco smash “Midnight Runner” oozes soul, funkiness and the wah-wah-infected undisputed truth of the ’70s. Also “Next One In Dark” is a cool, stunning tune, riding high at the tested floors. As a new force on the scene, Düsseldorfer John Gazoo is an amazingly good DJ, too, who knows how to use his powerful weapons in different scenarios.
DAMGOOD 384EP THEE SPIVS: T.V. Screen/I Don’t Like The Man That I Am 7″ (DAMGOOD 384EP) 8.00
“‘T.V. Screen,’ is the lead single from Thee Spivs latest release. It’s a limited edition 7″ with an exclusive b-side, a cover of the Billy Childish classic ‘I Don’t Like The Man That I Am,’ which weirdly enough has also been covered by Pete Molinari and the Singing Loins, both on Damaged Goods.”
DERWIN 005EP ZANGALEWA VS. PROMMER & BARCK: Zangalewa (Waka Waka) 12″ (DERWIN 005EP) 12.00
Derwin’s version of the well known African traditional, using the original “Waka Waka” chorus, sampled with full permission in two infectious mixes by Christian Prommer & Alex Barck. The mixes are organic and electronic, between techno modernism and Afro-spiritual, while amalgamating garage sounds like Tony Humphries’ edit of “Ma Foom Bey” from Cultural Vibe, or certain tribal elements.
DESOLAT 014X-EP GRUB, BASTI: Basti And The Gang 12″ (DESOLAT 014X-EP) 12.50
Desolat happily presents a new Basti Grub 12″, and this time he returns with The Gang. “Walking In My Blues” featuring Agent! is a relentless percussive track for peak-time dancefloors. “Mediante” featuring Mike Trend is a raw, rhythmic piece with quirky vocal samples. On “Hang Over,” Basti Grub moves further on a search for the beauty between rhythm patterns and delivers one captivating, fragile, 11-minute long epic — dance music for those special moments. On red vinyl.
DPC 038EP CCO: The Ruling Ideas 12″ (DPC 038EP) 12.00
Zurich-based Florin Büchel aka CCO (which basically stands for Contra Communem Opinionem), presents four slices of raw Chicago house. It is liquid, sensual music that sounds like machines, always looking for the feeling beyond the beat. His previous releases on Geneva’s Plak, EPs on Chicago’s Mathematics Recordings, and one EP on Lux Records were properly made analog and dedicated to the vintage sound of the old days. CCO creates a robotic, yet melodic deep sound. Danceable, definitely — even hypnotic.
ECHOCOL 018EP MIKKEL METAL: All Over/Ball Under EP 12″ (ECHOCOL 018EP) 12.00
Mikkel Metal has been a main artist on Echocord since the label’s beginning, and since then, he has been getting more and more active within the music scene. On this EP he presents the rough side of the genre, with raw, warehouse-infused, dubby grooves. Both tracks are perfect for the peak-time dancefloor and for fans of Levon Vincent, Kassem Mosse and the Berghain sound of Berlin. On purple vinyl.
RZ 4001CD JULIUS, ROLF: (Halb) Schwarz CD (RZ 4001CD) 20.00
2001 release. (halb) schwarz is the first CD to collect a wide range of Rolf Julius’ diverse compositions from several years. The Berlin-based sound, installation, action, and sound artist began experimenting with various forms of contemporary music in the 1970s. (halb) schwarz deals with the world of “small sounds,” a term coined by John Cage to designate sounds so subtle that they are usually barely discernible. From the standpoint of a 100% pure Central European aesthetic it’s all about weeds, rubbish, noise, hisses, crackles, whines, drones — all sounds that would be eliminated by tradition-conscious sound engineers, at great technical expenditure.
RZ 4004CD VA: 20 Jahre Inventionen II CD (RZ 4004CD) 20.00
2003 release. Volume 2 of the CD documentation of the Berlin festival Inventionen (volume 1 containing Horatiu Radulescu’s string quartet no. 4), a various artists retrospective sampler including recordings of works by the following composers: Hildegard Westerkamp, Salvatore Sciarrino, John Cage (“Music For Piano”, performed by Herbet Henck), Sainkho Namtchylak, Joe Jones (“Solar Orchestra” from 1990) Giacinto Scelsi, Masanori Fujita, John Driscoll.
RZ 4005CD LANG, KLAUS: 20 Jahre Inventionen III CD (RZ 4005CD) 20.00
2004 release. One string quartet piece, recorded 2002, performed by the Arditti String Quartet at the Inventionen 2002 festival. Powerful, abstract, atmospheric. Sei-Jaku is one way of pronouncing the two characters of the title in Japanese. They stand for “Tarnished” and “Star.” The other pronunciation “Sabita Boshi” points to a term of central importance in Japanese aesthetics: “Sabi.” Although “Sabi” could be translated as “Tarnished,” its meaning is not sufficiently represented by the English word.
RZ 4007CD LANG, KLAUS: Einfalt.Stille. CD (RZ 4007CD) 20.00
2007 release. Flow. State. Through concentration on listening or concentration on what we are listening to we can enter a state of simplicity of mind which is a state of the highest inner clarity or inner silence. In other words: when concentrating on the flow of music we can reach an inner state: The inner silence which is the simultaneity of stasis and flow. This paradoxical situation poses the question: is the flow of music passing us, is music flowing through us thus evoking this inner stasis or is it not a state at all what we experience: should we not most seriously take into consideration the possibility that it is us who are flowing through the sound?” Interpreters: Bettina Junge (flute), Natalia Pschenitschnikova (voice), Adam Weisman (percussion), Karen Lorenz (viola).
EM 1098LP OHNO, MATSUO: I Saw The Outer Limits LP (EM 1098LP) 23.50
“I am not interested in sounds that already exist.” Thus spoke the esteemed “Onkyo designer” Matsuo Ohno, early in his expansive, influential career. This reissue of his stellar 1978 LP I Saw The Outer Limits presents him at the peak of his powers, combining his mastery of classic analog tape music techniques (honed to perfection while providing sound design for Astro Boy and numerous other films and TV programs) with then-state-of-the-art analog synthesizers. This is a true under-recognized classic, a masterfully recorded, massive-sounding poetic construction of unearthly sound — an undulating, breathing behemoth, with Ohno’s galaxy moving beyond “sounds that already exist” in search of new sonic spaces. Liner notes and biography in Japanese with an English translation. Original LP artwork with hologram-coated sleeve. Limited edition.
BAL 002CD WARREN, NICK: Balance 018 2CD (BAL 002CD) 23.00
With a proud reputation for securing sublime, forward-thinking DJs that best represent the ever-changing nature of dance music and the shape of things to come, it’s little wonder that as the Balance Series has grown in notoriety, so too has the interest from fans and artists in who will be chosen to take control of the next groundbreaking mix. With compilation releases from James Holden, Joris Voorn, Will Saul and Agoria, Balance now introduces the legendary UK artist, Nick Warren. You can tell when Nick Warren’s on the decks. The music emanating from the DJ booth is that perfect club mix of driving percussion and soaring musicality, bursting out of the speakers. Warren’s impressive career has seen him release the very first Back To Mine compilation, a staggering eight albums for Global Underground, and one for Renaissance. He is also in control of A&R for record label Hope Recordings, as well as being a member of the highly-acclaimed duo Way Out West. Starting as tour DJ with Massive Attack, moving onto a residency at UK super-club Cream and playing at every self-respecting club on the planet has led him to this natural position as one of the world’s most respected DJs. Nick’s DJ career spans two decades and is driven by a continual desire for change, with his sound forged by an enduring relationship with cutting-edge producers all over the globe, in many cases, long before they become established. This is no better represented than in the continuing bi-monthly Radio show Soundgarden on Friskyradio which attracts over 150,000 unique tune-ins to each airing, or his mixes for John Digweed’s Transitions and now this mix album for Balance. Features tracks and remixes from Nick Warren, Jamie Anderson, Terry Lee Brown Jr., Lank, Paul Hazendonk, Ormatie, Speiltape, Shamil, Underset, Fiord, Eelke Kleijn, Owain K, Nomad In The Dark, Franck Orff, Giorgos Gatzigristos, Tripswitch, Julio Largente, Beat Factory, Stamina, Lank, Yamil Colucci, Victoria R, Solee, Steve Mill, Steven Libby and Pablo Acenso.
FABRIC 119CD CLARKE, DAVE: Fabric 60 CD (FABRIC 119CD) 17.00
“Reflecting Dave Clarke’s manipulation of the sonic characteristics of fabrics Room 2, Fabric 60 is a tide of gothic, bass-heavy techno and real electro. Whilst his production rate may have diminished since the days when classic remixes for the likes of the Chemical Brothers, Leftfield and Aphrohead destroyed dancefloors, Dave Clarke remains a hugely influential figure in techno, with a punishing global tour schedule and his internationally syndicated White Noise radio show. He has a history of releasing revered mix CDs, which have contributed to his legend. His Electro Boogie and World Service compilation series are both held in the highest esteem, years after the release. Fabric 60 sees Dave Clarke combine the electro and techno sounds for which he is predominantly known for the first time on one disc, to devastating effect. Hear for yourself!”
Southeast German party promoters, producers and DJs Tres Puntos and Pelé join forces to create two timeless, laidback house-groovers. This is the debut release from Tres Puntos, while Pelé has already caught the ears of clubbers via his solo stuff on quality labels like Connaisseur, Get Physical or Upon.You. There are also two remixes: “Einfach” gets the special Joel Alter treatment, while the remix of “Zweizeiler” gets the typical youANDme deepness signature.
