(cat. FME1 – 600 copies) OUT NOW!!!
First official CD-reissue, previously released in 1988 as vinyl LP on Bog-Art label (cat. # BOG 101) in an edition of 300 copies. Digi-slim sleeve, including all six tracks from the original vinyl + bonus tracks.
Even though it was released in a strictly limited edition (original copies of the LP are now sold at very high prices), “Le Trésor Maudit” reached a huge cult-status within the industrial scene. Following the best 80’s German music tradition, the band put together different styles into an unique sound, strong and suggestive at the same time. Rhythmic, hypnotic “new wave” (with female vocals) meets courageous experimental music, classic industrial and art-electronics.
Mortification To The Flesh: Annett Falkenheiner, Hubert Haverkamp, Imelle Von Dohlen. Featuring, amongst others, contributions by (!) Al Margolis and Giancarlo Toniutti. An essential album for the fans of German industrial music and underground new wave.

(cat. FME2 – 600 copies) OUT NOW!!!!!
Nostalgie Éternelle was a German duo active from 1986 to 1991. Stefan Heinze (well-known as Inox Kapell) and Dieter Mauson (later member of Delta-Sleep-Inducing Peptide, with Siegmar Fricke) recorded a large number of songs in just few years, distributing them mainly through self-released tapes and international cassette compilations. “Notre Début” is a collection of twenty (!) remastered tracks from Nostalgie Éternelle solo cassettes and compilation tapes, 1988 – 1991, now available on CD for the first time in a hand numbered digi-slim sleeve. Classic 80’s dark minimal synth-wave, distant obscure vocals, thrilling synthscapes, including influences from icy electronic music and d.i.y. industrial. “Notre Début” is also an open window to know better 80’s cassette-scene and culture; n example, four songs have been previously released on two tapes in 1988, on my old Discipline Produzioni cassette-label: releasing this CD has been a great chance to bring them back to life, together with songs published at that time by 80’s cult labels such as Insane Music, Jar, EE Tapes, Headkleaner, Weed Music and more. A cold, dark “Goodbye!” to 80’s decade and a claustrophobic “Hello!” to the upcoming 90’s. Someone told us that 2011 will be the year of Nostagie Éternelle comeback: If so (fingers crossed), “Notre Début” will be the best introduction to this precious, interesting, original 80’s electro-wave band.


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