Here it is finally the long-awaited Ep of ESO  , the last release  for the


A concentration of #theitaliantouch the musical trend that comes directly from

Italy under the auspices of more electronic ,

and then trasformed as if by magic in the sound that breaks ” all around the

world “.

Synthetic arpeggios just to understand what pulls on the air ..

The ep is fascinating and deep as it says the same title (ESO – THE DEEP SIDE



ESO ( Daniele Mastracci feat. Allegra Lusini ) it’s a project born from the

desire to develop and experiment with sounds

of various kind , deep , electronics , fusing  it all with an unmistakable

touch that they themselves have definited THE ITALIAN TOUCH .

Synthetizers and sampled voices blend together in a mix hypnotic and sensual ,

and in each track emotions are crushed and blended

in a sound and different rhythms , but linked by the same electronic’s



Allegra Lusini is a singer-songwriter and music producer.

In Italy she has recorded 7 albums and is known as the fairy-mail, and has

composed many soundtracks for film and television in collaboration with RAI.

She has trained with Daniel Mastracci the AD, electronic pop duo.

At the end of October 2013 will be released her new single titled “TWO FACES”


Daniel Mastracci  is a DJ, musician and record producer of electronic music

and house.

He has often used many aliases including ESO for its productions, while as a

DJ is simply known as Daniel Mastracci.

Began performing in clubs in 1997 mixing music and underground garage. Became

a fan of 80’s music and loves vintage instruments.

He has worked in many clubs throughout Italy and over the past three years he

has started performing abroad,

particularly in Switzerland and France where he made video clips with its

electro pop duo, the “AD” with the singer Allegra Lusini

with whom he has already recorded an album in 2012 (AD – SYNTHETIKO).

Published by RAI and AMARCORD.




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