FOUR new releases OUT NOW on Final Muzik / Quattro nuove produzioni Final Muzik disponibili da oggi:


OUT NOW! Unreleased very first recordings from 1979, by Giancarlo Toniutti together with Tiziano Dominighini (pre “airthrob in” project!) on electric and acoustic instruments and noises. Recovered and mixed by Giancarlo Toniutti 2014. Limited to 300 copies. € 14,00

M.B. “NOISE-O-RAMA” CD (Final Muzik, FME6) OUT NOW!

First official press of early 80’s Maurizio Bianchi’s private cassette tape. 80’s M.B. recordings at their very best. Welcome to NOISE-O-RAMA. Limited edition of 200 copies only. € 13,00

CYCLIC AMP “Shrapnel In The Toyshop” 2XCD (Final Muzik, FME8) OUT NOW!

Double CD “Discography” release for this 80’s U.K. post punk / goth noise band. Including all tracks from “Happy Ending” (cassette, 1986), “Ugly As Power” (Mini-LP, 1987), “People Of The Book” (LP, 1988), Concrete Island (12″EP, 1989). Limited 300. Essential. € 15,00

Listen to Cyclic Amp tracks on youtube:






DEISON / M.B. “Black Panorama” CD (Final Muzik, FMSSD02) OUT NOW!

One of the best Maurizio Bianchi’s collaboration works and one of the best Deison’s albums. Period. Music for black landscapes. MAURIZIO BIANCHI: “Prologue: The title can already say a lot of contents. When we see ahead of us a view from the inside and we see another, the two views collide and according to our state of mind we can see a negative panorama or a more positive one. That’s why this work will help us to regain our peace of mind or to lose it forever, while remaining unchanged the view before us”. Limited to 200 copies only. € 13,00

Prices do not include postage (write for details) / I prezzi non includono le spese postali.

SPECIAL OFFER for first 30 customers: buy at least 3 of above new releases and get a 10% discount.

OFFERTA SPECIALE per le prime 30 richieste: ordinate almeno 3 delle nuove produzioni e il totale verrà scontato del 10%.

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DEISON & UGGERI “In The Other House” LP (Final Muzik, Fmv 05)

Final Muzik label presents a new limited edition release: it’s a collaboration work by our label’s backbone DEISON and Italian musician MATTEO UGGERI. It has been co-released with Old Bicycle Records and Oak editions + the artists (through their own labels Loud! and Grey Sparkle). “It was not born as a concept album, but as it was slowly becoming like the music inside it the sound work of Cristiano Deison and Matteo Uggeri ended up finding itself, step by step, enclosed between the narrow walls of an exceptional home. Arriving there from different places and positions, and never actually meeting, Friulian and Milan found themselves, perhaps in spite of themselves, together in uncomfortable rooms which were populated by dark invisible presences. It is not the scenario of a horror movie, there is no tragedy or fear, just the knowledge that somewhere else or the escape itself may be less reassuring than one has hoped. Therefore Francesca Mele’s photos, both a seal of the work and source of inspiration for the music seem to further cloak the place in that sense of quiet desperation that daily life often implies.”

Limited edition of 300 copies. You can order it through Final Muzik mail order on Discogs:www.discogs.com/seller/Final-Muzik or write to finalmuzik@libero.it (price €15,00 + postage). Also available from Loud! (and distributed by Final Muzik) FEW copies of the limited to 100 high quality CDr version (price: € 10,00 + postage).

STILL AVAILABLE -> Final Muzik’s bestseller!

LISFRANK “Elevator” LP (Final Muzik, FLK100) New full length album by Italian electronic music artist Lisfrank. “When we were young”…but it seems yesterday when we bought Lisfrank’s seminal “Man Mask” 12” vinyl EP in 1982 and, few months later, the legendary “First Relation” compilation LP produced on Fulvio Guidarelli (Lisfrank) own label, Mask Productions. Then, for some reasons, Lisfrank disappeared, but for the fans remained one of the most important names in Italian new wave through the decades: his unique sound made of electronic synth music, new wave and dark atmospheres remained fresh, original and innovative even after 30 years.Since year 2005 something new happened into the independent music scene: a new interest in 80’s music started to rise, with new labels, many reissues of old gems and new artists. It seemed it was the right time for Lisfrank’s music: in year 2009 the mighty German label Anna Logue paid respect to the man releasing a discography LP+7” album, “Mask Rewind”, then rereleased on CD in 2012. Lisfrank became, again, a crucial name for the new wave and minimal synth community: Fulvio Guidarelli started to record new songs in 2008, working on them until 2012. The fabulous result is “Elevator”, Lisfrank’s comeback album after 32 years!

It is a must have for new wave, electronic and minimal synth fans, consisting of ten new songs with a warm variety of sound that is quite far from the classic standars of the minimal-synth trend: anthemic synth-wave tracks (“Resurrection”, “Anna O”, “War”), melancholic dark electro ‘ballads’ (“Those Nights”), thrilling instrumental pieces (“Elevator”) and much more, all recorded using analogue instruments from the 80’s.

Elevator” has been released by Italian label Final Muzik on vinyl only, pressed on heavy red vinyl! You can listen to few songs from “Elevator” on Final Muzik Youtube streaming channel . https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK22Y0N9LxEkQ8UNWZ79TlQ

Vinyl LP. Limited edition of 500 copies. Red heavy vinyl (Cat nr. FMLK100, December 2014).

Co-released with Lisfrank’s Masklab Productions.

Recorded at Masklab (2008-2012), mastered at GS Mastering & Post – Sweden

Composed, recorded, mixed and produced by Lisfrank

Photos by Vianarch. Artwork by Steve Lippert

Price: € 16,00 + postage -> please write to finalmuzik@libero.it for different shipping solutions.

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I hope to hear from You soon,

Gianfranco Santoro  – August 7th, 2015



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