FIRE 217CD WOODEN WAND: Briarwood CD (FIRE 217CD) 18.50
“Briarwood represents the latest direction by an artist (James Jackson Toth, aka Wooden Wand) who continuously confounds, befuddles and challenges his loyal fans, but what do you expect from a guy with a tattoo on his wrist that says ‘What Would Neil Young Do?’ Recorded with Duquette Johnston and his band the Gum Creek Killers, the sessions were casual and loose, yielding some of the most ‘rock and roll’ sounding music of Toth’s long career.”
FM3 001CD FM3: HeXieFu CD (FM3 001CD) 23.00
“As a response to China’s astonishing economic progress over the last ten years, it’s often claimed that the country still lacks a ‘global brand.’ Well, it may not have the same visibility as Coke© or Nike© just yet, but in the past few years, the FM3 Buddha Machine has become a ‘lifestyle product’ of choice throughout the world. From its humble origins, the Buddha launched with a happy synchronicity coinciding with early patronages from Mr. Ambient, Brian Eno, and the wildly enthusiastic Alan Bishop of Seattle’s ground-breaking Sublime Frequencies organization. Progress was rapid as the Buddha Machine moved through into more advanced versions, even a hyper-rare edition made of Pu’er tea. It became the meditative tool of choice amongst the intercontinental super-hip and a ceremonial plaything for those in the know. Now, co-conspirators Christiaan Virant and Zhang Jian have brought their baby back home, opening up its embedded loops for remix, re-making and reversioning by the cream of China’s contemporary musicians, from their old friend superstar Dou Wei, to the 8bit wunderkind Sulumi aka Sun Dawei through to the legendary Huan Qing, Sichuanese instrument-maker, field recordist and maverick musician. The result is a delightful kaleidoscope of what is best in the approach of Chinese musicians today, the notion of re-use of elements is integral to the Chinese culture and this shines through in this marvellous new collection.” –Steve Barker, BBC On The Wire & The Wire magazine) HeXieFu comes as a worldwide limited edition of 2,000 copies featuring a re-usable and re-sealable gold foil package, commemorative FM3 coin, a series of individually-numbered FM3 “VIP” cards and gold metallic FM3 sticker. The packing, design and even name of HeXieFu continues FM3’s guiding design principle of using items from daily life and repurposing them for the music and art world. “HeXie” means “Harmony” and “Fu” is one of the most-used characters in the Chinese vocabulary. It means “good fortune” or “luck” and Fu stickers are placed on doors and walls across the land during the Chinese Lunar New Year. The gold foil packaging is normally used for storing one of China’s greatest joys: Oolong tea. Our commemorative coins are cast in metal from the very same factory that makes belt buckles, rings, necklaces and other metal items for the world’s leading fashion labels. Your coin could have been a Gucci! And our plastic, members-only “VIP” cards — ubiquitous in status-conscious modern China — pay tribute to the colors of the original Buddha Machines.
FRM 002EP CHAMPION & RUBY LEE RYDER: Sensitivity/Tun Up Di Bass 12″ (FRM 002EP) 11.00
Champion, one of UK Funky’s most prolific producers, strikes again with “Sensitivity,” featuring a Ruby Lee Ryder’s delicate harmonies sung over the type of fiercely danceable groove that Champion is famed for. Featured on Ben UFO’s Rinse mix (RINSE 021CD). The B-side’s “Tun Up Di Bass” is bound to please fans of 130 BPM bass music from the likes of Redlight and Roska.
FREUDE 054EP TARON-TREKKA: Grom Attaf EP 12″ (FREUDE 054EP) 12.00
The creative hub of Taron-Trekka furnishes an individual experience of togetherness, of complete understanding on a deeper level. Their raw groove diamond is constantly sharpened without being completely polished on all facets. On this FAT release, they stand for an electric-infected development deep-in-the-peak. Their vision of a living sound sometimes morphs precipitously into a technoid, housey, fine-spirited sort and at other points can sounds jazzy. Cover by illustrator, designer and photographer Tine Drefahl.
FRY 013EP RHODES/THE RIGHT KIND, SONNY: You Better Stop/My Money is Funny 7″ (FRY 013EP) 8.00
Sonny Rhodes’ “You Better Stop” is an all-around post-deep-funk/soul crossover. First spun on the European cross-genre funk n’ soul scenes by UK DJs like Ian Wright, now getting picked up on the UK Northern scene. Fryer managed to get to the tapes, which amazingly were still intact, and transferred them at half-speed for a truly explosive sound. On the flip is another cool instrumental track from the same period. The Right Kind whip up a funky R&B stormer with a slight mod edge.
FCL 062EP CONVAIRE: The New You 7″/CD (FCL 062EP) 12.00
Sydney’s indie-electronic-popettes, Convaire present their highly-anticipated debut EP, The New You. Equal measures quiet childhood nostalgia and barefooted summer festival romance, The New You is a sparkling indication of what Convaire do so exceptionally well — the art of creating synth-happy, ’80s-inspired, sweet pop songs. Inspired by the likes of Talking Heads, Friendly Fires and Phoenix, this EP is exciting enough to warrant a shoe shuffle and a couple of hand claps. Includes a 5 song CD inside.
FNMSE 002EP STEWART, MARK: Children Of The Revolution/Nothing Is Sacred 7″ (FNMSE 002EP) 7.00
Mark Stewart, sonic visionary and pioneer of mutant music returns. Limited edition of 500, individually hand-painted and numbered 7″ single for Black Friday. Double A-side. Each hand-worked sleeve constitutes one unique piece of Mark’s bombart. Ultra-violently noisy and perfectly capturing the restless mood on today’s global streets from London to Libya, these two non-album tracks come from recent sessions for Mark Stewart’s forthcoming LP. The apocalyptic revamp of T. Rex’s “Children Of The Revolution” sees Mark team up with The Bug for a jaggedly compulsive take on the glam classic. “Nothing Is Sacred” features Crass’ Eve Libertine, Berlin electro monsters Slope and Pop Group bassist Dan Catsis — a rabble-rousing clarion call and indictment of 2011 Britain.
GUESS 061LP WATERLOO: First Battle LP (GUESS 061LP) 23.50
2011 repress, first reissued in 2009; LP version including an insert with extensive liner notes and photos.
GUESS 089LP APPLE: An Apple A Day… LP (GUESS 089LP) 25.50
Super-rare UK ’60s garage-pop psychedelic, heavy mod-psych artifact which is a must for anyone into swinging London sounds — originally released in 1969. Master-tape sound, 180 gram vinyl and original artwork with old-style backflapped cover, including a facsimile of the full-color, very rare original insert, plus an extra insert with extensive liner notes by Andy Morten.
GUESS 090LP OCTOPUS: Restless Night LP (GUESS 090LP) 25.50
Brilliant UK 1970 disc blending melodic, guitar-driven pop with psychedelia, hard-rock and progressive rock. Produced by The Troggs’ Tony Murray and originally released on Larry Page’s Penny Farthing label. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl with the original artwork, including one bonus track from a previous 45 and an extra insert with extensive liner notes by Andy Morten. Gatefold sleeve.
HB 030CD PRETERITE: Pillar of Winds CD (HB 030CD) 15.00
“As to Preterite – they are as mysterious as their sounds, a collaborative duo that on one side is found sat Genevieve Beaulieu of Menace Ruine fame whilst the other finds James Hamilton one time Column, Annihilist these days Nebris. Across the five cuts that form their debut release Pillar of Winds they weave a darkly intoxicating spell charm that one minute veers from the pre post rock discordance of the late ’80s New Zealand scene a la Bruce Russell and Roy Montgomery as though re-visualised and relocated to the depths of Tibet as on ‘Synagogue’ to ‘Triall of Strength’ which to these oddly tuned ears sounds not unlike This Mortal Coil as seen through the viewfinder of Soriah with additional sonic assistance provided for by a youthful Flying Saucer Attack. All said though nothing quite touches the parting ‘Viriditas’ which ought by rights to have those Rise Above imprint and Current 93 admirers among you chomping soundly at the bit for through the fracturing soft psyche folk haze emerges something indelibly ingrained in a centuries old mysticism to sonically dissect succulently an aural axis upon which sits Baez, Mellow Candle and Comus. Quite perfect if you ask me.” –Mark Barton
HBWLS 021EP WHITE RING: Hey Hey, My My/Felt U 12″ (HBWLS 021EP) 16.00
“Limited, one time pressing of the first cover song ever recorded by Brooklyn duo White Ring- a crushing, dark electronic soundcarnation of Neil Young’s Hey Hey, My My’ Side B contains the first official release of ‘Felt U’, the duo’s most popular and most requested song, never before released on any album. This 12″ marks the second installment of the boutique-style White Label Series from Handmade Birds, celebrating underground DJ culture.”
HEK 014EP ANDREWS, GUY: Shades/Textures 12″ (HEK 014EP) 12.00
“Hemlock are proud to introduce the debut for Brighton boy Guy Andrews. Two tracks of brilliantly unpredictable, percussive wizardry with more twists than a season of the Killing. ‘Shades’ combines of precision drum edits, killer 808 booms and woodblock percussion that will bring a tear of nostalgia to the eye of the Blue Note & Metalheadz vets and a smile to the face of the most discerning new dancefloors. ‘Textures’ on the flip kills it with an arrangement that just keeps you guessing. Perfectly poised between light & dark, delicate & heavy, and taking you seamlessly from locked 4/4 to dubbed out techno via all-out percussive funk and back before you know it.”
HAFTW 012LP KIRBY, LEYLAND: Intrigue & Stuff Vol.3 LP (HAFTW 012LP) 18.00
Third of four releases in the Intrigue & Stuff series, new from James Leyland Kirby. The audio on Intrigue & Stuff always looking to the future, mindful of the past. Marrying analog with digital, making machines sing, think and imagine. The final part, volume four, will be released next year. Five tracks wide, 35 minutes long. Vinyl cut at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin. 500 copies only.
