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3DB 001CD LEMUR: IIIIIII CD (3DB 001CD) 15.50
Originally released in 2008. Lemur’s album IIIIIII is a document from their debut tour: recorded in one session at Grieghallen Studio and presented in its original order. These seven tracks portray an ensemble on the edge of defining a new sound and their musical identity. Throughout the tracks, the four musicians unite as one sound-generating body, manipulating their instruments into making sounds one would believe to be electronic. The result is a music defying old or new aesthetics, instead searching for the ultimate sound experience using these exact instruments in the hands of these particular musicians. Although making a clear contrast to “the northern sound” of Norwegian jazz, IIIIIII brings beautiful soundscapes side by side with frantic phrasing and inspired solo playing. Members: Bjørnar Habbestad (flutes), Hild Solfie Tafjord (french horn), Lene Grenager (cello) and Michael Duch (double bass).
3DB 002CD REHAB: Man Under Train Situation CD (3DB 002CD) 15.50
Originally released in 2008. Sudden death under a railway car seemingly ties this album together as the 9 titles make a journey between underground stations across the globe. Rehab’s debut album is solidly based on the crafted playing from the two protagonists John Hegre (guitar and electronics) and Bjørnar Habestad (guitar and electronics). Flutes and guitars fuse into a mayhem of electronics, manipulations and studio wizardry. Tight and stringent in its form and surprisingly lyric at times, Man Under Train Situation is almost gentle, seconds before it unleashes its storm of noise. Definitely performed and improvised, but also transformed, composed and rebuilt, the album bridges gaps between the instrumentalism of improv and the joyous harshness of noise. Using all the tools in the trade, relentlessly pursuing the right sound, Rehab has put together a rare album containing subtleties inspired by electro-acoustic music as well as the delicate art of real-time musicianship.
3000GRAD 004CD VA: Kommt Zusammen CD (3000GRAD 004CD) 15.50
The fourth CD on 3000° Records unites local artists from Mecklenburg, Germany with internationally-renowned ones. This compilation echoes the idea of the annual Kommt Zusammen festival in Rostock and that is why it goes far beyond the scope of a classical festival compilation; rather, Kommt Zusammen is an attitude towards life. Listening to the compilation makes you virtually see the laughing seagulls at the Baltic Sea. It gives rise to the idea of wind blowing across the thousand lakes of the North-East German state while some guys on the shore are getting their sailing boat ready. Beside well-established names like Dapayk Solo, Stimming, Rundfunk3000 or The Glitz, it’s especially the new artists like Umami, David Pasternack and Schäufler & Zovsky who are inspired by this lifestyle and who set it to music. Sounds full of love and the typical warmth of Mecklenburg. Other artists include: Camara & Jon Hester, Gunnar Stiller, Marek Hemmann, Ginger, André Kronert, Marquez III, Andreas Henneberg, Kollektiv Ost, Mollono.Bass and Daniel Nitsch Et Madeleine.
“Academy is proud to announce the debut of its Academy Special Single series in conjunction with Voodoo Funk (Frank Gossner). All 45s will come in deluxe custom designed picture sleeves. First up is a single by Stoneface and Life Everlasting – ‘Love Is Free’ b/w ‘Agawalam Mba’. Stoneface was already a veteran of the Nigerian music scene when he formed this band and cut this (their only) 45 in 1973. Starting with the Tall Men in the mid 60s, Stoneface was soon asked to join the Postmen with legendary guitarist Goddy Oku and the great Sonny Okosuns. After a stint in the Hygrades he formed his own group with Kingsley ‘Dallas’ Anyanwu (from the high school band Dee-Mites), lead guitarist Maurice ‘Jackie Moore’ Anyaorah (from Salt & Pepper Organisation), rhythm guitarist Roy Obika and bassist Jimi Henshaw–and formed Life Everlasting. This single is a fantastic two-sider – ‘Love Is Free’ is a gritty psych-rock tune with a trippy guitar solo while ‘Agawalam Mba’ is a bulldozing afro-funk tune with gravelly vocals and heavy fuzz guitar. An incredibly rare and great single rescued from obscurity by Academy/Voodoo Funk!'”
ANM 003LP EARTH/FLYING HAT BAND: Coming Of The Heavy Lords LP (ANM 003LP) 29.00
“Two demos of extreme importance for every collector of 70s heavy rock finally on vinyl! Earth are none other than the previous incarnation of Black Sabbath in 1969! The Flying Hat Band is the band Glenn Tipton had before joining Judas Priest in 1974. The Earth demo sessions are comprised of 3 heavy bluesy numbers and one cover of ‘Blue Suede Shoes’ already when they changed their name to Black Sabbath as a bonus number. The F.H.B. have a similar sound to Sabbath but also makes remember other bands of the time like Horse, Fuzzy Duck or even Hard Stuff. Four songs were recorded with good quality sound as a demo in 1973 featuring the heavy blues guitar wailing of this later-to-be Metal master. Another winner by the Acid Nightmare team!”
AMAM 015CD MEREU, ALESSIO: Tripolarity CD (AMAM 015CD) 17.00
Sardinia’s Alessio Mereu has made quantum leaps in his DJ/production career: after releasing an impressive string of EPs for respected labels like Contexterrior, Tuning Spork and CMYK, many top-name DJs took notice, including Dubfire and Duke Dumont (who picked some of Mereu’s tracks for their respective Cocoon and Fabric mix CD compilations). In early 2010, he set up AMAM, which has quickly become one of the most popular techno/house imprints in Italy, and as savvy dance music enthusiasts are catching on, throughout Europe as a whole. Now, with his debut full-length album, Alessio Mereu captures the magical energy of the club and distills it into a personal statement, resulting in the title Tripolarity, which reflects his three different musical “personalities”: warm-blooded house, sinister techno and — a side not heard from him before — experimental abstractions that ignore the dancefloor altogether. To ease into the more kinetically-charged numbers, the album begins with “First Pole,” with an ebb and flow of breakbeats and sci-fi synths. Then we enter 120 bpm territory with “Only You Know Who I Really Am,” showing off Mereu’s funkier side with flourishes of purple paisley. “Purity” flirts with eastern tambours and textures, followed by the contrasting candlelit warmth of “The Perfect Lover” with an anonymous yet expressive voice that floats somewhere between enamored and heartbroken. On “French Connection,” Berlin’s Bloody Mary contributes, together offering a piece marked by rackety percussion and a siren that echoes a wolf howling at the full moon. The album’s most cerebral moment happens with “Second Pole,” which is more of a digitally-sculpted art object for the ears rather than what we might refer to as music. Then, “Hypochondriac” shows symptoms of dancemania (restlessness, the shuffles, incessant hand-clapping), followed by the more low-key, tip-toeing suspense of “Distraught.” The pumping “Lucky Sinners” was made together with fellow Italians and relative newcomers Naph & Carlo Caronti, and — punctuated by the computer jazz interlude of “OK, Now Stop And Restart” — the dusty thump of “The Case Of Mr. Bishop” was produced with Parisian DJ Acumen. The final club-functional track “Survived Boy,” weaves in his experimental tendencies for a radiating, buzzing tech-house number. After such a multifaceted audio journey into the world of Alessio Mereu, the album denouements with “Third Pole,” an introspective moment soundtracked by digital water dripping from the liquid sky. As a whole, Tripolarity navigates through a spectrum of emotions, with a passionate drive to keep moving forward.
AM 045EP CHARDRONNET, PATRICK: Pleasant Day 12″ (AM 045EP) 12.00
One of the leading figures in the modern house and techno movement, Patrick Chardronnet returns to Audiomatique. “Pleasant Day” is a dark, funky and freaky tune that carries many trademarks of the Audiomatique sound. Liquid synths and acidic bass fused with modern drums are all precision-engineered to the super high-quality level you’d expect from Chardronnet. The divinely deep “Aim” takes you further with fluttering, tropical moods that soar through colorful layers of dubbed synth textures and strong, surging bass.
BASMATI 005EP ANANDA, GABRIEL: Live Series Part II 12″ (BASMATI 005EP) 12.00
Basmati presents part 2 of Gabriel Ananda’s Live Series. Like his smash single “Doppelwhipper,” the tracks on this 12″ were performed live on stage. “Hey Blop” is a perfect and very playable summer track while “Give Me Five” shows how percussions should be looped into great techno.
BEC 5772279 SYD MATTERS: Ghost Days LP (BEC 5772279) 23.00
2008 release. The Parisian Jonathan Morali, alias Syd Matters, came from nowhere to make a big impression with his first two spellbinding albums. Syd has since won over both critics and the general public. This is his third album.
BEC 5772280 METRONOMY: My Heart Rate Rapid 12″ (BEC 5772280) 12.50
2008 release. The first single to be lifted from the album Nights Out LP is a flawless representation of some of the freakishly danceable tracks contained therein. A wholly original mashup of electronics, “My Heart Rate Rapid” is sheer falsetto-laden, drum-battering brilliance. Although Metronomy’s elliptical, insidious, multi-colored art-pop sounds nothing like Cologne’s legendary purveyors of prog-disco, Can do offer clues to the lineage the band belong to. Add early Brian Eno, Sparks, Devo, Talking Heads, Soft Cell, and then scratch your head for more recent examples of abstract music, full of experiment, risk, and individuality that somehow resolves itself into pop… that makes you sing and dance and feel like a big kid… and you realize that you can’t think of any, because Metronomy are, in the current pop milieu, an utterly unique proposition.
BEC 5772573 METRONOMY: Not Made For Love 12″ (BEC 5772573) 12.50
2009 release. Remixes by Leo Zero and Wild Geese.
BEC 5772589 PRINCE: Lotusflow3r/MPLSound 2LP (BEC 5772589) 26.50
2009 release. Prince has, for more than thirty years, indefatigably attacked the bulwarks which separate funk, rock, pop and hip-hop. This is a deluxe gatefold release composed of two slabs of vinyl (Lotusflow3r and MPLSound) as well as a poster.
BEC 5772590 PRINCE: MPLsound LP (BEC 5772590) 23.00
2009 release. On MPLSound, Prince takes his retro mission to offer up such tight, funky electro grooves as “(There’ll Never B) Another Like Me” and “Ol’ Skool Company.” Part of what was originally released as a triple album, also released as a 2LP with Lotusflow3r (BEC 5772589).
BEC 5772605 PLASTISCINES: Barcelona Remixes 12″ (BEC 5772605) 12.50
2007 release. The Plastiscines’ first single is a pertinent pop-rock mix, as if Karen O (Yeah Yeah Yeah) met Bananarama. An efficient and sexy hit, produced by Butch Walker, covered with an electro approach by remixers Lifelike, Chew Lips, Eat Electric and Headman.
BEC 5772633 GENTLEMEN DRIVERS: L’Arche 12″ (BEC 5772633) 12.50
Gentlemen Drivers are two childhood buddies Bénoich and Mica, who decided to embark on a beautiful adventure based on flying synthesizers, lucid melodies and electronic surges.”L’Arche” is a kind of electronic saga, tinged with vintage synths and Slavic tones.”Perpetual” offers a hypnotic pattern where a new-wave spectre makes its appearance. “2042 L.A Dreams” conjures palm trees devastated by pollution, and the L.A. sky perpetually darkened by gas. To the omnipresence of synths, some voices overlap and dress this track elegantly.
In less than 3 years, Kryptic Minds have carved a deep channel into the dubstep scene, mining its traditions of spatial minimalism, edgy atmospheres and sub-bass intensity to deadly effect. The culmination of this work is Can’t Sleep. Bleak yet uplifting, it is the soundtrack to visions of a sterile land, devoid of people — only ghosts remain to recount the histories of their passing. The passive, prolonged tension implied by the title permeates the entire album; with taut beats and edgy synths — the sonic equivalents of clenched jaws and coiled springs. Further, the solitude of insomnia is encapsulated in the long reverbs and epic soundstages that Kryptic Minds have painstakingly created, evoking dark, empty spaces and absolute solitude, yet there are moments of release to be found. Fearsome dancefloor weapon “The Fifth” unleashes a wild technoid bassline, barely restrained by powerful drums. Guest vocalist Alys Blaze soars over the urgent backing of the title track, and the bittersweet coda of “Fade To Nothing” warms like winter sunshine. Other tracks point to a future beyond dubstep — hints of Portishead’s melancholy can be found on “Alone,” traces of Detroit machine-funk run through opener “Brief Passing,” and shreds of ’90s junglism litter “A Glimpse Of Hope.” As an album, Can’t Sleep succeeds simply not as a classic of the genre, but as a future electronic classic in its own right.
BF 022LP SAMIYAM: Sam Baker’s Album 2LP (BF 022LP) 20.50
2LP version. “Coming out with one of the most anticipated and long-awaited albums so far on Brainfeeder is Samiyam aka Sam Baker. Sam Baker’s Album is 40 minutes of pure listening pleasure, a series of woozy, off-centre hip hop instrumentals drawing heavily on Baker’s love of electronic funk but never in hock to it. Intensely detailed and carrying considerable emotional weight, this is not Rap Beats Volume 2 but an album of fully-realized pieces of music which stand on their own without the need for an MC’s intervention.” Includes a free download code.
BNS 002CD TRESHER, GREGOR: Lights From The Inside CD (BNS 002CD) 17.00
This is the third studio album from German DJ/producer Gregor Tresher. In the recent past, the producer of 2008’s best-selling techno track on Beatport (“A Thousand Nights”) has aspired to make music he would want to play out. While Lights From The Inside features several songs sure to find favor with Tresher’s nightclub colleagues, this 12-song odyssey operates on multiple levels. Just as a painting or photograph appears to move if one stares at it long enough, with close listening, the stratified grooves and melodies assembled on Lights From The Inside reveal an organic universe of shifting sound. Meticulous attention to the latter element, melody, was of utmost concern to the Frankfurt resident. Not obvious, eight-bar earworms that would quickly exhaust their welcome, but musical lines that could repeat and intertwine in different patterns, “melodies that are more subtle and develop as you’re listening.” In this regard, Lights From The Inside harks back to Tresher’s earlier releases, even as his aesthetic continues to evolve in new directions. Tone color was also a key consideration. Listen to the interplay of slow-moving tones and twinkling sounds on the title track, or how muted snare hits reverberate against the chilly lower registers of “Leaving.” It’s no coincidence that the almost-tactile crackles, clanks and pops animating the whole album sometimes recall Depeche Mode’s Construction Time Again; the producer cites that 1984 classic as a long-time inspiration, alongside work by other electro-pop iconoclasts from that era. The album’s play of light against darkness and its pervasive mood of melancholy, both underscored by its title, betray a more specific influence on Tresher’s latest offering: The Cure’s Disintegration. As on that 1989 landmark, he aspired to create an all-encompassing sense of atmosphere, as well as a comprehensive album that covered varied emotional terrain. Towards that end, specific set pieces guide the shape and flow of the record: The menacing opener “Shadow Layers”; the concise, ebullient interlude “If Only”; and “Destroy,” a metallic, rumbling closer that concludes the album with an air of questions-yet-unanswered. Tresher aspires to create what another producer once sagely called “music that makes you dance and cry at the same time.” With its simultaneous, synchronized appeal to the feet, head and heart, Lights From The Inside succeeds.
