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BD 182EP TAMARA, ELAN: Organ 12″ (BD 182EP) 11.00
“Everyone witters on about the latest female singer-songwriter to plop off the major label production line but the truth is this: most of them sound the same. Weak retreads of classic soul or classic folk or classic this or that. As a whole, people are more interested in how they look than whether they have anything to say, or any way to say it. Please welcome, then, Elan Tamara, who genuinely sounds like no one else. Fascinated by Balinese Gamelan and Steve Reich, she makes music as uncategorisable, as heartfelt and beautifully otherworldly as anything you’re likely to hear. Over two EPs she has carved out a space so unique and unclassifiable that people have fallen back on namechecking other female artists with a distinctive aesthetic and outlook — Kate Bush, Bjork, Joanna Newsom and their ilk. Needless to say, she doesn’t sound like them, either.”
BLUE 022CD HOWE & DAVID GRUBBS, SUSAN: Frolic Architecture CD (BLUE 022CD) 13.00
“Frolic Architecture is the third collaboration from poet Susan Howe and musician David Grubbs. It follows Souls of the Labadie Tract (2007) and Thiefth (2005), both of which appeared in the Records of the Year lists in The Wire. Writing in Artforum, Bennett Simpson described Souls of the Labadie Tract as ‘a confrontation with history, community, language, and sound that is truly harrowing.’ Where the previous works began with prose introductions that contextualized the poems’ embeddedness in history, Frolic Architecture drops the listener into a soundworld that germinates wildly from this most multiple and heterogeneous of Howe’s celebrated collage poems. Looking at one of Frolic Architecture’s poems on the album’s cover, it’s apparent why Howe initially thought the poem to be unperformable. For long stretches, it is impossible to separate Howe’s real-time performance of her fragment-strewn text from Grubbs’s further deformations, scatterings, and layerings. These aberrant vocalizations are placed in a landscape in which individual pitches pulse autonomously within thick chords; gravel and cicadas duet. There is no foreground, no background. Frolic Architecture is the most radical and abstract of Grubbs’s and Howe’s work together.”
BUILD 006EP GUIDO & BAOBINGA: Ballin’/Bumba 12″ (BUILD 006EP) 11.50
“BUILD 006EP sees Guido, one of the most original talents to emerge from the fertile Bristol scene, team up with genre-blind bass-music badman (and label boss) Baobinga, for another collaborative 12″ of impeccable quality and taste. On the A, ‘Ballin” sees the pair take skeletal crunkstep as a starting point, before gradually building into an epic maelstrom of synthled goodness, with an unexpected twist at the very end of its musical tail. Pinch’s first reaction on hearing was to demand a flat WAV to take to the cutting house – high praise indeed.”
BYG 340HLP SUN RA AND HIS SOLAR-MYTH ARKESTRA: The Solar-Myth Approach (Vol. 1) LP (BYG 340HLP) 14.00
Restocked, new pricing. 40th volume in the BYG Actuel series; gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl. “‘A wild and passionate interstellar mix of free jazz, solo synthesizer and hard rocking cosmic philosophy specifically commissioned by the BYG/Actuel label (and apparently recorded in New York between 1970 and 1971)… this material ‘would prove to be one of the cornerstones of the entire Sun Ra/Arkestra career’… with Kwame Hadi, Akh Tal Ebah, Ali Hassan, Charles Stephens, Marshall Allen, Danny Davis, John Gilmore, Danny Ray Thompson, Pat Patrick, James Jacson, Ronnie Boykins, Clifford Jarvis, Lex Humphries, Nimrod Hunt, June Tyson and Art Jenkins. ‘The 2 volumes that form the Solar-Myth Approach encapsulate the creative mood and the impassioned message that was going down as the ’60s violently burned themselves out… in the cold dawn of the early ’70s Sun Ra and his Solar-Myth Arkestra sent out their musical ray of hope to all who chose to hear it… over 20 years later and its effect remains both blinding and illuminating.” — Edwin Pouncey.
BYG 341HLP SUN RA AND HIS SOLAR-MYTH ARKESTRA: The Solar-Myth Approach (Vol. 2) LP (BYG 341HLP) 14.00
Restocked, new pricing. 41st volume in the BYG Actuel series; gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl. Second set of Sun Ra studio recordings from 1970-81.
CT 118CD WIDOWSPEAK: Widowspeak CD (CT 118CD) 12.00
“Widowspeak, recorded at Rear House with Jarvis Taveniere of Woods, documents Widowspeak’s inaugural year. In a relaxed studio setting songs born from those first jittery practices could breathe. The trio expanded their modest instrumentation while retaining a sparse aesthetic. The resulting record offers an eerie ambience, at times channeling 1950s jukebox pop, at others, 1960s psychedelia. While garnering comparisons to slow-moving 1990s acts such as Mazzy Star or Cat Power, Widowspeak have defined a sound that’s earnestly nostalgic, and increasingly confident. Even so, these are songs about heartache. They are songs about homesickness, about longing for pine forests, reckless youth, and dark nights in strange cities.”
CT 118LP WIDOWSPEAK: Widowspeak LP (CT 118LP) 16.00
LP version.
CHST 012EP CYRUS: Looking Back/Soul Seeker 12″ (CHST 012EP) 11.50
“Cyrus’s ‘Soul Seeker’ and ‘Looking Back’ are released on the esteemed label from Distance’s Chestplate Records. Real bass meditation business from a true pioneer. Check the drop. Boom! Cyrus continues to maintain his position as one of the legends of the scene. Support from Youngsta, Get Darker and DJ Distance.”
PATR 9455LP BURKE, PATRICK: A Black Balloon LP (PATR 9455LP) 21.00
“This is the last batch of the final installment in the vinyl era of the Parasites of the Western World. Sealed copies of the original pressing of Patrick Burke’s second solo outing and though this distances itself from the rockist Parasites moves and continues on a arc that silence and timing might indicate, this is very much worth your grip. Rare in any realm, and not many to go around.”
DAIS 023LP COUM TRANSMISSIONS: Sugarmorphoses LP (DAIS 023LP) 19.00
“This installment in the COUM story entitled Sugarmorphoses was recorded in 1974 by Genesis P-Orridge within the COUM headquarters, joyfully known as the Ho Ho Funhouse, and is one of the most far-flung, experimental recordings related to COUM. This recording consists of Genesis’s candid kitchen recordings of solo broken piano improvisations accompanied by P-Orridge’s own reel to reel experiments using old tape dating back to 1965, from which a young Neil Megson made countless field recordings and homework dictations. Playful, chaotic, imaginative, and historic. Limited to 1000.”
DKR 046EP HICKEY, DON: Dancehall Rock 7″ (DKR 046EP) 5.50
“Conrod Green’s Harmodio label was the first label to really produce Don Hickey (now known as Doniki) in the mid 1980s and got some of his best material. ‘Dancehall Rock’ is on a killer one-away riddim that sounds tempo influenced, and no surprise then that Don popularly sung over the tune for Star Trail in the 1990s on their killer lick of tempo.”
DKR 047EP HICKEY, DON: Let Us Co-Operate 7″ (DKR 047EP) 5.50
“Killer vocals over some of the best early digital (live & programmed!) riddims, we present our top three Don Hickey selections from Harmodio. Finally, ‘Let Us Co-Operate,’ pure heat in a one-away riddim style, and the original cut of the tune which Don sung over a few years later for the Chopper label (and which we released last year and is still available!).”
DKR 048EP HICKEY, DON: Try A Thing 7″ (DKR 048EP) 5.50
“Don Hickey come again! ‘Try a Thing’ on the stalag riddim, definitely an ’80s classic.”