HJP 061EP ACTRESS: Rainy Dub/Faceless 12″ (HJP 061EP) 11.00
An implacable, trash-and-ready Son Of Sleng Teng bleeping, buzzing, knocking, dripping, reverberating — unresolved in nine minutes and a high-pressurized, quick-loading hyper-grub into star wars. The sleeve is de-bossed with metallic ink; the tracks are exclusive to this single (and won’t appear on Actress’ forthcoming Honest Jon’s album).
HJP 064EP PINCH & SHACKLETON: Boracay Drift 12″ (HJP 064EP) 11.00
“Boracay Drift” is the CD-only track from Pinch and Shackleton’s collaborative full-length for Honest Jon’s (HJR 059CD/LP). A pulverizing, apocalyptic opening gives way to a menacing bass excursion, expertly putting on the frighteners dubwise, before dissolving ambiguously into the amazing, extended vocal treatment — a thread of eerie, garbled sublimity, like a kind of black-magic plainsong. Morphosis’ epic remix is more spaced and spooked, the dread of the original version in check but still body-rocking and driving out of its silences.
HF 006CD SEPALCURE: Sepalcure CD (HF 006CD) 16.50
This is the debut full-length by the duo of Travis Stewart (Machinedrum) and Praveen Sharma (Braille) aka Sepalcure, utilizing the broader canvas of the album format to develop their collaborative process and incorporate the diverse influences present in each artist’s solo work into their sonic mixture. Machinedrum’s much-heralded Rooms LP reflects the impact of the frenetic, paranoid rhythms of the modern Chicago underground on the wider electronic world, while Sharma’s Braille productions highlight his emotional sensibility and melodic sensuality. “Yuh Nuh See” takes the bite out of juke’s trademark staccato bass and looping vocals, washing the tension away with lush melodies and dubbed-out atmospherics, while “Eternally Yrs” is a burbling update of the rave-house sound, with processed vocals rubbing up against woodblock beats and a relentlessly bouncing bass line. “The One” and first single “Pencil Pimp” are destined to light up dancefloors worldwide with their variations on classic house, while tracks like “See Me Feel Me” and “Outside” are breezy and sophisticated.
HF 006LP SEPALCURE: Sepalcure 2LP (HF 006LP) 23.00
Gatefold double LP version.
HUBRO 3510LP 1982: Pintura LP (HUBRO 3510LP) 22.00
LP version. This is the second album by Norwegian trio 1982. On Pintura, they lift their interaction and experimentation to a new level. 1982 must be designated as a super-group within the genre of modern, improvised chamber music. The group’s instrumentation is unusual. As far as anyone can tell, there is no other ensemble playing improvised music using the combination of harmonium, drums and Hardanger fiddle. This gives 1982 a distinctive sound, but in a purely musical sense, too, the group follows their own path. Fiddler Nils Økland has a background as a folk musician, and is renowned internationally for his innovative playing style. His solo albums on the ECM and Rune Grammofon labels have received glowing reviews. Økland was a member of the Christian Wallumrød Ensemble for several years. Sigbjørn Apeland plays church organ and harmonium, and holds Norway’s only doctorate in ethnomusicology. He is known for operating at the point where folk music, church music and improvisational music intersect. While studying organ, he became involved in learning from and playing free jazz with the legendary British drummer John Stevens. Sigbjørn Apeland and Nils Økland have also collaborated as a duo for decades, releasing a critically-acclaimed record on ECM inspired by Norwegian violinist Ole Bull and his home at Lysøen. Drummer Øyvind Skarbø has studied with Terje Isungset. He plays with BMX, Kresten Osgood, Per Jørgensen and the Icelandic guitarist Hilmar Jensson, in addition to working with a solo project under the name of DIE, Allroundhandwerker!. Skarbø found the inspiration for the name of the album when he visited the Joan Miró museum in Barcelona. “When you see the picture with the same name, the first thing that grabs your attention is a rough, monochromatic figure, which must have been painted with a broad brush. Then, when you get closer, you notice that the background, in contrast, is very detailed and nuanced. I don’t know if this can function as a description of our music, but I did think it was significant.” The album was recorded at Grieg Hall studio in Bergen with technician Davide Bertolini.
SOMA 005LP SUNN O))) MEETS NURSE WITH WOUND: The Iron Soul Of Nothing 2LP (SOMA 005LP) 29.00
Finally, available now as double vinyl set, this is a must for fans of both of these legendary sonic travelers: Steven Stapleton and Colin Potter twist SUNN O)))’s 2000 album ØØVOID inside-out on Nurse With Wound’s dissection table. “In 2007 we commissioned Nurse With Wound to re-work the masters of SUNN O)))’s second album ØØVOID to be included as a bonus CD on the Japanese reissue of said album released a year later on Daymare Recordings. We dug up the original 2″ reels from the 2000 session, had Mell Dettmer bake the tapes, made the multi-track transfers and sent the drive over to IC studios. The initial brief was to hopefully come up with something in the vein of Nurse’s legendary Soliloquy For Lilith set (my favorite release of the collective). What was returned was way beyond our expectations, completely transformed and rediscovered material, including highlighting formerly obscured vocals of the legendary Pete Stahl (Scream, Wool, Goatsnake). A vast, creepy sonic journey some part drone/depth of SUNN O))), other part concrete weirdness of Nurse, third part just downright out there in surreality and obscure referencing.” –Stephen O’Malley; Alchemical dialysis at IC Studio November and December 2007. Procedures executed by Steven Stapleton & Colin Potter. Produced by SUNN O))) & Scott Reeder. Ideologic Organ curation and art direction by Stephen O’Malley.
IRL 004CD THROBBING GRISTLE: Heathen Earth: The Live Sound Of Throbbing Gristle 2CD (IRL 004CD) 21.00
Originally released in 1980, Heathen Earth is a crucial live document of industrial pioneers Throbbing Gristle. In member Chris Carter’s own words: “You had to have been there. Which is what we always say about TG. TG on record and TG live are two completely different things.” This album is probably the closest approximation of the two you’ll ever get: it’s a “live in-studio recording” made in front of a small audience and the event was filmed by Monte Cazzaza with the intention of also releasing it on video. The majority of the set is instrumental, fluctuating between the raw electronics of their early work and the band’s more melodic material. Tracks include a rework of early classic “After Cease To Exist” and Brion Gysin fave “Dreammachine.” The bonus CD includes live recordings, plus the 7″ single versions of “Subhuman” and “Adrenalin.” Part of the re-release of Throbbing Gristle’s first five albums on vinyl and CD. Each album has been restored and remastered specifically for each format by Chris Carter from 24bit “baked tape” digital transfers of the original first generation analogue master tapes. Each of the CD special-editions are presented in a gatefold sleeve featuring restored and remastered cover artwork and an integrated 8-page booklet (the booklets feature different artwork and content than the vinyl editions). Each CD special-edition also includes an exclusive bonus CD containing content from the year of the album’s original release, including live tracks and remastered singles.
IRL 004LP THROBBING GRISTLE: Heathen Earth: The Live Sound Of Throbbing Gristle LP (IRL 004LP) 23.00
Gatefold LP version. The newly cut 180-gram vinyl editions include painstakingly restored cover artworks, using original source material from the Industrial Records visual archive. In addition, each of the vinyl releases includes an exclusive large format 8-page color booklet featuring an abundance of Throbbing Gristle archival material, including some previously-unpublished photos of the band. Each vinyl release is limited to 2,000 copies.
IF 2037EP AGORIA FEAT. CARL CRAIG & LA SCALARS: Speechless (Remixes Vol 1) 12″ (IF 2037EP) 12.00
Part one of two white vinyl EPs with exclusive and unreleased remixes of Agoria’s “Speechless,” the hot single featuring Carl Craig and La Scalars from the album Impermanence. This one’s got remixes from Radioslave and Carl Craig. Somebody think of another expression besides “tip!” for fuck’s sake.
IF 2038EP AGORIA FEAT. CARL CRAIG & LA SCALARS: Speechless (Remixes Vol 2) 12″ (IF 2038EP) 12.00
The second white vinyl EP in this series, with an remixe from Gesaffelstein, plus Agoria’s own “Whisper Dub” on the flip.
IFEEL 017EP MIND FAIR: Kerry’s Scene 12″ (IFEEL 017EP) 12.00
Mind Fair is the psychedelic folk-rock brainchild of Dean Meredith (Chicken Lips, Goat Dance and The Rhythm Odyssey) and Ben Shenton. It’s time for some Armenian-influenced disco, courtesy of “Kerry’s Scene,” a marriage of Shenton’s loose instrumentation and harmonica fixation and Meredith’s distinctive production styles (with a Moog solo from The Climax Blues Bands’ Derek Holt). Add to this two deep remixes from Legowelt and Theo Parrish and you know you’ve got something very special on your hands.
The first single on the Jukebox Jam series, the pairing of the incredible Rose Mitchell and Jo Ann Henderson versions of “Baby Please Don’t Go,” was an instant sell-out. This is a unique 45 rpm 10″ pressing, pressed with a 78 rpm style label, housed in a specially-made, hand screen-printed company sleeve, featuring exclusive artwork. As a bonus the 10″ also offers a jazzy rendition by the legendary Big Maybelle, recorded live at the Newport Jazz Festival, 1958.