Cadenza serves up an EP from two astonishingly contrasting yet equally prominent artists within electronic music. No remixes or reinterpretations are to be seen, but instead, a meeting of minds between Mirko Loko and Stacey Pullen. “Formulaic Mode” features a twisted combination of chaotic clicks merged with underlying melodies and serene calm. “Tronic Illusion” flirts with thundering house vibes and subdued, drawn-out choral chants. A combination of two strikingly different artists on one surprising release.
CLINK 029CD CAMEA: Clinkology CD (CLINK 029CD) 17.00
Clink Recordings starts their new compilation series titled Clinkology. The first installation showcases label boss, Camea, releasing a unique studio mix of layered loops and edits that she has crafted exclusively from Clink’s catalog, featuring her own music as well as tracks and remixes by Tim Xavier, Alexi Delano, Cesare vs. Disorder, Mikael Stavöstrand, Mark Henning and others. Compiling this collection of music into an extended ballad, Camea guides listeners on a groovy and psychotropic tour through the sounds of her imprint, opening a rare window into the mind of Clink’s curator; who up until now has been a steady force in electronic music. This is Camea’s first musical statement outside of singles and remixes, and she gives her perspective beautifully with an immersive collection of sounds. As expected by her following, she delicately rides an emotional and groovy edge between house and techno, allowing space for melodic and quirky elements; defining what she says is the foundation of “Clinkology.” Other artists include: Dana Ruh, Oliver Dodd, Lu&nl, Insideout, Grinser, Dilo, Velvet and Tony Rohr.
CLR 048EP TOMMY FOUR SEVEN: CH4/Sevals (The Remixes) 12″ (CLR 048EP) 12.50
British born, Berlin-based DJ, producer and sound designer Tommy Four Seven is at the front of the new generation of techno artists, creating his trademark deep and uncompromising sounds. Tommy’s approach to music is unlike a musician, preferring instead to record and sculpt elements into deep, engaging atmospheres. This 12″ includes tracks off of his Primate (CLR 010CD) album, with remixes from Speedy J and Terence Fixmer.
COR 027LP VA: Cocoon Compilation K 6LP BOX+CD (COR 027LP) 96.00
Attention: The full-length versions of all tracks are only available on this 6-vinyl edition! This is the eleventh edition in the Cocoon label’s alphabetically-named yearly Cocoon Compilation series, curated by label-head Sven Väth. Cocoon Compilation K is definitely the deepest survey of contemporary electronic dance music that has ever seen the light of day on Cocoon Recordings. It all starts with David August — with its sensual and melancholic slo-mo disco and a short acid insert, “True Romance” is a massive musical exclamation mark. After this, it gets profoundly hypnotic, thanks to Siberian singer and DJ/producer Nina Kraviz. Her dreamy vocals and the streamlined deep house of “W-Bleu” are for sure something that Baby Ford would have been proud of, too. Following these two compilation newcomers is Alejandra Iglesias aka Dinky. “Luvin” indulges the senses with a darkly shimmering disco-house-pop draft and some subtle Goldfrapp reminiscences, and thus has what it takes to become one of THE summer tracks of 2011. Henrik Schwarz then sets the course more to the dancefloor with his mythic-percussive dub-house runner “Now This Way,” while the Far-Eastern-like, hypnotic reduction of “Blue Storm” by Matt John irresistibly takes our collective consciousness to Floor #7 after that. The meeting of the two house modernists Christian Burkhardt & Einzelkind as well as Sascha Dive’s minimal-ska-influenced “New Frontiers” show that the Rhein Main area is still good for some damn innovative tracks. Maetrik shines again with his dirty soul-tech and with the mean high-frequency wild pitch of “The Thrust,” Argy delivers the unofficial successor to his “Unreliable Virgin.” Besides that, Tom Trago continues the long-lasting history of Detroit, using a quite percussive organ motif. Butch presents a siren-like deep house jewel, and the compilation is completed by Sebastian Mullaert and Marcus Henriksson aka Minilogue with their 16-minute-track “Blessed” — without doubt the most sensual and melancholic title that the two have ever produced together. You can’t get any closer to the pulse of modern electronic music culture than with this compilation — in a little more than 100 minutes.
DAP 025LP BRADLEY, CHARLES: No Time For Dreaming- The Instrumentals LP (DAP 025LP) 16.50
“Daptone Family, your prayers have been answered! Charles Bradley No Time for Dreaming – The Instrumentals is here! Never before has the Daptone H.Q. experienced such a unanimous outcry for instrumental satisfaction. We’re talking interplanetary, people. I believe our request came in just minutes after Charles Bradley’s international, smash-hit debut left the pressing plant. A truck leaving the plant was held up by a couple of rogue DJs (we assume) trying to lock down the freshest wax for a party they were throwing later that evening. Gunfire ensued, but the dastardly ends escaped with one copy of No Time for Dreaming. This is purely speculation, but authorities believe one of the thugs must have been carrying a portable player, because just seconds after word of the great heist was leaked to the media, Daptone H.Q. received a mysterious message – the voice barely audible due to some sort of digital trickery – begging for Charles Bradley instrumentals. The calls haven’t stopped since. Our solution: 12 dynamite tracks of unstoppable instrumentality. These hypnotic hymns–played oh so skillfully by Brooklyn’s premier super group, Menahan Street Band, promises to be the consummate summer soundtrack for all you hip cats and kittens.”
DESOLAT 017EP BUTTRICH, MARTIN: Fire Files 12″ (DESOLAT 017EP) 12.00
Martin Buttrich returns to Desolat with 4 brand-new tracks on a 12″ that contains a code for a digital version plus access to exclusive bonus tracks.
DIAL 059EP PIGON: Sunrise Industry 12″ (DIAL 059EP) 12.00
Here comes another adventure into contemporary techno music. After a continuous flow of high-quality output, Efdemin shared his studio again with label mate RNDM to get back to their beloved Pigon project. Once again, they show us how techno productions should sound: driving, sophisticated and full of deepness. Besides two outstanding techno tracks, the Sunrise Industry EP also includes a beautiful and weird journey into ambient music.
DIGI 010LP CHARLATAN: Triangles LP (DIGI 010LP) 18.00
There’s something almost religious about this Charlatan (Brad Rose) LP, its narrative arc swinging from light to dark and back again. From the opening chords of “Lime Beauty,” we’re awash in polarized-lens glinting twilight, fluorescent skies over the water. “Trace Blue Outlines” is trance-like and reflective, with long, arpeggiated figures chasing each other skyward in a fugue. Darkness creeps in around the edges of “Vodka Rocks,” with almost post-rock moodiness bringing the side to a close. “Traces” opens the B-side and is a breakout track. With dark new-wave synth textures and warped dissonance, it has almost an Altar Eagle vibe, but things get darker, deeper, and more personal as multilayered melodic lines close in on the loping drum track. This is the kind of song you don’t want to end, and wonder if you can set lyrics to. After “Foxes” provides the perfect interlude with classic Charlatan synth tones on a masterfully layered canvas, closer “Swimming Pool Summer Nights” is just as staggering. Its slow drum pattern echoes early Cluster experiments as blissed-out synths and even bird-like squawks pass through its celestial gates. As time goes on, it yields into what could almost pass for some kind of acceptance, embracing the darkness that came before it. More than any before it, this is an extremely emotional Charlatan record — majestic, reflective, yearning for something like transcendence. Even though it’s richly layered, it’s not gauzy. There is nothing dreamy or half-remembered about these pieces. They are sharp, fresh as wounds. This record puts Charlatan on a seriously high plane for anyone exploring these tones, textures, or emotions. Limited to 500 copies only. Mastered by John P. Twells (Xela) at Seventh Door, cut to vinyl at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin. Original cover illustration by Caroline Teagle.
DOK 210LP COLTRANE QUARTET, JOHN: Africa/Brass LP+CD (DOK 210LP) 26.00
“Coltrane’s 1961 album for the fledgling Impulse! label explores African rhythms along with some of the most unusual instrumentation in jazz (his classic quartet is backed here by a 15-piece brass band)! This expanded reissue also features Cal Massey’s ‘The Damned Don’t Cry’ and ‘Song of the Underground Railroad’, both recorded during the original sessions but not included on the album. Bonus CD features an alternate version of ‘Africa’ as well as Coltrane’s own, far superior, arrangement for ‘Greensleeves’. Hearing is believing!” On 180 gram vinyl.
DOK 211LP COLTRANE, JOHN: My Favorite Things LP+CD (DOK 211LP) 26.00
“Anyone looking for proof that John Coltrane’s exalted status is so deserved need only to glance at the amount of time this album took to record. In just three days (Oct 24 – 26, 1960), Coltrane managed to almost effortlessly produce this milestone of modern jazz, and the impeccable Jones/Tyner/Davis line up that supports Coltrane solos (‘But Not For Me’) give the entire session the feeling that we are experiencing pure genius.” On 180 gram vinyl.
DOK 306LP CASH, JOHNNY: With His Hot And Blue Guitar! LP+CD (DOK 306LP) 26.00
“When Johnny Cash’s With His Hot And Blue Guitar was originally released in 1957, Cash became the first Sun artist to release a long playing album. A mix of classic tunes (like Leadbelly’s ‘Rock Island Line’, Hank Williams’ ‘[I Heard That] Lonesome Whistle’, and Jimmie Skinner’s ‘Doin’ My Time’) and a handful of Cash’s own soon-to-be classics (like ‘Country Boy’), this album put the 23-year-old Cash fast on the fast track to superstardom. All songs taken from 1957 Sun studio sessions.” On 180 gram vinyl.
DOK 307LP CASH, JOHNNY: Now Here’s Johnny Cash LP+CD (DOK 307LP) 26.00
“By the time this album was released in 1961, Johnny Cash had long-since left Sun Records for greener pastures. The album is therefore, a compilation of songs Cash recorded while still under contract with Sun-from his earliest recordings in December 1954 to his final session in July 1958. This is a classic collection from one of the most imposing and influential figures in country music. His deep, resonant baritone and spare, percussive guitar style will never be duplicated.” On 180 gram vinyl.
DOK 308LP CASH, JOHNNY: Sings Hank Williams LP+CD (DOK 308LP) 26.00
“This tribute album to Hank Williams was originally released in 1960, just seven years after Hank’s tragically premature death (the 29-year-old country legend died at the peak of his stardom in the back of his own Cadillac). Includes seven of Hank’s best loved songs: ‘I Can’t Help It’, ‘You Win Again’, ‘Hey Good Lookin’, and ‘I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You’, along with some of the Man in Black’s own hits, like ‘Folsom Prison Blues’ and ‘I Walk the Line’.” On 180 gram vinyl.
DC 162LP O’ROURKE, JIM: Eureka LP (DC 162LP) 13.50
2011 repress; originally released in 1999. LP version.
DC 233LP BONNIE ‘PRINCE’ BILLY: Master And Everyone LP (DC 233LP) 13.50
2011 repress, originally released 2003. LP Version. “Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy’s third album finds him more popular than ever. Master and Everyone was recorded by Mark Nevers, and features Tony Crow, William Tyler, Matt Swanson, Marty Slayton, and Paul Oldham.”
DC 404LP OM: God Is Good LP (DC 404LP) 17.00
2011 repress; LP version.
DPC 036LP CAVALIER (AKA AGNES): A Million Horses 2LP+CD (DPC 036LP) 23.00
Swiss producer Agnès presents the debut full-length release of his house music project, Cavalier. A Million Horses will only be released as a double vinyl with an additional CD containing the entire LP plus 9 bonus tracks. Cavalier aka Agnès is known for his deep, dubbed-out minimal techno productions that also explore more house-influenced rhythms and textures. Agnès runs the Geneva-based label Sthlmaudio Recordings and has recently started to collaborate with the Zürich-based label Drumpoet Community under the moniker of Cavalier. Kindly play this album loud and with a lot of bass in a dark room. Liner notes, Alex Dallas, Zürich, April 2011 (A&R Drumpoet Community and owner of Zukunft, Zurich): “I met this humble, proud and very interesting guy from Geneva, Switzerland almost 10 years ago at a really crazy club which was called Dachkantine in Zurich. From the first moment, I knew that this guy is one of the few artists who really just follows his pure and dedicated love for music. No compromising, pleasing or bullshitting — that’s Agnès. A great buddy to party with, an open-minded spirit and a truly gifted music producer, live act and DJ. Welcome to his world. For almost a decade he has been pushing boundaries with a raw, deep and cutting edge sound which is always refreshing and truly personal. With his very own Sthlmaudio Recordings he has possibly established a new form of house music which is rooted in spaced-out dub, bouncy boogie as well as in rough techno and has also released many great tracks on the side for labels like Plak, Ornate, Perspectiv and Resopal, to name just a few. The amount of releases is hard to predict as he likes to come up with new project names like Ray Valioso, Benelli or Cavalier. As Cavalier, he released in 2008 his first EP for us entitled Ride ‘Em. When we asked him for more tracks to do another 12″, he sent us around 40 tunes with a sound which blew us away. Can it get any deeper than this?”
