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PURE 073EP 2000 AND ONE: Analogue Dreams 12″ (PURE 073EP) 12.00
Analogue Dreams is 100% Pure’s 73rd release and 2000 And One’s first solo EP since the release of his Heritage album, taking things back to his housier roots. On “Inside Job,” the rich bass tones will propel you along a funky flow of swinging music goodness with an old skool vocal hook in the break.”Analogue Dreams” springs onto the dancefloor with organic bounce beats and a hypnotic piano hook. Guaranteed to make every clubber feel it in their heart and soul.
ADULT 038EP DJ W!LD: Lost On 14th 12″ (ADULT 038EP) 12.00
DJ W!LD delivers a killer EP that’s bursting with raw layers of funk and pure jacking beats. The title track evolves from a raw bass beat through chugging, percussive grooves and a clipped funk guitar riff. Enter the provocative rhetoric of Kris B, with old school house organ, and the ghetto, freaky vibe is complete. Jamie Jones brings his hot future funk to the remix. “Born To Be Black” is a true club weapon, with an all-encompassing bass, kick drum and fiery female vocals.
GD 003CD VA: GetDarker Presents This Is Dubstep Vol. 3 2CD (GD 003CD) 22.00
GetDarker presents This Is Dubstep Vol. 3, the biggest dubstep compilation of its kind, featuring 40 massive dubstep anthems from the scene’s biggest artists. This series is regarded as the true representation of the worldwide dubstep movement. This new compilation takes the series to the next level by showcasing all angles of dubstep music from the biggest names in the scene, including Skream, Caspa, Benga, Rusko, Nero, Joker, Digital Mystikz, Doctor P, and many more. This immense 40-track selection is an amazing snapshot of the scene’s biggest anthems, including upfront tracks and over 7 unreleased gems. Other artists include: Sub Focus, Freestylers, Example, Flux Pavilion, Bar9, VIP, Distance, Cyrus, Matt U, Laidblack, Chasing Shadows, Kromestar, Gemmy, Heny G, LD, Fused Forces, Emalkay, Lost Disgustin, Chimpo, Clubroot, Von D (feat. Phe Phe), Mr. Lager (feat. Alys Blaze), Baby D, Mensah, Funtcase, Fresh, Foreign Beggers, Breakage, Kryptic Minds & Youngsta, Kulture, Plastician, Tunnidge, Jakes, Zed Bias, Killa & Instinct, and Synkro.
AH 001EP HAWKINS, SCREAMIN’ JAY: I Put A Spell On You 7″ (AH 001EP) 10.00
“‘I Put A Spell On You (Alternative Take)/I Put A Spell On You (Unissued Version). Essential.”
AND 038CD CELER: Levitation And Breaking Points CD (AND 038CD) 12.00
“Originally self-published as a very limited triple 3″ CDR release in May, 2009, Celer’s Levitation and Breaking Points is now available again on CD — this time limited to 300 copies. Surely one of Celer’s most subtly beautiful and uplifting albums out of an already beautiful, highly prolific and much celebrated discography of work.”
Coming from the steamy gutters of Manhattan, Five Dollar Priest deliver their second album as a logical follow-up to their excellent debut record released in 2008. Five Dollar Priest is formed, for this occasion, by members of Speedball Baby, Swans and Mercury Rev, and that´s what it sounds like. With no concessions. A combination of NYC free jazz with looping rhythms and ripped street preaching. Like William Burroughs backed by Miles Davis on a base of Suicide. There is no possible option to think that this record comes from anywhere else but New York, when you listen to it. Housed in a scandalous gatefold sleeve.
In 1995 during the grunge boom, when Steve Turner had a break from Mudhoney, Kim Salmon (The Scientists) was invited to join the band in Seattle. So Salmon accepted the invitation from his friends and flew from Australia to Seattle to check whether the experience was viable and worthy. After a while they amicably split, leaving behind this gem along the way — lost for the last 15 years and recently found. Then in September 2010, Mudhoney and Kim Salmon met again in New York for the ATP Festival, with a band list including The Scientists, Mudhoney, Stooges, Sonic Youth, and more. On this occasion, they spoke about releasing the record. And here it is… and it’s a masterpiece. Like a cross between Kim Salmon The Surrealists’ Sin Factory and Mudhoney’s early albums, this is a gem of swamp and grunge like no other before. Housed in a deluxe vinyl-only gatefold package.
BBS 1103EP MR RAOUL K: Le Karantkatrieme Peul Remixes 12″ (BBS 1103EP) 12.00
Mr Raoul K and Baobab present new remixes of “Le Karantkatrieme Peul.” Belgian duo Prisme remixed it and sent the result to Mr Raoul K who instantly fell in love with their melodic and laid back approach. The other production crew featured here are the Iklawa Brothers, whose remix is a dark, Afrobeat-driven tune. The last remix is done by Mr Raoul K himself and is an epic track that seems to dance on tiptoes around a giant beast.
BIS 001EP PARADIS: Parfait Tirage/La Ballade de Jim 12″ (BIS 001EP) 11.00
“A debut release for both band and label, Parisian duo Paradis bring two eloquently produced tracks to Beats in Space in the form of the Parfait Tirage/La Ballade de Jim 12′. Admirers from afar of DJ Tim Sweeney’s weekly on air institution of 12 years (from which the label takes its name), Paradis submitted demos hoping they might hack it for some play time. Reared on classical and jazz, turned young hip hop rebels, turned teen club crawlers, and then university machine tinkerers, Simon Meny & Pierre Rousseau grew out of genre jumping while young enough to stay ahead and settle into music making centered around melody and emotion. This touchstone approach is perfectly apparent on ‘Parfait Tirage,’ a track built around sublime synth ambiance, a compelling sequence lead, and what will be eventually unmistakably recognized as the Paradis vocal sound. The b-side, ‘La Ballade of Jim’, is a deep techno take on beloved French artist Alain Souchon’s track from the 80s, and already a staple in Sweeney’s live set.”
ACRE 028EP DIZZ1: Decay/Gone Soon 12″ (ACRE 028EP) 11.00
Dizz1’s “Decay” is a drum-centric dancefloor workout, opening with fizzing FX and Carpenter-esque drama. Although the skank is very much in the UK funkee domain, Dizz1’s b-boy fingerprints can be found all over the exquisite wooden block riddim section. “Gone Soon” enters more traditional dubstep territory, evoking memories of a by-gone era with voodoo sampling and spooky tribalism. Double bass licks provide the perfect platform for the wandering, atmospheric synth-work. Support from Bok Bok, Mary Anne Hobbs, Jackmaster and Jay Scarlet .
BPC 238EP WE LOVE: Timeless 12″ (BPC 238EP) 12.00
We Love ups the ante with their second BPC release. This is what pop gems sound like. The elegantly-arranged mix of sparkling minimal wave synths, subtle guitars reminiscent of New Order, and striking vocals are set in motion by a laid-back, yet assertively programmed drum computer. The flipside is completely dedicated to the dancefloor — “Ice Lips” is put on its diet by Tale Of Us and “The Even If” remix from Troy Pierce is definitely a highlight.
MATH 003EP SPIDERS: Spiders 12″ (MATH 003EP) 12.50
2009 release. Following up Zomby’s Digital Flora, BRAiNMATH returns with Spiders by Spiders. As always, insanely limited. One-sided release.
MATH 005EP UNTOLD: Flexible 12″ (MATH 005EP) 12.50
2009 release. Untold drops his follow-up to the Gonna Work Out Fine EP with the highly-anticipated Flexible on BRAiNMATH. As always, there is little information, and limited copies available. One-sided release.