JBJ 1025EP BIG TINY KENNEDY AND HIS ORCHESTRA: Country Boy/Strange Kind Of Feeling 7″ (JBJ 1025EP) 11.00
Two total killers from Big Tiny Kennedy, a cutely-named singer whose over-bearing and fulsome vocal presence was said to be only over-shadowed by his huge physical dimensions. These were amongst Tiny’s last credited releases — one side a deceptively slouching flip on the “Hound Dog” motif and the other a full-bodied jump blues dancer. Limited run of only 500 copies pressed.
JM 086EP TJADER, CAL: Mamblues 7″ (JM 086EP) 8.00
Vibes wizard belts out a fiery Latin jazz gem with a version on the flip that’s pure fatback funk. Cal Tjader was a vibraphonist of Swedish-American heritage based in California, contracted to Fantasy Records. In 1958 he cut the frenzied “Mamblues,” a truly amazing piece of bangin’ Latin jazz. In 1972 the song was revisited on the soundtrack to the full-length adult-rated cartoon movie Fritz The Cat. Only this time lean, mean time-keepin’ machine Bernard “Pretty” Purdie was in the traps.
JMAN 043LP CONTRERAS, TINO: El Jazz Mexicano De Tino Contreras 2LP (JMAN 043LP) 25.50
2LP version. Jazzman’s never-ending mission to reveal the under-appreciated-yet-worthy-of-attention jazz masters around the world has now taken them far away and across the sea to Mexico. Not the first port of call you’d consider if you were looking for hard bop or modal jazz, but here they have found an incredible jazz drummer whose career has spanned over 5 decades, and who is still playing to this day. In that time, Tino Contreras has produced countless recordings, played innumerable live dates and performed with various jazz groups all around the world. Yet he is still relatively unknown, and probably Mexico’s best-kept jazz secret. During his far-reaching travels over the years, all kinds of weird and wonderful sounds have come to influence the music of the imaginative Mexican jazzman. Hear Latinesque ritual chants on “Orfeo En Los Tambores,” insane percussion on the high-tempo jazz-dance favorite “What Is This Thing Called Love,” avant-garde experimentation with a psychedelic subframe on “Orbita,” exotic waltz-time jazz on “Visnu” and religiously-themed chamber jazz with choir on “Credo,” Santo” and “Gloria.” Not only that, but noted influences from India, Egypt, Turkey and Brazil create a most fascinating jazz album, the likes of which you will most likely never have heard before. Jazzman tells the story of the maverick that is Tino Contreras, showcasing his unique and fascinating career with extensive original liner notes in both English and Spanish with comments from Tino himself. 180 gram vinyl pressing housed in a gatefold sleeve.
JRLP 001LP DIDDLEY, BO: Is A…Sessionman – Studio Work 1955-1957 LP (JRLP 001LP) 19.50
Gatefold LP version. Jerome Records presents this first ever compilation showcasing all of Bo Diddley’s pre-debut studio recordings. The riveting recordings he launched in the mid-’50s, with their unmistakably powerful phrasing, mesmerizing riffs and wild beat, changed the course of popular music and gave way to one of the most personal — and most frequently imitated — sounds in rock and roll. And yet, Bo Diddley’s unique artistic personality goes beyond his work as a singer, guitar player and performer: this collection showcases his skills as a first-rate composer, talent-scout, session musician and producer of R&B stars such as Little Walter, Billy Boy Arnold, Billy Stewart, the The Schoolboys and the The Marquees (featuring a youthful Marvin Gaye in their line-up). Deluxe packaging with artist pics, label shots and extensive liner notes by George R. White, author of Living Legend, Bo Diddley’s biography. Remastered sound.
JRLP 002LP LITTLE RICHARD: The Implosive Little Richard LP (JRLP 002LP) 19.50
Subtitled: The Pre-Specialty Sessions 1951-1953. The legend wants it that when Little Richard was working as a dishwasher in a restaurant, he used to sing and shout in the same irrepressible way that would make him famous a few years later, when his concerts were being televised all around the world. This set finally corroborates such a legend. The Implosive Little Richard illustrates the reconstruction process of the wildest and freest identity in rock and roll history. Here are all of Richard’s first recordings from the early ’50s with the Johnny Otis and Billy Wright bands, the Deuces of Rhythm and the Tempo Toppers. All his pre-Specialty, pre-“Tutti Frutti” waxings, including his four RCA singles and all the 45s he recorded for Peacock Records. Housed in a gatefold sleeve with extensive liners, label shots, dozens of pictures, vintage press clippings and reviews.
KITSUNE 041LP VA: Kitsuné Maison Compilation 12: The Good Fun Issue 2LP (KITSUNE 041LP) 26.50
Here is the 12th edition of the Kitsuné Maison compilation series with The Good Fun Issue. Kitsuné’s head-honcho and brain behind its renowned compilation series, Gildas Loaëc, is letting us discover it for the first time on headphones because his young sons are sleeping next door. However, the energy is more present than ever in the spontaneous musical outbursts gathered in this new edition and which were, of course, conceived in bedrooms, kitchens, garages, etc. These tunes sure don’t beat around the bush and never fail to provoke emotions or make you wanna jump up with joy. Artists include: Citizens!, Computer Magic, The Cast Of Cheers, Housse De Racket, Oliver, Mark Ronson & The Business Intl., Plastic Plates, White Shadow, The Magician (feat. Jeppe), Fabian, Lemaitre, Juveniles, Theme Park, Plaintext, New Navy, Man Without Country, Trophy Wife, Tesla, Heartsrevolution and Pyramid. Housed in a fashionable full-color gatefold sleeve.
KOM 233EP WRUHME, ROBAG: Donnerkuppel 12″ (KOM 233EP) 12.50
Robag Wruhme returns to Kompakt with his focus firmly on the dancefloor. With its dramatically beautiful ethereal hookline, the title-track is a perfect follow-up to Robag’s previous outings on Kompakt Extra. One for those magical morning hours. “Wemmel” is another fine example of his stunning craftsmanship, floating freely between advanced deep house and 2-step, dubstep, tech-step and whatever step you want. “Polch Dutto” boils things down nicely towards the end with some lush, soundtrack-like ambience.
LAID 015EP RVDS: Moon Oddity 12″ (LAID 015EP) 12.00
Richard von der Schulenburg aka RVDS presents with “Moon Oddity” the real house music soundtrack to a weekend’s journey into outer space. This eccentric 12″ is the result of playing his synths and drum computers virtually like no other. Dance music has never been so quirky, wacky, jacky — far out deep inside.
LSR 002EP EPROM: Feldspar/Psycho 12″ (LSR 002EP) 11.00
The Leisure System collective from Berlin presents the second release from their newly-founded label. Responsible for the bass assault this time is San Francisco-based producer Eprom. After releases on labels like Warp and Rwina, and with one of the biggest tunes of 2010 (“Shoplifter”), Eprom graces Leisure System with nothing less than full peak-time anthems. “Feldspar” is like a 140 bpm wrecking ball, purpose-built for rewinds and dancefloor freak-outs. “Psycho” brings the speed down, but keeps up with the raw energy.
LL 056EP SUBS, THE: Decontrol 12″ (LL 056EP) 12.00
After the success of The Face Of The Planet and Don’t Stop, The Subs bring you their newest single, the title-track from their album Decontrol (LL 009CD). It’s a slow, sleazy & sexy song that builds and builds toward its apotheosis: “We want your mad soul, we want decontrol.” Decontrol is backed by some amazing remixes from D.I.M., Aquarius Heaven, and Black Strobe.
LL 058EP AZZIDO DA BASS: Dooms Day 12″ (LL 058EP) 12.00
Ingo Martens aka Azzido Da Bass has been a constant in the international electronic music business. It all started in 1999, when his first single Dooms Night was released and entered the UK Top Ten single sales charts with a re-release in 2000. Dooms Night has sold more than 250,000 copies since. Now he returns with a big club tune, “Dooms Day,” which was produced together with Phil Speiser. Includes strong remixes by Tocadisco, Sounds Of Stereo and The Drill.
PLAYRJC 015EP CITIZEN’S BAND, THE: 77 Reasons 12″ (PLAYRJC 015EP) 12.50
Ramona welcomes a new name to her ever-growing happy family. In fact, it’s actually an old band member. Christian Beisswenger aka CB Funk aka one-half of Arto Mwambe debuts as The Citizen’s Band with some novel sounds on risky grounds. In love with details, fragile sounds, little tricks and with a fine ear for the action, “West 42nd” delves into deep, bleepy house. “77 Reasons,” however, plays around with a memorable little melody, a skanking lead and some boom sonics.
MONKEY 019EP LAZER SWORD: Sounds Sane/Klock 10″ (MONKEY 019EP) 16.50
Lazer Sword is Low Limit and Lando Kal. Sounds Sane/Klock is the perfect teaser for the upcoming Lazer Sword album. Both tracks on this 10″ reflect their trademark electro-funked dancefloor hip-hop sound mixed with UK funky influences and uptempo, glitchy electronica. Lazer Sword are the missing link between Modeselektor, eLan and Siriusmo and therefore a perfect addition to the exclusive label roster. Packaging: 10″ in a full cover with a printed inner sleeve on colored pink vinyl.
MR 310EP ESKORBUTO: Ya No Quedan Mas Cojones, Eskorbuto A Las Elecciones 12″ (MR 310EP) 16.50
Reissue of this 1986 cassette by Eskorbuto, one of the most influential punk bands in the Spanish and Latin American scenes. Its original release was part of their campaign to enter the Spanish general elections as a political party. They didn’t achieve it, but the songs here told more truths that any political speech. These six tracks offer what they are known for: radicalism, a self-taught style and crude lyrics. Another blow of their anti-everything stand. Includes insert.