DTD 020CD RODEN, STEVE: I Listen To The Wind That Obliterates My Traces BOOK/2CD (DTD 020CD) 43.50
I Listen To The Wind That Obliterates My Traces brings together a collection of early photographs related to music, a group of 78rpm recordings, and short excerpts from various literary sources that are contemporary with the sound and images. It is a somewhat intuitive gathering, culled from artist Steve Roden’s collection of thousands of vernacular photographs related to music, sound, and listening. The subjects range from the PT Barnum-esque Professor McRea — “Ontario’s Musical Wonder” (pictured with his complex sculptural one-man band contraption) — to anonymous African-American guitar players and images of early phonographs. The images range from professional portraits to ethereal, accidental, double exposures — and include a range of photographic print processes, such as tintypes, ambrotypes, CDVS, cabinet cards, real photo postcards, albumen prints, and turn-of-the-century snapshots. The two CDs bring together a variety of recordings, including one-off amateur recordings, regular commercial releases, and early sound effects records. There is no narrative structure to the book, but the collision of literary quotes (Hamsun, Lagarkvist, Wordsworth, Nabokov, etc.). Recordings and images conspire towards a consistent mood that is anchored by the book’s title, which binds such disparate things as an early recording of an American cowboy ballad, a poem by a Swedish Nobel Laureate, a recording of crickets created artificially, and an image of an itinerant anonymous woman sitting in a field, playing a guitar. The book also contains an essay by Roden. Hardback book, 8.5 x 6.5 inches, 184 pages, 150 photographs reproduced in full color and two audio CDs from the author’s collection.
BEC 5772075 KLAXONS: Golden Skans 12″ (BEC 5772075) 12.50
2007 French 12″ edition of Klaxons’ single, featuring exclusive remixes from Institubes’ very own Surkin and Ed Banger’s beat wizard SebastiAn. On the flip, find Erol Alkan’s 9-minute-full-vocal remix.
BEC 5772083 BUSY P: Rainbow Man 12″ (BEC 5772083) 12.50
2007 debut release from the dude behind Ed Banger (and Daft Punk). “Rainbow Man” is a 4 a.m. anthem dedicated to New York’s hottest club, APT. “Chop Suey” was released on a supa limited 7” on Arcade Mode. “What’s Your Name Again” is a remix done for Paris’ best rock band, Fancy. This remix is pure club banger, saturation and compression at its best.
BEC 5772084 DJ MEHDI: Lucky Girl EP 12″ (BEC 5772084) 12.50
2007 release. The second single from DJ Mehdi’s album Lucky Boy, featuring Fafi on vocals. Features remixes by Surkin and Outlines, plus a club edit by Thomas Bangalter.
BEC 5772524 FEADZ: People Numbers Money Business 12″/PIC DISC (BEC 5772524) 12.50
2009 release. Following Happy Meal, his first 12” on Ed Banger Records, the man behind the Uffie project is back with a determinative second EP, P*N*M*B. Five exclusive tracks mixing in a perfect alchemy: the futuristic electro of “Constant Ovulation” with the freshness of “The Bright Side” and the techno touches of “Age 21” and “Liisborg Error,” finishing with the groovy cut beat of “Flashin’ Outro.”
BEC 5772634 UFFIE: MCs Can Kiss 12″ (BEC 5772634) 12.50
2009 release. The first lady of electro pop is back. Produced by Mr. Oizo, this 12″ is an old school soundclash of heavy beats and sharp rhymes, a “Pass The Dutchie” for the modern era. Remixes come from Zombie Disco Squad and Starkey. Zombie Disco Squad have delivered the perfect big room remix, while Starkey has given it a dirty Philly street-feel with his dubstep rework.
BEC 5772662 MICKEY MOONLIGHT: Love Pattern 12″ (BEC 5772662) 12.50
2010 release. Mickey Moonlight, formerly knows as Midnight Mike has run the record label Flesh, co-produced Zongamin’s debut album and remixed artists such as Munk, Colder and Playgroup.
BEC 5772689 UFFIE: Sex Dreams And Denim Jeans 2LP (BEC 5772689) 26.50
2010 release. Uffie’s highly-anticipated 2010 debut album. Seldom before has a young artist so captivated the attention of a generation that she personifies. “The ultimate it girl,” “the new electro-pop sensation,” “totally in tune with the spirit of the times”: these are just a few quotes from her reviewers. The delayed Sex Dreams And Denim Jeans is finally complete. After years of partying and having fun, the artist said she wanted to show a different, darker side of herself. And although her ego trips and her club-hitting tracks are still there, perfectly-tailored and inextricably linked to her universe, her more introspective ones are the most striking. Her new single “ADD SUV,” recorded with Pharrell Williams, demonstrates exactly that. Uffie and the famous rapper poke fun at American culture and its obsession with ostentatious signs of wealth. Denouncing the vacuous lives of rich suburban “desperate housewives” who drive oversized SUVs, pop pills like sweets, sip cocktails in their private clubs and accumulate neuroses like a collection of handbags, they made an acrid and descriptive track that is the stuff of classics. Sex Dreams And Denim Jeans is full of classic tracks. The essential and always powerful productions come from her eternal accomplice DJ Feadz, and other talented old friends such as Mr. Oizo, SebastiAn and Mirwais. Housed in a gatefold sleeve.
New gear from the Philipp Quehenberger corner with one new original and a trio of remixes from his album Hazard (released as LATON 047 in 2009). Patrick Pulsinger tackles “New Beat,” with his unique future-funk sound. There’s also the welcome return of Elin (who hasn’t been on a Mego record since 1995). He slurps out a version of “Hey Gert,” making it into a slamming, slowed-down twister of a track. This leaves the pumping excess of Altroy’s “Keep Talking” remix.
EMEGO 121LP LEHN/MARCUS SCHMICKLER, THOMAS: Live Double Séance [Antaa Kalojen Uida] LP/DVD (EMEGO 121LP) 29.00
The analog-digital electronic duo of Marcus Schmickler and Thomas Lehn has been working since its first meeting in December 1998 during the German premiere of the Music In Movement Electronic Orchestra (aka MIMEO) in Cologne. Since then, they have been extensively touring in Europe, the USA and Japan and performed at Experimental Intermedia/NYC, Mills/Oakland, Bard College, Lampo/Chicago, Princeton University, Festival Wittener Tage fuer Neue Kammermusik, AMPLIFY/Tokyo, CCA/Glasgow Darmstadt and many other known presentations of contemporary and electronic music. They released several highly-acclaimed productions on labels such as Erstwhile records and A-Musik. Editions Mego is thrilled to release their fourth duo album Live Double Séance [Antaa Kalojen Uida], an LP vinyl with an attached DTS 5.1 surround sound DVD. It’s their first “live” recording of a concert that took place at Helsinki’s Äänen Lumo Festival for New Sounds on November 14th 2010. The concert was projected on a six channel system. A stunning, well-paced and concentrated performance in which modern computer techniques collide with complex analog synth playing. A dynamic tour de force from these legends of modern electronic music housed in a dazzling Stephen O’Malley cover. Thomas Lehn: analog synthesizer; Marcus Schmickler: computer. No editing or mixing has been applied to this recording. All spatialization was part of the live performance. Mastered at Piethopraxis Tonstudio, Köln, March 26th 2011. Vinyl cut at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin, June 2011. Contains stereo vinyl LP and DTS 5.1 Surround Sound DVD (audio-only). NTSC format/region-free DVD playable on standard DVD players and home computers. Length = 46:53. LP contains the same content.
EMEGO 122CD CINDYTALK: Hold Everything Dear CD (EMEGO 122CD) 15.50
This is the third installment in the new Cindytalk sound which started with 2007’s The Crackle Of My Soul (EMEGO 097CD), and then 2010’s Up Here In The Clouds (EMEGO 106CD). It’s the first in the trilogy to feature musicians other than Gordon Sharp, namely the late Matt Kinnison, to whom the album is dedicated. Inspired by the John Berger book of the same name, this latest release is a whole new set of parameters, which push the sound on the previous two works to an extreme point of abstraction, and in some places, near silent passages and haunted melodic segments. And what a mysterious journey this ends up being, with increased use of piano and found/field recordings giving all the tracks a blurry soundtrack appeal to the point where the definitions between the tracks are no longer clearly defined. It harks back to the odder parts of In This World and The Wind Is Strong albums from the early 1990s. Superbly packaged with new David Coppenhall artwork in a 4-panel digipack. Mastered at Piethopraxis, June 2011. Cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin, June 2011.
EMEGO 122LP CINDYTALK: Hold Everything Dear 2LP (EMEGO 122LP) 26.50
Gatefold 2LP version.
EMEGO 124CD VAINIO, MIKA: Life (…It Eats You Up) CD (EMEGO 124CD) 15.50
All tracks written by Finnish experimental electronic musician Mika Vainio, except “Open Up And Bleed” by Iggy Pop/James Williamson. Whereas previous works by Mika Vainio have utilized guitar, Life (…It Eats You Up) is the first to use the instrument as its primary sound source. A fascinating, sometimes disturbing and deeply personal work, this new 10 track set bears all the hallmarks (exacting attention to detail of tone, rhythm and texture) of Vainio’s previous works with some stunning surprises, such as his cover version of The Stooges’ “Open Up And Bleed.” Tracks such as “Mining” hark bark to the banging beat excesses of Pan Sonic, in addition to “Crashed” and “And Give Us Our Daily Humiliation” and the opening “In Silence A Scream Takes A Heart” reveals a new intensity to Vainio’s work. Yet another superb addition to Vainio’s already brilliant catalog.
EMEGO 124LP VAINIO, MIKA: Life (…It Eats You Up) 2LP (EMEGO 124LP) 25.00
Gatefold 2LP version.
EM 1093LP CARROLL & FRIENDS, CORKY: Laid Back LP (EM 1093LP) 36.00
LP version. Laid Back by Corky Carroll & Friends is a warm-hued snapshot of the musical life of one segment of the American surfing world, circa 1971. This album, the first ever recorded by true surfers, captures the relaxed, truly laid back feeling of the surfing life. The album features none of the tropes of “surf music”: no reverb, no sugary vocal harmonies. Simply recorded with warm fidelity, what we hear is pro-surfer Corky Carroll and his surfer pals in various combinations delivering songs and instrumental pieces, perfectly capturing the sultry seaside atmosphere and their idyllic oceanic lives. All the performers were, in Corky’s words, “real surfers” (unlike the Beach Boys), well-recorded in casual circumstances in California in 1971. Beginning (and closing) with Hawaii-born master board-maker Raymond Patterson’s joyful slack-key guitar fantasias, the album features the famed Denny Aarberg on guitar (with Kathy Dragon of the legendary Dragon family), the articulate folk picking of David Lyons, Al Oakie’s affable acoustic blues (with some fine harmonica), and the folky guitar playing of Carroll himself. A blend of vocal and instrumental pieces, the album is largely acoustic, and even the two tracks with electric instruments (from the band Hana, with electric pianist Jon Close, guitarists Dave Rullo and Herb Torrens, and bassist Dave Shoffner, surfers all) do not break the serenity of the calm, Pacific mood. Laid Back was Carroll’s first recording, released independently on Rural Records (jointly run by Carroll and Dennis Dragon) while Carroll was still surfing professionally. Dragon, a skilled engineer, and Carroll “travelled up and down the California coast with (Dragon’s) mobile recording setup and recorded this music in these people’s living rooms and garages.” You can feel the ocean nearby. Laid Back, a long-prized treasure, is an oceanic balm retrieved from the waves of time and offered to all by EM Records. Housed in a handmade, silkscreened jacket plus an insert with liner notes written by Corky Carroll.
FIRE 154CD CLOUD & THE GOSPEL OF POWER, DAVE: Practice In The Milky Way CD (FIRE 154CD) 17.50
“There can be few records that manage to include tributes to the English female, nudist camps, runnin’ for the border, and French writer and WWII resistance agitator Guy De Maupassant… but then again there are few artists quite like Dave Cloud. ‘Have no fear because this is David Cloud delivering to you the story of Siberian hypnotism,’ begins his latest 20-track opus, Practice In The Milky Way, ‘yes and includes a variety of sounds’. It’s never entirely clear what this impressively side-burned and portly singer, sometime frontman of the Gospel Of Power, really intends in his garrulous, gnarly narrated Nash-ville blues: his tongue’s in cheek, but it’s rarely his own. As he announces on the title track: ‘good loving can be found… on the rebound’.”
FIRE 176CD GIANT SAND: Glum CD (FIRE 176CD) 18.50
“1994’s Glum was to be Giant Sand’s largest record and in order to make it so, Howe Gelb invited everyone along to the party. This carnival helped create Giant Sand’s best record to date and is now proudly re-issued by Fire (25th Anniversary Edition). Howe Gelb explains Glum’s story, ‘This was our best record for a long time. It had Malcolm Burn producing it with me and it was done up at Daniel Lanois’ studio in New Orleans. Since it was our first big budget session, I tried to get everyone who ever took part on a Giant Sand record to come to Dan’s mansion and stay and be on the record somewhere. This made the atmosphere in the house more entangled then it had to be, but seemed like the way it should be. For some reason I began singing like an old man on this record, or maybe was inspired too much from my new talking distortion pedal on my guitar.'”
FLED 3085CD HOME SERVICE: Live 1986 CD (FLED 3085CD) 15.50
After 25 years, the mighty Home Service return with a new live album taken from a recently-discovered 1986 tape. For many fans, the near legendary live Home Service shows were the high-point of British folk-rock. This remarkable recording captures the band at the height of their powers. With trumpeter Paul Archibald replacing the late Howard Evans, the band are reforming for a series of high profile festival appearances (and perhaps some new recording). Other members include: Jonathan Davie (electric bass), Howard Evans (trumpet), Andy Findon (saxophone, clarinet, flute), Michael Gregory (drums, percussion), Steve King (keyboards), John Tams (lead vocals, guitar), Graeme Taylor (lead guitar, vocals), Roger Williams and (trombone).
“The new Beg Me 7 inch EP from DeRobert & The Half-Truths marks the band’s return to the vinyl format. Cut to vinyl at 33RPM, this hype new record features five super heavy raw soul tracks by G.E.D. Soul Records’ ace house band. Each record includes a unique digital download code for the EP along with bonus instrumental mixes of ‘Reachin’ Out’ and ‘Fingertips’ DeRobert & Co. pick up where they left off with last year’s Soul In A Digital World full length and the resulting collection of recordings prove the band still has a knack for creating thought provoking, hard hitting, and aurally intriguing soul music.”
Fans have been waiting eagerly for this reissue of Nador, another album by Esplendor Geométrico that has remained sold out for many years. The original CD was published by Daft Records in 1995 and it includes tracks recorded in the Sheikh Aljama and Arispejal Astisaró period. Nador is a collection of unreleased tracks and alternative takes recorded during one of the best creative moments of the duo (1988-1989). “Dinamo 3” and “Dinamo 2” are longer and rougher versions of “Sinaya” and “Medinati” respectively, both taken from Sheikh Aljama, while “Belew 2” is an alternative version of the track taken from Mekano-Turbo. The minimalist structure of the tracks offers a strikingly modern approach. Released in digipack format for the first time ever and includes a 4-page booklet.