MATH 007EP SBTRKT: 2020 2×12″ (MATH 007EP) 20.00
2010 release. SBTRKT steps up once again to BRAiNMATH for a 2×12″ of some of his most talked-about productions. Limited info, limited copies, DJ support from Mary Anne Hobbs, Sinden, Benji B and Gilles Peterson.
MATH 009EP BAKONGO: Amhara 12″ (MATH 009EP) 12.50
Roska brings his first Bakongo production in over a year to BRAiNMATH. As always, limited info, limited copies. One-sided release.
BNS 025EP TRESHER, GREGOR: Lights From The Inside: The Remixes Pt. 1 12″ (BNS 025EP) 12.00
This is the first remix sampler of Gregor Tresher’s Lights From The Inside (BNS 002CD). Nic Fanciulli lends a special touch to his interpretation of “Lights From The Inside” by turning the more contemplative original into an A-class primetime weapon. Dave Sumner aka Function, one-half of the mighty Sandwell District, adds his signature, dark and twisted touch to his interpretation of “Through The Shadow Glass.” This remix will tear things up on the more industrial techno floors.
BNS 026EP TRESHER, GREGOR: Lights From The Inside: The Remixes Pt. 2 12″ (BNS 026EP) 12.00
This is the second remix sampler of Gregor Tresher’s Lights From The Inside (BNS 002CD). Dosem finds the perfect balance of melodies and dancefloor appeal. With his moody approach, Nick Curly (together with production partner Gorge) pays respect to the melodious vibe of the original track, delivering another highlight of the package. Lastly, there’s a remix of “Echelon” by Patrick Siech, who transformed the already massive original into something even bigger.
In 2009, Luciano’s Cadenza imprint discovered Chilean electronic artist Felipe Venegas; instantly taken aback by his truly unique South American sound, Felipe was welcomed aboard the cutting-edge label. The EP starts with thundering gong crashes and jangling bells, betraying an almost story-like theme as toms and intense brass melodies converse with one another on the title track. “Orisha Chango” sees Felipe utilize his skills to ignite the dancefloor with a powerful yet sensual Cuban-influenced track. Rich textures bound by ancient depth.
CH 088CD O’CONNOR, GEOFFREY: Vanity Is Forever CD (CH 088CD) 12.50
Vanity Is Forever is Crayon Fields frontman Geoffrey O’Connor’s first album under his own name, and his most ambitious, dynamic and sophisticated work yet. O’Connor’s fractured romantic reflections and lustful tributes play out over vast synthscapes, colossal stadium drums and flanged orchestral sweeps, creating a world that is at once ethereal and strikingly vivid. With a combination of restraint and fearless abandon, O’Connor embraces the conflicts of modern love in a manner as ambiguous as it is blunt, and as shameless as it is generous. His songs indulge in ecstasy, love, pride, failure and all the glamorous contradictions they become. He is both an adult with a juvenile mind, and a geriatric in the body of a young man. Painstakingly refined over two years, Vanity Is Forever is O’Connor’s most fully-realized album to date, an epic pop melodrama that shifts seamlessly between seductive, high-production dance hits, suave funk joyrides and modern synthetic power balladry. Recently, O’Connor has mesmerized audiences with an extravagant live show of dueling synthesizers, lasers, light sculptures and hypnotic projections. His diverse solo output — under both his own name and previous solo moniker Sly Hats — has seen him handpicked to support the likes of Fleet Foxes, Jens Lekman, School Of Seven Bells, Andrew Bird and First Aid Kit.
CIC 994CD ESQUIRES & THE EXOTICS, THE: Dallas ’66 CD (CIC 994CD) 15.00
Subtitled: The Now Sound is Here. “In 1966 Dallas was a Mecca for great bands and two of the best, The Exotics and The Esquires, are included on this album. The Exotics began as a rock and roll band in 1959, but by 1966 were recording psych-pop and folk-rock gems. They released three singles, one of them, ‘Come With Me,’ reaching the top ten. The Esquires formed in 1965 and recorded four singles, mixing folk-rock with a hard edged sound. The wild ‘Come On Come On’ and ‘Judgment Day’ are what make The Esquires legendary today. Dallas ’66 contains all seven of The Esquires’ original songs and seventeen tracks by The Exotics, including rare radio promos and unreleased material.”
CLR 052EP TOMMY FOUR SEVEN: Talus/Snout (The Remixes) 12″ (CLR 052EP) 12.50
CLR releases another chapter in the remix series of Tommy Four Seven tracks, taken from his debut album Primate (CLR 010CD). This time, the remixing artists are CLR label-head Chris Liebing and Stroboscopic Artefacts founder Lucy, who produced two distinctive versions of Tommy Four Seven’s original tracks. While Liebing’s remix of “Snout” is straightforward, top-notch techno, Lucy’s remix is a rhythmically-unusual, yet elegant approach to the original track by the name of “Talus,” which is also included on the EP.
COR 089EP CURLY, NICK: Sun City EP 12″ (COR 089EP) 12.50
DJ, producer and label-head Nick Curly’s imprints 8 Bit and Cécille Records are guarantees for standard-setting electronic dance music. The three tracks on his Sun City EP are proof of his maturation with a clear orientation towards housier dancefloors. The title track captivates the listener with a subsonically-perfected bass line and a discoid Hi-NRG modulation, whereas the dense dub deepness of “Green Baize” enchants everybody. Finally, “Libero” has rich percussive rhythms that strongly stress the pelvic thrust.
COMP 385EP TRUEBY, RAINER: Jeck 12″ (COMP 385EP) 12.00
This is Rainer Trueby’s third single, again teaming up with Danilo Plessow (Motor City Drum Ensemble). With its post-garage appeal, “Jeck” honors the slower, more subtle grooves in a very significant way. Reminds a bit of the early ’90s nu-groove sound from NYC. “Welcome To Our World” is moody as hell! Last but not least, the 12″ includes a kick-ass Marcus Worgull remix.
CURLE 035EP EFDEMIN: Please 12″ (CURLE 035EP) 12.00
Efdemin has been one of the key artists on Curle since his 2007 debut for the Belgian label, with big releases such as Acid Bells, America/The Pulse, remixes from Martyn, John Beltran & Matt O’Brien, and the mix CD Carry On, Pretend We’re Not In The Room. The long-awaited follow-up Please includes two tracks that are around the 10-minute mark; “Farnsworth House” and “Blount.” That last one Efdemin made together with his good friend and fellow Dial artist, Kassian Troyer.
DERWIN 004EP QUINTUS PROJECT: Night Flight 12″ (DERWIN 004EP) 12.00
Derwin label-head Alex Barck found this gem by Quintus Project in a second-hand shop and simply had to re-release this shimmering piece of Balearic. The original “Night Flight” was released in 1987 on the Quintus Project album Moments (limited to 300 album copies). The first remix by Psychemagik puts their long-time experience of disco editing to use, for a superb cosmic journey. The second remix comes from Swiss DJ and producer Lexx, who is a major force in Zurich’s nightlife.
DESOLAT 018EP VIUDEZ & RAINER: Scusas 12″ (DESOLAT 018EP) 12.00
Javier Viudez and Rainer Serrat team up for 4 tracks — tales of lost memories and other-worldiness of early morning hours that were some of the best-kept secrets of Loco Dice’s sets this summer. Take “Scusas,” with its hypnotic, scale-wandering staccato bassline, or “Rainer Nostalgia,” with its uplifting vocal shouts, or the Timberlake-infected, driving “Nuevo Cedar” or any other piece in this collection, and it’s clear these boys seem to have the golden touch for stripped-down grooves.
