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100% SILK
SILK 012EP PHARAOHS: Uhh Uhh 12″ (SILK 012EP) 11.00
“Cat in the Hat hats off to mad Madchester vibes in Pharaohs debut Uhh Uhh. You’ll have Happy Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays bouncing around to Pharaohs’ electric piano keys, synthetic drum pads, funky 80s breakdowns, and pitch shifted way down vocal samples. A lot of freaky dancing went into this jangly, baggy World Party: Dublab aesthetics, memories of Buenos Aires bootleg cassettes, wave bending in Waikiki, Suzanne arts and Kraft. Add a bit of bubbly St. Germain acid, a pinch of 60s extended jazz grooves, a dash of 80s KLF big band UK nonsense, and a touch of 94.7 fm liquid sax/velvet breath and you’ve got the deep pleasure of Pharaohs. Like nothing the SILK has seen before; taking the shiny dance floor to the warehouse cement floor, to the sandy patio floor for some hot, hot Hacienda nights.”
4M 528LP DMZ: DMZ LP (4M 528LP) 19.00
“Originally released in 1978 on Sire Records, DMZ’s first and only album never really fit into the punk/new-wave mold that was forced upon it. These five shaggy haired dudes from Boston were more interested in the Sonics than the Sex Pistols and their goal, as stated by front man Jeff ‘Mono Man’ Conolly was ‘fusing the sound of the Chocolate Watchband and The Stooges.’ Produced by Flo & Eddie, of The Turtles’ fame, this album was much maligned at the time but has come to be accepted as a classic record that helped jump start the ongoing garage-rock revival that began in the ’80s. In fact, Mono Man, upon the breakup of DMZ, founded the group Lyres in 1979, a legendary garage-rock band that carry on to this day.” On 180 gram vinyl.
ANTI 001EP ANTIPARALLEL: Antiparallel 12″ (ANTI 001EP) 14.00
Limited hand-stamped white label EP “formed with a concept in mind that involves a natural phenomenon occurring in various/different fields of science and nature – Anti-parallelism.”
ATL 8057LP THOMAS, CARLA: Gee Whiz LP (ATL 8057LP) 12.00
“Thomas’ first album was built around the huge title hit, and also included her follow-up single, ‘A Love of My Own,’ which reached the R&B Top 20, although it wasn’t nearly as popular as ‘Gee Whiz (Look at His Eyes).’ The record is far more pop-oriented than the sound for which Stax would become known, with both the material and the arrangements showing substantial influences from pop standards, doo wop, and even (particularly in the songs with backup vocals by the Anita Kerr Singers) Nashville country.” –All Music Guide
SD 1498LP MCDUFF & DAVID NEWMAN, BROTHER JACK: Double Barrelled Soul LP (SD 1498LP) 11.50
Organist Brother Jack McDuff with saxophonist David “Fathead” Newman (Ray Charles Band). “This classic bag opens the first side with a sound called ‘But It’s Alright,’ a tune with an up-tempo movement that sets the pace for the action that’s sure to come. Brother Jack opens the book in a happy sort of way, with Fathead sliding in half-way with a wailing turn that blends with a tightness, seldom heard anymore.” Exact repro, manufactured by Rhino.
AUM 069CD JONES TRIO, DARIUS: Big Gurl (Smell My Dream) CD (AUM 069CD) 13.00
“And now, this is alto saxophonist/composer Darius Jones’ highly anticipated second recording as a bandleader, and it delivers in killin’ fashion. Big Gurl (Smell My Dream) presents the next chapter of his ongoing Man’ish Boy series of compositions introduced on Jones’ widely acclaimed debut, Man’ish Boy (A Raw & Beautiful Thing). Whereas the first record was inspired by aspects of Jones’ early childhood in rural Virginia, Big Gurl (Smell My Dream) takes inspiration from his years of study, experimentation and self-discovery at university where he began the search for his own voice. This album features his long-standing trio with young bright lights of the NYC music universe, bassist Adam Lane and drummer Jazon Nazary; the trio fully owns this new book of Jones’ indelible compositions.”
AUM 070CD WARE, DAVID S.: Organica (Solo Saxophones, Volume 2) CD (AUM 070CD) 13.00
“Every David S. Ware solo concert performance is a rare and magisterial happening. This happened twice in 2010 and both concerts are presented here in their entirety. The first took place in March at an intimate, invite-only event in Brooklyn; the second took place at the Umbrella Music Festival in Chicago in early November. It was later in November that Ware and group recorded Planetary Unknown (AUM 068CD). This is the second volume in a planned series of DSW solo recordings and is printed in a strictly limited CD edition of 1000. Further to his tenor, Ware recently added the sopranino (pitched one full octave above the alto) to his arsenal, and these concerts were his public debut on the new horn. As Tim Niland wrote in his Music and More blog: ‘There is nothing rushed here, the music is patient and distinguished, and Ware’s beautiful golden tone, echoing the masters like Hawkins, Coltrane and Rollins, shines like the light from a powerful star.'”
ACRE 003CD BLUE DAISY: The Sunday Gift CD (ACRE 003CD) 15.50
Debut album from hotly-tipped London beat maker Blue Daisy . His acclaimed EPs have earned him comparisons to the likes of Massive Attack, Burial and Flying Lotus. Ever since his instant classic debut single, Space Ex exploded onto an unsuspecting world through a series of highly-regarded EPs, Blue Daisy has delivered on the promise that caused Radio 1’s Mary Anne Hobbes to proclaim his talents far and wide. Black Acre, the label that has nurtured his meteoric assent, is sure to announce his graduation from underground pretender to fully-fledged maestro — making some of the most weighty, emotive, atmospheric music of recent times. From the rumbling low-end and portentous strings of opener “Distance” swathed in reverb and dub delay, it’s clear that no concessions to trend or whimsy are being made — this is music that heads straight for the jugular — a mosaic of bleeps, beats, bass, sample shards and heart-rending melodies paired with elegiac vocals. From the heavy sci-fi stomp of “Raindance” to the heavy, low-slung urban angst of “Psyche Inquiry,” featuring the vocals of Hey!Zues, to the dream-like bliss of slo-mo house stomp “Spinning Channels” (one of several collaborations with vocalist Anneka) or the rumbling, percussive head-nodder “Shadow Assassins,” Daisy displays his unique talent for peppering his grimy textured synths and scuzzed drum tracks with moments of melodic levity and beauty — like RZA and Angelo Badalamenti collaborating on the soundtrack to a lost David Lynch widescreen epic. “Fallin'” includes a guest appearance from Cinematic Orchestra’s Heidi Vogel. This is an album that demands repeated listens to soak up all the rich details and nuance that go into making it such a genuinely special release.
HOMERUN 001CD LUTZ, SEBASTIAN: 5 Jahre Homerun CD (HOMERUN 001CD) 17.00
In 2011, the fifth edition of the Homerun Open Air is taking place in Gelnhausen close to Frankfurt am Main, Germany. To celebrate the birthday, Loumou Events is putting out a special mix CD, compiled and mixed by Sebastian Lutz. The mix includes tracks by almost all of the artists who have been featured in the past 5 years such as Reboot, Amir, Tiefschwarz (feat. Cassy), Santé, Butch, Meat & Chris Wood, Juan Manuel, C-Rock, Onur Özer, Johannes Heil and Sebastian Lutz himself. Other artists include: Santos, Nic Fanciulli, Toni Rios, Heiko Mso and Guido Schneider.
BOXER 084EP BORATTO/EXTRAWELT, GUI: Tuning #08 12″ (BOXER 084EP) 12.50
Today, the pit lane is decorated with red carpet and golden leaf for two exceptional talents: from the Black Forest, Patrick Chardronnet for the Gui Boratto (BRA)-team, and from the Westerwald, Dominik Eulberg (GER) for the Extrawelt-team. The Gui Boratto/Patrick Chardronnet-team focuses on deep bass lines, a slightly shifted ideal line, and only one pit stop. Team-Extrawelt acts a bit more flexible, either putting on the handbrake or driving at full speed. His elegant turns make the audience go wild.
BF 025CD MARTYN: Ghost People CD (BF 025CD) 15.50
“As a continual record buyer and beat seeker, Martyn is a beacon of hope through leagues of passion-less DJs and producers, the ‘ghost people’: plastic, hollow shells that focus only on the in-the-now grooves or keeping in line with trends. Martyn’s inspiration stems from the old school mentality of connecting the dots, much like how Ron Hardy would tweak a soul track into a house groove, or Goldie sent processed breakbeats far into the future. Throughout his uncategorisable sound, Martyn gives nods to the electronic music that came before him: bringing back the energy of early rave, the deep builds of old jungle, the immersive and impulsive feel of an early François K DJ set… One artist he’s united with time and time again is Brainfeeder leader Flying Lotus. With Ghost People, Martyn pulls Brainfeeder out of LA and straight into the fluorescent bounce of West London’s 2-step, massaging the darker edge of Croydon’s dub roots, and D&B’s otherworldly and sci-fi sonics, while simultaneously moving through the grit of Detroit’s mechanic grooves, and into the freewheeling vibe of Berghain. Yet, all the while, he maintains Brainfeeder’s spirit of wild experimentalism and — as the title of his ‘We Are You In The Future’ suggests — sense of futurism at the forefront, with each of the album’s unpredictable tracks.”