MUTABLE 17545 JOSEPH, DAN: Tonalization (For The Afterlife) CD (MUTABLE 17545) 13.00
“Mutable Music is pleased to announce the release of the latest collection of chamber works by New York-based composer and hammer dulcimer player Dan Joseph. The central work is the 33-minute multi-movement sextet Tonalization (for the afterlife) scored for flute, violin, cello, marimba, harpsichord and hammer dulcimer. The work, composed in 2009, was the composer’s first new large-scale piece to follow his 2006 collection Archaea and marked the return of the Dan Joseph Ensemble to New York’s concert stages after a two-year hiatus. Along with the accompanying duos Wind Patterns and Music Primer, these three works formed the core of the ensemble’s repertoire from 2009 to 2011. While discernibly tethered to minimalist and post-minimalist idioms, the works on this CD draw strongly from the composer’s decade in California (1991-2001), where he came into contact with West-coast pioneers Terry Riley, Lou Harrison and Pauline Oliveros and studied Chinese and near Eastern folk music. The works thus combine the rhythmic drive of pulse minimalism with a contemplative, improvisational approach. Ever present, however, is the composer’s strong sense of timbre and unabashed ear for pure beauty.”
MUTABLE 17546 FLOYD, J.B.: Another Time And Place CD (MUTABLE 17546) 13.00
Subtitled: Music For Pianist And Yamaha Disklavier. “This compilation of JB Floyd’s keyboard music with the aid of the Yamaha Disklavier, spanning over 30 years of his career, signifies the great breadth of his creative experience and his surprising individuality in such diverse disciplines of musical style. ‘Tribute For my Father’ (1991) is a live performance by the composer. ‘Solos And Sequences I'(1999) is a composition for pianist and Yamaha Disklavier performed here by Liana Pailodze. ‘Variations-1979’ was the first composition to capture the kind of music that Floyd has been improvising all his life. ‘Waves: The Ebb And Flow’ (1981) is related to the sounds of the Atlantic Ocean and its powerful, incessant wave motion. ‘Solos And Sequences II, for pianist and Yamaha Disklavier, performed by Liana Pailodze.The unique sounds of the Buchla Synthesizer inspires ‘Prince Of Pentacles’ (1979) by transforming the piano to enable it to realize many more possibilities of timbre. ‘Another Time And Place (1993), for Yamaha Disklavier, virtual instruments, percussion and solo pianist, performed by Doug Floyd and JB Floyd.”
NONPLUS 018EP DOUBLEHEART: Salsa Apocalypso 12″ (NONPLUS 018EP) 13.00
“Instra:mental’s ever-evolving imprint drops one of the more esoteric dance singles of the year in Doubleheart’s ‘Salsa,’ a glooped out swirl of an electro-house joint that jams on a particularly twisted variety of wavelengths. What strikes initially is the oscillating breakdown, but once inside the blender we are subjected to beady, drizzled percussion and six different shades of fire. A true hybrid, JD Twitch and Neil Landstrumm’s new Doubleheart project sounds very next level, indeed.”
45 165EP VA: Giant Gila Monster Vol. 1 7″ (45 165EP) 5.50
“Rare 1959 West Coast rock n’ roll from the vaults of Cascade Records. Joe Johnson plays ‘Gila Monster’ and’ Cool Love.’ Bob Norris plays ‘Party Time.'”
45 166EP VA: Giant Gila Monster Vol. 2 7″ (45 166EP) 5.50
“More wild sounds from Cascade Records. Tommy Knackin plays ‘Worry Worry Worry.’ Joe Johnson plays ‘Gila Monster (alternate take)’ and the Three Dimensions play ‘Alone.'”
45 167EP KNIGHTS OF THE NEW CRUSADE: Christmas At Montsegur 7″ (45 167EP) 5.50
“New holiday sides from everyone’s favorite obnoxious Christian rock band.”
45 169EP SUN RA: Sun Ra Presents the Qualities 7″ (45 169EP) 5.50
“Reissue of impossibly rare 1955 Sun Ra doo wop chants.” On red vinyl.
45 172EP TANDOORI KNIGHTS, THE: I Hear Someone Cry 7″ (45 172EP) 5.50
“King Khan and Bloodshot Bill return with more Eastern musical delicacies!”
45 173EP LUIS AND THE WILDFIRES: Who Likes Christmas Anyway? 7″ (45 173EP) 5.50
“Yuletide scorch from East LA’s premier rockers! Feliz Navidad it ain’t!” On red vinyl.
45 9664EP CORTEZ, DAVE ‘BABY’: Jumpin’ Jack Flash 7″ (45 9664EP) 5.50
“Instrumental Stones dance floor shakers from two R and B giants! Produced by Mick Collins!”
ED 377LP FIGURES OF LIGHT: Drop Dead LP (ED 377LP) 13.00
“The Figures return with fifteen blazing Stooges/Velvets inspired new songs recorded live in one night in a Brooklyn basement studio. Original members Wheeler Dixon and Michael Downey are joined by Mick Collins (who produced the LP), Miriam Linna and Marcus ‘The Carcass’ Natale.”
ED 378LP VA: Battle of Rat Fink Hill LP (ED 378LP) 13.00
Subtitled: Crude Unissued Pittsburgh Instrumentals 1961-63. “Unissued Link Wray and Bo Diddley inspired Pittsburgh teen band instrumentals 1961-1963 all from master tapes.”
ED 379LP SHANNON, DEL: Move It On Over LP (ED 379LP) 15.00
“First ever comp of Del’s 1964-1966 incredible Amy sides with tuff backing by the Royaltones! Included unissued Link Wray style intro Torture. Don’t miss this one.”
ED 380LP CORTEZ, DAVE ‘BABY’: Dave ‘Baby’ Cortez With Lonnie Youngblood & His Bloodhounds LP (ED 380LP) 13.00
“Killer new instrumental workouts from ‘Baby,’ the man who topped the charts in 1959 with ‘the Happy Organ,’ his first new recordings in decades. Dave is joined by sax legend Lonnie Youngblood who recorded with Jimi Hendrix just prior to the Experience. Produced by Mick Collins.”
NNF 245CD RANGERS: Pan Am Stories CD (NNF 245CD) 12.00
“Tape-warped phantom band Rangers finally unleash the lush, soaring, expansive prog-pop opus we always knew was floating inside the fretboard (and imagination) of multi-instrumentalist mystery maestro Joe Knight. The north Dallas-raised, San Fran-residing head Ranger grew up taking classical guitar lessons from a dude who claimed to have ‘toured with the Dead,’ and some of that brain-wonked jam agenda obviously seeped into the young Knight, who began recording his own loose, lo-fi jangle sprawls in 2005. But whereas last year’s critically lauded Suburban Tours LP found him condensing his cassette-crushed alien pop into 3 minute radio nuggets, Pan Am Stories uses the reverse strategy, letting each blurry strum pattern coast away and ride the breeze a bit before steering it into a fresh counter-melody or flanged-out guitar comedown. The extra breath and space gives the 13 songs a real sense of freedom and lightness and flight, layered in gentle blankets of fuzz, silky reverb, and audio collage riddles. A total saga, and a summit achievement of next-level invention for Knight as a musician (it’s insane he played/recorded every instrument on this thing!) and artist. Have been soaking in these tracks non-stop since we first heard ’em this summer and are thrilled to get to share Stories with the world.”
Pional spreads his alternative vision of house music all over the world. All the tracks pay great attention to detail, are hard to pigeonhole and reach from ’80s pop to far-out, beat-driven Kraut house, while Bostro Pesopeo’s melodic sense and Pional’s varied voice keeps everything together.
PETS 014EP VA: Friends Will Carry You Home 12″ (PETS 014EP) 12.50
Greg & Voitek aka Catz N’ Dogz unleash a trio of new tracks. Friends Will Carry You Home is a compilation of exclusive new material split over three EPs (#1 digital, #2 vinyl), each bursting at the seams. Part 2’s vinyl release is led by man of the moment, Maceo Plex and his incredible remix of Martin Dawson’s “Think About It” (feat. Ryan Gant). Mercury brings their cosmic chords to Pol_On’s “Molala,” and Bubba presents his classic-deep-tech cut “Floor Control.”
PCL 019CD RZEWSKI, FREDERIC: The People United Will Never Be Defeated CD (PCL 019CD) 20.00
“Frederic Rzewski is a prominent composer of the American avant-garde. A student of Milton Babbitt and Walter Piston, Rzewski’s works have a strong socio-historical background, inspired by his deep political conscience. One of his best-known works is the colossal set of piano variations on a Chilean protest song by Sergio Ortega, The People United will Never be Defeated. This fascinating set of 36 variations explores new pianistic techniques, new sonorities, use of extreme registers and improvisational elements (whistling of the performer, slamming the piano lid…) all of which present a huge challenge to the pianist. This recording is a classic, as pianist Ursula Oppens is the dedicatee of this work and the ideal interpreter, given her specialization in 20th Century piano music.”
PLUS 8120EP JEWEIL, JULIAN: Hermanos EP 12″ (PLUS 8120EP) 11.00
Julian Jeweil’s second EP on Plus 8 confirms Jeweil’s status as one of techno’s most reliable talents. “Hermanos” is a thunderous affair where tight, bobbling basslines quickly unravel to expose a housier percussive line and kick drum. “Tabasco” features micro clicks and blips bubbling around an undulate beat structure that hits hard and deep. “Circus” is another streamlined, urgent, minimalistic affair that establishes a groove before peppering it with abstract, alien sounds. “Juice” delves into the darkened nether-regions of minimal techno’s underbelly.