DIS 020EP EGG HUNT: Me And You/We All Fall Down 7″ (DIS 020EP) 5.00
“In the spring of 1986 Dischord founders Ian MacKaye and Jeff Nelson (both formerly of Minor Threat) went to England to visit, and were invited by Southern Records founder John Loder to do some recording while they were there. Southern was operated out of a row house in a neighborhood called Wood Green, and John had a 24-track studio set up in the garage. They recorded four songs, including ‘Me and You,’ something that the two had been playing together in the basement for many years, and ‘We All Fall Down,’ which was written by Ian for Embrace, but had been passed on by the band. Having had such a good time recording and hanging out in London, Ian and Jeff decided to release a single to mark the occasion. The name was chosen since it was recorded over Easter weekend. That summer they tried forming a new band called Egg Hunt with ex-members of Gray Matter, but it wasn’t meant to be. The Southern session would turn out to be the last time the two would record music together. This single is being re-pressed for the first time in over 10 years (on colored vinyl).”
DIS 172CD FAITH: Subject To Change (Plus First Demo) CD (DIS 172CD) 11.00
“The fall of 1981 found the Washington, DC punk scene in one of the first of many fallow periods when a number of active bands broke up at the same time. SOA, Minor Threat, Red C and The Untouchables had all split up, and this resulted in a number of the musicians reorganizing. Mike and Ivor from SOA formed a new band with Alec of The Untouchables singing and another Wilson High School kid, Chris Bald, on bass. They called themselves ‘The Faith’ and played their first show at H.B. Woodlawn High School in November ’81. At the end of 1982, Eddie (also a former member of The Untouchables) joined Faith as a second guitarist and six months later they recorded the Subject to Change 12″ EP. Though clocking in at less than 14 minutes, this record was hugely important to the people here in D.C. and to others around the country and the world that were interested in the music here. On Subject to Change Faith introduced a layered melodic approach that would blossom fully in later Faith-related bands like Rites of Spring and Embrace. Unfortunately, by the time anybody heard Subject to Change, the band was no more. The interpersonal strife proved too much and Faith played their last show in August 1983. The record was released posthumously four months later. While Minor Threat is often held up as the preeminent DC band of the early years, for many of the people living here it was with the Faith that they felt the strongest connection to, and it was a sad day when they played their last show. For this reissued edition of Subject to Change we have expanded the release from its original EP format into a full-length with the addition of 11 tracks from the band’s first demo recorded in 1981 at Inner Ear Studios. Most of these songs were later re-recorded and included on the band’s 1982 split LP with Void (DIS 008LP).”
DIS 172LP FAITH: Subject To Change (Plus First Demo) LP (DIS 172LP) 13.00
Remastered vinyl version, featuring a free album download and printed innersleeve.
DISS 006EP ANTONA, MARC: Rules Of Madness – Part 3 12″ (DISS 006EP) 12.00
For the third vinyl release of Marc Antona’s Rules Of Madness album, Dissonant reveals three more unique techno trips. “Crush To Pulp” embodies what you would dream of to be happy, sexy techno. “Guru” possesses unusual sound shaping that makes it a real matter of joy for advanced listeners. “Illegal” delves into an entirely different musical spectrum. Light-hearted, full of sheer euphoria, this track is the sound of Marc Antona’s influential Iberian studio let loose.
DC 502CD BONNIE ‘PRINCE’ BILLY: Wolfroy Goes To Town CD (DC 502CD) 13.50
“Wolfroy Goes To Town was recorded in Kentucky and mixed by Shahzad Ismaily, Emmett Kelly and Will Oldham. In addition to Bonnie Prince Billy, the players on this record are: Ben Boye (keyboards and extra singing), Van Campbell (drums and percussion), Shahzad Ismaily (percussion, guitar, extra singing), Emmett Kelly (guitars, mandolin, harmony singing), Danny Kiely (basses) and Angel Olson (singing). Prior to the recording, the ten songs on Wolfroy Goes To Town were played by the whole band in performance at Chicago’s Millennium Park in May of 2011. Some of the songs were played and sung by Bonny, Emmett Kelly and Angel Olson on the Free Florida tour that immediately followed. This is the first time any Bonny album has been previewed in public before it was made in the studio!”
DC 502LP BONNIE ‘PRINCE’ BILLY: Wolfroy Goes To Town LP (DC 502LP) 17.00
LP version.
E#105S BLACK HOLE MIAMI: Pure Hell Cassette (E#105S) 8.00
“Over the top trio of Rat Bastard (To Live & Shave in LA), Ulrich Krieger (Zeitkratzer) and Chris Grier (Scarcity of Tanks, etc.). 50 copies.”
E#105T STEGM: On Tight White Sheets 2xCassette (E#105T) 11.50
“2Xcassette in white vinyl case. Killer harsh noise project of Canada power electronics master Ryan Bloomer. 100 copies.”
E#109D-CS STILLBIRTH: Before Things Got Worse Cassette (E#109D-CS) 8.00
“Focused noise drama from Luke Moldof (Razors & Medicine). 100 copies.”
E#110C CALDERA LAKES: Arranged Cassette (E#110C) 8.00
“Beautiful dream noise from Eva Aguila (Kevin Shields) and Brittany Gould. 100 copies.”
E#1D PEAH, LEAH: Leah Peah Cassette (E#1D) 8.00
“Solo cassette of harsh noise love from member of Head Molt. 100 copies.”
E#22E BODY/HEAD: Fractured Orgasm Cassette (E#22E) 8.00
“Kim Gordon + Bill Nace. 150 copies.”
E#8C STRANGE BREW: Live Weird, Die Weird Cassette (E#8C) 8.00
“Solo noise action from Ann Arbor, Michigan legend Michelle Birawer. 100 copies.”
E#8D WEIRD HABIT: Weird Habit Cassette (E#8D) 8.00
“Amazing new solo venture from Sarah Bernat of 16 Bitch Pile-Up. 100 copies.”
EMEGO 126LP TONE, YASUNAO: MP3 Deviations #8 LP (EMEGO 126LP) 20.00
“The MP3 Deviation album contains pieces that are results of the collaborative research by a team of the New Aesthetics in Computer Music (NACM) and myself, led by Tony Myatt at Music Research Center at the University of York in UK in 2009. My idea was to develop new software based on the disruption of the MP3. Primarily I thought the MP3 as a reproducing device could have created a very new sound by intervention between its main elements, the compression encoder and decoder. It turned out that result was not satisfactory. However, we found that if the sound file had been corrupted in the MP3, the corruptions generated 21 error messages, which could be utilized to assign various 21 lengths of samples automatically. Combining with different playback speeds, it could produce unpredictable and unknowable sound. That is a main pillar of the software. We, also, added some other elements such as flipping stereo channels and phase inversing alternately with a certain length of frequency ranges, which resulted in different timbres and pitches. I performed several times at the MRC and I was certain that this software would be a perfect tool for performances. I have tentatively performed the piece in public in Kyoto, May 2009 and in New York, in May 2010. I also performed it successfully with totally different sound sources when I was invited for The Morning Line in Vienna in June 2011.” –Yasunao Tone; Executive producer, Peter Rehberg. Cover design, Tina Frank. Photography, Tina Frank, Florian Voggeneder; Digital mastering, Russell Haswell. Cut at 45rpm by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin.