BF 025LP MARTYN: Ghost People 2LP (BF 025LP) 17.50
Gatefold 2LP version. Includes a free download code.
CASS 005EP TORB: Mars Premier 12″ (CASS 005EP) 14.00
TORB is Fabien and Julien Torb — two French guys from the already-mythical Motorbass Recording Studio of Paris. In these days of maximal and minimal war, when real house music seems to once again attract people to the floor, their techno is a blissful blessing. Reminding of the rave era, when all of Paris was going to Mozinor to dance to Francesco Farfa, Armando, Yayo or the UR guys until the break of dawn, the Cassius label just couldn’t resist.
CHROME 5067CD VA: Forbidden Planets Volume Two 2CD (CHROME 5067CD) 18.00
Subtitled: More Music From The Pioneers Of Electronic Sound. “Further to Chrome Dreams’ enormously popular first Forbidden Planets CD comes this superb second volume of music from the pioneers of electronic sound. Compiled and annotated once more by music historian Alan Clayson, and featuring his extensive sleeve-notes, the two discs here, featuring 142 minutes of some of the strangest sounds ever recorded, will again delight fans of this most intriguing and previously un-compiled genre.” Artists include: Luigi Russolo, Antonio Russolo, George Antheil , Olivier Messiaen, Milton Babbitt, Otto Luening, John Cage, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Karel Goeyvaerts, Oskar Sala, Hugh Le Caine, Gottfried Michael Koenig, Giselher Klebe, Vladimir Ussachevsky, Bengt Hambraeus, Kid Baltan, Franco Evangelisti, BBC Daphne Oram, Herbert Brun, Bebe & Louis Barron, BBC Phil Young, Richard Maxfield, Dick Raaijmakers , Henry Jacobs, Dick Raaijmakers, Iannis Xenakis and Joe Meek.
CHK 006LP OLIVIA TREMOR CONTROL, THE: Music From The Unrealized Film Script, Dust At Cubist Castle 2LP (CHK 006LP) 23.00
Deluxe gatefold double LP reissue of this 1996 album. “In addition to the vinyl and artwork, the band has sifted through their archives to give fans over three hours of rare, hard-to-find or previously unreleased material in a 320kps download card. Drone. Tape loops. Live tracks. And finally, for the first time, all of the rare import b-sides and compilation tracks that came out in the ’90s are in one place. The Dusk bonus material features the bonus CD that was included with initial copies of the record when it came out in ’96.”
CHK 007LP OLIVIA TREMOR CONTROL, THE: Black Foliage: Animation Music 2LP (CHK 007LP) 23.00
Gatefold double LP reissue of Olivia Tremor Control’s second album, originally released in 1999. “And for the first time since its original release, Black Foliage has been remastered from the original tapes! Includes a download card for the entire record along with bonus material from b-sides, unreleased and live material and the tracks from a rare Black Swan Network seven inch.”
DKMNTL 007EP PARKER, TERRENCE: The Deep/Always Did, Always Will 12″ (DKMNTL 007EP) 12.50
Two very solid Terrence Parker-produced techno tracks from his various monikers, re-issued by Dekmantel. Featuring Polartronics and Tralopscinor.
DKR 056EP BLACK ONEY: Jah Jah Send The Parson 7″ (DKR 056EP) 5.50
“A triple shot of killer and rare one-away roots tunes. Black Oney’s tune was originally released in 1975, wailing early roots produced by Lloydie Slim.”
DKR 057EP PRINCE JUNIOR: Girl For All Seasons 7″ (DKR 057EP) 5.50
“Prince Junior’s self-production was originally released around 1980 on 12″ and LP, now on 7″ for the first time. Great heavy roots lovers, as played back in the day by and specially requested on dubplate by Jah Shaka.”
DKR 058EP GHETTO CONNECTION: Strugglers Time 7″ (DKR 058EP) 5.50
“Ghetto Connection’s tune was originally released in 1979 on the Strugglers and Jah Life labels respectively in JA and NY. Now re-released on Jah Life’s reactivated Dub Irator label, this one is hard militant roots with killer lyrics -‘back back weh, CIA!'”
DIGI 030LP CHUBBY WOLF: Turkey Decoy LP (DIGI 030LP) 18.00
Chubby Wolf was the moniker used by the late Dani Baquet-Long of Celer for her subdued world of sound. With the help of Dani’s husband and Celer’s other half, Will Long, the final Chubby Wolf recordings are finally seeing the light of day, posthumously. Turkey Decoy represents some of her most accessible work. “Cantankerous Baby” opens the set with cybernetic clouds — it’s like endlessly floating through an unknown haze built around processed vocals and sample-ridden electric guitar. As you continue dreaming through the morose romanticism of pieces like “Prescient Inspiration,” there’s an understated sensuality that weaves its way into the music. “If There’s An Elephant In The Room” pulls back the curtain and reveals a breathless aftermath punctuated by distant piano chords and sprawling drones. Each swell of Baquet-Long’s voice makes you want to avert your eyes, unsure if it’s something you’re supposed to see. Closing out the album, “Scalloped Toes” and “Intrusively Coexisting” wrap things up with an elegant sweetness as everything comes full circle. The former is bathed in warm, relaxing tones that bleed into the barking and howling of Dani’s beloved wolves that begin the last song on the album. “Intrusively Coexisting” is more gloomy and leaves lingering questions about all that came before it. It’s the right way to end such a raw album — each layer removed like an article of clothing, until there’s nothing left to hide behind. Limited edition of 500 copies only. Cut at Dubplates And Mastering, Berlin.
DU 064EP AVATISM: Perseverance 12″ (DU 064EP) 12.00
Thomas Feriero aka Avatism is known for his moody releases on labels such as Haunt and Souvenir and his dark yet hopeful productions are already receiving plaudits by some of the scene’s top artists. Dark, brooding yet full of energy and substance, all tracks hit with welcome catchiness and hooks, embracing what’s current in dance music today without losing sight of the label or the artist’s individuality. Four quality tracks of equal stature command full attention on this EP.
EINMAL 061EP SAMANTA FOX: What A Woman Needs 12″ (EINMAL 061EP) 12.00
This is the first official release by the Berlin duo Samanta Fox aka Daniel Frank Gizzie III and Jean-Daniel Tömör. What A Woman Needs is the duo’s first step into the production world together and encompasses what they want to convey in their forward-thinking DJ sets. A TR-808 tom driven bassline and ghostly strings move the track along while a 909 high-hat/kick-drum combo keep the rhythm flowing. The B-side is a remix by The Swift. A floor burner for sure.
EDLX 019EP BACK PACK POETS: Objective 12″ (EDLX 019EP) 12.00
Back Pack Poets bumped into each other while touring in America. Due to bad weather, their flights got diverted to Alaska, where the three of them got stranded. All hotels were booked by other passengers in the same situation. Instead of hanging around the overcrowded airport, they decided to hit an Irish pub to get away from the chaos. After a few rounds of Jack Daniels to ease the sorrow of the situation the three comrades had found themselves in, inspiration struck.
FMK 001LP FORMAT:B: Restless 2×12″ (FMK 001LP) 20.00
Gatefold 2×12″ version. It has been three years since Steam Circuit (HIGH 054CD, 2008) first glimpsed the light of day and gave us hits like “Edding 850” which shot to the top of the Beatport charts. The two Berliners have been very busy and founded their own label, Formatik Records, about two years ago, amongst many other things. They have already released hits like “Gospel” and various tracks by new and promising artists and also famed producer Sébastien Léger. Their success sent them out on a major world tour: Australia, Asia and into virtually every corner of Europe. They also tapped into the South American market in a big way. They also regularly host a Formatik label night in the world-renowned Berlin club, Watergate. On their last album, Franz and Jakob were to be found covered in soot and coal, firing up the engines of the dance locomotive — now they’ve gone greener and swapped over to wind power and are fishing the Restless oceans of the world. Tirelessly, the two sailors work on the deck disregarding the cold and the weather, pulling in the nets filled with floundering hits. This time, they’ve spiced up the bait with the amazing voice of Fran on “Liquid,” who turns into a working class siren and manages to rock the boat properly. Keeping with the maritime theme, the boys have used a harmonica on “Socks & Sandals” and a piano on “Piano Man.” Classic Format:B can be found on “Atomizer” and “Oversexed” — high bass beats to thrill the four quarter beat fans — and “Biker Meth” is going to keep you dancing till noon (at least).
HFN 009LP DARKNESS FALLS: Alive In Us LP (HFN 009LP) 17.00
LP version. Darkness Falls are the enchanting new Danish rock duo fresh from the ever-expanding Copenhagen music scene. The fruitful partnership of vocalist and keyboard player Josephine Philip, and Ina Lindgreen — guitar and bass — already brought us their first stunning EP Darkness Falls released in April 2011. Discovered by visionary producer Anders Trentemøller, Darkness Falls now announce their debut full length album — Alive In Us – which is also produced by Trentemøller. A perfect modern fusion of melancholic melodies, ’60s guitar twangs, haunting atmospheres and spaced-out pop, the album will whisk you away to a not-so-distant land of bittersweet harmony and musical contemplation. Guest musicians include Anders Trentemøller (drums, keyboards, strings), Jakob Høyer (The Raveonettes, Murder) (drums), Kim Las (vocals, guitar), Jeppe Brix (Chimes & Bells, Howl Baby Howl) (guitar), Anders Wallin (vocals) and Manoj Ramdas (The Raveonettes) (guitar). Includes a printed innersleeve with lyrics.