GH 1032CD NERVEBREAKERS: We Want Everything! CD (GH 1032CD) 13.50
1995 release. “Killer Dallas, Texas punk band! Vocals by T.Tex Edwards and featuring the hit ‘My Girlfriend Is a Rock’ and many other catchy punk anthems. The legendary Nervebreakers opened for the Sex Pistols in ’78. They released their EP ‘My Girlfriend is a Rock’ shortly after. Two more singles followed and then they recorded an album that should have crowned their glory. But it did not come out on LP until 1994 and is now out-of-print! So here’s your chance to discover one of the greatest Texas punk bands ever!”
GH 1032LP NERVEBREAKERS: We Want Everything! LP (GH 1032LP) 15.00
LP version on 180 gram vinyl.
GH 1042CD AUTHORITIES: Puppy Love CD (GH 1042CD) 13.50
“The very popular Killed By Death series brought attention to some obscure punk bands that otherwise would have been totally ignored. One of these bands is the Authorities, a Californian early ’80s punk combo. Their almost classic single ‘I Hate Cops/Radiationmasturbation’ was featured in Killed By Death Vol. 1 and created a great interest among punk collectors. Well, now a full length CD release is available for everybody to enjoy. The 14 tracks included here were recorded in 1982 and 1983 in Modesto, Ca. and Stockton, Ca. Also included is a nice 8-page booklet with the lyrics for all the songs and information the band.”
GH 1042LP AUTHORITIES: Puppy Love LP (GH 1042LP) 15.00
LP version on 180 gram vinyl.
GET 51293LP CYPRESS HILL: Cypress Hill LP (GET 51293LP) 21.00
“Somewhere in between the rock-star mischief of the Beastie Boys and the slow-creeping funk of Dr. Dre, Cypress Hill introduced their hazy-eyed sound to the world on their self-titled 1991 debut and things have never quite been the same since. The original Cypress Hill album captures the group at their risk-taking best, mixing gangster posturing, LA street politics, Latin flavor and warped humor to-gether under a thick cloud of weed smoke and innovative beats. Nasal-voiced rapper B-Real and his partner Sen Dog, backed by the adventurous production styles of DJ Muggs, produce classics records like ‘How I Could Just Kill a Man,’ ‘Pigs,’ ‘Stoned is the Way of the Walk’ and ‘Hand on the Pump.’ Since its release, the album has won acclaim as one of Rolling Stone’s ‘Essential Recordings of the 90s’ and ‘Top 100 Best Rap Albums’ by The Source magazine. Get On Down is proud to present one of the most influential and important hip-hop albums ever, Cypress Hill, in this special red vinyl release, featuring audio remastered from the original source tapes.”
GET 54041CD PLUMMER & THE COSMIC BROTHERHOOD, BILL: Bill Plummer & The Cosmic Brotherhood CD (GET 54041CD) 16.00
“Long thought to be lost to only the most industrious of crate diggers, Bill Plummer’s 1968 album Bill Plummer & the Cosmic Brotherhood makes its triumphant return on Get On Down for the first time ever on compact disc. Already an accomplished jazz bassist at the time of the album’s release, Bill Plummer turned heads on the Cosmic Brotherhood with heavy Eastern and psychedelic influences that challenged contemporary ideas about jazz. Original compositions like ‘Journey to the East’ and ‘Arc 294’ are colored by striking sitar sounds, rhythmic chanting and melodic improvisation, while Plummer lends his distinctive touch to songs by The Byrds (‘Lady Friend’) and Burt Bacharach (‘The Look of Love’). The result is an album that reflects a musician at the peak of his creative powers, unafraid to explore new ideas and sounds that meld into a cohesive, spectacular album. After decades languishing in obscurity, Get On Down is proud to present Bill Plummer & the Cosmic Brotherhood as it was intended to be heard, with a brilliant new digital audio transfer from the original masters.” Packaged in a paste-on gatefold mini-LP jacket with die cut obi strip and dust sleeve.
GPM 001CD VA: Get Physical– 2nd Anniversary Label Compilation CD (GPM 001CD) 11.00
Originally released in 2004, Berlin-based label Get Physical celebrated their second anniversary with its first-ever compilation of hits, remixes, as well as a preview of three new artists. The 80-minute turntable mix by Patrick Bodmer and Philipp Jung aka M.A.N.D.Y. contains 16 original versions of the Get Physical artists M.A.N.D.Y., DJ T., Chelonis R. Jones, Sunsetpeople, Booka Shade, Voltique, Tomas Barfod and Lopazz, including three interpretations of Tiefschwarz, Captain Comatose and Justus Köhncke. Also gracing this mix is Stefan Eichinger aka Lopazz, with his fantastic, Barry White-esque “Take Me Home,” which offers further proof of the amazing breadth and compatibility of his inimitably natural analogue sound. Thomas Barfod’s track “‘The Box” is an amazingly beautiful retro contribution to the compilation, revealing a relatively new side to his music, slotting perfectly into the Get Physical sound coordinates of house, electro and pop. This is the comp that launched a peaked interest in this label — this is the comp that made everyone Get Physical.
GPM 002CD BOOKA SHADE: Memento CD (GPM 002CD) 11.00
Booka Shade are Walter Merziger and Arno Kammermeier, production masterminds behind the first 13 Get Physical releases. This is their debut full-length, originally released in 2004. On Memento, the two producers observe a healthy balance between pop appeal and experimentation, concocting an unusual blend of modern 4/4 sketches and timeless titles. These tracks take us on a journey through time and space, where, in the sprawling universe, elements from different eras and categories seem to meet and merge almost by chance. “Vertigo,” based on an obvious disco groove, is swathed in a breathtakingly beautiful, cinematic soundscape of unparalleled drama. “Double Identity” and “Memento” pursue similar paths. Tricky, minimalist rhythm structures support the dense atmospheres suffused by short glimpses of Basic Channel and Detroit references as well as mysterious vocal slivers. Other passages are reminiscent of ravers attacking a Missy Elliot track with a vacuum cleaner, homages to ’80s synth pop bands clashing with planet funk, broad psychedelic rock or even minimal trance, always pervaded by fragments ostensibly lifted from fast and furious movie soundtracks. All of this is held together by intense aesthetics, turning Memento into an intoxicating, emotional play of the senses. Memento hits with velvet-coated sucker punches, its prowling, understated menace creates evocative moods mapping out a fresh alternative for electronic music.
GPM 004CD DJ T.: Boogie Playground CD (GPM 004CD) 11.00
This is Frankfurt/Berlin-based Thomas Koch’s debut full-length release. DJ T., whose name first graced a record sleeve in 2000 as part of a collaboration with Steve Bug, is founder of the deephouse label Get Physical. On Boogie Playground, his passion-drenched, 13-track album, DJ T. allows his inimitable signature style to explore the scope of house. Drawing on elements and vibes from disco, funk and electro but also Chicago, Detroit, Italo and acid house, T. irreverently resurrects the spirit of his formative musical experiences between 1978-1992. Without pandering to prevalent aesthetics, DJ T. has carved his very own niche in the retro universe, but translates this into a framework of contemporary arrangements and sound design. The result: a huge range of different concepts and concoctions. On “Funk On You,” Koch swirls funk, disco and Italo fragments into a very organic-sounding whole. “Dark Room” is a moody, minimal/new wave hybrid constantly in danger of drifting towards chaos. “Calling” rolls along on heavy sub bass sequences layered with hypnotic shreds of melody and vocals, while “Neon” balances forceful Chicago and playful neo-acid elements. Finally, “Rave D’amour,” is a chopped-up delight with extremely crude liasons of broken beats to form a perfect old school rave chansonette.
GPM 004LP DJ T.: Boogie Playground 2LP (GPM 004LP) 21.00
Double LP version.
GPM 044CD HEIDI: The Jackathon CD (GPM 044CD) 15.50
Heidi presents Jackathon on Get Physical, a rollercoaster ride full of raw funk, shaking out those grooves until you can’t stop moving and leaving no question as to who is the true queen of jack. Growing from the loose and family-based Jackathon parties that started in October 2010 and now holding residencies in Berlin and London, the Jackathon is about energy and feeling and expressing something that lurks deep in the soul. Featuring 16 exclusive tracks from Heidi’s closest peers and artists that helped shape Jackathon’s journey, the compilation showcases music from Juan MacLean, Jamie Jones, Soul Clap, Solomun, Deetron, Anja Schneider &, label mates DJ T plus vocal drops from the legendary Derrick Carter. The first lady of BBC Radio 1 and a major female force in dance music, Heidi invites you to move your body, and when she asks, there’s not many that can refuse. Introduced personally by one of the kings of house music, Derrick Carter, this is an invigorating journey into the roots of music culture as it is influenced by the schools of ’90s New York style hip-hop and house (Juan MacLean’s “Love In Tatters”), funk (Soul Clap’s “Incoming Bitch”), and acid (DJ T feat. Nick Maurer “High”), exploring new realms for jacking music (Steve Bug’s “Jack Is Back”). Referencing where it all began in the infamous lyrics of Fingers Inc., The Jackathon takes you through the ages and features original vocal drops made for the mix by the one and only Derrick Carter, who has been a major inspiration to Heidi. Other artists include: Waifs & Strays, Darius Syrossian, Lauhaus & Kabale und Liebe (feat. WKD), Mathias Kaden (feat. Gjaezon), Camea, Actor One, Matt Tolfrey and Boris Werner.
HUBRO 2509CD SPLASHGIRL: Pressure CD (HUBRO 2509CD) 17.00
Splashgirl is one of the most exciting young instrumental bands to come out of Norway in recent years. With Pressure, their third album and certainly their strongest to date, the band is taking yet another giant step forward. Here, the musicians are opening the doors to several new musical rooms — to the dark, dank cellar as well as to the attic — where all their forgotten memories are stored away. Splashgirl’s second album, Arbor (HUBRO 2500CD), was Hubro’s very first release in 2009. The group’s course of development from its 2007 debut, Doors. Keys derived inspiration from Paul Bley’s jazz piano recordings. The band’s foundation remains acoustic: Andreas Stensland Løwe, piano (Thelma & Clyde, Lama, Jæ), Jo Berger Myhre (Ingrid Olava, Solveig Slettahjell), double bass and Andreas Lønmo Knudsrød (Sacred Harp, Lama), drums. On this album there are some outstanding guest appearances by guitarist Juhani Silvola (Sacred Harp), vocalist Mari Kvien Brunvoll, tuba player Martin Taxt (Jæ, Hanne Hukkelberg), trombonist Erik Johannesen (Jaga Jazzist) and Lasse Passage with field recordings and tape feedback. The musical dynamics on Pressure have a broad scope, but as on Arbor, the members of the trio also work with some simple analog electronics. Modest and lyrical, the album ranges from gloomy prophecies of doom that flow onwards like hot tar to ethereal minimalism. The opening track, “Devata,” would have been perfect as film music for a Western based in the Antarctic. In any case, what is most striking this time is the enormous sense of concentration and the impressive focus on subtle details that are an integral part of Splashgirl’s music. The album was recorded by Alex Kloster-Jensen at Malabar Studio in Oslo, and was mixed by Randall Dunn (Earth, Sunn O))), Jesse Sykes) at Aleph Studios, Seattle.
HDB 050EP OSSIE: Set The Tone 12″ (HDB 050EP) 10.00
“The EP starts with ‘Set The Tone’. It’s been a feature of Kode9’s sets, and doesn’t fail to get bodies moving. The track opens with a dazzling lattice of Latin percussion over a driving, off beat kick drum, before the song breaks into an infectious vocoder accompanied by lush Rhodes chords. It’s one of those songs that manages to mix the worlds of dance music abstraction and catchy song writing without falling into obvious tropes. ‘The Power Of Love’ mixes similar elements in a completely different way, zoning into a more Masters At Work vibe. Here a short vocoder repeat and swelling synths roll out over a big bassline and a swung garagish drum pattern, but it’s the depth of production that really builds the intensity here, as unexpected elements such as huge orchestral strings and spooked synth lines are woven in and out.”
HDB 051EP D.O.K.: West Coast 12″ (HDB 051EP) 10.00
“East London grime producer D.O.K has been something like Terror Danjah’s evil twin since the early 2000s, when Terror and D.O.K. shared many EPs and production credits together on key early grime label Aftershock. More recently, they worked together on ‘Pro Plus’ from Terror’s recent Undeniable album, and D.O.K.’s Golden Axe EP was the inaugural release last summer on Terror’s own Hardrive imprint. These tracks for his debut solo Hyperdub EP are sleazily deranged grime; West Coast, which features extra input from Terror Danjah, has a half-time, low-riding head-nod feel that references classic G-Funk ‘funky worm’ style lead synth, and manages to sound simultaneously melodic and like a swarm of angry wasps. He lays this basic template over a complex stop-start detailed eight bar style pattern that reminds of the jagged edges of early computer game music, but with the strange swing and double-time fills of a prime Timbaland record.”
HDB 052EP HYPE WILLIAMS: Kelly Price W8 Gain Vol. II 12″ (HDB 052EP) 10.00
“Kelly Price W8 Gain Vol.II EP is the four track Hyperdub debut from Hype Williams, a group with two core members who have spawned a steadily growing labyrinth of hermetic, audio/visual surrealism, and have attracted the attention of many inquisitive and occasionally confused eyes and ears. Hype Williams’ hazy aesthetic gives these tracks an opiated glow from the get go. ‘Rise Up’ buries Inga Copeland’s soft untrained vocal in slow kicks and the most warm, ecstatic chords this side of early New Jersey Garage. The rough dub feel and hand punched drums of ‘Boss Man’ are matched with cloud-like Detroit chords and smudged melodies that sound like they’re borrowed off a lost Wiley Sino-Grime classic.”