DOY 649LP BERNSTEIN, ELMER: The Man With The Golden Arm LP (DOY 649LP) 23.00
“Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Score, Elmer Bernstein’s original soundtrack to Otto Preminger’s 1955 film, The Man With The Golden Arm, starring Frank Sinatra, Eleanor Parker and Kim Novak, became the first all-jazz soundtrack to be used in a major Hollywood movie. Bernstein’s music was the perfect emotional match for Preminger’s heroin-addict/jazz drummer anti-hero (played by Sinatra), and is considered one of the best scores of the era. It is also credited with effectively changing the sound of American cinema by opening the floodgates for jazz music in film and on television. Bernstein himself would go on to score over 200 films, including The Ten Commandments and To Kill A Mockingbird.” On 180 gram vinyl.
DOY 650LP HERRMANN, BERNARD: Psycho LP (DOY 650LP) 23.00
“Now, for the first time ever on vinyl, the soundtrack to Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece Psycho, scored by one of the greatest composers to ever grace the silver screen, Bernard Herrmann (Citizen Kane, Taxi Driver, Cape Fear, etc.) Herrmann began writing scores for Alfred Hitchcock in 1955, but the apex of this collaboration came undoubtedly with the scoring of 1960s Psycho, where Herrmann’s amazing ability to set the mood has made the soundtrack to Psycho perhaps the most memorable in the history of cinema (who can recall the shower scene without recalling the sound of shrieking violins?). Do not miss your chance to own this classic on vinyl!” On 180 gram vinyl.
DOY 651LP TOUSSAINT, ALLEN: The Wild Sound of New Orleans LP (DOY 651LP) 23.00
“New Orleans native Allen Toussaint is one of the city’s greatest living pianists and after over five decades on the city’s music scene, he is still going strong! Born in 1938, he got his start playing at one of New Orleans’ many night clubs and was soon signed to RCA where, on 29 January 1958 he took to the studio to record this album–with a line-up of local musicians that included two saxophones, guitar, bass and drums (although the names of these musicians is a subject of some debate). In 1963, a remake of the song ‘Java’ from this album became a huge hit for trumpet player Al Hirt. In fact, in the decades that followed, many of Toussaint’s songs (‘Working in a Coalmine,’ ‘Ride Your Pony,’ ‘Fortune Teller,’ ‘Mother-In-Law,’ etc.) have become R&B standards, and Toussaint himself a living legend of New Orleans R&B.” On 180 gram vinyl.
DOY 652LP LOUVIN BROTHERS, THE: Satan Is Real LP (DOY 652LP) 23.00
“Taking their cue from the family singing groups of the 1930s, brothers Ira and Charlie Louvin updated this sound in the late forties and fifties to become one the greatest duos in the history of country music. Performing with the Grand Old Opry beginning in 1955 (where they stayed until 1963), this period marked the high point of their career. During this period they recorded numerous sides, and this 1958 album of pure gospel is one of their best, and also best-known due largely to the albums’ over the top artwork and title. But although the albums’ artwork is playful (in fact, the Brothers almost burned themselves setting it up), the message is heartfelt and you don’t have to be a believer to appreciate the quality of the music contained within.” On 180 gram vinyl.
DC 030LP NIG-HEIST: Nig-Heist LP+CD (DC 030LP) 19.00
“Advisory warning! Nig-Heist contains explicit lyrics and is adorned with explicit drawings! The shit is fucked-up. Nig-Heist features the unmistakable guitar work of Damaged – era Greg Ginn. Drawings for the album jacket and labels by the great Raymond Pettibon! The live disc included with this album reissue is from the personal collection of its compiler-Henry Rollins! This Nig-Heist reissue LP contains all the original Nig-Heist material: not just the album, but the Walking Down the Street 7″, the song from the Chunks comp, some outtakes, and the live CD. If there’s more, you’ll have to find it on the goddamn internet.”
DC 480CD P.G. SIX: Starry Mind CD (DC 480CD) 13.50
“A half-dozen records down the road, P.G. Six is a long way from the rustic home of his debut, Parlor Tricks and Porch Favorites. Starry Mind picks up the tale with a fully electrified Celtic traditional and dances lightly forward, with guitar lines chiming and entwining above while drums and bass deliver thumping kicks below. Pat ‘P.G. Six’ Gubler is still enmeshed in the mystic and the unknowable even as he feels and knows the fullness of his rock phase. Applying everything he has learned to this latest passage, he relaxes as he dissolves his latest epistles into the fresh, clean, communal air.”
DC 480LP P.G. SIX: Starry Mind LP (DC 480LP) 15.00
LP version.
DC 485CD NEWBURY, MICKEY: An American Trilogy 4CD (DC 485CD) 31.00
“The release of Mickey Newbury’s An American Trilogy 4xCD box in May of this year was a moment for a serious reconsideration of one of America’s finest lost songwriters. The late Mickey Newbury’s heyday in the late 1960s and 1970s seems long ago now, but his music is a continued vital force, as was proven by the quick selling through of a limited edition deluxe version of the box-set. Now that this has gone, there are still more who want to and need to know about this music. With this in mind, we are presenting an unlimited edition version with a few less bells and whistles, but all the great music and a still-fat-and-informative version of the accompanying booklet. The albums that constitute An American Trilogy – Looks Like Rain, ‘Frisco Mabel Joy and Heaven Help the Child – were recorded between 1969 and 1973 at a home studio in Madison, Tennessee. Cinderella Sound was a converted two-car garage adjacent to the house of guitarist and engineer Wayne Moss – but you would never know this based on the magisterial sound of these albums, which are regarded as prime works in Mickey’s recorded canon. The set is released in a custom-made digipak folder produced in association with Grammy winning designer Susan Archie, who designed the Albert Ayler Holy Ghost and Charlie Patton Screamin’ and Hollerin’ the Blues box sets. The package includes a fourth CD of rarities, alternate versions and a 1970 radio session recorded for Los Angeles DJ Skip Weshner. The 28-page booklet features rare photos from the Newbury family archives and extensive liner notes. If you haven’t already been, An American Trilogy provides a rich and compelling trip to the deep space of Mickey Newbury, one of the most extraordinary and unique artists in American popular music.”
DC 487EP SIC ALPS: Breadhead 7″ (DC 487EP) 6.00
“Sic Alps go in and out of synch, always clicking at the 100th of a second that you wish they would, allowing both you and they to enter the reality of your tastiest imagination on the beat. The four tracks on this record are stuck together from different sessions, recorded half by King Riff at Bauer Mansion and half by Sic Alps at home. Though the sound is classic Sic, their face has been rearranged, and this time out, Mike D is aided and abetted by a who’s-who of the SF gutter-gold scene: members of Thee Oh Sees, Ty Segall and all of Big Techno Werewolves made tracks on the last track of this mother.”
First fruit from this experimental collaboration made by Mark Fell and Peter Rehberg in Vienna. A spontaneous, oddly rhythmic, slightly twisted summer storm of a hit. Available as a 12″ single only.
FDW 901EP MR. CHOP: Vitamin C 9″ (FDW 901EP) 21.00
“Now-Again Records, in association with Five Day Weekend, will be bringing you Switched On, the newest project from Mr. Chop. The producer, engineer and multi-instrumentalist behind several Now-Again and Jazzman Records releases is the proprietor of Cheshire, UK based Ape Recording Studios, one of the finest analog studios in the world. Not to mention, it is a repository for vintage synthesizers, guitars, drums and gear sourced from the world over. Which brings us to Switched On, his homage to the great Moog-lead albums that proliferated in the late ’60s and early ’70s. Your first taste from Switched On is Chop’s take on the Can classic ‘Vitamin C.’ The gang at Now-Again and Five Day Weekend could have just dropped the cut as a 12″ but given the wealth of creativity from both camps something special seemed in order. Some would have said orange vinyl would be unique enough but to make the experience a bit more interesting this destined to be collectible vinyl will be coming as an orange vinyl 9 inch pressing.”