HJP 060EP PARRISH/BURNT FRIEDMAN, THEO: Meet Mancingelani And Zinja Hlungwani 12″ (HJP 060EP) 11.00
Another installment in this series of A-team producers reworking Honest Jon’s acclaimed Shangaan Electro compilation. Theo Parrish roars into a fierce, uglier-than-ugly edit, with no let-up for thirteen minutes, when it crashes to a standstill: a hurtling, mesmerizing ride, multi-layered and clustered with synth washes, bleeps and alarms, galloping drums, clattering percussion. Burnt Friedman’s Shangaan variation is perforce more chilled, lithe, reverberating. The crafted drum programming is fresh and funky, with moody vocal interjections and haunting keys, chocka with dub thrills and spills, lethal with the bass.
IRC 108CD ARGY: Fundamentals CD (IRC 108CD) 17.00
Summer 2011, and Argy, aka Argyris Theofilis stands at the edge of international stardom. He’s grown from leading light of the new underground to one of the world’s hottest properties, and this is the album that will quite possibly change everything (again). Fundamentals is the sound of house music reconfigured and redrawn for the new era, with the attitude and soul of Chicago and Detroit rerouted via Berlin. Argy’s already long list of accomplishments reads like those of a producer twice his age — from the hotly-tipped prodigy who gave the world “Love Dose” and one of electronic music’s most precocious debut collections, Focus On: Argy (PFR 021CD/LP), to the production wunderkind whose discography is a wish-list of highly-respected imprints, including Ibadan, Poker Flat, Cocoon, and Objektivity. But this is only half the story. Argy represents the coming of age of a generation of producers who’ve grown up with dance music all around them, who’ve embraced innovation and technology from a young age, and for whom dance music is beyond a lifestyle; to them, it epitomizes a way of life, a global network of individuals, peers, clubs, and fans who cross every continent. From Luciano and Jerome Sydenham to New York’s The Martinez Brothers, Argy’s collaborations span previously unconnected worlds, brought together with a shared desire to break down boundaries and barriers. This is also exemplified by the releases on his imprint, These Days. Released on Jerome Sydenham’s highly-respected Ibadan Records, Fundamentals is a fitting addition to a label that’s featured the cream of the world’s house producers, from Dennis Ferrer and Kerri Chandler, to Joe Claussell, Function, Joris Voorn, Radio Slave and beyond. Fundamentals synergizes nostalgia with a forward-thinking ethos that has come to exemplify Argy’s work. The retrofitted house of “Party People” and “It Feels So Good” sits neatly against the classic futurism of “I’m In,” “NY Anthem,” and “Indulgence.” The sheer production quality of tracks like “String Poetry” and “Dinner At Kerri’s,” and the Latin-influenced rhythms of “Absent Friends” tempered by sublime piano arrangements, are testament to Argy’s ability to imagine, write and produce deeply musical, yet state-of-the-art electronic music. “Upon Ourselves” (featuring Bajka) and “Peace Of Me” (featuring Posh) show his skill in crafting purpose-built dancefloor gold, as evident as ever.
IA 127CD TOUCH PEOPLE: Sound Expression CD (IA 127CD) 11.00
“Darren Keen, aka Touch People, records guitars, drums, bass and keyboards and then assembles his Touch People compositions bier experimental/modern production that is both visceral and cerebral. The resulting sound bears resemblance to artists such as Steve Reich, Battles, Dan Deacon & Tortoise.”
Repressed– now as a picture disc. “Totem 3 journeys from quiet Bardo womb choosing meditations and instrumental mantras to the delusional glee of Kali Yugafied Indian rock. Totem 3 is the most diverse and heartfelt of the Totem Trilogy. A steady pulsating musical mirror prison expressing the atrophy of our ‘Modern World’ through no-age hallucinations of passionate and unfolding melodies. A blissful mirage filled caravan with no destination pushing onward through a mercurial blue sanded desert between what is and what was. A place where disembodied nomadic djinn join in lament attempting to push through the cell phone interference with a message of no return.”
“Limited edition split 12″ curated by Kouhei Matsunaga. Side A features two new tracks from the legendary German sound artist Asmus Tietchens. Side B features two new pieces from Kouhei Matsunaga. 500 copies. First 100 copies are on color vinyl. Important released some highly praised records with Kouhei Matsunaga including a collaborative CD with Sean Booth (Autechre) and Mika Vainio (Pan Sonic), a split LP with Mika Vainio and a full length CD of his own solo work. The breath and quality of Kouhei’s work was apparent across these three releases and his compositions for this split LP serve to create connections between his beat based work and his more abstract soundscapes. Kouhei’s most recent solo work was just released by Skam. Asmus Tietchen’s contributions to contemporary electronic music is immense. The two pieces making up his side of the record have been sculpted from stochastic sequences of pure sine waves as well as guitar samples given to him by Dirk Serries (Fear Falls Burning) not for the purpose of collaboration but for processing purposes. Sonic events orchestrated by a sonic master.”
IMPREC 339CD BEEQUEEN: Port Out Starboard Home CD (IMPREC 339CD) 14.00
“Some bands produce a CD every week; by now it seems ‘normal’ to have three year gaps in releasing records for Beequeen, which is a fresh antidote to the music business of more = more. For Beequeen, like good wine, things mature given more time. Whereas Sandancing (IMPREC 177CD) featured Olga Wallis a guest singer, on this new album she’s a fully fledged band member, adding her beautiful voice to Beequeen’s off beat songs. Port Out Starboard Home features surreal dream-pop, but always with that unique twist that is Beequeen. The album is loosely based around the theme of ‘traveling’. The prophetic opening of ‘A While A Way’ (how true) transports you into the CD, which equally balances on vocal and instrumental pieces from introspective moments of ‘Patience’ and the title track to the up-tempo ‘Someday Today’. Beequeen displays their wicked sense of humor in ‘The Lord is my shepherd’. This new album is again produced by Erik Drost (The Legendary Pink Dots) with the help of Petra Randewijk.”
“British composer-guitarist James Blackshaw returns with this limited edition 12″ EP. The two intimate and introspective pieces collected here were written and recorded during the first three months of 2011, during a break after an intense year of touring and the release of his eighth album All Is Falling. In many ways, these songs more closely resemble his earlier work, with swirling, cyclical acoustic 12-string and nylon string guitar (a first for Blackshaw) being the focal point of the compositions. Charlotte Glasson also contributes some beautifully restrained clarinet, saxophone, flute and violin playing to the proceedings. There are echoes of French Impressionist composers Satie, Debussy and Ravel in the song ‘Holly,’ while ‘Boo, Forever’ even sees a nod to the Takoma guitarists which first enthused and inspired him to start fingerpicking a decade ago, but – more than anything – the sound is unmistakably Blackshaw’s own and ranks among some of his finest and most beautiful work yet.”
INT 020EP LE TOUGH, MANO: In My Arms 12″ (INT 020EP) 12.00
“Mano baby, this is your finest moment yet. I was sure at first you’d gone and sampled Arthur Russell and I couldn’t believe you had such a fine voice. I love you, never change.” –Prins Thomas, August 2011
MERC 823273LP ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND, THE: At Fillmore East 2LP (MERC 823273LP) 32.00
Gatefold “premium audiophile” reissue in the Back To Black 60th Vinyl Anniversary series: heavyweight 180 gram vinyl pressing in a deluxe gatefold sleeve. “…remains the pinnacle of the Allmans and Southern rock at its most elastic, bluesy, and jazzy.” –All Music Guide
JIAOLONG 001EP DAPHNI: Ne Noya/Yes, I Know/Jiao 12″ (JIAOLONG 001EP) 12.00
First release from Daphni’s (aka Dan Snaith/Caribou) new label. The A-side is a remix of Cos-Ber-Zam’s “Ne Noya” from Analog Africa’s Afro-Beat Airways compilation.
KSDF 001B-LP REALITY: Reality LP (KSDF 001B-LP) 18.00
Reality burst onto the Amsterdam funk scene in 1970, a dynamic percussive powerhouse of eight musicians. Galvanized by charismatic singer and frontman Tony Sherman, and driven by the core duo of Glenn Gaddum on keys and Frankie Douglas on guitar, the octet rose to prominence after their debut LP, playing many shows in Europe and worldwide with their whirlwind fusion of tough raw funk and Caribbean rhythms taken from Surinam, Curaçao, and Aruba. At that time there was a rich cultural exchange between the Netherlands and the Antilles, with many enterprising Caribbean communities and families traveling back and forth, inspired by the prospects of western Europe. Funk was very much a universal language of optimism, the rhythm of a new world, and the opportunity of seeing new countries and making them dance was one Reality seized with both hands. Their two albums see Reality at their tight, funky best, with a deep understanding of the dynamics of the funk backbeat, as well as an intuitive knowledge of where to place their sunny Antillean bounce, and bring their positive energy to the dance. While the band’s career was relatively short-lived, it was the incendiary nature of the group that meant they weren’t slow-burners, but a bright flash on the world stage. The nomadic Tony went onto a solo career before moving back to the Caribbean, and Reality changed their named to Solat for a couple of singles. This release is comprised of a sampling of songs from their 1972 debut self-titled album and from the 1973 Tony And Reality album. These two releases stand the test of time as just great dance music, whatever your era.