POPC 108EP BAKER/VARETTA DILLARD, JANE: Sing On, Baby/That’s Why I Cry 7″ (POPC 108EP) 8.00
Two sassy female vocal popcorn R&B sides, making up quite the sweet little package. Jane Baker’s “Sing On, Baby” is a swaying, finger-popping mid-tempo mover with cracking horns and backing vox. A tried-and-tested floor worker and a long-established classic on the flourishing popcorn and R&B scenes. If you prefer a slightly grittier sound, you’ll like Varetta Dillard — there is something distinctively raw about her yearning, broken vocal delivery along with the blues guitar licks and rasping sax solo.
DRUNK 024LP EKOPLEKZ: Intrusive Incidentalz Vol. 1 LP (DRUNK 024LP) 23.00
“Following critically acclaimed releases with Mordant Music and Further Records, Ekoplekz delivers his first album for Punch Drunk. Dispensing entirely with notions of accessibility and dancefloor friendliness, Intrusive Incidentalz Vol.1 is a 12 track collection of dark, oppressive atmospheres and violently unstable interludes, developed through studio improvisation and inspired by childhood memories of terrifying electronic soundtrack music from the 1970s, yet combined with a post-dubstep sensibility and a sense of dread informed by the social, economic and political climate of life in 2011. A bleak retro-futurist fantasy, or oblique soundtrack for a broken Britain? The truth probably lies somewhere between the two.’
RER CTA17 DRAKE, BOB: Bob’s Drive-In CD (RER CTA17) 17.00
“A set of twisty, forty-ideas-a-minute, niftily arranged, irredeemably eccentric, but strangely brilliant songs that skip blithely across genre borders – from Nashville through the Miskatonic by way of the Beach Boys, even the production values range across the history of recording, sometimes switching inside a single song; a high information ride, but still engagingly listenable. Finished with his new CD, Bob sends the raw songs — just chords and melody — to Dave Kerman (ds), David Campbell (bs, vc) and Kavus Torabi (guit, vc) and, a few months later, they assemble at the Crumbling Tomes studio to work up the songs for a performance. Bob is in the band but the band is not being taught his interpretations and arrangements. It finds its own. After a week of rehearsals, there is a show for an invited audience, recorded live. So now we have a second great album – quite different from Bob’s own. On the CD, both versions sit side-by-side, each very different, but still intimately linked to one another. A study, if you are so inclined; fun if you isn’t. That’s the sort of thing I call experimental.” –Chris Cutler
“Now in their twenty-fourth year, the Necks’ new release, Mindset, their sixteenth album, and first LP – features two starkly contrasting tracks: the pulsating, raw, ‘Rum Jungle’ and the slower building, rather hypnotic ‘Daylights.’ Polyrhythms imbue both pieces with powerful forward motion, embroiled with which ethereal piano patterns interweave with bass, drums, electronics, churning Hammonds and noise-guitars. Drummer and percussionist Tony Buck writes: Mindset shares some elements in common with our previous album Silverwater (RER NECKS9), mostly in some mixing approaches and rhythmic devices – a reflection of our ongoing fascination with polymetric material and varying simultaneous pulses, but it’s a whole other thing again, and the two tracks are very different from one another –‘Rum Jungle’ captures the live approach of the piano, bass, and drum trio a lot more, while ‘Daylights’ features a bed of electronics and little sounds that slowly converge, coalescing into a multi-layered, multi-tempo, swirling soundscape.”
RT 1005CD VA: Gas-s-s-s CD (RT 1005CD) 17.00
Directed by the legendary Roger Corman, Gas-s-s-s was a light-hearted B-movie about the accidental release of a gas deadly to anyone over the age of twenty-five. This long-lost soundtrack, which originally appeared in November 1970, is sure to be of interest to fans of vintage San Francisco rock, as it was overseen by Barry ‘The Fish’ Melton and features rare performances by both Country Joe & The Fish (as Johnny & The Tornados) and Joy Of Cooking (as The Gourmet’s Delight). Rounding it off are a number of intriguing songs penned by Melton and Country Joe McDonald, and performed by the movie’s star, Robert Corff, a former actor in Hair.
REMOTE 036EP TAPIA, RAMON: Day One 12″ (REMOTE 036EP) 12.00
Remote Area presents two tracks from Ramon Tapia. “Day One” is high-octane madness made all the more crazy with cheeky audio strips and manic laughter. Enjoy the depth of the groove and the mayhem. “Oktober” is not for the faint-hearted. Raw and relentless beats drive you out of your comfort zone over to the eerie and edgy. Then, just when your hands shoot up in the air and you’re screaming for breath, it plunges you back down, just like a techno roller coaster.
This is the 17th edition of the Rinse label’s compilation series, mixed by Elijah & Skilliam. Their aim for this mix: to showcase the best of grime in 2011. This mix features a majority of instrumental productions, including “Take Off” by Faze Miyake — widely regarded as the instrumental grime track of the year — with key vocal contributions from P Money, Blacks, Trim and Wiley. Elijah & Skilliam run their own successful label and club night, “Butterz,” with highly acclaimed releases from artists such as P Money, Trim and Terror Danjah. The duo’s aim with this 27-track, all grime mix, much like their Rinse show, is to showcase the best of grime so far this year, alongside some of their exclusive dubplates. But unlike most grime mixes, they’ve aimed it straight at the club with a real beginning, middle and end. There is currently no-one better placed than Elijah & Skilliam to bring you a snapshot of grime music in 2011. Elijah and Skilliam have initiated a lot of what appears here; pushing Trim for “I Am,” giving Starkey’s beat for “This Aint Me” to Trim and instigating P Money’s “Boo You,” and Royal-T’s remix of Grime’s godfather Wiley. The mix is also packed with exclusives, taking in DJ Q’s remix of “Woooo” by S-X and Starkey’s remix of “Air Bubble,” previously only available on vinyl from Butterz. Also included is “Tag,” a one-off producer battle by Swindle, Wizzy Wow, Rude Kid and Terror Danjah, an exclusive previewed only a couple of times on their Rinse FM Thursday night/Friday morning show. Other artists include: D.O.K., Slickman, Mr. Mitch, Rossi B & Luca, P Jam, Ruby Lee Ryder, Spooky, Teddy, Bok Bok, Preditah, Treble Clef and TRC.
Rune Grammofon are very excited to present a young trio of gifted Norwegian musicians with one foot in heavy rock and one in jazz. Hedvig, Ellen and Ivar are all from the districts but met at the music academy in Oslo. Hedvig asked them to join her after receiving the Jazz Talent of the Year award at Molde International Jazzfestival in 2009. Hedvig Mollestad Thomassen (guitar) was born in Ålesund and grew up in a musical family where both jazz and rock played a part in her life. She states Nirvana, Melvins, Jimi Hendrix, Motorpsycho and Miles Davis as important musicians, while jazz guitarist Jon Eberson and Snah (Motorpsycho) is mentioned as guitarists she has listened to with special attention. Hedvig also plays with Jon Eberson as well as with Norwegian chart-topping pop/funk sensation Jarle Bernhoft and Hilde Marie Kjersem. Ellen Brekken (electric and acoustic bass) is from Tynset, her musical journey taking her from a pop background towards a more jazzy territory. Her teacher and mentor is bassist Bjørn Kjellemyr, most known for his long co-operation with guitarist Terje Rypdal. Rypdal is also sited as a major influence by Ellen. She is involved in several projects and has previously played with former Svein Finnerud Trio’s drummer Espen Rud, Bugge Wesseltoft and Nana Vasconcelos. Ivar Loe Bjørnstad (drums) is from Surnadal and studied jazz at the Music Academy in Oslo with Bushman’s Revenge guitarist Even Hermansen. His musical background is rock in the form of grunge and metal but he also mentions guitarist Bill Frisell as a major influence together with major Norwegian drummers Audun Kleive and Per Oddvar Johansen. He has played with Bjørn Kjellemyr, Jon Eberson, Karl Seglem, Hilde Marie Kjersem, Ken Stringfellow and many more. Their debut album Shoot! was recorded live in the studio with just a couple of minor overdubs. It was mixed by Kai Andersen in Athletic Sound and mastered at Dave Collins Mastering in Los Angeles. Fully instrumental apart from the shouts in Melvins’ “Blood Witch,” Shoot! is more song-structured in nature than other guitar-led trios such as Bushman’s Revenge and Scorch Trio.
LP version with mp3 download voucher.
RH 116CD VA: Rush Hour Presents – Amsterdam All Stars CD (RH 116CD) 17.00
If you want to get a piece of some top-notch, upfront action from the underground culture of Amsterdam, Rush Hour Presents – Amsterdam All Stars gives you a front row seat. The 12 exclusive tracks that together make up this compilation take you straight to the heart of what’s bubbling in the nightlife of Mokum town. The Amsterdam All Stars release truly does capture the current spirit of house music from the Dutch capital. The project is curated by Rush Hour and compiles the latest output from Amsterdam-based (or born) house producers. It paints a detailed picture of the nightlife away from the big arenas led by super-star performers. Rather, it zooms in on the music that gets played at small, dark clubs in the city’s back streets. The album includes contributions from long-time Rush Hour affiliates like Awanto3, San Proper and Tom Trago as well as music from extended family members such as Boris Werner, Dexter, Melon, Juju & Jordash, Newworldaquarium and Steve Rachmad. Newcomers like Maxi Mill and Simon Weiss and Young Marco show that the city keeps delivering new talent, accepting the torch wholeheartedly.
RH 116LP VA: Rush Hour Presents – Amsterdam All Stars 2LP (RH 116LP) 23.00
Limited edition 2LP version with download code.