FOF 109CD SHLOHMO: Bad Vibes CD (FOF 109CD) 15.00
“From the first glimpses of Henry Laufer’s work as Shlohmo, it was clear that the LA native and visual artist turned self-taught musician was onto something. With an effortless grasp on sound design, Laufer combines deceptively simple and emotive melodies, subtle bass drops and swinging slow motion drums. His early work has placed him at the forefront of a new wave of rising talent amongst West Coast producers. Inspired by the desire to write songs and create a release of full-range instrumentation and vocals all his own, Laufer promptly began home-recording Bad Vibes, his proper full-length debut album for the Friends of Friends label. Some might say the songs on Bad Vibes represent the spawn of a new rhythm and blues.”
DC 465LP GEORGE-EDWARDS GROUP, THE: Archives LP (DC 465LP) 15.00
“Drag City and Galactic Zoo Disks first turned the world on to The George-Edwards Group in 2009, with their never-exactly-released late 70s alien autumnal song-scape 38.38. Their music is singular and great, and like you, we assumed that was their one, definitive statement. Un-till…this new ‘Archives’ release contains a treasure trove of bizarre riches spanning from the ’38:38′-era to what appears to be the mid-80s (we’ll never know for sure — and we don’t have to, the stuff is sublimely wack in a manner that requires no further explanation). The music that makes Archives is a more rocking version of The George-Edwards sound. The tremulous, strangely timbered vocals are still their signature, but this time they’re atop a few highly compressed and fuzzed-out rock cuts, as well as several synthed-out dirges that would make Suicide, Bruce Haack or Cabaret Voltaire cock an ear (and make all these new ‘coldwave’ bands blush to their shallow roots!). Also within are the murky analog keyboard bloops which all but define the GE sound, as well as ‘ballads’ that make one wish there was an entirely different language to describe musical forms. Archives is the second miraculous LP from The George-Edwards Group archives that will keep your jaw agape for the rest of the year. What year? What year is it? Any year!”
GET 705EP SUPER COPER & CLARENCE BREAKERS: This Is The Way You Do The Break Dance 7″ (GET 705EP) 8.00
“Get On Down kicks it old school with the latest installment in the Get On Down 7″ Series. First issued in 1984 on Peter Brown’s Georgia Peach imprint in conjunction with Clarence Music this hip hop/electro gem has never been available as a 7″ single, until now. Back in the day break dancing was everywhere, from the street corner to the suburbs from records to television, breakin’ helped elevate hip hop from a region to a national phenomena. Super Coper breaks down how you break dance over a thick electro synth bass line with a beat heavy on 808s and hand claps. ‘Hip hop rock ya don’t stop,’ Get On Down and show some respect for one of the essential elements of hip hop with this destine to be collectible reissue.”
GET 706A-EP STAX: New York Computer Break 7″ (GET 706A-EP) 8.00
“Get On Down kicks it old school with the latest installment in the Get On Down 7″ Series, New York Computer Break Dance. First issued in 1984 on Peter Brown’s Georgia Peach imprint this one has never been available as a 7″ single, until now. Stax takes you back to the days when break dancing was everywhere from the street corner to the suburbs from records to television breakin’ helped elevate hip hop from a region to a national phenomenon. The rapping is backed by a solid beat and a fat and funky bass line that just goes and goes with the electronic flourishes you’d expect from any Peter Brown production. Get On Down and show some respect for one of the essential elements of hip hop with this destined to be collectible reissue.”
GPM 017CD LOPAZZ: Kook Kook CD (GPM 017CD) 11.00
2009 release. Get Physical are proud to present the debut full-length album from Stefan Eichinger, aka Lopazz. This is a true landmark in the colorful, diverse and eventful musical career of a creatively insatiable and ever-ambitious multimedia artist. Kook Kook collapses Stefan’s many sonic influences — from contemporary house, techno, and electronica, to Latin, pop and jazz — into a dizzying, unpredictable twelve-tracker of unquestionable imagination and power.
GPM 018CD CHATEAU FLIGHT: Body Language 5 CD (GPM 018CD) 11.00
2007 release. Following acclaimed contributions from M.A.N.D.Y. , DJ T., Jesse Rose and Dixon, the fifth installment of Get Physical’s Body Language mix series comes courtesy of Château Flight, aka Gilbert Cohen and Nicolas Chaix. Artists this time around include Arken, Brett Wickens, I:Cube, Fox N’Wolf, Todd Terje, Brifo, Alex Attias, Syncom Data, Westbam, Smith N Hack, Riz Ortolani, Poni Hoax, Henrik Schwarz and Punto.
GPM 020CD JUNIOR BOYS: Body Language 6 CD (GPM 020CD) 11.00
2008 release. Get Physical invite Canadian electronic pop sophisticates Matt Didemus and Jeremy Greenspan, aka Junior Boys, to contribute to the sixth installment of Body Language, the mix CD series which has previously been helmed by M.A.N.D.Y., DJ T., Jesse Rose, Dixon and Château Flight. Artists featured on this installment include Sorcerer, Prins Thomas, Supermayer, Chelonis R. Jones, DJ Hell, Love Nine, Kreon & Lemos , Feeboy, . Kelley Polar, Magic Tim, Radio Slave, Cosmo Vitelli, Studio, Todd Terje, Gui.tar, Stereo Image, Matthew Dear, Pushé, Visage, Rework, Chloé, F0st3r and Bill Nelson.
GPM 023CD BOOKA SHADE: The Sun & The Neon Light CD (GPM 023CD) 11.00
2008 release. Following 2006’s massively acclaimed Movements album, which included the club hits “Night Falls,” “In White Rooms,” “Mandarine Girl,” and the classic “Body Language,” and an extensive world tour which saw them play over 150 dates in 20 months, Booka Shade, aka Walter Merziger and Arno Kammermeier, return with their third album, The Sun & The Neon Light.
GPM 023LP BOOKA SHADE: The Sun & The Neon Light 2LP (GPM 023LP) 21.00
Gatefold 2LP version.
GPM 027CD DJ KOZE: Reincarnations CD (GPM 027CD) 11.00
2009 release. DJ Koze (Stefan Kozalla) should need little introduction — renowned as one of the world’s best DJs and one of the most distinctive, trailblazing producers and having released innumerable classic records both as a solo artist and as part of International Pony. It’s no surprise, therefore, that Koze is a massively in-demand remixer, with a disparate range of artists keen for him to offer his unique spin on their music. Reincarnations -The Remix Chapter 2001-2009 features some of his best remix work. It’s a chance for long-term fans and heads to relive treasured memories, and also serves as a neat introduction for those who are less familiar with his work. Remixes of artists like Matthew Dear, Sid Le Rock, Battles, Heiko Voss, Matias Aguayo, Wechsel Garland, Dani Siciliano, Lawrence, Wechsel Garland, Ben Watt, Malaria, Sascha Funke and Hildegard Knef.
HEK 011EP BLAKE, JAMES: Order/Pan 12″ (HEK 011EP) 11.50
Restocked! “James Blake returns to the label that gave him his debut release with two brand new sub heavy club tracks. Hemlock were responsible for his Air And The Lack Thereof single back in 2009. Neither ‘Order’ or ‘Pan’ have appeared on Blake’s soulful, electronic self-titled album from this year; the new material sees the return of Blake into the more sparse, experimental and wobbling bass heavy sound of his earlier work.”
