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We’re happy to announce that two new Final Muzik CD releases are finally available.Order them now: see below our limited time special price campaign!


-LYKE WAKE “The Long Last Dream” CD (FME5) New, long awaited precious release from Final Muzik’s ‘Eighties’ series. “The Long Last Dream” is the very first CD release by Italian’s industrial electronics / oniric ambient noise cult project Lyke Wake in 30 years! Recorded from July to October 1986. Originally released on cassette-tape in 1987 on Misty Circles and Aseptic Noise labels, “The Long Last Dreams” includes Lyke Wake’s best experimental oniric ambient music plus an exclusive, 26 minute (!) bonus track, originally released on “Untitled”, a very rare split cassette-tape with Negativ Person (Aseptic Tapes, 1988).Limited to 300 copies, digi-slim package with new artwork by Deison. Official reissue by Final Muzik. “Il disagio di chi si trova in un mondo non suo sapendo che il proprio non esiste”.


-WORDS AND ACTIONS “Time Can’t Be Turned Back” CD (FM18) Words And Actions is a darkly savage synth-duo from Alessandria (Italy), described by fans as “early The Klinik meet paranoid, ‘violently meditative’, cold 80′s minimal synth wave” (!!). “Time Can’t Be Turned Back” is Words And Actions’ debut…and it is their “best of”, too! It’s a complete collection of tracks previously distributed in 2011 and 2012 through private cassette and VHS (!) tape releases. Dark electronics, minimal synth wave, obscure gloomy ‘cold wave’ melodies: 14 tracks. Limited to 300 copies, digi-slim package. Essential, official reissue by Final Muzik, recommended to all fans of undergorund minimal synth wave and dark electronica.

ITALIA – offerta speciale valida fino a fine marzo:

-1 CD – € 10,00 / 2 CD – € 19,00

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EUROPE / RUSSIA / ISRAEL – 1 CD – € 10,50 / 2 CD – € 19,90

U.S.A. / JAPAN -1 CD – € 12,00 / 2 CD – € 22,90

AUSTRALIA -1 CD – € 14,00 / 2 CD – € 24,00

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Sempre disponibili su Final Muzik le nostre ultime produzioni / Still available our Final Muzik releases



-M.B. “I.B.M.” limited CDr (FME3)

-PSYCHE “The Influence” CD (FME4)

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WORDS AND ACTIONS “We’ll Fall Where We Always Fell”


WORDS AND ACTIONS “Hearts Know Nothing”

All tracks included “Time Can’t Be Turned Back” collection CD – out NOW on Final Muzik [check related links for more Words And Actions songs!]

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