KKING 001EP SLUGGY: Ghetto Youth 12″ (KKING 001EP) 11.00
“Legendary hard New York digital roots tunes from 1990-1992. Originally released via Superpower on the Justice and Diamond Music labels. Sluggy’s ‘Ghetto Youth’ was rinsed by Jah Shaka in the day.”
KKING 002EP SLUGGY/NITTY GRITTY: Cocaine/Dollars 12″ (KKING 002EP) 11.00
“Produced by the crew behind infamous Brooklyn sound system King Kustom, these tunes are some of the best digital reggae ever from NYC.”
KL 074CD MYERZ, RALPH: Outrun CD (KL 074CD) 17.00
Ralph Myerz is one of the most active music personas of the Norwegian music scene. It was the year 1997 when Ralph asked people to play percussion with him during a party in Bergen, Norway. The Jack Herren Band showed up through a combination of mutual contacts and high-school friendship. Supposedly a one-time-event, they had so much fun playing together that they decided to form a band, and Ralph Myerz & The Jack Herren Band was formed. The band released a 7″ and a 12″ on Telle Records which was followed by great reviews from magazines and DJs around Europe, including Dimitri From Paris, who included the track “Nikita” on one of his Playboy Mansion compilations. In 2002, they were signed by the U.S. label Emperor Norton Records, and they released A Special EP. The album A Special Album followed one-year later, featuring the tracks “Casino” and “Think Twice,” which both became hits in clubs across Europe, and commercial hits in Norway. Gold records & Norwegian Grammy nominations were happily celebrated. In 2005, the album Your New Best Friends followed, which received massive reviews in Europe. His third album Sharp Knives & Loaded Guns came out on EMI in 2007 followed by touring all over Europe playing festivals such as Glastonbury, Montreal Jazz festival and many more. So after this album and especially this tour, Ralph Myerz decided to focus more on production and studio work. In 2009, Ralph dropped his first solo album with guests like Devin The Dude, Kurupt, Talib Kweli and Christine Sandtorv named Ralphorama! Staying in Los Angeles for many months and working closely with people like Dogg Pound led to many connections in the U.S. hip-hop world, including collaborations with legends such as Snoop Dogg and George Clinton, amongst many others. Meanwhile, during his stay there, he started working on a new album called Outrun. Armed with synthesizers and wine, he worked for a year on it and then he moved to the Bay Area in order to finish the recordings. Somehow the cosmic winds took him to Klik Records of Athens, Greece. Sharing a true passion for good space music, they decided to work together. Driving around in California inspired Outrun to be an album for those late-night rides while listening to music. Sixteen new tracks of good-vibed, spaced-out, phased-out, dub-disco, late-nite muzik with that special Ralph Myerz sound.
KOM 241LP FIELD, THE: Looping State Of Mind 2LP+CD (KOM 241LP) 21.00
Gatefold 2LP version, including free CD version of the album. This is the third full-length release by The Field for the Kompakt label. It’s with the arrival of Looping State Of Mind that you finally realize that, for The Field’s ambient techno explorer Axel Willner, the loop never stops. While fans and critics alike point to 2007’s phenomenal debut From Here We Go Sublime (KOMP 057CD) — included on Pitchfork’s Top 100 albums of the 2000s — and 2009’s equally-stirring follow-up Yesterday And Today (released on CD on the Anti- label in North America; vinyl version on Kompakt worldwide: KOM 193LP) as standalone points of the Swede’s music; it becomes clear that they appear as mere snapshots of what, for the producer, is a continual cycle of revolutions. Reveling in the warm recognition of their recurring patterns, imbuing conflicting twin senses of present and nostalgia, familiarity doesn’t breed contempt; for Willner sees each loop as another chance to adjust, to build upon and multiply so that several of even the slightest nuances can combine to form a true aural evolution. So it is on this, The Field’s third album, and yet so it has been too for the artist. Rewind three years and, plaudits from his debut LP still ringing in his ears and amongst resultant tours with LCD Soundsystem and !!!, he’d swapped his native Stockholm for the nocturnal utopia of Berlin’s heady streets and clubbing scene. A major internal shift occurred, meanwhile, when he invited Dan Enqvist and multi-instrumentalist Andreas Söderstrom — since replaced with drummer Jesper Skarin — to turn his hitherto singular vision into a three-piece group. Yesterday & Today was the immediate reaction concocted by the alchemy of those events, gaining more plaudits and leading to headlining tours of Europe. Looping State Of Mind is the strengthening of those bonds and ideas, the addition of Skarin in particular — Axel comments, “taking The Field to another level.” It’s this evolution that’s notable on this record, a move away from the more unblended techno foundations that encapsulated From Here We Go Sublime, in particular. Instead, previous ideas have been expanded upon and, more importantly, new ones added; vocal samples now creep around signature sound washes, whispering on the periphery; greater contrast has been added with acoustic instruments such as double bass and piano recorded amongst the samples — the result of recording in the fully-equipped Dumbo Studios in Kompakt’s home town of Cologne. Many of the initial sketches, however, still came from Willner himself at his home studio in Berlin, suggesting an embryonic growth to the creation process; “some of the ideas stretching back to the debut are still there,” he says, cementing this idea of furthering the re-visited, “but we’ve just made a real attempt to grow the sound.” The album was mixed by Jörg Burger aka The Modernist.
KSAY MH02-EP SUN RA: The Mike Huckaby Reel-To-Reel Edits Vol. 2 12″ (KSAY MH02-EP) 14.50
Detroit’s Mike Huckaby returns on Kindred Spirits with the second volume of Sun Ra edits. Renowned for his DJ sets, edits and productions, he was the perfect choice for re-working highlights of the Sun Ra catalog. The A-side features “Friendly Galaxy” and the flip contains a beautiful stretched-out version of the classic cut “Space Is The Place,” accompanied by “To Nature’s God” from Nidhamu/Dark Mythic Equation, originally released on Art Yard records. Includes exclusive artwork by Stephen Serrato and a silk-screen printed plastic insert. On red vinyl.
LAID 014EP LAWRENCE: Never As Always (Pt. 2) 12″ (LAID 014EP) 12.00
Second part in the Real House Music series by Lawrence, Never As Always. Early autumn tunes bringing back magical emotions to the deeper dancefloors.
LAD 004EP PILLOW TALK: The Come Back 12″ (LAD 004EP) 12.00
Pillow Talk join the Life And Death family with their modern dance soul hybrid, The Come Back EP. Already getting serious play from a wide range of DJs, including Wolf + Lamb, Soul Clap and Justin Martin, “The Come Back” is a true dancefloor bomb. Imagine Motown and classic doo-wop blended with a modern dance sensibility. The Life And Death remix of “Soft” is a darker, deeper take on this sentimental dancefloor serenade.
LITA 004CD FREE DESIGN, THE: Kites Are Fun CD (LITA 004CD) 14.00
“Fans of the Beach Boys, the 5th Dimension and other seminal pop artists have a gaping hole in their music collections if it doesn’t contain Kites Are Fun, the 1967 soft-psych-pop masterpiece from the Free Design. Never heard of the band? You’re not alone. Although now admired by audiophiles such as Beck, Stereolab and the Polyphonic Spree, the Free Design never achieved mainstream fame — an injustice that still puzzles many critics. In 1966, the family act was filling New York City coffee houses with dreamy, deceptively complex harmonies when acclaimed producer Enoch Light signed the siblings — Bruce, Chris, and Sandy Dedrick — to his Project 3 label. One year later, the Free Design debuted with Kites Are Fun. Nine of the album’s songs are originals, notably the title track, which became an instant soft-pop classic; well-chosen covers, including the Beatles’ ‘Michelle’ and Simon & Garfunkels’ ‘The 59th Street Bridge Song,’ complete the collection.” Remastered, with liner notes by Cornelius & Michael White, plus 2 bonus tracks.
LITA 005CD FREE DESIGN, THE: Heaven/Earth CD (LITA 005CD) 14.00
“The Free Design, those oft-overlooked legends of ’60s soft pop, drew inspiration from such diverse musicians as Duke Ellington and the Mamas & The Papas. Today, with its sweet harmonies and even sweeter lyrics, the Free Design inspires such diverse musicians as Belle & Sebastian and Jurassic 5. Listen to the band’s acclaimed third album, Heaven/Earth, to experience a sound that has awed the in-the-know for more than three decades. The New York-based family band — siblings Bruce, Chris, Sandy and younger sister Ellen — recorded Heaven/Earth in 1969 for acclaimed producer Enoch Light’s Project 3 label. The album is quintessential Free Design with ‘a sweet sound that caressed the aural taste buds and floated deliciously,’ in the words of rock historian Kingsley Abbott, ‘daring listeners to follow it.’ Chris Dedrick’s imaginative lyrics of both innocence and irony, and the band’s tight vocals and dreamy enthusiasm, shine on ‘2002 — A Hit Song,’ ‘Dorian Benediction,’ and the album’s other delights. As a special treat and for the first time on CD, fans will finally be able to enjoy eight ultra-rare bonus tracks from the Project 3 archives: Ellen Dedrick’s 1969 solo 45, as well as six Tony Mottola cuts recorded in 1968 and featuring ‘The Groovies’ on background vocals (aka the Free Design).”