IMPREC 329CD VAN WISSEM, JOZEF: The Joy That Never Ends CD (IMPREC 329CD) 14.00
“From acclaimed contemporary composer & Lutenis Jozef Van Wissem. Included among these palindromic trance pieces are new compositions are contributions from film maker Jim Jarmusch and vocalist Jeanne Madic. CD version includes a bonus track. Between the CD & LP are split a pair of pieces working in the theme of maternity/paternity. The Joy that Never Ends offers endless cinematic repetition of tortuously minimal beauty in five layered mirror image compositions from the sublime master of the lute, Jozef Van Wissem. Unlike his last album, Ex Patris, Wissem is not alone. Featured here are waves of subtle guitar feedback meandering from the amplifier of filmmaker Jim Jarmusch & vocals from Jeanne Madic.”
IMPREC 329LP VAN WISSEM, JOZEF: The Joy That Never Ends LP (IMPREC 329LP) 18.00
LP pressed in an edition of 500.
IMPREC 330CD WOOLEY/CORSANO/YEH: The Seven Storey Mountain CD (IMPREC 330CD) 14.00
“Brilliant second album from Nate Wooley’s Seven Storey Mountain project. David Grubbs and Paul Lytton have been replaced by Chris Corsano (Sunburned, Bjork, Six Organs et. al) and C. Spencer Yeh (Burning Star Core).””This second recording of Seven Storey Mountain is what I hoped the series would be, a chance to try to find different ways of creating something over the same basic ideas (tape manipulation, long forms with simple written musical directions, an attempt to reach some sort of musical ecstaticism) with different musicians. The first Seven Storey Mountain featured the odd pairing of British improv legend Paul Lytton and avant-rock icon David Grubbs. This second version is played by a trio that has worked together more regularly in different constellations. Yeh works with Corsano in Paul Flaherty’s trio and with me in a trio with Tall Firs drummer Ryan Sawyer. Corsano has also worked with me in a new trio with saxophone iconoclast Evan Parker. There is a different kind of communication here, more organic and slowly moving over the tape material, which has new elements in it as well. Add to that, the beautiful mastering work of Mell Detmer and I think it has turned out as a heavy, dark, and beautifully rich record.” — Nate Wooley, January, 2011.
ADCD 516 HIGNEY, KENNETH: Attic Demonstration CD (ADCD 516) 13.00
Restocked & back in vogue? Reissue of this loner/Real-People album originally issued in 1976 by Higney himself, originally reissued on CD in 2004. One of the classic Paul Major discoveries. “Kenneth Higney was a struggling singer-songwriter when he cut Attic Demonstration in 1976, a demo record of such massive outsider vision that it dropped straight into the void, as well as the deep pockets of a band of committed record collectors. Initially intended as a calling card to help him get his songs covered by other artists, Higney soon branched out into selling the disc as an actual album, placing low key ads in a couple of NY papers and sending out a bunch of review copies. Only Trouser Press took the bait, saluting Attic Demonstration’s ‘cross between Lou Reed and Neil Young without the aid of melody.’ Now ‘officially’ available for the first time, Attic Demonstration is one of the most endearing and intensely human ‘real people’ discs to turn up for a while, boasting Modern Lovers-styled road ballads sung with a Jagger-esque sneer and propelled on pegleg rhythms that would do The Shaggs proud, through meandering tonal wastelands where Higney’s eye wateringly unarmoured vocals are supported by minimal chord patterns that progress according to the position of the stars. Best of all is the addition of both sides of Higney’s funk/punk tribute single, where he namechecks contemporaries like The Dead Boys and Johnny Thunders and rhymes ‘dirty downtown bar’ with ‘the sissy music of John Denver’. Almost too good to be true.” –David Keenan/The Wire.
“Sivan, dawn of the wordCome Children!A transmission from KochavFor Yaakov and Esau to bear equallyIn the formation of the SOD””Dark psychedelia formulated by Pat Murano (No Neck Blues Band, Malkuth, K-Salvatore & Key of Shame) deigned to alternately disorient and elate by synthetic means. 4th in a series of 12 LPs dedicated to the zodiac of Decimus Magnus Ausonious. Limited to 300 copies all in hand painted jackets.” “Multis terribilis timeto multos.”
KEM 127LP FUTUR SKULLZ: Future Skullz LP (KEM 127LP) 18.00
“Futur Skullz is a band from San Francisco, CA. They are old dudes. They play metal that is punk. They are allegedly unimpressed with the following: pants, bands, money, mohawks, leather, spikes, weed wizards, marijuana wolves, muscle cars, chops, cred, music, life. They wish they sounded like Anti Cimex crossed with Whiplash, but in reality they probably sound more like Bad Brains and Metallica. But they rule and crush everything.They recorded a record in 2009 with Phil Manley at Lucky Cat in SF. On this record, the band consists of Josh Smith on guitar (ex- Weakling, Fucking Champs), Chris Newsom on bass and Vvcals (ex- Face Down in Shit, Uwharria) and Christian Gonzales on drums (ex- Gargantula).” Hand-numbered edition of 500 copies; includes download code.
KEM 128EP SLICES: Modern Bride/Chump Change 7″ (KEM 128EP) 5.00
“In between their first LP Cruising and their follow-up Still Cruising, Pittsburgh’s Slices started letting their rock ‘n’ roll side show a bit more. Here was still the same band that threaded hardcore through the encrusted needle of noise rock and remained unscathed, relying on intense rhythms and well-developed compositional skills to turn the music into something stranger, more maniacal and altogether dangerous to leave unattended. These two brand new songs tear into rock music with a rowdy malevolence, riffin’ hard and yellin’ until the blood comes out Greg Mantooth’s ragged throat. Ex-members of Brain Handle, Rot Shit and Warzone Womyn. Home Blitz’s Daniel DiMaggio guests on ‘Modern Bride.’ Summer jam contender on ‘Chump Change,’ a perfect song for people who’d rather hit people with a skateboard than use it to get around.” Hand-numbered edition of 300 copies.
KEM 129LP MOAB: Ab Ovo LP (KEM 129LP) 18.00
“Inspired by ‘old power amps, planets, and painkillers,’ Moab honors the bombastic vibes of ’70s rock — the era where bands could cloak themselves in mystery and mysticism, even whilst rocking the faces off stadiums full of fans. Yet theirs is not just a retro trip. Moab is its own beast whose rock transcends time and trends. The melodies on songs like ‘So On,’ ‘Sated,’ and ‘Unbeknownst’ — led by Andrew Giacumakis’ astonishing vocals — haunt the mind for days and put Moab in league with modern-day titans like Queens of the Stone Age. Though allied with Southern California peers like Ancestors, Earthless, and Black Cobra, Moab is its own unusual entity, doing things its own way. Amazingly, Ab Ovo was recorded almost entirely by the band members themselves at their own LA practice space (with the exception of ‘Dimensioner,’ recorded by Mathias Schneeberger, known for his work with Saint Vitus, The Obsessed, and Electric Wizard.) Warm and rich, heavy and crystalline, the album is a treat for the ears and a startling debut.” Hand-numbered edition of 500; includes download code.
KTDJ 021EP BATTANT: Shutter 10″ (KTDJ 021EP) 12.00
Battant (Chloe Raunet and Joel Dever) present a first glimpse of their second album. The title track is a dry, sparse, yet catchy romp. On the edge between early Cure and meth country, electronics still dance in the corner, reigned in by the sharp production. The live take of “Clearcut” evokes ghosts in the machines. The cover of WestBam And Nena’s classic “Old School, Baby” is seriously rocking with early support from Optimo, James Holden, Tiga, Chloe and more.