Jessika Kenney is a vocalist known for her haunting timbral sense, as well as her profound interpretation of vocal traditions. Eyvind Kang is a violist for whom the act of music and learning is a spiritual discipline. Aestuarium is a meditation on a psalm of lamentation and the unary tone in the metaphor of salt and fresh water, inspired by Gaelic psalmery, Tibetan notational gestures, and the microtonality of the tetrachord. Recorded on the shore of Colvos Passage in 2005 by renowned engineer Mell Dettmer. Stephen O’Malley comments: “Amongst many other amazing pieces Jessika & Eyvind collaborated on SUNN O)))’s Monoliths & Dimensions album, Jessika leading the choir on the piece “Big Church” and Eyvind composing the acoustic arrangements for “Big Church” & “Alice.” I learned an immense amount about music through these collaborations, specifically the idea of Spectral music through research and discussion/reference points of composers such as Grisey and Murail. Aestuarium is a beautiful piece of minimalist spectral music which has brought great pleasure to my ears over the years.” Originally released on CD by Endless Records in 2005. Ideologic Organ curation and art direction by Stephen O’Malley, manufactured and distributed by Editions Mego.
Dutch lutenist Jozef van Wissem is renowned for his experimental approach to Renaissance and Baroque forms of lute music. By cutting-and-pasting classical pieces, constructing palindromic melodies, or adding electronics and processed field recordings, he manages to seamlessly bridge the musical languages of the 17th and 21st centuries. If this approach seems coldly academic on paper, the results are anything but: his music is uncluttered and direct, with a viscerally hypnotic and emotional impact, and delivered with an ascetic intensity reflected both in his Biblical titles and his No Wave influences. He has collaborated with James Blackshaw, Smegma, Keiji Haino and Jim Jarmusch, amongst others. Mostly based in Ireland, the ever-shifting line-ups of United Bible Studies have spent the last decade roaming far and wide from their folk roots, exploring ecstatic group improvisation, song-craft, and studio-based prog epics. The album title Downland is a play both on van Wissem’s Lowlands home, and the Renaissance lute composer John Dowland, rumored to have been born in Ireland. The seeds of this collaboration were sown in late 2007, when United Bible Studies were part of the bill for van Wissem’s first Irish concert. He was particularly taken with Paul Condon’s bass playing and eventually wrote a piece with this in mind, which became the ecstatic “Come Holy Ghost.” Van Wissem began recording tracks for United Bible Studies to overdub and a postal collaboration began in earnest in 2009. The Bible Students were given a free hand, and different band members were drawn to different pieces. Áine O’Dwyers’ harp playing goes hand in glove with the lute parts, both players favoring hypnotic figures accruing impact over time. The album is bookended by two different versions of the same composition, “Downland” and “The Seas Have Lifted Up Their Voice.” Propulsive and metronomic, with Beach Boys-inspired harmonies, it led UBS to a new way of working. Van Wissem’s pieces were either stark and minimal, or had multi-layered harmonies which led UBS into less-than-familiar territory. The sparser pieces lent themselves to being shaped into songs, and the addition of extemporaneous textures. Van Wissem wrote the lyrics for “Altars Of Brick (The Day Is Coming)” for Alison O’Donnell to sing. Its ominous tone inspired Gavin Prior to write the tangentially-related “Í Rith na h-Óiche” in Gaelic. O’Donnell did historical research for her courtly romance “Seven Tears,” named after Dowland’s famous song cycle. The Bible Students have woven murk and mystery around the lucid austerity of van Wissem’s compositions, together creating an album which is unlike anything in either of their substantial back catalogs and more than the mere sum of its parts. United Bible Studies are: Paul Condon, Diarmuid MacDiarmada, Alison O’Donnell, Áine O’Dwyer, Ivan Pawle and Gavin Prior.
IRIE 039CD LUCIANO: Rub-A-Dub Market CD (IRIE 039CD) 15.50
“The Messenjah” aka Luciano aka Jepther McClymont presents an album exclusively produced by Irievibrations Records — a strong statement by Luciano for the love of roots reggae, a counterbalance overtaking the digital dancehall/hip-hop productions which have supposedly led to the loss of Jamaican roots in the music business. The rhythm tracks on Rub-A-Dub Market — acoustic, hand-made and recorded live in the studio — are perfectly suited for Luciano’s moving and touching messages. The musical spectrum of Rub-A-Dub Market varies from roots reggae to dub to Nyahbinghi riddims. Even in respect to musical boundaries “The Messenjah” doesn’t set limits, managing to cope with different music styles in his very special and inimitable manner. In a recent quote Luciano proclaims: “I came out of roots and culture as a reggae singer and have proven to people that I can fit into any genre of music … I sing reggae, gospel and roots. I will sing rock too, but always keep my message clean, spiritual and cultural. There are no barriers in music — although I am well known as a reggae culture singer, I have an international message. So I cannot leave it just to reggae people. I have to extend it to people of all walks of life.” The title song “Rub-A-Dub Market” is one of the most outstanding statements these days and is thereby the album title. The song is a rational appeal to the reggae/dancehall business and targets the current state of the industry, with its fast-moving digital production. Due to these conditions, Luciano makes a sustainable statement for roots reggae music in general.
JMAN 042CD GILSON, JEF: Jef Gilson CD (JMAN 042CD) 17.00
Jazzman Records presents one of the most brilliant and productive jazzmen ever to have lived: French pianist, composer and arranger extraordinaire Jef Gilson. With his career spanning the best part of a century, Gilson has made music with a who’s-who of European and American jazz greats, has written, performed on and recorded innumerable film scores, albums and 45s, ran the Palm jazz record label… yet despite all this, the French jazzman remains criminally under-appreciated by so many jazz fans. Look him up on the internet — there isn’t even a Wikipedia entry! Jazzman addresses this unfortunate situation by releasing 19 songs spanning decades of his recording career. High points include the awesome modal masterpiece “Modalité Pour Mimi”; “Chakan” and “Agnus Dei,” which feature a cathedral choir, and lesser-known private recordings such as “Valerie’s Waltz” and “Valse A Quatre Temps.” Jazzman also includes field recordings made on his trip to Madagascar, including a percussive version of the Lloyd Miller favorite “Chant Inca” and an unforgettable version of Pharoah Sanders’ cult classic “The Creator Has A Masterplan.” All in all, this is one of the finest albums Jazzman Records has made to date. Jef Gilson is now 84 years-old and wheelchair-bound. This album is all about the little-known musical genius, and the label has done their very best to represent his life story with the best of his music. Includes never-before-seen pictures, photos and images as well as exhaustive and extensive original liner notes in both English AND French.
KICKS SR SUN RA: This Planet Is Doomed: The Science Fiction Poetry of Sun Ra Book (KICKS SR) 13.00
” This Planet Is Doomed, which collects the science-fiction poetry of Sun Ra, exploded into the stratosphere on 7/7/11, an auspicious day for numerologists and doomsday enthusiasts alike. 7/7 coincides historically with the detonation of 20 kiloton Little Feller II, the first of the last four above ground nuclear warhead tests conducted in the US. The date will also evidence interstellar overdrive when Saturn, Pluto, Uranus and Venus form an intense and rare alignment known as the Cardinal Grand Cross. This Planet Is Doomed serves up a traumatic torrent of future shock–deeply personal and critical commentary and unsettling advice to the people of Earth, who fail to acknowledge this planet’s role in the universe. Poet Amiri Baraka’s estimable foreword, together with science fiction historian Bhob Stewart’s revealing introduction, set the stage for the heavy dose of the real and the unreal, which are delivered in the pages of This Planet Is Doomed. This book was collected from tape recordings and transcriptions culled from the Sun Ra Archives by director Michael Anderson, who worked with Norton Records to compile a total of six albums — three collections of rare and unissued music recordings (on LP and CD) plus a trio (vinyl only) of unissued spoken word Sun Ra LP’s. This Planet Is Doomed was expanded with the addition of several key ‘lost’ poems which appear here for the first time.” 124 pages; softcover.
KRLP 028LP PRINSPOLO: Jukk LP (KRLP 028LP) 17.00
LP version. Prinspóló is the alter-ego of Skakkamanage’s front man Svavar Pétur Eysteinsson. Prinspóló sings about the important things in life, like food and senior citizens. His quirky lyrics and catchy tunes have gathered him some popularity in the downtown Reykjavík music scene and among suburban housewives. Prinspóló has released one EP called Einn Heima and Jukk is his first LP. The album contains nine songs in Icelandic about candy, hips, Spaghetti Bolognese and marriage. “Jukk” is an Icelandic slang-word meaning “everything, something and nothing.” Prinspóló performs with a band consisting of members from FM Belfast, Reykjavík! and Sudden Weather Change. Includes one exclusive vinyl-only track, plus a download code for the entire album.
KIS 4005CD PRIVILEGE: Privilege CD (KIS 4005CD) 17.00
Guitarist Edward Leonetti and organist Paul Venturini started out in hard-gigging soul band The Soul Survivors. Having impressed Jimi Hendrix and the Isley Brothers when they supported them at New York’s Syracuse University, they got back in touch when their band split, and had soon formed Privilege, together with bassist Jack Douglas and drummer Tommy Brannick. Produced by the Isleys, this gritty hard-rock set was originally released in August 1969.
KIS 4009CD EMILY: Emily CD (KIS 4009CD) 17.00
Recorded in Paris by a 16 year-old New Yorker, and released only in France in the spring of 1972, this extremely rare album has been acclaimed as a psychedelic folk masterpiece. With sensitive backing from local progressive rockers Dynastie Crisis, the eight self-penned songs feature delicate arrangements and lyrics that show remarkable maturity and depth. A firmly-established rarity in its original incarnation, this long-awaited reissue is sure to delight all fans of adventurous singer-songwriting, Emily.
KIS 4010CD VISION OF SUNSHINE: Vision Of Sunshine CD (KIS 4010CD) 17.00
This youthful Californian quintet taped their sole LP at Hollywood’s legendary Sunset Sound Recorders in 1969. Led by singer-songwriter Gerald Hauser (later to achieve fame as the actor Wings Hauser), they performed complex hippie folk with arrangements incorporating cello, flute, harpsichord, electric guitar and more. Originally issued in early 1970, the album has been hailed as a lost classic, and makes its long-overdue CD debut here.
KIS 4011CD DIRTY JOHN’S HOT DOG STAND: Return From The Dead CD (KIS 4011CD) 17.00
Ace guitarist Kenny Paulson played on early rock classics such as “Suzy Q” by Dale Hawkins, and “Tallahassee Lassie” by Freddie Cannon before his career was derailed by heroin addiction. Following debilitating stints in jail and hospital in the late 1960s, he cleaned up and formed this quartet with former Ill Wind guitarist Carey Mann. Their sole album of guitar-led rock was released in June 1970, and makes its long-overdue CD debut here, though sadly, Paulson succumbed to his addiction in 1981.
LITA 068LP FORD, JIM: Harlan County LP (LITA 068LP) 19.00
Gatefold LP version. “Here’s how it went down: Jim Ford, a musically minded country boy from rural Kentucky heads to the Golden State with dreams of making it. Making the scene in Los Angeles, he befriends and writes songs for such artists as Bobby Womack (‘Harry Hippie’), Aretha Franklin, P.J. Proby, the Tempations, and even appears on Sly & the Family Stone’s There’s a Riot Goin’ On. He eventually hooks up with the legendary session players Dr. John, Jim Keltner (John Lennon), and James Burton (Elvis Presley) and books into the equally legnedary Wally Haider Recording Studios to cut an album of blue-eyed country-funk and soul. Released in 1969 on the minor label Sundown Records, Harlan County simply fell through the cracks between monster selling titles by the Beatles, Led Zepplin, and Creedence Clearwater Revival. ‘Jimmy Ford is the baddest white man on the planet,’ said Sly Stone of Harlan County’s main man, and listening to the album today who’s to argue? Needless to say, Light In The Attic Records are honored to re-release these ten emotive country-soul songs with Ford’s original cover artwork, beautifully re-mastered audio, extensive liner notes by Kurt Wolff (The Rough Guide to Country Music), and rare photos, all presented with an adult portion of love. Fans of Charlie Rich, Tony Joe White, Lee Hazlewood, and Bobby Charles, please take note.”
LION 643CD SANDHY & MANDHY: Para Castukis CD (LION 643CD) 15.00
“Sandhy & Mandhy: Alberto Infusino (Sandhy) and Alberto Vanasco (Mandhy) began their musical partnership in beat bands The New Free Men and La Maquina de Musica. In 1969, Billy Bond, chief of La Pesada del Rock Roll and legendary major domo of Argentine rock, asked them to prepare a demo as a duo. Instead, they recorded an album (in three hours!) with a full band (Farfisa organ, congas, drums, bass, and guitars): one take of each song. They decided to press the record-only 110 LPs were made, making this album the ultimate Argentine rock rarity. Sandhy & Mandhy were among the first in South America to bring a rebellious attitude to their music-all this in a period of military repression, when forced haircuts (and brutality) in the streets were a common occurrence. The simmering, intense ‘La indeferencia los pone mal’ (Indifference Upsets Them), was an important protest song, possibly the first from South America. Every word demonstrates the strong concern that Sandhy & Mandhy felt about the repressions they experienced every day: ‘Like little birds, we will have to fight/against all who want to change us with stones/why do they have to be so cruel/or is that indifference upsets them/I do not know what they want, to teach us morals/they should clean first their consciences/and then we will talk.’ In the end, Bond said that Sandhy & Mandhy sounded too much like a band (not a duo), so success was not their fate. But now through the magic of reissues, you can check out their groovy, organ-driven melancholy psych, with Zombies-ish harmony vocals, a little touch of bossa, and other treats (that fuzz guitar on the excellent Os Mutantes-esque ‘Lluvia’!). There are artistic ambitions too, with tape edits/inserts very unusual in an album of the era. At times introspective and acoustic, at others manic and ramshackle in the best way, it’s quite a discovery. This CD companion to our deluxe LP edition (LION 105LP) has an additional five tracks.”
LUV 002EP VA: Luv.Two 12″ (LUV 002EP) 12.00
Second release from the mysterious imprint focusing on warm and soulful vibes between house, techno and downbeat. Some well-known producers show their soft skills with their own productions or edits/re-works. Vinyl only — limited to 500 copies worldwide! Comes in a clear plastic sleeve.
“Highly regarded Portuguese psych rock band who were at the time considered one of the best rock bands in Portugal along with Quarteto 1111, when this lone LP came out in 1969. Exact limited to 300 copies reprint of the original masterpiece highly sought after, deserving 5 stars on the Hans Pokora book. The album is made up of mostly covers (Beatles, Traffic, Hendrix, Purple, etc.) made in their own way with lots of Hammond organ, keyboards and fuzzy guitars.”