LITA 006CD FREE DESIGN, THE: You Could Be Born Again CD (LITA 006CD) 14.00
“Light In The Attic presents the Free Design’s brilliant 1968 sophomore album You Could Be Born Again. After hitting the charts with their 1967 debut Kites Are Fun, You Could be Born Again is the sound of a band discovering what they are capable of, amid the excitement of what is to come. Beautiful and elaborate originals intertwine with classic ’60s pop hits, arranged in such a way that they could literally claim ownership. Duke Ellington’s celestial ‘I Like the Sunrise’ takes on a life of its own, dazzling the listener and reminding one of Gil Evans, while original tunes such as ‘I Found Love’ unearth Chris Dedrick writing one of the great moments in pop, though history doesn’t know it. The album’s closing number entitled ‘An Elegy’ sees the Free Design at its starkest, musically and lyrically, in the group’s entire career, serving as a powerful tribute to Dwight Dedrick, who died in Vietnam the same year of this release. In You Could Be Born Again, the Free Design master the ability to cover previous songs with an innovative and unsullied feel! A feat only do-able by the best of the best! Three decades later and the Dedricks influence still rings strong — the Polyphonic Spree, Madlib, Belle & Sebastian. As an added bonus, the CD version features two Free Design Christmas classics, originally released in 1968.” With a 16-page full-color booklet and new liner notes by Sean O’Hagan (High Llamas).
LITA 007CD FREE DESIGN, THE: Stars/Time/Bubbles/Love CD (LITA 007CD) 14.00
“Originally released in 1970 on Enoch Light’s Project 3 label, Stars/Time/Bubbles/Love served as the Free Design’s turning point: mixing the group’s timeless elements of soft-psych with a dose of funk! In the words of Free Design historian Robbie Baldock, ‘Stars is where the Free Design gets funky!’ With Stars/Time/Bubbles/Love the group’s fourth album, chief Free Design songwriter Chris Dedrick continued to develop his experimental approach to composing, songwriting, and arranging, while beginning to introduce his love of jazz, gospel singing, and the Motown sound. Even the Jackson Pollack inspired-album art showcased a change of direction for the Dedricks, illustrating the group’s contention that, with this album, they were pushing the Free Design sound out in completely new directions. As an added bonus, the CD version includes the previously unreleased track ‘To A Black Boy’, an undiscovered studio gem from circa 1970 and composed by Chris Dedrick. Plus, the 1970 single version of ‘Butterflies Are Free.'”
LITA 013CD FREE DESIGN, THE: Sing For Very Important People CD (LITA 013CD) 14.00
“The Free Design make childhood a bit more psychedelic with this 1970’s children’s album, featuring many of the group’s classic favorites, plus a number of new cuts.” “Back in 1969, we were all big fans of PPM and when Mary Travers became a mother, they released the Peter, Paul and Mommy album. I think it was one of the seeds that resulted in the germination of the Free Design’s Sings for Very Important People album. Other contributing factors included the fact that we were all parents by then and that several (‘Bubbles’, ‘Kites’, ‘Daniel Dolphin’) of our songs already on our other albums were ideal for a children’s album. Our father, Art Dedrick, a prolific composer of concert band, jazz band and choral music had a song he had written years before called ‘Little Cowboy’ that was perfect for the album and Sandy’s ‘Love You’ fit right in. Sesame Street the TV program was in full swing and that theme was one we had fun with in the studio. The album is full of lyrical references either to our childhood or that of our own children.” –The Free Design’s Bruce Dedrick (excerpt from CD liner notes). Remastered, with 2 “bonus tracks” (outtakes from a chapstick commercial?).
“Soiree is the result of extended recycling. Beginning from the investigation of: what will happen if I recycle (not remix) some of my older compositions and then recycle the recyclings and then recycle the recycled recycling — ad infinitum? Quite quickly the initial pieces vanished totally. New structures and sounds emerged depending on the methods and tools I used. Each of the pieces on Soiree is based on a distinct composition of my musical past. In each case the listener is presented with the 10th ‘generation’ of this recycling process. Confronted with the variety of the results I ask myself: Is it really necessary to create further new electronic music if only one piece as a nucleus is sufficient to derive hundreds and hundreds of different distinct individual variants?” –Asmus Tietchens
LINE 052CD RODEN, STEVE: Proximities CD (LINE 052CD) 13.00
“Proximities was recorded in 2010 during my time as the artist-in-residence at the Chinati Foundation in Marfa, Texas. I began by recording a performance of a series of tones played on an old battery powered Paia Oz, that were determined by the letters A-G as found in a text by minimalist sculptor Donald Judd. I recorded the tone sequence several times during sunrise, amidst fifty of Judd’s stainless steel sculptures in an old army barracks that has been converted into a museum. The performances were recorded with an H4 digital recorder, my iPhone and also a cheap Sony micro-cassette recorder. During several of the performances these small devices were emitting the sounds of previous performances from their tiny speakers. At times I also hummed. All of the processing in the recordings was generated by the extremely resonant physical space. The occasional popping sound, which can be heard at the end, are the sounds of Judd’s sculpture expanding while the sunrise changed the temperature within the space.” –Steve Roden
MOD 006CD METHOD OF DEFIANCE: Dub Arcanum Arcandrum CD (MOD 006CD) 13.50
“The circle is now complete (sort of). The third release is a revisit (remix and dub style) of the first two passages, in the Method of Defiance experience. The remixers where chosen for their forward thinking as well as their catalogue of previous remix experience. Scientist starts it off with a retouching of the single ‘One World’ and later reenters with a ganja smoked up ‘Herb is burnin’ (dub style, of course), & he tosses a disordered ordered mix at the end to make it all fair. Prefuse 73 pushes his space-age hip hop way in, via the future, with his take on a piece from Incunabula (and you thought the original was an out record). Mad professor stumbles in dubbin’ his ass off. SubCode, a Moroccan remixer we have been chasing for a while, remixes as if his life depended on it, the Hawk track ‘Do or Die’. Dr Israel remixes 2 tracks, one of his and one of Hawk’s and this is something I wish he would do more of, the man can remix damn it. MRC Riddims, the production/DJ team of Oktopus (dalek) & MRC (from Ifwhen & All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors) join in with a reshaping of ‘Elijah’s Lament’ done all Krooklyn style.”
MOBILEE 085EP SCHNEIDER, ANJA: Hello Boy! 12″ (MOBILEE 085EP) 12.00
Anja Schneider presents Hello Boy!, joining Lee Jones in the studio to make something with a twist. With a strong Anja Schneider flavor, the title track cleverly transposes a real sense of excitement and anticipation onto the dancefloor, with soft, mysterious chords and a steady build that works itself into a drop. “Rio Bravo” offers a relief with more of an airy, head-spinning feel. “Let Me Out” lets you off the hook.
MOOD 107EP LUOMO: Good Stuff 12″ (MOOD 107EP) 12.00
Good Stuff is the first single taken from Luomo’s PLUS (MOOD 016EP) album. “Good Stuff” brings Luomo’s pop abilities to top-form, changing between a mid-’80s boogie bass and synthetic yet warm deep house with a positive vocal delivery from the ever-intriguing Chicago Boys. Remixes comes courtesy of Area and Dave DK.
MUTE 9510CD M83: Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming 2CD (MUTE 9510CD) 18.00
“Three years in the making, this sixth album from M83 (aka Anthony Gonzalez) is one of Autumn 2011’s most highly anticipated releases. Grandiose in scale, Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming is inspired by Smashing Pumpkin’s revered double disc Melancholy & The Infinite Sadness. Produced by Justin Meldal-Johnsen (Beck, NIN, The Mars Volta, Goldfrapp) and including contributions from Brad Laner (from ’90s band Medicine) on guitar, Saturdays=Youth vocalist Morgan Kibby, and guest vocalist Zola Jesus, Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming (featuring first single ‘Midnight City’), is a double-album journey that takes us to the horizon and introduces us to new landscapes. About awakening, craving, and conquering, Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming pushes into new vocal territory for M83. Here we see Anthony Gonzalez test out different ways of singing, ranging from a spectral breathy whisper to a howling scream. Soaring and scraping up against the sky while sharing each uncharted frontier with new collaborators is what M83 does best.”
MUTE 9510LP M83: Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming 2LP (MUTE 9510LP) 22.50
2LP version.
MVD 5253CD MEAT PUPPETS: Meat Puppets CD (MVD 5253CD) 11.00
“Meat Puppets was released in summer of 1982 to near unanimous praise from the rock press. The New York Rocker called it ‘one of the most forcibly gripping blobs of wax ever created,’ and New Musical Express called the Meat Puppets ‘near-virtuosos, three of the most inspired musicians living under the sun.’ For this reissue, the album has been expanded to nearly an hour in length by the inclusion of the contributions the band made to various compilations at the time, as well as outtakes from the band’s early recording sessions.”