KGO 004EP BEAUMONT: Blush Response 12″ (KGO 004EP) 13.00
7-track debut release by this Scottish producer of “hypnotic R&B dream pop-soundtracks,” described by the 20jazzfunkgreats blog as “a stroke of genius and inspiration.” “Opening track ‘Tokyo’ sets the scene, a wistful night-time groove with almost dubstep intentions and layers of subtly building melody. ‘Foreign Intrigue’ combines chillwave textures with heavy sub-bass and halftime drums into a sweetly composed piece of synth pop, full of Europhile yearning.”
KOM 237EP WALLS: Sunporch 12″ (KOM 237EP) 12.00
Walls presents the first single from their Coracle (KOMP 091CD/KOM 245LP) album. “Sunporch” reinforces the ground they explored with last year’s “Gaberdine,” a towering, arpeggiated bass line surrounded by a swirling web of guitars and percussion. Alongside an exclusive edit of “Sunporch” and an unreleased ambient crooner, “Tight Spots,” this is an essential follow-up that will tempt you for what awaits within Coracle.
LITA 067CD AXTON, CHARLES ‘PACKY’: Late Late Party CD (LITA 067CD) 14.00
“In the vast netherworld of soul there are countless characters that reside on the fringe, their significant contributions to American music history long forgotten. Born in Memphis, Tennessee, tenor saxophone player and bandleader Charles ‘Packy’ Axton is yet another of the uncelebrated, despite a deep pedigree and funky catalogue of notable grooves. Part of the mighty Stax family through birth-Packy’s mother Estelle Axton and uncle Jim Stewart founded the southern R&B dynasty in the early 1960’s-Packy picked up the sax at a young age, and after linking with future Booker T. & the M.G.’s Steve Cropper and Donald ‘Duck’ Dunn, formed the The Mar-Keys. Almost reaching the top of the R&B and pop charts in 1961 with the classic ‘Last Night,’ friction caused by Packy’s party going ways caused a split. It wasn’t until 1965 that the wild child had another national instrumental hit on his hands, ‘Hole In The Wall’ by the Packers, chronicled by Light In The Attic Records in the first ever compilation of Axton’s work: Late Late Party 1965-67. Despite the loving support of his musically minded mother, Packy was ostracized from Stax proper through a rift with Stewart because of his casual approach and oft-eccentric ways. Packy preferred hanging out and playing music with local black musicians, something that in the racially tense south, was viewed negatively by some. Still, throughout the mid-1960’s, Packy recorded a series of hard, short, and down home R&B stompers at Royal and Ardent Recording studios by heavyweight producer John Fry (Big Star, Ry Cooder), accompanied by legendary Stax and Hi Records dynamos Steve Cropper, Booker T., & Teenie Hodges (Al Green, Ann Peebles, Syl Johnson). Late Late Party 1965-67 takes 17 of these powerful instrumental and vocal tracks for your listening pleasure. Supplemented by Memphis-writer Andria Lisle’s extensive liner notes, unpublished photos, and the attention to detail Light In The Attic is known for.”
LITA 067LP AXTON, CHARLES ‘PACKY’: Late Late Party LP (LITA 067LP) 19.00
Deluxe gatefold LP version.
Repressed! M=Minimal continues their collaboration with electronic music legend Conrad Schnitzler, and presents after 30 years, the re-release of one of the key works from Conrad’s large, adventurous back catalog. Ballet Statique is not only a musical milestone but also a highlight of music production. It was recorded in 1978 at the legendary Paragon Studio, Berlin by Tangerine Dream’s Peter Baumann in the same period when other masterworks like Cluster’s Großes Wasser and solo recordings by Roedelius and Asmus Tietchens were recorded. Ballet Statique was first released on the German Paragon label, under the original title Con (also issued on legendary French label Egg). This album is a must-have, and not only for fans of Emeralds and Oneohtrix Point Never.
MAIS 003EP SANTTANA, LUCAS: Super Violão Mashup 7″ (MAIS 003EP) 14.00
Equal parts Tom Zé, Four Tet and Thom Yorke, Lucas Santtana is one of Brazil’s most interesting, dynamic and experimental producers and singers. Santana’s sonic explorations draw on influences as wide-ranging as dub, bossa nova and electronic music. This instrumental-only single acts as a primer for the release of the 12 track album Sem Nostalgia, which features a slew of haunting ballads and glitch percussive workouts, rightfully bringing Brazilian music back into the 21st century.
MEX 086LP DATE PALMS: Honey Devash LP (MEX 086LP) 18.00
“Based in Oakland, California, Gregg Kowalsky and Marielle Jakobsons share internationally spanning solo careers as creative practitioners with a solid foundation in drone music composition and performance. However, it is a mutual love for analogue electric sound sources and tape multitracking that has resulted in their psychedelic, trance-inducing collaboration as Date Palms. Honey Devash, Date Palms’ first release on Mexican Summer, is testament to their captivating skill for layering and balancing timbres into long-form, immersive slow burners. Astonishingly evocative of desert heat, summer nights, dry sandscapes of fuzz bass, fender rhodes, synth, violin, tanpura and feedback shift gradually like dunes in hot winds, as wavering mirages in the distance are picked out through slow melodies on keyboards, piano and flutes. Two tracks of incredibly slow-panning consideration, Honey Devash feels like a hazy meditation on survival; a prolonged buzz of tension and uncertainty melding with simple acceptance as the sun, unrelenting, beats ever down.” Hand-numbered edition of 500; includes download code.
ZEN 12286EP TODDLA T & ROOTS MANUVA: Watch Me Dance 12″ (ZEN 12286EP) 10.00
“This release does not simply feature Roots Manuva on vocals but is more a collaboration between the two producers. In fact, it was Rodney’s original demo that inspired Toddla to mould it into this very version for his album, naturally with Rodney’s stamp of approval. Continuing work on the demo resulted in Rodney’s own version which will also appear as track two on the single package along with a wealth of remixes including one from Sebastian and the legend that is Andrew Weatherall. The Roots Manuva version will also feature on his fifth studio album, 4everevolution. This unique release displays the different interpretations borne from the same demo and displays the mutual appreciation between these two highly respected and innovative UK artists.”
NA 5066CD KOUROSH: Back From The Brink 2CD (NA 5066CD) 21.00
Subtitled: Pre-Revolution Psychedelic Rock From Iran: 1973-1979. “Now-Again Records is proud to present Back from the Brink, the only legitimately licensed collection of the godfather of Iranian psychedelic rock, Kourosh Yaghmaei. Known within the Iranian diaspora simply by his first name, Kourosh’s recordings were thought lost after Islamic fundamentalists took control of Iran. They weren’t: Kourosh had protected them — along with key ephemera from the ’70s. Their collection here bolstered by Kourosh’s first person recollections of Iran’s ’70s rock scene and its death after the Revolution, tells the story of an immensely talented artist’s desire to persevere in the face of terrible adversity. Kourosh Yaghmaei and his brothers Kamran and Kambiz were amongst the few inspired Iranian musicians determined to change Tehran’s musical landscape in the late ’60s and early ’70s. The trio, armed with rented, second-hand instruments and records by The Ventures, The Kinks, The Doors, merged Western garage rock, psychedelia and Iranian folkloric music to create a sound unlike anything that came before them. Later, inspired by the unlikely duo of Elton John and James Taylor, Kourosh’s music took a sophisticated turn, and he churned out funky, progressive rock that is as imminently enjoyable as it is impossible to categorize. His star on the rise was knocked off course by the Revolution, and its backdrop of Islamic fundamentalists burning record companies and harassing musicians. But while most Pre-Revolution musicians — including his brothers — fled Iran in 1979, Kourosh stayed, loyal to the country of his birth. He has suffered a performance and recording ban for twenty-two out of the last thirty-two years. Yet he remains stoic and resolved to continue bolstering Iranian musical tradition. Kourosh still lives in Tehran and is pleased that his story — and his glorious 70s recordings — will finally spread the world over. This essential piece of Iran’s musical history is also accompanied by a full color, 52 page hardbound book and contains never-before-seen photos and ephemera.”