RH N1-CD NEBRASKA: Displacement CD (RH N1-CD) 17.00
Since 2009, Nebraska has released four EPs for Rush Hour. This is now being followed up by his first album for the label, Displacement. The album consists of smooth and elegant tracks such as “You & I” and “The Cruives” to the more upfront disco of “Patina” or “Phthalo Blues.” It also holds some of the best tracks from his EPs, like catchy disco anthem “This Is The Way” and the soul-drenched “The Other Side.” On Displacement, Nebraska continues what he does best; combining fun-loving, party-starting disco jams with cinematic, luscious work-outs.
Double cassette version. “Volume 8 in the ongoing FRKWYS series on RVNG Intl. is a double album-length collaboration between Blues Control and Laraaji. Following the ‘fodder first’ tradition of previous FRKWYS installments, Vol. 8 was birthed over e-mail dialogue between RVNG and Russ Waterhouse and Lea Cho of Blues Control. Blues Control’s evolved output gracefully arcs with influence and innovation that gleams electronic, New Age, and hard rock terrains. Laraaji’s name came up early in that conversation and felt intrinsic to Waterhouse and Cho’s own musical calling. After learning various instruments in his formative years and studying composition at Howard University, Laraaji eventually found his musical conduit in an electronically-modified zither. Laraaji’s 1979 album Celestial Vibration (recorded as Edward Larry Gordon) places the stringed instrument at the forefront on two side-length excursions in rhythmic ambiance. The 1980 album Ambient 3: Day of Radiance, produced by Brian Eno for his ambient record series, further documented Laraaji’s zither explorations alongside Eno’s soundscaping. Laraaji continues to pursue music both in its recorded form and as a healing tool. Over two album sides, the listener is transported from the urban sound garden of ‘Awakening Day,’ through the soulful yow of ‘Light Ships,’ into the texture bliss of ‘City of Love,’ and finally the reflective pool of ‘Freeflow’. The first bonus track ‘Somebody Scream’ demonstrates Laraaji’s dexterous zither-playing over thirty-five minutes of music, while the second, ‘Astral Jam,’ starts with a Wu-like beat (courtesy of Laraaji) and warps into a rolling snare trance.” Includes a download code for the full album, plus an hour of bonus material.
SING 016LP PROTEX: Strange Obsessions LP (SING 016LP) 14.00
“Strange Obsessions has long been the holy grail of fervent record collectors worldwide. Rumors have abound that this album had been released in Holland and or that there were a small number of white label test pressings in existence but none of these claims have ever been substantiated. As far as I can ascertain, this is the first time that ten of these tracks have become commercially available anywhere. The fruits of these Chas Chandler sessions had only been previously hinted at with the bands final singles and the track All I Wanna Do Is Rock ‘N’ Roll that appeared on the American only Polydor compilation album Made In Britain. The title track of this release is worth the entrance fee alone. A genuine teen anthem if there ever was one. A live rendition of the song was featured in the Shellshock Rock movie but to get to hear the song recorded in a proper studio is truly a blissful experience. The production is clean and crisp and it baffles me how either the band or record company were dissatisfied with these sessions at the time. Perhaps when revisited and with the hindsight of time on their side their perspectives may have changed.”
SING 023LP PANIC: 13 LP (SING 023LP) 14.00
“Sing Sing is proud to announce the reissue of this Dutch masterpiece of punk rock from Amsterdam’s Panic! Their debut release from 1978 simply titled 13 is a powerful album of perfectly constructed, attitude-riddled punk numbers from start to finish. Nevermind the Sex Pistols references on the album cover, Panic aren’t getting their sounds from Rotten & Co. but with songs like ‘He Can Come’ and ’13’ we’re sure they picked up a thing or two about vulgarity from those chaps. Panic’s sound, however, is uniquely successful and no doubt plays a part in the albums reputation amongst collectors. Panic formed in 1977 as a follow up to the short lived band ‘Big Peter and the Terrible Garage’ (see poster on album cover). In 1978 Panic’s LP 13 was released by two labels; first by Universe (red vinyl) and then by Ariola (black vinyl). The reissue comes in a gatefold jacket with liner notes by Peter Penthouse, unseen band photos and your own personal copy of the ‘Big Peter’ poster.”
SKUDGE PT001EP BROWN, STEPHEN: Mini Mood/Horizontal 12″ (SKUDGE PT001EP) 12.50
Skudge presents a 12″ from Transmat/Subject Detroit recording artist, Stephen Brown. A deep one for the floor and a more retro-sounding, gloriously musical flip.
SJ 004EP STAGGA: Wild For The Night 12″ (SJ 004EP) 11.00
Slit Jockey is the “other” label operated by Starkey, Dev79 and El Carnicero, The two Stagga originals here are heat rocks in the street bass-style of kitchen sink aesthetics, taking nods from dubstep, grime and rap all bashed together in a way that is undeniably Stagga. Heavy play from Gaslamp Killer, Starkey, Eprom, Kozee and much early blog support. Robot Koch amps things up with his stomping refix of “Wild For The Night” and DNAEBEATS flips a serious head-nodder remix on “Be The Generals.”
SHAKE 012CD FLEISCHMANN, B.: For M/Mikro_Kosmos – Two Concerts 2CD (SHAKE 012CD) 19.50
These two concerts B. Fleischmann recorded complement each other and interlock quite smoothly and organically, lifting you up when the other is pulling you down and vice versa. The first track “For M – A Tribute To Mark Linkous” was recorded in May 2010 at Klangboden Mödling: Austrian angst might still be no option for a Weltanschauung, but there is a certain unease at work in the beginning, pushing down the strings and the cautious guitar loops. The entire piece is a musical obituary for the man who started Sparklehorse and shot himself only a few weeks prior to this very concert. While Fleischmann takes care of electronics, guitar and omnichord, as he usually does, he was joined on stage by Matthias Frey (violin, snare), Martin Siewert (guitar, lap-steel, bass, electronics), and Alexandr Vatagin (bass, electronics, cello). The resulting 45+ minutes of commemoration, initiated by B. for the late M., so to speak, is a dark yet glistening pile of leaves, in which the musicians repeatedly return to the bass line, the key note, the pulse, the “why,” to all those existential questions about the end we all have to face one day. Question marks in the shape of a soaring lap-steel guitar appear on top of beats that turn and squeak, softly, like an extended lament, a form of rebellion, a consultation of yet more instruments, wondering and meandering in unison, until it all gives way to a swooshing noise, a threat to crush the listener from the inside, gnawing, biting, then resolve at last: harmony, harmonies, a shadow of zest, faith. Although he has contributed vocals now and then in the past, our man from Vienna remains silent for the second track as well, focusing on ambience alone: “Mikro_Kosmos,” a solo piece, was recorded in June 2010 at “Festival Irritationen II.” Like scoundrels in striped rags, a bunch of sounds appear on the quiet, two of them and a third hidden in the underbrush keeping watch, yet the electronic fetters soon get a hold of them, and a pool is filled with swirling, creaking textures, sliding downwards under a long note, long and wide like a horizon of dark clouds. “Mikro_Kosmos” is a spectacle of nature, a self-renewing environment populated by wraithlike creatures. In the middle part, Fleischmann’s guitar takes the lead, runs wild, things are head over heels all of a sudden, there’s beating and elopement, until we hear new paws on the ground, and the playing field is ready to be cluttered up once again: grow, thrive, wither, fade away, be eaten, until the next breakup sets this little world on fire.
SUBL 083LP DUNGEN: Ta Det Lugnt 3LP BOX (SUBL 083LP) 70.00
Subliminal Sounds finally presents the complete legendary Ta Det Lugnt album as a limited deluxe box-set with 2 LPs, a bonus 12″ EP Tyst Minut and a full-sized poster. The album is presented here for the first time with the correct vinyl mastering. The original, and previously only available 2004 vinyl LP pressing, was incorrectly manufactured from digital master instead of analog, had several defects and didn’t sound at all as intended. We have now gone back to the original vinyl master and made a correct and superior vinyl pressing so you can hear the analog sound as originally intended. Limited edition of 1,000 copies only. The most astounding 2004 breakthrough album from Sweden’s Dungen; a modern classic psychedelic album. The title translates roughly into English as “Take It Easy” which kind of perfectly sums up Dungen’s sound. It’s immediate and you want to get involved, but there’s also such a laid-back, hippy vibe to the whole thing. Ta Det Lugnt is a beautiful musical trip out into the Swedish forests and back again.
SBR 5086LP KALEIDOSCOPE: Tangerine Dream LP (SBR 5086LP) 22.00
Sunbeam Records is delighted to present a definitive collector’s vinyl edition from cornerstones of British psychedelia, Kaleidoscope. This is their debut album originally released by Fontana in 1967. Produced with the full involvement of the band, this LP comes complete with lovingly-reproduced artwork, as well as a lavish 12-page, full-color, large-format booklet packed with original trade ads, memorabilia and contemporary press cuttings, and with exclusive sleevenotes by the quartet’s leader Peter Daltrey, telling the story of the band in full detail. The result is simply essential for all connoisseurs of British psychedelia.
SBR 5087LP KALEIDOSCOPE: Faintly Blowing LP (SBR 5087LP) 22.00
Sunbeam Records is delighted to present a definitive collector’s vinyl edition from cornerstones of British psychedelia, Kaleidoscope. This is their second album originally released by Fontana in 1969. Produced with the full involvement of the band, this LP comes housed in a gatefold sleeve complete with lovingly-reproduced artwork, as well as lavish 12-page, full-color, large-format booklet packed with original trade ads, memorabilia and contemporary press cuttings, and with exclusive sleevenotes by the quartet’s leader Peter Daltrey, telling the story of the band in full detail. The result is simply essential for all connoisseurs of British psychedelia.