EMEGO 128LP ORCUTT, BILL: How The Thing Sings LP (EMEGO 128LP) 18.00
Gatefold LP version, repressed. Yet another essential, cracking new set of songs from Bill Orcutt, showcasing a further development of his unique, visceral acoustic style. The language that Orcutt uses looks familiar at first glance, but cuts deeper and it’s a myriad of twisted audio that’s both full-on and drenched in melancholy, usually in the same gasping breath. While a lot of it is the classic face-melting style, some quieter segments counter balance on the title track as well the epic closer “A Line From Ol’Man River” and “Heaven Is Closed To Me Now.” Recorded Spring 2011 in the Living Room, San Francisco.
FP 032EP MARIUS CIRCUS: Marbella 12″ (FP 032EP) 12.00
Debut 12″ from this talented Norwegian chap. After a little session with Prins Thomas at K16 Studios, they managed to squeeze out these two beauties. Includes a “dub” version of “Marbella.”
FCL 064EP NEW NAVY: Uluwatu 10″ (FCL 064EP) 12.00
From the “whistle while you work” opening of “Zimbabwe,” the summer grooves of “Tapioca” to the dramatic crescendo of “Oceans,” New Navy’s debut EP demonstrates the Australian band’s powerful songwriting ability and consistent style. New Navy balance sparkly guitars with front man Ben McInerny’s smooth vocals, delivering strong bass lines and breezy indie grooves to great effect. They have received impressive early support from radio and media with comparisons to Foals, The Whitest Boy Alive and Cold War Kids.
GET 53506CD LYTLE, JOHNNY: Done It Again CD (GET 53506CD) 15.00
“Throughout his career, vibraphonist Johnny Lytle never recorded with a major record label, preferring instead to cut tracks for lesser-known but respected imprints like Riverside Records and others. This may have prevented him from becoming as popular as some of the big names he recorded with–Wynton Kelly, Miles Davis, Louis Armstrong, Ray Charles and Roy Ayers among them–but his dedication to following his own creative instincts made the man known as ‘Fast Hands’ an icon amongst true jazz aficionados worldwide. His 1967 record Done It Again captures Lytle at his best, bursting with energy and verve to spare. The bright West Coast-flavored title cut is balanced by tender ballads like ‘The Nearness of You’ and ‘If I Should Leave You,’ all held together by Lytle’s dynamic presence and tight arrangements. Packaged in a gatefold paste-on mini LP jacket, Lytle’s Done It Again is required listening for any jazz fan, and Get On Down is proud to present this rare and important record for a new generation of listeners to experience and enjoy.”
GUESS 087LP HOLLIES, THE: Evolution LP (GUESS 087LP) 25.50
1967 saw the release of two incredible albums by The Hollies. With Graham Nash leading the group, the psychedelic boom also partially caught The Hollies and they show that influence on Evolution. Dig that eye-catching full-color psychedelic cover art. We get the usual dose of unbeatable vocal harmonies, along with breathtaking pop compositions with psychedelic tinges, fuzz guitar and some exotic moves. It can honestly be stated that Evolution is one of the best pop albums ever. Reproduction of the UK mono version in a 350 gram carton cover with old-style backflaps, 180 gram vinyl and insert with photos and liner notes by Andy Morten.
GUESS 088LP HOLLIES, THE: Butterfly LP (GUESS 088LP) 25.50
The second of two 1967 albums by The Hollies showed them as psychedelic as they ever were, and just like on their previous Evolution, none of the songs on the LP were used on 45s and they all were original compositions. Again, mainly a Nash-led project, there’s nothing you’ll miss when listening — it’s the Hollies’ pop grandiosity going one step beyond. On Butterfly, you’ll find nothing but tremendous songs, like the epic “Would You Believe,” the full-blown psychedelia of “Try It,” or the mighty “Dear Eloise.” Another masterpiece no one should miss, now proudly reissued with high quality standards by longtime Hollies fans at Guerssen Records. Reproduction of the UK mono version in a 350 gram carton cover with old-style backflaps, pressed on 180 gram vinyl, including an insert with extensive liner notes by Andy Morten.
HLR 001CD KOOL & TOGETHER: Kool And Together CD (HLR 001CD) 14.00
“Where Hendrix’s Band of Gypsys left off is exactly the spot where Kool and Together was born. For the Sanders brothers, the screams of psychedelic rock met with Motown’s funky Soul at a crossroads called Black Rock–a mixture of two genres that few were bold enough to attempt and even fewer possessed the technical ability to master. At the same time groups like Black Merda were crafting their take on black rock in Detroit, Kool and Together were blazing their own path with distortion pedals and lyrics about social turmoil in the most unlikely of places, a small, dusty town in South Texas. This set collects the best of Kool and Together’s 1970s recordings including material from their little-heard private press 45’s, demos and an explosive previously unreleased set of Black Rock. While searching for the reel for their deep funk classic, ‘Red Hot Stove,’ a trove of unreleased material was discovered and Kool and Together’s true modus operandi became clear. Their impulse wasn’t to follow convention but to build an original, distinct soundscape. Songs like ‘Get Your Feet Off the Ground’ and ‘I Know’ represent a seamless, soulful fusion of Funk and psychedelic rock. Digging deeper into the Sanders family’s demos and home recordings revealed even further evidence of their talent and seemingly limitless inspiration. Recorded when the Sanders brothers were still teenagers, the rehearsal workouts heard on ‘Escapism Beat’ and ‘Nassau Beat’ are some of the most searing, uncut Funk ever caught on tape. By the late ’70s, Kool and Together had shifted their sound, recording and self-releasing prime cuts of disco and modern soul. Included with the essentially unheard singles, ‘Black Snow’ and ‘Hooked on Life’ are stellar previously unreleased demo recordings of the Soul anthem, ‘Better Days’ and the proto-rap jam, ‘Blow it Out Your Mind.’ A sonic revelation to even the most seasoned listener, Heavy Light Records is proud to bring the recordings of this massively talented Texas family to light.”
HLR 003LP KOOL & TOGETHER: Kool And Together 2LP (HLR 003LP) 24.00
Gatefold 2LP version.
A bobbing, minimal groover from Ricardo Villalobos and Max Loderbauer’s Berlin corner — haunted by its Shangaan muse in the wafting, abstract manner of their recent ECM renovations, but more dug-in and funked-up. Also included is some icily original, brilliant work from the Bristolian Peverelist — tense and bristling, tethered between a kind of arrested highlife and a techno breakout.
INTAC 034EP SHINEDOE: Sweet & Sour 12″ (INTAC 034EP) 12.00
Shinedoe’s unique vision of electronic dance music, combined with her talent, dynamism and pioneering spirit have acted as a springboard, propelling her to the forefront of house and techno global club scenes. “Sweet And Sour” features warm percussion that melts through layers of electric sizzle. A ruthless dance-roller pierced with wild signals from the chimes. “Sour” runs with shrill jabs towards outer dance space. Lastly, “Sweet” features low frequency organic snippets that breathe life into a sponge-y bassline. Sweet!
INT 019EP DISCODROMO: Viaggio Verso Pegaso 12″ (INT 019EP) 12.00
The sounds of unicorns and rainbows (doing the disco) from Discodromo. “Viaggio Verso Pegaso” in original form and a fresh rework by Ichisan & Nakova backed up by a slightly re-arranged and arped-up version of “Numero Uno” by Prins Thomas.