NA 5066LP KOUROSH: Back From The Brink 3LP (NA 5066LP) 32.00
Twenty-one fully restored tracks from Kourosh’s original master tapes presented as a deluxe 6-panel full color gatefold 3LP set. Includes a 24-page full color booklet with an extensive, first-person treatise by Kourosh himself, plus rare photos and ephemera of Iran’s ’70s rock scene, many never before seen. This vinyl version features 21 tracks from the 30 track double CD version.
OLDNEWS 006LP O’ROURKE, JIM: Old News #6 2LP (OLDNEWS 006LP) 27.50
Hot on the heels of Jim O’Rourke’s Old News #5 comes #6, a new 70+ minute electronic piece split over four sides. Two years in the making, “All That’s Cold Is New Again” was partly commissioned by Christian Zanesi for GRM’s Présences Électronique Festival in Paris. An intense and rewarding listen, rich in detail and full of some classic O’Rourke hooks and turns, which he has masterfully developed over the last two decades.
OSMUK 013EP KRYPTIC MINDS: Time Flies 12″ (OSMUK 013EP) 11.50
“The most sought after Kryptic Minds track finally released on vinyl. This is the tune that has become an underground anthem on Rinse FM and clubs around the globe. Alys Be’s hypnotic vocal, the haunting guitar riff and spacious sound design that conspire together give it a other world cinematic quality. Plug into this immersive, transporting song and you’ll be inspired. For the bass heads, the flip is a dub. A deep and heavy, dancefloor-shaking stepper. DJ support from Distance Laurent Garnier, Youngsta, N Type.”
PPRO 015VSY-EP PHOTEK: Sleepwalking 12″ (PPRO 015VSY-EP) 13.00
“You may have already heard it played across various radio shows including Annie Mac/Pete Tong/ Rob Da Bank on BBC Radio 1, Jason Bentley on KCRW, Kiss FM, Rinse FM & many more! The huge ‘Sleepwalking’ featuring Linche, which many of you have been asking about after hearing in Photek’s live shows. FaltyDL chops & warps the vocals to killer effect on his remix.”
RAMP 045CD RAS G: Down 2 Earth CD (RAMP 045CD) 15.50
After his Destination There EP and digital-only album on Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder, Ras G steps back to Ramp with his signature speaker-popping, extra-solar instrumental hip-hop with album Down 2 Earth. Residing on the left coast, Ras is godfather to the post-Dilla instrumental hip-hop movement, releasing various vinyl releases on his own Poobah label as far back as 2005, which were instrumental in the formation of the L.A. beats scene way before a Flying Lotus beat had a sniff of PVC. His dusty beats and booming bass humps are still standing tall in an often-stagnant field. Down 2 Earth is his rawest, most straight-up hip-hop release to date, sewing together dub soundsystem culture into a Donuts style beat-tape format.
RT 1001LP VA: Angels From Hell: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP (RT 1001LP) 22.00
LP version. Depicting a disaffected Vietnam vet’s involvement with a violent biker gang (and subsequent descent into criminal mania), Angels From Hell has long been a favorite with B-movie enthusiasts. This rare soundtrack is packed with superb music composed by film score composer Stu Phillips, with rare contributions from cult psychedelic acts The Lollipop Shoppe and Peanut Butter Conspiracy. Originally issued in July 1968, original copies of the LP have changed hands for as much as $250, making this reissue especially welcome.
RT 1002LP VA: The Trip: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP (RT 1002LP) 22.00
LP version. Starring Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper, written by Jack Nicholson and directed by Roger Corman, The Trip practically defines the psychedelic exploito film genre. Its superb soundtrack was originally released in September 1967, and features 18 tracks by the nascent Electric Flag, with outstanding guitar from the great Mike Bloomfield, and prominent contributions from Moog maestro Paul Beaver. Showing influences from rock, blues, jazz and classical music, it is simply one of the best psychedelic albums of the period.
RINSE 007EP ROSKA: Jackpot 12″ (RINSE 007EP) 11.00
This is Roska’s fourth release for Rinse. Leading with the club and radio hit “Jackpot,” the EP snakes its way through Roska’s current production sound — minimal, effective and built with one purpose in mind… battering the dancefloor. Containing tracks tried and tested by Roska on his busy DJ schedule and firm favorites on his weekly Rinse FM show, this EP is not to be missed. Support from Zinc, Brackles, Bok Bok, Mary Anne Hobbs, Untold, Pearson Sound and many more.
RUM 201107LP PERKINS, CARL: Whole Lotta Shakin’ LP (RUM 201107LP) 21.00
“The all-time rockabilly legend Carl Perkins was born into humble beginnings and spent his early years picking cotton and playing electric guitar in a band with his brothers. Signed to Sun Records by Sam Phillips in 1954, he didn’t get the big one till he recorded ‘Blue Suede Shoes’ in 1956. After a fairly slow start, the song with the tremendous beat and novel words about the blue suede shoes started moving and became a million seller. When Johnny Cash left Sun to go to Columbia in 1958, Carl followed him over and recorded Whole Lotta Shakin’ in June of that year, reinterpreting most of the Sun Records singles hits that made him the Rock And Roll of Fame elected star he later became.”
RUM 201108LP LEWIS, JERRY LEE: Jerry Lee Lewis LP (RUM 201108LP) 21.00
“1958 was a tumultuous year for blonde-tresses rock and roll pioneer Jerry Lee Lewis. Recording for Sam Phillips’ legendary Sun Records in Memphis, the pumping piano man was riding high off two monster hits and began the year with another one. And he recorded this debut LP for Sun, an eponymous affair combining recent triumphs (his debut ‘Crazy Arms’ and latest smash ‘High School Confidential’), a hot version of Jack Clement’s ‘It’ll Be Me’ that was different from the single version, and romping covers of Warren Smith’s ‘Ubangi Stomp,’ Carl Perkins’ ‘Matchbox,’ and Elvis’ ‘Don’t Be Cruel.’ Probably one of the most important rock and roll records ever!”
RUM 201109LP DAWSON, RONNIE: Rockin Bones – The Legendary Masters LP (RUM 201109LP) 21.00
“There were hundreds of talented rockabilly singers in the ’50s, but it’d be really hard not to recognize at first listen the high-pitched voice (back then it was actually difficult for radio listeners to tell if he was a man or a woman) and the pre-teen rock ‘n’ bop anger that typecast ‘The Blonde Bomber’ as Ronnie Dawson was often referred to. He was actually in his teens when he got to write what is probably the best obscure rockabilly treasure of all time, that legendary ‘Rockin’ Bones’ hit, where Ronnie declares his wish to be buried with a stack of ’45s and a phonograph. This collection features 24 singles and rare tracks (including many previously unreleased on vinyl!), spanning from 1957 to 1960: a must for any early rock and roll collector.”
RACD 106CD MOHA!: Meiningslaust Oppgulp (A Singles Compilation) CD (RACD 106CD) 17.00
Meiningslaust Oppgulp (trans. “meaningless regurgitation”) is a compilation of rare, limited and hard-to-find tracks from singles released between 2008 and 2011 by MoHa!. Out of Norway’s super-fertile improv scene, MoHa! have boldly been leading the way with a sound that encompasses the best of rock, free jazz and electronic music. Despite the enormity and broad spectrum of sounds that constitute their unique style, it is the work of just two talented young men, Anders Hana on guitar, obsolete electronics, a palette of effects pedals and now also a synth, and Morten J. Olsen on drums, triggering a multitude of noises from each skin and cymbal using custom-built software. Having played together in various projects for around 12 years, they have developed a high level of control and understanding in their musical communication. As anyone who has seen them live during one of their many tours in Europe and the USA can testify, they compliment and confront each other with sharp and mechanical movements on one hand and free-flowing and loose gestures on the other. The Wire has called them “an extremist hybrid between free improv, gutter electronics and darkwave scuzz” and they have elsewhere simply been proclaimed the future of Norwegian rock.