MAN 060CD HAAKSMAN, DANIEL: Rambazamba CD (MAN 060CD) 17.00
This is the debut album by Man’s own label-head, Daniel Haaksman. The label is based in Berlin, though starting as an imprint for baile funk, nowadays, it is one of the most important contributors to a contemporary club sound reflecting a hyper-accelerated, globalized world where musical genres melt together until they become indefinable. Daniel Haaksman is an undeniable “funkeiro numero um da Alemanha” (trans. “Germany’s #1 funkster”) and impressively proves this with his debut album, going even one step further. Rambazamba might be deeply rooted in the aesthetic of baile funk, but takes the Brazilian sound as a starting point for a journey into the soundscapes of local music going global all around the world. The title of the album reflects this melting pot of ideas: Rambazamba is German vernacular for “stir up” or “mayhem,” used a lot in German spoken language, yet it sounds “exotic.” Its origins are etymologically unclear (though a common belief is that it’s a vernacular appropriation of the Spanish “carramba” or a mix-up of “rumba” and “samba”) and there are suggestions that it comes from Yiddish or Romanic languages. Whatever the origin, the word perfectly represents the atmosphere of the album as it represents the chaos, energy, and uprising elements of the recordings, and at the same time, with its unclear etymological origin, it mirrors the aesthetic of the album with references to the sound of cities like Rio De Janeiro, Salvador De Bahia, Belem, Cairo, Luanda, Napoli, or regions such as the Caribbean and the Balkans. Featuring contributions from Tati Quebra Barraco, Seguindo Sonhos, Roxxy Bione, Shantel & Bobanh Markovic Orkestar and Salah Ragab & The Cairo Jazz Orchestra.
“Originally released in 1980 on EMI France, the OGI LP (OH-JEE-EYE) is the work of Hungarian-born Peter Ogi (pronounced as ‘ohgee’). Peter Ogi obtained formal education in music composition at the Budapest Music Academy and quickly thereafter formed the very early Hungarian punk outfit, the Spions. Though never documented on tape, the Spions were considered very important in the Hungarian music scene. In the late 1970s, Peter began traveling back and forth between Paris and London where he worked together with legendary producer of the Sex Pistols, Malcolm McLaren. Their collaboration was integral to the creation of the OGI LP. It was recorded in autumn 1980 at Pathe Marconi Studios, Boulogne. The album was composed by Peter Ogi with lyrics written by Malcolm McLaren on over half of the tracks. Unfortunately, the record was criminally overlooked most likely due to its French-only release. It is now being reintroduced for the first time in over 30 years. The LP is a phenomenal creation of synthesized pop. The album’s opener ‘King Kong’s Fear’ creates the mood with minimal synth leanings and unusual hooks that set the stage for an adventurous slide down the synthesized rabbit-hole. The second cut ‘Resist Dance’ was also a 7″ single and is a standout track of infectious catchiness. ‘She, Wolf, Woof!’ is a very interesting and dramatic piece that is obviously different from contemporary synthpop from the era. The namesake track, ‘O.G.I.’ is a tempo-shifting cabaret style ditty that warns you ‘The OGI watching you!’ The record is a totally original bombastic work of synthpop art created by the uniquely talented artist. Since this record, Peter Ogi has been active in a wide spectrum of styles and genres, but the OGI LP remains his sole opus of synth art-punk. For fans and devotees of early Fad Gadget, Daniel Miller, Malcolm McLaren sole efforts, and new wave of the minimal varieties. Transferred from the original analog tapes from the vaults of EMI France. Officially licensed from EMI and features re-envisioned front and back cover art. The reissue is over one year in the making and is lovingly presented on high-quality 180gm magenta vinyl in a hand-numbered limited edition of 650 copies.”
MIND 013EP LIO, CARLO: Finder’s Keepers 2×12″ (MIND 013EP) 20.00
Mindshake presents a double 12″ from Carlo Lio. “Finders Keepers” leads off with a propulsive techno sheen underpinned by densely-layered samples, intense build-ups and hard-hitting drums. “Plus This” takes a slightly darker turn with a throbbing groove and mental samples. “Dorbo” features an off-kilter tribal feel, cut-up vocal samples, and pounding bass and grooves. As the vocal samples on “Show Me” build and peak, the beats drop out of the mix, providing ample opportunities for creative DJs to build tension and release.
MINI 024EP CABANNE: Aqua Paëlla EP 12″ (MINI 024EP) 12.00
Cabanne just came out of the pool with this adequately named Aqua Paëlla EP. If the man needs no further introduction, it is worth noting that this will be Cabanne’s first release on Minibar since 2009. He therefore changed into his most elegant mask, snorkel and flippers to provide you with these three fantastic house tracks. Traditional “à la Cabanne,” better than ever.
MOBILEE 081EP LANDSKY, MARTIN: Morning Caffeine 12″ (MOBILEE 081EP) 12.00
This is the debut release by Poker Flat’s Martin Landsky on Mobilee. “Morning Caffeine (Main Mix)” kickstarts the EP with both a dark and uplifting mood as a slightly twisted loop continues to build throughout the track, never really culminating but carrying on inescapably, while in contrast the “Organ Dub” version offers a much lighter and bouncier atmosphere. “Ain’t Nobody’s” once again demonstrates Landsky’s musical diversity while serving up really special warm, dreamy vibes.
This is the debut album by Stereociti from Tokyo. Stereociti aka Ken Sumitani is truly one of Japan’s finest when it comes to uncompromising underground dance music with heart and soul, whether it is the realm of deep house music or the darker moods of Detroit techno. You can actually feel that his roots go far back into the early days of electronic club music but never lose sight of the history of soul, funk or dub. His debut Kawasaki, named after his hometown, delivers the quintessence of what is considered the Mojuba sound. Kawasaki is a timeless piece of music, equipped with everything you need for an outstanding album experience. It will take you by the hand from the very first moments and will be there for you second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day until you let it go.
MOON 005CD PERRY, ANTE: Flashing Disco Sounds II 2CD (MOON 005CD) 17.00
Subtitled: From 7 P.M. Till 7 A.M.. German institution Ante Perry’s original Flashing Disco Sounds was released in 2008 — embracing the charismatic DJ’s love for all that goes “flash” in the night. Flashing Disco Sounds II takes us deeper and further into the swinging, dangerously sexy sound of Ante’s current DJ style. CD1 is a super journey mix, moving from rumbling night-time deep house into energetic disco moments, and back again. CD2 features 11 unmixed full exclusives taken from the mix — perfect for DJs and enthusiasts alike. CD1 Mix: Over almost 80 minutes, Ante Perry lays it down in his classy, smooth and nothing-but-professional trademark style. Segueing early bloomers like the wonderfully deep opening tones of Henri Kohn & Miss Ann P’s “The Light” (Larse Dub) with sparkling builders like Gorge’s “Parabanda” or the rousing remix of Ultra Nate’s “Free” by Ramon Tapia & Kabale und Liebe, the mix begins to grow and evolve into free-flowing moments of brilliance. Johnny D’s remix of Osunlade’s “Pride” funks and shakes all over the spectrum and Stereofunk’s epic “The Knife” charms its way to our hearts. Morning Factory’s “Raw Tunes Vol.1” sounds like a true Berlin night-time adventure, leading to Ante closing the mix in fine style with San Soda’s jazz infused, Chicago jam “Maximum 150 Personen.” Such is the presence, skill and character of Perry’s DJ selection, we’re sure this incredible collection of modern feel-good music will find a special place in your lives. Other artists include: Lewie Day, Spirit Catcher, Larse, Olivier Gregoire, Maxim Lany, Kolombo, David August, Dapayk Solo and Kölsch. CD2 Unmixed: Breezing through 11 unmixed tracks, including many exclusives produced for this album, we are treated to the full range of Ante Perry’s production and song-writing skills. Ideal for DJs, enthusiasts, or simply those who love to experience every last detail, this second CD completes the package. Featuring artists such as Tube & Berger, Kolombo and Jennifer Rostock.
MR 313CD DMZ/LYRES: Radio Demos/Live At Cantones, Boston 1982 CD (MR 313CD) 17.50
Two essential documents of Boston’s underground compiled on one CD. First, an incredible collection of tapes recently discovered in Peter Greenberg’s garage, featuring radio station recordings from 1976. A great example of Boston rock & roll that sees the light of day after 35 years! As if that wasn’t enough, a furious live set by Lyres at a tiny Italian restaurant that became the home of Boston’s underground punk and rock & roll movement. The 1970s garage punk band from Boston, DMZ, had dissolved in a 1978 train wreck. Jeff “Mono Mann” Conolly, DMZ’s inspired singer and songwriter, decided to take a Vox organ-driven direction next in his Lyres. Lyres evolved into an amorphous group of players moving in and out of the band over the years with certain mainstays like Paul Murphy and Ricky Coraccio, DMZ’s drummer and bass player respectively, hanging in longer than most. Ricky “Little Man” Carmel was the original guitarist for Lyres and was with Conolly, Murphy and Coraccio when they recorded the classic 1979 45 Don’t Give It Up Now/How Do You Know? By the time Peter Greenberg, DMZ’s lead guitarist, returned to Boston from Cincinnati in the summer of 1980 to join Lyres, the original line-up had also dissolved and Conolly was filling in players on an ad hoc basis. The next iteration of Lyres had some staying power and included, along with Conolly and Greenberg, Michael Lewis, DMZ’s original bass player, and Howie Ferguson, who had been the drummer for the Real Kids. This band recorded Lyres’ first two releases for Ace of Hearts Records, the EP AHS1005 and the 45 Help You Ann/I Really Want You Right Now. This batch of Lyres collapsed at the end of 1981. Conolly re-recruited Murphy, Coraccio and Carmel back to Lyres at the start of 1982. However, for the recording at hand, Live At Cantones, Boston 1982, Carmel was indisposed and Greenberg got “the call” from Conolly to fill in the night of the show. From a historical perspective, this night at Cantones is reported to be the only night where Conolly, Murphy, Coraccio and Greenberg — four fifths of DMZ — played together as Lyres — except for a much later Spanish tour in 2009. Cantones was an Italian restaurant in Boston’s financial district by day. By night, the suits were gone and left those cold and empty streets to the kids. This particular show is an energetic and raucous representation of the many, many nights Lyres cranked it out at Cantones. It was commonplace for the night to end at 2:30am with brawls that spilled out through broken windows into the street.
ZEN 12289EP SLUGABED: Moonbeam Rider 12″ (ZEN 12289EP) 10.00
“Epic, spacey, channeling funk and soul through stumbling, glitched-out electronics and slathers of unfeasible bass, Slugabed is a man of many styles. Moonbeam Riders filters some of the crunching hip hop attack of the LA Beat scene, ‘Tomorrow Morning’ is 2-step with extra wobble, ‘Nu Krak Swing,’ well, the title should give you some idea about that one. Funny, clever, referential, sometimes moving and never anything but completely himself, Slugabed is a substantial new presence in UK bass music.”
ZEN 170LP FINK: Perfect Darkness LP (ZEN 170LP) 17.50
Gatefold LP version. “Recorded and mixed by producer Billy Bush, Perfect Darkness is a smoldering, pulsating, and purposeful book of songs. From its emotion-rousing, self-titled opener, to the darkly cinematic ‘Fear Is Like Fire,’ and the uplifting nostalgia of album closer Berlin Sunrise, the Perfect Darkness LP bristles with tense passion and hypnotic charm. It is in two words, bewitching and addictive.” Includes a 16-page large format booklet and mp3 download code.
NNF 208LP ETTINGER, DYLAN: New Age Outlaws LP (NNF 208LP) 14.00
2011 repress. “Back in March (of 2010) we released Dr. Ettinger’s New Age Outlaws album on cassette and it was great. But artists — in case you didn’t know — ain’t easily satisfied, and so Dylan felt compelled to return to the master tapes and further articulate the new age sci-fi ambient drift jazz vision of those pieces into something even grander and more elegant. Sounded like a worthwhile cause to us, so here’s New Age Outlaws: The Director’s Cut, mastered fresh for vinyl and bedazzled with new layers of robot noir synth lines, back alley cyber sax, and insomniac drum machine heartbeats. Dylan even architected a new track sequence and re-named a couple songs. Black vinyl LPs in jackets with stunning alien vista artwork by Dan McPharlin, plus a photocopied insert.”
NA 5081LP VA: True Soul: Deep Sounds From The Left Of Stax 4LP BOX (NA 5081LP) 68.00
Deluxe 4LP boxset combining True Soul volumes 1 and 2 (NA 5079CD/NA 5080CD). “The complete anthology including all 32 rare and unreleased 60s and 70s soul, funk, disco and party-rap cuts from the True Soul vaults. Twenty page full-color booklet contains never before seen photos, ephemera, extensive liner notes and a candid interview between producer Eothen ‘Egon’ Alapatt and Lee Anthony himself. All tracks remastered from the original master tapes. 4xLP box with detailed sleeves and original logos.”
CD version with 4 extra tracks. Reissue of the highly-acclaimed The Dead Bears double LP from Dutch producer Newworldaquarium, originally released in 2007. Covers a wide spectrum from obscure, ultra-fat discofied house tracks to spaced-out ambient soundscapes. Thick, thick! Enter the world of Newworldaquarium. Comes with lovely Delta artwork. Mastered by Redshape.
OH 019LP VA: BLNRB: Welcome To The Madhouse LP (OH 019LP) 17.50
LP version, featuring 9 tracks from the CD version and a free download code for the entire 18 track album. In early 2009, three bands from the world-renowned Berlin electronic music scene set out on a journey, their destination: Nairobi, Kenya, in East Africa. The idea “Berlin meets Nairobi,” the brainchild of Goethe-Institut Nairobi and electronic music duo Gebrüder Teichmann, was as simple as it was complex at the same time. Berlin musicians would come to this vibrant East African metropolis and meet, mix and mingle with artists from the local music scene. The name of the project became BLNRB-NRBLN, a fusion of the colloquial abbreviations of the two cities involved. From Berlin, there were Modeselektor, the hyperactive breakbeat duo, curious electronic producers Gebrüder Teichmann and Jahcoozi, the multicultural star trio composed of dubstep, grime rave and hyper-sonic electronica. From Kenya, rappers like Mister Abbas, Kimya and Lon’Jon or the first lady of Kenyan rap, Nazizi, became part of the joint collaboration. The electro-pop band Just A Band and blind singer/guitarist Michel Ongaru also contributed their flavors. In addition, six members of the hip-hop collective Ukoo Flani from the coastal city of Mombasa were a key part of the body of MCs who would turn up every day and night. Two studios were established in a townhouse in Nairobi, where everyone in the project worked, performed and lived together. The above-mentioned bands were invited but word spread like fire within Nairobi’s music scene. Quickly, there was a frenzy of artists coming and going, the now-infamous Madhouse was born. After a first concert in Nairobi in 2009, the Berliners went back to Kenya in spring 2010 for a few weeks, and it was during this period, that the first recordings of the presented tracks were made. In December 2010, the musicians from Nairobi came to Berlin for a concert night that celebrated the collaboration. The release concert for a BLNRB EP was held during Worldtronics Festival in Berlin with great success. BLNRB – Welcome To The Madhouse is as diverse as the artists involved. The international electro club music scene has become all about the latest styles and sounds treated with the newest digital technology, ingredients that are still hard to find in Africa. This album bridges this gap and opens a path into a new global club sound. BLNRB is about digging deep into the local Berlin and Nairobi music scenes and building a new urban sound together with some amazing talents from the next generation of African musicians.