“Meat Puppets II was a 180-degree departure from its predecessor, confusing old fans and creating new ones. Kurt Loder gave it a four-star review in Rolling Stone, calling it ‘one of the funniest and most enjoyable albums of 1984’, while a bewildered Robert Hilburn proclaimed the Puppets ‘far more of an acquired promising though willfully unfocused rock act’ in the Los Angeles Times. For this reissue, the album has been expanded to include seven additional tracks.”
MVD 5255CD MEAT PUPPETS: Huevos CD (MVD 5255CD) 11.00
“Hard driving riff rock, Meat Puppets style. Huevos was recorded in four days and released less than six months after Mirage. But where that album was spacey and lush, Huevos is rough and spontaneous. For this edition, the album has been expanded to include five additional tracks, featuring early demos of ‘Sexy Music,”Paradise,”Fruit,’and ‘Automatic Mojo,’ as well as a cover of Jimmy Reed’s ‘Baby What Do You Want Me to Do.'”
MVD 5223DVD LUNCH, LYDIA: The Gun Is Loaded DVD (MVD 5223DVD) 14.00
“In The Gun Is Loaded Lydia Lunch delivers a brutally frank manifesto in a journey through the heart of contemporary American darkness. Her poetic nihilism is set against a barrage of real-life street-action, scenery, news footage, and the deranged music of J.G. Thirlwell. Finally on DVD!” Region 0, NTSC format; running time: 45 minutes.
NW 80719CD CARRICK, RICHARD: The Flow Cycle for Strings CD (NW 80719CD) 15.00
“Richard Carrick’s (b. 1971) music draws inspiration from his French, North African, and British background, his studies in mathematics and philosophy, interest in psychology, and experience as a performer of notated and improvised music. All of his music stems from his roots in chamber music and musical performance but often branches out into the experimental realm to showcase musicality in other aspects of performance. His chamber pieces (‘Duo Flow,’ ‘a cause du soleil’ Flow Trio) explore the evolution of musical threads over time as they are passed from one instrument to the next. His solo works (‘in flow’, ‘Shadow Flow,’ ‘Moroccan Flow (unfolding from unity’) feature virtuosic and intense acrobatics for the soloist. In Carrick’s words, ‘The cycle as a whole is influenced by Islamic mosaics, Gnawa music of Morocco, Albert Camus’ L’Etranger, and the Flow concept of Csikszentmihalyi. One of the goals of this cycle was to write music that was focused yet still expansive, that developed new sounds for string instruments, and featured virtuoso performing to achieve new textures and the evolution of these textures through time.'”
NW 80723CD BROWN, CHRIS: Iconicities CD (NW 80723CD) 15.00
Subtitled: 3 Pieces For Percussion And Live Electronics. Performed by William Winant (percussion); Chris Brown (piano and electronics). “Chris Brown’s (b. 1953) music has evolved within the intersections of many different traditions and styles. Following early training as a classical pianist, he was influenced by studies of Indonesian, Indian, Afro-American, and Cuban musics, and then took off on branches provided by the American Experimentalists in inventing and building a personal electronic instrumentation. Collaboration and improvisation have been primary in the development of his music for various traditional instruments and interactive electronics. An “iconicity” is the analogy between the form of a sign and its meaning. All three of these pieces are through-composed using simple processes applied to both the sounds of the instruments and their real-time electronic transformations. The players must synchronize exactly with the rhythms produced by these transformations, and together the acoustic and electronic layers of sound create closely interwoven textures that evolve gradually into more complex forms. The acoustic sounds and the patterned variations of their recurrence affect the listener’s experience of time, and provide a metaphor for its transcendence. Stupas (2007): A stupa is a Southeast Asian monumental architectural form, which in Buddhism is also viewed as a symbol of enlightened mind and a path to its realization. The form of a stupa, a square base with circular domes rising above it, is used to structure this piece. Gangsa (2010): Gangsa are bronze flat-gongs from the mountainous regions of the northern Philippines played in ensembles in which each player plays one gong of a different pitch. Subtitled Invention #8, this piece is one of a series that focuses on polyrhythmic interaction of performers with electronics. Iceberg (1985): The electronic sounds are all live transformations of the percussion, and the performer plays in time with the automated switching of effects, starting simply, and then playing more complex and syncopated patterns against it.”
ZEN 156CD EMIKA: Emika CD (ZEN 156CD) 15.50
“Today’s modern day composer can work in many different areas of sound with one click of a mouse. This is the single most influential factor in Emika’s artistic development. Thrilled by the means and ways technology offers to shape song writing, she chose a software studio as her instrument throughout her musical education and beyond. While Emika’s approach to composition evolved, she worked with Berlin’s legendary engineer Rashad Becker to craft the unique sound of her record… with her love of the great universal pop song, her abilities as a song writer, a classically-trained pianist and a singer, to make something completely unique. Asked to name an inspiration from the past, Emika turns to Delia Derbyshire, the legendary Radiophonic Workshop composer who came up with the original Dr Who theme, ‘not so much for the sounds she made as rather for her questing spirit, it inspires me as I go ahead mapping my own musical realm.'”
ZEN 156LP EMIKA: Emika 2LP (ZEN 156LP) 20.50
Limited 2LP version, with free download code.
NNF 245LP RANGERS: Pan Am Stories 2LP (NNF 245LP) 28.00
“Tape-warped phantom band Rangers finally unleash the lush, soaring, expansive prog-pop opus we always knew was floating inside the fretboard (and imagination) of multi-instrumentalist mystery maestro Joe Knight. The north Dallas-raised, San Fran-residing head Ranger grew up taking classical guitar lessons from a dude who claimed to have ‘toured with the Dead,’ and some of that brain-wonked jam agenda obviously seeped into the young Knight, who began recording his own loose, lo-fi jangle sprawls in 2005. But whereas last year’s critically lauded Suburban Tours LP found him condensing his cassette-crushed alien pop into 3 minute radio nuggets, Pan Am Stories uses the reverse strategy, letting each blurry strum pattern coast away and ride the breeze a bit before steering it into a fresh counter-melody or flanged-out guitar comedown. The extra breath and space gives the 13 songs a real sense of freedom and lightness and flight, layered in gentle blankets of fuzz, silky reverb, and audio collage riddles. A total saga, and a summit achievement of next-level invention for Knight as a musician (it’s insane he played/recorded every instrument on this thing!) and artist. Have been soaking in these tracks non-stop since we first heard ’em this summer and are thrilled to get to share Stories with the world. Black vinyl LPs (mastered by Carl Saff, who worked on Suburban Tours too) in gatefold jackets with micro-detailed collage art by Mr. Rangers himself; interior artwork by Knight and Anthony Yuen. Edition of 850.”
OW 039EP JOSH: Closing Words 12″ (OW 039EP) 12.00
Schwerin’s Josh presents his first single on his home label, Ostwind. “Closing Words” opens in a fluffy Josh-manner with stylish Detroit techno. On the A2, Josh presents “Claiming Back,” on which you will hear the sounds he has grown up with — oldschool and with a fresh note. With “Steam Trap” and “Social Affairs,” Josh re-enforces his emotional side. A maximum sound experience on a minimal level, and a successful and smooth record that will bring every floor to a boil.
PERL 088LP PORTABLE: Into Infinity 2LP (PERL 088LP) 25.00
2LP version. On the fifth album by Alan Abrahams aka Portable, he teams up with Efdemin, Johannes Schön and Süd Electronic label-mate Lakuti, to lead us Into Infinity. During the last 15 years, Alan has lived and composed in South Africa, England, Portugal and Germany. He has released records on Background, Context, Karat, Musik Krause, ~scape, Spectral, his very own Süd Electronics label and Yore.
PLUS 8121EP PAGANINI, SAM: Cobra EP 12″ (PLUS 8121EP) 11.00
Sam Paganini has released a refined brand of deep techno that’s won him support from the likes of Marco Carola, Timo Maas and Paco Osuna. Titular track “Cobra” is firm but not without groove. “Last Call” proceeds at more of a canter, rising up and down as it rolls forwards. “Phantom” confirms Paganini to be a man of economical yet efficient means.
PRES 10035LP JONES, BOOGALOO JOE: What It Is LP (PRES 10035LP) 11.50
Ivan “Boogaloo Joe” Jones’ sixth album for Prestige, originally released in 1971. Pop covers (“Ain’t No Sunshine,” “I Feel The Earth Move”), raw blues and soul-jazz/funk jams. Featuring Bernard Purdie on drums.
RAMP 046.2EP TEETH: Swarm/Shift/Sequence/Spawn Part 2 10″ (RAMP 046.2EP) 11.00
Second part in this series, with tracks “SW” (140 BPM) and “19éme” (137 BPM), from Helsinki’s Teeth. Sounding somewhere between early DMZ & Source Direct. Limited copies with full artwork. Heavy 808 usage ruff enough to fuck up your database.
