OUT NOW on Final Muzik:

– NERVA “Nerva” CD (FM21)

Nerva is Andrea Bellucci (Red Sector A / Subterranean Source) and Andrea Gastaldello (Mingle).

Mastering: Eraldo Bernocchi. Limited edition of 300 copies. € 12,00

Listen to the track “Landed” on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sC9Hk_ZPa8E

– PRIORATVM “Adonis” CD (FM22)

File under: neoclassical, chamber music, gothic, ambient, neofolk. Limited edition of 300 copies. € 12,00

Listen to the track “Adonis” on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DA-Kt0xH9T0

– TEMPLEZONE “Neosphera” CD (FM23)

Templezone is Giorgio Ricci. File under: ambient, neoelectronica, cyber-electronic music, post-industrial.

Limited edition of 300 copies. € 12,00

Listen to the track “Plastic Love” on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLmS_WecGyo

More streaming tracks from all three new releases are available on Final Muzik YouTube channel:


ALSO OUT NOW on Final Muzik:

thisGrey Hates The Sun “thisGrey Hates The Sun” CD (FM20)

Debut full length album for Italian dark electronics project thisGrey Hates The Sun, after being ‘baptised’ by Final Muzik with a split CD EP with Corpoparassita two years ago.

This is music for anxious, mute and solitary ghosts; it’s a massive, sumptuous, black soundtrack in which thrilling, subtle dark ambient meets breathtaking experimental music. Music for desolate landscapes and for cold, empty rooms. This first album by Giordano Rivolta (the musician behind thisGrey Hates The Sun) proves that it is possible to describe darkness, alternating powerful ‘sound pictures’ with fragmented soundscapes captured in slow motion, where the idea of silence and absence becomes part of the music itself. A must have for fans of fine dark ambient music and new spooky electronics.Limited edition of 300 copies. € 12,00

Still available on Final Muzik:


– M.B. “NOISE-O-RAMA” CD (FME6) € 13,00

– CYCLIC AMP “Shrapnel In The Toyshop” 2XCD (FME8) € 15,00

– DEISON / M.B. “Black Panorama” CD (FMSSD02) € 13,00

– DEISON & UGGERI “In The Other House” Vinyl LP (FMv 05) €15,00

LISFRANK “Elevator” Vinyl LP (FLK100) € 16,00



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