PAMPA 008EP DIE VOGEL: Fratzengulasch 12″ (PAMPA 008EP) 14.00
Die Vögel have laid another milestone in the history of club music — the Fratzengulasch EP. Groundbreaking, surreal and captivatingly timeless, this dance music doesn’t give a damn about the laws of gravity and the monotony of everyday routines. Listen in to the dream-like canons, freely dissonant brass orchestrations and hypnotic, psychedelic beats. The arrangements are clever, without relying on samples and tried-and-tested techniques. This is a tribal meditation.
PERL 087EP MELCHIOR PRODUCTIONS LTD: Bums 4 Higher EP 12″ (PERL 087EP) 14.00
Following 2010’s Gentlemen Jack EP, Melchior delivers 3 brand-new jackers. Welcome to the Bums 4 Higher EP. Welcome to the pleasuredome.
PERMVAC 030CD WOOLFY VS. PROJECTIONS: The Astral Projections Of Starlight CD (PERMVAC 030CD) 11.00
2008 release, new mid-line pricing. DJ Harvey buddies Simon James aka Woolfy and Dan Hastie with a fantastic album of dubbed disco and beard rock. The duo has already released an album under the moniker Projections on Guidance, and both are also part of the Cali funk band Orgone (Ubiquity). An instant classic! Packaged in a super jewel case.
PHP 055EP SOULPHICTION/MISSING LINKX: Full Swing/Lovin’ Dubbin’ Feelin’ 12″ (PHP 055EP) 14.00
SoulPhiction and Missing Linkx combine forces again on this split 12″ on Philpot. Missing Linkx kick it off with a classic tool, bringin’ some jack-moves to the table while SoulPhiction on the flip dug out some reels and found this little diamond of fuzzy psych-disco-dub. One for the club, one for the heart and soul.
PLUS 8118EP AMBIVALENT: Jackson 12″ (PLUS 8118EP) 11.00
This four track EP from Ambivalent carefully blends the soul of his American roots with a European propensity for machine music, producing an ever-evolving sonic blueprint that explores some of his most fluid grooves to date. “Jackson” sets out as a rolling tech cut swollen with satisfying sub-bass. On “Train To Brooklyn” the melody is much freer, falling up, down and side-to-side. On “Lear,” the beats boom and bash, hustling both each other and the echoing percussive line above.
QUINTESSE 023EP NICHOLAS & SIMONCINO: From The Underground EP 12″ (QUINTESSE 023EP) 12.00
Quintessentials presents this split EP from these two true music masters: Nicholas and Simoncino. These Italians never eat pizza and pasta, never go to the beach, never watch Calcio and never date some nice Italian girls. They are music-obsessed and prefer being in their studios, producing authentic old-school house. For anyone who likes a deep, analog, synth-heavy groove and is into disco and Chicago, this EP is for you. Forza Italia!
REELR 021/23CD FITZ-GERALD & LOL COXHILL, G.F.: The Poppy Seed Affair 2CD/DVD (REELR 021/23CD) 29.00
Electric guitar radical G.F. Fitz-Gerald and soprano saxophone subversive Lol Coxhill; dual masters of spontaneous art and intuitive music, unleash The Poppy Seed Affair, a three disc collection for your edification and confoundment. The Poppy Seed Affair film was produced in 1981 by London’s anarch-oholic troupe, The Matchbox Purveyors; Ian Hinchcliffe, Jeff Nuttall, Mark Long, G.F. Fitz-Gerald, Lol Coxhill & Foxy. Inimitable soundtrack by Lol Coxhill, sometimes in trio with drummer Robert Wyatt and bassist Archie Leggett. Now rescued from utter obscurity to DVD (NTSC all-region; run time: 30 minutes), this comedic tour-de-farce juggles the insane and the inane with a twist of the profane. Complementing this complete experience are two extraordinary compact discs mastered directly from true-to-life tape recordings out of the G.F. Fitz-Gerald archive. CD1 is an intimate, close-mic concert recording of Fitz-Gerald & Coxhill at Newcastle’s Spectro Arts Workshop, 1981. Here, the duo’s mercurial genius for spatial sonics is fully displayed. CD2 collects several works for tape, beginning with “Listen Collage,” which reconstructs, à la Faust Tapes, random room sounds of bizarre hippie domesticity, bedroom radios, tape recorders and ambient street sounds from London’s Ladbrooke Grove during the spring of 1969. Unmistakably, this is a prodigious 20-minute audio adventure unique to its epoch. Following “Listen Collage” are two extended works for prepared guitars and sundry effects, leading to the sampled tape loop trip “Band In My Head.” And lastly, a tape collage for The Matchbox Purveyors’ stage show, The Team. This entire disc transforms the magic of the creative moment into deeply experiential realms for our mind’s-eye. Furthermore, in refusing to impose any impure digital processing whatsoever, these analog recordings remain en vérité. Few guitarists have so audaciously scaled the sonic heights G.F. Fitz-Gerald has, no other saxophonist sounds as Lol Coxhill does, and Reel Recordings proudly presents a profusion of their unadulterated artistry throughout this rare archival collection. The Poppy Seed Affair is delivered as a numbered limited edition of 500 copies.
RINSE 020CD ROSKA: Rinse: 15 CD (RINSE 020CD) 15.50
This is the 15th edition of the Rinse label’s compilation series, mixed by Roska. This edition is without doubt one of the finest, following on from successful releases from Youngsta, Oneman, Marcus Nasty, N-Type, Skream and more. This is the second release from Roska on the Rinse label, following on from the ten-track collection of his most ubiquitous productions entitled Rinse Presents: Roska (RINSE 016CD). Roska has been a regular DJ on Rinse FM since late 2008 and this 15th edition also provides a snapshot of a live Roska DJ set. Roska opens up with “Myth vs. Wonderful Day,” setting the tone of what’s to come across the 25 tracks. Bringing all the sounds that he’s embodied and supported on his radio show on Rinse FM and his club shows, he seamlessly weaves in and out across spectrums of funky and house. Featuring the likes of Katy B’s massive “Lights On” (feat. Ms. Dynamite) to J:Kenzo’s “Ruckas” and from Redlight’s remix of Magnetic Man’s “I Need Air” to Roska’s own “Squark VIP,” it also features tracks from fellow Rinse FM stalwarts Brackles, Zinc and MA1. Overall, an essential mix for the summer from one of the UK’s finest funky producers and DJs. Other artists include: Shy One, Toddska, Roses Gabor, T.Williams, Mr. Tickle, Seiji, Anesha, Marco Del Horno, Zed Bias, MC Rumpus & Nicky Prince, Boris Dlugosch, Funkystepz, Breach, Untold and Jamie George.
RC 030EP DEEP’A & BIRI: Hybrid Lava 12″ (RC 030EP) 12.00
Deep’a & Biri return to Rotary Cocktail with their Hybrid Lava EP. On the A-side, they bring you a deep, raw track which takes you on many twists and turns. What starts as a lush beauty builds into a raw, energetic monster. As the synth mid-bass kicks in, the track takes on an entirely new energy. A nod to the old school, but with a fresh twist.
Beatboxer, lyricist and singer Mark Boombastik finally releases his album Adiós Berlin, produced with Eduardo Delgado Lopez (bass guitar and more). No more pseudonyms, no frills, but intimacy between sense and nonsense: a grand record. Adiós Berlin is champagne and unpaid rent. It is love and hate — it is a conviction and an absolution of the possibility to be different, to live differently. It is the mainstream suitability of the peculiar, like cooking without a recipe. It is tomato stains in a kitchen, scratches on a record, scars on a shin. It is a swan song and a new beginning. An album like a speech, between a cappella and beatbox, punk and rough cut — techno and experiments for a special audience. Tracks like “Funkgeraet” and “Arbeit” whir more like they’re in love than in danger. “1000” and “Hitze” sound like waking up after a big night and declaring a state of emergency. These guys got to know and love each other while raising their glasses to their common fondnesses for music, records, art, and architecture. Mark Boombastik has worked as a human beatbox and singer with the likes of Angie Reed, Funkstörung, Khan, Fischmob, Patric Catani, Felix Kubin, Max Goldt and many more . Eduardo Delgado Lopez has played with everyone who is anyone, but is especially known for playing bass with the Caspar Brötzmann Massaker. His radical, minimal and sequential playing seems to be made for Mark Boombastik’s sharp beat(boxing). Adiós Berlin captures a lunatic zest for life.
SWS 010EP DJ W!LD: Dance Until I Die EP 12″ (SWS 010EP) 12.00
DJ W!LD returns to Soweso with the Dance Until I Die EP, a typical W!LD-style house track that was made to be played out loud. Also included are some sexy subs and a psychedelic breakdown you will absolutely love. Also included is a remix by label head Lauhaus that makes the title track into a more groovy affair, keeping the vibe of the original, but giving it a typical Amsterdam twist.
SFV 012EP INCYDE: Telophase 12″ (SFV 012EP) 12.00
Originally from outside Boston, Incyde first became involved in electronic music through his work at Hotflush Recordings while living in London, where he began playing at clubs and radio shows around the city’s thriving dubstep scene. In 2008 he moved to NYC and became a resident DJ of Dub War. Incyde melts and reshapes broken beats and bass into his own signature concoctions. If otherworldly futuristic beat & bass explorations are what you’re after, look no further. Early DJ support from Appleblim, Scuba, Dave Q and Brendon Moeller.
SOD 086LP CABOLADIES: Renewable Destination LP (SOD 086LP) 16.00
“Recorded from 2009-2011, during which time Caboladies members Eric Lanham and Chris Bush relocated from Kentucky to Chicago, Renewable Destination constitutes the duo’s most refined and focused work to date. Both as a collaborative unit and under solo monikers Carl Calm and Flower Man, Lanham and Bush have produced a wealth of limited-run releases in recent years on labels such as Arbor, Dekorder, Digitalis, and their own Smooth Tapes imprint which document their uniquely fractured sonic sensibilities. Perhaps what amazes most about the pair’s work is the sheer diversity of their palettes. At any given time, we get the sense that any sound is possible, as they construct intricately-designed edifices rife with microcosmic detail. It is this keen attention to the hyper-detailed that distinguishes Renewable Destination, and the oeuvres of Lanham and Bush as a whole, from their ‘synth revivalist’ contemporaries.This is music that refuses to sit still, yet at the same proves remarkably coherent and, at times, strikingly beautiful. If pressed, one could perhaps locate the duo’s aesthetic somewhere between the sounds of Mouse on Mars and Microstoria and composers such as Francois Bayle and Bernard Parmegiani, but the soundworlds which Lanham and Bush inhabit are truly and uniquely their own. Edition of 300 LPs w/ digital download coupons.”
Pieces by John Cage, Morton Feldman, Hanns Eisler, Giacinto Scelsi, György Kurtag, Frederic Rzewski, Henri Pousseur, Théodore Botrel, Rudolf Siecynski, and Sephardic songs. Performed/interpreted by vocalist Marianne Pousseur.”I like to listen to music in places that haven’t been designed for it. I like when music mixes in with noise. Only came from a very personal desire to open the doors of my musical world to the concreteness of daily life, to tear down the fictional barriers between places and times of rehearsal and performance. Here I try to relate simple pieces to ‘serious’ works, sophisticated styles that are familiar to me with simple songs; I try to present them in unexpected places, familiar places that may enrich, impregnating these musical movements with all the fullness of their own lives — a school, a car in motion, the train station. The story this ensemble tells may not be the classical contents of the works featured here, but it is a fiction — different, less pure, contaminated, and open-ended on the world of what is around us, a world excluded from the sacred universe of music. Maybe it tells a contradictory idea of wonder and discomfort, of the necessity of an essential starting point: memory, journey, and an impossible quest for beauty and balance.” –Marianne Pousseur
SR 315CD WINTER FAMILY: Red Sugar CD (SR 315CD) 15.50
This is the long-awaited second album by Winter Family — a rare and unique audio worldview expressed by the singular approach of Ruth Rosenthal (voice) and Xavier Klaine (harmonium, organ, etc.). This new album creates glowering and intense atmospherics, part nightmare, part uplifting dreamscape, permeating and building into a compelling whole. A reference point might be some of the output of Constellation records — and indeed, Godspeed! You Black Emperor’s Norsola Johnson plays on this record. However it is doubtful whether any of those artists ever produced anything to match the taut tension of the title track “Red Sugar,” a hymn to absence. The ambition of Winter Family is evident on this expansive, orchestral epic dancing in the sun. Crank your speakers, sit back and open your mind. It WILL blow you away.