ROAR 023LP KEITH, RODD: My Pipe Yellow Dream LP (ROAR 023LP) 16.00
“‘Song Poems Wanted’ read the ads. ‘We need new ideas for recording!’ The send-us-your-lyrics business was a borderline scam, taking whatever lyrics came their way from would-be songwriters and — for a fee — setting them to music. None of the results ever came close to being a hit, and to be sure, the vast majority was sufficiently bland or clumsy to insure no great karmic loss in their instant obscurity and miniscule press runs. But Rodd Keith — the late, great genius whose prolific output was almost completely confined to the song-poem industry — had a knack for turning sow’s ears into silk purses. The nature of the business required him to work quickly, with no second takes, and his skill at writing and arranging on the fly was not unlike that of a master improviser. When at his best, he put his unique musical stamp on some lucky customer’s submission. My Pipe Yellow Dream is the second Roaratorio anthology of the highlights of Rodd Keith’s work. Compiling fifteen previously unreissued songs from 1966 through his death in 1974 — including a never-before-heard cover of ‘Choo Choo Train’ — My Pipe Yellow Dream showcases the full range of his talents. From exquisite mid-’60s pop balladry (‘Deep Velvet’) to blue-eyed soul (‘You Don’t Have To Alibi’) to folk-rock (‘Tired Of Waiting’) to solo Chamberlain creations (‘Red Sports Car’) to gospel testifying (‘O Jesus My Savior’) to a pair of patriotic screeds (the all-spoken word ‘America The Not So Beautiful’ and the bizarre-world lounge funk of ‘Search Out Your Soul, American’), this collection continues the rehabilitation of Rodd Keith’s recorded legacy from thrift-shop throwaway to celebrated cult artist. A limited edition LP in a gorgeous gatefold jacket, with artwork by Josh Journey-Heinz and liner notes from song-poem vocalist Dick Kent. Digital download coupon included.”
FALLBOX 001CD VA: The Rubble Collection Volumes 1-10 10CD BOX (FALLBOX 001CD) 85.00
2011 repress of the legendary Rubble Collection Volumes 1-10 CD boxed set. Amongst the first and best psych compilations ever put together, each and every volume is a mind-blowing treasure trove of acid rock and pop from the late 1960s, and comes housed inside a slipcase card replica of the original LP artwork. Featuring famous names alongside a myriad of lesser-known acts and compiled and sequenced by leading collectors, the series has long been a byword for the best in psychedelia. It’s presented here complete with a fully-revised and overhauled color booklet featuring updated band histories, rare photographs and full discographies (incorporating a mass of information not included in previous editions), making this the most comprehensive and authoritative psych boxed set ever assembled. Artists include: Wimple Winch, The Mirror, Caleb, Martin Cure & The Peeps, The Living Daylights, The Open Mind, The Dakotas, The Craig, Unit 4 + 2, The Hush, The Mindbenders, The Mode, The Parking Lot, Keith West, Shotgun Express, The Pretty Things, The Executive, The Talismen, Bo Street Runners, Sons Of Fred, Idle Race, Spencer Davis Group, Gordon Waller, The Brain, Tomorrow, Focus Three, Bamboo Shoot, Wild Silk, Mark Wirtz, The Lemon Tree, The Koobas, Aquarian Age, The Chances Are, Ipsissimus, The Penny Peeps, Jason Crest, The Mirage, The Cymbaline, Finders Keepers, The Californians, Rings & Things, Kaleidoscope, The Fox, Tempus Fugit, The Poets, The Attack, The Flies, The Game, The Score, The Mark Four, Fire, Gene Latter, Keith Shields, Dream Police, The Fairytale, The Kinsmen, The Misunderstood, Ice, The End, Pudding, The Orange Seaweed, Turquoise, The Accent, The Elastic Band, Two & A Half, Edwick Rumbold, Life ‘N’ Soul, Falling Leaves, Tinkerbells Fairydust, The Glass Menagerie, Orange Machine, Carnaby, New Formula, The Onyx, The Ivy League, The Primatives, The Flying Machine, The Epics, Factotums, Erky Grant & The Earwigs, Velvett Fogg, Yellow, Sharon Tandy & Fleur De Lys, Eyes Of Blue, Rick Price & Sheridan, Jigsaw, Skip Bifferty, Methusalah, Norman Conquest, Dantalion’s Chariot, Mashmakhan, Mike Stuart Span, Serendipity, Second Hand, Dragonfly, Peter & The Blizzards, Groep 1850, The Tower, The Outsiders, Sharks & Me, Short ’66, The Motions, Sandy Coast, The Zipps, The Bumble Bees, The Young Ones, St. Giles System, Q 65, Super Sister, Les Baroques, The Golden Ear-Rings, The Clique, The Montanas, The Floribunda Rose, The Turnstile, The Kytes, Fresh Air, 5 AM Event and Writing On The Wall.
RH DC11-EP LANDO KAL: Maneuver 12″ (RH DC11-EP) 12.50
Lando Kal is known for teaming up with Low Limit as Lazer Sword, future hip-hop from the Bay Area. His solo tracks are freaked out juggernauts of electronic music, primarily experimenting with various mutations of house. “Maneuver” is a sure-shot banger, a futuristic synth piece with heavy garage leanings and even a hint of Robin S’ classic “Show Me Love.” “Run It” is a more introverted, electro-fused b-boy classic from future times.
RVNGNL 008LP PINK SKULL: Psychic Welfare LP (RVNGNL 008LP) 18.00
“Psychic Welfare comes after Julian Grefe waded through the cosmic slop that accumulated around him the two years following the release of Endless. Grefe alongside Justin ‘JG’ Geller, forms the central nervous system of a Pink Skull. Psychic Welfare was produced by Pink Skull and Jeff Zeigler (Kurt Vile, War On Drugs) between the band’s Philadelphia studio and Brooklyn, NY. Contending with the seismic swells in both the macro and micro worlds around him, Grefe refracted the polluted waves in a fantastical fit to write the 13 songs of Psychic Welfare. The album is a map of time and space portals in which the listener can navigate from the corroded corners of machinated life to boundless, amorphous space in mere seconds.” Packaged in an elaborate poster sleeve; includes download for the full album, plus bonus tracks and remixes.
“Gonna B” is based on studio sessions from Senzen label-boss Benno Blome together with his long-time friend Armin Engel, who has worked on projects with Fela Kuti’s band Rhythm Taxi & Jimi Tenor. The track itself has influences from both producers. Tech house meets jazz. Freestyle drumming, keyboard jams and effects are tied together, creating an original approach to club music. Includes a remix by Marcin Czubala and Jin Choi.
SOL 002EP SISTOL/POLE: The SYNTH Remixes 12″ (SOL 002EP) 12.00
Slices Of Life presents tracks from Vladislav Delay’s Sistol and Pole projects, remixed by Mike Huckaby. To start, “Keno” is transformed into an outstanding, dubby, Detroit-house masterpiece — exclusively released as an extended version. On the B-side, Huckaby remixed a track originally produced in the same time period: Pole’s “Silberfisch.” In 2011, Mike Huckaby keeps the dubby and slightly melancholic, crackling atmosphere of the original, but his “S Y N T H Remix” beams “Silberfisch” straight onto the dancefloor.
SOFRSS 004EP MPESE MPESE BAND/CANADOES DANCE BAND: Mpese Theme (DrumTalk Remix)/Fine Woman (Sofrito Edit) 12″ (SOFRSS 004EP) 15.00
“Sofrito unleash a double banger of bassline highlife sounds for the dancefloor. London based producer Drumtalk flips the Asiko rhythms of Ghana’s Mpese Mpese Band into a futuristic club workout, bridging the gap between Hackney and Accra. On the flip, the Sofrito crew present a killer groove courtesy of the Canadoes Dance Band. Originally released on the Rogers All Stars label in 1982. A minor key drops into bouncing drums, handclaps and a bubbling bassline that builds and builds into a deep and unrelenting groove.”