RLP 3113LP IN THE COUNTRY: Sounds And Sights 2LP/DVD (RLP 3113LP) 26.50
Gatefold 2LP/DVD version. Ambitious, epic and grand in scale, In The Country’s previous album Whiteout was an artistic triumph. Always a very powerful and exciting live act, it was only natural that a concert album should come at this stage of their career, after three studio albums and a number of Norwegian, European and U.S. tours. Originally planned as a concert DVD, In The Country invited video director Claus Arthur Breda-Gulbrandsen to bring a crew to film a couple of Norwegian shows in October 2010. Claus had previously directed two videos for Morten Qvenild’s other band, Susanna And The Magical Orchestra. Not content with merely filming these shows, Claus (and the band as well) had bigger ambitions for a more expanded type of film, of which you can see the quite stunning results on the accompanying DVD, with its mysterious Tarkovsky-like dream sequences mixed with Hipgnosis types of images. Rune Grammophon considers this to be one of the finest music films ever produced in Norway and a treatment rarely given to a jazz band of any origin. Looking like something with a much bigger budget, it needs to be said that this is a labor of love from all involved, and especially the director. Also watch out for the hidden video after the film has ended. Apart from selections from all the studio albums, there are three new tracks here including a beautiful interpretation of Mark Knopler’s “Brothers In Arms.” Morten Qvenild (grand piano, electronics, vocals), Roger Arntzen (double bass, vocals), Pål Hausken (drums, percussion, electronics, vocals), Andreas Mjøs (guitars, vibraphone). DVD is European PAL format only, region free (can be viewed on all computers). 62 minutes, stereo, 16:9 aspect ratio.
SS 043CD NOTHING PEOPLE: Late Night CD (SS 043CD) 12.00
“The Nothing People’s second album hit vinyl in 2009. On Late Night the band’s sound shifts moodier, darker, and creepier. Hints of Dream Syndicate’s Karl Precoda, the later head-screwed work of Scott Walker, the bad vibe side of Syd Barrett, and bits from that obscure subterranean world where psych met glam on a downward loop infects the record. This album does sound like a late night, on a deserted highway, maybe somewhere around the farm town of Orland, CA. We thought Late Night a very special record. The band’s many fans and reviewers felt the same. Like Anonymous (and Soft Crash, which followed), Late Night mobbed the year-end lists. Being that Late Night is a favorite in the S.S. Records catalog, we decided to put it on CD and that is what we’ve done. Along with the ten songs that appeared on the original vinyl (including a great remake of Syd Barrett’s ‘Late Night’), we’ve included six more. Three of the songs previously appeared on now hard-to-find 7″s, three haven’t been heard before. Included in these songs are covers of Roxy Music and Fuck. The CD issue of Late Night is packaged in the digipak format, using the original art work by Ilth.”
SV 104LP ROCKET FROM THE TOMBS: Barfly LP (SV 104LP) 12.50
“Strictly limited to one pressing only, the LP version of the new Rocket From The Tombs LP will be a sought after collectable as well as an amazing document of brand new recordings from this longest running proto-punk band. Spawning both the Dead Boys and Pere Ubu, Rocket From The Tombs is the finest of all the mythical Cleveland first wave bands. Sonic Reducer, Final Solution, Ain’t It Fun, and 30 Seconds Over Tokyo are all original compositions within the band’s repertoire. No other independent rock and roll band can claim such a legacy. Featuring the same lineup as ‘Rocket Redux’, the LP contains eleven new studio songs, produced by David Thomas at Suma. The band remains: David Thomas, Cheetah Chrome, Richard Lloyd, Craig Bell and Steve Mehlman. The two songs released as a 45rpm earlier this year by Smog Veil, ‘I Sell Soul’ and ‘Romeo & Juliet’, have been remixed and partially re-recorded.”
SOL 176CD TURNER, SIMON FISHER: The Great White Silence 2CD (SOL 176CD) 19.00
“Soleilmoon Recordings is proud to release Simon Fisher Turner’s epic new soundtrack to Herbert Ponting’s silent film The Great White Silence. The film, shot in 1911, is a documentary on Captain Robert F. Scott and his team’s doomed attempt to be the first men to reach the South Pole. After nearly two decades of meticulous restoration work the British Film Institute released the film to rave reviews in the British press on May 20, 2011. The film is soon to be issued on DVD and Blu-ray disc in England, and the soundtrack is being released by Soleilmoon. The music consists of two CDs, presented in high-touch packaging, hand printed on premium quality papers. Like every Soleilmoon project, the care and devotion given to this release is second to none, and the quality and craftsman ship are reflected throughout. Simon Fisher Turner has been an actor, a teen idol, a member of the Portsmouth Sinfonia Orchestra, The The, Deux Filles and The King of Luxembourg. He recorded several soundtracks for Derek Jarman and David Lynch, and has recently worked with sculptor Alyson Shotz, music video director Jonathan Glazer and Warp recording artist Mira Calyx.”
SNDW 025CD KABAKA, REMI: Black Goddess CD (SNDW 025CD) 14.50
Black Goddess was written and directed by Ola Balogun (recognized as one of Nigeria’s most renowned directors) but shot and cast in Brazil and released in 1978. The soundtrack was composed and produced by one of Nigeria’s most successful and original musicians Remi Kabaka (who has played with Steve Winwood, Paul Simon and Ginger Baker, amongst others). The record was originally issued in both Nigeria and Brazil, but recorded in Lagos, using four of the Nigerian music scene’s most innovative players: Remi Kabaka himself, alongside Biddy Wright (producer of The Lijadu Sisters’ album Danger), saxophonist Dele Okonkwo and Mono Mono frontman Joni Haastrup. The result is a truly unique and experimental Afro-jazz recording that has been out-of-print for many years, until now.
SNDW 025LP KABAKA, REMI: Black Goddess LP (SNDW 025LP) 15.50
LP version. Includes free mp3 download code.
SP 007LP CONTAINER: LP LP (SP 007LP) 19.50
Container is a recent moniker of Nashville, Tennessee resident Ren Schofield, who has been actively shifting about the U.S. playing shows and releasing cassettes on his mysterious I Just Live Here imprint for a long while now. Known primarily for his God Willing project, a disjointed, confusing maze of crude oscillator, tape, and guitar, Ren has established himself as a staple in the East Coast underground. Here we have a new experiment in electronic beat-oriented music. This is no standard fare, however. It glows with a vision all its own, completely isolated and separate, making it difficult to place in the awkward world of the “genre.” The sounds are a thick stew, congealing new ideas and naive experiments into something in the ballpark of the new super-weird Wolfgang Voigt 12″s, abstract and minimal in nature with time-stopping tendencies . Take those 12″s and send them through the garbage can, tape loop, reel-to-reel experiments of Ake Hodell’s “220 Volt Buddha” or that weird track with a lawnmower by Charles Amirkhanian on the first Slowscan volume and we might be getting closer. This music, by being so unruly and defiant of any kind of trend, has created a fresh fusion we have not heard until now. “Application” introduces you to Container in the most suitable way. A confusing anti-rhythm accompanied by eerie, unidentifiable tones before a collapse of metallic drum sounds washes you out into the minimal, motorik “Protrusion.” The flip takes off with intense feedback squeal and more light speed rhythm, leading into “Overflow,” the album’s wildest, most textural piece. “Rattler” leaves the listener absolutely baffled and flipping the record over again to try to figure it all out as this record makes no sense to anybody but its creator. The experimental nature of this album alone warrants its vinyl release; however, the fine detail and unique structures will have you waiting for the next Container 12″. Mastered and cut at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin, July 2011. Design and layout assistance by Mike Pollard.