TEC 012CD AUTHOR: Author CD (TEC 012CD) 16.50
Author is the brainchild of Leeds-based dubstep producers Jack Sparrow and Ruckspin. It may be a new name on the scene, but the production duo that constitutes Author are certainly no newbies in their own right. Both Ruckspin and Jack Sparrow have established themselves as highly gifted and hardworking producers, dedicated to engineering optimum quality sounds. Following their first collaboration, “Dread,” which was included on GetDarker Presents: This Is Dubstep 2011 (GD 005CD), they formed Author as a shared project. Removed from the pressure of the dancefloor, Author takes the baton from Kruder & Dorfmeister’s K&D Sessions, The Cinematic Orchestra, and those timeless early Mo’ Wax recordings in exploring more spacious arrangements and sounds. It represents the opportunity to experiment within the context of dubstep, collaborating with live musicians and celebrating a wide source of musical influences. Features guests Ben Glass and Ed Thomas.
TEMPA 014EP SKREAM: Midnight Request Line 12″ (TEMPA 014EP) 11.00
2011 repress, originally released in 2005. The shot-heard-round-the-world banger that was killing the game for a hot minute even before it hit 12″. This one might just go down in the history books as the one that cracked the whole game wide open, international-style — it’s been talked about in Vice, De:Bug, and on just about every music blog you can think of. Possibly the final link in the chain connecting grime and dubstep, as evidenced by the likewise talked-about freestyles Dizzee dropped over the A-side on RinseFM. About as good a starting point for dubstep as the interested but uninitiated could hope for, total future classic now.
TEMPA 030EP BENGA & COKI: Night 12″ (TEMPA 030EP) 11.00
2011 repress. Without any question, this was THE dubstep anthem of 2007, possibly even a bigger anthem than Skream’s legendary late 2005 “Midnight Request Line.” This 12″ release heralds the graduation of Benga, from the name in every dubstep DJ’s bag to an artist whose acclaim reaches much farther than that of his own genre. “Night” is a joint effort from Benga and one half of DMZ, Coki. When the South London pair got together, they were on a mission to depart from the sound of previous productions and what resulted is a crazily infectious melody. “Drumz West” features Benga’s trademark snare, forcing the listener to continuously shift focus between the skank-inducing bass line and the melody of the synths. The final track, “Emotions” showcases Benga’s versatility, revealing his affinity with house music. It’s perhaps this last track, which will raise most eyebrows outside of dubstep circles.
TEMPA 059EP HORSEPOWER PRODUCTIONS: Good Ole Dayz/Justify 12″ (TEMPA 059EP) 11.00
This 12″ from Horsepower Productions represents their most current output while also providing a tantalizing glimpse of their fourth album. This 12″ is something a little different from Benny Ill and Matt HP. Both tracks are rooted in dubstep — containing its trademark shuffling hi-hats, backbeat snare, bass — but never ones to be pigeonholed, Horsepower continue to push the envelope here, bringing their hip-hop influence to the fore. For fans of DJ Shadow, Mr. Scruff, Kid Koala, Herbaliser, Bonobo, etc.
TEMPA 060EP SP:MC & LX ONE: Hunted/Oh My Gosh 12″ (TEMPA 060EP) 11.00
Fourth release on Tempa from Youngsta favorites SP:MC & LX ONE. “Hunted” and “Oh My Gosh” reveal more of their unmistakable signature sound: impeccable production, dark, haunting halfstep, intricate hi-hats and intense sub bass. Both these tracks have been put to devastating use by the likes of Youngsta, Distance, N-Type, Icicle and Pinch — with “Hunted” in particular being a guaranteed rewind.
TRAUM 145EP EULBERG, DOMINIK: Diorama Remixes Pt. 2 12″ (TRAUM 145EP) 12.00
The second part of Dominik Eulberg’s Diorama remixes features some of the finest producers around, starting with Kollektiv Turmstrasse. What kicks off as a Chez Damier groove makes the transition into a loose dub monster. Another amazing remix comes from Hot Chip. Bubbling synth sounds meet the melodies of the original, resulting in a laid-back tune. There are also remixes by Extrawelt and Gabriel Ananda.
TRESOR 245CD HUCKABY, MIKE: Tresor Records 20th Anniversary CD (TRESOR 245CD) 15.50
Following Tresor Club’s 20th anniversary in March 2011, Tresor Records memorializes its two decades of existence with an exclusive mix from one of its esteemed Detroit connections, Mike Huckaby. While Mike is no new face to the Tresor family, having played in the club for many consecutive years, this mix marks his first and much-anticipated release for the label. In true retrospective fashion, Mike’s 20th anniversary mix digs deep into the vaults of Tresor’s treasured archives, pulling out some of the most definitive classics from its unrivaled repertoire, with Jeff Mills, Surgeon, Robert Hood, Joey Beltram, Cristian Vogel and Drexciya all included. This mix is the first in a series of projects that will see Mike Huckaby collaborating with Tresor Records. Though its recent history has been overshadowed by the loss of its original home, Tresor Records is now transparently back with a steady concatenation of engaging releases. Other artists include: Bam Bam, DJ Rush, Paul Johnson, Hertz, Cisco Ferreira and Mike Dearborn.
RHD 002DF-EP RAMIREZ: A.M.Y. 12″ (RHD 002DF-EP) 14.00
A one-sided mutant disco freakout from Ramirez. Here, he recounts a fateful encounter with an ex over some mad out phaser action and cosmic electronics. Produced by Dean Blunt from Hype Williams.
VAMPI 138LP VA: Rangarang: Pre-Revolutionary Iranian Pop 3LP (VAMPI 138LP) 34.50
3LP version. It may seem hard to believe now, with the Islamic Republic of Iran swathed in controversial breaches of human rights and nonsensical nuclear issues, but a little over 30 years ago it was all glitz and glamour, rock and roll. The shah of Iran promoted modernization to the detriment of Persian culture and most Iranians loathed the stoic king by the end of his reign. Centuries of monarchist rule gave way to a staunch Islamist regime during the populist Iranian Revolution of 1979. The new Iranian government sought to eradicate any remnants of the imperialist monarchy and “having fun” was banned entirely. Music’s controversial status within Islam meant that the Persian pop industry was incongruous with Iran’s new and heavy-handed rulers. All of Iran’s record labels were forcibly shut down, the entire broadcasting industry was Islamicized, and a fearful population burned their records, buried their books and complied, at least on the surface, with the Islamic regime’s new (and very boring) rules and regulations. Rangarang is a compilation of forgotten jewels from pre-revolutionary Iran. These songs tell the stories of an artisan community that flourished during the 1960s and 1970s before vanishing into oblivion. The pop stars who stayed in Iran were summoned to the revolutionary court and forced to sign a declaration promising to abandon their careers and never perform again. By the time an exilic music industry had been established in Los Angeles, where many musicians settled after fleeing the chaotic disarray of post-revolutionary war-torn Iran, the beats and melodies of the monarchist era had given way to the synthesizers of the 1980s and Iranian pop music would never be the same again. The range of the tracks included on Rangarang is astonishing, from funky workouts and soulful pop to jazzy grooves and yearning ballads, all wonderfully and imaginatively produced and arranged, giving shape to truly popular music.
VLEK 005EP VA: AMAI #3/4 7″ (VLEK 005EP) 11.00
This is the third volume of the four-volume split 7″ compilation. DZA hits us with an ice-cold triumphant banger here. The unstoppable force of the track picks up more and more snappy percussive elements, engaging drum patterns and even some ’80s-style vocal sample solos. Herrmutt Lobby dodge meteors and return enemy fire in their intergalactic space funk laboratory with this unidentified flying-funk opus. Richard Colvaen shows us his versatility by bringing a chilled-out, deep, slightly mournful feel to the table. Hand-numbered limited edition of 300; includes insert.
TRDWD 024LP CAETHUA: The Summer Is Over Before It’s Begun LP (TRDWD 024LP) 14.00
“Caethua is the project of Maine resident Clare Hubbard. With a handful of releases under her belt on a variety of labels, The Summer Is Over is one of Hubbard’s most realized works. Eight sonically perfect songs filled with heart-melting vocal melodies, and dream provoking lyrics. Tastefully accompanied by her piano, guitar, saxophone and well-placed soundscapes. She is joined on this record by the multi-instrumentalism of Andy Neubauer (Impractical Cockpit, Flowbee Au Naturale) who compliments this masterpiece with bass clarinet and cello. Recorded at The Pool Recording Studio by Alex Yusimov and artfully mastered by Tim Stollenwerk. This is a split release between everyone’s favorite outsider label, Turned Word and the debut release on the new Mississippi Records imprint, Water Wing Records.” Includes full-color insert.
WG 005EP TIEFSCHWARZ (FEAT. MAMA): Corporate Butcher 12″ (WG 005EP) 12.50
Watergate Records is back with their 5th vinyl edition, focusing on exclusive tracks from the Watergate CD series mixed by Tiefschwarz. Vocals come from Nigerian singer Mama, who has, along with the brothers, cooked up the sexy house number “Corporate Butcher,” exclusively for the boys’ Watergate 09 mix CD. The Schwarz brothers, alongside Santé, have layered sleek house beats over a club-rumbling bass that mesh effortlessly with Mama’s sultry voice. Includes remixes by Solomun and Zander VT. Early support from Dixon, Âme and H.O.S.H.
WWR 002EP WE RESET: Gropius 12″ (WWR 002EP) 12.50
The productions of We Reset are the fruit of their love for live music. Folco and Alessandro are two Roman producers born to recreate in the studio the atmosphere of the dancefloor through hot and melodious sounds often created with the use of analogic synthesizers built with their own hands. Nothing more and nothing less than two best friends who love making music and spending intense and rewarding days doing it.
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