SR 325CD DR. BOOGIE: Bear Traces: Nuggets From Bob’s Barn CD (SR 325CD) 15.50
Sub Rosa presents another compilation culled from the legendary collection of Bob Hite, founding member and singer of Canned Heat. Compiled by DJ Dr. Boogie. “Although it stems from the same artistic process as Volume One in the “Doctor Boogie Presents” series, this is not Volume Two of a series devoted to Bob Hite. The process WAS different in that here I focused on much more obscure tracks taken from the very small portion of what remains of the collection of 78 rpms owned by the late and legendary Bob Hite. The collection of this boogie music ogre reached 20,000 78rpms in 1968. However, towards the end of his life, Hite was forced to sell chunks of his treasure to pay off debts, and the leftovers were literally pillaged after his death. Canned Heat’s drummer Fito de la Para managed to salvage a tiny slice of this collection. The first compilation album devoted to Bob Hite’s records focused on a handful of blues giants, including six titles from Elmore James’ repertoire. Here, since there will be no sequel, I decided to pack as much music as I could on a single CD. I didn’t want to alter the dynamics of these fabulous 78 rpms, so I opted for only a very light mastering, keeping the inevitable audio defects, artifacts and surface noise occasionally heard on the tracks that were more damaged. Bob “The Bear” Hite was a crucial part of the West Coast blues revival of the late ’60s. Along with fellow musicologist Alan “Blind Owl” Wilson, he helped form the first incarnation of the legendary Canned Heat as a jug band. Their performances at the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival and the 1969 Woodstock Festival put them on the map as true bluesmen seeking to revitalize an art form. Hite toured nonstop with Canned Heat and performed as the group’s barrel-housing lead singer until his death of a heart attack on April 5, 1981. He helped revitalize the careers of John Lee Hooker, Sunnyland Slim and Albert Collins, and produced the now-legendary Hooker ‘N Heat double album in 1971. Hite is most remembered for his endless on-stage boogie jams. Enjoy this burning selection and most of all… DON’T FORGET TO BOOGIE!” –Dr. Boogie
SBR 5081LP HUMAN INSTINCT, THE: Burning Up Years LP (SBR 5081LP) 22.00
Gatefold LP version. Having spent 18 months playing the British circuit alongside The Jeff Beck Group, The Moody Blues, The Nice and many others, the original Human Instinct folded in the spring of 1968. Undeterred, leader Maurice Greer returned to New Zealand and recruited guitar legend Billy Te Kahika to form a new, harder-hitting version of the band. After honing their incendiary act in the country’s leading clubs, they recorded this blistering, bluesy set in late 1969. Presented here complete with rare photographs and detailed notes by Greer himself in a double-sided insert, it’s truly essential for all fans of hard psychedelic rock. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl.
TKR 021CD FREDRIK: Flora CD (TKR 021CD) 13.00
“Flora marks a departure from the wintry moods of the Fredrik’s first 2 outings. According to Fredrik, flower season is anything but lemonades & hammocks. The music paints a vision of summer as the darkness beneath, a busy, feverish, sprawling organic chaos. The three members build songs from dense, wavering textures of voice, strings, brass & twinkly homemade folk instruments, all couched on top of a smattering of haywire orchestral drums & swirly electronics.”
TKR 021LP FREDRIK: Flora LP (TKR 021LP) 16.00
LP version.
TRA 424005CD VA: West Indies Funk 3 CD (TRA 424005CD) 18.00
“Hot on the heels of the positive response from retailers and consumers around the globe to funky island sounds on Trans Air’s first two volumes of West Indies Funk comes this, the third installment in this three part series. And they’ve saved the best for last with West Indies Funk Volume 3: Deja Vu Tropical Steel Funk. This final volume continues the theme of digging deep to find the funkiest island reinterpretations of Soul and R&B favorites. These lush island sounds are perfect for a summer BBQ playlist, fantastic for DJs looking to add spice to their set or for a blast of Caribbean warmth any time of year. CD version packaged in a handsome digipak.”
Trunk presents quite an unusual release; it’s various buffet car announcements recorded over a period of three months on the Leicester to London train. Spelt “MMs” and pronounced the “Em’s Bar,” this small hive of buffet activity used to live in Coach F on the Midland Mainline trains (hence the “MM”) running between Leicester and London. At the beginning of each train journey, the staff at the MMs Bar would announce that it was, or in some cases was not, open for business. Business meant hot food, light snacks and a dazzling array of hot drinks. Making the journey weekly between 2006 and 2007 was Sandra Cross. An artist working on an ongoing project exploring food, she recorded the MMs bar announcements whenever she got on the train. There was no consistency as to when the announcements would start, sometimes at the beginning of a journey, sometimes they pipe up several minutes after the train had started. You’ll hear that the recordings have a wide fluctuation in quality based on a wide variety of voice, tone and delivery. Simply shunted together like old rail yard stock, these basic recordings represent a strangely engaging set of monologues all based on the same exciting menus and occasional “safety information.” “On a 6am drive to Tonbridge on my way to the Audio Jumble last year, I was tuned into Resonance 104.4 FM and heard the MMs Bar recording. It lasted about 30 minutes and I found myself strangely hypnotized by the way it sounded, the mundane nature of the announcements and the almost infinite number of variations possible within each one. I found myself laughing out loud as each announcer mentioned the phrase ‘bottle of pop,’ and decided to find out more about the recording. I did, and then decided the best thing to do was put it on very limited vinyl. There are only 250 of these. I figured there must be that many people out there who will find this as entertaining as I still do. Sadly the MMs bar is no more, and has been replaced by the far less attractive trolley system. Apparently the bar is still there, but the shutters remain permanently shut.”
TRDWD 023LP VILLAGE OF SPACES: Alchemy And Trust LP (TRDWD 023LP) 15.00
“Having changed their name from Uke of Phillips, to Uke of Spaces Corners, this time around, on their fourth full length album, we see another moniker shift, to Village of Spaces. Collaborating with Michael Hurley, Big Blood, Ancestral Diet and Caethua, Alchemy and Trust might be this crew’s most potent release to date if not their most deliberate and un-compromising. Recordings made over the last three years make up this 34 minute LP, which was recorded at The Pool Recording Studios in Portland, Oregon, Big Bloods Tank 26 studios in So. Portland, Maine, and by Nemo Bidstrup at the band’s home in MidCoast, Maine. Neo-traditional, butter fried homesteader volk, with extended vamps the g chord and beyond.” Includes a silkscreened, cardboard insert.
VAMPI 130CD VA: Chicas: Spanish Female Singers 1962-1974 CD (VAMPI 130CD) 16.50
Vampisoul presents a compilation of Spanish girl groups circa 1962-1974. Spanish girl pop made itself present when it was necessary. Oblivious to the scarcity of exciting sounds that late-Francoist Spain offered them, the Spanish girls disregarded conventions and overcame all barriers and suspicions without letting the latest fashionable hairdo get ruined. In those doubtful years during which, apart from copla, any other music style was considered highly suspicious, the leading girls didn’t hesitate and abandoned themselves to the whole musical range, both local and international, at their disposal. Despite the difficulties, and there were many, the incipient permeability of Spanish politics of the time played its part and, from 1963 onwards, female ye-yé became an absolute reality that shook the Spanish society of the period. A true salvation, a social panacea, that’s what female ye-yé was in 1960s Spain, a small revolution of customs dressed in a mini-skirt and playing at 45 rpm. In the wake of its charm, modernity and intrinsically female character, everyone in Spain became ye-yé and the social landscape gained freedom following the trail left by the girls. Thanks to it, girls were subsequently able to take part in the beat, garage, soul, psychedelia and prog scenes as well. For a while now, various compilations have been released in Spain documenting styles, scenes and artists belonging to such happening decades (creatively speaking) as the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s, and nevertheless, there hasn’t been one featuring only female contributions to the cause. When compiling ¡Chicas!, all genres were considered: Latin, rock & roll, twist, ye-yé, beat, garage, rhythm & blues, soul, etc. Secondly, apart from celebrating all the shining artists featured here, there are also a great number of recordings released on the Catalan label, Belter. Discover once again for the first time the unbelievable legacy of the Belter factory as well as these revolutionary women. Includes sleeve notes by expert Vicente Fabuel as well as a fantastic selection of record sleeves and photographs.
WLB 010EP JAAR, NICOLAS: Nico’s Bluewave Edits 12″ (WLB 010EP) 12.00
Nicolas Jaar re-edits Mike & The Censations’ “There’s Nothing I Can Do,” Missy Elliott’s “Work It” and The Blow’s “Hey Boy.”
WAP 313EP MOHAWKE, HUDSON: Satin Panthers 12″ (WAP 313EP) 12.50
“There are few young UK artists who can unite the affections of Chris Brown, Flying Lotus, Just Blaze, Battles and The Weeknd–however that’s just the effect Hudson Mohawke’s neon-lit take on postmodern R&B has on people. The Glaswegian producer’s ascent has been swift and steady over the past few years. The one-two punch of the Polyfolk Dance EP and full-length Butter has made fans not only out of wide eyed clubgoers, but also the kind of critical minds in the position to make grand statements. One such grand statement in an issue of The Guardian called Hudson Mohawke ‘the new J Dilla’ while placing him atop a new generation of producers including Mark Ronson and Jamie xx. On 2009’s Butter, HudMo took in a spectrum of influences ranging from Cybotron and Outkast to Aaliyah and Prince. Satin Panthers casts just as wide a net in its five tracks, with a particular eye on the energy of early rave records. Fusing the sound of contemporary American R&B and the still-present specter of classic UK rave may sound like an obvious proposition, but nowhere has it been executed so well as here.”
WG 008CD CURTISS, LEE: Watergate 08 CD (WG 008CD) 17.00
This is the eighth edition of the Watergate series, compiled and mixed by Lee Curtiss. Only 9 years after its official opening, Watergate has become one of the world’s most prominent underground electronic music institutions, in no small part due to its picturesque location running directly alongside the river Spree, its wall-to-wall LED dancefloor installation and most of all, its consistent flow of first-rate international talent performing every week. Watergate’s presence and influence has spawned many side projects including a boutique-style mix — a who’s-who of the club’s regular talent and resident artists such as Sascha Funke, Sebo K, dOP, Ellen Allien and others have all contributed to the aesthetically pleasing series, now regarded as collector’s items. The eighth installment bridges the gap between two global capitals of techno: Berlin, and Detroit, home of Lee Curtiss, who delivers a forward-thinking mix, inspired by time spent living in both cities. Lee is one of a new generation of techno visionaries from the Motor City. Based between Detroit and Berlin, Lee has a fundamental grasp of what makes both dancefloors at Watergate tick, and this enduring love and understanding of the space clearly shines through in his mix. Building on the raw soul and funk of those who have blazed a trail before him, on both sides of the Atlantic, Lee brings his own subtle melodies and keen sense of dramatic tension to the fore in a mix that encompasses all that is vibrant and exciting about underground techno in 2011. Artists include: Jazzler aka Dixie Yure, No Regular Play, Maceo Plex, Footprintz, Guy Gerber, Maayan Nidam, dOP, Le Loup, Alex Smoke, Ryan Crosson, Whomadewho, Tale Of Us, James Teej, Hot Natured, Ali Love and Kim Ann Foxman.
DG 001LP WENDERS, WIM: Pina: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP (DG 001LP) 17.00
LP version. The soundtrack to the film Pina for Pina Bausch by Wim Wenders (to be released in North American theaters in Dec 2011), containing 15 tracks from the successful 3D movie. Most of the music is from the productions of Pina Bausch’s dance company, featured in the movie. Songs composed especially for this movie by Berlin musician Thom Hanreich add to this versatile concoction. Wim Wenders’ love for music can be perceived in all of his movies — this time around it is no different. Especially with the sounds from Pina Bausch’s dance company which predefined the choice of music: “Music plays a highly important part in all of Pina’s pieces. And music was certainly one of the reasons why I felt so well sheltered inside them, so much at home,” says Wim Wenders. The soundtrack Pina portrays a cross-section of this musical variety. The compilation presents a range of artists such as Jun Miyake (Japan), Lisa Papineau (France), Hazmat Modine (USA), Owain Phyfe & The New World Renaissance Band (USA), Germano Rocha (Canada), René Aubry (France), Amon Tobin aka Cujo (Brazil), The English Chamber Orchestra (UK), and Thom Hanreich (Germany). It comprises a mix of different music styles, featuring artists maybe not known to all of the listeners. The soundtrack will be sure to awaken memories of many compelling movie scenes. Wim Wenders emphasizes that the music Pina Bausch chose is one of yearning. The director states: “We shared a similar taste in music. Whether in blues, in fado, or in Latin-American music, but also in popular German music, this yearning, this deep longing is predominant.” Many fans have been yearning for the music from Pina. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl with a full-color printed inner sleeve featuring scenes from the film and notes by Wenders.
WOK 001CD DEL BURGO, ROBERTO: Pocket Rockets CD (WOK 001CD) 17.00
Pocket Rockets is a thoughtful selection of contemporary adult electronic music. Roberto del Burgo chose heavyweight productions by some of the most exciting current producers to create an outstandingly groovy DJ mix. Selections arise from his experience as a DJ, giving this mix just the right touch. Roberto knows a sensational piece of tech-house/techno when he hears it. Every track is an enormous rocket! Artists include: Stimming, Lazarusman, Jamie Anderson, Mr. K-Alexi, The Timewriter, Phil Weeks, Lado, Tony Rohr, Jerome Sydenham, Exercise One, Jeremy P. Caulfield & Elon, Art Bleek, Guti & Audiofly, Dop, DJ Koze, Johnny Aemkel and Kollektiv Turmstrasse.
WLM 015EP LUCKY PAUL: Remixes EP 12″ (WLM 015EP) 12.00
Lucky Paul has been carefully honing his craft all over the world for years, studying traditional percussion in Brazil to living with and learning from Indian music legend Pandit Vikash Maharaj, and drumming for Mocky and Chilly Gonzales. At the hands of Gadi Mizrahi & Eli Goldstein, “Thought We Were Alone” becomes a dreamy, open-ended soundscape focused on the layered male and female vocals — an expansive, heady mix and one of the greatest Wolf + Lamb anthems to date.
ZKR 013CD FRIEDL, REINHOLD: Inside Piano 2CD (ZKR 013CD) 21.00
This is the first solo release by Zeitkratzer’s mastermind Reinhold Friedl. He teaches the grand piano how to sing and to sound like an orchestra, calling this new way of playing an old instrument “Inside-Piano.” Many listeners of Zeitkratzer releases do not recognize particular sounds that come from the piano and thus cannot identify it. After listening to this release, the source will become clear and they will get a new idea of the instrument. The good old grand piano plays aggressive noise attacks, choir-like symphonic movements, and strange, complex sound fibrillations, sometimes lighting up single prepared piano notes, juxtaposed with the tremendous bass of the nearly three-meter long strings. Recorded on a Steinway D concert piano at the Philharmonie Luxembourg, 2010. Published courtesy of Philharmonie Luxembourg. Piano: Steinway D-274, microphones: Neumann U87, Neumann KM184. Recorded by Ralf Meinz, mixed and mastered by Rashad Becker.
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