INTTRIDACT12 TRIDACT: Over The Clouds 12″ (INTTRIDACT12) 12.00
On Brandon Johnson aka Tridact’s debut album on Prins Thomas’ Internasjonal label (INT 002CD), he created an eclectic blend of densely-layered, melodic, song-oriented instrumental tracks which combine analog synthesizers, guitars and programmed beats. The album draws from influences ranging from ’60s pop to disco, house, techno and breakbeat to make a sound that reflects a distinctly Pacific Coast experience.
INTTRIDACT7 TRIDACT: One Wheel Race/Sky Blue Dart 7″ (INTTRIDACT7) 12.00
Two tracks from Tridact’s debut album from Prins Thomas’ Internasjonal label (INT 002CD).
IFFM 001EP GONNO: Acdise #2 12″ (IFFM 001EP) 12.00
International Feel presents some Japanese techno, courtesy of Gonno. A well-known house and techno artist in his native country and further afield, his recent EPs have been receiving support from such luminaries as Josh Wink and Laurent Garnier. “Acdise #2” holds you in a hypnotic maelstrom, as the lush, warped strings climb higher and higher. Complete with a stripped-down acid-cussive version from Skudge and another storming remix from Gatto Fritto, this is an EP to take you back.
ITS 007EP RVDS: The Cat And The Moon 12″ (ITS 007EP) 12.00
The Cat And The Moon features three deep, Chicago house tracks full of rhythms, acid moods, jazz and soul. Includes an a cappella track, which is a poem by William Butler Yeats. Yeah, the cats are dancing on the moon while the rhythms, synths and growls are waiting to please you. Limited vinyl edition.
KITSUNE 143EP MAGICIAN (FEAT. JEPPE), THE: I Don’t Know What To Do 12″ (KITSUNE 143EP) 12.00
The Magician has cemented his reputation amongst DJs and electro lovers alike. The only thing the Kitsuné label could hear from him were his mysterious Magic Tapes, available on Soundcloud with no tracklisting. The concept has created so much excitement among music aficionados, that the Magician has already released 13 of them. “I Don’t Know What To Do” is a pure dance jewel enlightened by Jeppe’s voice! The remixes by Fabian and Plastic Plates are definitely more electronic and punchy.
KOMP 091CD WALLS: Coracle CD (KOMP 091CD) 15.50
Walls’ Alessio Natalizia and Sam Willis return swiftly on the back of 2010’s critically-lauded self-titled debut, an album that picked up MOJO’s coveted “Electronic Album Of The Year,” featured in NME’s end-of-year lists, not to mention winning fans such as Jamie XX, Caribou, James Holden and impressing U.S. trio Battles. Yet it isn’t these admittedly impressive accolades that make the announcement of second LP Coracle such an anticipated one; what makes Walls so alluring is the fully-immersive experience of their mellifluous electronica — reaching out far and wide to pull influences sonic, emotional and theoretical together into patterns of blissful phantasmagoria. Taking their debut as the prototype, Willis and Natalizia have taken those initial early-sunrise evocations and pushed them to even more grandiose expanse. Coracle also takes a more dance-oriented stance, the soft-edged rhythms of ambient combining with influences from the protean Detroit techno and Chicago house music of Juan Atkins, Mr. Fingers et al., to propel the likes of opener “Into Our Midst” and lead-off single “Sunporch” forth. Sonic shapes often collide in slow motion, while a greater usage of guitars and pedals — twisted to push the instruments beyond their comfort zone — have further cemented links to Krautrock (Cluster/Popul Vuh) and shoegaze (MBV/Ulrich Schnauss). At times aural ideas bleed together, sometimes one pushing the other into the background, elsewhere combining to morph into something new. Tracks like “Vacant” and “Drunken Galleon” glimmer with the sense of voyages not entirely known, the former shimmering and shaking as though ready for take-off, the latter’s introductory keyboards tiptoeing naively, like an explorer feeling their way amidst freshly discovered surroundings. There’s no sense of a directed level at which we the listener should respond to their music, so long as we can connect with it — indeed, for a group whose most obvious tools remain electronic machines and samplers, theirs is a sound that could hardly sound more human. This open-ended approach is inspired by the ideas of German film director Werner Herzog — the track “Ecstatic Truth” is named after his talk on the subject. Coracle is cerebrally-created music, but it’s a work that hasn’t been allowed to escape the more impulsive — and yet in many cases more complicated — spectrum of human emotion imbued in it first. It’s an album that connects on the most satisfying and accessible level, as the pair say: “we learned to trust the goosebumps that we’ve both felt throughout making this record;” they won’t be alone in experiencing such spine-tingling reactions.
KOMP 094CD FIELD, THE: Looping State Of Mind CD (KOMP 094CD) 15.50
This is the third full-length release by The Field for the Kompakt label. It’s with the arrival of Looping State Of Mind that you finally realize that, for The Field’s ambient techno explorer Axel Willner, the loop never stops. While fans and critics alike point to 2007’s phenomenal debut From Here We Go Sublime (KOMP 057CD) — included on Pitchfork’s Top 100 albums of the 2000s — and 2009’s equally-stirring follow-up Yesterday And Today (released on CD on the Anti- label in North America; vinyl version on Kompakt worldwide: KOM 193LP) as standalone points of the Swede’s music; it becomes clear that they appear as mere snapshots of what, for the producer, is a continual cycle of revolutions. Reveling in the warm recognition of their recurring patterns, imbuing conflicting twin senses of present and nostalgia, familiarity doesn’t breed contempt; for Willner sees each loop as another chance to adjust, to build upon and multiply so that several of even the slightest nuances can combine to form a true aural evolution. So it is on this, The Field’s third album, and yet so it has been too for the artist. Rewind three years and, plaudits from his debut LP still ringing in his ears and amongst resultant tours with LCD Soundsystem and !!!, he’d swapped his native Stockholm for the nocturnal utopia of Berlin’s heady streets and clubbing scene. A major internal shift occurred, meanwhile, when he invited Dan Enqvist and multi-instrumentalist Andreas Söderstrom — since replaced with drummer Jesper Skarin — to turn his hitherto singular vision into a three-piece group. Yesterday & Today was the immediate reaction concocted by the alchemy of those events, gaining more plaudits and leading to headlining tours of Europe. Looping State Of Mind is the strengthening of those bonds and ideas, the addition of Skarin in particular — Axel comments, “taking The Field to another level.” It’s this evolution that’s notable on this record, a move away from the more unblended techno foundations that encapsulated From Here We Go Sublime, in particular. Instead, previous ideas have been expanded upon and, more importantly, new ones added; vocal samples now creep around signature sound washes, whispering on the periphery; greater contrast has been added with acoustic instruments such as double bass and piano recorded amongst the samples — the result of recording in the fully-equipped Dumbo Studios in Kompakt’s home town of Cologne. Many of the initial sketches, however, still came from Willner himself at his home studio in Berlin, suggesting an embryonic growth to the creation process; “some of the ideas stretching back to the debut are still there,” he says, cementing this idea of furthering the re-visited, “but we’ve just made a real attempt to grow the sound.” The album was mixed by Jörg Burger aka The Modernist.
“Exile is the new Charalambides album. Five years in the making, it was recorded between 2006 and 2010 in various locations in New Hampshire, western Massachusetts and New York City, mixed at Black Dirt Studios, and mastered at Sand with Paul Gold. The group remains the core duo of Christina and Tom Carter, with contributions on one track by the string section of Helena Espvall and Margarida Garcia. Deeply imbued with the full historical spectrum of American folk and blues song form, Exile is a tapestry of suppliant invocations directed at the heart of the unseen spiritual forces surrounding us. Dense arrangements and thickly-overdubbed tracks sit side-by-side with material that ranks among the sparest and most skeletal the group has recorded, giving Exile the psychic scope of their classic Market Square album while building on the refinements of the more recent Likeness and A Vintage Burden releases.”