FREQ 005EP MR LAGER FEAT. ASHER DUST: Four Leaf Clover 12″ (FREQ 005EP) 11.50
“Absolutely classic tune from Chef’s label. This featured on Dubstep All stars Vol. 7 mixed by Chef, and has become one of dubstep’s underground anthems. Features remixes from Von D & Geiom. Fan’s of Tikiman, Rhythm & Sound will appreciate this 12″.”
SGR 014CD PROCESSORY: Change Is Gradual CD (SGR 014CD) 15.00
“Eighteen track album by Jori Hulkkonen and Jerry Valuri takes a new, more synthetic direction with lo-fi aesthetics and transhumanistic themes. Boasts lyrical, vocal, musical and production input from both members, bringing more depth and versatility.”
SA 012CD SUN ARAW: Ancient Romans CD (SA 012CD) 13.00
“Heartfelt and marbled, this album is documentation of the slow exit (the triumphal entry): moving the camera back 8 stages along the circumference of the circle to the point where the obverse is reverse, in order to celebrate the building of an edifice and then walk away from it in wisdom, gaining freedom from it.”
SA 012LP SUN ARAW: Ancient Romans 2LP (SA 012LP) 19.00
Gatefold 2LP version on white vinyl with an accompanying 16-page art book.
TEMPA 018CD DISTANCE: Dubstep Allstars Vol. 08 CD (TEMPA 018CD) 15.50
Rinse FM’s DJ Distance takes on the eighth edition in Tempa’s Dubstep Allstars compilation, following on from notable mixes by, among others, Kode9, Appleblim, Ramadanman and Youngsta. If there’s one man who can give a snapshot of the core of dubstep as such in 2011, it’s Distance. He’s been there in the scene from the beginning, from way back when the sound’s aficionados could be numbered in the hundreds worldwide. And from then ’til now, his DJ sets, his own productions and his Chestplate label have always stayed true to the deep, heavy and immersive style from which sprung everything else we hear today. What he plays, and what he’s put on this CD, is dubstep from the heartlands: the biggest and best dubplates from the people who have made the scene what it is. For this mix, Distance returned to the source. What you get on Dubstep Allstars Vol. 08 is the music that has always formed the backbone of Distance’s DJ sets: the artists he’s retained solid links to over the years. It’s packed with Distance’s own productions, and those of his closest associates in the scene Cyrus and Tunnidge, but also with others he’s collaborated with over the years. Benga is here with the fearsomely dark “Chemical Compound,” a slap across the face for those who think he’s all about pop-step or jump-around wobblers nowadays. And Bristol’s DJ Pinch appears, teamed up with Distance in their Deleted Scenes guise, demonstrating his continued mastery of exquisite detail in production and showing just why he is still a lynchpin of the scene and still rattling chests some eight years on from his conversion to the sound. Other artists include: Commodo, SP:MC + LX ONE, J:Kenzo, The Others, District, V.I.V.E.K, Kryptic Minds, Benton, Above & Beyond and Truth.
WIRE 331 WIRE, THE: #331 September 2011 MAG (WIRE 331) 8.50
“On the cover: My Cat Is An Alien (Ken Hollings visits the Italian duo’s Alien Studios in Milan to hear how they harness the music of the spheres with rayguns and cosmic drones); Collateral Damage (Not Not Fun’s Amanda Brown on the damaging effects of Filesharing on an underground culture already hemorrhaging artists to the mainstream); Global Ear: Cork (Daniel Spicer witnesses a miraculous sound art boom in the midst of Ireland’s bust economy); Cross Platform: Jana Winderen (Underwater recordings play a part in understanding Earth’s changing climate, says this Norwegian artist); Herb Diamante (From Cumbria to Seattle, the itinerant Brit crooner brings a touch of Vegas schmaltz to the global underground); Andy Stott (Robin Howells meets the Mancunian producer who’s dragging techno through a hedge backwards); Invisible Jukebox: Alan Howarth (The Hollywood composer and sound designer struggles for total recall with The Wire’s mystery record selection); Prurient (Power electronic ideologue Dominick Fernow has written Noise’s first breakup album — with Mom’s help); Fela Kuti in London (The untold story of the Nigerian bandleader’s early London years, soaking up the city’s jazz, R&B and rock ‘n’ roll subcultures); Epiphanies: Hua Hsu remembers the mundane writing task that got him through 11 September 2001 ten years ago).”
“Albums of guitar duets are rare. Albums of guitar duets featuring one American and one Englishman, synthesizing their geo¬graphically specific approaches in a collection of new compositions, are rarer. Not since Stefan Grossman and John Renbourn’s partnerships of the 1970s has there been such a happy reconciliation of Merrie Old England and the good old USA, in which baroque meets the blues, music-hall steps out to ragtime, and Benjamin Britten sits down with Blind Blake. James Elkington moved from London to Chicago around the turn of the millennium and has since released a string of albums as leader of The Zincs for Thrill Jockey Records. After dissolving the band in 2008, Elkington has concentrated on acoustic, folk-tinged music with his band The Horse’s Ha (that he shares with Freakwater’s Janet Bean). Nathan Salsburg is best known as an archivist and producer for the Alan Lomax Archive, curator of the Twos & Fews vernacularmusic imprint on Drag City Records, and host of the ‘Root Hog Or Die’ program on East Village Radio. He appears on Tompkins Square’s Imaginational Anthem Volume 3 compilation, and produced a tribute album to EC Ball, also on Tompkins Square. Elkington suggested a leap of faith into a collaboration, despite the fact that the two had never previously played guitar together. AVOS, then, hither and thither over several seasons, between a porch in Louisville and a kitchen in Chicago, slowly took shape. Aptly, the name comes from the Russian word for the confident approach to new situations, and the faith that nothing tragic will occur once in them.”
TOURETTE 024LP NURSE WITH WOUND/ARANOS: Acts of Senseless Beauty 2LP (TOURETTE 024LP) 28.00
Gatefold double LP reissue of this collaboration between Nurse With Wound and “post-classical” violinist Aranos, also featuring Peat Bog (guitar, percussion, voice) and David Kenny (guitar). Limited to 440 copies on transparent vinyl. Originally released on CD by United Dairies in 1997. “As hinted on a cover artwork, original CD documented sketchily research into humanization of fish in rivers and bodies of water surrounded by large clots of humans ? Thames, London, Hudson, New York, LIffy, Dublin, Vltava, Prague, and so forth and on and on and over and out. It also constituted the first publicly documented collaboration of the aforementioned grouping of psycho-acoustic researchers. To fill the side d of the double LP with vibrations appropriate to the occasion, NWW/a revisited underwater lay-line tangents and discovered, not altogether to their surprise, that humanized fish has evolved in the intervening time gap and x-bread with squirrel fearing crustaceans, thus acquiring a defense mechanism against cosmic fluons constantly passing through their minds causing formation of irritating ideas. As these highly evolved creatures resent being photographed and punish transgressors by their sharp mind teeth, we present an artist impression on the front page of the gatefold. These creatures constantly shape shift as they move between dimensions 6 and 7, so other artist impressions will be presented in the art series of this release. Music/noise on the track describes in some details conversations and revelations of these Piscus Sapiens Emoticus. Revelations important to humankind and their pets. Plants of various species and specialties benefit too, some normously, some enormously, mostly succulently, spinally, thornily or smoothly greening.”
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