Hello and welcome to first newsletter from Final Muzik! Here follow few important news about this very busy year for our label. We’re working on many new releases, another newsletter will follow shortly; for now, get this amazing project: Final Muzik’s year 2014 CD-singles club!


This year we’ll release a strictly limited edition CD-single/EP at the end of each month!!!

This series will feature Italian projects/artists only, all coming out from post industrial, electronic, experimental, ambient, noise and guitar drone scene(s): 11 split CD singles and one collaboration (Deison & Mingle). All limited to max 60 or 70 copies only, professionally duplicated on silver CD. Normal price for one CD (with no subscription): € 7,00 + postage

Here’s the confirmed full list of Final Muzik CD-Singles Club, starting with the end of January:

1 – thisGrey hates the sun / Corpoparassita

2 – Deison & Mingle

3 – Simon Balestrazzi / Gianluca Becuzzi

4 – Words And Actions / Red Sector A

5 – Claudio Rocchetti / The Haunting Green

6 – Caligula031 / L.C.B.

7 – Dyskinesia / Subinterior

8 – Lyke Wake / A Happy Death

9 – Uncodified / Erik Ursich

10 – The Anguish / Cropcircle

11 – Svart1 / Nihil Impvlse

12 – Tremarctos Ornatus / Magnetica Ars Lab

Subscriptions and reservations are now open -> we’ll be able to offer no more than 45 subscriptions / possiamo garantire al massimo 45 abbonamenti.

If you subscribe now, you’ll be 100% sure to receive the whole series / chi sottoscriverà ora l’abbonamento riceverà regolarmente tutte le uscite.



ITALY: € 70,00 l’importo include la spedizione in posta prioritariaanziché € 84,00+25,20 di spese postali in totale. Pagamento via paypal (+4% fees) o bonifico bancario.

EUROPE/RUSSIA/ISRAEL: € 99,00 including unregistered priority mail(basically 12 shippings at € 3,50 each), instead of € 7,00+€3,50 each (total for 12 releases: € 126,00). Payment via paypal + 4% for paypal fees or bank transfer.

OTHER COUNTRIES: Write for details due to expensive postage rates -> we can arrange shippings every three months to save you some moey on postage.

Deadline to send your subscription payment / termine ultimo per inviare il pagamento dell’abbonamento alla serie: January 18th / 18 gennaio

Need more info? Just write! Thank You!

still available on Final Muzik:

K2 “Variation II for Piano and Feedback; perfect version” CD (FMN1)

Strictly limited edition CD for Kimihide Kusafuka wellknown project K2: 90 numbered copies only! Professionally duplicated silver CD – digislim package.

Dedicated to John Cage’s 100-year anniversary (1912-2012), “Variation II for Piano and Feedback; perfect version” will be the very first release of our serie Final Muzik Noise: limited edition releases dedicated to structured noise and experimental noise only.

For these recordigs K2 played: KAWAI acoustic piano, BEHRINGER XENYX802 6 channel mixer, BOSS 4 channel stereo mixer, KORG contact mic, YAMAHA e-violin, KORG Monotron & Monotron Duo, KORG Monotribe, KORG Kaoss Pad 3, BOSS multi effect processor SE-70, SHERMAN filterbank 2, BOSS Octerver OC-2, BOSS overdrive OD02R, MASF Thornoscillator, BOSS Bass Synthesizer SYN3, BOSS T Wah TW1, BOSS mega-distortion MD-2, NEXT distortion-X, BOSS equalizer GE-7, BOSS pitchshifter/delay PS-2, BOSS digital delay DD-3, FOSTEX HDD-MTR MR-16.

Prices for one copy (including priority mail shipping):

ITALY € 10,00 / Europe-Russia-Israel € 12,00 / Rest of the World: €15,00

to order more copies, wholesale or registered shipping rates just write

Order Your copy now! Going fast!

Complete mail order catalogue / Catalogo completo:



our facebook contacts and official page (enjoy/share/like/add):


Gianfranco Santoro

Cristiano Deison

I hope to hear from You soon,

Gianfranco Santoro




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