Gatefold 2LP version.
LL 054EP VNNR: What?! 12″ (LL 054EP) 12.00
Antwerp-based DJ/producer VNNR is the latest addition to the Lektroluv label roster. His remixes have already been supported by a shitload of big names, such as Mr. Oizo, Justice, Busy P, Felix Da Housecat, Boris Dlugosch, The Bloody Beetroots, etc. “What!?” is the most likely reaction you’ll get from clubbers and fellow DJs when you put this monster on the decks. Includes remixes from a bunch of fresh and hot names such as Modek, Nickel and Dr. Lektroluv.
For the next release on M-Plant, Robert Hood revisits his Floorplan moniker, delivering three new tracks. “We Magnify His Name” is a classic example of the Floorplan ethos. Hood layers gospel vocals and a joyous atmosphere over a funked-out disco backbone. “Baby Baby” will have dancefloors jumping too, with its clipped, staccato vox and pumping bassline. The EP ends on “Basic Principle,” the techiest of the three tracks, though still removed from Hood’s usual dark minimal techno.
MPM 014EP HOOD, ROBERT: The Greatest Dancer 12″ (MPM 014EP) 12.00
The latest release in the Perpetual Masters series, which sees the M-Plant catalog being remastered and re-released, is the classic The Greatest Dancer. A disco-styled techno track which was originally released on M-Plant in 2001 with a live version of the title track from Motor City, Detroit. This remastered version is accompanied with a new disco-styled techno track called “Dancer.”
MIND 015EP VA: Forward Part II 12″ (MIND 015EP) 12.00
Mindshake’s family-first approach takes center stage for its latest release, Forward Part II. With an emphasis on showcasing new talent, label owner and respected DJ/producer Paco Osuna has surrounded himself with three new artist label premieres from newcomers Dokser, Lorenzo Bartoletti and The Junkies. With the second release in the Forward series, Mindshake continues to deliver on its promise to develop the most innovative artists while providing the world with a first-class experience in contemporary electronic music culture.
Claap presents 3 new names on the label’s roster. Quell has already caused waves with releases on Ibadan, 8 Bit and These Days, amongst others. His track is steady with a very pumping bass, building a very sensual mood. Jack Union is a side project from label owner Alex Tsotsos for his retro-sounding house productions. On the flip are Square Room Heroes with “Now Is The Time,” combining modern sound aesthetics with a smoky voice urging you to release the freak.
MFP 057EP DAPAYK & PADBERG/DAPAYK & MIDNIGHT: Swimming Circles 12″ (MFP 057EP) 12.00
Mo’s Ferry presents a vinyl re-release of two classics from the label catalog. Dapayk & Padberg’s “Island” is the special result of a collaboration with singer and producer, Caro, and came out in 2007 on their album Black Beauty. The prominent “Swimming Circles” remix by Nôze was originally released on the B-side of Black Beauty Rmxs Pt.2. In 2005, “Emergency” by Dapayk & Midnight was released in a limited edition of 1,000 copies, out-of-stock long ago and finally available again.
MOJUBA 018EP BADIE, BERNARD: Bones 12″ (MOJUBA 018EP) 14.00
Bernard Badie is back with some fresh tunes right out of Chicago. For “Bones,” he teams up with Muphan on vocals, bringing you a unique, kicking vocal house jam that will rock the house nation. On the flip side are some very useful bonus beats extracted from the main track as well as an edit by Oracy of a 1991 old school house track from Bernard’s very rare Got The Funk 12″. Original house flavors for those who know.
Subtitled: A Scientific Soul Music Honoring Of Muhammad Ali. “During the war against advanced colo-rectal cancer (from 2006), which included two primary tumors and two recurrences, Fred Ho, hammered by massive chemo and radiation, found inspiration in the fight for his life from watching movies of The Greatest, Muhammad Ali. Ali’s bold, militant, defiant and spirited resistance to the forces of American racism, combined with his elan, grace and humor (both poetical and personal), his indisputable athletic abilities and genius, and the inspiration to the world’s peoples (especially the oppressed) and their embrace of him, served as constant inspiration to Fred Ho. During one of his recovery periods, Ho decided to compose a work for his Green Monster Big Band to honor The Greatest. The Sweet Science Suite is a musical evocation of that mojo conjured through Afro Asian scientific soul music, combining the swing of jazz and American and Asian boxing, martial arts and hand-to-hand combat feels and forms, with the elasticity of temperament and pitch intrinsic to the raw, folk musical characteristics of AfroAmerica and much of the Asiatic world. During Ali’s match against the juggernaut George Foreman in Zaire during the mid-1970s, Ali’s employ of the rope-a-dope was the quintessential methodology of the trickster, intrinsic to many Asian martial arts, such as JuJitSu, of turning the strength of one’s opponent against them. This work of five movements spans the musical geography of the Black and Yellow worlds, just as Ali spanned those two worlds in his boxing training and abilities, and in turn inspired and influenced martial forms and techniques, including the footwork of the late great martial arts innovator and iconoclast, Bruce Lee.”
MUTABLE 17543 LAM, BUN-CHING: Heidelberg Concerts 2CD (MUTABLE 17543) 25.00
“Bun-Ching Lam, born in Macao, and Gunnar A. Kaldewey, a book artist born in Germany, have been working together for more than twenty-five years. The artistic outcome of their collaboration was presented in an exhibition of artist books and three evening concerts featuring compositions by Bun-Ching Lam, held in Heidelberg in the fall of 2009. The CDs included here contain the opening concert of October 26th, and the final concert of October 28th, featuring vocal and chamber music written for Asian and European instruments. The compositions featured on Disc 1 attempt to translate poetic or artistic sentiments into sound. It presents the many different cultural traits, from Heine to Hiroshige, from Europe to Asia, from Debussy from lunzhi (running finger techniques on the pipa) to Run, that have merged in the musics of Bun-Ching Lam. These pieces show Lam thinking as a citizen of the world, as one critic, Ken Gallo, put it. Disc 2 presents more chamber music by Lam, under the title of Seeing Sounds Like Water, Like Ritual: Chamber Music. Each of the pieces is an expressive painting in sound, allowing the audience a multiplicity of sensual experiences: it is not enough to hear, but one must see and smell, taste, feel and be touched by this music.”
45 161EP LEE AND THE CADDIES, MYRON: Homicide/Aw C’mon Baby 7″ (45 161EP) 5.50
“Atomic 1958 Midwest rockers! Only 400 pressed in 1958!”
45 163EP FULLER AND THE FANATICS, BOBBY: Stringer/The Chase 7″ (45 163EP) 5.50
“Pummeling surf instrumental twin spin from Bobby’s El Paso home studio! Unbeatable!”
ED 368LP GAYE BLADES, THE: The Gaye Blades LP (ED 368LP) 13.00
“Ten spectacular new recordings featuring members of the Black Lips, Gentleman Jesse and his Men and the Carbonas! Nine originals plus an amazing Sanford Clark cover!”
ED 369LP PERKINS, CARL: Put Your Cat Clothes On! LP (ED 369LP) 13.00
“Spectacular Sun session warm up takes ? half of them with Jerry Lee Lewis on piano!”