SOMA 095CD VA: Soma Records: 20 Years 3CD (SOMA 095CD) 29.00
“When Stuart McMillan and Orde Meikle decided to name their fledgling imprint Soma Quality Recordings, they were being more uncannily prescient than anyone could have imagined during the heady, post-acid electronic eruption, whose volcanic ash continues to disrupt services and belch up astonishing new talent on a regular basis through to the present day. Soma was born out of the insanely euphoric celebrations taking place at the DJ duo’s club held in Glasgow since a track by Phuture named them and their night, Slam. Along with manager Dave Clarke and fellow founder Glenn Gibbons (both still at the helm), they had little idea that, out of the countless clubs and labels flourishing during that magical period, they would be the one still holding strong two decades later, Soma now acknowledged as the UK’s longest-running dance label and one of the most consistently-dazzling electronic imprints in the world.” –Kris Needs, May 2011.CD1 is comprised of “Soma Classics” — covering 20 years of releases (310 singles and 90+ albums). There are the obvious tracks that had to be included, like Slam’s “Positive Education,” Silicone Soul’s “Right On, Right On” and Funk D’Void’s “Diabla.” There are others like Daft Punk’s remix of Scott Grooves and Slam’s first-ever track on Soma Records, “Eterna,” which quite literally took the dance music world by storm. Then there are tracks like Sharkimaxx’s (aka Felix Da Housecat) “Clashback” and Percy X’s “X-Traks,” which still fuel dancefloors around the world. Joris Voorn’s mix of Samuel L. Session is one of the biggest tracks on Soma Records in the last 10 years, and the label included the flip of that. The Black Dog’s “Cost II” (originally on the GPR imprint in ’93, but signed to Soma in the late ’00s) was the sound of a time, just like the Desert Storm release. Daft Punk’s “Drive” track is a rediscovered classic. CD2 is the Slam DJ mix. Orde and Stuart have gone through all the remixes, revisions and reconstructions of past Soma gems that they have worked on throughout the last 12 months, and molded a DJ mix of where Slam stand in athe current climate — one that shows depth, groove and jack in a 65-minute showdown. On CD3 is the Silicone Soul DJ mix. The legendary production and DJ duo of Graeme Reedie and Craig Morrison (aka Silicone Soul) have been at home on Soma since their first release. Before the guys signed to Soma, being native Glaswegians, they religiously attended the legendary Slam nights at both the Arches and the Sub Club in the early ’90s. When this all started, Graeme and Craig did the PR for the club events, getting to know Dave Clarke, the event promoter. Their DJ mix is a representation of the tracks they saw from the dancefloor, be it the first record they bought; Otaku’s “Percussion Obsession,” or DJ Q’s masterful mix of Counter Plan’s “90 Degrees.” Peppered through their mix are snippets and a cappellas, like the beautiful keys of “Daedalus” or the vocals from “Inspiration & Light,” “Tonight” and “U Dig.” You’ll also hear Mark Henning’s “Last Night,” the boys’ personal favorite from the last few years of Soma stock. Other artists include: Deepchord, Eastmen, Loco Dice, H-Foundation, Klartraum, Hatikvah, Rod Modell, Oxia, Nick Curly, Pablo, Alex Under, Vector Lovers, Sebrok, Itamar Sagi, Mark Broom, D’Julz, Master H, Paul Ritch, Maetrik, Pan-Pot, Mark Henning, Zero T, Adam Beyer & Jesper Dahlback, Gary Beck, Christian Smith And Wehbba, Joash, Percy X vs. Bloodsugar, Roy Ayers, Chaser, Alex Smoke, Schatrax, Rejuvination, Wighnomy Bros. & Robag Wruhme, Eastmen and Aion.
SP 008LP DRIPHOUSE: Spectrum 008 LP (SP 008LP) 20.00
Popular Tags: Ambient, Analog, Baroque, Beautiful, Bizarre, Boring, Cold, “Daren Ho,” Digital, Driphouse, Drone, Electronic, Electronica, Experimental, Floating, Harpsichord, “Library Electronics,” Modular, Mysterious, Piano, Psychedelic, Puzzling, Satie, “Spectrum 008,” “Spectrum Spools,” Sterilized, Synthesizers, Ugly, Wendy Carlos, Wobbly, WTF, Zig-Zag. Originally released on cassette in an edition of 100 by Root Strata as Root 91. Mastered and cut at Dubplates + Mastering, Berlin, August 2011.
STH 2272CD JONTI: Twirligig CD (STH 2272CD) 12.00
“Multi-instrumentalist, arranger and vocalist Jonti began assembling music after his departure from South Africa to Australia. Spending countless hours studying records like they were books, processing each song, this became Jonti’s music school, testing his theories on a 4-track recorder. Jonti is a multi-instrumentalist, arranger and vocalist working in Australia. He has recorded with Mark Ronson, Santigold, Sean Lennon and the Dap-Kings. For Jonti’s debut album, coming this fall on Stones Throw, he went the opposite route — doing everything himself start to finish.”
SR 325LP DR BOOGIE: Bear Traces: Nuggets From Bob’s Barn LP (SR 325LP) 15.50
Sub Rosa presents another compilation culled from the legendary collection of Bob Hite, founding member and singer of Canned Heat. Compiled by DJ Dr. Boogie. “Although it stems from the same artistic process as Volume One in the ‘Doctor Boogie Presents’ series, this is not Volume Two of a series devoted to Bob Hite. The process WAS different in that here I focused on much more obscure tracks taken from the very small portion of what remains of the collection of 78 rpms owned by the late and legendary Bob Hite. The collection of this boogie music ogre reached 20,000 78rpms in 1968. However, towards the end of his life, Hite was forced to sell chunks of his treasure to pay off debts, and the leftovers were literally pillaged after his death. Canned Heat’s drummer Fito de la Para managed to salvage a tiny slice of this collection. The first compilation album devoted to Bob Hite’s records focused on a handful of blues giants, including six titles from Elmore James’ repertoire. Here, since there will be no sequel, I decided to pack as much music as I could on two LPs (this is the first one, ‘Paw 1’). I didn’t want to alter the dynamics of these fabulous 78 rpms, so I opted for only a very light mastering, keeping the inevitable audio defects, artifacts and surface noise occasionally heard on the tracks that were more damaged. Bob ‘The Bear’ Hite was a crucial part of the West Coast blues revival of the late ’60s. Along with fellow musicologist Alan ‘Blind Owl’ Wilson, he helped form the first incarnation of the legendary Canned Heat as a jug band. Their performances at the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival and the 1969 Woodstock Festival put them on the map as true bluesmen seeking to revitalize an art form. Hite toured nonstop with Canned Heat and performed as the group’s barrel-housing lead singer until his death of a heart attack on April 5, 1981. He helped revitalize the careers of John Lee Hooker, Sunnyland Slim and Albert Collins, and produced the now-legendary Hooker ‘N Heat double album in 1971. Hite is most remembered for his endless on-stage boogie jams. Enjoy this burning selection and most of all… DON’T FORGET TO BOOGIE!” –Dr. Boogie
SF 034CD GROUP INERANE: Guitars From Agadez (Music of Niger) CD (SF 034CD) 15.00
2011repress of the first Group Inerane album from 2008. Group Inerane is the now sound of the Tuareg Guitar Revolution sweeping across the Sahara Desert and inspired by the rebel musicians that started this music as a political weapon used to communicate from the Libyan Refugee camps in the 1980s and 1990s. Spearheaded by the enigmatic guitar hero Bibi Ahmed, Group Inerane has been together for several years and carries the rich tradition of Tamachek guitar songs for another generation. These ten tracks are a combination of amplified roots rock, blues, and folk in the local Tuareg styles, at times entering into full-on electric guitar psychedelia. This music is performed with two electric guitars, a drum kit and a chorus of vocalists. The recordings were captured live in the city of Agadez in the Republic of Niger. Group Inerane was also featured in the Sublime Frequencies DVD Niger: Magic and Ecstasy in the Sahel. Recorded by Hisham Mayet, this CD reissue includes an 8-page insert with photos of the musicians and liner notes.
TYPE 097LP SHIFLET, MIKE: Sufferers LP (TYPE 097LP) 18.00
Ohio-based noise upsetter Mike Shiflet has amassed an enviable amount of releases in the last decade. Tapes, vinyl, CD-Rs — you name it, he’s done it, but it’s taken until now for Shiflet to weld together what he regards as his defining work. The first in a series of two “proper” albums, Sufferers takes the listener to the very heart of Shiflet’s sound — through the abrasive noise heard on his early releases all the way to the shimmering ambience that made up his breakthrough album Llanos. A deeply patient and rewarding record, Shiflet uses his long-practiced skills to lay waste to a gaseous collection of source recordings, bringing a chattering, disturbing resonance to what sounds like whirring hospital equipment. It is always difficult to reframe U.S. noise music without the punk, tape-destroyed aesthetic — but like Kevin Drumm before him, Shiflet manages to push his sound into high fidelity effortlessly. Each frequency is picked meticulously for maximum effect, and if you listen on headphones, you are treated to an entirely different experience. Whether reducing the listener to an opium-fuelled coma on the shimmering “Axle Grease,” or treating us to the kind of intensity Fennesz last exhibited on Endless Summer with “Blessed And Oppressed,” there is a sense that Shiflet has an ineffable control over his plethora of techniques and ideas. A rare gem in a mire of half-hearted records, Sufferers grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go until the final creak. And this is only the beginning. Cut at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin. Limited vinyl pressing of 500 copies only.
WB 3218HLP COLTRANE, ALICE: Transfiguration 2LP (WB 3218HLP) 27.00
Recorded live at Schoenberg Hall, UCLA, April 16, 1978. Tracks: “Transfiguration,” Spoken introduction, “One For The Father,” “Prema,” “Affinity,” “Krishnaya,” “Leo, Part One” and “Leo, Part Two.” Coltrane plays piano and organ with Reggie Workman on bass and Roy Haynes on drums. Gatefold exact repro on 180 gram vinyl.
WPH 014EP GLENN, JEREMY: Surrender 12″ (WPH 014EP) 12.50
Jeremy Glenn, a Toronto-based singer, presents a storming 4-tracker, situated in that wide area WPH calls “house.” From the deep and oldskool vocal bangers “When I Met You” and “Surrender,” to the more Balearic “Driving At Night,” via the slowhouse beauty “Nothing Feels Like Music,” this is a package packed to the rafters with soul and passion, combined with that ever-present WPH rawness.
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