NOSMOKE 010LP EVARISTE: Do You Know The Beast? LP (NOSMOKE 010LP) 29.00
“Often regarded as the French Kim Fowley, Evariste is a well-kept secret needing to get out there now. Genius, creative and with a very poisoned language in the lyrics of his songs. A mix betwen ye ye, garage and hallucinated experimental rock. Evariste is probably one of the most interesting musicians from the French ’60s rock scene, though maybe too weird to have really had that recognition from the public and media at the time! And Michel Colombier is involved in these recordings too! This first time ever reissue of his works includes his complete discography, that’s two EPs and one single. Remastered sound, and limited to 500 copies.”
ES 002BOX LITTLE ED & THE SOUNDMASTERS: Little Ed & The Soundmasters 3×7″ BOX (ES 002BOX) 21.00
“Chicago’s only blues-funk family band with an eight-year-old drummer finally gets their due in this elaborate 3×45 box set. Stationed on Chicago’s west side between 1965-1972, the Fisher brothers worked their novelty act at any club that was willing to bend the city’s stiff liquor laws. Three 45s were cut for their homespun Fised and Fished labels, with the third featuring the first known recordings of notorious bluesman Johnny Dollar. Chock full of photos stripped from family photo albums, the 12 page booklet tells the complete Soundmaster story, from their earliest days backing J.B. Hutto to Little Ed’s final snare cracks for Southside Movement. Housed in a tipped-on 7″ box, the set sets a new standard for funk 45s.”
NUMERO 024LP VA: Titan: It’s All Pop! 4LP BOX (NUMERO 024LP) 52.00
“”From 1978-1981 the Titan label issued only eight records, but over the years their tiny catalog has crawled to the top of power-pop want lists worldwide and appeared on scads of bootleg cassettes, building a legacy to rival L.A.’s Bomp or New York’s Ork. Located in fly-over country, Titan was forced to start their own scene, import their own skinny ties, and scour Missouri for their own talent. Their midwest AM bubblegum roots are apparent in the likes of Gary Charlson, the Secrets*, Arlis!, Gems, Millionaire At Midnight, the Boys, J.P. McClain & the Intruders, Bobby Sky, and Scott McCarl, but Titan was clearly influenced by the glam-punk spit being hocked from the 100 Club stage. Thirty years since they meekly flopped out their first 7″ single, Kansas City’s Titan Records finally returns to record bins everywhere in a deluxe 4LP retrospective boasting ten bonus tracks not on the double CD, and a comprehensive 24-page book.”
OLD 1008CD VA: Barbecue Any Old Time CD (OLD 1008CD) 17.00
Subtitled: Blues From The Pit 1927-1942. “Blues and barbecue make perfect companions, both brimming with down-home flavor. Barbecue Any Old Time is an anthology of vintage blues that celebrates the joys of eating meat, with plenty of sly nods to other worldly pleasures. In the early twentieth century, millions of Southerners moved from hardluck farms to the big cities of the North and West. As the Great Migration carried Southern barbecue to new locales, it did the same for Southern music. Jazz, blues, and barbecue would eventually sweep the nation. This CD presents the hokum jive of Frankie ‘Half Pint’ Jaxon, the gritty washboard rhythms of Charlie Campbell, 12-string bottleneck blues by Barbecue Bob, the big-city vocals of Georgia White, Piedmont blues by Blind Boy Fuller, the red hot jazz of ‘Tiny’ Parham, the double entendres of Bessie Jackson, and much more – 24 tracks in all, originally recorded between 1927-1942. The music of Barbecue Any Old Time has been expertly remastered for digital clarity, and the CD comes with a handsome 20-page, full-color booklet that chronicles the spread of blues and barbecue across America. Opening with an essay by noted Southern historian Tom Hanchett, the booklet also features rare photographs, detailed song descriptions, and a complete discography.”
PLK 023EP CCO: The Social Changes 12″ (PLK 023EP) 12.00
CCO aka Contra Commumem Opinionem has released two EPs on the Chicago-based label Mathematics that were played a lot at the Plak office. Here are two slices of raw Chicago techno/house carefully crafted & extended for Plak: the moody atmosphere of “Structural Constraints” will fly you far, far away, and “Structural Drift” contains spiritual momentum with a liquid 303 lead and sensual pads for your chemical Sunday therapy. This piece of wax is an analog affair, no software.
PG 003EP BEUME, MARTIN: Wip Catch EP 12″ (PG 003EP) 12.00
Inimitable Cologne producer Martin Beume has really taken a huge step in his songwriting and production for Private Gold. Axel Boman also turns in an amazing remix in his instantly-recognizable non-traditional style. On chocolate-colored vinyl.
RT 003EP DADDYKSHUN: Love To Learn 12″ (RT 003EP) 12.50
Melon met two old friends from Amsterdam lying on the streets of Berlin who gave him an old fashioned tape. Out of respect for his (now homeless junkies) friends, he borrowed an old tape deck and gave it a listen. He really liked the track, but unfortunately he never found his friends again. After playing it for months and getting massive feedback, the decision was made to put it out, complimented by a remix from California house legend Doc Martin.
ROCK 040CD PUSSY: Invasion CD (ROCK 040CD) 14.00
“Collection of tracks from this early ’70s post-Jerusalem UK hard rock group also managed and produced by Ian Gillan (Deep Purple). Includes songs from their lone single for the Deram label plus fourteen other previously unreleased recordings! After the disbanding of Jerusalem – (the rumors over the years said there was a second unreleased Jerusalem album – this is not true – it was actually the Pussy album) – Decca (Deram Label) decided to continue the Jerusalem contract for Pussy. The first and only Pussy release on Deram was a single entitled Feline Woman. The recordings found here represent what was to be the Pussy debut album plus other various tracks all recorded between 1972 and 1973.” Includes a 20-page booklet of lyrics and vintage photos.
RB 028EP STYLES, MATTHEW: Sample & Hold EP 12″ (RB 028EP) 12.00
Matthew Styles’ debut for Running Back is his first solo release in a long while and ticks all the niceness boxes: straight-up house with “Don’t Call Me Again” that works itself up into a frenzy, the rough-and-ready “Scale” performance without a ruffle, “Polee” and its irresistible melody and last but not least, the percussive and bass-heavy lunacy of “Galaxy 21.” Already played by _______ (insert your favorite DJ here).
RH 110A-EP SHAKIR, ANTHONY ‘SHAKE’: Frictionalism 1994-2009 Part 1 12″ (RH 110A-EP) 12.50
2011 repress. Rush Hour presses the first 12″ from the Frictional Recordings compilation, Frictionalism 1994-2009. Four energetic house tracks — “Happy To Here,” “Breathe Deeper,” ” March Into Darkness” and “Electron Rider” — from one of Detroit’s finest… TIP!
RH 110D-EP SHAKIR, ANTHONY ‘SHAKE’: Frictionalism 1994-2009 Part 4 12″ (RH 110D-EP) 12.50
2011 repress. Part 4 in the Shake Frictionalism (RH 110CD) reissue series, with three total corkers and also an exclusive track. “The Floor Filler” is a disco-frenzied track that was originally released in 1997 as part of Club Scam II. The track is still a valid club tool and will definitely fill a floor. “Plugged In” is taken from the same EP and is true disco meets techno. “The Other One” is a track from the vault and has never been released.
SER 012EP RAINER: 8000 Feet Up 12″ (SER 012EP) 12.00
Rainer presents his second release on Serialism Records. “From X-Berg To San Diego,” a production in conjunction with Cesare vs. Disorder, features tough house beat leads with a funky guitar, an oscillating vocal and jacked, old-school snares. “Room 27” features a dark crunching bassline dueling with a barrage of cowbells. A cheeky synth-squiggle pokes about and some forgotten soul vocal phases in and out. Also features “8000 Feet Up” and a Shaun Reeves & Tale Of Us edit.
SKUDGE 004R-EP SKUDGE: Remixes Part 4 12″ (SKUDGE 004R-EP) 12.50
If you are going to run a remix series of any worth, then you better be coming with the goods. Skudge have done it again, with this beast of a 12″. Berlin dub king, Substance fires off a huge side, overturning “Overture” brilliantly. October & Appleblim do it Bristol fashion with a gritty twist-up of the album track “Real Time.”
SAB 049EP LYNCH, JULIAN: Music For How Mata Hari Lost Her Head And Found Her Body 7″ (SAB 049EP) 8.00
“Filmmaker Amy Ruhl was beginning work on her first film, an allegorical biography of the courtesan, dancer and spy Mata Hari. Spurred from talks about a using gamelan to score the film, Ruhl asked Julian Lynch to contribute songs to the film & he delivered five new instrumentals. Drawing on both Indonesian music and his own bedroom psychedelia proclivities and casually evoking 1970s Pharaoh Sanders, Lynch’s songs came to anchor key scenes in the film. Vinyl includes gratis download.”
SUOL 031EP VON SEIN, TILL: Non Existent Love 12″ (SUOL 031EP) 12.00
#LTD is the name of Till Von Sein’s debut album on Suol and this is the first single taken from it. “Non Existent Love” is a collabo with Tigerskin and on vocal duties is Meggy & Lazarus. Remixes courtesy of El_Txef_A and Jozif. The original track is a massive groover with a smooth acid line and beautiful vocals. El_Txef_A grabs the piano and some strings for his version and Jozif takes a slow-trance approach.
SFR 030EP NO REGULAR PLAY: Fall Up To The Sky (feat. Maya Hatch) 12″ (SFR 030EP) 12.00
Guy Gerber’s Supplement Facts presents Brooklyn-based duo No Regular Play, featuring the molten vocals of Maya Hatch and a blinding remix from Life And Death. On “Fall Up To The Sky,” Maya’s luscious voice infiltrates deep alongside warm gliding synth pads and the techy drive of the kicks craft a tight swinging groove.
SLGV 003LP RXRY: Alpha LP (SLGV 003LP) 19.00
“If the blogosphere hype machine were represented as a physical city, every overblown diatribe rendered as a gaudy tower scraping at soot-filled skies, then the Alpha EP is the crumbling warehouse on the edge of the grid, it’s dilapidated facade streaked with the arrhythmic patterns of distant and dying neon lights. Windows glowing against a polluted twilight skyline, harboring some secretive and pulsating celebration within. As the architect, the shadowy figure(s) known as RxRy have poured their foundation onto IDM and techno, then raised a framework on ambient and drone. Electric melodies are wired into walls of static and thundering low-end vibrations, billowing sheets of noise and compression decay over a shuddering scaffold of analog warmth. New algorithms are emerging from the digital dust – intelligent dance music for the next generation of sound-seekers. Turn your ears and minds towards the fringes, you’re within earshot. Edition of only 400 copies.”
TURBO 031LP AZARI & III: Azari & III 2LP (TURBO 031LP) 28.00
“Torontonian quartet, Azari & III have announced their debut self-titled album on Turbo Recordings/Loose Lips Records/Modular. It follows the release of the single ‘Hungry For The Power,’ which erupted a storm of awe on the underground music scene and a collaborative track ‘Stay Here’ with Friendly Fires in 2010. The record is set to become the sound of a dystopian summer with their innately brooding beat and sordid-pop edge. Azari & III’s unique blend of moody electronica, dark yet hooky vocal choruses and analog-thick rhythms has earned them a hardcore following and sees this album as one of the most-anticipated in the calendar. The four-piece, consisting of producer/musicians Dinamo Azari and Alixander III with vocalists Fritz Helder and Starving Yet Full, have crafted a defining sound that relishes in its references while maintaining a future perspective. From the velvety refrains of ‘Reckless With Your Love’ through to the creeping melancholy of ‘Manhooker’ and the unhinged technopera of ‘Undecided’, their album possesses an individual classic-future feel, with trademark lush synthesizations, biting soulful chorus’s and ominous overtones.” Housed in a gatefold sleeve.
TURBO 109EP ZZT (ZOMBIE NATION & TIGA): Vulkan Alarm! 12″ (TURBO 109EP) 13.00
“ZZT is Zombie Nation and Tiga. They are not friends. This is no game. To date, they have claimed responsibility for ‘Lower States of Consciousness,’ ‘The Worm,’ and ‘ZZafrika’. Their album Partys Over Earth is forthcoming. You have grown spoiled by your culture of information. This is all you get.”
UY 051EP RE-UP: The New Mood 12″ (UY 051EP) 12.00
Upon You’s Italian friends Re-Up have rustled up this very promising release called The New Mood. These two tech-house experts have dug deep to give you “Darkness,” with its ecstatic drum rolls. A2 gives you the title-track, with its dubby-chordy kind of sound, like magically pulling the reins on an Indian horse. “What Else,” they ask themselves on B1, while they gallop over the UY parkour to end this little journey with “So Good” on B2.
VAMPI 136LP FRENTE CUMBIERO: Meets Mad Professor 2LP (VAMPI 136LP) 25.50
2LP version. Bogota, Colombia’s Frente Cumbiero travel incessantly through the cumbia land. Exploring both the roots and the newer trends, they offer their own distinctive take on one of the most popular musical styles in Latin America: cumbia! Led by Mario Galeano, for years a prominent figure in Latin music as DJ, musicologist, record label owner and musician, the band also comprises Pedro Ojeda, Elbis Álvarez and Marco Fajardo. In 2009, they met legendary dub producer Mad Professor for a collaborative three-day recording session (as part of the British Council’s Incubator project) in which Mad Professor’s son, Joe Ariwa, and key participants of Bogota’s music scene also took part. The goal was to achieve a musical encounter between cumbia and dub. The recordings took place at Javeriana University and out of those improvisational sessions came three collective compositions. Together with another four tracks by Frente Cumbiero, these seven recordings were then remixed by Mad Professor in his London studio, Ariwa. The result is this record, a fantastic addition to the thriving international cumbia movement.
MRSSS 507LP RAMONES, THE: Brain Drain LP (MRSSS 507LP) 25.00
“1989’s Brain Drain was an important album in the Ramones discography, as it was the last one with Dee Dee in the band and also saw the return of Marky behind the drum kit. Mainly produced by Bill Laswell, the LP sounds hard and hits heavy, and among its great tracks are included two Ramones classics such as ‘Pet Sematary’ and ‘I Believe In Miracles’.” On 180 gram vinyl.
WLM 016EP AQUARIUS HEAVEN: Can’t Buy Love EP 12″ (WLM 016EP) 12.00
Presenting the Can’t Buy Love EP, Wolf + Lamb Records invite you to enter the visceral world of Aquarius Heaven. A rhapsody of sonic flow both rough and smooth with heavy doses of sleaze and deviant, lust-filled rap, the Aquarius Heaven experience is nothing short of electrifying. Already a staple in the sets of Soul Clap and Wolf + Lamb, Can’t Buy Love has all the markings of a cult record in the sex music hall of fame.
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